Zimmerman May Not Be Racist, But America Is

In the most recent yearly accounting, there were 16,259 homicides in the U.S. ((2010 was the most recent year I could find for which exhaustive statistics were released.)) That comes out to more than 44 homicides a day. Even if George Zimmerman had been found guilty of murder for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, that homicide would have been just one among very many. Most homicides barely make the local news. Why should this one be a national tragedy? Why has this case become an icon of American race relations? One reason: most Americans believe in pervasive racism, and the mainstream media capitalizes on this belief to generate revenue.

Let’s review. George Zimmerman was a Neighborhood Watch coordinator in a multi-racial neighborhood. His neighborhood had suffered from a number of burglaries, break-ins, and at least one shooting in the past year. Most of the perpetrators of these crimes escaped justice. Zimmerman had called the police to mention suspicious activity a number of times before he called about Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon Martin, for his part, had been suspended from school for drug use, petty theft, and vandalism. He was under his third disciplinary suspension of the year (in February?) at the time of his death. Zimmerman trailed Martin almost all the way to Martin’s then place of residence, at which point there was a confrontation. Martin fractured Zimmerman’s nose and smashed his head into the concrete. Zimmerman eventually got his gun and shot Martin, who died.

As soon as it was reported that Zimmerman had been released without charges, the mainstream media, and mainstream America, went ballistic. They were all sure that racism and racial profiling were the obvious culprits here. The media was so sure in fact, that they wanted to make sure even the facts didn’t get in the way of their conclusion. In their initial coverage of the shooting, they posted a years-old picture of Trayvon Martin that made him look like a harmless baby-faced little boy. CNN had a feature in a “state-of-the-art” audio forensics booth that stated that Zimmerman had used a racial slur during his phone call with police. (They later back-tracked from this assertion.) NBC News edited the dispatch call to make it seem like Zimmerman was racially profiling Martin. They later fake-apologized for this. Zimmerman was and is called “white” in news report after news report.

What should have been a local bit of news became a national “tragedy.” Even Barack Obama weighed in: “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” Whatever that means.

But all of this race-baiting obscures the facts. For one, Trayvon Martin evidently was a petty criminal. Two, Zimmerman’s neighborhood had many black people in it (about 20%). It would not have been that unusual for Zimmerman to see a black person in the neighborhood, so why would he have called about Martin unless Martin really was doing something that looked suspicious? Zimmerman had called the police to report suspicious activity seven times since he was appointed coordinator for the Neighborhood Watch. Not once had he given racial characteristics without first being prompted by the dispatcher. The call about Martin was no different. And then there’s the fact that Martin brutally attacked Zimmerman, breaking his nose and bashing his head into the concrete.

All of this indicates that the jury was right: Zimmerman was not guilty of murder. And he wasn’t racially motivated. He was an overzealous neighborhood watch coordinator who didn’t want to see another criminal threat to his neighborhood “get away” (as he mentioned in his call to the police). What happened could have been avoided. It was a terrible mistake. But the jury, and reality, seem to be speaking loud and clear: George Zimmerman is not a racist.

America, on the other hand, believes itself to be full of racism. We believe this so firmly that we have actually willed it to be the case. We are so ready to believe in the abiding power of racial tension and hatred. White people feel awkward around black people lest we be accused of racism, and black people assume that white people really are trying to keep them down. It is commonly accepted that white people are privileged because of their color, and black people are disadvantaged because of theirs. And no amount of contravening evidence seems to make any difference. “Sure, we have a black president… but the Trayvon Martin shooting just proves that we haven’t really gotten anywhere.”

Let’s be clear. Your typical KKK-style racism is pretty much dead, or at least relegated to complete irrelevance. But racially-defined prejudices are not dead in the least. The media makes sure of that. Racial prejudices are being reinforced every day. And we can’t get enough of it apparently. Murder, homicide, genocide, violence? These aren’t enough to draw our attention. We don’t seem to care at all that black people are killing each other more than they are being killed by other races. That’s just violence. But give a racial motivation to these things, and it’s news. I expect that a whole lot of violence and destruction will be going on all over the country for no other reason than that a huge population of our society believes in racism. They believe it cannot die. And this belief may be the only thing keeping it alive.

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  1. I had hopes that Obama would heal a racial divide and show America that we are color blind. I was blind to the fact that the President and his wife are the most Racist people I have ever heard of. The “Entitlement” that people of color seem to have assumed they deserve is obscene. This is all brought about by the Media and even the DOJ and Obama. Rather than unite us under a common Nationality they have attempted to Divide Us and cause class warfare. The new black panthers are calling for “War” against whitey, which will of course be ignored by the Holder DOJ. I have friends of every nationality and color, I have respect for people regardless of their race so long as they are decent people. The fact that the riots are going on is just a sign that the punks will do anything to cover up the fact they are stealing and destroying other peoples property for kicks. This was known as the jungle mentality in the past. Sharpton and the rest should be jailed for inciting violence.
    The jury was right and I personally knew GZ was not going to be railroaded by the system.  There are still many of us who believe in Right and Wrong.

    • texaselect Obama doesn’t know how to handle any issue except from the perspective of the community Agitator and the continuing mantra of VICTIMOLOGY. he keeps it going and says one stupid thing after another this time it is to Black graduates that they have to try TWICE as hard because they have some sort of a white based restriction on theor diplomas! enough already! These kids worked hard to get their degrees instead of making them think of themselves as victims as they start their adult job life he should be uplifting. Can’t stand the guy he is such a exploitive person and his own race isn’t immune to the exploitation.

      • Deborah Flynn texaselect 
        Yes, and since Mr. Obama has two (2) races – and is exploiting them both for different things, I agree with your statement.

      • Deborah Flynn texaselect So what are you going to do between now and November 2015 to insure that Obama’s “replacement” is is a good Christian constitutional conservative???

  2. It would seem that the only people that have NOT gotten past race as an issue is a portion of the Black community, a racist President and a racist “whippin boy” for the president, Eric Holder.  As to the news media, they “follow the blind racist lead” of Obama, to include ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and CNN.  Racism exists in the minds of a few disgruntled, lazy NWADI’s (Non-White African Descent Individuals) that give the remainder of their race a black eye.  And then there are the NWADI sympathizers that have no self-respect, need a cause and are also too lazy to work and contribute to the betterment of America.
    Obama IS trying to divide America and seems to be quite successful.  I will agree that his statement of “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin” is EXACTLY correct.  A brow-beating, law-breaking thug – this certainly fits both individuals.

    • SilasDoGood I’m curious, do you realize you’re a racist & are comfortable with that or are you completely oblivious to it?

      • BobE SilasDoGood hello BobE, it’s quite clear to me, that it is YOU, who is blind and deaf to the truth when it doesn’t agree with your ideas and thinking. i bet you just love the way obama is trying to run this country like a dictator, having to answer to no one. SilasDoGood got it 100% correct.

        • BobE charlescoker SilasDoGood   Please ignore the paid troll BoobE.  he is just like Texas, all hat and no cattle.

        • BobE charlescoker SilasDoGood if you knew me BobE, you would know that i am not a racist, i have many friends of all races. you should stick to what you really know, and that ain’t much.

        • JohnDeere1953 SilasDoGood BobE charlescoker hi johndeere1953, i don’t mind, you may borrow it, lol.

      • Thats funny Bob. It sounds like to me that you are another liberal whining and crying that they didn’t get their way in this trial. Since you have gotten everything have wanted since Obama took office (except gun control), you stamp your feet and throw a tantrum when you lose when the system fails you. You always love to quote court rulings and worship our judicial system when it undermines religion and favors the liberal agenda. Why not now? And here are a few tweet quotes from Lupe Fiasco to put you in perspective (he’s a black muscian/celebrity btw):
        “Rub your face in it! Swallow down that hard pill! Black blood spills in the streets of America nightly at the hands other blacks
        Yeah gimme that anger…once again that rage…that misguided angst when you true enemy is your own complacency and cowardice.
        Curse kick scream yell tweet unfollow. Don’t matter to me if y’all don’t start valuing yourselves N*****S will be in the same boat tomorrow
        Nobody knows what really happened except trayvon and Zimmerman. The justice system relies on reasonable doubt not our emotions.”

  3. Lets put this in the proper perspective. Zimmerman is a wanna be cop at  30 weighing in at 250+ lbs that calls the police seemly every time he sees a black person. Martin is a 150 lbs kid that just turned 17 walking down the street when Zimmerman begins to follow him in his car (against the specific orders from the police) & proceeds to chase him on foot. At this point who do you think is scared? Zimmerman that has martial arts training & a 9mm or some 17 year old kid 1/2 Zimmerman’s size that Zimmerman claims was “skipping” to get away? When Zimmerman (who’s locked & loaded) catches up to his “suspect”  Martin, a kid 1/2 his size beats the shit out of him so badly that he shoots him dead! We will never know what happened when Zimmerman caught up with Martin (other then he didn’t say he was a neighborhood watch) but his story is full of holes. In a 3 street neighborhood that he lived in for 5 years he couldn’t name the street he was suppose to be watching? Which is why he didn’t take the stand in his own defense. A grown man shoots an unarmed kid that was just walking home because he was black & Zimmerman thought he looked “suspicious” is an outrage. This “stand your ground law” seems to give people the right to kill people at will!!!  You people are blind to racism. Ron & Rand Paul are associated with some of the most vile racists in the country yet you don’t see it but blacks are racists because they are outraged over an unarmed minor getting killed & the killer going free???

    • BobE  
      Did you actually watch any of the trial or are you just making up sh1t as you go along. Virtually nothing in your rant is factual.

    • BobE
       I  see you were on the jury…not! Yea ole Trayvon was just minding his own business a 220 lb 17 year old thug who decided to put a pounding on that cracka..breaking his nose and bashing his head into the sidewalk he expected Zimmerman to just take it. One hispanic dude kills a black and you go bonkers and start inventing facts to cover your racist hatreds.
       It’s utterly amazing that blacks can slaughter one another in mass and there is no outcry from the controlled media or your “anointed” leaders. And you wonder why blacks are sterotyped from all races in America. However, one thing you should remember is that whitey may be a little sottish and a slow learner because of media conditioning, but never back him into a corner because you will not like the outcome.

      • mqg25 BobE According to the police Martin weighed 160 lbs. Look, you’re a black kid that just turned 17 walking home by yourself in the south & notice a 30 year old man (that’s 250 lbs) starts to follow you in his car & you speed up to get away he gets out of his car catches you, doesn’t say he a “neighborhood watch” & then a fight breaks out. Here’s what I don’t understand, Zimmerman thought martin was a “suspect” & was locked & loaded ready for trouble outweighed martin by 100 lbs, had martial arts training & was a full grown man so how did martin manage to give Zimmerman the beating of his life before Zimmerman shot him?

        • BobE mqg25 
          Has it entered your mind that possibly Mr. Zimmerman was trying NOT to hurt Mr. Martin and took a substantial portion of the beating in that attempt? Then, when he realized there would be no end to it he panicked.
          I was not there, therefore I try not to judge either way. Just pointing out something that I have not heard anyone mention before.

        • Great job BobE. Although there is no chance that any of those that
          populate this web site will be changed in the least, I at least approve
          of some rational thinking about these events. I think it revelatory that
          those calling others racist in the loudest voices seem to express the
          most racist remarks. Part of the “thou protesteth too much” syndrome.
          Probably you won’t get this as who would want to regularly patronize
          these morons but I can but hope. I have taken up looking in on the
          bigots as a sort of trip to the southrun zoo. Look at all the grinning
          bigots and hope that America continues on its slow progress towards just letting people alone if they don’t harm others.

        • JohnDeere1953 BobE  No, that NEVER entered my mind. Does it even seem reasonable to you that a wanna be cop (you know the type) that trains himself in martial arts, gets a concealed gun permit & a highly concealable 9mm auto, becomes a “neighborhood watchman” keeping CLOSE track of “black people” in the neighborhood sees a “suspect” (that he assumes is a hardened criminal) pursues him (against police orders) only to confront him & then let the “suspect” beat the shit out of him (because he didn’t want to hurt him) before he shoots him?

        • x teeth So, BoobE is your little missus, huh? Does he act like a little sissy boy when you both are alone at home? He sure does here. It’s nice to meet his better half (he’s talked, and bragged about you for a long time), x teeth.

    • BobE So please explain to me why your poor, innocent, little black victim so viciously attacked this guy? I’d have shot him too. Good riddance to trash.

    • BobE Please don’t let the facts get in your way of your bias theories Bob!  Apparently you haven’t been following this case from the beginning, cause when this happened Zimmerman weighed in at around 160 to 170 lbs.  He has since put on about 100 lbs.  Zimmerman was merely a Neighborhood Watch member trying to make his community safer in light of over dozen break-ins in the previous year.  Zimmerman NEVER chased him on foot, but did get out to find out where he was, due to the weather obscuring his vision.  Trayvon was reported to be 6′ to 6’2″ tall and weighing from 157 to 187 lbs. vs. Zimmerman at 5’8″ tall and around 170 lbs, so not “kid” here half his size, but what appeared to Zimmerman as a man.  Zimmerman’s gun was loaded before he saw Martin, as anyone carrying a Concealed weapons carry them load, else it is useless to have.  Once Martin sucker punches Zimmerman and jumps on him and starts bashing his head into the ground and sidewalk, as well as punching him the face, Zimmerman could not have known Martin wasn’t armed as well, nor that Martin was a guest at a house in the neighborhood, cause Martin wasn’t going to answer any questions!  You sir, seem unwilling to accept the facts as they have been reported and come up with your own version, from thin air.  When you charge someone with racism, you need to be specific, so what has Ron and Rand Paul said that is racist?  Trayvon was shot simply because he had a bad temper and attack an armed man, placing that armed man in fear of his life, it had NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS RACE!  Try dealing with the facts and not the B.S. racism junk folks are trying to infer on this case!

      • Mark–Actually, Martin was listed in police reports being 5’11” tall.
        There is no witness to the beginning of the fight–other than Zimmerman–so we have no unbiased testimony about how the fight began. Your assumption that Martin sucker-punched Zimmerman is based solely on Zimmerman’s word (& his video walk-through is fairly convincing–but Martin is not here to give HIS side). It is plausible that Zimmerman accosted Martin. The bottom line is that WE JUST DON’T KNOW FOR SURE EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. Both your opinion & BobE’s derive from your each believing you know with certainty exactly what happened.that night–that’s not possible.

        • kmilliorn No assumption, just going by the testimony and reported facts.  There was a reported witness – a little boy who said that Trayvon threw the first punch knocking Zimmerman down and jumping on him.  The wounds appear to support this testimony.  I stand by what I have said, based on what is reported and testified in court.  The conclusion Bob offered are not supported by any thing reported or testified to in court.

        • Maranatha_Mark kmilliorn so, I can walk up to someone that I don’t like the looks of , say something to him that causes him to punch me & then pull out a gun & shoot him? & that’s perfectly legal?

        • Mark–NO–The boy who was walking his dog did NOT see the first punch thrown. His testimony was that he saw Zimmerman on the ground & thought he might have hurt his leg & fallen–there’s a BIG difference between that & actually seeing the punch. He further testified that someone TRIED to get him to say something else. (I’d have to look up the reference again for that detail for you).

        • BobE Maranatha_Mark kmilliorn Are you on some  of Trayvon’s lean, cause you must be high to make a statement like that!  Please tell us what Zimmerman said that “caused” Trayvon to Punch, then jump on top of the man and start pounding his head in?  You seem to have been the 4th witness, so why didn’t you come forward and testify at the trial?!  According to the only person that was there and still able to talk, Zimmerman, Trayvon jumped out and asked George, “What’s your f***ing problem?!” to which George reportedly said, “I don’t have a problem.”, to which Trayvon reportedly said, “You do now!” as he sucker punched him.  If that is the exchange baring your eye-witness testimony to the contrary, it doesn’t sound like Zimmerman said anything that warranted Trayvon to punch or attack him in the manner, Trayvon chose to.  A little boy who claims to have seen the altercation from a distant said that the taller man (Trayvon) threw the first punch, knocking the smaller man down and then proceeded to jump on him and beat him, just like Zimmerman reported happened.  If Trayvon had settled for the successful sucker punch, and left, he would be alive today, but that didn’t satisfy his blood lust and he dove on top of a “cracka” to beat him as severely as he could, including to death.  Nothing Zimmerman did warranted this kind of beating and if Trayvon’s parents had raised him right, none of this would have happened.  I haven’t understood how anyone justifies Trayvon’s attack on Zimmerman, even if he had called him every name in the book, it still doesn’t give him the right to punch and attack George or anyone else regardless of color!

        • Maranatha_Mark BobE kmilliorn  
          they have no eyewitness testimony.
          All they have are their lying bigoted mouths.

        • kmilliorn That is not what was originally reported.  However his testimony ended up, it was originally reported that he did see the bigger guy throw the 1st punch and get jumped on.  If he did testify differently, perhaps someone did get to him and ‘persuade’ him to have seen something else.  AS I HAVE SAID, I am only going by what the reports have been and the testimony admitted in court.  Evidence gathered and the on eye-witness that heard Zimmerman call for help and saw Trayvon on top, all back the accounts Zimmerman has given.  Even the forensic expert backed Zimmerman’s account.  I know you want Zimmerman to be guilty so bad you can taste it, but that simply isn’t supported by the evidence presented, regardless of the news reports.  If we look at Trayvon’s history, we see it also supports the likelihood that Trayvon was the aggressor as Zimmerman’s accounts of events suggest.

      • Maranatha_Mark BobE We know Zimmerman isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer because he’s lived in a tract for over 5 years that only has 3 streets in it & he cannot even name the street he’s suppose to me watching! That said, you’d think some wanna be cop turned “neighborhood watchman” who’s taken martial arts, got a concealed gun permit & a 9mm that FINALLY gets a chance to do what he’s ALWAYS wanted to do (pretend to be a cop & arrest black people) stalks his “suspect” (thinking he’s a criminal) locked & loaded ready for action & some kid “takes him by surprise” & beats the hell out of him???

    • BobE–Zimmerman reported to the dispatcher that Martin was walking close to houses & looking in windows. There had been 8 burglaries & robberies in the compound in the previous 14 months–including several in which the culprits were witnessed by residents to be young black males. In several instances, young black men were also apprehended in possession of stolen property–bicycles & a laptop. This would represent good reason for suspicion on Zimmerman’s part, don’t you think–its racism when there’s a history like this.
      There are NO third-party witnesses to the beginning of the fight–we don’t know if Zimmerman accosted Martin, if Martin got angry that Zimmerman “dissed” him & punched him first–we have no evidence AT ALL.
      The death of a young person is a tragedy & we want to understand why & apportion blame. This case is, NOT “cut & dried”–there are too many missing pieces, missing minutes, unseen actions. The sooner folks like you who are certain they know what happened & adamantly believe that either Zimmerman OR Martin was in the wrong realize that we will NEVER KNOW for sure, the sooner the uproar will quiet down. It is entirely human to want THE TRUTH. Well, it’s not available in this case because no one was there to report it to the rest of us. That’s why the jury HAD to return a verdict of “not guilty” based on reasonable doubt–NOT because the defense proved Zimmerman “innocent! The jury ruled based on the law, not common sense, as instructed. We now need to use our common sense & stop arguing & re-trying a case we can never get all the evidence for.

      • kmilliorn  I don’t care if EVERYTHING Zimmerman said is true (which I am sure isn’t the case) he’s STILL guilty!

        • BobE–Your post contained a large number of assumptions–or else you are the ” missing witness”, who could have removed all “reasonable doubt” for the jury & allow them to get the “right” verdict. How can you deny that there was too much missing evidence to allow anything other than a not guilty verdict because of the uncertainty?
          Evidently you had Zimmerman convicted in advance & the trial was superfluous, right? (Just like Sharpton, Jackson, et all. Lynching, anyone?

        • kmilliorn No. All we know for certain is this. Martin was NOT committing any crime. Zimmerman who had called 911 many times he seen “black people” in his neighborhood was told NOT to pursue martin. He pursued him anyway which lead to a confrontation (which we don’t know who started) & Zimmerman shooting an unarmed minor.

        • BobE kmilliorn  
          Still the perpetual lies.
          A Police dispatcher cannot tell someone not to follow someone.
          The Dispatcher testified at the trial and said he did not tell Zimmerman not to follow Trayvon.
          Th4e Dispatcher said this while under oath.
          Yet, here you are BoBE still telling the same tired old stale lies.
          Once, I thought you might have been somewhat intelligent, now I know you are not.

        • BobE Guilty of what? Telling the truth?
          Only in your mind BobE is he guilty, and your thoughts racist as they are is not considered evidence in a Courtroom.

      • kmilliorn The death of ANYONE is a tragedy. I do not care how old, what gender or anything else. Cut out the buzz red button carppy words! The main missing piece was mentioned last night in the interview of the presecutors main witness. She told Martin that Zimmerman was a was a “Craker rapist …”  Point one is that Zimmerman is not a rapist and point two wrong use of the word Craker. If she can use the “N” word and I can not then she can ot use the “C” word. Let us now get really really STUPID!!

        • tygerpaw25–Sorry, but the missing piece is the start of the fight–& it has nothing to do with Martin’s friend (who, incidentally, was a better witness for the defense than for the prosecution–like many of its other witnesses).

        • kmilliorn I agree about the witness being better but my point was Martin may have not approached the car if he had not had that thought put into his brain. By start of the fight are you referring to the actual physical encounter, first push, blow, etc? Also I did not refer to there being just one missing piece. The statement I was replying to said “there are too many missing pieces…”Just speculating about one posable piece.

      • kmilliorn 
        Very nicely put. It’s too bad that we’ll never know, but unless BobE really was there, no one has come forward to corroborate ir disprove and of the few statements made in the matter.

    • BobE  You must be black or a  liberal.  It sounds like you only listen to the voices in your head because you sure didn’t listen to the evidence that was presented.

      • Terriern BobE The bottom line is this. Zimmerman was told NOT to follow martin by police (which he did) & as a result he shot & killed an unarmed kid.

        • BobE Terriern Wrong. He was told by the dispatcher. That is not the same thing as an officer of any rang telling him.

        • BobE Terriern If GZ had known that TM was a drug addict, trained in mixed martial arts, who had been soliciting for a gun & suspended from school after stolen property was found in his possession, he might have been able to avoid being beaten up. Either TM used his fists to beat up GZ, or he scuffed his knuckles by dragging them on the ground. I don’t know which.

        • BobE Terriern  Bottom line is that Martin confronted Zimmerman and started beating him.  Following Martin was not against the law.  Zimmerman had a right to follow him and see where he was going as he was the one on watch duty that night.  You just don’t want to admit that  the kid was wrong and got himself killed. Martin could have gone on home instead of confronting Zimmerman.

        • BobE  A police dispatcher cannot tell anyone not to follow someone. That would be illegal, and ther dispatcher could lose his/her job.
          The dispatcher testified at the trial and said he never told Zimmerman not to follow Trayvon.

        • chamuiel  Then Zimmerman is a liar because In a statement he gave to police the same night he shot and killed the unarmed teen, Zimmerman wrote that he was returning to his vehicle after a police dispatcher told him over the phone to stop pursuing Martin.

        • Terriern BobE Zimmerman admitted that martin was “skipping” away! You people lack logic & common sense! Who do you really believe confronted who (a) an unarmed kid that just turned 17 minding his own business & just walking home or (b) some wanna be cop that already called 911 & was in pursuit of his “suspect” and was armed?

        • BobE
          Again a Police Dispatcher cannot tell some not to follow someone It would be illegal.
          Only someone who has had run ins with the law  would even consider following a illegal police command.
          What you said about Zimmerman lying is just you own opinion, and opinions are nit considered as evidence in a court of law.

        • BobE 
          A violen 17 year old on dope who considered himself to be some kind of a MMA fighter.
          Yes, I would believe that supid though he may hve been that he wouls attaxk first.
          They have also finally released the fact that a burglary toll was found in the bushes near where Trayvon was walking. 
          You are the one not using common sense.

        • chamuiel BobE Zimmerman told police in a written statement that ” police dispatcher told him over the phone to stop pursuing Martin” that is a FACT so either they told him or he’s lying

        • BobE  
          Produce your proof. Anything but your mouth will be considered.
          And even if what you say is true, it would prove that Trayvon jumped Zimmeman from the back, would it not.
          What was actually said was when Zimmerman asked the dispatcher if he should follow Trayvon, the dispatcher replied that “We do not need you to do that.”
          Again that is not an order not to follow, and a dispatcher cannot tell you not to follow someone in your own neighborhood.
          Get real.

        • BobE  No, you are by saying “I know Zimmerman is guilty”.
          What kind of a statement is that? You offer no proof, other than your mouth.
          I have followed this case from the beginning. It is obvious you have not.
          You have only your feelings and emotions to go by.
          You have nothing else, not even a logical argument.

    • BobE Obviously you are not aware of the facts revealed in the trial. I wonder what you would do if someone hit you and then banged your head against the concrete.  I don’t care about the race of the individuals, because anyone would try to defend his/her life with whatever means available.  I have seen what seventeen (and even younger) can do to people and places.  Take off the blinders.  In case you are unaware, no one has to take the stand.  Also, how do Ron and Rand Paul get into this conversation and deserve to be called racists.  You are a typical liberal and do not make sense in your thoughts and arguments.  In other words you are ignorant of truth by being brainwashed by lies and liars.  Go crawl back under the rock you are evidently living under.

      • StephanieCripe BobE  Rand Paul got into this conversation because of racism & Rand Paul is a racist by ANY definition. The ONLY reason that Zimmerman had the balls to do what he did was because of the FL “stand your ground” law. In most ANY other state he would have been guilty of 1st degree murder


        • StephanieCripe BobE No, in CA you can ONLY use deadly force in your house or place of business. You cannot go out armed looking for a fight & when you find one & start to lose shoot the person!

        • BobE StephanieCripe  
          in your home or place of business is called the castle doctrine, in many states the castle doctrine has been extended to include your car, while you are walking down the street, even a tent or camper  you may be sleeping in, because it would be considered as an extension of your home.
          BobE, you know nothing

    • BobE Don’t forget that the Black population commits more crimes against their own kind than any other race in the country. That blacks still hold “someone else” responsible for their woe’s, even after white Americans facilitated the end of slavery as it was known. Not all blacks have been held back, those that accepted the challenge, and rose above it are not only doing quite well in their lives, but distance themselves from their voluntarily uneducated and ignorant brethren. Face it, if you wanted to be treated as an equal, then you should aspire to be or be better than the people in control. Not just sit on your pathetic asses waiting for the next Government handout. If you want a better life, work your asses off like we have, to get it. I won’t be cutting you people ANY slack. The ones that want, but don’t want to work for it are nothing but cells of a giant virus. You are a cancer that should cut away from the fabric of our society. You are parasites sucking the life’s blood from this Country, not to mention the American worker. So go ahead and keep on killing your own, I don’t think you will get any “White” interference with that.

    • BobE Great job BobE. Although there is no chance that any of those that
      populate this web site will be changed in the least, I at least approve
      of some rational thinking about these events. I think it revelatory that
      those calling others racist in the loudest voices seem to express the
      most racist remarks. Part of the “thou protesteth too much” syndrome.
      Probably you won’t get this as who would want to regularly patronize
      these morons but I can but hope. I have taken up looking in on the
      bigots as a sort of trip to the southrun zoo. Look at all the grinning
      bigots and hope that America continues on its slow progress towards just letting people alone if they don’t harm others.

    • Not very bright, Zimmerman weighed in when he was arrested at 170 pounds, he gained the weight being on house arrest. You would know that if you followed the news.

        • BobE Ddl13 This is directed to your ass…..if you had watched the trial or read any reliable reports about it you would know that George Zimmerman was close to 250 lbs. prior to joining the self defense class. In fact it was the reason he joined so as to lose weight and he did weigh about 170 when he was attacked by the racist gangsta wanna be punk that was 4 inches taller & 10 years younger and proceeded to defended himself quite effectively.

        • Rumpleforeskin BobE Ddl13 “proceeded to defended himself quite effectively”??? By getting your ass kicked & head pounded on the ground by a kid that just turned 17 & is 1/2 your size?

        • BobE Rumpleforeskin Ddl13It sounds like to me that you are another liberal whining and crying that they didn’t get their way in this trial. Since you have gotten everything have wanted since Obama took office (except gun control), you stamp your feet and throw a tantrum when you lose when the system fails you. You always love to quote court rulings and worship our judicial system when it undermines religion and favors the liberal agenda. Why not now? And here are a few tweet quotes from Lupe Fiasco to put you in perspective (he’s a black muscian/celebrity btw):
          “Rub your face in it! Swallow down that hard pill! Black blood spills in the streets of America nightly at the hands other blacks
          Yeah gimme that anger…once again that rage…that misguided angst when you true enemy is your own complacency and cowardice.
          Curse kick scream yell tweet unfollow. Don’t matter to me if y’all don’t start valuing yourselves N*****S will be in the same boat tomorrow
          Nobody knows what really happened except trayvon and Zimmerman. The justice system relies on reasonable doubt not our emotions.”

        • Rumpleforeskin BobE Ddl13  so, Zimmerman who had trained himself in self defense + armed himself for this very moment, watched, pursued & confronted a 17 year old “suspect”  he thought was a criminal & the kid 1/2 his size attacks Zimmerman & proceeds to beat the hell out of him?

        • BobE Ddl13  
          Zimmerman weighed in at 170 when the fight took place. He was 5’9″  tall
          That 17 year old kid was 6’2″ tall and weighed 160.
          Yes, Zimmerman gained weight when he was indicted for Murder 2 and forced into an unnecessary stressful situation.

          As usual, you have no idea of what you are talking about and just continue to spew words as the occur in that small brain of yours.

        • BobE Rumpleforeskin Ddl13  
          zimmerman got his ass kicked, and Trayvon got dead.
          I would say Trayvon lost the fight, whouldn’t you BobE?
          By th Way BoBE do you have another posting personality? I have seen these same words before.

  4. What this article fails to mention is that the blk race makes up >13% yet I’ll bet they have more killings than whites or asians. Also this article fails to mention blk on white murders. Here again I bet there are many more blk on white murders than there are the opposite.  So what the hades is the blk so called community yelling about? If the whites went on a rampage everytime there was a blk killing a white we would be on a rampage all the time. I guess we just accept the blk on white murders and maybe we are a little more civilized.

    • American 1 And the article fails to mention that of all those break-ins over the past several years, ALL of them were perpetrated by young black males, ALL of them.  (While I wasn’t there and did not contact the police to substantiate this, I read it in one of these zillions of Zimmerman articles…)

  5. OMG, I am so sick of this crap. Look,
    Blacks in America pin racism and slavery on Americans, but at the time of slavery, the WHOLE world was buying slaves to work, THE WHOLE WORLD! not just America, Hell African were knocking out and dragging their relatives off to the British and whomever shipped them out of Africa.
    I am so damn sick of this being a Black thing and more sick of this being a White American thing, hey Sharpton go complain to the other coutries who shipped your relatives around the world and see where that gets you!
    I am not sorry, I am not ashamed, my family past was never a slave owners, and very FEW Americans were.
    SO go zuck on woodpecker eggs all of you black racist azzwipes!

    • greenmountainboy6 You are so right! The black community has been getting special treatment for five decades and is still unhappy. They’ve got permanent victim status and continue to complain. There is nobody alive on the planet who was or even knew anybody who was a slave in this country.
      The REAL racism is against whites. That comes from the government and media. It’s way past time to treat blacks like everybody else. If you don’t want to be call names, then don’t call other people names (creepy ass cracker, for example). If you don’t want to go to jail, then don’t commit crimes. If you want to feel the same sense of accomplishment as white people, then don’t go whining for special privileges – earn them like white people.

    • greenmountainboy6  Did you forget that those Original slavers were Muslims and they also raided white European cities for slaves to sell Muslim rulers.  We sing about that in the Marine anthem retelling President Jefferson’s orders sending them to the shores of Tripoli.

    • greenmountainboy6Reminds me of this TV show I saw a few years ago where they traced people’s roots back
      to their original heritage through DNA. Several were blacks that
      complained about how prejudicial America is with roots of slavery.
      As it turned out, almost every one of them did not have roots in Africa
      but in Europe, and it was proven that none of their relatives were ever
      slaves in America as they had not emigrated here yet.

      • Centurian2012 greenmountainboy6 how would they come up with a crazy idea like that because we all know that we never had any slaves in this country?

  6. You should really check your facts; there are a lot of good people out there, like ME for example. It’s not us, it’s THEM who are racist and should fix that

  7. America is not racist the Blacks, the race activists Sharpton, Jackson, the politicians like Obama & Holder & the lamestream media along with White Libs are racist.

  8. The way the blacks are acting it would be easy to be a racist……And to think I went to the back of the bus in protest in the 1950’s….If I knew how horrible they would become with freedom I would never have protested…

  9. We have empowered the Black population by electing a Black president.  The Race baiters Sharpton, Jackson, Farahkan, and Obama accompanied by the main stream media have created this…it took years….I am tired, tired, tired, of the same old mantra, whitey made us slaves in America, but Black slave traders in Africa made them slaves and sold and shipped them all over the Caribbean, (sic) and finally America sadly.  We are immigrants from Ireland and Scotland 5th generation and never owned slaves…gee whiz, don’t you think it is time to become an American, instead of a Black American?  Get a life

    • alafia5 Wow, does that mean I shouldn’t call myself a white, English, Irish, German, French, Indian (oops, Native American), Scotch, Welsh, Dutch American????  I’m all those and probably some black and/or Asian mixed in there somewhere – – BUT – – first and foremost, I am an American, a proud citizen of the United States of America – not a perfect country, but the very best there is in this world. (Okay, Miss Smith (Kate), it’s time to sing God Bless America.)

  10. Racism would be dead in the USA if it were not for Jessie Jackson , al Sharpton, eric holder  and the race peddlers of this nation. These preachers of hate make millions of dollars a year while preying on their on people, The old slaver ways are over but the new slaver is the person that milks his on race b preaching hatred to keep the money pouring in.

  11. There were very peaceful marches in all major cities of course the right wing media had to call these riots. America is not racist. A silly, typical stereotypical thing to say. Without meaning or any impact. All of you now call these people commies. Yea. They won. Y did not. Will win again. Do the math.

    • Some of the riots were violent.  I saw the damage they did.  There are racists in America and they are in the democrat party.

    • Texan Texan What kind of math do you do exan Texan?  Your post makes no sense.  By the way I I hope that means eX Texan.

  12. You have to understand that this is the game plan of the communists and this is why they installed the illegal, anti-American, anti-Christian Muslim-Marxist so that he  and the “Dem-O-C0ms” would play the race card to bring down America as they are currently doing!Obaa-baa-ma and henchman Holder must be made to go, the soonwr the better!

  13. Why do you call Zimmerman “overzealous?”  Wasn’t he just doing his job?
    I object to your penning that Zimmerman trailed Martin.  By acounts at the time, he was walking back to his car.  And now we hear on TV last night that Trayvon thought he was being followed by a “cracker,” likely came back fom his walk to his destination, and attacked Zimmerman. And did Martin attack Zimmerman because he thought Zimmerman was gay?

    And, as I read (veracity?) yesterday, did this not happen at 3 AM?

  14. barbie is a TROLL!! Ignore his posts!! He gets his info straight from the “pro-regressive” communist handbook. He is a racist, hate monger and just tries to cause a stir. It seems the texass texass Troll has decided to chime in , too. Another to just ignore.

  15. RACIST, NO not us, really? Could it possibly be because of what we got stuck with in the White House, you think maybe?????????????

  16. just got finished listening to Eric Holder speaking at the Orlando NAACP convention.  HOLDER AND THE NAACP ARE THE TRUE RACISTS!!!
    Time for an organization called NAANN!!!  National Association for the Advancement of NON-NEGROS!!!!

  17. Watching these black mobs, (unreported by the media) for the last year or so, has given me no choice but to profile. If there are two or three black hoods in one place at night, I can handle them but when it grows to 5 or 6 I get uncomfortable. Not scared, cause I’d still win, but it would get messy. My feelings were brought on by the overt racism displayed everyday by the likes of Sharpton, Jackson, Holder and Obama. If white people aren’t racist they are either dumb as a post or hopelessly indoctrinated by the press.

  18. “We” who? I am not racist. I don’t have any friends that are racists. I am married to a man who is half American Indian and half Asian. I am mostly Scottish with a small bit of American Indian blood way back 5 generations. My best friend is black. We are all very conservative. I have lived in SoCal for 40 years and have many friends who are in mixed marriages. I personally consider all of this racist talk to be highly exaggerated and insulting to most of the people in this country.

  19. Petty criminal my backside!  He was a felon caught with jewelry stolen from a home nearby and a burglar tool in his backpack at school.  Not reported as a “crime” but rather as “found property” to lower the crime rate at that school.  People were fired as a result of the investigation that followed later.
    The absolute most bigoted, racist, individuals I have ever met, seen, or even heard about, are NOT caucasian.  You fill in the missing crayola.

    • ElderAmbassador–Just for the record: the “burglar tool” in Martin”s backpack was a screwdriver. My husband carries a small one all the time, but is not a burglar–he works on computers. He does not, however, carry around “found jewelry”–that is another issue.

      • kmilliorn 
        Actually, the description of the screwdriver as a “burglar tool” is not mine.  That is how the Police officer described it in his “found property” report.  And yes, I carry a knife with me just about everywhere I go, except into Federal and State government buildings.  It’s not a weapon, it’s a tool, just like the “small” screwdriver your husband carries.
        BTW, my son carries a backpack with small screwdrivers and several other tools with which he works on computers.
        As I’m sure you know already, the use of sharpened screwdrivers is pretty common among the criminal class.  It makes a very effective stabbing weapon and is useful in forcing “safeguards” or locks.

  20. Follow the money, racism must continue because too many are counting on it.  If racism did not exist, lot’s of commentators and “community organizers” would be out of work!  Ét tu Jesse, Al, Maxine (Waters), Martin (Bashir), Louis (Farrakhan), Michael (Eric Dyson), Van (Jones), Eugene (Robinson), Isaiah (Poole) and Melissa (Harris-Perry) et al.?  As well, racism sustains the need for a savior, and the answer is always big-government socialism while the fault is always the white capitalist.  Racism of course is any time a conservative (especially a white, Christian one) disagrees with a liberal, especially a liberal minority.

  21. This has two points for the Democrats: It keeps the news away from the IRS, NSA, Benghazi, the putrid economy and Obama’s sinking poll numbers and it beefs up his black base, they were losing faith in him. He and Holder can play “the Great Protectors of Black America”  to the hilt. It keeps America divided, and with all the scandals going on, they need to keep it divided – “United we stand, divided we fall”  We are too divided and suspicious of each other to band together and demand impeachment and penalties for the crooks, and they continue their merry little game.

    • lokiswife I am confused. Everyone continually refers to President Obama as our black President. He is half black and half white. I realize that in slave days anyone who was 1/4 black was considered black – ergo, more people one could own as slaves. Such is no longer the case, so shouldn’t Mr. Obama be referred to as our half black President? Or half white President? Or he could be referred to as our mulatto President. That is an appropriate and proper word as far as I know. Just curious. It must be to someone’s advantage to refer to him as “our black President.” Makes one wonder……………………

      • JohnDeere1953–Obama is “black” because he designated himself as such. It was socially, academically, & politically expedient (as well as easier than explaining why he called himself white when he LOOKED black–probably the best explanation of all!)

      • My friend, don’t buy into that crap. Here’s two quotes from two great men.
        One from Abraham Lincoln, ” If you want to test the character of a man, give him some power.”
        The other from Martin Luther King, “Judge a man by the content of his character, and not  by  the color of his skin.”  Skin wars cause nothng but unecessary misery and continued suffering. If we really want God’s help in our nations recovery, then we all need to step up to the plate with a lot better mentality than we’ve shown over the past 237 years of our nations existence. Don’t make the mistake of thinking of O as being Black (I for one doubt that very seriously). The most important thing to remember is, he is Muslim. So it dosen’t matter what color we are to him, if we are not Muslim he hates us and our nation point blank. That is going to become an overwelming task for those who voted for him, who side and support him and who love him because they are under the mistaken belief that he is Black. If he is still in power in the coming years it will be show time for the Blacks who side with him whether they are Christians are not because he will want all of America to convert to Islam. It may well be a good idea to start thinking right now whether or not we should choose death or a concentration camp. I’ll choose to die, heaven is my home anyway.

  22. One racist who in my opinion is worse than most is Reverand Wright in Chicago. The very man Obama sat in front of every Sunday for years.

  23. The average American sees the government and the media as the most racist groups of people in this country.
    A large percentage of average people do not see color and get upset, but enter the government: “ALL non-whites are too stupid and incapable of seeing to their own needs.”
    Enter the media:  “There’s a minority, let’s see if we can stir up a riot to increase viewership and jack the newshour ad time rates.”

  24. Could all the lame stream media be charged with insighting to riot? Seems like that is exactly what happened.

    • Concerned Veteran from another concerned vet. Sensationalising sells newspapers and that’s all that matters to these scumbags. I can only remember when the so called legitimate news papers used to make fun of the National inquirer and those similar tabloids. These guys are no different.

      • Samurai_Sam Concerned Veteran Thank you both for your service, from the widow of a retired Air Force Sgt.

      • Samurai_Sam Concerned Veteran  And I too thank you for your service,My husband was Army,but is no longer with me but from one Military to  other Military we thank you so much for your service  and May God Bless

  25. I’m sure if BO had a son he “would” be just like Trayvon. “A punk” If BO was his father what choice would he have with that connection. Seems like Trayvons father may actually be a reasonable person from the little I’ve seen or heard from him. Maybe I’m wrong about that!

  26. People keeping Racism alive, Jessie Jackson Jr., Al Shrapton, Eric holder, Barack Obama and all of the main stream media

  27. all the race baiters and the current Pontif is making sure the race issue stays alive and grows.. we have lost more on race in the last 5 years than what we have gained in the last 50…

  28. I have, over the years, learned not to finger point and shake blame. Both of these guys made bad choices which left one of them dead. But I do not agree that it was murder. Murder has behind it intent. Zimmerman as I understand, was walking back to his vehicle. That would suggest that Trayvon jumped him from behind. If anyone of you have ever been jumped from behind let me tell you, it is one scary feeling. You don’t know who it is or why, and you’ve lost all sense of direction. You don;t have time to gather your thoughts nor can you really. All you’re thinking about is the next breath and if it’s coming. Zimmerman was thinking the only thing that would save his life at that moment was his gun. Would the situation have been the same if it were reversed? Of course not. In the predicament Zimmerman was in, choice of color never came to mind. But judging by some of those statements made by Trayvon would strongly suggest he was a racist. As I said before, “Only racist people use racist words regardless of them trying to justify them by other means, they are what they are.” My thing is I love facts because facts reveal truth. If you ever find yourself grunting, panting, struggling or gasping for your last breath see if it matters what color the one is behind you.

    • LarryChambers Martin did not attack Zimmerman from behind. As a black person I would think you more than most could understand the fear a 17 year old black kid would have walking down the street at night in the south when a grown man starts to follow him. Martin was the one that had EVERY right to be scared! Zimmerman the bumbling idiot he is got VERY lucky he didn’t stumble upon a REAL criminal or he would be the one in the grave

      • BobE LarryChambers  If Travon Martin was scared, he would have run away.  Instead, he wanted to play the big man and whip Zimmerman’s butt.

      • BobE  
        yes, a 17 year old 6’2″ kid that loved to fight, had been suspended from School three times in the same year, had been caught in School with dope, womens jewelry, and burglary tools in his backpack, bragged about wanting a rematch with a kid because he did not make him bleed enough the first time, was in trouble with the law for slapping around a 50 year old woman bus driver, referred to all women as biotc*hes, had mary juana in his blood stream, was seeking a source of pure codeine so he could make a stronger drink of lean, drinked lean all the time, had just bought water melon drink and skittles at the store which makes up a concoction of a drink called lean along with cough syrup. and according to his cell phone records was attempting to buy an illgegal .380 pistol (he could not own a gun, he was on 17, and with his record he probably would never be able to own a gun legally.)
        BobbE, Tryvon was not an innocent kid, he was hoodlum death looking for a place to happen. It was only a matter of time.
        Trayvons Dad was a member of the Crips gang, you know the Bloods and the crips.
        Why are you defending him?

  29. It IS NOT racism that is the problem IT IS the N****RS that are the problem!!!!  Like Obama, Holder, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, the NAACP, and the N****R LOVERS!!!
    Eric Holder IS EXCITING VIOLENCE against White and the Police!!!!!
    Could this be the cause for marshal law that Obama has wanted???  Be prepared and DON’T be a VICTIM!!!!

  30. Do to the lies from the likes of Jackson and Sharpton racism that was once to be looked down upon with contempt has turned into a self defense mechanism. With 90% of the street crime in big cities committed by blacks one has to profile to keep from becoming a victim. The black mobs are not only not arrested and jailed but the police seem to be down playing their existence at the expense of the rest of us.
    It seems obvious the blacks are being used by the government to start race wars and riots hoping the rest of us will finally get enough and retaliate. Then they have a case for martial law and confiscation of all weapons. Then..
    tyranny of the minority’s will arrive

  31. You are absolutely correct. They have already got places to throw everyone into. Our so called mis-leaders are the creators of this problem with the election and appointments of certain individuals, which are causing this misconception, along with the Lame stream media. We still have 3 more yrs. for this to kick off. REVOLUTION is coming and we can’t seem to do anything about it.

  32. I strongly disagree with this statement about America.  Yes, it does have some, but over all America has many, many good people who would give the shirt off their backs to help some one else, so let’s be truthful here and give credit were credit is due.

  33. It seems odd to me that Zimmerman was the one who precipitated this whole thing.  If he did, shouldn’t Trayvon have had some visible injuries?  Apparently he sneaked up on Zimmerman and knocked him down causing a broken nose and cuts to the back of his head.  Being straddled by Trayvon, Zimmerman would have been having a very tough time with nowhere else for the blood from his   broken nose to go without causing a choking feeling.  I don’t wonder that he felt as if he had to defend himself, and when Trayvon reached for Zimmerman’s gun, he had not choice.

  34. correction;;this President and attorney general are RACIST; the left wing media ARE RACIST, the black/liberal legislators ARE RACIST;leave we the people out of this baseless insane conclusion. blacks are INHERENTLY PARANOID AND RACIST.; even in South Africa, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya; they are what they are [low self esteem]

    • DavidPeacock Listen up card carrying white libtards: The racewarlords named obamanation, sharpton, jackson, and holder, et al, are stirring it up. It is obvious they have an agenda that has nothing to do with the rule of law. If the mobs come to your neighborhood, they aren’t going to check for your naacp or communist membership cards. They are going to rip you a new one just for the color of your skin. So what are you going to do? I imagine some of you will join the KKK again, since they were/are democrats. Isn’t irony wonderful? Destroyed by the monsters you helped create and support.

  35. The media as well as the Florida court has withheld Trybons criminal record from criminal proceedings. The fact that he was referred to as alittle boy going to the store to  get candy and a drink was also misleading. No uptodate photos of the 17 year old were shown as well because of his ‘gangsta” insignia tatoos. One large one over his rt eye. So why the reference as to a little boy ? He was a young man of 17. He has had run ins with the law, he has been a problematic teen associated with bad friends. He was in fact as much a wannabe thug as Zimmerman was a wannbe cop. But missing from the purchase list for trybon was a bottle of robutussin DM, that was mixed with his tea to make what they call “lean” on the streets. why was that info not shared ? Teens are killed across the US in gang violence, esp Chicago. Does Eric Holder fast abd furioous murderer extrordinaire know this ?

    • valea heyl You are correct.  Led by Al, Jesse, Oprah, Obama, Holder and many others, including many uninformed whites, racism is rampant.  Many blacks are trying to do the right thing, but, are Uncle Toms according to the sorry and shiftless.  Noone cares when whites are beaten or killed, but let a thug get injured or killed by a white, the blacks start their riots.  We had all better wake up soon or it will be too late to co-exist.

    • valea heyl I did not think I was racist but apparently I am and becoming more racist everyday. I thought I was an American….E Pluribus Unum. I do not like people who want to deny the Rule of Law and start riots and vulgar displays of hatred in the streets. I do not care what color they are. Apparently the Anti American Black community wants to speak for all blacks. ALSO, our president incites lawlessness. I do not like it. It seems evil to me.

  36. The premise of this entire piece is false. The judge prohibited reference of anyone to ‘racial profiling’, the essence of Zimmerman’s motivation (as this piece indicates) to pursue Martin whose only ‘wrongdoing’ was walking in his black skin, with a stereotypical hoodie. The testimony showed the defendant using pejorative terms, racial terms, acting on a history of blacks ‘getting away’ constantly, and the defense introducing surreptitiously racially charged items to slant the jury’s thinking toward race. The prosecutor was incompetent in many respects countering obvious racial stereotypes that condemned the dead boy and exonerated the defendant, clearly murdering a teen minding his own business. It’s hate criminality at its most insideous–hiding behind gun laws and faux peer jury and judicial constraint in a gun slinging, republican dominated state. As a gun owner, white male, law abiding, aware citizen who served on multiple juries as foreman, I’m aghast at the miscarriage of justice involving this vigilante killing an innocent.

      • DrBill & BobE–If there were any doubt, the two of you provide the most graphic evidence that the trial of this case has generated massive amounts of heat, but very little light!

      • BobE DrBillLemoine Of course you would agree with Dr. Bill, you are a ravist race baiter.

        Along with being many other things.Theist, hater of Christian, gay lover.

        Should I keep going, oh yeah

        Liberal, and many other thins, yes BobE.

    • DrBillLemoine   Did you hurt yourself with all that straining?  Very little of what you wrote existed in fact during this trial or during the episode that created it.  Shame on you.  I devoutly hope you need a heating pad for a very long time.  By the way, I’m aghast at you.

    • DrBillLemoine And the FACT.  The FACT that the FBI went into Zimmerman’s background all the way back to his childhood and found no evidence that he was racist.  The FACT that the crime was investigated by the police and local police deemed it to be self-defense and it was dropped.  The FACT that the local prosecutor would not pursue this other than it was self-defense.
      Only when Obama and Holder decided to make it a racist crime and send a special prosecutor to prosecute the case and I might add Obama and Holder decided to send in protesters to stir up the community did this become head line news.  The FACT that more black men were murdered by other blacks in Chicago in one weekend thanin  Afghanistan and the news never wrote one word about the murders in Chicago.  Get a life you and BobE.

    • BillLemoine–And, so the FBI investigation into Zimmerman’s potential racial bias was inadequate, despite its interviewing nearly 3 dozen people & finding no evidence of any history of tendencies to racial discrimination in language or actions? How do you factor in the history of 8 robberies & burglaries in the compound in 14 months (in many of which young black males were seen in the act or found with stolen goods)? How is that irrelevant? What “racially-charged terms” did the defense introduce “surreptitiously”? If Martin was merely “minding his own business”, how did the fight ensue?– did you see it start? Why was the jury ” faux-peer” one? WHOSE peers did YOU want? NO ONE is seated on a jury unless BOTH prosecution AND defense agree on them.

    • DrBillLemoine YOU were NOT in Zimmerman’s position getting your face beat-in and head cracked on a cement walkway;  SO TELL us WHAT exactly would you have done to excape possible great bodily harm or death, my friend?!

    • DrBillLemoine You were great in Goonies.  {Just wanted to remind you}  It always seems your position is contrary to all people who actually have a job and stay out of trouble.  It is tragic that a human life was taken but your views and comments are nuts.  They actually made you a foreperson on a jury?  Tell me what state you live in and I will scratch that from my list of states to visit.  I assume the evidence is something you decide to ignore and in your BS, make believe world you condemn Republicans as “gun slinging”   I would suggest the local magistrate take your guns ASAP as you are certifiable.  Have a nice day coward.

    • DrBillLemoine
      Your attempt to impress was not successful. You’re using distorted facts. The fact is TM attacked GZ. Furthermore GZ had every right to do exactly what he was doing watching someone he had never seen before in the neighborhood who was acting suspicious on a dark rainy night not especially a night for a leisurely walk around the block. Race had absolutely nothing to do with it. Someone attacks me the same way and I’m carrying and I usually am he dies just like TM. I don’t care what color he is just as GZ did not take color into account.

  37. Amazing. Zimmerman isn’t even “whitey” but because of his “heritage” his name sounds white and man did they jump all over it. Trayvon was an up and coming thug. No one can deny it with that record and be taken seriously. Zimmerman may have over-reacted at the time but apparently he was right. He had to fight this so called “little boy”. That’s another shameful representation. After seeing his real picture if he was near me I would have kept an eye on him myself. If Zimmerman would have been black this would not even hit the local news other than the basic details. Pathetic.

    • Works4Loser Now Zimmerman’s great grandfather turns out to be black – how Ironic, it screws up their
      black racist propaganda.

    • Works4Loser
      Totally agree except I do not think GZ over reacted. If someone attacks me and I’m armed, and I usually am, under the same circumstances there would, no doubt, be the same outcome. So I think it was justified homicide

      • AZDon Works4Loser do you feel you have the right to pursue someone that you thinks looks “suspicious” pick a fight & if you start to lose shoot the person?

        • BobE AZDon Works4Loser  
          I think if someone attacks me with no warning I have the right to defend myself and to shoot that person dead.
          Apparently the Zimmerman jury agreed.

        • chamuiel BobE AZDon Works4Loser Under FL stand your ground law apparently it doesn’t matter who attacks who or anything else prior to the moment a person “fears” his life is in danger & at that moment you’re allowed to shoot somebody. If Rand Paul & his good friend the “southern avenger” walk into a bar that’s filled with blacks & begin to toast to “John Wilkes Booth Day” & make racial slurs & they were “confronted” they may very well be in their right to shoot everyone in the place if they “feared for their life’s”

        • BobE chamuiel AZDon Works4Loser Well, I have seen some really stupid comments before, but this one sets a new standard.
          Is that the highest level you mind can function at boobE?

        • BobE AZDon Works4Loser Who picked the fight?
          Were you there?  Are you an eyewitness? Do you have video and audio of the event?
          Since you have such intimate knowledge of the event, the martin family attorney would dearly love to hear from you.

  38. If Zimmerman was truly innocent he would have took the stand in his own defense. He didn’t because he wasn’t.

    • BobE He didn’t take the stand because he did an interview and admitted to what he did.  No need to take the stand.

    • BobE Interesting theory.  How long have you lived in our Country?  The sad part about your remark is that some people actually believe it.

    • BobE  he did not have to take the stand the Police did not have any reason to arrest him in the beginning,Sharpton,Jackson and his cronies of the NAACP keep pushing until they got Obama,involved and demanded his arrest so the police had to arrest him thank you

    • To say you know Zimmerman was guilty is easily discounted by me saying I know Zimmerman is innocent.
      There we have both said our asinine beliefs and have cancelled each other out.

  39. If the militant black community going around making threats and actually beating up random victims as a response,  had any balls they would be rallying in East Los Angeles where young blacks are systematically murdered by latino gang and the black families there are under terrorist tactics to evacuate the area. This is no small secret but for the vacuum of mainstream media reporting on it. I guess talking tough to a fat half-wit who defended himself is ‘courageous’ enough. There are literally hundreds of black teens and men in their early twenties in the morgues of LA  each of the last 5 years as this primitive genocide effort continues. Where is the White House? Well Obama and the Democrats  aren’t about to divide the voting blocks of the latinos and blacks  are they. Now there is the real tragedy. http://www.yourblackworld.net/2013/01/black-news/latino-gangs-launch-attacks-on-black-families-in-compton-to-drive-them-out-of-the-city/

    • RadioKenPittman   The White Community for the most part has been patient with them for years and years!  
      This statement is going to sound so weak; but none-the-less, it is true.  Since when is it racist to detest “a behavior” of another person” regardless of their color?
      It isn’t!  The Black Community is making it all about racism; and it hasn’t been until lately AND THEY ARE THE ONES CAUSING IT!
      IF A SPECIFIC GROUP of people act in specific ways….they are a “hate group” and they hate “another group” which are not like them.  That is racism.  It is as though they want to be able to get away with anything and everything BECAUSE they are “black”…which is racism ON THEIR PART…not ours.

      Am I making sense?

        • bob E.diot…..When one person physically attacks another person they put their life on the line… Whyt would it be different with Travon???
          Let me come smash you in the face and bash your head on the ground and reach for your gun and see what you do…
          The truth about you bob is you hate God and consequently white men….You love evil and untruths and hate innocent men be it Jesus or Zimmerman…..God needs to put ou in the same position as was Zimmerman… The moron racists  including yourself that are against white men have destroyed Zimmerman’s life..Shame on you…

        • e1313ruth 
          Your wasting your time with Bobe, he just argues to make himself feel like an adult. He thinks that’s what adults do. I do like the play of words for his name, made me laugh or as the kids say lol……….

  40. I don’t know about the rest of you but I am sick and tired of hearing about this ! It’s over he was found not guilty and that should be the end of it.

    • lavender lady Unfortunately people are doing much more than just arguing about it. It isn’t something that can be ignored.

  41. it is the stupid blacks and the white blacks side by side that is doing all the rioting.I’m tire of it to but Sharpton is holding the race card and not letting go

    • voncile fullwood I agree with you. I feel they are the ones causing all the trouble. They are the ones that are exciting all the riots. Don’t they know that it makes them look stupid JUST SAYING

  42. Politicians and those who are in the business of promoting specific groups are the only reason racism is alive and well.  During the trial Zimmerman was labeled a “wanna-be”.  In reality, folks like Jesse Jackson and his ilk are in-fact the wanna-be’s.  They desparately want to be the next Martin Luther King.  If racism dies, they are out of a job.  When you add in media outlets who are desparate for business and politicians who promote themselves by using “race-baiting”, you have a pretty clear picture of racism in this country.

    • Beydmosky ‘if racism dies, they are out of a job.’  You captured the concept but did not elaborate. Sharpton <isn’t that ironic as far as names go>, Jackson, et al are there to whip up the flames to build their following and whether or not they do, there will be actions that only cause racism to linger and ‘battle lines’ to build. As was said of the Israelites: ‘You can take the Israelites out of Egypt but you can’t take Egypt out of the Israelites.’ That’s pretty heavy to get a hold on but it speaks to the issue.

  43. This ongoing bone chewing by the JD et al serves a purpose: who is talking about Benghazi, IRS, AP etc at this point in time?

    • Newsel  Well, the LAST people you’ll see talking about those issues are the GOP because those issues BLEW UP in their face!

      • BobE Newsel  
        They will blow up in obama, and hillary’s faces.
        You are right about that.
        It is  is not over.
        You will not accept that The Zimmerman trial is over, so why should we accept that Benghazi, IrS is over.
        Look at it this BoobE, we haven’t even had our trial yet.
        You have.

        • chamuiel BobE Newsel The Zimmerman trial is over. I accept that. Sometimes justice is not served. I hope he gets sued in civil court as I want to see him on the stand.

        • BobE  
          I also hope you become a Human being and not an animal.
          If you accepted the Zimmerman verdict, you would shut up about it.
          Why do you get so ogffended when I say You me be gay?  You love gays, and support them.
          Me thinks thou doest protest to much.
          Isn’t gays where it is all at today? Why do you get so offended.

        • chamuiel BobE If I were to get religion it wouldn’t be one of the Abrahamic religions they are to boring, uptight & absurd. It would be something interesting like voodoo, Santeria, Wicca or some gothic religion because even though I could never believe any of it the people would be interesting & I’ve always had a “thing” for “Goth Girls”.

        • BobE
          So you admit you would be a devil whorshipper?
          Hey, you could join those lovers of abortions and chant Hell satan.

        • chamuiel BobE they are not devil worshippers but I simply cannot believe in anything without evidence so there is no religion I can believe

        • BobE  
          When you chant hail satan,. that is not worshipping the devil?
          My, what strange ideas you have.
          Your list of accomplishments are growing BobE Add devil worship to that list.

        • BobE chamuiel iz ok dude.  GOD will Love you even if your brain is deformed and nonfunctioning.
          At least now we know what head you think with.

        • GrumpyOldGoat BobE chamuiel
          BobE this is a must see for you, it’s just right for your age level

          Jesus Loves You……BobE

        • chamuiel
            I’m not offended in the least. I’m just not gay. Unlike most of you people I have lived among gay people my entire life in NYC & LA do not discriminate against them. I don’t think that Christians opposed to Gay Marriage even begin to comprehend how offensive their
          bigoted homophobia is to most of us, whether Gay or Straight.

        • BobE  
          And I do not think you understand just how offensive your lies and bigoted attitude is to the rest of us.

        • BobE  
          Just another stupid statement avoiding the truth and having to honestly answer the question/.
          BobE, all you do is try to obfuscate.
          Sorry, it is not working.

        • BobE chamuiel Oh sure, BoobE, I’ve heard you admit on other posts that you really admired gay people like Barney Franks and Richard Simmons and loved their lifestyle. That sounds like, to me, that you are gay. You need to come out and shut that “closet” door and support your gay pride.

      • BobE The sad part of this orchestrated drama by LW numb nuts and the MSM is that we have heard zip from any one regarding this issue who is in a position of consequence in the GOP. This is exactly the reason the GOP lost in 2012. To “nice” to a fault.

  44. See http://www.divine-way.com; the same people stirring up riots around the world to overthrow government continues in America ( and remember Presidents Obama supported the rebels.)
    Party for Socialism and Liberation member and ANSWER
    Coalition organizer Eugene Puryear speaks about the fight for justice for
    Trayvon Martin. The Party for Socialism and Liberation and the ANSWER Coalition
    immediately took to the streets with others on Saturday and Sunday to protest
    the acquittal of George Zimmerman for the racist, cold-blood murder of Martin.
    A video of the July 13 San Francisco emergency demonstration is also available
    on the website. PSLweb.org

  45. Racial discrimination preserves successful civilizations.  Rather than bending over in each direction to demonstrate his egalitarianism, the White Christian should reject the premise that racism is inherently immoral or irrational.
    At least acquaint yourself with Trotsky’s motives when he fabricated the “sin” of racism.

    • Richard–That may have been true once. Tell that to my spouse, who cannot file a harassment complaint against a fellow faculty member who routinely holds meetings to try to get him fired & fills the university faculty bulletin board with slanderous emails–but the culprit is a MINORITY & my husband is WHITE so HR & the campus office in charge of harassment won’t even TALK to my husband! Now, tell me that those in charge of those departments are simply “making choices”!

  46. With a president who’s very first public action is to have a beer with a black man he thought had been dissed because of color. He showed exactly what he is a white hating racist trouble maker very close with the other black known for the same traits Al Sharpton. He has done more racial division in the world in the last four years than has been known over the period since the 1960’s. The Peace prize! My God Nobel is now known as the whirling dervish

  47. I hope the Martin family file a civil suit that could force Zimmerman to take the stand, and subject him to cross-examination concerning his deeds that fateful day

    • BobE Wake up.

      another thing you do not know. In the State of Florida, if one is cleared of a crime, the family cannot file a civil suit. That is the law in Florida. It is designed to stop unecessary lawsuits being filed.

      Now, in very liberal California, you can do that. I said before you know nothing about his case.

      Attorney General Holder has opened an email address where one can go and give tips on why Zimmerman is guilty.

      Go tell them, you know Zimmerman is guilty, that ought to be enough to convict him, heck with Holder it might work.

      • chamuiel BobE Trayvon’s family could sue Zimmerman in civil court for wrongful death you MORON! Are you really that stupid or do you just make shit up knowing that the people here aren’t that bright & will believe ANYTHING they hear if they want to hear it?

        • BobE chamuielIt sounds like to me that you are another liberal whining and crying that they didn’t get their way in this trial. Since you have gotten everything have wanted since Obama took office (except gun control), you stamp your feet and throw a tantrum when you lose when the system fails you. You always love to quote court rulings and worship our judicial system when it undermines religion and favors the liberal agenda. Why not now? And here are a few tweet quotes from Lupe Fiasco to put you in perspective (he’s a black muscian/celebrity btw):
          “Rub your face in it! Swallow down that hard pill! Black blood spills in the streets of America nightly at the hands other blacks
          Yeah gimme that anger…once again that rage…that misguided angst when you true enemy is your own complacency and cowardice.
          Curse kick scream yell tweet unfollow. Don’t matter to me if y’all don’t start valuing yourselves N*****S will be in the same boat tomorrow
          Nobody knows what really happened except trayvon and Zimmerman. The justice system relies on reasonable doubt not our emotions.”

        • BobE 
          If one is cleared in a criminal court in Florida, someone cannot bring a suit in Civil Court and sue you.
           Mara, Zimmermans defense attorney has already said this. Florida enacted the law to keep people from going to civil court and filing a civil case , you know frivalous lawsuits.
          Yes, In Krazy Kialifornia, you can do that, but not in Florida.
          Read and learn, BoobE

        • stixuits21 
           BobE is a liberal born in NY, now living in Kalifornia. He hates Christians. He loves Gays,race baiting, abortionists, and anything liberal.
          He will argue incoherently over long periods of time with out ever offering proof of what he says.
          When you give him proof, he refuses to believe it.
          He is the  ultimate obamabot.

        • BobE 
          I have no need to lie
           Truth serves me perfectly.
          The only one who needs to le is your self, like saying Krazy Kalifornia’s finances are in the black and doinfg well.
          BobE, you are delusional, even more so for pushing the race baiters version of  trayvon/martin.

          Why are you not in Oakland rioting with Occupy Oakland?

        • chamuiel
          I’m STILL waiting for you to prove the universe
          is less than 10,000 years old & all of geology and biology are wrong, the
          speed of light has been wrongly calculated, so Einsteinian physics is wrong &
          the distance and speed of other galaxies has been wrongly calculated, meaning
          that all of astronomy and therefore Newtonian physics are also wrong & win your Nobel Prize!

        • chamuiel stixuits21  I’ve told you I happen to be straight but support same sex marriage yet you still CANNOT get gay sex out of your mind. You’re just another self loathing conservative Christian leading the anti-gay parade that’s a closet homosexual

        • stixuits21 BobE chamuiel MY way?? I wasn’t involved in the trial dumbass other than I don’t agree with the verdict! A criminal decision & a supreme court decision have a different effect on us in case you weren’t aware of that.

        • BobE chamuiel 
          Hey BobE, you at it again. Your childish gibberish just shines through. You just don’t understand that calling people “morons” does not help your case. Please go play with your little friends and let the adults speak. And remember,
          Jesus Loves You BobE………..

        • elnegron77 BobE chamuiel Jesus loves me?? Did you ever wonder why there are so many “suffering saviors” with the same basic story as jesus but predate him by hundreds & thousands of years?

        • chamuiel BobE I can tell you why you keep suffering (1) you lost the sperm lottery & are not very bright (2) you’re a Christian & believe the bible to be true. (3) you’re a self loathing closet homosexual racked with guilt because you’re going to burn in hell

        • BobE elnegron77 chamuiel 
          BoBE, say what you want but it’s not going to change that fact that Jesus Loves little children which would include you. Now go play with your science kit and let the adults speak.
          Jesus Loves You BobE………no getting around that.

        • BobE  
          At the age of 68, I would think my sperm level is a little lowere than say when I was 20.
          How very astute of you.
          Yes, I am Christian, and I do believe in God.
          The rest is just garbage in your head.
          As far as being bright, I qualified for MENSA, and was asked to join, but I chose not to.

        • chamuiel BobE 
          chamuiel, you should get permission from bobe parents before you speak to him about adult topics, you don’t want to be accused of endangering the mind of a minor.

        • BobE chamuiel I have been reading your comments, and I am shocked by you to say the least. First of you talk about this punk like he’s the little kid in the photo that is shown by his family and on TV. Well that was when he was 12 and not 17. This POS used drugs , sold drugs and sold guns, he has been expelled from school. He was a wanna be thug. Your defense of this punk defies logic, You fall in the web of deceit that is being pushed by the liberal left and you believe it follow it and spread it. They should bring back the mental test to vote, you would never pass that’s for sure, I hope that your any only child so that no one else in your family can contaminate the gene pool and I hope you have not kids. if you do you should be tried for child endangerment with your stupidity.  The thing that really saddens me is I am a combat vet and the thought that I fought so liberal scum like you can show what a idiot you are here on the web. You should take heart though, things are going to change soon and people will remember who you are,
          I hope your judged by god and not by your piers you may not come out so well

        • A MARINE BobE chamuiel  
          A report has just been released showing some results from the autopsy. It shows damage to Trayvons liver consistant with the abuse of DXM, the substance that is in cough syrup, and the drink lean.
          Lean can make one extremely  agressive and violet if used over a period of time.
          It is rather obvious that Travon had abused lean for sometime due to the damage found in his liver.
          BonbE repeats the same stale tired old lies we have been hearing for months about Trayvon and Zimmerman

          Trayvon was 17 years old 6’2″ tall if you go by the last School he attended, 6’3″ tall if you go by his parents. 
          He had gold metal covered teeth and he had numerous tattoos.
          He had traces of marijuana in his blood stream and he like the drink lean.
          He was at the store buying watermelon drink and skittles  (both ingredients in lean) to make more.

          The Media keeps saying ice tea to focus away from the truth.

          According to his cell phone records he was looking for a much more potent source of DXM, the substance in cough syrup, and he was negociating to buy an illegal .380 pistol. At the age of 17, it is illegal for him to own a gun and to carry it.
          These are proven facts that BobE cannot accept.

          His Father was a member of the Crips, of bloods and crips fame.

        • A MARINE BobE chamuiel Lean can make one violent, interestingly enough it is also referred to as the purple drink.

        • chamuiel A MARINE BobE I know these people will believe ANYTHING that fits into their narrative but do you really believe they are dumb enough to believe that?

        • chamuiel BobE  You’re 68??? I don’t buy it! Even a compete retard would manage to become brighter than you if they were 68. Even Alzheimer’s couldn’t explain your lack of intellect at that age.

        • BobE chamuiel There you go talking about sperm again, BoobE. Is that all you have on that very small, weak mind of yours? Do you have a sperm addiction?

  48. I heard Eric Holder say on television that he whenever had the talk with his son and that in light of recent events, a lot of work at to be done in this country…..So, he is supposed to be the Attorney General of the United States (not black America) and he gave a speech aimed at blacks about how he believes the verdict was wrong. I think we have to get Holder, Obama and all those who think like them out of office before they do permanent, irreparable damage to this country where it becomes a third world nation in a new world order.

  49. So what else is new? The world is prejudice, get used to it. It’s up to each of us to accept it, and deal with it…be objective; if possible; only the  “facts”.

  50. we have a judicial system that is altho not perfect is still the best in the world… he was found NOT GUILTY…. done finished… get over it… accept the verdic and grow up and move on… i dont recalling everybody (white people) getting all bent out of shape when OJ got off…. get over it…

  51. I want to know why people of color can beat up white innocent people in the streets,  on their own property, harass them in malls, throw stones and bottles at them in cars, and yet they are not considered racist? Even the police and media don’t consider their violence as hate crimes or racist- just mint altercations. I see people of color every day driving cars I cannot afford, eating food I cannot afford, and hold positions of  power as CEO’s managers, department heads, doctors and lawyers, so I am a bit confused about the supposed lack of equality among people of color. Notice I use “people of color” because so many now-a-days are biracial, and 90% have probably not been out of the US, nor have their parents, grand and great grand parents ( unless they served in the military). 
    What am I missing? I am educated with 5 degrees and well traveled, but I just don’t get the race card when people of color are better off than I am, and I don’t get welfare or an EBT card.

    • One reason is that evil is on the rise everywhere, so please becareful. People nowadays are using race as an excuse and that is not held to any particular color. Slaves an slave masters have long been gone but how many do you see with your own eyes continue to stir that pot of excrement? They won’t let it die. It’s as if they feed  off of it. But we are now faced with another growing problem that is not being paid much attention too. And that is the attacks on Americans by Muslims and Islam. What makes this so intriguging is that some Americans may well be converting to Islam. One of the Boston bombers is married to an American woman. I wonder why we haven’t heard from her? Some Blacks are known Muslims. In fact, a Congressman is a Muslim who is Black. That’s why I say I don’t think a revolution is the way to go with getting our nation back under control. We do not know who’s who in this country anymore. Remeber how well we used to know our next door neighbor? It’s not that way anymore. Just look around you and see who is it that you know well enough to trust. And God I hope you don’t say you live in an apartment building. It’s a challenge just to leave the confines of your home anymore, is it not?

      • LarryChambers Japan has lasted thousands of years and could last thousands more – as long as they stay homogenous. They wouldn’t last a hundred if they started importing racial aliens like Blacks or Whites. Diversity is weakness, Homogeneity is strength. America needs to be White again. Blacks need their own Nation in the Deep South.

        • So in essence what you’re saying is that you don’t care for the Black race? But you see America is not built upon your level of thinking. We will always have problems and difficuties; things to work out. What kind of life would we have if we didn’t. We find answers and solutions through the working out of problems not running away from them. You’re out of your mind if you think all Whites love all Whites or that all Whites believe as you do. It dosen’t work, life is not designed that way nor can it exist or survive that way. If it were so there would be no interacial marriages. You can’t stop people from loving who they choose. We all came from somewhere different, we were all searching for a place of peace regardless of how we got here. If you don’t like it, talk to God about it. Tell Him you don’t like what He’s done.

        • LarryChambers So Blacks don’t have the right to have their own Nations? Or East Asians? Or South Asians? Or do you just deny this right to Whites? Bigot.
          The Founders created this Nation for their own People. You think they built this for somebody else? Who does that? Did the Chinese build and maintain China for Blacks? Why do you expect Whites to do so?

        • LarryChambers  Southern Christian conservatives fought like hell against interracial marriages just as they are know fighting against gay marriage.

        • BobE LarryChambers 
          Bobe everyone was against interracial marriage, whites, blacks, spanish, liberals, conservatives, you name it and it was so. Ask your parents they should remember and by the way the word you were looking for is “now” not “know”. But do know that
          Jesus Love You BobE….

        • The founding Fathers did not build this nation. They set things in order with the “Bill of Rights, The Constitution, and The Declaration of Independence.” They made the ultimate sacrifices by the pouring out of their blood, to ensure that fututre generations would be able to live in a free self governing society. Yes, we’ve all bathed in blood to some degree only to have our efforts, our yearnings to be totaly free hampered by those who choose to keep the fires of hatred burning. By those who refuse to learn the principles of brotherly love. I’m willing to bet you didn’t have many friends as a child did you? And you probably weren’t well liked either.
          Only selfish people talk as you do. They are those who are unwilling to share because they think everything they want belongs to them. What good have you ever done for this nation. All take and no giv fits you well. Please grow up, life has so much to offer.

  52. As I said before, “For a man to be  truly free, he must first know what he is freed from, otherwise he will remain a prisoner in his mind.”  These protesers are still lost in time, wandering around in a free society and yet know nothing of how to appreciate it because they simply do not understand what it is to be free. But I would like to ask Al Sharton, Jessie Jackson, Farakan, and the NAACP, what have they done to deter teenage pregnacy, illiteracy, what encouragment groups have they formed that would instill family values into the minds of young Black children? What speeches have they given to encourage them to get an education before starting a family? I would also like to ask O these questions since he says if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon. How easy it is for them to raise hell when race is the issue, but stand in the dark when preventive measures could very well have been taken if the right attitude had been present.

      • I appreciate your compliment, but, only those who truly love the American Flag are my folks. To whom are you referring  as being, “my folks?” I won’t lie and say I don’t  understand what you’re portraying by the tail end of your comment.  You may not realize it, but it has a very bad odor.

        • LarryChambers If you sincerely do not understand what he means by “my folks” let me explain it to you. He means N*GGERS!!!

    • LarryChambers Amen Larry,
       I admit to being a child of God and a citizen of the Universe. I  have lived in Russia as a Fulbright Scholar, the Principal of two schools in India -and what I have learned in my 72 years, is that the majority of ordinary citizens are people have the same hopes and dreams for their children, and the same concerns about economy and education. In my opinion, understanding and respecting differences is the key. we put our heads in the sand when we say we don’t see differences. In my diversity classes, I tell my students to not be “color blind” but to learn from each other. We may not agree with others, but the right to agree to disagree is what my Revolutionary ancestors fought so hard to give us freedoms and abilities for all. People can do anything, if they work hard and believe in themselves.

      • I totaly agree; working together works. Your words are adorned with beauty and truth. I would love to have been your student.

        • LarryChambers  I thank you for your kind words Larry. Actually, although I hold the title Professor Emerita, I am still teaching full time on line.

    • LarryChambers Larry, I just want to thank you for getting at the heart of the problem in many communities.  You nailed everyone of the non do’ers.  Unfortunately for the black communities these influencial people take and do nothing in return.  I believe, is a powerful statement but it goes no where when the leadership lets everyone down, accuses whitey for everything and does nothing for their own communities.

    • Larry, What you have said couldn’t be any more true if they gold plated it. When will people wake up to just who profits from the racial tension. Our governmental leaders would be lost if it was shown that we all get along. Very few truly look at what is being taught to all of our children today when in fact our children are being dumbed down to become complaisant to a tyrannical run leadership within our country. When We The People take back control of our schools, our government and our legal system to run them in the way they were meant to be we’ll never truly move ahead.

    • LarryChambers Thank you for your educated & reasonable response. the US Constitution guarantees justice for ALL, but a diverse society has, through PC, succumbed to “hate all those who your relatives hate”, & produced bigotry & prejudice intolerance for political, economic and social gain. Does anyone care about the other races that built this country?

      • Thank you kindly!! I’m still waiting to meet those who chose what race they wanted to be before they were born. Hatred blinds us from appreciating what God has given us. Because of it, we miss out on the beauty of life and what we can learn from each other. Every race on the face of the earth has made some kind of contribution to humanity. But because of pride and arrogance man fails to recognize them. Just think, there may well have been many cures for the things that ail us. But because of racial hatred they were denied access into our lives thus leaving us to continue to suffer as a result. Our nation is a run away train on a collision course with the side of a mountain. Only God has the power to stop it.

        • LarryChambers 
          Larry, racism and hatred are not genetic but mirrors into the ‘family’ – (1) the family in which we are born into and our personal choice to join with those espousing either or neither; (2) the experiences of the individuals and their choice to join with those espousing either or neither; and (3) our personal choice to listen to and act on those who espouse race-hating and race-baiting. God has made each of us stewards of this planet; stewards of each other. It was not God who placed “Am I my brother’s keeper?” in the mouth of a brother-killer. Until each one of the God-followers mouth GOD’S word: ‘I am my brother’s keeper!” they will be at the throttle of that run-away train rather than having their strong arm putting on the brakes of that train.     And few have the wisdom to understand they are on that train and will reap what they sow. That, too, is a word from God.

  53. To all of you comenters who read or worse yet respond to “BobE”, don’t waste your time… He and his ilk will be dealt with by as defined in Psalm 37. Please read it as it says it all. But I still pray for the un-believers…

    • Oldguy I totally agree…it is a waste of time to discuss any of this with an ignorant liberal  like BobE who obviously does not have the intelligence or common sense to understand what you are sayng. He tries to make himself relevant with his foolish comments. I urge you to ignore him…He does not realize that God will judge him

  54. Is America racist or is America fundamentally divided between a conservative perspective on the importance and inviolability of the law and a liberal perspective on the manipulation and obviation of the law, especially when situations indicate that it is politically expedient to override principle in favor of some “civil” or “human” right?
    There is no equal justice unless all are subject to the same laws and the law is applied equally to all.  This is the essential argument and objection to the proposed amnesty bill regarding illegal aliens and immigration.
    The law is good for citizens.  As a country, we were constituted by citizens for citizens.  The obligation is to represent the citizens of the country.  Otherwise, there is no sense to the concept of “country.”   
    Representatives need to keep this in mind when the consider the “securing of the blessings of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for ourselves and our posterity.”  It says absolutely nothing about the foreignors of the world who have come and started subcultures which refuse to adapt or assimilate into American society and who are responsible for the insecurities which result from their failure or refusal to do so.  
    As the facts come out, we discover how alienated young people are and how hopeless they become in turning to life styles which frequently transgress the law and involve flirting with addictions and problems which result from illegal activities.   Eventually these things catch up with them, one way or another.

      • BobE JBEACH  what I believe makes no difference.  According to reports I have read, there is a disproportionately large amount of crime in the black community.   If poverty is the reason, is the greatest amount of white crime among the poor of the nation as opposed to other economic statuses?  Or, are addiction and poverty the reasons for a lot of this crime, regardless of race?  
        Jesus said, “The poor you have always with you.”  That is true.  It does not solve the problem.  If all the rich sold “all they have and gave to the poor,” would it solve the problem?   Would redistribution solve the problem?  Probably not.  We know this from the extent to which government programs aimed at the poor have not solved the problem.  You can’t have federally-funded education and, at the same time, have the conflicting immigration, migrant-worker programs, job outsourcing to foreign countries, punitive taxation which drives businesses overseas and free-trade agreements which have caused the loss of a manufacturing base in the U.S. and hope to satisfy the need for jobs within the country.  They are playing both sides against the middle and it is not working.

    • JBEACH , Did you not hear what Racheal Jeantel said on this subject when she appeared on T.V. with Piers Morgan?

      In Her quaint speech “The old generation, the trial, that ther thing. The law, that der thing.

      We’s the new generation. we do away with the old generation.

      Dis she answer your question?

      • chamuiel JBEACH  Apparently, her level of education is sufficient to get her a moment in the limelight resulting from a now, world-famous trial.  Until the new generation realizes that the law is always a “thing,” (because, without it, there would be no justice and very little order in society, with the “old generation” victimized by the “new generation” by sheer power of strength and numbers), and learns the importance and reward of obeying it, the punishment of sacrifice in their ranks will continue.  If this trial demonstrated anything, it emphasized the consequences of crime and the suspicion that is associated with it.  That is the lesson, not whether a person can perpetrate a crime, because they are of one race or another, and successfully “get away” with it.  
        If the idea of fundamental change is that “the laws of the older generation are invalid,”
        quit complaining about the violations of the Ten Commandments and simply enjoy the mayhem and the funerals that result.

  55. We’re NOT at all racist or bigoted, just a whole helluva lot smarter than you ugly idiot libturd garbage bags!!   WE only hate ni666ers (NOT blacks), illegal messicans and a-rab mu-slimes!!  
    NONE of them belongs in OUR country!!

  56. As long as black males (7% of the population) do 75% of the crime it always will be. Only the black man can change that.

  57. Maranatha_Mark–The boy in question (the 13 year-old son of Cheryl Brown) is reported in several sites to have been walking his dog when he “came upon” a man lying in the grass, “crying for help”. The dog reportedly escaped at that point & the boy ran off after it, shortly before the fatal final fight. His mother reports that he feels very guilty, because he believes that things might have turned out differently had he not gone after the dog. She also reported that police tried to get him to modify his testimony to weaken any claim of self-defense on Zimmerman’s part. “Coming upon” someone lying in the grass is a far cry from witnessing someone punching someone in the face.

      • chamuiel–I’m not sure why the prosecution didn’t use him. The mom told the nes interviewers that the prosecution delayed interviewing her son, then tried to put words in his mouth to bolster its case against the defens e’s claim of self-defense. (She was interviewed by abc & it was also reported on the msnbc website). The prosecution also wanted to coach him on how identify the man lying on the ground. Nowhere in the interviews does it mention anything about his seeing anyone throwing punches. (Unlike the repeated claims of Maranatha Mark, who says the Brown boy SAW Martin punch Zimmerman).

        • kmilliorn , Well the Prosecution and the Judge were willing to suppress evidence in the case, so I would also have to think they were willing to manufacture evidence to fit their agenda.

  58. Ultimately though, rational, normal, law-abiding citizens just don’t go attacking people on the streets.

  59. Everyone sees the world through their individual prisims. Your prisim does not allow you to see that Trayvon had a chance to keep going “retreat” but in that four minute span in which he disappeared he crept back to attack Zimmerman, because as his girlfriend just said they, (he & she) thought he was a gay person “cracka” following Trayvon, so Trayvon beat up the perceived gay guy. She told Trayvon to run because the Cracka was a gay guy using his badge to rape men. But Trayvon did not run away. Cracka (not cracker) being slang for a guy with a badge.  If Trayvon had gone home in that 4 minutes available to him, or if he had just decided to leave the perceived gay guy alone, he would be alive today.

  60. This prejudiced report, is showing Trayvon Martin as a
    little 12 or 13 year old boy.Where the
    hell are the real pictures of the punk?You’re
    taking the side of his self-riotous mother and father.They both scored big with their big money
    extortion (to me) settlement.All for a
    teen age punk that got what he had coming thinking he was a bad ass.I don’t care if you’re black, white, brown,
    red or yellow, if you straddle me and hit me once, I’ll blow your ass
    away.Come on, get real.How dare you with your prejudiced report, put
    my family or me in danger making me think twice may get me or other law abiding
    people killed because of a PUNK.The
    young man was a trouble maker, in and out of school, thrown out of the house,
    battering a bus driver, self-proclaimed marijuana smoking “Pot Head”
    and posing with guns claiming to be a bad ass ni66er in his own words.Those of you that never fought much or are
    unable to defend yourselves or your family without some sort of weapon should be
    ecstatic with the Zimmerman verdict.This article is prejudiced to Zimmerman and the writer doesn’t even have
    a clue as to violence.The first wrong
    thing was “Bad Ass ni66er hitting a cracker”.HE CAUSED HIS OWN DEATH, remember that all
    you bad ass punks with your video games, the world has LIVE REAL people that
    will defend themselves and blow away your poor sorry asses.

    • Bushmaster0369 He was a kid that just turned 17 & wasn’t breaking any law. What’s an outrage to me is than an armed adult can cause a confrontation with a minor (that’s just walking home) which ends up with the kid getting shot & it’s considered “self defense”.

      • Bobe, I would agree with you if the event was as you described, but that is such a misrepresentation that I hope you are being honest but tragically misinformed. Did you intentionally leave out the part that Trayvon disappeared for 4 minutes and could easily have gone home, but circled back to attack Zimmerman ( and now it is coming out it was because he thought Zimmerman was gay)? There was never any evidence that Zimmerman stopped Trayvon, or threw the first punch. Trayvon had no right to hit him. Hitting someone is serious. A lawyer (down on Beale Street) hit a man one time and killed him.

        • Begneli , We cannot reason with BobE, 
          he knows he is right. His mind tells him he is right.

          Many of us have been discussing this for months.

          BobE just recently came to the Trayvon./ Zimerman thing, and all he has is to repeat the lies that has been told by the Trayvon supporters for the last two months.

        • Begneli We only have Zimmerman;s side of the story. But what seems clear is this. Zimmerman had been training in martial arts & had armed himself as a “neighborhood watchman” which he took seriously apparently calling 911 every time he seen a black person. He spots Martin walking down the street that’s black so Zimmerman assumes he’s a “suspect” & calls 911 & is told NOT to pursue. He continues his pursuit as Martin try’s “slip away” He catches up with Martin which leads to a confrontation (which we don’t know the details of) ending up with Zimmerman shooting an unarmed minor that was minding his own business until Zimmerman set off the chain of events in motion,

        • BobE Begneli , Martial arts, another lie.

          At the Trial It was brought out that Zimmerman belonged to a Gym. The owner of the Gym testified and said that Zimmerman was interested in Boxing, but that he limited Zimmerman to shadow boxing. He also said that he never put Zimmerman in the ring with anyone, not even as a sparring partner.

          When asked why, he said he was afraid that Zimmerman would get hurt.

          He also went on and said that Zimmerman did not work at staying in shape and was flabby.
          This was testified to at the trial, no one said Zimmerman was studying martial arts.
          If this was true, why was it not bruoght out at the trial?
          BobE do you know anything about the trial, or do you just keep repeating crap lies you have heard?
          No one said Zimmerman called 911 everytime he saw a black person, He had called the Police (the night he called on Trayvon was to the non 911 Police Number) several times on spotting suspicious people in the neighborhood.
          That is what you are supposed to do if you are a member of a neighborhood watch.

          Every thing in your above post is B.S., and lies.

        • chamuiel BobE Begneli Zimmerman didn’t work at staying in shape?? He looked like he was in good shape to me… All 300 pounds of him!

        • BobE chamuiel Begneli 
          I thought earlier you said he was fat.
          Make up your mind.
          He weighed 170 at the time of the fight.
          He gained weight after he was put under the stress of having to go through an unnesary trial.
          This has been explained to you before BobE.

        • BobE, you think you are an intelligent person. Prove it.

          Don’t go by what I say. Read the transcript of the trial.

    • Bushmaster0369 Lesson learned…Next time you walk up and punch someone in the face…It could be your last day on earth if your victim has a gun!

      • oldgringo Bushmaster0369 , That is why I would also suggest these young black punks think twice before deciding to grab Granny’s purse. It might be the last thing they grab.

      • oldgringo Bushmaster0369 Explain your logic to me. I chase a minor down the street & confront him, he throws a punch at me & I shoot him then claim self defense? I don’t get it

        • BobE oldgringo Bushmaster0369 , No one chased anyone down the street.

          Zimmerman noticed a suspicious character in a gated community where several burglaries had taken place. He observed the person going between buildings and peering in peoples windows.

          That seems pretty suspicious to me.

        • chamuiel BobE oldgringo Bushmaster0369 Zimmerman caused this incident when he started following Martin for no other reason than he was black.

        • BobE chamuiel oldgringo Bushmaster0369 ,
          Bobe the trial is over, if you disagree with it, you live in Krazy Kaslifornia, go to Oakand and pee pee on a Police car if it will make you feel any better that no one bought yours and the other militant blacks lies.
          Actulaay, you can do it in L.A. if it is closer.

        • To Bobe, I agree, Zim ran up behind Tray, spun him around, checked his ID to be sure he was a minor,  and then hit Tray in the fist with his nose, then grabbed Tray and fell backwards pulling him down on top of Zim. The witness, Goode, saw Zim on the bottom hitting Tray in the fists with the front of his head and hitting the concrete walk with the back of his head. I don’t know why those 6 women could not see that from the evidence.

  61. The only true Racist within our country are the money grubbing leaders in the Black community and government ready to exploit their own race for monetary gains of their own. The News media is equally guilty of promoting issues to mislead the public of false racial tension for capitol gains. The very last thing these Bloodsucking pig’s want is for the Black community to ever wake up to their racial games for profit schemes.

    • Richard Vandervort Not to forget most liberal news publications like the Denver “Commie” Post and or “Time Magazine” are the propaganda machinery for the Democratic Party!

  62. And most of us prefer to give to those we feel are in true need not some government feel good skeem.
    I give $1 to some one and they get the whole thing
    I give $ to my church and I know exactly where it is going
    I give $ to other charitable groups here I know or can find out where it is
    give it to the government and most of that $ is used to pay government workers

  63. Equal men aren’t free and free men aren’t equal. Equalize the Laws and the Black Man goes back to the bottom. That’s the reality which no one can deal with. To do high level work in Business or the Profession, an IQ over 120 is needed. There are few Blacks who have this. To put so many in college with affirmative action just means the death of our Academic System.

    • lughon1 , I believe that it is Virginia that has introduced minimum test pasting scores for different races and special Ed pupils., Asians 81, Whites 73, Hispanics 55, Blacks 45 and special ed students 35. These are the minimum grades that can be made on a test,to  pass and to graduate.

      The blacks 45 is close to the special ed students 35.

      This the common core curriculum which many Schools are trying to get away from as it also teaches Social Justice, being gay is o.k. and other such things.

        • BobE chamuiel lughon1 
          The tea party does not leave trash after a march as do the ows people you prefer. Nor are the violent as the occupy groups are and they do not rape and defecate on Police cars as the occupy groups do.

          Haven’t you made it over to Oakland yet?

        • It has been shown in numerous polls that Tea Party people are better educated, and better off financially than your average lo info Democrat voter. Does that answer your question?

          Some of these Polls were done by obviously liberal Polling companies.

        • BobE chamuiel 
          Some of the Polls were by Bloomberg and the AP, I doubt they are conservative.
          Also CNN  did one.

        • chamuiel Who would doubt it? Everyone knows that the smartest people in the country are the hillbilly’s & red necks living in those red states like Mississippi, Alabama & Georgia

        • BobE  
          And what does that have to do with the subject? If you do not believe me, look up the polls they are on the internet.

        • chamuiel BobE Is it even possible that you could be so stupid that you would think that I might believe anything you say?

        • BobE  
          You poor thing. I pity you, and that was not an Oakland joke.
          Are you also black? Is this why you are defending the thug, Trayvon.?

        • Actually BobE the grades posted above is just more quotas, and special allowances for blacks, you know affirmative action..

        • BobE 
          It is interesting that you would mention Mississippi in particular.
          you do understand that Mississippi is mostly black, don’t you?
          You are putting down the very people you profess to love. Same for Geogia, and Alabama.
          I guess when the truth comes ot, you really do not like Black people.
          Thanks for playing.

  64. America is not racist. Well the black half is. They prove it each and every day. They are so racist they kill their own just to sate their lust for murder and the spilling of someones’ blood. The main communist stream media is a pile of dung that the idiot liberals worship as their God.  Idiot blacks and worthless communist liberals are a cancer on the world and must be elminated from human kind for the betterment of all.

    • richars holmes , As a nation we were getting away from the racism in America, at least until obama was elected, and started dividing the country, and then the blacks blew up over the Zimmerman verdict.

      • chamuiel richars holmes 
        It is incredible that you could be this stupid & naïve with so much evidence under your nose.
        Black racism & violence is in epidemic proportions. Before you open your ignorant mouth try RESEARCHING & having some FACTS to back your argument.
        Go to WND . com & search black violence, then apologize for being so stupid, pull your head out of your a s s & grow up!

  65. It is not true that not taking the stand is any indication of guilt or of innocence. Follow attorney advice – he is his own attorney has a fool for a client.

    • Begneli Ask ANY defense lawyer on the planet & they will tell you different. Had Zimmerman taken the stand in his own defense his story would have fallen apart & he’d be in jail. Zimmerman knew it as did his lawyer.

  66. Chamuiel–I don’t know why people keep repeating the 6’2″ figure for Martin’s height. The autopsy & other sources clearly list his height as 71″ or 5″11″. Repeating one inaccuracy puts your other statements into question.

    • kmilliorn , 
      i am so tired of having to repeat this. Accordingf to his own parents he was 6’3″ tall, according to his last School, he was 6’2″ tall.

      There is a difference in your height when you are alive and when you are dead. It is more difficult to measure someone’s height when they are laying down than when they are standing up.  What difference does it matter to the Coroner if he was off 3-4 inches. He is not going to lose his job over it.

      Now, who are you going to believe, the Coroner, or his parents, and what difference does it make considering he attacked Zimmermanb? 

      This was brought out at the trial. Do try and keep up.

      Look up the picture released yesterday that shows him towering over the clerk at the convenience store. You will get an ideal of just how tall he was.

  67. Maranatha_Mark–You have NO CLUE what I want! Mainly, I want people to get off their soap boxes & admit that we will never have all the facts in this case. The jury verdict was correct: the prosecution failed to prove Zimmerman guilty & the defense did not prove him innocent–there was reasonable doubt. We ALL need to move on. Particularly, the Sharpton/Jackson/King crew need to stop whipping up the furor of “Justice for Trayvon”. They have no other purpose in life than to push an agenda & have co-opted this tragedy, not for the sake of justice, but for their own purposes.
    (BTW:As a doc, I know that your height does NOT change significantly when you are supine or newly dead. It is the Medical Examiner’s job to be precise, so a correct measurement–not “off 3 or 4 inches”–DOES matter. The autopsy report is an important medical legal document. Everyone has made a big deal out of Martin’s height as if he towered over Zimmerman–he didn’t. His “towering over the clerk” only means that the clerk was a lot shorter. Show me a photo of him next to the door with the height markings & I’ll believe it.

    • kmilliorn Part of the problem is the stand your ground law. Zimmerman would be doing life if he’d done the exact same thing in another state.

      • BobE–Had the “Stand Your Ground” law been applied in this case, there would have been no trial. I would not discount his getting off in another state, in view of that. He was found not guilty because the jury found there was reasonable doubt about his being guilty.

      • BobE kmilliorn 
        Crawl back to the KOS, brain dead, race baiting, leftist troll, where your drivel is appreciated.

    • kmilliorn  
      You as a Doc. 
      Hmm! you did not say what kind of a Doc you are.
      what Doctor simply refers to themselves as Doc?

      Let me say this.
      The Sandford Police Chief who agreed with the Police officers who originally talked to Zimmerman found no evidence to hold him. That Police Chief was fired.
      Next, Governor Rick Scott of Florida, under political pressure from Federal sources and the Race baiters Jackson, and Shapeton, aided by the community relations employees of the Holder justice department were sent into Sandford to organize and coordinate the protests.,
       Governor Scott appointed Angela Corey, a Florida assistant district attorney to prosecute Zimmerman. Angela appointed two other assistant district attornies, one a close friend of hers to prosecute Zimmerman in a show trial.
      Now Angela Corey is under investigation by the F.B.I.

      My point is this whole farce of a trial has been politically and racially motivated from day one.

      Are you going to tell me that a small town coroner could not have been caught up in the politics, and hatred and fudged Trayvon Martins height by cutting three inches off?

      I know, you think Doctors are the most honest people in the world.
      I disagree with you.
      You want proof, look at Hermit Gossnel. Just one example.
      Doctors lose their medical licenses every day due to unethical practices.

      Trayvon’s parents say Trayvon was 6’3′. The School say he was 6’2″. and th coroner says he was 5’11’ tall.

      If I had to pick one, I would pick the School. Afterall they have measured thousands of people heights, way more than any small town coroner ever could.

      There have been many mistakes made by the Sandford Police department (allowing the entire Trayvon Martin family and Racheal Jeantel) into the same room all at the same time to hear the 911 call tape.

      Of course they were unanimous in delclaring that the voice screaming for help on that tape was Trayvon’s voice. How could they not be?This was done under the new Police Chief who just happens to be black.

      If the entire trial has been a total fabrication, you are going to set there and try telling me that a small town coroner could not hve been influenced by all the politic, racism, s and pressure being brought in this trial and could not have made a mistake of 3-4″

      Really, Doc?

      • chamuiel–As a retired surgeon with 26 years experience (including lots of GSW’s), I can call myself whatever I want & “doc” is easy to type.
        There was NO “coroner”–The autopsy was done by an associate state Medical Examiner in Daytona Beach. Old style coroners didn’t even have to be “physicians” & were notoriously inaccurate. Medical Examiners are MD’s who do postgraduate residencies of at least 3 years after med school. That’s a big difference.
        So–NO coroner & NOT in Sanford, therefore not motivated to falsify results
        HOWEVER! I TOTALLY AGREE with your “whole point”! Had not outside forces interfered (Sharpton, Jackson, the NAACP, the DOJ & its paid demonstrators), & had pressure not been brought to bear on prosecutors (including to bypass the Grand Jury, which would have probably have “no-billed” the case), this case would never have been brought to either trial or national attention.

    • kmilliorn LOL!  Based on your post, it seems obvious what you want.  You argue about things that were not reported that way, evidence don’t support, nor had testimony entered to the effect.  No soap boxes, just tired of seeing the injustice… the injustice of man & his family having their lives ruined because the politicians insisted that this case, which the police correctly assessed as a case of justified self-defense at the time of the event, forced this case to be tried.  The injustice of the liberal/progressive media and celebrities, that picked up on the case, because the lighter skinned man had a name that would indicate he was white, when actually he was Hispanic, and made slanderous statements and altered the facts to support racism, to try and get the black community to riot and up in arms to essentially start a race war!  Why, because their messiah was in trouble with Benghazi and a couple other scandals and they needed something to divert the people’s attention and further divide them.  So the administration, when they couldn’t get local prosecutors to try a case that was unwinnable, sent in their ‘Store-bought” mobs paid for by taxpayers’ moneys, and sent in a political hack special prosecutor to bring charges that were obviously unwarranted!  They didn’t care about destroy Zimmerman’s life or his family’s lives, or for that matter, the neighbor’s lives, Obama wanted his circus, and got it.  Have you asked yourself, how many millions of dollars all this cost tax-payers?  Race was never a part of it, until the Progressive Media and Obama’s minions and Eric ‘the racist’ Holder got involved.  All that said, it is terrible that Trayvon had to die in such a manner, but based on what evidence we have and a testimony of the man attacked and one other witness, close enough to get a good look at what was going on, Trayvon brought this on himself…. his temper and blood lust (based on his history of violence) caught up with him.  If this isn’t soapbox worthy then what is?  Wait, it doesn’t matter what you think is, I still, for a little while longer have the right express my views, until Obama succeeds in completely throwing out the Bill of Rights.  And if you are a “doc”, I truly feel for your patients!

        • Thanks Larry.  I truly hate that Trayvon died, a wasted life, is a wasted life, regardless of color.  The young man was making a lot of bad choices according to what we have seen, and of course he made the worst of the lot when he chose to attack Zimmerman, instead of going home or merely calling 911 and reporting he was being followed.  Racism is still very prominent in this country, mainly at the behest of the current Administration and so-called “Civil Rights” leaders and community organizers.  They preach about equality but equality is the last thing they want, because it allows them to wield power by fanning the flames of racial intolerance, and there is BIG money in “Civil Rights” activism – ask Jesse and Al about their 7 figure incomes.  Racism will continue to be a self-perpetuating attitude, as long as it is tolerated from anyone.  I shook my head when I heard Jeantel on Piers Morgan trying to justify the obviously racial slurs Trayvon had utter to her that night, as being race neutral!  And then CNN acting like it was new revelations!  I hope no whites (or “White Hispanics) try to use the term “N i @ @ a”  in public, and think that they will not be attack by the nearest black person for saying it. The dropping of the “er” on the end of that word and replacing it with a lazy ‘a’, does not change the meaning of the word for anyone but a stoner/burnout like Jeantel.  I don’t think she was lying, but I think she has smoked so much dope and was probably high when she was being interview, that she really didn’t have a clue about what she was saying.  Using the N word in any form is racist, even when used by a black, just as when a white person says “Cracka”, “Cracker” or “Redneck” is still racial when they say it, and still just as distasteful.  When you drop race from the case, which was never there, for if Trayvon had been white or Hispanic and done the same thing, he would still be just as dead.  The only difference is Obama, Holder, Jackson and Sharpton wouldn’t give a darn!  The fact is they don’t care about life in general, or they would be scream bloody murder about the gang murders and the dozens of blacks killed by other blacks every weekend in big cities like Chicago, Washington D.C., etc.  Where is the justified outrage about these murders?!!  That is the what truly breaks my heart, is that folk are so easily duped into doing the bidding of Washington and the media’s will, and so easily fooled to where they ignore the real crisis going on!

        • Maranatha_Mark
          I agree with what you have said and I must say, very well said. But I must point out that the younger generation of today does use the term “ni@@a” in a non-demeaning way almost as a term of endearment. And not just blacks but whites, spanish, oriental etc. and I know because I use to fight with my kids and nephews all the time about. Never liked liked it and still don’t but that’s part of their vocabulary, like bad is good and so on.

      • thismustend–Read the autopsy report, done by a Florida state Medical Examiner–Martin was 5’11”–only 3 inches taller than Zimmerman..

        • kmilliorn At this point, what difference does it make? Besides, Mama used to say, “An inch is as good as a mile”.

        • Nonhuman–You couldn’t be more right–At this point it makes little difference ( especially to Martin). However, several here are using false data to support their arguments–saying that Martin was a lot taller, so he had an advantage, etc.
          At this point everyone–particularly Sharpton, et al–need to lay this case to rest, but Sharpton & Co won’t, because without racial controversy, they have no jobs. Why the rest of us are at it–I guess we just love to argue! (I just hate to see people argue with wrong “facts”–or worse, no facts at all.

        • Jonhu–Yikes! The evil spelling checker sabotaged me! I just now saw that it mangled your name to “Nonhuman”! No intent! Too bizarre! So sorry! (But also sort of funny–hope you have a sense of humor, too!)

        • kmilliorn According the convenient store surveillance camera photo of Trayvon, with his hoody up, he would appear to be 2 to 3 inches taller.  Since it was raining, and based on the call to the police dispatcher,  we know he had his hood on, 3 inches difference in height can appear pretty significant, but add the hoody on his head and you now have right at 6″ in height difference.  Was Trayvon wearing the hood from his hoody or not at the time of the face to face?  The photo MSNBC released that was supposed to be Trayvon dead on the grass, and I assume it was, didn’t appear to be wearing his hood from the hoody, but it could have come off during the fight.  Again without Trayvon standing next to Zimmerman, the height difference wouldn’t be easily comprehended.  But in all honesty, the height difference, makes no difference, for if Trayvon had been 5′ and had broken Zimmerman’s nose with the first punch and then dove on top of him and started bashing his head and pounding his face, Zimmerman would still have a right to defend his life with deadly force.  Again, what many forget, there was an active fight going on, Trayvon throwing punches while sitting on top of Zimmerman, and George merely pulled his firearm and pointed in the general direction of Trayvon and pulled the trigger!  Testimony by one of the officers on the scene said Zimmerman seem to be surprise to see Martin laying dead on the grass, when he finally saw him.  If that is true, it would also support the self-defense scenario.  You keep saying reasonable doubt that Zimmerman committed 2nd Degree Murder, but how about the over-whelming evidence that he merely defended his life (or protected himself from severe bodily harm), by the only means he had available – his gun.  Had Mr. Goode or any other neighbors had any thing that resembles a spin, they would have ran out and offered help and both men would be alive today as well.  But most people are cowardly and just don’t want to get involved, to the point of allowing a neighbor to die or be crippled!

        • Maranatha_Mark–You have hit on a couple of really important points! WHY didn’t Goode or anyone else try to pull Martin off Zimmerman or even just shout at him to deflect his attention–intervene in SOME way? You’re probably right–too afraid to “get involved”! I do not have any argument with your contention of self-defense–only with people who argue as it they know all the facts & the exact sequence of events from beginning to end, when no one but Zimmerman (who DOES make a compelling witness on the Youtube walk-through with police & never wavers in his testimony) can tell his side of the story. Yes, by the time the fight was on the ground, it was self-defense–no question. The reason people are continuing to fight over this is the issue of WHOSE actions put them on that patch of ground. Zimmerman says it was Martin (WHO on trial for murder would not say that the other guy started it?), but there are just as many who believe that Zimmerman started the fight.
          The confounding factors are the “activists”, who live for a case like this to exploit for their own agenda. Martin’s death means nothing to them but an opportunity & the damage they are doing to our society (despite their being self-proclaimed Reverends) is going to be incalculable.

        • chamuiel–the variation in stats is interesting. The law enforcement heights recorded 2/26 & 3/11 show him at 5’7″ & 5’8″. What I find more interesting is that some people claim that he gained 100# . His initial weight was 185# on 2/26 & it was up to 200# on 3/11. Maybe he’s a nervous eater? That’s not a 100# weight gain, however. There have been more rumors & “interesting” bits of “information” that appear from unvented sources in this case.

        • kmilliorn  I have found a picture of Trayvon that was taken with his family 9 days before his death. It was his mothers birthday.

          The picture shows Trayvon towering over everyone in the picture including his older brother and the other men in his family.

          There is no way this kid was 5’11” tall.

        • chamuiel–You can believe what you want. The Medical Examiner basically functions as an officer of the court & has a fiduciary duty to get things right. If that’s not good enough for you, nothing is. Of course, ME’s also examine much older remains & the accuracy of their measurements may make the difference on whether those remains are correctly identified or not. It’s just part of the job.
          In our family, one of our sons is a full 4″ taller than his dad & everyone else. Just because Msrtin was relatively taller than everyone else is no indicator of his true height. You know that.

        • kmilliorn , 
          i am saying there has been an awful lot of lying in this case.

          I can see no reason that they would not also lie about Trayvons height

  68. Discipline vs. Punishment
    God said, “Those whom I love I
    rebuke and discipline.” Rev. 3:19
    Nine-year-old Al had disobeyed his
    father who, as a strict disciplinarian, sent him with a note to a police station
    in London. When Al came in late after curfew, his father met him at the door and
    handed him a note and said, “Take it to the jailhouse.”
    Al was terrified.
    “The officer, a friend of his father, opens the note, reads it, and
    nods,. ‘Follow me.’ He leads the wide-eyed youngster to a jail cell, opens the
    door, and tells him to enter. The officer clangs the door shut. ‘This is what we
    do to naughty boys,’ he explains and walks away…. The jail sentence lasts only
    five minutes. But those five minutes felt like five months. Al never forgot that
    day. The sound of the clanging door, he often told people, stayed with him the
    rest of his life.
    “The fear of losing a father’s love exacts a high toll.
    Al spent the rest of his life hearing the clanging door. That early taste of
    terror contributed to his lifelong devotion to creating the same in others. For
    Al—Alfred Hitchcock—made a career out of scaring
    True, discipline is important, but it always needs
    to fit the crime. Some children are impaired for life because of severe
    punishment as a child. Others are left terrified if they were beaten severely or
    abused. It is imperative that parents never discipline out of anger because that
    is punishment, not discipline. Discipline always needs to be in love. 
    Those whom God loves, he disciplines in love—not punishes in anger. We
    need to do the same with our children.

  69. Sorry but I don'[t believe America in generally racist.  There may be a few die hards but for the most part most Americans accept others, color or not.  Our “new” Administration is certainly racist and promotes it in their own ways.  Our President works at dividing people.  The old divide and conquer routine.  I’ve been paying attention for many, many years.  As for myself, I take people based on how they are as people not what color they are.   So do most Americans.  It’s the few noisy ones that get the publicity and do the criminal routines like setting fires, looting stores, beating up others, etc.   No decent person, no matter what color they are, want to be associated with these criminal types.  Let’s cheer for all those good people out there that the media doesn’t give acknowledge nor give any credit for decent behaviour. .

      • sully64 KathleenPedersen  thanks sully64.  I feel frustrated with this administration but can’t do anything to help enough except to vote against them and I will is I live long enough.   My parents taught me to love my country and I do and my children do also.  God bless America and people like you who love it.

        • KathleenPedersen sully64 Don’t you get sick and tired of voting “against” something or someone? I know I do. And voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. When is the last time either organized crime party put up a candidate you actually wanted to vote for?  Especially on the Republican side?

        • GrumpyOldMan KathleenPedersen sully64 , 

          I am so sick and tired of voting for the lesser of two evils, that in 2016, I will no longer do it.

          I have had many an argument with people who have voted third party, for a candidate that has no chance of winning. They did not want to vote for the lesser of two evils.

          I have come to accept their viewpoint, no more leser of two evils.

        • chamuiel GrumpyOldMan KathleenPedersen sully64 
          Problem is the “non-votes” help the one who is most evil.
          Republican evangelicals stayed away because they didn’t vote for the Mormon – that helped re-elect the Marxist.

        • chamuiel GrumpyOldMan KathleenPedersen sully64 The only reason that “third party” candidates have “no chance of winning” is because everyone says “they have no chance of winning.”  If everyone who said that voted 3rd party, 3rd party would win with an unprecedented land slide.

        • Always A Marine–You are so right–at least 42% of eligible voters didn’t vote in 2012. That could have swung the election the other way. Threethings need to happen to keep Hillary out of the White House: 1) the Republican Party needs to get back to being a POLITICAL party, instead of a RELIGIOUS institution. 2). Republicans need to get decent, non-polarizing primary candidates on up (no more idiots who talk about “legitimate rape, etc) & 3) the party HAS to take a cue from the Dems & build a grassroots campaign NOW & get those sleeping voters out.

        • kmilliorn remove religion from the Republican party, then you will lose every election for a long time.
          remove religion from the Republican party, and you have just guaranteed that Hillary will be President in 2016.

          Perhaps that is what you are working towards.

        • kmilliorn LOL!  The GOP is so much like the DNC you need a program now, to know who is who.  The GOP is hardly a “RELIGIOUS institution”, nor do they come close to it, but secular humanism is a “Religion” ever bit as much as Christianity and Islam.  The reason the GOP lost the White House in 2012, is because 4 million ‘conservatives’ protested the RINO Romney.  I love when Democrats act concerned about the GOP winning the next elections… telling them what the GOP needs to do to win, which is essentially, become DNC!  If the GOP adopts all the same platform of the DNC, then why bother having 2 parties.  The GOP is a heart beat away from going the way of the WIGS, as the Establishment/Progressive GOP wants to be democrats, and hate the Conservatives and/or the Tea Party politicians.  The U.S. voters want a choice, not one party with 2 names.  Unless the GOP returns to its conservative roots, a 3rd party will emerge and bring about the end of the GOP, while assuring the dominance of the DNC over the next 8 to 12 years.  Essentially, the conservatives / constitutionalist folks that have been supporting the GOP are sick and tire of the “lesser of 2 evils” candidates, which has gotten us where we are today – a country on the verge of economic collapse/bankruptcy as well as tittering on the edge of a race war.  There has been a real conservative in the White House since Reagan, and even Reagan wasn’t a true hard core conservative, but he did prove conservative principals will turn a failing economy around every time they are faithfully employed.

        • Maranatha_Mark–I have not been a Democrat since 1972! Haven’t been a Republican since 2008. Any political party that comes close to putting forward people like Sanytorum, Bachmann, Palin, , etc who wear their conservative religious views in their sleeves & has major religion-based planks like Right to Life & Defense of Marriage in its platform can hardly claim to be anything other than a religion-based party. The government needs to stop meddling in people’s lives & get its own house in order. Our current fiscal situation is sufficiently dire that the country may not survive another tag & spend liberal administration.–it may not even survive with a conservative one when the inflation hits that will be caused when overseas trade dollars start to flood back as more & more world trade turns away from using dollars.

        • GrumpyOldMan KathleenPedersen sully64 yes I do but voting seems to be the only way to get rid of the lesser evil and hopefully in time there will be some decent, honest candidates that are not thinking about themselves but are running because they love America and truth.  sitting buy and doing nothing accomplishes nothing and keeps the status quo.  one big shakeup is needed, how else should we do it?  Any suggestions?  Not so grumpy old lady:-)

        • kmilliorn  
          Sorry, but the right to life, and support of traditional marriage has a base of support far broader than any Christian coalition.
          The philosophy supporting each has contributed to the strength of societies all over the world for centuries. 

          It is just common sense to protect society from destructive philosophies and practices.

        • kmilliorn  
          I’m sorry but protecting the right to life and defending traditional marriage are grounded in philosophies and practices that extend far beyond the interests of just religion.
          Beyond religion is “self-preservation” and the realization (based on centuries of practice) that the preservation of life and the family has contributed to the health of societies around the world over time.
          Protecting the lives of unborn babies and working toward strengthening our culture and protecting children in that culture can’t be considered “meddling” unless there’s an illegitimate (or simply novel, or cause of the moment) agenda.

        • kmilliorn LOL!  You wouldn’t know it by your post here.  Do you agree murder should be illegal?  How about theft?  These concepts come from the 10 Commandments from the Old Testament of the Bible… you know that old religious book.  The Right-to-Life crowd merely understand that life begins a conception, not when then baby emerges from the womb, or by some Progressives’ accounts, at the age of self-awareness!  Marriage is originally a “religious” ceremony, and traditionally between Only a MAN & WOMAN.  It should stay that way, but that doesn’t fit in with the Homosexual agenda for special treatment, which is to force folks to accept them from a religious point of view, else the civil unions would be fine.  Again, getting the Federal government out of folks lives is wonderful, which the DOMA laws essentially diminished the various legislative bodies from taking something that is religious by nature and forcing them to alter the beliefs.  Bachman, Palin, and Santorum are all very fine conservative folks, but more than that, they don’t hide their beliefs.  Our religious beliefs are a major part of who we are, and I want to see who folks are, cause it tells me how they will react to any given situation.  Whether their Atheist, Christian or Wiccan, I want to know who they are and expect them to publicly demonstrate their beliefs – that doesn’t mean they have to force anyone else to belief what the believe, but rather show us who they are!  Human Secularism is a belief system and essentially a religion as much as Christianity or Islam, so you can’t escape folks’ beliefs, and platforms that push anti-Christian planks are still pushing a set of beliefs, you labor under the delusion that since a “Supernatural” being is not involve that some how this doesn’t make it a religion.  The Progressive movement is pushing to remove “God” from the public and replace it with government as being the “Highest Authority”, for by doing so know they will be able to more easily enslave citizens of this country.  Everywhere tyranny aspires to take root the first thing they try to do is substitute beliefs in a “Supreme Being” with the Government being the final authority in all things, as well as disarm the citizens!

        • kmilliorn 
          My take differs from yours.  Having been a republican (past tense) up to 66 years of age, there’s no way I can agree that it is a religious institution.  (God would disavow knowing them).
          As I see it, what is lacking are simple things – patriotism to help them identify with an agenda that would defend the Constitution and our rights. 
          Added to that:  cojones to do what’s right.

        • Maranatha_Mark kmilliorn The “Democrat Lite” Party of Compromise did it again.  Democrat definition of compromise: You give up your position, and I keep mine.”  Democrat Lite definition: “We will surrender our principles, and allow you to keep yours. But you have to do something insignificant so we can save face.”  Yep, them RINO’s really hold the line don’t they?
          This time it was “OK. We won’t filibuster if you don’t take it away and we’ll give you your appointees to boot!”  Gotta love the two party system!

        • GrumpyOldMan Maranatha_Mark kmilliorn ,,Actually what the Democrats said was we won’t get rid of fillibusters as long as you vote for theses appointees, even the ones with questionable morals, attitudes,actions, and thoughts.Lier Thomas Perez.

          democrat lite (republicans) said o.k.

    • KathleenPedersen 
      You are wrong. Black Americans ARE RACIST, 97% of them, not just a noisy few. Black on white violence is becoming epidemic. Even the majority of supposedly conservative blacks voted for Obama, including Charles Payne from Fox News Business, even though most of his views are in direct opposition to Obama’s. He even admitted that the only reason he voted for him is because he is black, I add HALF black or now, white black. When you vote for someone based on RACE/COLOR of SKIN instead of on ideology that is the very essence of RACISM!
      Go to WND . com & search black violence, then pull your head out of your a s s & grow up.

    • KathleenPedersen ,
      I do think a segment of America is racist, the Milliant Blacks, the race baiters, and the Whites who enable and encourage them are racist.

  70. Well from what I can tell “Trayvon” PUNK MARTIN, was a dope smoking 17 year old kid who took on “The Old Man” making a real bad mistake. Now Martin is dead…..Yeah at least he cannot reproduce more dope smoking punks like himself, “A Drop of Chlorine In The Gene Pool.”
    Eric “The Withholder” is now considering trying Zimmerman for racial hatred, so has ANYONE ever heard of
    Double Jeopardy? You can’t try the man until Ya get it right and hang him for some offence, he was acquitted for once already.
    Ask yourself what other story has had this kind of “National Attention,” and how many other kids, specifically Black kids who were murdered just last night…..SO where is their justice, where is there “National Media Attention”…..Answer ZERO, Nada, Nothing. So Zimmerman is NOW a “White Hispanic” and NOT just a “Mexican American” / Latino ??? WELL Excuse ME!!! So according to one of the prosecution’s attorneys “Star Witness” (What a Joke) So Zimmerman is a “Cracker” Something…Something….Well you get the picture I am sure. Ahhh Poor Baby, did Trayvon have a bad day??? I am GLADE he is dead, what’s more I am not sorry that he is. And for the “Reverend” the “Not So Al Sharpton” Screw him too.  
    Oh Ya the Color Issue…To F*N bad, I could care less about your skin color, once a Druggy Always a Druggie. As far as the Presidink sticking his nose into the everyday operations of American, he can shove it where the Sun Don’t shine.

    • Frank Zappa Do you remember when the NEW Black Panthers put out a bounty on Zimmerman? That is a Federal offence. Holder did not even blink an eye. I wrote one of my senators and his reply was the DOJ would look into it and take care of it. Ya , right! To add to your point, now Eric “The cantHOLDERhisownshit” is on it like S*** on a stick!

      • tygerpaw25 Frank Zappa  
        I was speaking to someone a few days ago about the Black Panthers piutting a bounty on Zimmerman’s head.
        They told me I was lying, and there was no proof of that.

        • chamuiel tygerpaw25 Frank Zappa THhe way my senator reponded implied he knew of it. Also the web post had been documented but since removed. You could hold the proof right in front of them and they would still say you are lying. That or go off on something else. That is what I love about listening to Hanaty as he interviews libs.

      • tygerpaw25 Frank Zappa Seems like the DOJ has different standards for black and white people. Talk about racist-Eric Holder is at the top of the list! On the Blk Panther voter intimidation case, he actually said “I can’t prosecute my own people”. He should have been removed then.

        • Goodforall tygerpaw25 Frank Zappa Correct: Nobama, and With-holder should be held in contempt, for obstruction of justice, and incompetence. Holder is in his position NOT because he is qualified BUT because he is “Black.” Remember “Van Jones” the other clown Obozo appointed??? The final problem that we have STILL is that we have another 3 1/2 years of Obozo before we get rid of him. Highly likely he would NOT leave should he get the call for impeachment. IF Obozo leaves the office likely he will do worse to the “Black House” than Clinton did upon his departure…..That is “Chairman Clintong.” Still can’t stand this BA$T*RD after this many years out of the office.

        • Frank Zappa Goodforall tygerpaw25 And God only knows what further destruction he will do to our Country!

      • tygerpaw25 Frank Zappa 
        Yes I do, and that said NO ONE held Holders feet to the fire, and NO ONE, prosecuted Holder….Reason he is an Ovomit appointee and he is Black, and he is (Supposedly) the “Top Cop” in the land….What a Joke…He could not be a “Top Dog” let alone a Bottom Dog….Hell he may even be a dog….Holder is DIRTY and he isn’t any better than the scum boss he works for, they are 2 peas in one pod. ALL OF THEM should be tried for treason.

        • Frank Zappa tygerpaw25 Absolutely correct!  I can tink of a few more to throw in there as well-like Reid and Pelosi.

        • Goodforall Frank Zappa tygerpaw25 
          Yup Nasty Nancy PIGLOUSY, Dirty Harry, Diane Frankenstein, and Last but certainly not the least the dishonorable Barbra the Boxer. Fire them ALL.

      • BobE Frank Zappa Bob real simple: If you define “You People” maybe I can help, but if not I am not sure where you are going with your question.

  71. What do you expect from a media that has conpletely covered for Obama and his gang of theives? And does anyone think we’d have heard anything about this incident if Zimmerman was black? This is all about flaming the racial divide, something this current administration has done from day one.

  72. What is race? It is a definition and classification of the different structures and characteristics of  three specific groups of human beings, so stated by the late professor Darwin. People have used this to demean and belittle each other through prejudice. It is not America that is prejudice as a majority. But it is fueled to look as if it is by the media and politicians seeking to empower them selves and to divide the country and keep it divided. This case would have probably never been noticed if President Obama had not involved himself by making certain statements privately and publicly. It was just the thing he was looking for to spark a prejudicial fire that could have burned across America. In more ways than one. But the American people have prevailed, and are strong in there reserve, and intelligence and choices, and have stood fast allowing justice to prevail. 
    The jury is the vote of the people and it is the final word, and it is the power of the people and it is vested in the people by the United States Constitution. The Jury has spoken in this case and it is time to move on. The majority of people in the United States of America know this. It is the press and or media and the very left side of the political parties and politicians that are not accepting the will, and voice of the people, and believe they are going to change it.
    This case has become for some a line in the sand of philosophical reasoning and power. This case has been used by the communist or left to show  force and power over the people. It is a political football and a battle beyond the court room and the reasoning in justice. JUSTICE HAS PREVAILED IN THE MINDS OF THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS. THE JURY HAS SPOKEN AND THOSE WHO POLITICIZED THE CASE HAVE LOST THIS BATTLE . THE JURY HAS SPOKEN IT IS TIME TO MOVE ON!!!

  73. Right; and if Trayvon Martin was afraid of George Zimmerman he would not have approached GZ two times while he was parked in two separate areas.  Rachel testified twice TM said he was near his da, ddy’s house; he would have had to go back to the T to meet up with GZ.  Rachel testified that TM spoke first. She testified there was a bump then Get off me.  She placed the time of the first account.   Divine-Way.com has real reason behind protests.

  74. I agree.  I also believe that this President has undone 50 years of Civil Rights work with his comments about Trayvon, comments about Cambridge police, and his inability to charge and prosecute anyone that is not White…although there, he is having a field day.  If you need examples Snowden and Paula Deen first pop into mind.  He will chase ANYTHING in order to deflect the focus off himself!  Snowden is all we hear about.  When was the last time that you heard about the NSA.  That place should be SHUT DOWN AND TURNED OFF!  Do we hear ANY more about it.  Nope.  Yet, this is what Obama has learned.  Americans are stupid and don’t pay attention to the news nor do they have any depth in what they think about.  (no I do not mean everyone)  We can be “played” and “distracted.”  How many of you can name things Obama has done wrong…well on this board, I’m sure the number is higher, but on the average, like facebook.  Have mercy.  The other day I did nothing but list “scandals” in a box.  I think I typed for 30 minutes….still wasn’t done.  Got TIRED and quit.  Posted it and had ONE person out of my 300+ facebook friends even respond.  I am so saddened by what happened to America and yet I don’t know what it will take to turn it around.  People have to learn to be proud of this country, its accomplishments, greatness, and feel of worth themselves and Obama is turning them all into “gimmies” and because they get to do NOTHING except sit around and watch TV and play video games on the  back of Americans that work, they see no reason to shake up that boat.  Wonder what will happen when the few of us that support the rest by working all quit or die.  How will this generation of do nothings survive. Geez.

  75. The ELITIST, white media, Hollywood, our public schools & politicians are the ones who keep racism going in this country. If you are a light skinned race then you are labeled “privileged” & are automatically racist. Your school, internet sites, actors, athletes & politicians pound that into your head. On the other side if you are born black the above mentioned sources tell you that you are a VICTIM, that you CAN’T get ahead, that the government & every light skinned person in America OWES YOU. They learn to be irresponsible, lazy, reject education, embrace victimization & use it as an excuse for their VIRULENT RACISM & VIOLENCE.
    Even on these sites the black a s s kissing is astronomical. We, “whites”, ACCEPT that it is o.k. for blacks to use intimidation & violence against us because of what they have suffered. Trouble is they have not suffered ANYTHING. They are like spoiled children, every time they don’t get their way they cry racism & everyone RUNS to accommodate them. A great example was the football player who made $15 million a year whining that it was like slavery because the owners wouldn’t bend over & give them everything they wanted! It is ridiculous & people are getting seriously injured & killed because of it. If blacks were being assaulted & killed in epidemic proportions by “whites” all hell would break loose but since it is blacks assaulting & killing whites it is ignored.

    • thismustend “Even on these sites the black a s s kissing is astronomical”? Our country must be going down the drain when we have black ass kissing even on racist sites like this!

      • BobE thismustend  
        Haven’t noticed the racism until you showed up Boobe.  Ass kissing is a liberal vocation.

    • thismustend

      You are a sad sick paranoid puppy. Bob E has been very kind and responsive
      but for his explanations to mean anything, you need to live in the real world
      with the rest of us. Black people have the same wants and desires, needs and
      feelings about justice and honor as anyone else. Just as there are white
      Mansons, there are black Mansons. I doubt that you know either kind but have
      been sucking down the Faux Noise and Limbaugh nations stuff so long that you
      fail to see that your world view is filled with cartoons not people. Having
      reached this level of unreality, it is pointless for older and wiser people to
      try and draw you back from your foolish racist views. You are terribly
      depressing to rational people.

  76. All of this does not matter. The important thing according
    to Holder and Obama is to take away the American citizen’s rights. Take away
    their right to defend themselves against thieves, murders and thugs. Take away
    their right to bear arms because they can use them to defend themselves. Take
    away the Citizens right to a fair trial, because that may not be in Obama or
    Holder’s best interest.Take away the
    Citizens right to walk their streets without fear of being assaulted, mugged,
    robbed and killed, because the poor criminal may be black.Take away the Citizens right to keep what he
    has worked for and earned, because somelazyshiftless person may not
    have one and he should so let him have your. There can be no justice unless it
    is Obama and Holder’s justice.

  77. Under Dear Leader and his partner Attny. Gen. in dismantling America and our liberty we’re moving from the rule of law to being ruled by the lawless.
    The democrat party majors in race baiting, simply as one of their revolutionary tactics to subvert the foundation of our country.

  78. I kinda like stats, when you made your quote you know I have to in investigate.  The 2012 Census , states this, in Mississippi the reported Black population is 37.4%, the reported White population is: 59.9%.  You might want to go back and review that.

  79. If the blacks that are rioting had a job they would not have time to riot. But oDUMBO IS KEEPING THEM DOWN BY GIVING THEM FREE STUFF ETC. Remember small minds are easy to control and that is the plan. I am no scholar and I can figure this out. He is even trying it on white folks too. The American people need to wise up or we will be a 3rd world country. Remeber how Rome fell we are heading in that direction for sure Just saying!

      • BobE lavender lady 
        Bobe you can really screw up facts, glad to hear you say you’re no scholar. I knew all that talk about NYU was BS. But don’t worry BobE,
        Jesus Loves You anyway………

      • BobE lavender lady  
        BoobE – lavender lady was just giving a truthful statement as opposed to your constant pretense of being one of the “educated elite.”  
        The truth is refreshing.

  80. BobE
    He pursued no one. He followed him which he had every right to do as a matter of fact he had an obligation to follow him to see where he was going and/or what he was up to. He was a block watch leader. He also did not start the fight and was returning to his vehicle when he was attacked. These are the facts that came out during the trial. Like it or not. Furthermore, TM hit GZ knocked him down and did the act referred to as ground and pound. GZ feared for his life at that point and pulled his weapon and shot him after he shouted for help several times. You may perceive these facts differently that’s your right but you perception does not make them correct. Furthermore, you are entitled to you own opinion but not your own facts. GZ was found not guilty, get over it!

    • AZDon We don’t know who started the fight, what was said or much else other then what Zimmerman told the police. All we know is that a self proclaimed “neighborhood watchman” thought a black kid walking through his neighborhood was a “suspect” so he armed himself & went into pursuit of Martin & ended up shooting him

      • BobE AZDon ,
        We do know from witness accounts, and from Police Balistics experts that Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman.

      • BobE AZDon  
        BoobE, no need to use the 1st person plural pronoun.  You need the 1st person pronoun because you’re alone in not knowing who started the fight.  Similarly, we know a lot that you’re trying to deny because there were a number of witnesses who saw TM assaulting GZ.
        Next – if you’re going to be honest (which you never are), you wouldn’t modify the reality of GZ’s role in the neighborhood watch as “self-proclaimed.”  That’s just a little dishonest (what else?) leftist trick in trying to discredit G.Z.’s role, acting as a responsible citizen.  
        Similarly, there’s no need to put quotes around the words:  neighborhood watchman.  If we were face-to-face, I can imagine you making air quotes, and giving us a Chris Matthews look, nodding your head and rolling your eyes like a teenage girl.  Just another attempt to undercut G.Z’s function by your attempt to be derogatory.
        Now, here’s a news flash for you Mr. computer warrior – neighborhood watchmen actually care about protecting the people and property of their neighborhood – and they have enough concern and courage to serve (I imagine you don’t and haven’t).  Anyone who doesn’t belong, and is dressed for concealment and is acting suspiciously would deserve to be viewed with suspicion.  And, it’s legal and common sense to arm yourself.  It’s even Constitutional, but I know you don’t believe in that.

  81. bob E.diot… Zimmerman follwed Travon because blacks had been robbing and abusing his neighborhood and he was the neighborhood watchman…IF any blame is to be found in he death of Travon it is the black criminals that continuously assulted Zimmerman’s neighborhood… Zimmerman did not have a racist bone in his body… I do, but I also hav e a mind and I do not allow my emothions to rule my mind…I am racist because of obama, holder and the gang mentality of these and of most blacks.. Ten on one is not fun be it p;hysically abusing a person or emotionally abusing them.. Obama and holder  continuously organize people to be against good and for evil..You can take it to the bank I would never vote for a democrat or a black man unless the black man was a born again Christian…in Christ Jesus there is neither black nor white, free nor bond, male nor female… They are all free individual, not morons like you Bob who  lives his life via the gang mentality of morons..aka obama’s gang.

    • e1313ruth Being a racist you are unable to even comprehend an event like this in non racist terms. Do ANY of you seriously believe that if the exact same circumstances were to have happened & Zimmerman was a 30 year old black man & martin was a 17 year old white kid you’d be arguing for Zimmerman?  Of course not. You’re racist & you see terms along those lines which is why you hate Obama so much

      • BobE e1313ruth 
        Bobe, you have no idea what your talking about as usual, first of all your name does not make you white (if it did I most likely had changed it when I was young to avoid all the junk I was going through) that being said if you and the media want to insist that Zimmerman is white then you must insist that obama stop saying that he is black.
        Anyway, Jesus Loves You BobE…………

      • BobE  
        If it was shown that the 17 year old white kid had jumped a older Black man, I would support the older black man.
        Case in point, a young black woman pursued by a young white man and finally forced to stop her car. 
        The young white man ran up to the young black womans car and proceeded to beat on her car window threatening to break it if she did not roll it down.(This was a case of road rage)

        Being in fear of her life, she shot the young white man.  The Police found no evidence to hold or charge her. It was a case of self defense. I support her actions.
        And there were no race baiters in this situation demanding that the young black woman be put on trial.

        Why do you attempt to make something about race when clearly it was not. 
        I hate obama because of his actions, I hate obama for saying things like “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.”
        obama is supposed to be President of everyone. He has chosen not to be.
        Some people like you, BobE see everything through racist glasses.

      • I would feel the same if the roles were reversed… but of course you will NOT believe that becasue you don’t WANT to believe it.    It is terrible that a young boy died… but GZ did not break any law, and he wasn’t looking for a chance to pull the trigger  – otherwise he would have approached the situation with his weapon drawn!  Why is it that it MUST be about race?  It is because that is the only way you can deal with it.  This was about stupidity, youth, and a poorly written law…. but according to that law, justice was provided.  Broward County is 78% white, and the jury was 84% white.  There was one minority on the jury.  There was neither a black nor a hispanic.  The defendent is to be tried by a jury of HIS PEERS – and he was.  They found him innocent.  If the only acceptible outcome in your opinion is GUILTY, then why even waste time on a trial?  Justice was equiteably set out and enforced.  Now go about your business and move on.

        • SmarterThanThat   We can ALL agree that Zimmerman instigated this when he falsely assumed that Martin was a criminal because he was black & armed himself to confront the “suspect”. Martin was unarmed & not committing any crime so no matter what happened I cannot understand how it’s self defense

        • BobE SmarterThanThat ,
          we can all agree that Trayvon instigated this when Trayvon thought that Zimmerman was a gay cracka out to rape him, and jumped Zimmerman in order to beat the hell out of him.

          we can all agree that Trayvon acted like the criminal thug he was, and that Zimmerman did no wrong.

        • BobE SmarterThanThat  
          No BoobE, WE CAN’T all agree with your fabricated account.
          Of course, you can’t understand how defending yourself against a guy sitting on your chest, punching you in the face and slamming your head into the concrete is self-defense.
          No one expected you to get it right.

        • BobE SmarterThanThat WRONG!  Most here seem to support that Trayvon had every opportunity to escape – go to the house he was supposed to be staying at, but elected to attack Mr. Zimmerman!   I understand though, that you have some special way of looking at the facts and coming up with then opposite of what everyone else sees/understand, so I expected you to say that.  His color was NOT an issue for Zimmerman, nor the reason he was following him, but please allow your racist slip to show who you are!  Obviously, as many times as it has been explain on this thread, you are incapable of understanding plain English and simple reason.  Regardless of whether he was armed or not, Trayvon placed Mr. Zimmerman in fear of death or severe injury to himself, which fully justifies any force and including deadly force to defend himself!

        • SmarterThanThat He wasn’t looking for a chance to pull the trigger??? How do you know that? He said he didn’t want the “suspect” to get away” & was told not to pursue him. If martin would have been a white kid none of this would have happened. If somebody follows you around & then begins to question you as to why you’re in his neighborhood that is the kind of thing that can lead to a fight & if you’re armed you cannot instigate a fight & then claim self defense (unless you’re in FL)

        • SmarterThanThat  If a black man shot some white kid that just turned 17 that was just walking through the neighborhood the police would have shot him or a lynch mob would have hanged him!

        • chamuiel BobE SmarterThanThat  Bobe doesn’t seem to realize that the trial is over and Zimmerman was found not guilty! He thinks that he is the all knowing and should be the only one to pass judgement.  Just ignore him!

        • BobE SmarterThanThat  
          I know you think you’re dealing in truth BoobE, but, as with all lefties, you’re in the realm of conjecture, hypothesis, hypotheticals. 
          In other words, a bunch of made up shit to prop up your bankrupt ideology.

      • BobE e1313ruth  
        BoobE, you never fail to live down to the ethics and mentality of the leftist subversives.
        When you have nothing to contribute (that’s always for a liberal), then just try to discredit your opponents (those who believe in America) by slander.
        And there’s no more overworked bit of slander than the ethically bankrupt practice of progressives than to engage in a little race baiting.
        That you have to rely on a hypothetical encounter (another corrupt liberal tactic – because they can’t deal with their corrupt version of reality) in order to try to win your point.  No win for you BoobE – what it does is expose the reality that comes from your depraved, leftist mind.
        P.S. Then you double down with the charge of racial hatred toward the Marxist.  Do you get extra credit for that from your political commissar?

  82. Zimmerman May Not Be Racist, But America Is
     Bull: America is not Racist it just has some Racist living in it.

  83. For those of you that think justice is blind consider this Marissa Alexander (a pregnant black woman) living in the same county as Zimmerman was beaten by her husband & she fires a “warning shot” into the air & gets 20 years! Zimmerman kills a black kid & walks.

    • BobE ,
      Not knowing much about Marissa Alexander, I really cannot say much about her.
      I am sure there are reasons she is serving a 20 year sentence. She obviously received a trial just as Zimmeran did.
      There is one difference, Zimmerman’s trial was politically motivated and forced by the race baiters.

      • chemuiel–I looked this one up–it’s a totally different situation. Marissa Alexander (9 days postpartum, not pregnant) was arguing with her estranged boyfriend when she went to the garage & returned with a gun, with which she says she says she says she fired a warning shot because he wouldn’t leave. Prosecutors said self-defense & the “stand your ground law” did not apply because she LEFT but RETURNED, when she could have stayed out of danger. Florida has what is called the 10-20 Law & it was under this that she was sentenced to 20 years. Jesse Jackson has visited her in prison & she is appealing.

        • kmilliorn That sounds like more a case of the stupid ZERO TOLERANCE laws that on on many books now. They are insane laws that do not allow for a Judge to make individualized sentences based on circumsances. We need to get rid of Zero Tolerance laws for EVERYthing and let thinking people make judgments about sentencing case by case. I wish we could pass a law that says ZERO TOLERANCE for all ZERO Tolerance Laws. Zero Tolerance is for mindless, bureaucratic bullies that do not want to THINK.

        • eggzonotv–Pretty much–& while we’re at it, lets get rid of the foolish rules in schools that send home 5 & 6 year-olds for eating their Pop Tarts into pistol shapes or point their fingers at one another–or “sexually harass” their friends or teachers (!) by hugging them!

        • kmilliorn – Yes, the important part in her case, as far as FL law is concerned, if that she left and returned. Stand your ground and self-defense are hard to show when you left the threatening situation and voluntarily came back. Regardless of whether someone thinks Martin/ZImmerman was Martin’s fault or Zimmerman’s, the Alexander case is completely different and unrelated.

        • LetsFindOut kmilliorn  really? 20 years for shooting a roof & walk free for killing a black kid in the same court room?

        • BobE–If you had bothered to read the Alexander case, you would know that there were children present & she shot the wall. Evidently child endangerment figured into her sentence.

        • chamuiel kmilliorn chamuel, one thing you need to understand about BobE, he is a complete idiot who idolizes the gays and hung black men. I think he fantasizes about himself and Barack every night in his dreams. So, just realize that this commie degenerate doesn’t have any credibility on this post or any other post.

        • kmilliorn  Just ignore bobe. Sometimes it’s hard to do, but he decides that this is the way it was and never changes his mind. He doesn’t let a  facts bother him.

        • BobE LetsFindOut kmilliorn  
          Again with the dishonesty BoobE.  What an absurd comparison, but normal for progressives.

          Read the indictment.  I don’t think you’ll find your make believe nonsense in it. There was a real crime involved.

        • kmilliorn  
          If BoobE had bothered to read . . .  That’s too much bother for BoobE.
          Besides, what do facts have to do with anything the leftist parrot chirps.

        • kmilliorn  
          Part and parcel of “zero tolerance” and the leftist agenda could more quickly be accomplished by neutering all of our boys.  That’s their agenda – the same as it was for the liberals before the II World War.
          Ever hear the saying cheese eating surrender monkeys?  They collapsed in front of the German blitz even though they had more men and the benefits of defense.  Trouble was – the lefties turned them into pansies.
          That’s the agenda.  Doubt it? – The Commie in Chief wants us to disarm.  That’s not a new position for the bankrupt left.

        • Always a Marine kmilliorn Marine, if “we neuter OUR boys” the human race would cease to exist. All they have is “gay and lesbians” that have sex. That doesn’t make more humans.  They will be extinct in just a few more years.  “Our boys” need to keep procreating!

        • BobE Edward53 chamuiel kmilliorn But BoobE, everytime I see you post on here and blow off your rude, big mouth I automatically think of homosexuals. I’m sorry, Boob, but that’s the impression I get from you. Please come out of the closet and make x teeth and your local gay community proud of you.

        • BobE LetsFindOut kmilliorn – No 20 years for making a deliberate decision to leave the scene, get a gun, and then return and fire in the direction of the other person…. versus not guilty for being approached, fighting, both going for the gun, and it going off in self-defense.

      • BobE  Explains the what, where and why this case is different. 
        “If anything, Alexander’s case is an indictment of Florida’s mandatory minimum sentencing requirements, not its self-defense laws. State prosecutors initially offered Alexander a plea deal of three years in prison. She rejected the deal. Upon conviction, she was sentenced to a mandatory minimum of 20 years in prison.”

    • BobE  
      BoobE – You need to take the cartridges out of your pistol.  Here you go shooting yourself in the foot again.
      That you try to justify your unjustifiable argument with this unrelated, and completely different situation is nothing more than a revelation of the mind and tactics of bankrupt liberalism.

    • BobE FYI. I can only speak for the CCW laws in Missouri, BUT, here it is against the law to fire any “warning shot”. Doing so can and will result in arrest. The weapon must be kept concealed at all times (no flourishing) and only shown when used. It is also wise to use “personal protection” ammo (jacketed hollow points). If using round nose FMJ ammo, even if the person you shoot is trying their hardest to kill you, if you shoot them and the round hits them but passes through and goes on to hit an innocent bystander, or goes through a window of a home and hurts or kills somebody, the the shooter is legally responsible. Contrary to some popular belief, having a CCW does not make someone the “Lone Ranger” or anything of the sort. The laws are very strict.

      • A law in which allows an armed person to walk the streets and question they thinks looks suspicious and if that causes a fight to break out then gives the person the right to shoot an unarmed person & then claim self defense is outrageous

    • BobE Her only mistake…She needed to just kill her husband for being a PIG,,,,Really simple…One shot One Kill Screw the warning shot.
      Problem solved, No More Blind Justice, just a dead husband. As for Zimmerman Keep Up The Good Work.

    • BobE
      Do you ignore facts on purpose or does ignorance just come natural to you? Get your facts straight then post a comparison on Marissa.

    • BobE She was not pregnant as she had already given birth. He was not beating her and she left and went to the garage and got the gun. She could have left but chose to go back inside and fired the gun into the wall were two of her children were. She was arrested for endagering the lives of her children.

    • BobE Another example of liberals misusing the law BoobiE.  That she’s in jail with a sentence of 20 years is YOUR DOING!  Along with other nit wits like you.

  84. BobE 
    BoobE – You need to take the cartridges out of your pistol.  Here you go shooting yourself in the foot again.
    you try to justify your unjustifiable argument with this unrelated, and
    completely different situation is nothing more than a revelation of the
    mind and tactics of bankrupt liberalism.

  85. How come racism SEEMS to be only white against blacks?  Why don’t hispanics complain, or Asians?  The black leaders want to keep it going for revenue, recognition, and votes.  I think the word should be outlawed.

  86. Sadly, government policy reeks of racial division – setting up uneven ground for poor people of different races to compete for jobs and subsidies. This kind of racial profiling by the government and its misdirected policies – entrenches racism at the lower socio-economic levels in ways it refuses to acknowledge..Obviously at the higher levels of education and economic vitality – there is much much less open racism or it becomes non-existent.  The Liberal government and NGO bureaucracies benefit in growth and funding by continuing to stir the pot among the poor and disadvantaged.- where tax dollars can be filtered through the managing and controlling elite.

  87. and Jessie who other than you, Sharpton, Holder and OBOZO has made America racists. The whole damn lot of you’al has made America that way. We are tired of giving to you people who take and give not thing back to society except WHINING! All you know how to do is race bait and protest, NOTHING MORE!! You give nothing back to America, look at your own son, in trouble, great shining example of what? Trayvon was a thug, in trouble with the law, third suspension this year and he got what he got. 92% of your group Jessie, has caused black on black killing and you want to dis-arm American. Over our dead bodies you will and the U.N. 26 states have stand your ground and many states like Wyoming have OPEN CARRY! We have it for a reason Jessie, wonder what that reason might be, Just WONDERING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. The State had no intention of having Zimmerman found guilty.  If they had, they would have introduced the evidence of Zimmerman’s violent past..and also his use of the prescription drug Temazepam which has caused hallucinations, aggressive
    behavior, memory loss and more…. which he was reported by paramedics as using
    the night he killed Trayvon Martin.  No mention was made either of his
    being fired from his part-time job as a house-party security
    guard…for being too aggressive (tossing a women who was drunk
    against a wall and causing injury to her)..or his arrest for attacking a policemen..or the
    restraining order filed by his ex-fiance against him and her
    reports of his physically abusing her…or his problem with alcohol which was supposedly “cured” bu his attending AA.  Then there were the nearly
    4 dozen calls (46) he made over the course of several years
    reporting suspicious behavior of Black men in the


    • BHBF Zimmerman is a hero to people here because he killed a black kid (with a gun) & a jury found him innocent.

    • HBF–Wow–That’s some hatchet job! A couple of your points are off: Temazepam is given for sleep & is a sedative/hypnotic. It causes anxiety & aggressiveness in 0.5% of cases or less–highly unlikely to be a factor in this case. The “assault on a policeman” occurred when his friend was arrested for reckless driving & was removed from his record after he successfully completed a pre-prosecution diversion program. The “domestic abuse” complaint was half of a pair of “his & hers” complaints shared with his ex-fiancé–not exactly probitive. I listened to the medics’ testimony & remember no reports of hallucinations, etc from the medics. Had they seen those in a patient they were evaluating for head trauma, those would have MANDATED automatic transfer to an ER for evaluation for brain injury. (I have 26 years of trauma surgery experience). As to the rest of your allegations, I have not researched them, so I cannot evaluate them. You do know that there were ACTUAL witnessed crimes committed by young blck males in the Retreat, which were reported by residents other than Zimmermn in the months before February, 2012, right?

      • kmilliorn 

        According to thehttp://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0000808/, the
        drug is also known to cause “aggressiveness” and
        “hallucinations,” among other problematic symptoms.


        “You should know that some people who took medications for
        sleep got out of bed and drove their cars, prepared and ate
        food, had sex, made phone calls, or were involved in other
        activities while partially asleep. After they woke up, these
        people were usually unable to remember what they had done.
        Call your doctor right away if you find out that you have been
        driving or doing anything else while you were sleeping.

        “You should know that your mental health may change in
        unexpected ways while you are taking this medication. It is
        hard to tell if these changes are caused by temazepam or if
        they are caused by physical or mental illnesses that you
        already have or suddenly develop. Tell your doctor right away
        if you experience any of the following symptoms:
        aggressiveness, strange or unusually outgoing behavior,
        hallucinations (seeing things or hearing voices that do not
        exist), feeling as if you are outside of your body, memory
        problems, difficulty concentrating, new or worsening
        depression, thinking about killing yourself, confusion, and
        any other changes in your usual thoughts, mood, or behavior.
        Be sure that your family knows which symptoms may be serious
        so that they can call the doctor if you are unable to seek
        treatment on your own.”

        • BHBF–Trying to use the potential 0.5% risk of a side effect is grasping at straws. The vast majority of adverse effects occurring with this class of medication occur within hours of awakening or in the middle of the night after taking it at bedtime & are similar to “sleepwalking”–& only occur in maybe 4.5% of patients (not commonly). So, is it possible–remotely, yes; is it likely–no. The odds are really against it.

      • In July 2005, he was http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/03/27/10894561-zimmerman-accused-of-domestic-violence-fighting-with-a-police-officer?lite
        for http://myclerk.myorangeclerk.com/CaseDetail.aspx?CaseID=5782626 The neighborhood watch
        volunteer who wanted to be a cop got into a scuffle with
        cops who were questioning a friend for alleged underage
        drinking. The charges were reduced and then waived after
        he entered an alcohol education program. Then in August
        2005, Zimmerman’s former fiance sought a restraining orderhttp://myclerk.myorangeclerk.com/CaseDetail.aspx?CaseID=1021230 because of domestic violence. Zimmerman
        sought a restraining orderhttp://myclerk.myorangeclerk.com/CaseDetail.aspx?CaseID=1021678 in return. Both were granted. Meanwhile,
        over the course of eight years, Zimmerman made at
        least http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/03/23/did-trayvon-shooter-abuse-911.html to the Sanford (Fla.) Police
        Department reporting suspicious activity involving
        black males.
        Thanks to the supposed Florida “Sunshine Law” his arrest record is available.

        • BHBF  
          So?  Is that supposed to mean anything.  
          Why didn’t you bring up the times he farted in church to show his profane nature?

        • BHBF SO WHAT???????? Even if true, it has no bearing on the case that was persecuted…I mean prosecuted!  If you want to be a lawyer, go to law school.  Your TV programs that taught you law were entertainment, not instructional to the real operation of the law.

        • BHBF 
          How is any of that germane to what happened that Dark and Rainy night? 
          It appears you find fault with Neighborhood Watch Volunteers who invest their time and yes wellbeing toward protecting their Community.

    • BHBF    All that you say comes with the job he was doing,if your not going to watch over the neighborhood ,and try to stop people from braking into homes and raping people ,than one would be no better than you the writer on this.

      • DennisDesOrmeaux BHBF neighbor watch isn’t a job. It’s an excuse for wanna be cops to pretend they have authority over others (which they don’t). This DIPSHIT couldn’t even name one of ONLY 3 streets in a neighborhood he had lived in for 5 years & was suppose to be watching!

        • BobE DennisDesOrmeaux BHBF 
          Correct Neighborhood Watch is not a job it is made out of Volunteers ,something I’m sure you have no experience with.

        • MatthewJacobs BobE DennisDesOrmeaux BHBF He also doesn’t have a “neighborhood” to have any experience in that regard. He has no friends and few associates.  He’s very lonely and unhappy like most liberal/progressives.

    • BHBF you are so pathetic, go marry a black man.  Nothing in Zims past has anything to do with being punched in the nose and having zims head banged into the ground. A little punk ass black kid playing video games and professing to be a “bad ass Ni66er”who was as bad as you claim zim was, found out playing with grownups can get your ass kicked and fatally shot.  The color of either make no diference one hit the other repeatedly and the other was afraid for his life, CASE CLOPSED”.

    • BHBF Maybe because there was no REAL evidence to support any of it?  And even if it were factual he would then have the defense of the state being unable to prove mens rea. The fact is, the State never had a case and it was nothing more than political theater to satisfy the race baiters.

      • Grumpy–You have hit the nail squarely on the head. That is precisely why the prosecution bypassed the Grand Jury–There was so little to support the case that it would have been no-billed & there would have been no trial. The prosecution was forced to present what little it had–which was a case basically built of wet toilet paper.

  89. There is definitely an element within society, including some in the media, that find it advantageous to make sure racism is propagated. Just look at people like Whoopi Golldburg and their response to Brad Paisley and LL Cool J singing “Accidental Racist” together. Simply the fact that they sang together was more than Whoopi could take. Much less LL noting that Lincoln freed the slaves… which means a white man freed blacks… Whoopi went on about that for a long time. Something as simple as historical fact was enough for her to publically chide LL Cool J for being so “non-black” to sing with Brad and give credit to Lincoln… She is the kind of racist that will do all they can to keep racism alive and well.

    • Don York How about NBC giving Zimmerman a reality show? Dress him up as a “cracker” & have him walk the streets (unarmed) at night in places like South Bronx, South Chicago & South Central LA & see how he reacts when the “neighborhood watch” confront him!

      • BobE Don York  
        Oh, there’s the hateful racism of the left that we’ve all come to know and despise.

        • BobE Always a Marine Don York  
          Yep, as you’ve created it.  Don’t forget – your post wasn’t just racist, it was hateful too.  Two of the leading traits of liberals.

        • Always a Marine BobE Don York Arguing with BoobiE (or attempting to) is like arguing to a wall. They both have the same I.Q. and level of understanding. Neither has the capacity to learn, and neither will give an intelligent, reasoned answer.

        • GrumpyOldMan Always a Marine BobE Don York  
          It didn’t take me long to learn that BoobE is totally bankrupt – intellectually, morally and spiritually.

          It’s a fun diversion – entertaining in an odd way.

  90. America is not racist.   This divide and conquer Obama administration is racist .  Would everyone look  at the evidence around the world.  In the last five years since Obama has been in the WH every country is in a civil war. And you think this is by accident?  If we don’t do something soon the UN will be our government and Agenda 21 will be our constitution.  Better think about this and do something soon.

  91. Bob E, you didn’t evidently read everything about the trial.  Sure it’s tragic but the “KID???????”idn’t have to punch Zim in the nose after the getto girl said he was probably gay and was going to hurt Trayvon.  Start a confrontation and beat someone, bang his head and today an armed person is going to blow your head off.  I would do just that so I was not another statistic.  Sorry Bob E but I disagree.

    • Bushmaster0369 a wanna be cop that has a history of drug & alcohol abuse along with a violent record becomes the “self appointed” neighborhood watch. He proceeds to call 911 on dozens of “black people” he sees & finally gets an opportunity to “get one” himself & he does!

      • BobE Bushmaster0369  
        There you go again BoobE – you don’t have an argument so you go to the marxist play book and try to win points by attempting to belittle Zimmerman as a “wanna be” cop and a “self-appointed” neighborhood watch.
        Are you jealous because you don’t have the stones to protect your home and neighborhood?
        Beyond the issue of your marxist tactics, you exceed them with the dispicable practice of judging his character and assigning motives to him that you don’t know anything about.  Actually, the lengthy, indepth trial showed that wasn’t the case.  The state’s prosecutors didn’t make that case, and the FBI investigation couldn’t make the case.  Leave it to a low-life leftist to get down in the septic tank.

      • Always a Marine lavender lady Ain’t it the truth. Just live to stir up trouble. They needto do this to keep their jobs whatever  it is

  92. Bob, what a stupid question. Yes, and I also believe that mothers should be able to push their WHITE babies in a buggy and not get shot in the face.  This has happened twice in four days!
    Bob, I have a great deal of experience working with black children.  A friend of the family opened a daycare center.  The state paid for the black children who attended.  This is what I saw.  I will only state the facts.  I will NOT include adjectives.
    I walked into the classroom for the first time.  These children were from age 5-7.  They wanted to play “cops and robbers” during free time.  What really surprised me is they were having a loud argument over who would play the part of the cop; and who would play the part of the robber.  NOT ONE OF THEM WANTED TO PLAY THE PART OF THE POLICE OFFICER.

    • Upaces Did it even occur to you that the reason why is blacks have a different experience with police than whites?

      • BobE Upaces   I don’t know where you live but I know where I live and the city and county  (Texas) where the Daycare center was.  IF anyone treated a black, Mexican, or white wrong, they’d have holy hell rain down on them.  They are treated the same.
        I have a great deal of experience working with the Black Community.  I worked for the City of Dallas as well as the Personnel Office for the Police Department.  I have an entire file filled with stories…true stories of being part of the beginnings of Affirmative Action from its beginning and then years later.
        For years, I have worked with them; trained them and I know exactly what they are like.  There was a black politician in Dallas who had an appointment with the Director of Planning and Development.  He wasn’t in…so I grabbed two cups of coffee and went in to keep her company until he got into the office.  Her name was Diane Ragsdale.  She was a nurse at Parkland Hospital in the ER.  
        As we were talking, I noticed her demeanor was totally different. She was open and honest; and didn’t talk in Ebonics like she did on camera for the press conferences.  I point blank ask her, “Diane, you are a nurse at Parkland. First I told her that I was glad we would have a few moments to chat. I went ahead and asked her.

        “I don’t understand something. Do you mind explaining it to me?  Why are you so loud and militant in front of the camera(s) because this YOU?  You are an amazing woman!”
        Her answer:  I have to be what I am expected to be.
        I responded:  “Diane, that has to be horrible or you and extremely hard.”  Then I walked off because the Director walked in the door.  I was just sorry he showed up so quickly.  I had so many more questions.

      • BobE Upaces  
        BoobE, did it ever occur to you that the democrat progressives have destroyed black culture, busted up the traditional family, so that now most children are born out of wedlock, no fathers are in the home and all of the values that make a strong family and society have been killed by the liberal agenda.  That the prisons are filled with black men who are killing other blacks (nothing to do with racism, but everything to do with a corroded culture) .  . . Did it ever occur to you that might be why the little gangstas don’t want to “play cop?”
        You have no answer (along with the rest of progressivism), and you all can’t accept responsibility for your destructive ideology and practices.  No lefty is man enough.

        • Always a Marine BobE Upaces
           Bill Cosby addresses a problem in the Black Community.  For some reason, this site is not allowing me to upload a video by Bill Cosby talking about Black Parenting and kids not knowing who their parents are.

        • Always a Marine BobE Upaces No, that never did occur to me. What did however are laws that end up putting black people in jail for longer sentences than white people. Cocaine is a perfect example.

        • BobE Always a Marine Upaces “Can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.”  You’re generalizing again BoobiE.  But I’m not a fan of the “war on drugs” anyway. It costs far too much money for the results we don’t get, and like every other war since WW II it’s been lost.  
          In this regard I’m a Libertarian. Let them snort, shoot up or whatever else they want to do.  Just stay out of emergency rooms and die somewhere out of sight!  The smell will lead us to where the garbage needs to be picked up at.

      • BobE Upaces You have selective reasoning BoobiE.  Wear a hoodie, your pants half way to your ankles, slink around at night in neighborhoods that are not yours, and I don’t care what color you are, you will have the same experience!

        • GrumpyOldMan BobE Upaces  Go shopping on Rodeo Drive or Melrose Avenue in Beverly Hills & you’ll see rich white kids dressed the same way (only they’re wearing Chrome Hearts)

        • BobE GrumpyOldMan Upaces They are also “wannibes”.  Probably should try them the same as Zimmerman and convict them for it. But what they wannabe is not productive. Bad examples wanting to be more bad examples.

      • BobE Upaces I wonder why?  They even murder each other so what would it matter to murder someone who was not black.  Look at the prisons?  They are not there for no reason.


  94. To truly see how racist American is, take a very close look at the ENTIRE team, present and former, of appointed officials in the current regime in the District of Corruption.

  95. Where’s the outrage for Joshua Chellew? Red headed headed white boy, beat to death by 4 African Americans.

  96. It is apoling that no one appears to realize that,   RACISM,   has been turned into a huge multi-Billion Dollar industry!
    No racial crisis, no money for the false, self-appointed profets!

    • Brabado Oh how true! Terms … words … So often misused, misinterpreted. Often on purpose. I could care less if you do not have the same meaning if mine is the common meaning. However, it is both our resposability to make sure we connect. If you do not like my meaning that is now your problem. If you wish to react negatively, you are taking full responsability for any wrong communication.If you are of a different race, religion or creed you are going to perseave me as and promote me to others as a bigot. Way too often this is what I have seen and people like Jackson, Sharpton, neo-nazies, skinheads do.This is the scary part … THEY ALL MAKE THE KKK LOOK LIKE ANGELS!!

      • tygerpaw25 Brabado Speaking of word usage “I could care less” means that you care. You care enough that you could diminish that level of care.  The phrase is “I couldn’t care less.”  in the context in which you used it.
        As to the KKK, I believe you have to be correct because we (well W. Virginia) elected a Dragon of the KKK to the Senate.  So far, not the others. But we DO have a Muslim terrorist in the White House and a Black Panther for an Attorney General.

        • GrumpyOldMan tygerpaw25 Brabado  
          Then too, we have a muslim advocate for the Muslim Brotherhood in the House from Minn.   Actually, the socialist democrat party has a host of sympathizers and advocates for the Muslim Brotherhood.

  97. Three new home invasions in my area . Guess what color they were when they got caught. 3  guesses 1st two don”t count.

    • gander1056  IQ has nothing to do with it.  It is our conscience and what we were taught and built upon over the years.

        • tygerpaw25 Upaces gander1056We tried through Affirmative Action.  I am an ol’ gal, and have had many many experiences from that time of Affirmative Action in teaching the black population their jobs…so they could climb in their chosen professions.I worked for the City of Dallas in the Department of Planning and Development.  I was a permanent temp and floated all around the departments.  The Opening came up for a Permanent person in the job I was in as an Administrative Assistant to the Director.  There were 57 women in the department and only 3 of those were white.They really didn’t want the job because it “wasn’t UNION”..but they didn’t want a white woman to have it either.I had learned to carry a hand-held pocket recorder because I had been threatened so many times.  I was pulled off in a stairwell and slammed against a brick wall.  She had her elbow at my throat and a double-long form of acrylic nail jabbing me between the eyes warning NOT to apply for the job. I had to replace all of my tires on my car twice due to them being slashed.   Finally I started parking two blocks away and walked at night to get to my car (carrying a gun in my coat pocket because I had been threatened so many times.I finally did get her…I had the audio tape and took it to human resources….she was NOT fired… she had to go to counseling for an entire “2 hours.”  That was it!TWO HOURS.We trained them.  I invited each one to lunch at one time or another and each one refused “UNLESS” she needed something from me.

        • tygerpaw25 Upaces gander1056
           While working at The City of Dallas, I spent two years trying to be part of building the Rainbow Coalition in Dallas.
          I was active part of the Commission for the Black Community in Dallas TX between 1990-1992.  Are you saying that White communities should help accomplish what goals?
          White America have bent over backwards — in the beginning through Affirmative Action – to give them equal opportunities as a spring board allowing them to move forward and compete for jobs according to qualification not “because they are black.”
          Schools and communities including housing were brand new. Within a year, the black population who had control over their own properties allowed them to run down; then seek to have white city, county and/or state to come in again and repair all of the damage they did to their own properties “sold” to them as their own homes at a discounted cost. Plush apartments were built and they could live in them and pay substantially less than the same architectural design in other parts of town, were high $$ living.
          During the Rainbow Coalition in Dallas, New schools were built as well as playgrounds. It was deliberately built on the border of a middle income bracket of White Dallas Citizens and Black Citizens. It was planned this way so that black and white child could play together and become friends. The black children wanted the playground to themselves and formed gangs to beat up on the white children who were there to do what all children do — Play on the playground.
          The schools were vandalized by their own children.

      • MatthewJacobs gander1056 
        I’m sure you don’t understand the meaning of IQ. Don’t worry about, the government will continue to take care of you.

    • gander1056  WE are not racist. It is part of our survivel system. If it is different we do one of two things: investigate or flee! Which leads to fight or flight If we are buned once, nature makes us causious. Some times a person of low IQ is more accepting than one of high IQ.

      • tygerpaw25 gander1056 Yes. I get nervous when I see someone wearing a ski mask and they are not skiing and the temperature is approaching 100 degrees.  Especially in Chicago! Or Eric “The Goon” Holder. They are both really scary.

  98. I heard something years ago….there are two kinds of hate.1)  Hate is anger turned in on yourself and then protecting it onto others; in other words…some people just don’t want to deal with “their own hate, rage and anger and take it out on others.2)  Then there is anger which comes from experiencing or watching injustice happen to others due to hate, and rage.Please think about this, okay?  IF you have the opportunity to Google a man named “Gerren Lyles (or Liles)”.  He is a black poet in NY that my family has known for years.  He wrote a small book “The ‘Road to Damascus.”Basically, he explains the Black rage and hate?  Blacks do NOT love themselves and protect their anger and rage OUT at the whites to make it all better.We can’t.  We tried through Affirmative Action.  I am an ol’ gal, and have had many many experiences from that time of Affirmative Action in teaching the black population their jobs…so they could climb in their chosen professions.I worked for the City of Dallas in the Department of Planning and Development.  I was a permanent temp and floated all around the departments.  The Opening came up for a Permanent person in the job I was in as an Administrative Assistant to the Director.  There were 57 women in the department and only 3 of those were white.They really didn’t want the job because it “wasn’t UNION”..but they didn’t want a white woman to have it either.I had learned to carry a hand-held pocket recorder because I had been threatened so many times.  I was pulled off in a stairwell and slammed against a brick wall.  She had her elbow at my throat and a double-long form of acrylic nail jabbing me between the eyes warning NOT to apply for the job. I had to replace all of my tires on my car twice due to them being slashed.   Finally I started parking two blocks away and walked at night to get to my car (carrying a gun in my coat pocket because I had been threatened so many times.I finally did get her…I had the audio tape and took it to human resources….she was NOT fired… she had to go to counseling for an entire “2 hours.”  That was it!TWO HOURS.We trained them.  I invited each one to lunch at one time or another and each one refused “UNLESS” she needed something from me.

    • Upaces Yup… I (white) got STABBED by a black female co-worker while AT WORK. I went to the the hospital… SHE got ‘moved’ to a different department (more money = promoted) …