Why You Shouldn’t Watch Noah … and Why You Probably Will Anyway

To be clear up front, I haven’t seen Noah. I don’t feel like I need to in order to say what I have to say here, which is (simply) this: I’m tired of people making money off of bad publicity. And I’m not going to allow the controversy swirling around Noah to get any money out of me. Let me explain.

It could be that Noah is actually a decent movie, and that’s why people flocked two million by two million like hypnotized animals to see it. But I really doubt that. A few Christians and Jews went to see it because they were genuinely deceived, and thought it would be an uplifting Bible epic—the Ten Commandments of our time or something. Those people are kind of daft, I must say.

A few other people saw Noah because they like Darren Aronofsky. I am a fan of his style, though I think he has a clearly twisted vision of reality (for instance, if you were able to watch Requiem for a Dream more than once, you should get that sorted out with a therapist), but Noah was a bridge too far.

I knew when I read the early reviews that I was not going to see this movie. Aronofsky lost me with “Noah was the first environmentalist.” ’Nough said. I’m not seeing your movie.

And Paramount also knew early on that the movie would not appeal to viewers like me, and they knew why as well: because the movie has no respect at all for the veracity and integrity of its source material. In many ways, it actually insults its target audience. When it was obvious that Noah wasn’t going to work out into the Bible epic that Paramount was wanting, they decided to go the route infidels have gone so many times before: if you can’t convince Christians it’s good, start a conversation about how bad it is. Bad publicity is better than no publicity, right?

I know no one wants to believe that they are susceptible to marketing and manipulation. But in this case, as in so many others, we got had. It actually angers me. Everyone is talking about Noah. And it doesn’t matter why they’re talking about it. It doesn’t matter if they are talking bad or good things. It really doesn’t. So even this article is part of the problem, though forgive me, I’m trying to use Noah as an example of how disingenuous people manipulate us into giving them money.

I can’t tell you how many Christians I know who have seen Noah in order to be part of the conversation. Because they want to be informed. Christians did it with The God Delusion as well: “Well, I have to read it in order to be able to refute it, and I won’t steal it, so…” So you tell the publisher with your dollar, “Make more books about how atheism is the way to go. We’ll buy them.” Do you think the publisher cares why you bought the book? No. After The God Delusion became famous, a huge glut of atheist books showed up on the market. And it wasn’t because all of a sudden a huge number of atheist authors popped up into reality that weren’t there before. No. It’s because Christians would buy that book in order to be part of a conversation, so publishers were willing to publish those books. Because they could make money. There aren’t enough atheists to make atheist books enormously popular. So, in a way, Christians made Richard Dawkins famous.

Publishers and distributors do not care what they put out for the most part, as long as they can make money doing it. If you buy it, they’ll produce it. All the time, Christians are talking about how movies and popular culture have just gone to the toilet, and Hollywood doesn’t make movies like they used to, and oh for the golden days, etc. It’s as if they think that distributors are actually trying to put out mindless, immoral drivel. They’re not. They don’t care really. They’re doing the least amount of work to make the most amount of money. Paramount didn’t release Noah because it shares Aronofsky’s worldview concerning the symbolic mythos and metaphoric power of ancient “fables.” They released it because they thought they could make money off of you. When it was obvious they couldn’t make money by appealing to your desire for confirmation, they appealed to your desire for controversy. It’s as simple as that. And a lot of people fell for it.

What’s the solution? Do I think Christians need to be less gullible? Yes, I do. But do they need to be part of the conversation? Maybe. But why not be a part of the conversation by allowing someone to tell you about a movie or book? Ask people what they thought about Noah. But don’t give that movie or its distributors money.

You commission when you consume. It boggles my mind how many Christians don’t get that yet. The market doesn’t care about your reasons for going to see Noah. If you pay to see it, you are telling the market to provide more movies like it. So you shouldn’t watch it in theaters for sure, and if you really feel you need to see it to make your own assessment, wait for it to come out on Redbox or pirate it. We’re at war. We shouldn’t be paying for our enemies’ materiel.

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  1. Mr. Minkoff, Christians are becoming “less gullible”. That’s the reason there’s fewer Christians! I haven’t seen the movie (although I will) but when you speak of ” no respect at all for the veracity and integrity of its source material” I could imagine the outrage from Christians if the movie ended with Noah drunk getting sodomized by his son Ham & in the background of this incestual homosexual rape scene you could have millions of decomposing bodies of little children that god found so wicked he had to drown.

  2. Well Michael I hope you are wrong. I understand what you are saying, but believe the producer are smart enough to know if they do it correctly they will be pumping the cash cow for decades. The old Bible are still popular in the Christian world but need a movie face lift. Mel Gibson did it with the Passion and made a ton of money and stayed true to the Bible. I would wonder if many of the actors in Noah believe in God, but that really does not matter if they do or do not, just as long as they play the part correctly.

  3. Mr. Minkoff, do you actually believe that if Christians became “less gullible” they could possibly believe a myth like Noah’s Ark to be true???

    • As a cynical former police officer I think I gualify as “less gullible”…And I believe in the STORY of Noah’s Ark. Myth or not, EVERY known civilization has a story of a catastrphic flood destroying their known world. My FAITH (willingness to believe in things unseen without tangible proof=faith. It is my choice because it, and That Whom I Believe In, have gotten me through many life disasters!) tells me these are the hand of God at work!
      If you choose not to believe…your choice, your problem, your loss!

      • “willingness to believe in things unseen without tangible proof=faith”
        That is the best description of anthropogenic global warming I have ever seen!

          • 1) Why have the temperatures not increased over the past 16 years although the concentrations of CO2 have risen?
            2) Wasn’t the Arctic supposed to be ice-free year round by now, according to the predictions?
            3) Where is the massive rise in sea level that was predicted?
            When the observatons do not match the predictions of the theory/model, then the theory/model has to be modified. This is the basic scientific process.

          • Answer my questions first and then I shall answer yours.
            In any event, mere consensus does not prove a scientific theory. Only hard data does.
            As an aside, in the early 20th century, large percentages of “scientists” believed that eugenics was a science. How did that turn out?

            BTW, I don’t believe that you are a scientist either, yet you accept as fact whatever you are told. How is this any different than the religion that you rail against?

          • If you do not know the difference between religion & science I actually feel sorry for you. On the subject of religious belief, we relax standards of reasonableness and evidence that we rely on in every other area of our lives. We relax so totally that people believe the most ludicrous propositions, and are willing to organize their lives around them which leads to the problem of religious belief. once you have accepted a set of propositions unsupported by logic, evidence or rational analysis, you are then capable of believing anything without
            submitting it to rational consideration. Ideas that cannot be defended by reason and evidence can lead anywhere, and, if there is no warrant for one’s belief, there is no telling where it will end. When considering the
            truth of a proposition, one is either engaged in an honest appraisal of the evidence and logical arguments, or one isn’t. Religion is one area of our lives where people imagine that some other standard of intellectual integrity applies. The most basic difference between science & religion is this…Science is certain of nothing and requires proof of everything while Faith is certain of everything and requires proof of nothing. I hope you can comprehend the difference. I am not a scientist but because of the way science works & EVERY theory is open for ANYONE to prove wrong I tend to believe what they say.

          • Bobbie, you are absolutely correct; science is certain of nothing and requires proof of everything. This is exactly why the theories/models of AGW or ACC hold no water. There predictions do not match up with the observed facts. Therefore, to accept them as truth is no different than accepting them as faith.
            I’m still awaiting your answers to my questions. I have my answer ready for your question.

          • I am not a scientist so I cannot answer your question or even know if your questions are true. ALL I do know is that of over 12,000 peer-reviewed abstracts on the subjects of ‘global warming’ and ‘global climate change’ published between 1991 and 2011 over 97% agreed that humans are causing it. The scientific authors of the papers were also contacted and asked to rate their own papers, and again over 97% whose papers took a position on the cause said humans are causing global warming. These are scientists from all over the world. the debate on the authenticity of global warming and the role played by human activity is nonexistent among those who understand the nuances and scientific basis of long-term climate processes & that’s good enough for me.

          • Bobbie, science is not based on what someone says. It is based on observed data confirming a theory. It doesn’t matter if 100% agreed that humans were causing AGW. If the observed data does not match the predictions of the theory, then that theory is WRONG and must be changed. It really is as simple as that.
            Since it’s “good enough for you”, your position is one of faith, ie, the religion of global warming. At least you have a belief in something.
            We’ll have to pick this up later, Margarita Monday is calling.
            BTW, do a little research and give me the answers to my questions.

          • Bobbie, you really should use some up to date sites:
            nasa.gov — no references newer than August, 2009
            ucsusa.org — last revised 7/14/09
            skepticalscience.com — last revised 8/1/13

          • Where is this scientific evidence from global warming deniers? Is there ANY not funded by oil or coal companies???

          • Indeed there is. Keep in mind global warming is something that the vast majority of scientists in EVERY country on the planet agree on

          • As Rush said, consensus does not make science. Except when it relates to liberal causes, then it matters huh, idiot?

          • consensus does not make science??? really?? There is a scientific consensus on the germ theory, on gravity, theory of relativity just to name a few.

          • I know, just like a consensus on the theory of evolution, that God does not exist and there is no such thing as an idiot.

          • Yes. Except that There are only two types of people: those with lots of intelligence and little religion, and those with little intelligence and lots of religion so there’s no shortage of idiots (you being the perfect example)

          • There is a turd category you did not mention. The idiot category for those that believe in the religion of evolution. Yeah, your great grandpa was in ape, before he was mud slime before he got struck by lightening. And you call our book a myth. LOL!

          • Bob, your last sentance is a very good definition of religion; religion that you despise so regularly on these pages.

            Science, on the other hand, is theory supported by observed fact. At the beginning of the previous century, scientists in every country on the planet agreed with the steady state theory of cosmology. How many do now? The observed facts did not support the theory, therefore the theory had to be changed.

            This analogy is no different than AGW; when the observed facts did not support the theory, the name was changed to anthropogenic climate change. Unfortunately for them, the observed facts still do not support the theories. One day AGW/ACC will supplant Peking Man as the world’s greatest scientific hoax.

            You asked me why I reject what 97% of “scientists” agree on; my belief is that the big ball of fire we see in the sky every day has more to do with what happens in our climate than anything else. It was responsible for both the Medieval Warming Period and the Roman Warming Period (both of which were warmer than our current temperatures) and in all likelihood, responsible for the planetary warming at the end of the last glaciation period.

            Additionally, I evidently have more faith than you in the ability of the human population to adapt to changing circumstances.

            In any event, take off your blinders and look at the data, not the rhetoric.

          • You are a moron of the highest order. Of course, 97% will agree. That is how they get their funding to stay employed!

            According to Rush all this hubaboo is based only on COMPUTER MODELING. In another words completely made up predictions. Why? To ENSURE funding, stupid!

          • Rush has more access to your scientific balony then I do. He has a staff, he has radio show, he has a mouth…..

            Though, not as big as yours…..

          • You can learn a lot from a dimwitted dope addict, so what’s YOUR excuse? You find idiot professors more entertaining?

          • Your 97% of “experts” discounts the thousands of real scientists who hold an opposite “scientific” view. 97% is a blatant figment pulled out of thin air by global warming (excuse me, climate change) proponents.

          • You can explain it as many times as you want. I will continue to say you are immoral and wrong.

          • You have faith in the so called “civilized world” whereby men have convinced women over the ages to kill their own children making them more available for sex. Abortion was created by men, is supported by men, and can only be ended by men. All the arguments favoring abortion are rationalization for a practice that is morally reprehensible.

          • That’s nothing more then your opinion yet for some reason you feel you have the right to force your opinion upon everyone.

          • Not just my opinion, but that of millions just like me. You likewise feel you and your ilk have the right to force your opinion on everyone. 57% of Americans think abortion is wrong yet the minority rules.

          • Put an ice cube (or two) in a glass and fill it to the rim with water. When the ice melts the water will NOT overflow. The water level will still be the same as displacement of the frozen ice in water is a property of mass.

          • You are absolutely correct! This is why even if all the Arctic ice melted, it wouldn’t matter. Now, Antarctica is a different story, but all scientific data shows that the icecap there is growing. Wasn’t the ice supposed to be melting as the globe’s CO2 concentration increased?

          • What on earth would make you believe that you know more about this subject then the vast majority of scientists all over the globe that are much more intelligent & educated the you & have spent their lives studying this issue?

          • You truly are a self-sustaining idiot. I suppose your Book is The Origin of the Specious by CD (Seedy) McCall?

          • Then, obviously the scientists and politicians were lying all along about the threat of rising sea levels caused by global warming.

          • Interesting to note that during the Carboniferous Period CO2 levels were 18x what they are today, with very little change in temperatures. But somehow cattle and cars are going to roast the planet by adding in .02 increase. Never mind that all the fauna on the land and in the oceans depends on CO2 for photosynthesis and exchange.
            Next up, Cinderella makes it to the ball on time……

          • At the end of the day it comes down to this… Who is one to believe (a) a dimwitted uneducated teabagger or (b) the most intelligent & educated scientists around the globe that have spent their lives studying this issue? For conservative Christians (that reject science, education, knowledge, facts, reason & logic) the answer seems to be A. For the rest of us the answer is B.

          • And dimwits like you refuse to admit life begins at conception despite scientific agreement to the contrary.

          • You repeat yourself again like most self-sustaining idiots.

            Again, these so called educated people are the most foolish according to the word. They would not recognize a miracle if they saw one. Which is everything and everyday.

            Instead they prance about how smart they are they never discovery them. Just like you.

          • I get it. To a conservative Christian a scientist with a PHD from MIT, Harvard, Oxford or Cambridge that studies climate change is an idiot that doesn’t know what they are talking about but a bimbo (Palin) that went to 5 colleges in 6 years before getting a bachelor’s degree in journalism from some small town college is an expert on the subject.

          • They need the funding. So they used computer modeling cuz they can’t figure out how to lie very well, but can at least do computer exponential modeling to beef up the BS for lifetime funding.

          • tea bag logic 101. 97% of the scientists world wide have ALL gotten together to create a conspiracy & global warming hoax for funding or to crash the world economy but thank’s to god the oil companies have found it in their heart to fund the 3% of deniers to give us the truth.

          • WHAT’S so screamingly funny is you claim adherence to “the most intelligent & educated” blah blah around the globe, yet every post you make shows you to be an uneducated, idiotic, deadpan ideologue without anything really substantive or interesting to say. Just personal attacks and name calling of people regarding things you obviously have no clue of understanding.
            Does that about sum it up?

          • can’t you read??? I’m curious. Who do you think would know more about global warming. (a) a scientist with a PHD from MIT, Harvard, Oxford or Cambridge that has spent their life studying this issue or (b) an uneducated superstitious dipshit like you?

          • Manufactured evidence, hypotheses, skewed graphs. These ALL qualify as “scientific evidence”. Man is insignificant in the evolving of climate. There have been warm periods and ice ages alternating for millennia. Do you know why Greenland is named Greenland?

          • Please explain to me why anyone should believe an uneducated idiot like you & not believe the brightest most educated people all over the planet that have spent their lives studying this issue?

          • The glaciers melted after the ice age without any help at all from mankind. And by the way, the brightest most educated people in biology and bioethics agree that life begins at conception. How can you ignore science like that Boob?

          • Is it not written, in their attempt to become wise they became fools?

            They study miracles all day and claim it never happens. They must realize EVERYTHING is a miracle. Otherwise there is no need for anything to exist or have purpose. And isn’t it funny that is what these idiots teach? That in no coincidence. Read my first sentence.

          • It is people “who”. Things, entities and animals “that”. There is no “scientific consensus” among scientists, only among people with an agenda.

          • You refuse to believe the science which states that life begins at conception so I guess you are correct. Boob doesn’t believe scientific evidence so he disbelieves that abortion is murder.

          • Isn’t it a miracle then we don’t believe in evolution like you gullibles out there?

          • Not really, you have no choice but to reject science & evolution. evolution destroys utterly and finally the very reason Jesus’ earthly life was supposedly made necessary.
            Destroy Adam and Eve and the original sin, and in the rubble you will find the remains of the son of god.

          • evolution, both micro and macro, have been directly observed. So to deny evolution is to deny a direct observation. I Evolution is a scientific THEORY. Theories are supported by
            MILLIONS of independently verifiable FACTS. To deny evolution is to deny all of those facts and the hundreds of scientific techniques used to observe them. Worse yet, to deny evolution is to deny reason and logic, the core of the
            scientific method

          • No idiot. You are looking at miracles. Otherwise there is NO explanation to explain why a eagle flies, or why a coyote needs to cross the field.

          • It’s frightening that people like you actually exist. A belief which leaves no place for doubt is not a belief; it is a superstition

          • Then, you are just as FRIGHTENING. But somehow I should not exist??? Are you an idiot or something? Who is teaching you all of this?

            You should get out of school IMMEDIATELY and be home-schooled by mom!

          • There’s no doubt in my mind that you’re a home schooled moron. Even the worse schools in the south couldn’t turn out idiots like you.

          • Well, they turned one out like you. You are more than proof. You are a good example of when an idiot exceeds himself.

          • you’re the poster child for Los Angeles Public Schools, and the reason so many parents have fled California! Laugh tracks………

          • People are not fleeing Calif. The prices of real estate & rents are going through the roof. Granted, I know you red state morons don’t understand supply & demand but there is a connection

          • Sorry, but the entire Natural Sciences Departments at any major universities would tell you none of those things are true or have been observed. You’re really very funny in an idiotic, ignoramus sort of way!! Nice that you hold dear to your dogmatic beliefs so firmly.

          • I’m curious. Why not step up to the plate & prove evolution wrong? Fame, fortune & a Nobel prize await you

          • now that is a substantive fact. there is no empirical evidence to support evolution whatsoever.

      • Saying you don’t believe in Evolution is like saying you don’t believe in ice. You can only “believe” in something for which there is no proof. Once there is proof, you are either ignorant about that proof or you are not. Your opinion has no baring whatsoever on existence.

        • Here boy, there is no proof of evolution the theory you believe in. So your opinion has no bearing for me either. No cross-over bones found. Cannot explain gaps, only say “somehow”.

          So “Somehow” is the name of your god?

          • How do you argue with people who lack the most elementary understanding of science and rational thinking? People that cannot discern the difference between such basic terms
            as “truth”, “belief”, “fact” and “opinion”. You treat some strange, old Semitic myths and stories from the Middle East and your own personal interpretations of them as truth and fact & treat established scientific facts as unsubstianted lies.

          • You are so funny. That is exactly what YOU do yet you turn around and berate us for it! Only you are allowed to know anything, huh?

            You are the LEAST person that should be doing that, idiot! In any authoritative venue liberals should never be leading. They should be following!

  4. Reminder to all “Must Readers” about Ben Franklin:
    Public Libraries will LOAN you a book and you can read it for FREE! (Only one book sold for 100’s to read!) Wait a bit and you can even borrow the DVD! FOR FREE!
    Isn’t it amazing what ole Ben came up with? You can be informed, create your own decision and cut the profits of offensive drivel all at the same time.

      • Thanks for the clarification. I was speaking in the idiomatic not legalistic way, but accept the correction while I will stick with my point, BORROW DON’T BUY.
        Thanks for your service by the way. From one squid to another. (“Salt” and “doc” from my screen name should tell you a bit about me.)

  5. Hmmm…two phrases. No, three (sound like Monty Python!) Suspension of belief. Doesn’t have to be anything remotely accurate Biblically because it didn’t pretend to be, and most importantly,… IT’S A MOVIE!

    Spell e-n-t-e-r-t-a-i-n-m-e-n-t. Try,

    It’s America, kids. Attempt to exercise freedom of choice. And attempt to be less judgmental.

    If you are such Bible filberts, I’d be more than happy to direct you to some Scripture about that, since it seems you are so directed. Did you guys have so much of a problem when Cosby did the stand-up about Noah in the ’60’s?

    Nah-didn’t think so. Probably don’t know Cosby started being a comedian, well before he was a TV sitcom guy.

  6. At the very least it perverts the word of God and makes a mockery of what is written that is very unfortunate for the ones who will not find the truth in time! I have heard enough to stay away but I do suggest store some water .

  7. iT’S just a lousy movie, period!! Yes, curiosity got the better of me yesterday. It’s a ridiculous farce and a really bad movie!!

  8. The ones who think that this movie is factual are the same ones who are part of the pathetic 35% that still support Obama, as in 100% gullible.

          • People that are invested in this country are pleased with Obama. The uneducated poor saps living in the red states just bitch as they feed off the federal trough (that blue states provide the feed)

          • The stock market has doubled & real estate prices are up 35% since Obama took office. Now, I know that don’t mean much for you poor saps living in southern swamps but it means a great deal for those invested in this country.

          • Idiot, it was inflated by DEBT!! So smart of the butches and Negroes running this country.

          • It seems you know less about economics then you do science!!! Perhaps you can explain an inflation rate of about 1%.

          • Yeah, the inflation rate is inverse of your IQ, and notice it goes up every year and why we get more morons?

          • Once again Bob, stop talking like your are an expert in areas you do not have a clue. We have explained this over and over and over again. Firing people to lower business cost is a horrible thing. It gives false hopes of profits, but your sales are way down – if sales do not at least stay even more importantly increase you have a unhealthy economy. Property is still WAY, WAY, WAY down from when W.Bush was in office (here in the Chicago land area. The proof of this, is poor economic growth; is 1% and less inflation rate. It is a horrible thing. If we go negative we will be in serious deep sh*t. Zero and below (probably really .5% and lower) will cause panic among investors, as their money will lose value while sitting in an investment… so they pull out and hoarding things (again lowering of sales bad – lower sales means lower business), now you have people with money hoarding locally or investing over seas, leaving our business with no working/investment capital. This will lead to more laying off of workers and less business and repeat. It is better to have 5 or 6 percent inflation then to be were we are or lower. A health inflation rate is 2.5% to 4.0%. Our current economy is in the poorest shape in well over 100 years. Just people being foolish listening to politicians who tell you want you want to hear, verse the economist (experts in the field) who know exactly what is happening.

          • have you seen the price of food lately? Its not 1 percent when the Feds keep it down artificially.

  9. Most people would not know the difference between fiction, and the Book of Genesis regarding how many of each kind of living thing Noah took on the Ark. When you ask the average person, their answer is two (2). Actually, the correct answer is two (2) of each unclean, and seven (7) of each kind of clean beast (Gen. 7:2). A clean beast is one which regurgitates his food, like a cow. A pig on the other hand is considered unclean. Another question most folks could not answer is the type of wood the Ark was made from… Again, the answer is “gopher wood.” Just saying… most people would accept any film as accurate, without doing the actual reading of Genesis to find out for themselves what the truth is. God likes the number 7, there are 7 days in creation, 7 phases of the moon, 7 continents, 7 seas, 7 crystals, 7 ways light reflects light through glass, 7 holes in the skull, 7 neck bones, ankle bones, 7 petitions in the Lords prayer, 7 last words of Christ from the Cross, 7 sacraments, 7 liberal arts, 7 major music notes, 7 deadly sins, 7 virtues, and 7 x 70 to forgive.

        • Christianity has fought, still fights, and will fight
          science to the desperate end over evolution, because evolution destroys utterly and finally the very reason Jesus’ earthly life was supposedly made necessary. Destroy Adam and Eve and the original sin, and in the rubble you will find the
          remains of the son of god.

          • “Science” is the child of Christianity. Had it not been for Christianity and the determined effort from men such as Thomas Aquinas to Issac Newton and all the medieval alchemists in between trying to change lead into gold in an effort to eradicate poverty, there would be no “science”. Christianity rescued ignorant and depraved man from the fear and worship of Nature and led them to higher thinking. Something you clearly would not understand.
            But go ahead, we’re eagerly waiting your next opinionated, baseless piece of tripe.
            Laff tracks standing by!!

          • really? Do you mean people that value science, evidence, facts, reason, logic, knowledge & education?

          • the only thing you value is your egotistical insistence upon posting your idiotic opinion. Based on nothing. You’re a cartoon show!!

          • Science agrees with ME. granted that may not mean much to morons like you that don’t believe in science but you’re just a small minority of religious KOOKS!

          • Consensus does not make science. It just means political posturing for funding, what we call a small minority of evolution and global warming KOOKS.

          • HA!!! Do you have ANY idea how far detached from reality you actually are? First of all morons like you that don’t even believe in science have no idea what makes up science. Secondly when you say a small minority of evolution & global warming “kooks” There are no national or major scientific institutions or colleges (except perhaps a fake bible college) anywhere in the world that dispute the theory of evolution or climate change. Not one!

          • That’s what I am trying to convince you of. That you could be a moron yourself. That you might be the only one.

      • Who are your alleged “most people?” You do realize that atheism is in the minority. Most people do believe in a higher authority. Take the American Indian as an example, they believe in Wanka Tanka, or the Big Spirit in the Sky. Put all the world’s religions together, and the Most you speak of should say “most people” believe in some god or some higher being. You cannot mathematically prove your claim ‘most people realize the Book of Genesis is a fiction. The fiction is Darwin, and his concept on the decent of men, or that we evolved from a lower species. In fact we come from a higher species. When did an animal evolve to have within them “Love.” Love is the very definition of God, for God is Love, and if love is in you, God is in you, and you in Him ( 1 John 1:14). When did an animal evolve to hate as you do, again hate is from the devil, and not from evolution.

        • Only Christians, Muslims & Jews believe in the book of Book of Genesis & many of those do not take it literally. There are about 7 billion people on the planet of which 2 billion are Christians, 1.5 billion are muslim & 15 million jews so obviously the majority of people on the planet see the Book of Genesis as a myth

    • God also likes round things and describes His philosophy that way. The moon is round, the sun is round, and as one lady put it, men like round things, baseball bats, beer bottles, soccer balls, etc. Incidentally a woman’s body is all curves or round.

      God made man for his pleasure, and thus, he made all things for man’s pleasure. That is part of the “image” we possess, so we are something special and explains the enormity of sin and it’s unparallelled havoc it reaps upon mankind.

      • While others disagree and believes it tells the truth and needs to be a human living manual for the godless to change.

        • When you finally break out of the suffocating box that is
          religion your mind is empowered and liberated to see through the myths, folk tales,lies,obscenities,absurdities and vulgarities that is the bible

          • The same can be said when you get your head out of the Origin of The Specious by CD (Seedy) McCall.

          • That is your highest level you have reached to convince you of the theory of evolution? It doesn’t take too much to convince you of a lie, huh?

          • There are believers, and there are un-believers. The believers know the proof of God’s existence based on the ontological argument. “The existence of God is logically implied in the very definition of God. Just as a thorough knowledge and understanding of the idea of nine implied that its square root is three, so did a thorough understanding of the idea of God imply that such a being exists. A working definition of God, posits that than nothing which is greater can be conceived.” The greatest conceivable being must possess every perfection, else it would not be the greatest conceivable being. Now existence is a perfection, for it is better to exist than not to exist. But suppose God existed only in people’s minds and did not exist in reality. That is to say, suppose that this greatest conceivable being existed only as an idea in our minds, and had no existence in the extramental world (the world outside our minds). Then it would not be the greatest conceivable being, since we could conceive of a greater one: one that existed both in our minds and in reality. Thus the greatest conceivable being immediately implies the existence of such a being, for without existence in the real world this would not be the greatest conceivable being. Now I ask you, Mr. Atheist,,,, CAN YOU CONCEIVE OF A BEING GREATER OR HIGHER THAN GOD? DON’T DODGE THE QUESTION, AND ANSWER WHAT IT IS IN YOU MIND, AND IN REALITY. Simply put, you cannot. Therefore, although you deny His existence, He does in fact exist. “Even the Devils believe and tremble (James 2:19).

          • Well, your god is suppose to be Omnipotence (all powerful) of course so couldn’t he create a being more powerful then himself??? Of course if he was omnipotence he couldn’t be omnibenevolent (He only does things that are all good) because he would be incapable of doing anything bad. All
            through history the ancient gods have found themselves in the trash can of history, eventually discarded. Atheists today are continuing that tradition. We are adding Jehovah, or Yahweh, to the list. Here is the answer you seek


          • So the truth is that you yourself could not conceive of a thought higher than God. That is because you are created, while He is the creator.. LOL. Anyway, why do you read these post having to do with God, don’t the atheist of the world have a web site where people of your kind can pat each other on the back and tell each other how intelligent you have become, because you have not impressed me at all with the same old stuff I’ve heard so many times before. I’ll bet you did not come from a family of atheist. I’ll bet you come from a Christian family, and somewhere along the line you lost your faith, or got mad at God, so now you want to vent your wrath on good people, and try your best to make us lose our belief. However, your best won’t do the trick. So I am wasting my precious time debating with you. So, Bye Now!

          • If you believe your god is Omnipotence then you must believe he is capable of creating a being more powerful then himself so you must be able to conceive a higher power then god! I believe there is a MUCH higher being than god & that being is man because man created god! I do not come from a family of Christians. Both my parents were highly educated & did not believe in fairytales.

          • I too am a college graduate, I practiced law, and the evidence for God outweighs the lack of evidence for there not being a God. However if you wish to think of your self as a mini-god, then your ignorance is greater than your self proclaimed knowledge. That being called man who you claim is higher than God, in your arrogant opinion must have evolved from the ape, correct? So where did love and hate evolve from. You are scared of there being a greater power than your self, so that way you can govern your life without interference from judgment from God on the day you die. I know you also believe in abortion, right! That way the killing of another is of no one else’s concern, especially not the concern of God. So tell me about the 10 Commandments, are they simply 10 suggestions, because they are the basis of moral law, or did the monkey somehow provide morality for the world to live by. So why are you so mad at God, and those who believe in Him? When did it start. Did you ever serve in the military, because there are no atheist in Fox Holes. When a person dies, is life over at the grave? If you believe that, then I believe you live a live without purpose, and hope.

  10. I will probably watch this movie when it is released to DVD and public sources and what not and watch it for FREE. I am watching it because it is suppose to be an adventure movie with terrific CGI and is only slightly related to the Bible.

    I know most Hollywood movies will never ever tell the truth because they are into deception, quagmire, synthesis, because of the warped “banality” most possess there. So, I don’t expect much but a great visual adventure which all movies should be taken as mostly.

    • Most bible stories would receive an X rating if Hollywood followed the biblical versions of the stories including Noah. An incestuous homosexual rape scene in which a drunken Noah is sodomized by his son Ham is something most movie goers could do without. Particularly in the backdrop of little children’s corpses rotting away in the hot sun or being eaten by animals that god found so wicked he had to drown.

      • All flesh corrupted the earth and God is no shrinking violet like Hollywood that refuses to tell the truth. Thus, I like your description of the end days of Noah.

        However the Bible does not say the children rotted corpses in the hot sun. They all drowned as the water abated about a year later.

        And the animals eating humans, are you talking about underwater predators? Likely to have happened, so don’t SIN!

        • I won’t even ask you to explain exactly where did the water go but we can’t be talking about underwater predators because they would have died from all the fresh water so at some point there would be corpses rotting many of which would have been infants that were soooo wicked god had to kill.

          • You sound like a liberal. So why aren’t you complaining about human abortions? Why do you always blame God for what YOU do? Last count a 25,000,000 PLUS babies. And if you live in Britain they burn them for fuel to ironically keep hospitals warm.

          • I don’t blame god for anything because there is no god! I don’t complain about abortions because I believe in something that’s beyond your comprehension & that is something called personal freedom. I do not believe that BIG GOVERNMENT has the right to tell us what we can & cannot do with our bodies.

          • I see. Did you know by saying there is no God is the same as saying because I AM GOD! Do you see your hypocrisy, or at least your idiocy?

          • Did you know Invisible Pink Unicorns are beings of great spiritual power. We know this because they are capable of being invisible and pink at the same time. Like all religions, the Faith of the Invisible Pink Unicorns is based upon both logic and faith. We have faith that they are pink; we logically know that they are invisible because we can’t see them

          • A perfect philosophy of why you believe in the myth of evolution. Did you know your god calls himself “Somehow”?

          • Myth of evolution? scientists do not BELIEVE in evolution. They ACCEPT it because of the enormous pile of data
            supporting it. Just like they accept that gravity follows an inverse square law,matter is composed of atoms, germs cause disease, and moving electrons constitute electricity. Scientific theories are not a faith. You can test them yourself and falsify them.

          • Keep up with the program. Atheistic scientists accept evolutionism in spite of the enormous, growing pile of evidence that refutes it. In treating an unproven theory as if it were fact, they accept it as an act of faith, necessary to retain their worldview. I have known a few atheists who were honest enough to admit it.

            Not all scientists are atheists. The scientific method was actually developed by Christians who sought to better understand God’s creation.

          • So you are saying scientist like you are suckers for consensus as long as it means funding? That is being deceptive like the theory of evolution.

      • There are indeed some biblical scenes that could get an X rating, if,
        and only if, the film makers fill in much more explicit detail than is
        present in the very low-key biblical text. (E.g., Adam and Eve, David and
        Bathsheba, Amnon and Tamar, etc.) But your example is not one of them.
        The Bible does NOT say that Ham sodomized Noah. It says he SAW him. See Genesis 9:20-27. http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Genesis%209&version=NIV

        • According to Rab, Ham castrated Noah & according to Samuel, Ham sodomized Noah, The Talmud concludes that, in fact, “both indignities were perpetrated.”

          • Rab???? Samuel who? (I don’t see anything about this in 1 & 2 Samuel.) Citations/links please. Please note that The Talmuds (there’s more than one version) are not part of the Bible, not generally recognized by Christians, and not even held in high regard by all denominations of Judaism.

            By the way, the several Bible stories that could be portrayed as an X-rated movie do not come anywhere close to representing “most bible [sic] stories” – not even from Sigmund Freud’s obsessive point of view. Also note that the presence in the Bible of stories about horrendous acts does not by any means condone nor endorse them. Rather they serve as cautionary accounts, and as illustrations of how much we humans need salvation.

    • How about, “This movie is based on real events?” *LOL* Creating drama and fictitious segments is what keeps most of us interested in watching films. What’s annoying is when you find out later that most elements in the story were true or false.

  11. The reason not to watch Noah is that it is a sacrilegious piece of trash. I will never ever watch the piece of crap movie. I read the book, and it is much much better. Plus, I can’t stand Russell Crowe.

  12. I’m with you, Mr. Minkoff! Once I got wind of what this Noah movie was actually about, and how the atheist director bastardized the Biblical account of Noah, I wanted no part of it! And yes, part of why my family decided we would not watch the film was that we did not want to give any of our money to the vermin that made it!

    I am the same way with other movies and TV shows, not just Biblically-based ones, too. If the movie or TV violates my own personal standards of decency and morality, then I won’t pay to watch it in a theater or waste my time watching in on TV. Likewise for books. Why in anyone’s right mind, if they claim to be Christian, would they want to PAY for a book espousing atheism? Check it out from a library if you must, but NEVER turn over your hard-earned cash to the producers of such blasphemy and filth, it only encourages them to make more of it!

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