US Patent Office Received Zero Public Complaints about Redskins

The US Patent Office recently released the piddling evidence of public disgruntlement over the “offensive” nature of the Washington football team’s preferred label—Redskins.

And when I say piddling, what I really mean is non-existent. In fact, before the US Patent Office stripped the Washington Redskins of its trademarks, no one had written to them about the Redskins. At all. Which means that the US Patent Office determined that the name was offensive without any record that the name had ever offended anyone:

A Freedom of Information Act request from The Washington Times asking for any communications from Congress or the public produced just 13 pages of records.

Six of those pages were a handwritten, meandering letter from a man in Lubbock, Texas, whose position on the team name controversy isn’t clear. Another writer congratulated the appeals board after its decision but questioned whether the judges would “go after” the United Negro College Fund. Both letters were sent after the ruling.

In addition, there were a few pages of email correspondence between staffers for the USPTO and Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, the District of Columbia’s nonvoting member of Congress. Ms. Norton has been a vocal critic of the team name, but her staffers were mostly seeking background information on the case.

That’s puzzling, for sure. But it’s par for the course with the civil government. The controversy here is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The civil government has now made it an issue. Now, people will come crawling out of the woodwork applauding the civil government’s circumspection or condemning the civil government’s political correctness. News outlets like this one will comment on the situation, because it’s news now. It really shouldn’t be news, though.

Want one clear indication that Redskins is not offensive? Commentators and politicians will say the name baldly and frequently, without a hush to their voices. Can you imagine these same people saying the dreaded n-word with such cavalier nonchalance? Hardly.

I hear the Washington Redskins are appealing this stupid decision. And I hope they win… so we can stop talking about it.

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  1. The Redskins should “refuse to comply”. Another case of the government putting their nose where it does not belong.

    • A little civil disobedience could be a good thing. I doubt if one can find anyone with that much guts in most corporate headquarters these days.

      • It’s working for families who are pressuring stores not to allow guns on the premises. This should happen across the country.

    • prove it citations please
      Using blanket insults on a continuous basis proves that you have no substantive argument.

      • “prove it citations please”
        How bout you start with the situation along the TX/AZ/Mexico border which is staring us in the face??

  2. It is none of the jerks’ business what the team is called. Only a fool would be offended by the name. Fools should be ignored.

  3. These demonic rats have nothing better to do than mess with everyone’s life. I kind of think a bankrupt countries politicians would be concerned about a President .Who makes up and breaks laws as he goes along. A president who always rules outside the confines of the Constitution.

    • I wonder if the ‘ Redskins ‘ name applies to those red potatoes – could those be offensive also? How ridiculous this entire BS is….grocery stores now will be censored? Farmers who grow & sell them be told to cease and desist? Get a grip, Washington, you’re totally losing it.

  4. The patent just makes the name the sole possession of the football team. It doesn’t stop the football team from using the name. In fact, without the patent anybody can now use the name. We should be seeing a lot more Redskin items & teams

    • True, but the problem is that anybody who wants to can sell Redskins apparel, etc. and profit from it.

  5. Your article was great until your next to last sentence wherein you stated, “Can you imagine these same people saying the dreaded n-word with such cavalier nonchalance?” My objection is not about your thought but about the fact that you used the OWinfreyism “n-word”! By using the “n-word” you automatically give this word infinitely more power than it deserves. It can be used in both a pejorative and non-pejorative manner.

    Clearly, in a pejorative manner, the use of the word nigger is unconscionable, but to create the impression that it is worse than any other word is inexcusable. Words such as kike, yid, hebe, sheeny are every bit as offensive to Jews as the word nigger may be offensive black Americans, yet Oprah has never spoken out about these words.

    Robert Hayes Halfpenny

    • True. Has she ever spoken out about blacks calling whites, especially southern whites, crackers? Seems to me she only cares about blacks being offended and could care less that non-blacks are offended.

      USMC 1970-1974

      • Oprah has gotten to that point where she believes her own press. Unfortunately, that is the point that usually becomes the kiss of death for a lot of do-gooders who fail to realize they are not infallible.


        Robert Hayes Halfpenny

        • Bob, thanks for your kind words about the Corps. I was proud to serve and, 40 years later, still consider myself a Marine. I sometimes wonder how many people really do care what Marines, and other service personnel, have sacrificed for the United States. But, I would do it all over again. The United States Marine Corps was an experience that I will never forget.

          Happy Independence Day to you and the rest of the US.

          USMC 1970-1974

          • A very good article, and very appropriate. For the last several years, I’ve been telling lots of people we need a 2nd American Revolution. I get such strange looks, like I’m crazy or at least somewhat unbalanced. I just wish I could find more people willing to listen and take what action is needed. There doesn’t HAVE to be a battle but, I fear that is what the situation will eventually come down to.

            Thanks for the link to this article.

            USMC 1970-1974

      • Bill Cosby has never used the expression to describe members of the black community. He has however come down hard on both the males and females of the black younger generation. He has nailed them on how they dress, how they speak, their lack of appreciation for education, their wasting of time, and several other points as well.

  6. Oh my God! Isn’t there far more important things to worry about than a football team’s name? This is just about as stupid as that kid getting in trouble at school for eating his pop-tart into the shape of a gun. What a bunch of childish crap! It’s just a name for a team and I for one am not offended by the use of “Redskins”, all that does is put me and the rest of us “Redskins” on a better level than the idiots who are making waves about it. The same goes for the “nigger” word, it’s just a word and if the blacks can use it so can anyhbody else. Grow up and shut up!

  7. Not only will the Redskins prevail, I hope they seek damages…I for one just bought a redskin shirt in support, even though I am not a fan, but I am a fan of free enterprise and free speech!

  8. Further evidence (as if more was needed) that Harry Reid is a completely intolerant, arrogant, America hating, fringe leftist, “progressive” radical extremist.

  9. I guess that the Patent Office thinks that we, the public, are too stupid to know what is supposed to offend us.

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