Women Need Abortion for Valentine’s Day?

According to Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood, the things women really need for Valentine’s Day are “birth control, cancer screenings, safe and legal abortion, well woman visits, breast exams, maternity care, preventive care, Planned Parenthood, to make our own health decisions, (really radical stuff).”

So forget the chocolate and flowers, boys. What women really want is a pap smear, a mammogram, and a murdered baby. That sounds really romantic.

It boggles me how completely out of touch Planned Parenthood is with the reality of what they do. How can you even put “maternity care” in the same list with “safe and legal abortion”? That’s insane. This reminds me of the 40th anniversary video that The Center for Reproductive Rights made last year. The one where this creepy dude talked romantically to Roe v. Wade like “she” was his wife. That video made me shudder. But apparently pro-abortionists didn’t detect the dreadful irony of mixing romantic affections with such brutal violence.

Abortions aren’t sexy. They are fundamentally at odds with life and love. They are fundamentally at odds with the reproductive, life-giving union of sex. Did God give us sex for pleasure? Absolutely, but not for selfish pleasure. The obvious meaning of sex has to do with vulnerability, selfless love, mutual pleasure, and cooperative engagement. And one of the great beauties of this act is that the union of two souls can actually, and does often, produce a new soul. Your body mingles with your spouse’s and a new body is created—one that is like both of you and represents and embodies the productive output of your lives together. Abortion rejects all of that. It symbolizes the epitome of self-seeking, one-sided, life-denying hedonism.

In the recent movie Catching Fire, citizens of the Capital make themselves loathsome in the protagonist’s sight when they say that the only way to try all the food at a feast is to throw up and continue eating. This was a reference to the myth that ancient Romans used a special room (called a vomitorium) for disposing of vomit during binge-and-purge eating. ((It turns out that this use of the term is based on a misconception, but for the purpose of this article, the myth of the vomitorium is instructive.)) We think the idea of a vomitorium is disgusting.  To eat and eat and eat, throw up, then eat and eat more, then throw up again, then eat more, and so forth. We think, “Don’t they understand the purpose of food?”

But that’s the point. Binge-and-purge eating is not about pursuing the purpose of food, but merely the pleasure of food. The purpose of food is actually the enemy to denizens of the vomitorium. They desire the pleasure alone.

And it is true—food gives pleasure. But by militating against its purpose, the Romans actually made even the pleasure vain and hollow. In the end, the Romans degraded the very pleasure they purported to worship. When they sought the pleasure rather than the purpose, in the end, they lost both.

Abortion is the vomitorium of sex: “Let’s reject the meaning and purpose of romance and sex. Let’s just focus on our own sexual satisfaction—all others and all else be damned. And to make sure we can keep pursuing that empty, narrow, hollowed-out sex without consequences, let’s kill any babies that are produced. We’ll just throw them out with the garbage and keep pursuing our self-fulfillment.” And in the same way, when pleasure is pursued without regard to purpose, both are lost.

For all its harping about sex, the majority of people in our culture actually have no idea how to gain true sexual satisfaction. Just like binge-and-purge eaters probably know little about the real pleasure of food. But we call bulimia a mental disorder. We call abortion a right. Something went terribly wrong there.

On Valentine’s Day, though it may be a made-up holiday and all that, it is good to think about the purpose and true nature of love. Love and abortions don’t and can’t coincide. Love is not a feeling. Love is not seeking one’s own pleasure. Love is putting the needs and desires of others in front of your own. Consistently and patiently. What women really need for Valentine’s Day… what they really want… is men who will do that and do it well.

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  1. It’s sad PPH would use such a tactic . . . but even more sad is that fact that the majority of AmeriKan women would support this notion as somehow ‘rational’ .

  2. Abortion has nothing to do with womans rights. It has all to do with murder of a child and should be treated as a crime

  3. What Women need is JESUS CHRIST in their lives, in their hearts. … With HIM they would have safe sex with only their husbands. They would have no need or desire to murder their children. There would never be a child that they had need to kill, by getting rid of him or her, before it was discovered that here even was a child.

    Psalm 127:3-4
    3. Lo, Children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is HIS reward
    4. As sorrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth

    • The ONLY group of woman that the abortion rate hasn’t gone down in recent years is CHRISTIAN woman! 80% of the abortions done in this country are preformed on self proclaimed “Christians” so obviously jesus is NOT the answer to the abortion issue.

      • You said it yourself, Self-proclaimed Christians. So, not Christians. Don’t lump everyone in the same pot, just like you don’t like being lumped with Richard Dawkins.

        • I admire Richard Dawkins a great deal. The thing I get a kick out of is that if every Christian was to disappear that other Christians claimed wasn’t a real Christian there wouldn’t be any Christians!

          • Think of it this way. There are black people that genetically dont look black in skin. They are white, but had two black parents. So, they say they are black, but that doesnt make them black. Its what they do and think that makes them who they are. If an individual says they are Christian you cant assume they are just a Christian just because they say they are.

          • So, if a person proclaims his belief in Jesus but they sin they are not a real Christian? 80% of woman that have abortions proclaim to be Christians now either you believe in the no true Scotsman fallacy or that one’s faith is determined my actions not faith

          • Living in sin is different than struggling with sin. Everyone sins. If you have an abortion, but ask for forgiveness and repent, thats one thing. But to claim to be Christian and be pro choice, thats plain hypocrisy. You dont sin, plan to ask for forgiveness. You repent and dont want to do those things again. Emphasis on want.

          • so then it would be impossible for a couple that wasn’t married but was having sex to be Christians (unless they prayed for forgiveness after each time they had sex)? How could a person like newt gingrich that’s been divorced numerous times be a Christian?

          • No, thats living in sin. You dont thumb your nose at God each time and say sorry. Does a drug addict or alcoholic that is Christian not seek redemption and forgiveness after quitting for good? Its completely different than just putting up a farce and doing and believing in evil at the same time

          • Are you telling me that there’s not a single unmarried person on earth that is having sex that is a Christian? How can people like newt gingrich that’s been divorced numerous times be a Christian?

          • If someone is living or sleeping with someone not married, and calls themselves a Christian, yet doesnt see it as wrong, they are not Christian. If they stopped seeing each other, or got married and asked for forgiveness, thats different. If someone claiming to be Christian goes for one night stands all the time, and doesnt stop knowing its immoral, thats not a Christian. If they repent and dont do it anymore, thats Christian. I was a virgin until I was married. After my divorce, I didnt have sex until I was married again. Do you not understand the difference yet? Just because you say you are one doesnt make you one until you are looked at more than just the surface.

          • Their a FAR less then a billion Christians on the planet under your definition of what it is to be a Christian. How many times can you get divorced or how many abortions can you have (even if you ask to be forgiven after each one) before your no longer a Christian?

          • Am I aware how truly few there really are that are going to heaven? Yes. Am I sad about it? Absolutely. But that also is the reality, and the reason I try to spread the truth. As for “how many abortions”, if you repent after the first, you won’t want another if you truly repent. If you do another and do this yo yo effect with God, you never truly meant it.

          • It depends on the circumstances. If you continue to ‘re marry and dont uphold what a marriage is, thats one thing. If you cheat on your spouse and ‘re marry and see the error of your ways, again different. I was cheated on in my first marriage, but until I found out about it, my devotion never faltered. If you just continue to treat marriage as a joke and can say peace out whenever you want, that’s not Christian. If your marriage has problems, solve them as best you can and as hard as you can.

          • Then by your definition newt gingrich cannot be a Christian. How many more times can you get divorced (for any reason) before you’re no longer a Christian? What about masturbation or thinking about sex? If the “yo yo effect” covers those “sins” as well I would say are NO Christians on earth!!!

          • At least some(Christian and yes I know mostly Republicans) try marriage rather than Guzzling of taxpayers teats. Adoption is also an option.

          • Bob, let it go!
            No matter how you spin the words and facts, you’re fighting a lost cause. As a non-Christian you are not a reliable source for a list of Christian virtues.

            Certainly, there are Christians who have abortions. We are sinners – some commit robbery, lying, adultery, theft, arson, greed… We repent and ask for forgiveness.

            You cite 80% of abortions are committed by Christians.
            Well, 90% of the population is Christian so I guess that means more Christians actually live by a moral code – at least by your distorted method of implication.

  4. According to PP’s own numbers they have eliminated millions of future mooching Democrats. Of course low intelligence greedy Obama women whining they want someone else to pay for their playtime.

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