Widow’s House Sold By State … for Unpaid $6.30 Fine

Eileen Battisti owned a house in Beaver, PA. Her husband, who took care of their taxes, died in 2004. Since then, Eileen has been trying to keep up with her finances alone. It has been very difficult, and she has no one to help her apparently.

So she fell behind on her property taxes, to the tune of $235. After a few notices, she finally scraped together the funds and paid it off. Well, almost. She says she didn’t know about $6.30 in interest. The state sent a few other notices allegedly, but Eileen didn’t get the notices or she didn’t act on them fast enough.

One way or the other, the state decided to auction off her home. She owned it outright, and it was worth $280,000. The house was sold for $116,000. The state says most of that money will go to Eileen if her appeals are unsuccesful. I’m sure they will just get their $6.30 and give her the rest. Yeah. Sure they will. There are also attorney’s fees, closing costs, real estate commissions, and the rest, right? Surely it’s only fair the State get some of the sale price to cover those costs.

Disgusting. That’s what this is. Just plain disgusting. Property tax is inherently wicked. Widows and aged people, who own their homes because of hard work and faithfulness, should not ever have to pay a cent in property tax. The situation is abhorrent.

Many older couples, widows, and widowers are on a fixed income—either a pension or Social Security. They can’t afford when property values rise and their property taxes rise with them. So they either sell their homes (lame), go into reverse mortgage (very lame), or have their homes taken from them by the State (absolutely despicable).

You don’t own your house. You pay property tax every year, right? And if you don’t pay it, the government seizes your property. That’s kind of what the bank does when you don’t pay your mortgage. Because the bank technically has legal ownership of your house until your mortgage is paid off.

But you won’t ever pay off your mortgage with the State. It will always have final say over your property. Over everything, really. You want to fish the King’s fish or hunt the King’s deer? Or drive the King’s roads? You must pay for permission. And if you are caught without a license from the King, you will be punished. If you do anything wrong, you pay a fine to the King. Because any offense to the King’s laws is a personal affront to the King. No matter who you’ve hurt, the King is the main offendee.

We’re not free. We’re vassals of the State. We’re worse than vassals or serfs, actually. Because the State has made no covenant to do right by us. They take. They kill. They rob. They fine. They do what they want with what you’ve worked to earn. And there’s really nothing you can do about it.

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  1. I hope every voter who elects the legislative branch of our govt recognizes what is happening here and thinks “would I want this to happen to my grandmother?”

    You elect people to make these kind of laws… See what you get.

    • Depending on where you live, I think many of us have been voting for “the candidate we DISLIKE the least”. They all come into office with promises and pretending to be decent people, then they enact laws we despise and have no control over. Even if we vote the candidate out in the next election, theyve already done their damage in the time they were in office. The only solution to this is for all citizens to get off their arses and vote, AND for all matters of law to be voted on BY the citizens. Not by our state governments who are only out to pad their pockets and political futures. Basically, we need a revolution to take down this government completely and replace it with a government for the people, by the people and of the people the way this one was SUPPOSED to work!

        • Voting for the lesser evil doesn’t not work anymore, there is often too little difference. We have far too few Trey Gowdys and Ted Cruzs.

        • Then vote liberal. The Koch brothers alone spent over $100 million on ads against the ACA. The media is saturated with ads paid for by very rich conservative donors. Those networks are owned by wealthy corporations and they aren’t liberals.

          • What a crock. Obama spent over $1 Billion just to get
            RE-elected. That came from the “little” people (haha). CBO now says the cost of signup for the Obamacaid welfare and takeover scam is now up to almost $54,000 per sign up. That’s what you Obama moochers support?

          • Did liberals ruin the country with Social Security and Medicare? If so, why aren’t Republicans trying to get rid of both now? Medicare is a govt. program that both Republican and Democratic voters want. It makes no sense for Republican voters to keep Medicare and still vote for conservatives.

          • Medicare is a program that most taxpayers that HAVE PAID most of their working lives into it, if a representative wants to destroy medicare they will be voted out n be out of work, Have you been paying into social security? After you have been paying for 30 or 40 years into the program for when you get old.Would you like it if at that point the reps decided to disolve it. That is a form of SAVINGS, a supplement for your retirement. Because the government thought long time ago the people that worked were too stupid to save for their retirement so they decided to force you to do it. When you get there if it makes no sense to you after paying all those years you deserve to lose it. If you had a saving account n the government took you $2,000.00 or 10,000.00 to help pay back to china it is the same thing.

          • yes! and yes! you are uninformed, conservatives have been pushing for personal retirement accounts in place of social security and personal medical accounts in place of medicare. they would be voluntary for those who paid in already to switch into, no new enrollees into the old system. more and more people want to opt out of the old system once they become educated on the failure and the hassle, the new system is easier to use and each individual has control of their own account instead of some washington pinheads who think they know you better then you do and one size fits all.

          • Your complete ignorance of history has just been exposed by the first two questions on your post. Absolutely liberals ruined the country with SS (Franklin D Roosevelt) (new deal) and Medicare (LBJ) (great society) . Both Democrat backed programs further destroyed by one LBJ when he decided to loot the Social Security fund by moving all of the money into the general fund where it could be stolen for any liberal scam that they had a mind to. You are obviously not a lawyer as the first rule of law is to never ask a question that you don’t already know the answer to.

            There have been several pushes by Republicans to end SS and Medicare but if you look into the records of just which party has had the most control of the houses during Republican administrations you will find that it was and still is the Democrats. There is no difference between Democrat and Liberal they are one in the same.

            Just as any “true” Republican would rather be dead than be called a liberal there has not been a Democrat that would ever be considered a conservative or even a moderate since the days of JFK. You remember JFK don’t you? “A rising tide lifts all boats”. Ronald Reagan made a similar statement years later. “Trickle Down Economics”. Both of those claims are clearly evident to any one with an ounce of common sense.

          • I fail to see any logic in opposing Medicare regardless of our political preferences. How does my healthcare preference hurt woonsocket? Is he employed by some insurance company that offers a similar program to Medicare? How has Medicare hurt woonsocket?

          • Unlike the liberals who are funded by Soros? Propped up by a media that’s only attempt at accurate reporting is the answers to the daily crossword puzzles. Yeah! Right vote liberal if you like collecting welfare, vote for a liberal if you really believe that your representative should sign healthcare bills without understanding what’s in them, vote for a liberal if you like $4.00 a gallon gasoline. If you like being lied to about everything, vote for a liberal! If you like being without a job that’s cool! If your deaf dumb and blind by all means vote for a liberal. If you cherish corruption, stupidity, arrogance and lies by all means vote for a liberal.

          • All your points are accurate. But I believe that both sides need cleaning up! It seems that Republicans tend to be able to logically look at the Republican party in its entirety and realize improvements are needed….but it is scary the way liberals are like stepford wives and have no ability to see reality.

          • Where have you been? Soros and other Democrats have spent far more money than the Koch brothers. Do your homework and research how many progressive organizations are actually funded by Soros. The Koch brothers give millions each year to charity and research/hospitals. Soros plots and schemes to devalue countries monetary systems to take advantage and make himself richer. He did this with the British several years ago. Yes The Koch brothers are capitalist BUT they actually built companies and created jobs etc.. Soros just plays with his money and gets richer.
            There is always two sides to every story and unless you look at both sides and realize that the ENTIRE political system in this country stinks…. then there is not hope to correct the problem. All of America needs to align together and fix both the Democratic and Republican parties. Sadly when we can’t see that we are all being manipulated and used…there is no hope.

          • some of those are not liberals, they are communista like george soros, he paid off 4 or 5 t.v. stations, that is why they all say the same things. and if that is all you have no cable then you get spoonfed liberal communist news. If a station is NOT allowed to say anything against obamacare it is liberal. Just listen.

        • And never vote for incumbents no matter how good you think they are. After one term in office, they know how to lie, cheat, and steal from the public.

          • You are describing Dambocrap incumbents perfectly. We should not only vote them out of office, but then deport them to the Communist Socialists countries they prefer over our U.S.A. Shalom!

      • Our responsibility is vet the candidates BEFORE they get on the voter list, and then have to down-vote. Our responsibility because We, the People are the government and America is a Republic giving us that power, so use it. Do you ever meet the candidates, know their record, their past, or thought of having them sign a contract to do what we, the citizens and constituents want? If not, why not. Do you follow up on them every few weeks to make sure they are not buying into the let’s get rich crowd in Congress and other local legislatures? If not, why not? They ARE OUR EMPLOYEES

        • We need to somehow repeal the laws that do not hold politicians responsible for the consequences of their actions. We need to be able to hold them accountable even AFTER they have left office. If it puts them in the poor house, so much the better, let them be examples of what happens if you are not diligent in their votes and actions. Yeah, wishful thinking, but, got to have hope?

          • Sounds great…but the law to repeal the laws would have to be passed by the very same politicians who benefit from them. Such a wonderful country, eh!
            Comment written by one of the ‘peasants residing in a tent’

          • Reminiscent of Animal Farm by Orwell. I recommend seeking out the 1950’s animated movie. It is excellent and much better than the recent remake.

        • You’re right. Thinking that standing in lines at the polls for thirty minutes or so every few years is “doing your part” to ensure freedom is woefully inadequate.

          • The Obama moochers are too lazy to even stand in line. They want the polls open for 3 weeks so they can vote more often, when they’re not busy sending in absentee ballots.

        • But we the people elect the representatives to VET the candidates n when they partner up together deciding they are NOT going to vet because the person is ilegible. It was the DNC responsibility to vet obama including Pelosi, they refuse to do it. Forget the getting rich, if they had vet the candidate also include the media because they should also vet the candidate, in the past they did it I am sure the payment was good laughing all the way to the bank. Open your eyes,

      • The answer is so simple. Despite what our ‘representatives’ say ‘We the People’ are still in charge. Government needs to be reminded of it at least once a week!
        When some other power grab, or more punitive decrees put forth by our Representatives is to our dislike we only have ourselves to blame for not standing up and saying NO! Since when do 535 people go against the wishes of 320,000,000 people time and time again and continue to do so uninterrupted. No wonder they keep doing these un-American things. Stand up and say NO in unison. Voting does not work – I think we all know that by now!

        • If the last election didn’t prove that voting doesn’t work, I don’t know what will! On the other hand, nobody has yet to answer the question “what EXACTLY can/should we do?”

          • You can start by voting against ALL Democrats for public office, our Courts, and our Schools. You can contribute to Repubklican candidates to help offset Democrat super pac Billions.
            It is the lazy voters who did not bother to vote that let the moochers and fraud voters outvote us to feed their greed and control freak desires.

          • NO you haven’t. Millions sat on their hands in the last election and let the moochers re-elect the pandering Obama Democrats

          • Really? We’re you in my home the last election cycle? Were you here the day we voted and I had to ask for a new machine because it kept voting for the wrong people? Were you here speaking to everyone you came across to encourage them to vote? Did you spend time on the phone with my family trying to figure out why they can possibly still be Dems ( for no good reason)?
            So who exactly are you saying NO you haven’t to?

          • I read them, that’s why I still can’t figure out why your response to mine was “NO you haven’t. Millions sat on their hands in the last election and let the moochers re-elect the pandering Obama Democrats”.

          • Beckah, you do not do well to blame us who tell the truth about millions who did NOT vote for your best efforts which were the RIGHT thing for you to have done. Those we speak of chose to not vote. You did your best to vote right. Good for you. It’s NOT YOU that we speak of who chose to not vote!

          • I was not blaming you, I agree that millions were too lazy (or perhaps tired of the game) to get out and vote, it could have perhaps saved us the demise over the last 5 years (or longer)!

            My frustration was the attack from mbnick with his “NO you haven’t.” He has no idea the work some of us do put in, trying to change the “transformation” of this once great nation! He had no right to attack me that way!

          • Beckah, I’m not speaking of those who were too lazy to vote. I’m speaking of those who sulked and refused to vote because they couldn’t vote for the man THEY preferred. I’m suggesting that THEY made possible the win by Obama.

          • No, mbnick, It was voter fraud that put Obama in office in both elections. Voter fraud was rampant in 2008 and 2012. The media reported people stayed home in 2012 but it was all lies as usual. Romney won the last election if you remove all the fraud and McCain and Palin won the first election!

          • If the same number of people voted for Romney as McCain, he would have won. Obama got fewer votes in 2012 than he did in 2008.

          • Diane wants to say that facts are not true facts. The TOTAL count of votes, including those of dead people and all the fraud which was counted for Obama was several million fewer votes than had been cast in the 2010 election. It was obvious that several million voters simply did not vote in 2012. I knew some who were saying that if they couldn’t vote for Ron Paul they wouldn’t vote. I figure they kept their word. Why any citizen would want to vote for Ron Paul is not clear to me. I didn’t like what he proposed. If he had been the only option other than Obama I’d have voted for him, but I surely did not and do not want Ron Paul or his ideas in our government.

            And I surely blame those who chose to not vote for the loss to Obama in 2012.

          • Your wrong Ray,
            Our bought and paid for main stream media reported people stayed home in 2012 but it was just more lies. They couldn’t very well tell the truth about more people voting and then Obama still win again could they! I stood in line in the 2010 election just under 2 hours and in 2012 it was 3 hours 20 minutes yet my area supposedly went for Obama. That was total Liberal B.S. I have a lot of family members all over northern VA and they all said they had to wait in line a lot longer than in 2010. As I stood in line, for every person I saw holding a Democratic sample ballot the next 10 were holding Republican sample ballots. I think we need to start demanding now that they have to use permanent ink on our thumbs when we vote just like they do in the elections in the mid east to cut down on all the fraud we have now.

          • Diane, you didn’t read what I wrote or didn’t believe it. I stated correctly that the TOTAL VOTES COUNTED in 2012 were several million less than in 2010 elections. I said nothing about how long anyone had to stand in line in order to vote. At my precinct, there were no waiting lines. People got to vote as soon as they arrived. And as far as I know, our votes here in Missouri were counted accurately. I’m sure that was not the case in other states.

          • when the government fear the people we have liberty, when the people fear the government we have tyranny. the government no longer fears us, it’s time the government fears we the people once again.

          • You are so right about that! It’s long PAST TIME to remind them who works for who! But aside from a civil war nobody really wants, I’m not entirely sure what else we can do.

          • What can’t be cured must be endured, they say. But the cure for Obama is impeachment. Perhaps the present search for truth about the Benghazi cover-up will lead to impeachment of Obama. If so we’ll avoid the revolution which has been what many of us have seen as the only cure since the vote count always is in Obama’s favor.

          • Impeachment at a minimum, preferably convicted for treason along with most of his regime. He is as much a jihadist as the rest, and aiding the enemy (yes, we are at war) should have only one outcome!
            I am thankful that the pit bull Mr. Gowdy has been named to head the investigation.

        • The majority of Americans do indeed have “wishes.”
          Are you referring to the 90% of Americans who want strict background checks when they purchase a gun? Most Americans don’t want another war yet Republicans are breast beating to attack Russia.

          There are enough votes in The House to pass immigration reform but John Boehner only listens to a minority who control The House with threats. If he won’t bring a bill to the floor nothing will get done. Democrats in The House actually won 1 million popular votes (2012) more than Republicans.

          • woonsocket, Your just repeating more Liberal/media lies. (90% do not support strict background checks except in the bias Liberal media Polls. We do support something being done about the mentally ill (99% of them Liberals who commit mass murder! They lie about gun shows too. They do background checks on people before they buy guns at gun shows the same as if you buy in a store. Liberals want so called strict background checks to know where the guns are so they can eventually confiscate them. Only McCain/Graham beat their chest for war and they are both RINO’s. Obama has no problem arming terrorist who hate America to help them overthrow other countries. Bye the way, if you read the Constitution, that is called Treason!

        • This is so true. I did about 30 min on nobama when he ran and was horrified. The more I researched, the more horrified I became. What was even more depressing was that people voted for him twice. When presented with the truth about him they were not concerned. You truly cannot fix stupid.

    • We the SHEEPle MUST Vote Out EVERYONE (100%), Good & Bad, this November! ONLY with 100% cast out with a profound message be sent — We don’t trust any PoliticalScumBags!!!
      100% It will be tough for awhile, but those left in office will surely take notice & straighten-up their act. 100% OUT !!!

      • ONLY if their inbred staff go OUT with them!!!!

        We need a 100% clean Congress, from the bottom to the top! Those worthy of re-election will be the likes of Cruz/Lee/Gowdy — STRONG people with good Constitutional principles!

    • I smell a dead rat. I wouldn’t be one bit shocked if some city official (wether a judge or whoever) is directly or indirectly profiting from this widow’s wrongful house confiscation (possibly a family member or friend of the official bought the house at a fire auction).
      Can you imagine we have a number of Black other minorities & illegals stealing thousands (as a family) every month through welfare or unemployment fraud and they won’t suffer for it. Here is a poor widow and she lost her husband (imagine the grief of losing a soulmate) and now she has to deal with this for $6.30 oversight and have her house STOLEN from underneath her.
      I pray that the reporters find out who bought the house and their relation to any city official. I wouldn’t be one bit shocked if the Marxist Sucker’s Media (also known as MSM)won’t be covering this.

    • They don’t because they are working, partying, smoking pot & raising kids & unless it is on E, Comedy Central or The View they don’t know about it.

  2. A friend of mine did his master’s thesis on life in the ‘Dark Ages’ – he discovered, yeah, it was dark if you were a plutocrat, but the peasants had it quite well, having been freed from the slavery of serfdom, they were able to keep the entire wealth of their work (typically agriculture). And the peasants had plenty of free time to spend with family and friends – more than we do – so we should be so lucky to have those days again.

      • If you were ever in the military, KathiB, you learned to get along without indoor plumbing; sounds like you’ve had life just a bit too easy.

        • You are 1,000% correct! Korean War Vet! [thank you for your service!] My idea of ‘camping’ is no room service!!!!! I was MADE for an easy life as I am a committed WIMP! It is also the reason I have such a great respect for those who have put themselves into the path of evil in order to protect the freedoms we cherish!
          God Bless you and yours!

          • First of all, KathiB, thank you for remembering. 😎 In my post, I didn’t mean to come across as a cranky old man (old, yes; cranky, not!), but it’s true: too many folks have had life to easy. Someday, we’re going to be hit with an EMP in this country, whether it’s natural (created by the Sun), or man-made, created by some evil enemy monster’s overhead nuclear explosion. If it’s powerful enough, it’ll knock out America’s electrical power grid, and then we all be up what’s known in very clean language as Brown’s Creek, without a paddle. Then what are we going to do? I’m in mixed company here, so I’m forbidden to put my comment in plain English.

          • I don’t disagree with you….there are so MANY possibilities to try to prepare for…..I absolutely understand your comment and the current administration has opened our ‘doors’ wide while diminishing our military………….almost telling any who would do us harm…”here we are……..there are no consequences if you hit us…” but I also know that the majority of Americans are NOT wimps and WILL not tolerate any ill consequences of bho’s butt-kissing of all of our enemies and insulting our allies. [myself included]
            Japan was afraid to attack the US mainland because so many US citizens were armed and Hirohito [sp?] knew they would be soundly defeated.
            I BELIEVE in American greatness and our ability and WILLINGNESS to stand shoulder to shoulder to defeat any enemies……foreign or DOMESTIC. I WILL fight to the death for my family…………….[guess it’s a ‘mother bear’ thing!].

          • Hang in there, keep that frame of mind, don’t take any nonsense, keep a strong mind and will, and we’ll be on top of the world again….where we belong! 😎

          • I just heard on the news yesterday that if our Grid ever goes down from an EMP hit, 9 out of 10 American’s will be dead within a year mostly from starvation. People need to learn how to grow their own food and preserve it.
            Also, my husband and his dad and brother had a business for over 47 years and the state decided to widen the road it was on and took the business. They only paid half what it was worth and my family had to fight to even get that much for the property and then the Government took a third of that money back in taxes. The Government is just a criminal racket now.

  3. Nobody on the national level is elected and most people on the state level aren’t elected either, so it doesn’t matter who you vote for. To quote Stalin: “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” That’s what happens when you don’t pay attention.

    • … and this happens ONLY because We the SHEEPle don’t care enough to be SERIOUSLY EFFECTIVE against our enemies within!

  4. OMG! I am unemployed for nearly 3 years, with my house in foreclosure, but I would have paid the $6.50 for her! This is shameful!

      • if you would have paid attention to the story she paid the 200 some odd dollars but didn’t know about the interest on what she just paid!!.. where in the holly hell get the stupid idea she couldn’t pay the 6.50 but you were so set on glorifying yourself that you would have paid it for her!!!.. What you should have commenting on are brutal government and this horrible judge that did this !!!… cheers!!!..

        • By Biblical standards the State’s charging interest is usury, which Elohim considers stealing, coveting, and condemning.

          “Woe to those who decree unrighteous decrees, Who write misfortune, Which they have prescribed To rob the needy of justice, And to take what is right from the poor of My people, That widows may be their prey, And that they may rob the fatherless. What will you do in the day of punishment, And in the desolation which will come from afar?” (Isa 10:1-3). Shalom!

    • Amen. That is exactly what I was thinking. Now what are we going to do about this? I believe there needs to be some structural change to the way taxes are paid and some ironclad protection of a person’s home. I tend to agree with the author of the article that there is something wrong with property tax being assessed on homes that are owned free and clear. I know that basic services (police, fire, etc.) need to be paid for and that this money does not just magically appear, but there has got to be a more just solution than what we have just witnessed above.

    • What if she ended up needing the expansion of medicaid and she were in a state run by a Republican governor? She’d be out of luck.

      • In case you did not notice, my comment was that I would have helped had I known. And I think you had better take a closer look at how medicare was used to pay for Obamacare. They are all crooks, and I would like to get rid of them all and start fresh., WITH term limits!

        • Medicare benefits weren’t affected. It’s been a GOP talking point for some time. The ACA will benefit the lives of millions of Americans. The only death panel is the one that tries to keep Americans from getting health care.

          • I do not understand how money can be removed from a program yet still be counted.

            The Impact of the ACA on Medicare Advantage

            Posted on March 22, 2011 by AHIP Coverage

            The ACA cuts more than $200 billion from the Medicare Advantage program ($136 billion directly and another $70 billion indirectly) which will result in seniors facing higher premiums; a reduction in additional benefits; fewer health care choices; and higher out-of-pocket costs as well.

            New CBO Projections:

            CBO released its March 2011 Baseline last week. The following are projections showing the impact of the ACA on Medicare Advantage:

            CBO is projecting MA enrollment declines from 11.7 million enrollees in 2011 to 7.5 million in 2018 and 7.8 million in 2019.

            CBO is projecting MA enrollment as a percentage of total MA enrollment decreases from 24% today to 13% in 2019

            – See more at: http://www.ahipcoverage.com/2011/03/22/the-impact-of-the-aca-on-medicare-advantage/#sthash.Xxf6hSfW.dpuf

  5. I hope there is more to this story than what is HERE……if not this is an abomonation & Mrs Battisti doesn’t get the FULL appraised value of her home [minus $6.30] she needs to find attorieys to fight for her……how about the ACLU??????

    • ACLU!!!.. there never there when one needs them they only take high profile cases of there own political agenda that’s what they exist for!!.. cheers!!..

  6. In Europe you don’t lose your house for not paying taxes. . Just make sure you have the name of the heirs on the documents and refer to them as owners, also make sure you register the house. If they want the house when you die, they will have to pay the taxes you owe. If you don’t name them on the register as owners they will have to pay up to 70% inheritance tax.

  7. Time to boycott Beaver PA and all its businesses til enough pressure is put on to overturn this. Police state of PA.

  8. The whole corpus of property law in England and the US was developed to protect the owners of land from seizure by or forfeiture to the King. Now King Barack I and his vassals would like to return property law to a pre-Runnymede state.

  9. The city officials “Ought to be ashamed of themselves” especially the assessor. Stealing someone’s home for $6.30?! This is a travesty beyond words.

  10. If this shocking event could happen in PA — controlled by a Republican Governor AND State Legislature — we are in deep trouble as a nation. As a life-long registered Republican, it pains me to know that we’re not on “safe” ground with the GOP either. This horror story tops the Eminent Domain abuse in NJ, and is completely Orwellian…

  11. this needs to go viral ..just like the Bundy deal in Nevada …this won’t work at all for any Americans…won’t happen here.

  12. Was this all processed totally through computer, touching no person’s hands? If I’d worked in that office and seen it happening, I would have just paid the bill for the lady. – Perhaps that would not be allowed; we live in crazy times!

  13. I believe that once you have bought or paid for any property you shouldn’t be taxed on it ever again, and if it was left to a vote city to city I know I’d be right .We are overtaxed in USA too much

  14. Considering this took place in Pennsylvania it’s not surprising. After having a run in with the county in Pennsylvania, Pike County nothing that the state does surprises me. Excuse me I Forgot Pennsylvania Is Not a State and they don’t like being called a state. They are Commonwealth and according to them that means that no other laws are binding being outside the normal federal government.

    This poor woman lost her house because of the bureaucracy and you better believe because of the legalities within the government itself. Pennsylvania has a lot like Mexico if you have the money to pay to some individual in the local government you get what you want.

    My wife’s family owned a farm in Pike County. When her father passed away heat stipulated as well that the stepmother could stay in the property until she passed away. At that time the property was to revert back to his children. The property was to have been sold and divided three ways. A conservative estimate of the value of the property will be over $1.5 million. Through the collusion of an attorney in Pike County would taken over after the original attorney at passed away on the death of the stepmother the craft children received less than $20,000 apiece and the property was stolen by the offspring of the stepmother. The stepmother had Alzheimer’s was not in control of her faculties when she passed away. This new attorney and one of her sons took the opportunity to steal a farm that had been in the family for over 100 years. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania did absolutely nothing. Of course, more than likely want to the attorney, the county officials, the Commonwealth.

    This type of criminal activity is not confined to Pennsylvania you find similar activity in Mexico, Brazil, North Korea, and just about every other jerk water third country. I’m sure the founders of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are very proud of what they had created and are not overly pleased with his present state.

  15. They say they have proof she got it because they sent it by mail and it was not returned. I’ve had things lost in the mail before. That kind of notice needed to be sent by certified mail with signature required in order to prove she got it.

    • Regardless of wether or not she got it, in cases of elderly people owing back taxes, they should be protected until their time of death. After theyve passed, attach whatever back taxes they owe to the estate. No elderly person or persons should ever be put out of their home while they are still living over taxes! NEVER!

      • Thanks for your good words, gary. I hope that by the time you’re on the “elderly list”, they get their crap straightened-out (I’m almost 80, and fortunately we’ve been able to keep up with everything; the house has been paid-for for 7 or 8 years now, and I probably will beat my wife out of this disgusting world….I hope she’ll be able to handle things…she knows my bill-paying routine).

        • Please, please, put it in writing! My dad passed before my stepmom, who had alzheimer’s. Before she got sick, she wanted to follow dad’s choices, to leave the family farm to his 3 kids. They only married after everyone’s kids were grown and gone, I did not meet most of my step siblings until my dad’s funeral. At that time, my step brother said he wanted to make sure the farm came to the family who had owned and worked it for over 100 years, but when his mom passed a year later, he stepped in and took over. My stepmom changed her will, and her dr said she was of sound mind… Sorry, I knew her when she was, and I am a medical professional myself, the woman who greeted me when I flew back for Dad’s funeral was not the stepmom I had gotten to know 10 years earlier. She could not even name her kids for me. My step brother took the farm, and what was left was divided 7 ways, her 4 kids and his 3. With her dr willing to testify that she was of sound mind, there was nothing I could do, especially across country! So please, write it down, make sure those who love you know your intentions, and pastor, friends, many people you know you can trust!

          • soldiersmom1000; first of all, thanks a whole lot for being a soldier’s mom, and thank your soldier for me, for his sacrifices and dedication to duty in serving America! You have both sacrificed! Now then…our wills have everything in writing; the executors are very close, Christian friends from many years back; they go back 40 or more years. This State we’re citizens of gets NOTHING, NIL, NADA, ZIP, ZERO. We’re very fortunate in that our finances are such that all bills will be paid, taxes included. What’s left after we go, goes to the executors; the house and property is paid for…they can have it, cars too, and everything that’s in the house. We won’t need any of it in Heaven! 😎

          • Thank you, for my son, and me. He followed in family tradition and was in the army over 9/11.
            I apologize if I sounded preachy – I have been badly hurt by my personal situation in losing the family farm. My stepbrother got his name on the deed after dad died and his mother wanted to be sure the state wouldn’t take it. Should have been my brother, who lives 1/4 mile away. I am glad you have everything all settled. God bless, and my thanks to you! My father-in-law served in Korea, my dad in WWII, my husband during VietNam. I will give Jesse your message.

          • soldiersmom1000, and please, please pass my and my wife’s heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all in your family who served this once great and mighty nation in times of peace and war; their sacrifices will never be forgotten. I’m very sorry to hear that you lost the family farm through some thoughtless and greedy individual; their reward is the loss of Heaven; your reward will be in meeting the Lord..Take care.

          • Thanks again. Dad was on Tinian, WWII, where the Enola Gaye took off from – he was an air corps bombardier, and flew over, taking pictures the day after the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. He died, before Obama began his dirty work, for which I am thankful. He put his life on the line for this country, as did many of my family, and you, and no matter how I miss him, I am glad he does not have to see this.

          • soldiersmom1000, my brother, US Navy, World War Two, South Pacific, died in 2008, just before this Muslim usurper of the US Presidency stole that office; as much as I miss him, I thank God that he did not live to see that day of infamy. Thanks go to your Dad, for his service to America; one of the “Greatest Generation” folks! 😎

          • There are many of us out here with the same sentiments, sm1000. After having lived through the Great Depression and WWII, I am so very thankful my parents are no longer alive to see all they loved and sacrificed for being intentionally destroyed. They lived through many hard times and even though I didn’t, they taught me their values and it is very difficult to have to witness how little respect is given to the average citizen in today’s America. Patriotism is looked down upon now by so many in the media and academia…WHY, I can’t for the life of me understand.

      • Now we have a BINGO. Send that to the worthless PA. Democrats in public office elected by moochers and fraud voters.

    • We’ve had several bills not forwarded to our new address in the last month alone. Our US post office is a joke. Other people’s mail is often in our box and has been for twelve years. We forward it, of course, but none of our mail ever turns up labeled “delivered to wrong address.”

  16. The state has indeed screwed the pooch! The bible is very explicit on how widows are to be treated! I had a boss who had a house rented by a widow! It was not worth much and she had been paying a minimal amount for years. He forced her to move so he could get more money which meant nothing to him! In a year he was convicted of messing with government contracts was went to a maximum security unit for 3 years before being transferred to a minimum security but he was banned from ever working on Government contracts again! Don’t know what happened but I will always believe he should have left the widow alone. Time will tell!

    • Karma is a bitch. The icing on the cake would have been the house burning to the ground with no insurance.

  17. This is what disgustseme is people nit realizing that government is not the solution but the problem until it is to late. People waje up it is to late you were to lazy and did not act in time to stop this monster. The national debt shows you a fraction of its size and you are doomed.

  18. Over-reaching corrupt government once again rears it’s ugly head. This is pitiful and nothing less than out right theft.

    • Obviously, We the SHEEPle will do nothing with any serious meaning / effect. We haven’t done anything for years, why start now!!!
      Pray for, what’s left of, OUR America. If you don’t believe in prayer, pray that you are right.
      You can help save OUR America. Hang a PoliticalScumBag or a CourtHouseWhore (lawyer), Today! Thank you for your support of OUR America. (Use thin, strong rope)
      “We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.” Aesop

  19. Absolutely correct! Our ancestors came to the New World for what? Someone remind me please. Now also, since we are vassals of the King, he can send his SWAT team armed to the teeth to break down our doors, either rightly or wrongly as far as the correct address is concerned, and if someone gets hurt or killed then it’s too bad but it’s not the King’s fault. Kindly remind me just exactly what we are free to do in the US nowadays exactly?
    Make fun of this if you will, but according to my Christian faith, you persecute the widows and orphans to your own peril. The responsible party for this should be punished. Some jail time might even be appropriate. If that, pardon my French, a**hole who worked in the office that set this auction up didn’t take the money out of pocket and pay this then he/she is no better than the scum of the earth.

  20. If I was the assessor or anyone in the chain involved with the sale I would have paid the 6.30 from my own pocket. That would be the only American thing to do.

  21. The power to tax is the power to destroy.
    ATTRIBUTION: This quotation comes from the words of DANIEL WEBSTER and those of JOHN MARSHALL in the Supreme Court case, McCulloch v. Maryland.

    Webster, in arguing the case, said: “An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, a power to destroy,” 17 U.S. 327 (1819).

    In his decision, Chief Justice Marshall said: “That the power of taxing it [the bank] by the States may be exercised so as to destroy it, is too obvious to be denied” (p. 427), and “That the power to tax involves the power to destroy … [is] not to be denied” (p. 431).

    The root of this problem is, as Thomas Jefferson noted so long ago, “To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”

  22. There appears to be no end to the reasons we must now remove ALL greedy control freak despicable Democrats from public office, our Courts and our schools. Nov. is coming. Be there or prepare to put your hands up like this woman had to.

  23. I’ m 67 my husband is 72 and we live in the country. Don’t mind paying my county taxes but highly resent paying school tax at our age. We have paid for kids and grandkids and I think we have paid enough. Our main problem is we have tooooo many people on welfare paying nothing these days.

  24. I have maintained, since I was a young man, that no one age 65 and over should ever have to pay another single nickel in property taxes. If this article is accurate, and this woman’s house was sold out from under her, this is another example of government gone wild. This nonsense has to stop!

    • As the article says, it’s really not yours if you have to pay taxes on it. Property taxes are unconstitutional and thus, null and void. If one does not pay their taxes they are fined or imprisoned. But what happens if everybody refuses to pay?

      • I have brought that very idea up to family and friends……….their response is ALWAYS….”sure…..YOU go FIRST”. The IRS has become the ‘enforcement arm’ of the federal government……EVERYONE FEARS THEM……..If 10 million tax payers decided to “DEFUND” the federal government, it would truly CRIPPLE them…..and there is NO way they could incarcerate all 10 million!
        How does one organize THAT?????

    • In NH after a certain age, no house property tax is collected unless you fail to file for the exemption. In CO the house property tax is decreased after a certain age & you have lived in the house for a number of years. I don’t remember the exact age or years in the house. It certainly helps when we are retired.

  25. Disgusting! What the hell is happening to America. Those in local government could have put their hands in their pockets for the paltry $6.30?

    • Something like this would have never happened years ago.

      Many people today are just totally unaffected by anything that doesn’t have to do with them. There’s no concern or empathy. You would think that at least ONE person would say, “This lady can’t lose her house for $6.30”!

      The fact not one person sprung for it, gives a lot of credence to the theory someone on the inside got a house for less than 50% of it’s value.

      I don’t know how people live with themselves.

  26. This is WHY it is necessary to vote out the DEMS in 2014 and 2016 – and then WATCH who you vote INTO office. We also need term limits on these abusers!!

  27. This is your new GESTAPO and SS under Obama. They can overreach whenever they please and you America are completely powerless. You voted for such people and now have the problem.

  28. I live in a liberal cesspool myself, and although the area ( a small island off the coast of mass) is beautiful physically, the local and state governments are terrible, just the last gov, election and gen elections we had a referendum to do away with the income tax!! and the governor ran opposed to it, naturally! and in doing so promised us all property tax relief if elected and if we did not do away with the income taxes, what happened? all our taxes have gone up up up, and incomes? down down down! and now? just this evening there is a town meeting for what are known as overrides to the prop 2 1/2 overrides to raise the property taxes again! needles to say I do not even go to the meetings anymore as it just gets my blood pressure up too high! and I get shouted down by those in town who make their living off of ME!! yes the hall is always packed with the teachers, and police and all the others and their friends, who work for the town, and have called me a hate filled person! just because I can not pay another tax raised to a level 2.5 time what they were when I built my house in 1998!! that is right! my taxes have gone from $1,600/yr to over $4,400/yr and now they are talking 5K!!!! Just recently we had a gentleman come out here from the VA to talk about helping us get some medical help out here! and I brought up the tax issue all of us veterans are facing here, and mentioned an idea like why not if you are a veteran you get some type of ceiling for your taxes? like if you have served your Country, why should my taxes go up so often? If I were a disabled vet or wounded and decorated, then you get a small amount off, but even my car this yr will cost me 2k in excise taxes!!!! yes it is new, only because I needed it! my old one was over 10 years old, and I would say over its life I paid over 10K in excise taxes!!! and it only cost me 17K new!!! These democrats keep raising taxes on the off election years then promise us the moon during the elections and then NOTHING BUT TAX RAISES!!! and the worst part? they want me to sell out, cause then they can charge the new owner what he pays me for the house which is worth more than the appraisal is! and that is only because of a convoluted law called prop. 2 1/2! that says they can not raise the value more than 2.5% a year! but because we are not in a fully developed area??? it does not quit work out that way? and I can never get a straight answer from anyone at town hall!!!

  29. Perfect example of a democracy,controlled by two corrupt parties.Somewhere along the way,we lost that republic the founders gave us.

  30. That’s beyond the pale. They have records, and can figure this type of thing to be an elderly vulnerable person. They should call at the very least, When the amount is this paltry, they should have to go or find an organization to help. It was obvious that she wasn’t comprehending what was happening. I’d think this would come under cruel & unusual punishment. Absolutely horrendous.

  31. It really boils down to the Constitution. We’re not free if we are not allowed to own property. We don’t own anything if to keep it we’ve got to pay extortion fees. The sole purpose of government is to protect our rights.

    James Madison stated, “It is sufficiently obvious, that persons now and property are the two great subjects on which governments are to act; and that the rights of persons, and the rights of property, are the objects, for the protection of which government was instituted.”

  32. Our government and its occupants have become Evil, nothing more. Too many control freaks in our government, not enough reasonable people. Control freaks should be ineligible for office and any government job that allows them to make decisions. They can mow the parks.

  33. How about a new Law that allows for elderly persons on fixed incomes a waiver for any and all State, Local and Federal Taxes? Once any person that is on a fixed income that owns any property for their sole use as a Residence gets an automatic waiver from any and all taxes on the property and structures on that property. These people have worked their entire lives and have apparently paid all taxes and mortgages on their property. At that point in anyone’s life they should no longer have to pay any taxes, property, income, or even sales tax. This is what We as a People have done to our elderly. The City, County, State and Federal Government should NOT get any percentage above the amount owed is and should be a criminal act for anyone on a fixed income. Then when you die they get even more taxes thanks to the Death Taxes. We need a COMPLETE overhaul of the entire Tax System on ALL levels. The Governments at all levels are nothing more than a for profit system and they do not and should not ever be.

  34. The author of this article is spot on. We live in a feudal culture & Washington DC is the new Windsor Castle. We may have even gone as far back as Mercia.

    I have been saying this for well over a decade now – our problem is incumbents. Our problem is the phrase “Civil Servant” – or lack thereof.

    VOTE OUT all incumbents. This must be done for a minimum of four or five election cycles – 16-20 years – until the politicians learn whom they serve. Nothing else will work short of violent revolution. Frankly, nobody really wants to see that. Some of you say you do, sure .. but unless you’ve got a “4” or a “5” on your overseas service ribbon, you’re just talking out your arse.

  35. You must remember that under Agenda 21 NO ONE will be allowed to own property! All will be living in government housing in only those areas designated by the self appointed elite. These shameful actions by the tax people in Pennsylvania are just part of the first steps to accomplishing their intended goal. We have been sold out by the very people we elected to uphold our Constitution.

  36. If the judge was a decent, God-fearing person, he/she would have reached into his/her pocket and paid the damn tax. That would have saved a lot of time and kept the woman in her home. His/her lack of common sense and humanity warrant removal from the bench.

  37. Personally, I would support a kind of scorched earth policy for dealing with the government on issues such as this. Unpaid and continually skyrocketing property taxes on the elderly; inheritance taxes; and taxes on already taxed property used to bleed people dry and to ultimately rob them of their lifetime’s earned property should be met with people torching these possessions just as the federal government tries to seize them. If enough people do this; if the losses on government seizures of these properties versus expenses involved begin skyrocketing with no means of recovering the losses for the government’s heinous actions and if all that is left for the government to do in retribution is to take the losses out of the former owners’ hides equaling even more expense with no possibility of gain, then ultimately things may change. This is especially true once the bad publicity starts glaring them in their big ugly faces and they end up with some of these victims; having literally nothing left to lose, begin taking their own personal losses out on those who personally impose the harsh penalties of the government against them. Not advocating any acts of violence here, but this is only the most logical recourse when a heinous out of control criminal treacherous and outright rogue government bent upon using, harming and even betraying the nation’s citizens continually inflicts so much harm upon these same citizens. The people doing the harm begin receiving the same inflicted upon them and absolutely no one sheds a single tear for these criminals’ losses. Simple factual observation here.

  38. I’m assuming the answer would be to have no taxes. Those property taxes generally go to schools, infrastructure…all those things you guys could do yourself. Or just give old ladies additional welfare in form of no property taxes. You guys are all heart. I also liked the racist comments that the little old lady would have been all right if she were black. Because she had to be white to have government do something to her. I wonder if Obama made them do it.

    • It’s sure happening under his watch (Obama).. Remember when he said “the buck stops here”? Well, he’s a liar. And I’m not a racist but I agree with the person who said that if the lady was black this never would have happened. It sounds like you are racist against whites, Melinda.

      • The President of the US has no right interfering in local property tax activities. So no, the buck does not stop here for what a local municipality does. That would be a dictator. And no I’m not racist against whites. Besides being impossible since I don’t believe whites or blacks are superior to each other or anyone. The statement was nothing would have happened if the woman was black. That’s just a stupid statement based on ridiculous conceptions fed by Fox News, rush and beck and all the other right wing pundits who feed their faithful.

  39. Another consequence of the constitutional framers failing to establish government and society upon Yahweh’s immutable morality:

    “Ye shall not afflict any widow, or fatherless child. If thou afflict them in any wise, and they cry at all unto me, I will surely hear their cry….” (Exodus 22:22-23)

    “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye devour widows’ houses … therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation.” (Matthew 23:14)

    Like the scribes and Pharisees in Christ’s day, the late 1700 Enlightenment founders replaced Yahweh’s law with their own traditions:

    “Thus have ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition. Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying, This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. But in vain they do worship me, teaching [enacting] for doctrines [laws] the commandments of men.” (Matthew 15:6-9)

    Find out how much you REALLY know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our Constitution Survey at http://www.bibleversusconstitution.org/ConstitutionSurvey.html and receive a FREE 85-page book that EXAMINES the Constitution by the Bible.

  40. Frankly, I do not know who wrote this story but they do not understand the real estate tax system in Pennsylvania. The state has nothing directly to do with it – it is administered by local governments: the county, municipality, and school district. While there are significant problems with real estate tax administration in this state it is the basic method of providing services to these taxing districts. Should it be reformed – yes – but I absolutely disagree that it should not be used as one of the taxing methods – particularly in a state like Pennsylvania that does not tax retirement income either at the state or local level. I also believe the state has an obligation to insure that property assessments are current – with one county assessment nearly 60 years old – and my county 42 years old. Beaver County’s assessment has been done in recent years. Incidentally, I am retired and benefiting by the income tax system in this state and pay (tomorrow) one of the largest single family real estate bills in the town in which I live. No one likes paying taxes and certainly not my wife and me but to assert what is asserted in this post is irresponsible, at best.

    • You may be right, but it does look like a bureacratic ripoff . The smaller taxing entities are no different than the large ones. They all have greedy people working in them., And who knows just some out right mean ones, for meaness sake.

      • There is no question about the accuracy of my response as their is no question about the misrepresentation of the writer’s post. I might also say that I have strong doubts that a home in Beaver County owned by a widow is worth $280,000 and that actually the sale price sounds more reasonable. I note that by the small amounts of tax due which means that the assessment is low and because Beaver County generally does not have a high valued real estate stock. I find it regrettable that she went through this and the house was sheriff sold for the amount of tax due suggested- but I am not even sure that representation is accurate – since the bulk of this post rants against property tax in general – and not what happened to this woman. In other words, this seems like an outrageous situation that might be something else entirely.

  41. How about a little common sense? Someone needs a good come-to-Jesus meeting. WHO would ever start proceedings against anyone for that tiny pittance? If I worked for that city I would pay it out of my own pocket.

    Why is everyone so damned holier-than-thou nowadays? Why do people want to jump into the middle of others for the least little transgression?

    Every government entity is so bloated, so self-absorbed, so eager to come out on top of the slightest skirmish that we have lost our humanity.

  42. It is our privilege to be able to vote but it has become a time of discouragment when our vote really doesn’t count. I will always vote but I hope that some future election will have people whom I would vote for with pleasure.
    We are not living in the America I grew up in and it will never be the same until masses of people decide to put God first in our lives, learn His ways and apply them to our lives. Then our land will be healed God’s way.
    Psalm 28:5 Because they regard not the works of the Lord, nor the operation of his hands, he shall destroy them, and not build them up.
    2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by MY name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked (rejection of God’s) ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
    II Peter 3:18… but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity.

  43. There’s something fishy here. I don’t think the state can take someone’s property like this, at least without a serious court proceeding and very drastic circumstances. The usual process is to put a lien against the property so that they can’t transfer the title (i.e., sell the property) unless the arrears are paid.

    Things are bad, but we’re not communists. Yet.

    I would fact check this first.

  44. The state of PA is no different than the crook who steals a lifetime fortune, or a relative, or other person, who scams an old person out of their fortune. Were I on a jury, she’d get 10 times damages, just to teach them pucks a lesson.

  45. “They take. They kill. They rob. They fine. They do what they want with
    what you’ve worked to earn. And there’s really nothing you can do about
    Oh but there is. Our founding fathers wrote about it in the Declaration of Independence. Now the question is, do we have the guts to do as our founding fathers did? Or is our own private little world we live in to important. The kids soccer games, music lessons, the attitude that as long as it happens to someone else it doesn’t involve/matter to me because I’m the center of my universe?
    People, wake up. Sooner or later it will happen to all of us, it’s just a matter of time. There is an old saying ” No rest for the wicked “, I think you could apply that to the politicians in Washington D.C. that are busy destroying this once great nation. It doesn’t happen over night, they take a little here and a little there, and before you know it, they’ve gotten everything. This government won’t be content until it controls every aspect of your life. That includes the federal government all the way down to the local level of state and city governments. There is something ” evil ” afoot here and this way comes.
    What are YOU prepared to do about it?
    Just my 2 cents worth.

    • Were it not for government Social Security this widow would likely not have been able to even eat. Say what you will, but it is not the government sometimes that creates the problem for widows, orphans, and elderly. Often it is a lifetime of giving, taking, partying or working in service related jobs for low wages, which has them nearly bankrupt. Anyone who makes good money & spends it on a boat, car, or any other luxury item without saving something for their own retirement deserves poverty. They don’t deserve having a $280G home stolen from them for a fine of $6.30, That, our founders would consider, cruel, and unusual.

      • What about the constitution. Doesn’t the constitution and bill of rights promise freedom to property, life and liberty, no unseasonable taxes and unreasonable searches ?? What ahppened to this cool thing called freedom??

        • Public officials have been thumbing their noses at the Constitution and BOR for a long time and daring anyone to try fighting back.

        • Well, let’s talk about the Constitution. The Constitution can’t promise you anything. The Constitution is merely a paper document, albeit a mighty important one at that. The Constitution guarantees that you have the inalienable right to pursue such things as property, life, liberty, etc. The Constitution establishes your authority to protect these rights. Unfortunately, what many miss is that these rights must be pursued and protected by We the People – the Constitution can’t do it for us, again, it’s just a paper document.

          That “cool thing called freedom”, by no means is free. It must be fought for. There’s no way around it, other than submission.

      • And when these people that have paid all their lives into Social Security reach the retirement age without any other income, from as you say working for low wages, is not a crime. Not everyone can have a fortune 500 job with a big corporation or company. People work at what they can do within their means. As you said those that make a good living and waste the money on boats, and other toys and do not save for a rainy day more or less ask for the situation they find themselves in. This still does not change the fact of the criminal action of selling someones $280 k house from under them for a debt owed of $6.30. I don’t hate people because they have more than I do, so I don’t see where it is right to take from widows, orphans, or the elderly no matter what their lives were. We take care of our own, that’s the American way. We don’t toss the elderly, orphans, and widows out into the street over $6.30. Especially when our government has no problem with ” illegal aliens ” that sneak into this country and offer free entitlements to them. Take care of our own first. There is an old saying that goes something like this ” Charity begins at home ” another words take care of your own before taking care of someone else ( illegal aliens ).
        This current government is doing all in it’s power to destroy traditional America and the goodness of it’s people.

      • Many people in this country in the last 10 or 15 years or so, watched their retirement disappear, or a good portion of it, due to others criminal mishandling. Next, people lost very good jobs, some had had for 20 or 30 years, with no jobs in sight to replace them. Then, people lost their homes. Some of these people did prepare.

        If anyone in financial difficulties deserves government aid it is the elderly, the infirm, or those who truly cannot help themselves. We spend, in state and federal dollars, billions in aid and programs for those who have entered this country illegally, while programs for special needs and the elderly are cut.

        None of us prepared for having to support millions, upon millions, of people all too content to live the good life off the American teat, with no valid claim, while many citizens of this country are struggling to put food on the table.

        For many these days, saving for retirement is a dream. Working until you drop dead will be more like it.

    • #1 – DC, on the Mall.
      May 16th to ?
      Operation American Spring

      Will you be there?

      #2 – Convention of States

      Has your state joined?

      #3 – National Liberty Alliance
      Common Law Grand Juries
      Has your county joined?

      Just my 2 cents

  46. If Jesus was here right now he would say it to their faces “man your some kind of sinner!!!” We are suppose to care for Widows and Orphans.

    • If jesus were here in his Earthly form he would knock the evil modern day money lenders , fraudy bankers and liar politicians who force exectuve orders gone bad, and taxes to pay for the murder of babies old people and disabled,

  47. As part of the program for Orleans County, New York SCOPE (Shooters’ Committee On Political Education), we would deliver boxes of food to elderly, disabled, and the like at Xmas time. One old lady I took the box to started crying. She had no idea how she was going to pay her bills let alone purchase presents for her grandchildren at that time of year. She said she was a couple days away from being without food, and a week, or more, yet before the next SS check. Democrat she may have been, but putting people in such poverty just behooves me. The most vulnerable get little while scammers & schemers on welfare, and through Medicaid/Medicare fraud make tens of thousands, or millions through their graft. Many getting away with it over & over & over. Worst part of this story, the woman had to come up with her town & county taxes the next month. A sharecropper likely had a better home. She died that year. Could it have been when she saw her January tax bill?

    • No. Localities can move surprisingly fast, especially if there is no organized (i.e. Lawyer) opposition to the sale. In Virginia it can take place in just a few months, and the “sale” takes place on the courthouse steps where there will be usually 5 or 6 people present. An elderly lady without any advice, could easily be destroyed by this.
      The problem should be corrected by requiring the government prove they have made a ProActive attempt to assure the property owner is properly informed and represented.


  49. So much for elected representation. They do however, do a good job of taking care of their own financial future. Ever see a congressman come out of office with less then he went in even after only one term?

  50. Where are the people near this poor lady??? Where is an attorney to help this poor lady…. If she was my neighbor, I would do everything I could to help her and why in hell can’t the greedy government let up and at least wait until she passes….. This is disgusting and I am shocked tht the people in her neighborhood aren’t up in arms for her and helping.

  51. In most cases, houses with delinquent tax bills are put up for Sheriff sales. The owner has the opportunity to pay the back taxes and gets to keep the home. I don’t know what happened in this case but she needs to get a “go-for-the-jugular” attorney and rip those people a new one. A little national publicity on this one should bring a swift result. Absolutely disgraceful government behavior.

    • The State of Washington does one even worse. they allow strangers to pay the tax, and then confiscate the property. They let them steal a persons house or property. The propery owner has no recourse, and usually doesn’t know what happened until a sheriffs deputy comes to evict you.

  52. This is just WRONG in so many ways. How can those people stand to live with themselves? This is what you get when evil takes over and there is no longer any compassion in government or business dealings. The sense of what’s right and what’s wrong is now dead it seems.

  53. “Property Tax” is ABSOLUTE PROOF that the STATE owns your property, and any deed to it you have is worthless. Property tax is RENT paid to the State Landlord. Don’t pay the “rent”, and of course you are evicted. And of course it should be changed. And also-also of course, funding must be found for “public services”, but may I suggest that at retirement age the “State” allow ones primary residence to be EXEMPT from taxation! LETS SEE SOME POLITICIANS OUT THERE DO SOMETHING RIGHT FOR A CHANGE!!!!

  54. Why didn’t someone in our taxpayer funded government come to the aid of this elderly lady? It is the responsibility of everyone regardless of race, ethnic background, or avocation to help one another out when in trouble, especially our senior citizens. Government employees are supposed to be “public service” employees being paid by taxpayers to provide these services, and should have taken the time to thoroughly check this out before auctioning this woman’s house without her approval for any amount, let alone $6.30. Absolutely disgusting.

    • Government employees are all progressive ,liberal Democrats that mock the private sector . They only pretend to have concern for the down trodden because they are doing the trodding.

    • I read of a number of cases in the last year or do regarding elderly people who have become ill or been admitted to the hospital. Neither the hospital, nor Social Services, made any attempt to contact any living children. Instead, as quickly as possible, had the court appoint a “guardian”, then completely drained the estate. In one case, they took “custody” of a husband and wife, in another the patient had a son in the same town.

      So much for caring for our elderly, let alone the rule of law.

  55. This can not be true. If it was true I don’t see how the woman could avoid murder. If the state did that to me, I truly believe those responsible would see a few bullets as the last thing they see. Yes I would end up in jail or in prison. That is how in rage I would be. I’d become a raged mad woman!

  56. What crap! No one really “owns” their homes or property, we are “renting” from the effing government. Property tax as well as income tax should be illegal!

  57. An effing piece of crap! Why wasnt the tax on her bill????? Or did old dirty Harry and son buy it for $6……ewwwwwwwwwe

  58. If I had been in a position to know how she was going to get shafted, I would have paid the fine myself. The amount doesn’t justify the asinine consequences. Maybe some day one of these bastard bureaucrats, reprobate politicians, or arrogant judges will be dying of a heart attack as you walk by and you can say: ‘Sorry, but I’m on my way to lunch’.

  59. I live in a state where both property values and property tax rates are probably on the low end of the scale nationally; and we have no state income tax, except on interests and dividends above an amount that will never affect most people. But putting all that aside, I consider property taxes even worse than income taxes for the very reason given in the article: they amount to a never-ending mortgage on something that you own. At least with income taxes, when you stop earning income the taxes stop.

  60. The state could have easily sent her a message by one of their employees. Cost wouldn’t have been a factor when all the money they waste is considered.

  61. We do have something called a tax lien just for that purpose. The corrupt politicians just decided they could take her house and make a few dollars in the process. I call people like that thieves. Politicians, lawyers and bankers are all infected with the same greed and dishonesty and they are the ones who are running everything, This is not America anymore and it never will be again. Who could we possibly blame but the citizens who refuse to take part in saving our once beautiful country. We allowed all this to take place, so look in the mirror and ask why.

  62. This is one reason that I advocate the real property tax is unconstitutional: It violates both the fourth and fifth amendments. To put it bluntly:

    When a person buys property, that is theirs, not the government. The government is NOT landlord, nor should it have the right to evict someone from property that bought, paid for, and resided in legally. The government feels otherwise; it is their property, you pay a yearly rent for it, and they can evict you at will for any violation they think applies, be it failure to pay taxes or to collect rainwater illegally. Yes, they do consider that water from the skies rightfully belongs to them and you have no business collecting it in any manner.

    It is time to put this overbearing landlord into a well maintained house of steel, protected by armed guards to ensure compliance with their commands. If you feel the same way, tell your representatives in government that the government does not own your property and that they work for you, not some agenda.

  63. Whoever ordered this home sold should be horse whipped, and then thrown in jail for the rest of their miserable existence on a diet of bread, beans, coffee and water. This is outrageous at the highest level. We the People need to wake up because any one of us could the next to suffer the injustice of our current very sick iteration of government. There has to be a special place in hell for those who order these things done to others.

  64. Even the news paper king Herst fought that battle with California taxing property. The Herst family had to give their property to California as a state park. The castle is facinating to visit, and the history that goes with it. But why should we have to pay rent to the state to live in our own homes? Sure the state needs income from taxes of some kind to provide services that otherwise no one could afford themselves. But people on pensions have paid taxes all their lives and worked hard for the day when work becomes impossible to perform. At that point in time taxes need to stop. The state needs to start eating the tax it would otherwise collect from pensioners.

  65. This is why the 2nd Amendment exists. Normally, the state would put a lien on the property. Why they sold it is beyond me. Perhaps out of sheer spite. They deserve death.

  66. I think when a person has worked all there life since high school graduation or obtaining a GED and reaches retirement age all taxes should be ended for that person. A person is most unable to pay all these taxes of every kind once they are retired and on a fixed income. This could easily be done with a fiscally responsible government. Our government loses more money thru waste, special projects, corruption, foriegn aid, pork and who knows whate else, we sure as hell don’t.

  67. Maybe someone should have checked to see if the woman was hurt or sick and couldnt get around, or maybe even a little mentally deficient. Regardless I doubt if they
    did more than send threatening letters. but the state knows better and lets face it, its a good way to make a few bucks Of course the attorneys have their hand in it too.
    If the woman knew they were coming for her house its a good thing she didnt burn it down and collect the insurance.

  68. If you mail your tax in and the postal system is late, the clerks office gleefully sends you a late notice of a few bucks, plus interest, plus penalty. The the letter turns nasty, with threats of more fines,penalties, etc. All because THEY have the power. The worst is I have always paid on time, although I am allowed to make payments in 2 different times. But the holier than thou beauracrats, think you should pay it in one lump sum, even though the law makers divided it up to take the stink out of it. Beauracrats are the scum of the earth, and may they all burn in Hell.

  69. Some gutless wonder didn’t have the sense of common decency to help this poor widow? May the puke reprobate who issued this sale and the spineless weasel that bought it have a life time of misery.

  70. I only want to know who the obama dick sucking scum bought this lady’s home. That pile of excrement should be doing the gallows jig, as well as ALL the folks involved in the solicitors office of legal theft.

  71. If the LEFTIST PROPAGANDA MACHINE actually REPORTED the TRUTH there would be a wholesale cleansing of politicians at every level, federal, state & local.

  72. I used to conduct foreclosure sales for a title insurance company in Las Vegas and certain procedures were mandatory before the auction. First, a certified letter and publishing in a newspaper for at least three weeks I think, it was a long time ago. But the essence is that a certified letter to the owner at his/her last know address had to be sent. If the county did not conform to these guidelines before auctioning off the widow’s property, maybe the auction was conducted improperly and she may have recourse for an illegal sale.

  73. and just how much had the owner paid in insurance to protect her from such petty cases, great way to grab more lands under their version of the laws by suddenly finding there are mistakes and taking her home for a minor amount. shameful

  74. I would like to know, which President, House or Senate stated this taxing ones property anyway. We know it wasn’t done in the first place as people would homestead and etc. So, who stated all this and kept it up? WE buy a home, pay a mortgage for years on it, we pay school tax for our children, then they grow up and we keep paying that tax. Then some how, just to own this property out right, is seems never again. So why not? Election year is here and time to fight back, I hope.

  75. this judge needs to be fired .. for of all things, having poor ” judgement”… this is a very very sick thing to do.. people of Beaver Pa. get of you arses and do something about this.. you could be next.. so let us all hear from the citizens of this town in Pa. and let it be that you took the court house down with the dumb ass judge sitting on his high horse in your court rooms.. the town council needs to be replaced with actual people.. are you kidding me ? if this story is factual.. the people of this town are just as responsible as the dumbass judge

  76. Minkoff is worried about this lady? Really?? If this woman were eventually on a “fixed income” and she depended on food stamps, Minkoff would have called her one of Paul Ryan’s “takers.”

  77. IF we didn’t have so many socialist fools and weak minded sheep that keep voting for higher property taxes and allowing fee increases some of this would NOT be happening. Then WE would be telling the state who’s the boss!

  78. The Republic has been lost, given over to corrupt politicians who play the system, gain power, and rule with impunity. The Constitution has been trashed and all three branches are in league with each other to take and pillage. The state govts and mere serfs in the kingdom with little power or control, as they choose to remain under the thumb of tyranny, even though the people would probably stand with them if they chose to rise up and oppose the wicked laws and the evil men who control Washington. Such is the fate of a people who forget God and reject Christ. Liberty is only for those who bow to the King of Kings. Our founders knew this, as did our enemies, so they got prayer and Bible reading out of our schools, have made vassal clones out of most of the population, and made this into a nation under bondage to the ruling class.

  79. I have been saying for years you can never own your home until all property tax is eliminated. You work hard for thirty years to pay for your home and then pay the government the rest of your life to live in it. In reality you pay life long rent on your home and never truly own it. If they must have it (and I don’t think they should), then at least stop all payment of property tax when your home is paid for. Those responsible for doing this woman like this should be fired and brought to court and be given a long prison term for their callous actions against her. Maybe if we start putting away some of these crooks then soon others will get the message and start working for the people as they are paid to do not harass and take what they want when they want it.

  80. Sick. If I worked at that office I would have paid that for her. The GOVERNMENT SUCKS. What goes around comes around and I HOPE EVERYONE INVOLVED HAS BAD KARMA THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. It is disgusting. We need to vote ANY POLITICIAN WHO THE MEDIA LOVES AND GET THE out. It is turning into war. The government against the American people.

  81. Immoral…Should be illegal…….Absolutely, positively insane . The State should be forced to release her property back to her, be fined, forced out of office, and jailed. There seems to be no end to idiots doing as they please under the guise of BIG BROTHER. I will add, that I certainly hope there is more to this than what I have read.

  82. The Judge that made the ruling should be removed from office for plain assed stupidity Anyone that would judge for the state for this amount of money is a Thief and a discredit to their community. FOR THE PEOPLE Not FOR BIG BROTHER!

  83. I dont believe this story as it is totally outlandish, and no Judge would do this to an older woman or anyone over $6.00 unless he has no morals, is vile and a non Christian.

  84. If I had been handling her paperwork, I would have reached in my pocket, walked to the cashier, and paid her $6.30 fine. Except I probably would have been fired or received a negative review when my boss found out about it.

  85. This is more than abhorrent, it is criminal. There are sharks that swim around waiting for deals like this! They are also usually in cahoots with someone on the inside…in this case someone who knew this property was prime for the taking under the guise of a “technicality”!! These people on the inside (it happens in various levels of government and banking) usually get their pockets greased. This is an indictment of the lack of morality in America. Had I been anywhere in volved in this case (working for the tax assessment division etc…… I would have paid the $6.30 for the poor woman! What is America coming to? Sad.

  86. And government goons just can’t understand why people like Timothy McVeigh exist! Hell will be filled with scum that take advantage of widows, orphans and the weak. That pretty much fills it up with lawyers and politicians.

  87. Our government has effectively re-instituted slavery. You work all your life for the bank/government lie that you can own your own property only to find out you own nothing. Put money in savings and the government thieves devalue every dollar saved with inflation. Put money in a house and the government steals that with inflated values and crushing property taxes. At least if you were a slave before 1865 the Massa had to feed, house and clothe you. Now the government Massa just steals everything they can get their worthless hands on and what you eat, wear and where you live is your problem. Let them eat cake indeed!

  88. Since we have no say in who gets to run for office. Whoever gets the most money wins. The wealth and Wall Street picks to ones to back for president and other key races. For 2016 they have picked Clinton & Bush for president.

  89. Maybe it’s time we have the law changed, so when someone owes less than xxxx.xx amount of dollars the case must be reviewed by a judge and the party owing the money must be reached in person prior to proceeding with a sale of the property. Other than that, I see nothing here but corruption and theft, and the lack on anyone’s part to show concern for another human being more than the $6.95, or whatever the total was! Everyone involved in this should be highly ashamed of themselves! They better start praying for forgiveness and hope God is in a good mood, to say the least!

  90. This is truly the most unkind thing I have heard of. To sell a widow’s home for a $6.00 debt is highway robbery and only the lowest form of humanity would stoop to such. Voters must vote these people out and if they are appointed vote out of office the person who appointed them. Then the woman should sue them in civil court for her home, the mental anguish she has suffered and anything else her lawyers can come up with.

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