Surprise! New Docs Involve White House in IRS Scandal

I’m sure everyone here will be extraordinarily surprised to find out that 2,500 new documents indicate that the White House knew what the IRS was doing to conservative non-profits all along:

In a shocking [sic] revelation, the Treasury Inspector General has identified some 2,500 documents that “potentially” show taxpayer information held by the Internal Revenue Service being shared with President Obama’s White House.

The discovery was revealed to the group Cause of Action, which has sued for access to any of the documents. It charges that the IRS and White House have harassed taxpayers.

In an email from the Justice Department’s tax office, an official revealed the high number of documents, suggesting that the White House was hip deep in probes of taxpayers, likely including conservatives and Tea Party groups associated with the IRS scandal.

Also of interest, 30,000 emails have been recovered that had apparently been lost when Lois Lerner’s phantom hard drive crashed and then burned right in time to make it harder to know just what had been shared with the White House. So I guess we can expect that in the next few months, this IRS scandal will finally blow up and people will get really upset about it. There might even be protests and riots over it.

Nope. More than likely, as has been the case with every other major scandal the Obama Presidency has weathered, people won’t even care about or talk about this. But, just for reference, check out these words from the lead paragraph in Wikipedia’s article about Watergate:

Nixon and his close aides ordered harassment of activist groups and political figures, using the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The scandal led to the discovery of multiple abuses of power by the Nixon administration, articles of impeachment, and the resignation of Richard Nixon, the President of the United States, on August 9, 1974—the only resignation of a U.S. President to date.

That sounds awfully similar to what has been going on with the IRS scandal. And it is becoming ever more clear that the White House has been attempting to cover its tracks and destroy evidence. But this isn’t 1974. You can’t just burn some paper documents and be done with it. Even when you wipe a hard drive, you never know what might be floating in the cloud. So all these IRS and White House cover-ups seem to have done nothing to effectively destroy the evidence. But, again, this isn’t 1974. So don’t hold your breath on Obama resigning.

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