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The Nehemiah Foundation for Cultural Renewal has completed recording and mixing our sixth studio album: In Clover by Fiery Crash, and we need your help to get it out into the world.

Visit the Fiery Crash In Clover Kickstarter page to watch the video, read the story, hear some clips, and pledge your support. Unless we reach our entire goal by January 18, this project will go entirely unfunded. We have a little over a week left, and we are just over halfway there.

Even if you cannot pledge any monetary support for this project, you can still be of great assistance to us by sharing the Kickstarter page to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page. This project, and this musician, are well worth your investment.

For your convenience, here is the link to share:

In Clover is the musical brainchild of Joshua Jackson (styled Fiery Crash for recording purposes) from Opelika, Alabama. An expansive mix of alt-folk and shoe gaze, this record explores the bittersweet observations and pleadings of a Christian wallflower struggling to find relevance and purpose in a decadent and skeptical culture. Drawing from a huge range of musical influences, In Clover possesses the aesthetic and lyrical maturity of a seasoned songwriter and musician. Which is saying something since 19-year-old Josh Jackson just graduated from high school.

After about four years recording music on his own (in various bedroom studios around his hometown), Josh agreed to work with us on his most ambitious recording project yet. In an interview with the Opelika Observer, Josh explained why he makes music:

We are all humans who have the same fundamental longing for purpose, and I have found what that purpose is, which is to live in the grace of Jesus Christ and share it by the means that God has given me . . . I don’t make “Christian music” because that kind of music only appeals to Christians. If the hope I have is as real as I say it is, I am going to try my best to tell everyone, not just people who need to be reminded of it sometimes. So, I write songs as my life happens, because there are new lessons to learn every day. I like that I can write about a specific thing in a song, and people will be moved by it, not just because of the sounds, but because they empathize with the song. All else aside, I want my music to be a positive medium for empathy.

The Nehemiah Foundation doesn’t charge artists for any of our services, as you may know. We tracked and mixed this record for Josh completely free of charge, and only now are we at the stage where we need funding to move the project forward. It has been a pleasure working with this godly and extraordinarily gifted young musician. I have not once questioned our investment of time and resources into his art. I know you will feel the same.

Here are some complete, though unmastered tracks from the new record, which will not reach their fullest polish without your help:

We’re not asking for much. Just $6,000 to master the album, replicate CDs, pay for digital distribution, print and ship merchandise (T-shirts, posters, and stickers), and promote the release. If you know anything about the music industry, you know $6,000 is a very modest amount to be asking for.

But, with Kickstarter, you’re not just investing into the void. You get perks. From pre-orders to posters to T-shirts to your own theme song written by Josh to a cozy house concert, you are getting something for your investment. And what’s more, you are making it possible for others to enjoy this remarkable piece of work from a budding young musician.

Merch In Clover

Please visit the Kickstarter page to find out more. And, again, even if you can’t support this project with your dollars, you can make a huge difference by sharing this Kickstarter on social media.

That link, again:

Just go look at some recently funded Kickstarter music projects. Most of them were asking for many more thousands of dollars, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. We’re not asking for much. But if we don’t get $6,000 in full by January 18, it won’t matter how modest our goal was, because this project will get nothing. I can’t express how much of a shame that would be.

Thank you all for your help and support. Let’s get this thing funded!


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