Our Relationship with Germany is Souring Before Our Eyes

In yet another instance of what seems like an unending line of foreign policy debacles, the United States has managed to estrange one of its stronger European allies—Germany. After decades of amicable relations, the US finally soured relations with Germany completely when news surfaced that US intelligence agents had paid off a member of German intelligence in order to secure top secret documents.

This news comes just on the heels of the discovery that the NSA had been wire-tapping everyone from Johann the bratwurst vendor all the way up to Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor. Put together, these discoveries have prompted Germany to take some drastic measures.

For one, Germany just expelled our intelligence ambassador at the US embassy in Germany. And Germany also reinstated a combative policy of espionage with the United States, meaning that Germany gives no assurance that she is not trying to infiltrate and sabotage US intelligence efforts.

This is unprecedented in recent history. Just as a reference: The last time we were even close to this level of antagonism with Germany, Hitler was still in power.

I don’t think it takes a genius to realize that this administration has absolutely no capacity in foreign relations. Either that, or this administration is actively attempting to sabotage America’s international standing. In fact, this administration’s foreign relations record is so poor, it is very hard to tell whether ignorance or malice are at work here.

But one thing is for sure—countries that have maintained very good relationships with the United States for many years are starting to treat us like enemies. We’ve got a resurgent Cold War going with Russia, a minefield of perpetual wars in the Middle East, the collapse and estrangement of Iraq, wilting good will of Israel, brinkmanship with various countries in Africa, a losing battle for hegemony with China, and countless other failures of wit and will all over the world.

Say what you will about George W., but even his apparent “warmongering” didn’t anger the whole world. Our international relationships have never been this tenuous. Diplomacy is dead, and our army is stretched thin. What will we do if a real international challenge

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  1. I don’t care about the Germans they protested Reagan and showed up in droves to cheer Obama on as he campaigned in Europe instead of the US. It has long since stopped being in our nations best interest to spend our children’s inheritance to defend Europe. The German people have hated Americans for a long time and its time to roll up our military bases and bring them all back to the US. In the European theater I would Have UK’s back and the rest of the scum can fend for themselves.

    • Do you really expect other countries to like us when Gay Barry is our make believe president? Look at things from their point of view…Americans are stupid!

      • It is widely recognized that Barry was elected fraudulently. Hence the fear that he will no go quietly into that good retirement. But The Germans turned out by the millions when Barry was campaigning there. So we are stupid for protecting them for all these decades at OUR cost, but Barry is their hero.

  2. BOB’s dream and agenda is to wreak havoc for this country and destroy it’s security for the future……………..he is a communist…

    • No! He’s a radical Islamic Muslim, and supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood’s world conquest for Islam and Sharia law. Shabbat shalom!

      • I wonder which is worse, your israeli presumptuousness or your israeli propaganda – . The two seem to be one and the same.
        “Friend of God?” Since when does GOD need “friends” ?

        Remember, GOD annulled the original covenant when the veil to the inner temple was “torn in twain” by the power of GOD. The original covenant ended. It is no more. The new covenant was placed with the birth of the Christ. The old “israel” is not the new “Israel”, and the frauds among you who call yourselves “jew” still have not learned that you do not dictate to GOD. Although you have many of the less-well-informed among Christian types believing your Anti-Christ propaganda.
        “How I Stopped Being a Jew” by Shlomo Sand and David Fernbach (Oct 7, 2014) “The Words and the Land: Israeli Intellectuals and the Nationalist Myth / Active Agents” by Shlomo Sand and Ames Hodges (Apr 15, 2011)

    • If you check it out carefully, you will find that “communism” is a theory that is not in practice anywhere. Wannabe dictators profess Marxist and Alinsky theories and preach the nonsense in a society until a dictatorship is reached. They stop at that point, and begin to murder opponents, which the NWO dictator-types plan, if and when their dictatorship reaches implementation in the US of A. We are wise to some-how-or-another inform the less-well-informed on the dole, that they will be the first ones to go, and WE must help them shape-up their-shit in order to recover our society. The well-informed among Black folk are making progress, but at the same time, the NWO-Obama forces have pulled the stops and are bringing in hordes of illegals across the southern borders and all other points if possible. This is the NWO-Obama, end-spurt, and must be stopped !

  3. While there is some accuracy to the report, the basic problem is much more grievous. NAZI general Reinhard Gehlen revived the duties of the OSS into the CIA, 1945, signed into law 1947. About 1950, former NAZI general Gehlen returned to Germany, revived his 2,000 head, european spy network and also established the “Bundes Nachrichten Dienst,” BND. The release of info by Edward Snowden revealed that the BND and NSA have worked as one unit and shared information back and forth. Germans didnt know what was going on, and when the Snowden info hit the fan, revealing that the BND was part of the NSA (CIA), the BND had to localize a scapegoat whom to blame (the std tactic) and a double agent was fingered. Overlooking the fact that the CIA (NAZI) has overtaken the USA and placed the kenyan alias into the POTUS slot, NAZI in Germany continue to cover up their BND cooperation with the NSA-CIA. German folk are generally as ignorant of the BND as Americans are of the CIA-NSA. The majority of them did not want Hitler and the NAZI, just as the majority of Americans do not want the NWO and the alias Obama. The info dump by Snowden assisted Germans, but they have their heads up Fussball, while Americans have their heads up numerous distractions.

    Introducing President Bush or his Presidency in any relationship to this Obama administration is ridiculous and not appropriate.
    Obama stands or falls on his own record and his own failures and criminality.
    President Bush was not a failure but a proven leader proven so after 911 and so if for no other reason but 9.11.01 President Bush knew how, who and was willing to kill terrorist wherever he found them and willing to defund nations who supported terrorist. Very much unlike, Unlike Obama and his administration who knows Only how to support and defend terrorist and their nations.

    Lay off George W. Bush, Remember We Have 9.11.2001 Where were you on 9.11.01? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0VaGAEd9ew

    • Respectfully? L.O.L. !
      The more appropriate question is, where were you prior to and since 11 Sep 2001 ? Perhaps hiding out in a CIA-Bush front organization, as “Barry” did for several years ? Being invited to the “Bush Ranch” suggests ones affiliation with the WWII Naziorganization. Right, the NAZI/CIA/Israelis attempt to suppress the truth of 11 Sep 2001, Cheney and the israeli MOSSAD. Nevertheless, the FBI has developed the facts about the original 11 Sep 2001, plus a broad spread of related information. The farce of the 19 straw-men from Saudi and the fairy tale about Osama bin Laden worked for a while with the poorly informed – especially those on the dole. The data dump by Snowden will be replicated and propagandists such as you and other Bushpimpery cannot stop it. Searching the phrase, George H. W. Bush pedophile, will reveal additional, accurate information about the alias, George
      H. W. Bush. Meanwhile, here´s a tidbit. http://barrysealmurder1986jebbusholivernorth.blogspot.de/2013/03/jeb-bushs-dad-george-herbert-walker.html
      Now, go back to your bicycle and your crack cocaine.

      • Sorry Chum,
        But your deflectionary arguments simply are foolish, ridiculous and evasive from the fact responsibility is Obama’s and his administration, who are 100% responsible for Spending, their
        Unconstitutional, Bill Of Rights lawless actions, the lies and coverups ETC by Obama and E. Holder and others in high positions of the Obama government, remember Obama’s statement ? The I Got A Pen & A Phone? the actions I list in my previous reply.
        Mr Bush is not president and not relevant to Obama’s failures, so please don’t add in some outside person to help you fill in your blanks, Obama is president so less focus on reality at who has been in charge for the past 5 1/2 years…Obama & his Democrat Party.
        By the way , though I think I have a more respectful appreciation for Mr Snowden than you seem to have, I have respect for Mr Snowden he did American’s a great service exposing the NSA and other lawless actions being conducted within our government. We need more people to come forward if the laws are being subverted.

        Respectful have a great day.

        • Yes, you have many thoughts, and two of them are accurate. The kenyan alien, alias, Barack H. Obama, is responsible for all that he has done and not done during his illegal occupancy. We need more whistleblowers to repeat the data release done by Ellsberg, Assange and more recently Edward Snowden.

          Your ignorance is outstanding, or perhaps a deliberate attempt to cover up the destruction done by the George H. W. Bush entourage, his drug smuggling via the CIA and his sons doing the voter fraud 1999-2000, the Patriot Act and creation of Homeland Security after 9-11 and the fictitious war on terror with the destruction of Iraq and continued murders in the MidEast. Your ignorance of Bush senior´s leading a pedophile society that extended across the US and into Europe are remarkably void of intelligent comprehension. Of course, if you are one of his devotees who gets free crack, you are also hooked on cocaine, perhaps also a member of Bush´s pedophile society.

          Your ignorance of factual data on George H. W. Bush, his sons and the Bush entourage suggests you to be a typical Bush troll.

          Very Respectfully, wishing you a lovely Sunday,

  5. And you did not even mention about the Germans demanding their gold back from us ? That is a much bigger and more urgent story that you apparently are not even aware of. It is actually kind of old news , but PRAVDA/MSM plays it down like so many issues ! Anybody who knows what is going on in economics is fully aware of Germany’s dilemma. It is actually the most significant negative signal for the USD that has ever been sent ! And far more important than what you mention as important ? Not sure why, but likely a lack of understanding/knowledge. Get up to speed at my site for free !

  6. This is news…?
    Hell, our relationship with the entire WORLD has soured before our eyes, because of BHOsama! Well — except for the ragheads, that is, who love the asshole…

  7. It’s the old Jimmy Carter foreign policy: You treat your friends like enemies and you treat your enemies like friends.

    • There’s an Arab saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”
      Obama says this before he goes to sleep each night. Any enemy of America is HIS firend.

  8. “…it is very hard to tell whether ignorance or malice are at work here.”

    Is it really? Can anyone with a brain question that this is intentional and aimed at undermining America?

  9. “it is very hard to tell whether ignorance or malice are at work here.”

    I guess it would be for the blind, naive, or totally illiterate!

    Mat 12:33 “Either make the tree good and its fruit good, or else make the tree bad and its fruit bad; for a tree is known by its fruit.” Shabbat shalom!

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