Test Results for Vaccines Falsified by Big Pharmacy Company?

I never know what to think about news stories on big pharmacy and big medicine. On the one hand, I’m open to believing that there is a global Malthusian conspiracy aimed at destroying our health, or that, at least, corporations in our day generally care more about money than they do about ethical uprightness.

But on the other hand, I hear stories about big pharmacy and big agriculture all the time, and it is impossible to determine how many of them are actually true. Obviously, the mainstream media doesn’t report on corporate corruption very much (unless it’s politically or financially expedient). And many of the smaller sites are organized to generate clickthroughs, views, shares, and traffic. Which means they aren’t always vetting their stories very carefully (or writing them very well for that matter).

All that said, I read a story recently that I thought I would share because I think it is worth checking into:

Natural News reports that former employees for Merck (a big drug company that makes vaccines among other things) admitted to falsifying mumps vaccine tests for their employer. Apparently, employees knowingly  put animal anti-bodies in blood samples to achieve more favorable test results. Merck, of course, denies everything.

This part of the story I firmly believe. Outbreaks of disease are commonly blamed on ignorant, anti-science, anti-vaccine parents, when it may just be the case that vaccines are not as effective as people claim or think they are. Vaccines have a success rate for sure, but that percentage is far below the touted 95% range. That range is drawn from test results that were probably falsified. Further, it would make sense for vaccine companies to blame disease outbreaks on people not being vaccinated. What better way to get new customers?

Don’t get me wrong. I understand herd immunity and all of that. But that theory relies squarely on the assumption that all vaccines work 95 or more percent of the time. Some of them don’t, obviously. In the olden days, inoculations were carefully prepared from live disease cultures. This was more costly and more difficult. Big pharmacy figured out a way to mass-produce vaccines by suspending the live culture in toxic heavy metal preservatives. The problem is that, for one, the culture may not have the same effectiveness as a fresh live culture. And secondly, toxic heavy metals are bad for you, especially when taken in such high doses. And further, they give a battery of these high dose vaccines to little children (who aren’t even allowed to take regular-strength Tylenol) for pretty much any and every disease under the sun—by default.

Anyway, I love the idea of vaccination and inoculation. It is firmly rooted in the homeopathic practice of hormesis. I don’t like how vaccines are being manufactured or administered today, however. There is too much room for corruption, and not enough concern for the health and well-being of individuals. I encourage you to read the article on Natural News and tell me what you think.

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  1. I wonder what will happen to Merck. Probably just a small fine then business as usual until the next time. They should be punished big time.

  2. As a health consultant I only recommend for small pox and poilio because all other vaccines are not to be trusted and generally will cause more illness, especially when combined as for infants and toddlers and pets. Big Pharma and the FDA walk hand in hand and screw us! By the time a pharmaceutical company is “caught”, they have already made multi-millions and a fine won’t hurt them even a little bit. I feel so sorry for those lining up for a guess work flu shot and many don’t even realize it is incubated in eggs and many have sensitivities to eggs and chickens. Can’t even believe WHO either. In 2009 and all about the H1N1 flu, I was studying in China and among 1.4 billion Chinese, no one had this disease. Lot of hype, little science, and a lot of even sicker people. AND, the annual flu shot has now been connected to dementia, the worst case being Alzheimer’s.

  3. I’m current with all, including Tdap; Hep A/B; Shingles; Pneumococcal; polio and Yellow Fever, but have never had influenza vaccine. I refused the flu shot just yesterday in my internist’s office
    ret expat (10 + years) MD: NBME; ABIM; ABNM; ABR w/spec comp NR and 46 years in medicine

  4. Autism, many years ago, showed up as 1 in 10,000 children contracting it. Since the measles vaccine, it is now 1 IN EVERY 50 CHILDREN. Vaccines contain several toxic ingredients such as aluminum, phenoxyethanol, formaldehyde, MSG and a neurotixic mercury (thimerosal). Boost your immune system with healthy foods and stay away from vaccines if at all possible.

    Also, when your doctor prescribes a medication, tell him you don’t want any of the newer ones but the older ones. The older ones were on the market BEFORE the FDA started putting them out faster. It’s the newer ones that you see killing people. The FDA actually gets a kickback from the drug companies for doing this.

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