Viral Videos Palestinian Style: “How to Stab a Jew”

Some apparently serious things are so absurd in themselves that it is hard to determine whether to laugh heartily at them, or cry for humanity. Or something of both. Religionists tend to produce some of the more compelling “parodies of themselves.” Like the new Palestinian viral video “How to Stab a Jew”. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Not even Monty Python would have gone this far in making fun of Islam. Which is why I find this whole situation so ridiculous. Muslims take themselves so seriously, and they demand that everyone else in the world take them seriously (or else!), but then they make and promulgate this kind of zany stuff, and you just sit there thinking, “How can I take these guys seriously?”

I understand this video is vile. But I think perhaps being horrified by it is the less healthy and effective response. Muslims want us to watch this video and be outraged and intimidated. But what if we just laughed at Islam instead? What if we refused to take seriously people who actually believe that Satan pees in your ear if you fall asleep during prayer? Wouldn’t that be better?

Whatever you do, try for a moment to see that “How to Stab a Jew” like everything else done by Islamic extremists is a calculated attempt to look big and tough. Islamic men like the biggest watches, the biggest phones, the biggest cars. Think they’re compensating for something? We need to stop feeding this garbage by being intimidated.

And that doesn’t stop with Palestinian Jew-stabbing videas. When Kim Jong-whoever tells us all about how big his missile is, can we just laugh? When some people who may or may not have been from North Korea threaten violence in theaters over a movie as stupid as The Interview, can we just laugh? When Putin bare-backs a horse bare-chested, can we just laugh?

Sure, take things seriously. But take the right things seriously. Let’s respond to terror with effective, calculated, reasonable, and defensive force, and leave off all this feckless outrage. Seriously.

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