Transgender is the New Gay

Most of us knew this day was coming. We warned homosexual activists that the path toward “gay” “marriage” would open up a Pandora’s box of social issues with none but an arbitrary legal boundary. Well, apparently it’s already begun, even before the gay marriage issue has been resolved. What’s next? According to TIME magazine, the transgender issue is “America’s next civil rights frontier.”

What this means is that, even before homosexuals have gained “equal” status in society, transgender people will be seeking the same stamp of normalcy from mainstream America. I’m sure that will include civil “rights” like protection from all forms of discrimination and bullying and forced “health” benefits for sex-change operations. This will just be yet another way the civil government sticks its nose into your business.

I think it ironic that the purported proponents of a “live-and-let-live” attitude seem to always be at the forefront of forcing you and me to accept whatever it is they say. Homosexuals and transgender people have always said they just “wanted to be left alone to live their lives.” They talk about how “what we do in the privacy of their bedrooms doesn’t concern you.”  They say we shouldn’t “legislate morality.”

But who is really forcing whom here? Heterosexuals aren’t forcing our version of marriage on homosexuals. We don’t have Heterosexual Pride parades. We largely left homosexuals to do their thing in the privacy of their own homes. We have been the biggest proponents of “live and let live.” The real social tyrants here are the marginal voices of the LGBT community who are tireless in their efforts to force their way of life on the rest of us.

And it won’t stop here. It started with a catchall criticism of “homophobes.” Now, the talking heads have to watch out for “transphobia.” It’s only a matter of time before we start hearing ourselves called “pedophobes” and “zoophobes” when we don’t admit that “pedophilia is just another sexual orientation like heterosexuality and homosexuality” and bestiality is a “victimless” act.  Ten years ago, most people would have said I was obviously exaggerating. That I was comitting a slippery slope fallacy. But sometimes what looks like a slippery slope fallacy is just a warning of an actual slippery slope. This is a case in point.

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  1. Maybe it’s time the normal, (depending on what normal means to you), people start yelling “hetrophobia”.

  2. I support reserved parking spaces and signs next to the handicap for LGBT, and give them their own public bathrooms.

  3. sorry, Michael Minkoff, but I am afraid that you completely missed the point. The point is that every human being should receive the same rights/benefits/privileges/penalties as any other human being. If you feel that the transgender community is “at the forefront of forcing you and me to accept whatever it is they say” then that is something you will need to deal with.

    • “Harm” is a subjective term. I consider my 12 year old son “harmed” by being forced to deal with kids of like age (actually, 10 at the time) in his school who, along with their grievously misguided parents, have decided that they’re somehow no longer what nature and nature’s God decreed them to be at their birth.

  4. When you say “we” have been the biggest proponents of “live & let live ” you cannot be speaking of the GOP!

    • Oh give it a rest already MrMalibuBarbieLABobfromNYC. You always paint with a broad brush and come to think of it, you just plain lie.

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  7. Why are there so many sick and confused people in this world? Could it be because people are not teaching morals to their children or giving them enough love? These transgenders are usually very ugly men in women’s clothes. They need to be treated for their disorder.

  8. Yesterday Rush Limbaugh had a caller was who speaking about trannys. For a moment I thought he meant “transmissions”, and we were going to hear a pro and con about manual vs. automatic transmissions, LOL.

  9. After over Two Thousand years, the doctrines of Sodom & Gomorrah are being thrust upon us – Again!…

  10. They can change their descriptions all they want, but that does not change the fact that all gays are child molesters – they can’t procreate so they indoctrinate.

  11. Transgender is not the new gay; it is only the same sickness of the mind that is “fixed” by going under the surgeon’s scalpel. And that is not a “repair”; it is a radical change of body parts that require psychological counselling to adapt to the very thought that the body is no longer whole.

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