Why Do Red States Have Higher Divorce Rates?

Don’t shoot the messenger, but it looks like there are some strange statistics floating around about red states and divorces rates. Apparently, counties with the highest percentage of conservative Protestant adherence also have the highest rates of divorce in the country.

This is obviously odd. Conservative protestantism constantly harps about family values and the sacredness of marriage and all that. So why would red states have higher divorce rates? Well, let me first say that leftists have had a heyday with these statistics, as you would imagine. I read one article in particular, and I could almost hear the author breathing heavily in ecstatic joy while she lambasted fundamentalist culture as hypocritical and self-destructive.

Statistics don’t come with interpretations. And they can be deceptively collected, organized, or interpreted. In this case, I think the biggest deception is in the interpretation. Sadly, I think the statistics themselves are solid. So how have leftists interpreted the data? What do they think is the reason for high divorce rates in red states?

The main cause, according to the aforementioned author (and her colleagues), is an emphasis on abstinence that forces people to marry young. She wrote:

The blue state model—marriage is delayed; responsible premarital sex is approved—simply works better. That means emphasizing sex education and access to contraception and abortion while letting go of the fantasy of the male-breadwinner family. It means accepting that abstinence until marriage wouldn’t be a useful goal even [if] it was [sic] realistic. It means realizing, once and for all, that conservative family values don’t work to conserve actual families.

Hmmm. Well, isn’t that convenient? Because divorce rates in a particular area are nominally higher, that must mean that the professed values of that area are entirely flawed. Not exactly. Conservative family values are not the problem. Certain self-labelled conservatives are the problem. Because they obviously aren’t following conservative family values.

Arguing from divorce statistics, it becomes clear that waiting until after you are twenty-five to get married decreases the chances of divorce. But people who live together before getting married are forty percent more likely to get divorced. And couples with children are forty percent less likely to get divorced. So actual abstinence isn’t the problem. And access to birth control isn’t the problem either.

We live in a highly sexualized culture. Shotgun marriages are probably more common in red states, and I would imagine those marriages are tenuous at best. But conservative family values aren’t responsible for the promiscuity that leads to shotgun marriages. In fact, liberal values are responsible for that. It  seems ridiculous to blame conservative family values for the ills that have actually been created by not following conservative family values.

You can say that conservative family values are outdated, backward, naïve, or unrealistic. But they work when people actually follow them. Marriages between virgins overwhelmingly work out. According to The Social Organization of Sexuality: Sexual Practices in the United States, by John H. Gagnon, et al.:

For both genders, we find that virgins have dramatically more stable first marriages—the odds of separation for those who are virgins at marriage are only .63 as great for men and .76 as great for women as compared to non-virgins. The finding confirms the result reported by Kahn and London (1991) . . . —in multivariate analyses, those who are virgins at marriage have much lower rates of separation and divorce.


How might we interpret the finding that virgins exhibit substantially more stability in their marriages . . . ? . . . Those for whom sex is a particularly salient aspect of life are unlikely to be virgins at marriage . . . and they are also less likely, all things equal, to be sexually exclusive over the remainder of their life, with the result that divorce is a more likely outcome for them. This will yield the partial correlation that we see—those who are not virgins are more prone to divorce. . . . Those who value virginity and think nonmarital sex inappropriate also value the commitment to marriage and are disinclined, relatively, to divorce. So, again in this case, those who are virgins at marriage are those who go to greater lengths to avoid divorce. ((pp. 503–505))


We live in a sex-obsessed culture. And this obsession has been bad for marriage, period. But this obsession cannot be blamed on conservative family values. Our leftist culture has captured the affections of the younger generation with a torrential onslaught of immoral and debasing filth (just check out the Grammys … if you dare). Children at younger and younger ages are being exposed to “sex-ed” and a media that has been inundated with sex.

But the blame must fall on fundamentalist culture as well. Conservative values don’t work halfway. People talk the talk, but they don’t walk the walk. For so long, there has been an overemphasis on lawless grace, and it shows. People say they believe things, but they don’t live these things on the day-to-day. Their religion is a Sunday affair, but it doesn’t have anything to do with the way they run their business, treat their families, or deal with their friends. That has to change. If fundamentalists are actually going to succeed in transmitting their values to their kids, they need to teach their kids what to love and how to love. Our young people can’t just be taught what to know. Their affections have to be engaged as well. So far, fundamentalists especially have not done a good job with this. And it shows. But I am not going to blame their values per se for this. I think their values are solid, and if these values were not being undermined by a debauched culture and a lawless church, things would be far different.

Anyway, be careful what you draw from statistics. Just remember what Mark Twain said in his taxonomy of lies.

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  1. Well if a couple live together unmarried (with or without children), but separate they are not part of the stat. I have a few friends or friends of friends that would raise the divorce rate, but were never married… where there is one case there will be more.

    Also would wonder if the murder rate is higher in blue states. Maybe they are not getting divorced as much, but separating from their spouses for other reasons.

    My father showed me an article a couple of years back (I think around 2005). It showed divorce rates from different denomination, religions and beliefs. It showed the lowest divorce rate was with Roman Catholics. Now as a Catholic I’m not sure if that is because we are more faithful to our mate or if we are scared as s**t that a divorce will send us to hell when we die…. My Grandparents were married 66 years and the other set 65 years, my parent have been married 53 years, my sister 28 years, my brother 26 years, my other sister 23 years. One common belief that runs in my family is that marriage is not a 50/50 deal. It is a 100% of you giving everything to your spouse and of course they must do the same back, (give 100%). You do what your spouse: asks, needs, and likes and they to you.

    As having earned an economics degree, I learned all about status and other numbers. One thing I learn is you can make any status say anything you want it to say (just as long as I have the original data to work with)… So, without seeing how they came up with the numbers I always question the legitimacy of the research and numbers.

    • Paul you are right on and your comments have such a solid base I fear the libs that pick at this web site will once again not understand a word you have said and you will end up being a teabagger or worse, an American citizen that loves his country a it was intended to be

      • teabagger?

        i see you are obsessed with all things gay. It is o.k. You can come out of the closet. You don’t have to hide in the shadows any more.

          • chas said the teabagger word, so why are you replying to me?

            anytime anyone uses the term teabagger for a tea party member, I will call them out, and there is not one thing you can do about it.

          • Look up the term teabagger in the dictionary. It is a term for gays. Oh, heck I will make it easy for you.

            tea·bag·ger2 [tee-bag-er] Show IPA


            Slang. a person who tea-bags a sexual partner.

            so called from the resemblance of the sexual practice to dipping a tea bag in a cup of hot water

            Dipping their balls in another persons mouth.

            surely, you are not as naive as you appear.

            this is the reason liberals use the term teabagger for a tea party member.

            It is intended as a slur, a put down.

          • darling, I was not the first person to use the term “teabagger.”

            please don’t tell me that you are another naive liberal who does not know what it means.

            It is a gay term and practice that is used to put the tea party down.

            now tell me like the last liberal woman with three college degrees who told me she did not know that.

          • chamuiel, I know what that disgusting term means, and no, I am not Liberal. Also, I am not your darling.

          • Who are you to tell someone else to grow up? Are we not allowed to express an opinion that differs? Perhaps sit is you that needs to do a bit of maturing before you tell someone else what to do.

          • So, it does not count when liberals use the term, teabagger.

            Interesting how you prefer it to be one sided.

            If you want howdy doody,or the muppets,. go to another site and leave the grown ups alone.

            Do you own this site?

            I think not so be quiet.

          • old one, and you are a infantile name caller.

            by the time you reached your old age, one would have thought you would know better.

    • So states with high catholic populations, usually northwest Dem states, have the lowest divorce rate. Probably correct. Catholics just screw and enjoy it.

      • Did you really mean northwest dem. states? I would have thought that the NE states would have the highest Catholic population. Curious.

      • Sorry, I suffer from a minor case of Dyslexia. So, I’ve learned to re-re-read my writing to try and catch the errors… but sometimes when words are spelled similarly my brain will just not see the error. We all have a challenges. I would have been going for the word: stat(s)…. since Status is real word my brain would have just look right past it.

          • Yea, it was called laziness when I was a kid. treated with a crack on the butt if I had any bad grades. It must have work to a degree as I learned to check my work. However, I just can not get them all. So, when did dyslexia become cool??? Did I miss the memo..

    • Paul, you are 100% correct! It really is so obvious, it is the proverbial nose the face. I am a minister and I have married a lot of people. Unfortunately, I would say that the divorce rate for those is approaching 50%. But, AT LEAST THEY GOT MARRIED. Many more couples who NEVER marry, but live together as a husband and wife, are much more likely to split within 5 or 6 years. They are not part of the statistic, but they skew the results for those who are Protestant and conservatives who do what they should do by getting married. It’s really sad, but the “blue” have nothing to brag about.

    • It’s the guilt thing & fear of hell that leaves many religious people in loveless, sexless dysfunctional marriages forever!

      • Fear of Hell? What you describe sounds like hell, so why fear what you are already in? Wait till they die and find out there ain’t no hell, they were only scamming them to get their money………………… LOLOLOLOL

        • You are so devoid of any intellect whatsoever that you aren’t even able to realize that mrmaliboob is on your side…..genius.

          • Yeah, you are right, now, be sure to fill that envelope the church sent you with cash before you return it. It will ensure your position in the aftershock. Bob is OK until one of you BIGOTS start with scripture, of course since you are religious you have “Sides” I mean what good would any self respecting religion be without a “My God is Better than Your God, We are right and they are wrong ” Precept?

            You simply would not have a reason to kill people who worshiped other gods, its right there in the Bible. Kill them all, Men, women, and children, their goats, their chickens, their birds, their dogs. (Like the animals had a religious preference) Now kneel down and pray to me, and remember that I am a merciful god.

            Hurry Up you are missing Evangelist Pastor Ted Haggards message about how to knead sausage on the other web sight!

          • So what? Does that offend you? That tells me three things:

            He applies reason.
            He has an open mind.
            He is a Homosexual (He has never admitted this, but you have assumed it anyway)

            None of this bothers me. Why does it bother you? Would you like to form a like minded mob and burn him at the stake? After all if you have a whole bunch of people that believe the same thing it must be true right? Everyone knows that a mole or a dark splotch on the skin is the sign of the devil and is an abomination worth of death, right? It cannot just be a birthmark, that is for certain.

          • Sheesh….you are obsessed with God. Get off your soapbox. Don’t want a god, don’t have one. See?

            Ted Haggard?? He has lost all credibility with Christians……real Christians…….have never listened to a word he has to say. He is more your type anyway, so I’ll leave him to you people.

      • Deeply religious family tend to have big happy families. Which means… lots of kids, which means lots of love, and to have those kids it means lots of sex. So you are completely wrong once again Bob. The fear is of breaking God’s commandment not living within his commandments.

    • I too have a strong history in Economics, logic and statistics. I can skew a poll by simply changing a word in a sentance as the parameters will significantly change the outcome. OR as most people do not understand a “random” sampling of 1000 on the streets of Cinncinati will yield the desired Black stance required to get propaganda going.

  2. I’m not convinced your analysis is correct (to be honest, not sure if it’s wrong either) but it seems to me, for example, that if a county is 55% conservative, it’s still 45% liberals and its those nutjobs that are getting divorces because everybody else’s marriage is better than theirs and they can’t figure out why, so they blame each other.

      • That may be true but it’s because that’s all a conservative can get! What could be more boring than having sex with some sexually repressed up tight conservative?

        • Well, it is obvious you have never tried it.

          I am sure you would prefer to have a̶i̶d̶s̶ sex with one of those naked bike riding f̶a̶g̶g̶o̶t̶s̶ homosexuals in San Francisco.

  3. And the divorce rate in pigs and other animals is nil, so what. You have to be married before you can get divorced, get it?

    • Exactly! All this shows is that more people get married in these counties whereas in other parts of the country people just don’t bother to get married at all. Also, there is a large military presence in red states. How is this war of almost 13 years affecting those marriages? I also wonder if divorce statistics in church and in “red” states are reflecting the fact that we all make a lot of mistakes before we “come home” to God and our families to get our lives back on track and start living right, the way we were raised.

      • Bobbie, you have a one track mind. Always about homosexuality. Why haven’t you came out of the closet yet? Everyone on here knows exactly what you are. Why hide it? “Queerdom” is accepted by your communist party now. Stop being a little sissy and man up.

          • Homophobic is a nonsense term since no one I know is afraid of homosexuals. Repulsed by their behavior, yes, but afraid, no. Accusing me of inserting my penis in another mans anus sure as hell is insulting.

          • Bobbie, I’m not trying to insult you. I’m just disclosing the truth. I’m just saying that since you like guys so much you should come clean about your feminine side. We wouldn’t feel any less of you if you admitted it.

          • It’s the self loathing conservative christians (like you) that are obsessed with gay sex & lead the anti-gay parade that always turn out to be closet homosexuals. I feel nothing but pity for you & your ilk

          • If “or what” you mean “straight” then the answer is “or what”. I happen to be straight but I support equal rights for ALL Americans! Are you another one of those self loathing conservative christians leading the anti gay parade that is in fact a closet homosexual?

          • Thing is, ALL Americans already have equal rights. So what you are actually supporting is for a minority group of sexual deviants to receive ‘special’ rights that no one else has, which is unequal rights…..genius.

          • You conservative christians used the same argument against interracial marriage. It didn’t work then & it won’t work now.

          • Sure…….keep dreaming. The recent Phil Robertson/A&E controversy proved where the majority of this nation stands. You people are on the wrong side of sanity, as history plainly illustrates.

          • You seriously think A&E cares who watches? Doesn’t matter who watches, just that millions do watch it. And that the majority of this nation forced A&E to back down proves that same-sex deviants do not have the support of this nation.

          • Civil rights aren’t up for a majority vote & our supreme court will force red states to accecpt gay marriage

          • Oh, I see. you aren’t for equal rights after all. Force the majority to do that which they are opposed to…..socialism……..no liberty. I have an idea that the majority will not stand for forced anything when it comes to same-sex deviancy.

          • You must be religious, they are the only race that thinks calling people names makes them right. Like the Muslims, the loudest one that acts the most outrageous is right.

          • Liberals like you invented name calling.

            I am just fighting fire with fire and boobee is still atheist gay scum.

            You must not know him well.

          • Boy, you just made a great statement about the intelligence of the average American TV audience. They watch a show about a back woods hippie that makes duck calls, and has an entire eco-system growing in his beard. Yeah that beats PBS documentaries any day of the week. I wonder of Mr. Robertson thinks the world is 6,500 years old, man was made of clay, and his wife was made out of one of his ribs? Boy that musta hurt, rippin that rib out after the fact. Hey, why couldn’t he just make the female out of clay too? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

          • Those duck calls have made him a rich man.

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          • Granted, he has become wealthy making duck calls. Making a duck call does not make you a Socrates, or an Einstein, though I admire his grasp of the marketing. He is probably selling a lot of these duck calls to people that do not even duck hunt, they just want to be “In with the in crowd” Funny thing is, you have to really know how to talk to the ducks with the call, and that is not in the call, its how you use it. For that, I admire him.

          • Bill Gates is no Socrates, or Einstein, so what is your point/

            bill actually bought windoze from someone else.

            You never did tell me how much you are worth.

          • My Point is that there is Material wealth, and there is Intellectual and spiritual wealth. I do not, in any way relate Spiritual Wealth to a man made religion. Jesus of Nazareth knew this. He did not invent religion, man did.

            The Graphical user interface was first designed by Xerox-Park. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak developed it further at Apple. Gates then adopted it to his Disc Operating System (DOS) with a GUI overlay, and named it windows.

            If you think that the material things that you own define you, I feel very sorry for you, because they get old and fade with time. Intelligence, Love, Spirituality do not.

            The Greeks are still ashamed of having executed Socrates, while the wealthy rulers have faded into oblivion.

            My material wealth is insignificant, and obviously none of your business.

          • I have been married to the same women for many years and have four children and four grandchildren.
            Are you one of those sexual deviants that enjoys a regular colonoscopy?

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          • My guess is your role model is someone like
            Mark Foley, Ted Haggard, Larry Craig, or Bob Allen. A conservative christian leading the anti gay parade but in reality has sucked more dick than a rock groupie!

          • I would assume your role models are Barack Obama, Michael Vick, Tiger Woods, O.J. Simpson, Barney Frank and Kobe Bryant.

          • Well I do have Lakers season tickets & am a huge Kobe fan. & am thankful that Obama rescued this country from the catastrophic failures of Dubya. As for the rest them I’m not really a fan but I respect their talent. I’m curious, does your wife know you’re gay or is she to stupid?

          • My wife is very thankful for having a thoughtful husband. So you admit that you are a fan of all the rapists and dregs of society. Since you failed to answer I assume you are a sexual deviant. The Obama administration is a fiasco and is destroying our nation.
            Are you black?

          • If you consider what Obama has done to our nation as ” Rescue” Please don’t rescue me. I can’t endure that much pain. You are mentally challenged. You need mental health therapy.

          • I am sure you know all about sucking dick, and are an expert on the various in’s and out’s of it.

          • still being an infantile name caller, i see.

            you just cannot help your self, and you have even learned the queers best words.

        • I like your word ” Queerdom. ” LOL He/she never answered your question. Is he/she gay, transgender or bisexual.

  4. Likely that is because in the Red States husbands and wives will not share each other with anybody else, and if adultery is involved, the true partner, gets a divorce if the straying continues. We do not have as many “key clubs” to make it OK in our minds, to jump over the traces. I believe there are more Christians, percentage wise, in the Red States, and we do not take part in such shenanigans, if we are true Christians. It is against the teaching so our SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST.

      • What an infantile and moronic reply! But oh so typical of an extreme fascist left-wing Christian hating bigot such as you, j.b.. A common garden slug shows more intelligence than your reply to the comment above yours. How pathetic you display your lack of intellectual prowess time after time after time on these comment boards.

    • people living in areas with lots of conservative Protestants were at higher risk of getting divorced, even if they weren’t conservative Protestants themselves!!

    • Myrtle, those big terms like “to jump over the traces” may throw the liberal progressive metrosexual city dwellers into a tizzy, not being familiar with American life that many of us grew up in. ;<) The only "key club" that my wife and I belong to is the one in our own home: both of us have a key to both of our vehicles and are authorized to drive either at any time. ;<)

  5. One obvious reason for the higher divorce rates in Red States: the blue states are the entitlement states whereas a great many more persons do not marry and have kids our of wedlock – thus, no divorce, but most of the time the parents go their separate ways.

    • Such an obvious point but you will NEVER get a liberal to understand. They get so revved up with their disingenuous logic and invalid statistics.

      We told our children before they married that they had better be damned sure they were marrying for life because we don’t have divorces in our family. Our son has told us that that was the only thing keeping his marriage together until he got his wife into therapy and on some sort of medication for her problem. That was about ten years ago and they are still doing fine as long as she stays on her meds.

        • And what I find truly stunning, Marvin, is….these people seriously believe their upside-down logic. I can’t figure that one out. They are as adamant about their logic as we are…think it is what my father called a Mexican standoff.

          I would be very curious as to how these people would do on an intelligence test. How in the world could they get a decent score with this total lack of logical reasoning skills?

  6. In Blue States you can’t get divorce if Ole Leroy and Tamika never got married in the first place got’s to get my EBT Card welfare, WIC Section 8 housing or Housing Project $2 a month rent

    • We be loving those Rep racists. Best thing out there to turn away potential women, you g, Hispanic, black voters….you know rhe majority. Keep your little old white men. Who love their sex and dutiful women. Ain’t gonna win you those elections. Keep it up racist, misognist dudes. Rev up your scooters. Don’t for get Coup day 5/16. Scooters required.

      • As long as you agree to pay for your bankrupting social programs and don’t look to us to pick up the tab when your “blue state” money runs dry, I can agree with that.

          • Come on! The Blue States are the entitlement States. They have run businesses out of their states and are now spending billions trying to lure them back. It won’t work! Blue States = higher taxes, corrupt unions, more government, higher deficits, etc. .

          • Just watch TV! Ca, NY, Mi, They are all trying to get back businesses that they ran off – All of the Southern States have balanced budgets and are pro-business. The business just comes to our States automatically.

          • the 10 poorest states in the country are Republican.
            Mississippi is the poorest followed by Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama and North Carolina.
            And the list doesn’t even include Texas, where one in five people lives in poverty.

          • Guess that’s why 1.3 million people left NY state between
            2000 and 2010. They are just too PROGRESSIVE for
            their own good. lol

          • 23.5% of all people in the U.S. living in poverty lives in kalifornia.

            Fact, Jack.

            You lie about Texas.

          • Do some study on the subject and you will find that you have been misinformed. Probably not your fault.

          • In the upside down inside out world of a teabagger are the red states of Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama and North Carolina the “rich” states & the Blue states of Maryland, New Jersey, California, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Virginia, Delaware, New Hampshire the “poor” states?

          • And they all have a high percentage of blacks on the welfare dole.

            Most of them are Democrats and vote Democrat. You keep forgetting to mention that.

          • Persons in the red states have several common characteristics: we take baths daily; we believe in the work ethic; we are pro-defense; we are not perpetual excuse factories.

          • where’d your stats come from? It’s a known fact Dems are all about the social gimme’s. They’re running us into the poor house. We’re there.

          • You lie as usual Boob. You know very well that there are very red areas in blue states and very blue areas in red states. I think you will find that in both cases the subsidies are flowing to the very very blue large cities ruled by Democrats forever in both red and blue states. Boob’s figures lie and liars like Boob figure.

          • Here’s a FACT!!! the 10 poorest states in the country are RED!!! Mississippi is the poorest followed by Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama and North Carolina.And the list doesn’t even include Texas, where one in five people lives in poverty.

          • You were talking about subsidies Boob and now you are talking about median income. Mr. Science confuses the issue again. I stand by my statement that most of the subsidies go to blue counties in red states. The whole blue/red state thing is oversimplified media crap anyway. In Illinois all but three counties were red in the last election. The state goes blue because of the cesspool Cook County, the cesspool around East St Louis, and one county on the far southern tip of the state. Democrats have bought and paid for the government dependent voters in these areas. You would argue that these voters are simply wealthier and more educated and I would laugh in your face. You ignore all other variables with your same tired posts over and over. I haven’t read one of your bigoted rabnts about religion lately Boob. What’s wrong with you.

          • The wealthy & educated tend to live in the urban areas which are blue & the uneducated poor tend to live in rural areas that are red

          • The wealthy and educated tend to live in the urban areas. That is because they couds afford to move out of the inner cities where the poor live. Think Detroit.

            Most of those that you call the uneducated poor who live in rural areas, are not on welfare, and do not take handouts.

          • Even you are not stupid enough to believe that. Check the census figures Boob. !7.7% poverty rate in rural compared to 14.5% in urban areas. They were only 1.2% apart until Obama was elected driving rural poverty up by 2%. By the way, I can take you to several neighborhoods in Chicage where there are plenty of uneducated poor and they are bluer than blue even with Obama and the Demoncrats screwing them roayally. I can also take you to rural areas with 17 million dollar log homes. Your conclusions as usual are like you. They suck.

          • Texas has a balanced budget and a surplus.

            kalifornia, your state is in the red.

            why do you keep repeating the same ole tired worn out lies?

          • Mississippo and Arkansas have high populations of blacks, you know those people you liberals have kept on the dole and on the Democrat plantation.

            Why do you not address that , bob?

          • I think he’s just repeating the lies that have been told to him. Or, maybe he has no common sense.

          • He is just a typical lib who fancies himself an intellectual and throws out half truths and outright BS to supposedly prove how superior progs are to the rest of us mutts.

          • Yea, the long term debt of those wonderful “progressive states” like California and Illinois is soooo admirable. Also, if those “red states” shut off the natural resources and power production to those great “green” utopias, a stone age would most certainly happen; in reverse.

          • still lying, i see.

            can you tell me why your state, kalifornia is running businesses out?

            That does not sound good for your theory of subsidizing.

          • If disapproving of Obama’s fiasco is racist, then call me one, because I disapprove of everything he’s done. He is the most inept president in our history. He is an anti-American loser.

          • How old is the universe? You don’t believe God created man. Who do you believe created man and the vast universe?
            I do agree that God created man in his image but I also believe in Darwin’s theory concerning evolution. Al Sharpton and Congressman John Lewis are living proof of that.

  7. It’s only a matter of time before there won’t be anymore red states. We’ll all be blue states. People are dropping out of churches. They’re glued to their TV sets watching their favorite soap operas, football games, and p.o. movies on HBO. It’s like the Bible says, “A little leaven leavens the whole lump.” And Jesus said, “When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?”

    • It is men who do not attend church. Also, if liberalism is the reason conservative Red States have the highest divorce rates, then why don’t the outright liberal States in the North have the highest divorce rates of all? This author of this article simply cannot prove that these “shotgun” marriages are a result of sleeping together before marriage. If anything, in the South, people marry younger and soon after they meet each other as a way to avoid premarital sex.

  8. Simple they never get married we are supporting millions of Black and Hispanic single mothers on welfare in those states.

  9. The conservative tends to get married. The liberal is more inclined to live together and when they break up there is no divorce. Married people get divorced. The liberal is more likely to have many live ins and fewer marriages. Not really a fair comparison..

    • OK, but the Author of this article is saying that conservatives are living hypocritical liberal lifestyles by sleeping together before they get married, thus causing their divorce rate to go up. Yet, when liberals in blue States finally marry, after having premarital sex, they still do not divorce at the same rate as conservatives who supposedly had premarital sex causing them to have a “shotgun” marriage. When you compare the same number of blue states marriages with red states marriages, the red has a higher rate of divorce for the same number comparison.

  10. Lets see now California, and New York, are in no way red states. Hmmmm!!! In other states, who has the highest number of couples living together, who are not married??? You have to be married to get a divorce. Just another bull feathers Democrat set of inane propoganda.

  11. With all the problems we have, the number of people not working, the debt….what is Obama concerned with? Sex in the Military and at Colleges. He is just a “bit” weird OR he is creating lies and diversions to try and hold on to women’s vote who are getting fed up with him.

  12. Can’t have a divorce without first, a marriage. Are marriage rates higher in Red states as well? (Didn’t have time to read the whole article – excuse me if I missed it.)

    • Ha, ha, ha … just read a few of the comments and guess I should have before I wrote anything. Guess everybody was thinking same as me.

  13. Another way of putting it is that more people actually do get married in red states, so there would logically be more divorce. Go to a blue state and more people do the serial shack up and don’t get married, so if you count their splits from their “committed relationship(s)” the rate would be higher. Also in blue states, you have 4th generation welfare and pregnant 11 year olds who never marry so they can get the free money from the US taxpayer. No marriage, no divorce.

    • Most people that live in poverty are in Red states! red states have the worst education systems. They have the lowest paying jobs. The highest teen pregnancy rates. The most people without health insurance, etc, etc, etc

      • O.k.! Boobee Lets compare Texas and your liberal state Kalifornia.

        23.5% of all people living in poverty live in Kalifornia. That is almost 1/4 of the people living in poverty in the entire U.S.

        Why is home ownership the lowest in Kalifornia of any state?

        Why is Texas in the black and has a surplus?

        Why is Kalifornia in the red, and driving businesses out of Kalifornia?

        kalifornia is beginning to look like Detroit.

        I told you three months ago to quit lying.

          • I sincerely hope that I am reincarnated as a liberal one day so that I will know how it is to think without using my brain…

          • I laugh out loud when I hear conservatives say such things as red states have the worst education system & the most uneducated people!

          • Borrowed from The Common Constitutionalist.com

            I mean just this. Look back in history and be reminded that virtually every bad policy, every ruinous decision, every unconstitutional law or mandate was the handiwork of a Democrat.

            Look back at the “father” of the Democrat party, King Andrew Jackson. Oh yes, Obama isn’t the first president who fancied himself a monarch. Jackson was also quite often called a dictator. He believed in “Manifest Destiny”, the evil opposite of “Divine Providence”. He pushed for and got past his “Indian removal act”, or ethnic cleansing act, which basically led to the extermination and/or removal of all Indian tribes east of the Mississippi. That, of course, led to the infamous “Trail of Tears” march, thanks to the next Democrat up and hand-picked Jackson successor, Martin Van Buren. In 1839 Van Buren also allowed for the near extermination of the Mormons in Missouri. It was called the “Mormon War” and Van Buren just allowed it to happen due to his fear of losing votes in Missouri. That’s character, eh?

            Next up is Woodrow Wilson and until recently I considered him to be the worst, most evil president in American history. I predict Obama will surpass him or maybe it will be a number 1 and 1A thing.

            Wilson was a vile racist, a fascist, a eugenicist. A historian wrote that he, “love, craved and in a sense, glorified power”. Sound like somebody we know?

            He brought us the income tax. He flung us headlong into World War I to satisfy his own warped, selfish need for power. He re-segregated the American military. He imprisoned American citizens and journalists. He gave us the United Nations with his “League of Nations”. One can fill a book, and have, with the harmful policies derived during Wilson’s administration.

            Next up – Franklin Roosevelt – God of the left. Where to begin with him? Roosevelt gave us the “New Deal”, which we are still paying for. He turned a worldwide depression into a uniquely American “Great Depression”. He put forth the socialist dream “Second Bill of Rights”. He imprisoned hundreds of thousands of Americans of Japanese German and Italian descent. Even many Democrats realized he had to go prior to his death. It was because of Roosevelt that both Democrats and Republicans passed the 22nd Amendment limiting the president to two terms.

            And then there was Lyndon Baines Johnson. Ah…LBJ – Father of the modern day radical leftist. He gave us the “Great Society”. It marked the beginning of the end of personal responsibility, freedom and liberty and the dawn of the entitlement society. It was he who actually began the slow ruination of American healthcare with Medicare and Medicaid.

            After LBJ and other than Reagan, virtually all modern-day presidents have been, to some degree, progressives. Whether on a bullet train or a slow roll, they have all worsened and weakened the American experience, possibly to the point of no return.

          • Conservatives say that? Hmmm! i would have thought it would have been you liberals saying things like that.

          • true, so true. they are emotional creatures. That is why when one disagrees with a liberal, they get all angry and call names like a 5 year old.

            Boobee is a prime example of that.

          • A good number of them are. We also have a large number of blacks on welfare in the cities. Almost every large city in Texas is a sanctuary city.for illegal aliens, something I am not proud of.

            The rural areas, and voters is the only thing keeping Texas Conservative.

          • Here is a quote from the Washington Times from April of 2013.

            A financial report issued by state auditors finds that the state of California is in the red by an unsustainable $127.2 billion.

            The report says that the state’s negative status increased that year, largely because it spent $1.7 billion more than it received in revenues and wound up with an accumulated deficit of just under $23 billion in fiscal year 2011-2012, the Sacramento Bee stated.

            Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/apr/1/california-red-1272-billion-state-auditors-say/#ixzz2reahJafX
            Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

            What planet do you live on Boob?

          • Is that before or after the 10 Billion dollar shortfall that is projected for the current fiscal year?

          • As usual you lie Boob. There is only a surplus because the state is not funding their future liabilities. Same as Illinois. Read this from San Jose Mercury News:

            SACRAMENTO — Gov. Jerry Brown’s image as a responsible, penny-pinching steward of California’s finances has been cemented in recent weeks because of his renewed call to pay off California’s “wall of debt.

            That’s a term Brown coined when he took office to describe the tens of billions of dollars California owed to public schools and special funds whose coffers were raided to help balance budgets in the past.

            But look behind that $24.9 billion wall and you’ll see a $330 billion skyline of other liabilities threatening the state’s financial health. It includes $80 billion needed to cover teachers’ pensions and $64 billion to pay for state workers’ health care in retirement — two particularly troublesome liabilities because the state isn’t even making the minimum payments on them.

            As a result — similar to the debt of a homeowner who fails to make regular mortgage payments — California’s liabilities keep growing. For example, the money needed to fully fund the California State Teachers’ Retirement System balloons by $22 million a day, or about $8 billion a year, financial analysts estimate.

          • Is that some of that new fuzzy math ole moonbeam brought with him again?

            Forget this year, lets talk about that 127.2 billion.

            for a while those high restrictive taxes will give any state a slight surplus.

            Why is moonbeam trying to run profitable businesses (Smith And Wesson) out of kalifornia?

            Boobee, are you ever honest?

          • bob, your lies are getting really, really old.

            There are 32 million people in kalifornia, many of them Hispanic, illegal aliens.

            Texas has 18 million people.

            Now, how could there be more people living in poverty in Texas than kaliforni?

            I think you get dumber by the minute.

            THE CBO say that 23.5% 1/4 of all people living in poverty live in kalifornia.

            Kalifornia also has the lowest rate of home ownership.

            You have yet to lie about that, Bobbie

      • It is actually not true. For example, Texas is always in the top 10 richest states when adjusted for cost of living. In my town, just outside of Austin, the average income is 50,000 per year and most homes are two income homes. So the average income is 100, 000 plus and poverty is what, 35k? In Austin, the average income is probably higher. Mr Bob is dishonest because he is knowing quoting numbers without adjusting for cost of living, as all of the poorest states are northern liberal states.

        Same goes for divorce numbers. You should further clarify those number by adding the number of unmarried couples living together, which of course would be truthful, and liberals will not provide truthful numbers, just like they will not tell us how many people have signed up and paid for Obamacare.

        • If voting for the GOP was the path to prosperity why are most red states dirt poor & have the poorest education system?

          • That is an untrue statement but you seem bent on spewing left wing propaganda/. I can make many polls or studied reflect ANYTHING I want them to. The fact is The “red” states have GREAT schools like LSU . If you want to be an OBamabot be one but be honest about it

      • You’re coming across like a George Soros paid Troll. When you’re good at being a Troll most people wouldn’t notice. You are not good at it. Nothing personal.

  14. I believe one reason for the divorce rate is that people in those states marry at a younger age. In general, the older and more mature people are when they first marry, the greater the chance of a happy marriage. Young people expect too much from marriage – “Our marriage will be Heaven, and our love will last forever.” You think so? Wait until the bills come due, and your child starts screaming at 3 a.m.

  15. The whole color scheme is a fraud. Obviously Red is the color of Communism, and since Liberalism is Communism’s pimping little sister, Red should be the color of the Liberal states. Blue is a quiet Conservative color – like the sky or a lake. Red, the color of fire and blood, suits Liberalism well.
    I head someplace that the color scheme on the election board used to be the opposite, with the Democrats as Red and the Republicans as Blue. Mind screwing IS an essential part of Communism and symbolism is a big part of that. All water under the bridge now since the Republicans aren’t Conservative anymore either for the most part.

    • Originally blue was conservative states, and red was liberal states.

      The liberals realized what they had done, and got the media to change it.

  16. As it says in the Bible, “Be prepared to give an answer to anyone who asks the reason for the hope that is within you”. In order to give a reason for that hope, someone must first ask. In order for them to ask, your life must show something special that they want in their own life. In other words, you cannot give what you do not have and you do not have what you do not show.

  17. Red states have more crime, more domestic violence, more rape, more child abuse, more birth defects, more illiteracy, higher Teen pregnancy, more divorce,more poverty, etc, etc, etc

    • Poor pitiful sad lonely little scumbag liberal homo TROLL, MaliPEUWbOB. Someone such as he who actually believes EVERYTHING his god and master obamao says thinks anybody cares what he says?

      Three friends — two straight guys and MaliSPEWbLoB, a gay guy — and their significant others were on a cruise. A tidal wave came up and swamped the ship; they all drowned, and next thing you know, they’re standing before St. Peter.

      First came one of the straight guys and his wife. St. Peter shook his head sadly. “I can’t let you in. You loved money too much. You loved it so much, you even married a woman named Penny.”

      Then came the second straight guy. “Sorry, can’t let you in, either. You loved food too much. You loved to eat so much, you even married a woman named Candy!”

      Then MrMaliPOObLoB turned to his boyfriend and whispered nervously, “It doesn’t look good, Dick.”

    • Once again Mr. Boob uses statistics to lie and his scientific mind draws unsubstantiated conclusions. If you break your statistics down by county it paints a very different picture because even within red states there are very blue counties as well as vice versa. Take a red state like Missouri for example. The St Louis and Kansas City areas are very blue areas within a red state and have crime rates 4.3 times higher than the red counties. Many of your oh so blue states like California, New York, Illinois, and Michigan have the most crime ridden cities in the nation surrounded by red counties that have low crime rates compensating for the hell-hole Democrat forever big cities.You are a consistent left wing progressive liar Mrmalibubooby.Figures lie and liars figure.

  18. My two cents worth: I think people are divorcing to live together and save money. The Government is putting too many punishing taxes against the married couples of America now.

    • That’s a valid point. Its a shame but married couples are punished. Those that choose to live in sin are not. What’s happened to our society?

  19. Lol, some how I do not believe that. The midwest state I reside in (temporarily) was number one for infidelity over a year ago.

  20. Over the years, I have heard MANY Christian leaders acknowledge that divorce is as rampant within Christian ranks as non-Christian. To go one step further, I have heard claims that it is common within the protestant denominations, for the church leaders, including pastors, to have a similar record. So what is the real answer? It is simply changing social and economic times and the growing independence of women. I’m in my 70s and I have talked to many people my age who have been either divorced or widowed and they have no intent on being married again. They would live with the next mate in “sin”, if need be. The political system works against them economically and it has also made a “mockery” of marriage. We will be marrying people to “monkeys” pretty soon. The unfortunate thing about so many of the “successful” traditional marriages that have lasted so long are a result of two people, over the years, settling into a “marriage of convenience” that they were too afraid to change. I have observed FEW of those long term marriages as GOOD. There was more mutual toleration than anything else. We could, at least, commend them for there strong “tolerance”. Things change at an alarming rate anymore in our modern culture. That cause two people in a relationship to grow at different rates and individual priorities change. While most men feel reasonably positive about their marriages, conversely most women are NOT that happy. We are a divided nation and becoming more so by: sex race, religion, politics, etc. Most men are conservative and most women are liberal. The high rate of homes without fathers are contributing to a greater “feminization” of our country. I do NOT know if there is any real turning back. Traditional Christian conservative values are at the edge of extinction and I do NOT know if there is enough backbone left in the country to take us back to those roots. As liberals gain more control through the “nanny state” politics, they UNFORTUNATELY succeed at making the Christian value system look archaic and obsolete. Liberals have almost total control of our education system anymore. Take a good look at Europe … that is already the case there and that is the direction we are heading. I am NOT telling it how I WANT to see it but how I DO see it, sadly!

    • Your comment, ” soon people will be marrying monkeys,” we already are. Interracial marriage hasn’t worked and will never work. But the mulatto children are the ones that suffer. They are not accepted by either race.

      • Excuse me? What does inter-racial marriage have to do with divorce rates? (I’ll be celebrating my 25th anniversary this year; thank you very much.)

        • Good for you, but that’s rare. It seems to work in San Francisco where Adam and Steve live happily together.
          That is until they contact AID’s
          You know what GAY stands for? Got Aids Yet. LOL

          • AIDS was a crime perpetrated against humanity. No, it did not come from God to punish the gay community. I suggest you read a book called “Emerging Viruses” by Dr. Leonard G.Horowitz. Based upon the reference I’m citing, AIDS was created and is being used to reduce world population; starting in the Africa. No, the virus did not start in Africa; the US military created it, and this government sent people to Africa to deliberately infect 100,000,000 Africans, starting in Zaire. Again, this is based on the book; pages 4-5. There is nothing funny about anyone contracting AIDS.

          • AIDS is a terrible thing. What you and Jewish Author Horowitz are suggesting is rubbish. Our government had nothing to do with creating AIDS and spreading it among the African community. You must be black and insane.
            Horowitz book should be banned for suggesting we are guilty of such a heinous crime.

          • I see you are quite smug and happy in your ignorance of the subject. So be it. But rest assured, you do not qualify to judge the book nor its’ author, having not read it. Your remarks do beg the question, “what does any body’s race/ethnicity have to do with the irrefutable evidence supporting the doctor’s assertions?” See if you can set aside your racist bigotry for a moment and answer the question. By the way, it doesn’t matter what your personal race/ethnicity is Victor Magilke; what this doctor and his evidence says, and several other authors independent of him are saying, should concern you. Here’s a few other books you might consider reading since you think this is some kind of Black and Jewish hysteria. Read “The Shock Doctrine” by Naomi Klein; “Rule By Secrecy” by Jim Marrs; “The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy” also by Jim Marrs. Read any one of these books and educate yourself on this and similar issues. Because as it stands right now, you don’t have a clue about what’s going on around you politically nor otherwise, given your talk.

          • Who’s paying you to write all this rubbish? Is it the New Black Panthers, The NAACP, AIPAC, The ADL or the Israeli Foreign Ministry?
            Read The Jewish Voice for Peace, Dr. David Irving, Helen Greene and The Birth of a Nation.

  21. I think in blue states there is a lower ratio of commuter relationships. Can’t make the survey if one has dumped 3 long term relationships in 10 years.

  22. I have isolated the problem, in this quote from a noted author.
    “I have been married to Mercedes for 47 years and in that time I have come to know her completely, and I have absolutely no idea who she is.”
    —–Gabriel Garcia Marquez

  23. One other thing they must be taken into consideration is the fact that the public school system has been controlled by the social progressive and liberal thinking. Once they took over our school systems one of the first things I had to do was remove all sense of morality. Then they progressed onto showing that responsibility doesn’t exist no one is to blame for what they do it’s always someone else’s fault. When her children are bombarded by liberal progressives combined with the over sexualization of almost all media and entertainment segments you end up with a society that has the morals of an alley cat.

    On top of destroying one of the best school systems there ever was they changed the educational system to a system of indoctrination. Brainwashing if you will in the systematic downgrading of public education. We have to generations of educated idiots who have absolutely no idea of who they are, what they are, right and wrong and more importantly their responsibilities. America is a free nation that these young people have no idea what that means or how it came about.

    When you have girls as young as 12 years old getting pregnant you know the society as a problem. I’ve been married 43 years, not overly religious, but I had a fundamental knowledge from my parents and my school years of what responsibility means.

      • Unfortunately it doesn’t matter what their red states and blue states because at this time the students coming out of our schools rank is some of the lowest educated young people in the world. For we used to be number one were now somewhere around 43rd or something.

        The social progressives in the liberals who in order to maintain control must make sure that we’re not an educated people in a long. Stupid people are much easier to control and eventually put into bondage (made slaves to the government). Conservative and liberal are just names. At this point in time the liberals are in charge and America’s going in the toilet almost at every level.

      • Actually you can blame inner city liberal regressives for our appalling illiteracy rates and it doesn’t matter if the city is red or blue.

        • You are spot on Tim. And it won’t get any better because the black leaders blame it all on whitey.
          Michelle Obama told a group of black students not to be concerned about their SAT or test scores because they are discriminatory to blacks. I fail to understand how reading, writing and arithmetic can be discriminatory.
          She went on to say that she failed her SAT and college exams but was still accepted at one of the most prestigious universities in our nation because of her minority status.
          Of course she thanked Dr. King for this. No thanks to LBJ or congress for passing affirmative action or the civil rights bill.

      • That’s only because of the metropolitan areas in the Red States that are 90% black. Who are you trying to fool with your liberal biased rubbish.

  24. Holy Muslims marry early in life. They have large families. Not sure if divorce is allowed. But pretty sure they can have more than one spouse at a time (in many places just not Western democratic countries). I hate to say it, but they are the future and they seem culturally conservative.

  25. Sooooo…..there are no Liberals in RED states. These stats leave something on the table. Do they know who’s getting divorced in general….merely because it’s a Red state in general doesn’t show who’s who among the Red White and Blue.

    • Good point. If you’re an educated. Liberal & forced to live in some backward red state that would be grounds for divorce

    • Go to Massachusetts and you can even marry your dog. Bestiality is legal there. We are definitely going down the road to perdition.

  26. This is what happens when you have all these different studies, followed by statistics that cannot truly be verified! Fact is, it makes absolutely no difference at all. People just do what people do and most of it is always bad! Young folks, for many generations, have no idea what true love is and I am sorry to say, they are getting farther and farther away from the possibility of ever learning! My wife and I have been married for over 47 wonderful years. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen when I met her and she is even more beautiful today. But you see, she is part of me and I would be incomplete without her. Every decision I have ever made in our relationship was one I made with her first and foremost in my mind….and she feels the same. We are so close, we often times know what each other is thinking or about to say. I don’t see this closeness in young folks now a days.

  27. When talking about divorce rates being significantly higher in one area over another, it is probably not because of a “sex crazed culture”; but rather the notion that one adult feels they have authority over another adult; possibly due to religious beliefs, or sexism, or for the need to feel if they can’t control their spouse, that can’t control their marriage. We no longer live in this American society of the past, that endorsed the notion that both spouses were not equal, because of gender. Particularly women have made great strides in becoming treated as being equal with their husbands. For as long as a woman feels she has to answer to her husband, although she is an adult, there will be rebellion; hence divorce. This is besides any discoveries of infidelity by either or both parties. In my marriage, I am head of my household, and I say we are equal and shall treat one another with mutual respect as adults. I didn’t marry a child and I expect adult behavior from my wife.

  28. Hey Mikey, not to bad. You probably should have addressed adultery at the sane time. Maybe an interview with Newt “I never met an aide I didn’t love” Gingrich, or his mistress wife. They seem to have all the answers….

  29. Funny How the libs Jump all over this but totally Ignore that most murders Occur in areas of stiff Gun Laws . Double Standard I would like to say something also
    the Church in America is corrupt I spent 18 years in many diff Churches and its a fact . Thats why America is corrupt. When the salt has lost its flavor what can it save .. Nothing

  30. Nailed it to a T. Absolutely correct. It isn’t the values that are at fault, just the lack of adherence to them.

  31. Really, the only reason for a couple to live together, rather than getting married is due to the fact they know they are not going to make it as a couple.

    I know a young woman of 25 who has had 7 live in partners since she was 18. One of them twice.

    • I think its something in the air. One of my friends is getting divorced at 76 years old. When he told me, I couldn’t keep from laughing out loud. He said after 50 years of marriage, they just couldn’t get along anymore.
      If you don’t think that’s funny, you have no sense of humor.

  32. Simple: Red state residents actually get married … Legally. Therefore there are more people per-capita in red states subject to divorce. Another reason could be that it must be extremely difficult for blue staters to find other blue staters worth marrying. And up until just a few months ago, a LOT of blue staters were not allowed to marry the blue stater they wished to marry. (You get my drift) Thus lower divorce rates simply because of less marriages..

    Blue state residents seem to have this tendency to only drink the milk but never buys a cow.

    And finally, we red state residents could care less what blue staters say about us, our beliefs or our marital statistics.

  33. I think it’s because more people tend to be married in red states as opposed to shacking up. I’d also have to look at the welfare programs which vary from state to state to see if more woman are staying single in those states and using the government as husband. In some states, California for example, it’s fairly lucrative to be an unwed mother. Then we would need to see the demographics of single woman who are not head of household. This is one of those things that you need “the rest of the story” to figure out. Lots of variables.

    • This is a stupid poll which means nothing. The majority of residents in the red states are Christians and are still more honorable and patriotic.

  34. I found the statistics to be very odd. Opposite of what I would have thought and found myself pondering red states who traditionally have more conservatives (bible belt) have higher divorce rates. Only thing I can think of is men and women are bombarded with sex everyday and those who succumb to the temptation are ridden with guilt becasue they feel they let themselves, family, and God down. Maybe that guilt is something they cannot get beyond and end up divorced. Just a thought. I may be totally off. Also, what about people who were born in blue state and moved to a red state or vice versa?

  35. Easily answered. The women folk watch daytime T.V. and the men are conservative and won’t put up with their brainwashed crap.

    • Too many women watched Oprah for years and were brainwashed, now she’s showed her true colors, she’s a racist pig.

  36. Not odd at all, since red states have marriages to begin with!,
    And by definition of marriage is understood one man and one woman!

    • You are spot on Mike. The liberals in the blue states just live together and don’t bother to get married. They just pump out kids every year and live off of welfare. They shouldn’t give them support unless they are married.

  37. It’s probably a simple matter of lower marriage rates equals lower divorce rates. Did the study look at divorce rates per a given number of population or did it examine what percentage of marriages ended in divorce for each given State? If the study used the population vs. number of divorces model then it was biased from the beginning.

  38. OK. I didn’t read the whole article, but did you ever consider that Liberals are living together, not taking the vows?

    • The liberals don’t bother to get married. They have no morals and just live together having one child after another out of wedlock. They are scumbags so their vows would mean nothing anyway.

      • Exactly… and the same broken, uncommitted Liberal relationships that cannot support a functioning household, so they have to go on all the Govt. doles available to them … food stamps, housing, free phones, etc. etc. and this isn’t to get over the hump …. this is a LIFESTYLE!

        • Its never ending. Three more years of Obama and the deadbeats in the ghetto will be making more than celebrities. All entitlement programs should be abolished and investigated to see if individuals are really qualified.
          Georgia did a study years ago and found that 75% of welfare recipients were welfare abusers but nothing was done.

    • That’s what I would have said – since when do libtards actually get married? Well, OK, I’m some of them do, but, I also bet most of this cohabiting crap is done by libtards, so there can be no divorce, since there was never a marriage to begin with.
      I also agree with the article that the country is going to heck in a handbasket because of this gross lack of morals. It is utterly disgusting that couples live together, pop out several kids, raise those kids until they are almost in high school, and THEN some of these couples have the gall to get married, with a white wedding (bet no one under 40 has any idea of what a “white wedding” is – they probably think it has something to do with the KKK) and all stuff that goes with it (so, really, what kind of wedding gift do you give a couple who has been living together for 5, 10 or 15 or more years? Surely they would have no need of a toaster or an electric frying pan….).
      So yes, it’s tough to have a divorce when there is no marriage! I would also venture that if a survey was done, there would simply be less marriages per capita in blue states than in red ones.

  39. I’m sitting parked in the car, & so admittedly did not read the WHOLE article yet, but I frankly have no problem re: the basic numbers. #1-The fact that a state is RED does not guarantee that most residents are ‘highly observent’, but statistically are more ‘likely’ regular church-going & identified. In addition…#2-if they DID marry earlier and abstained, their numbers should be compared, NOT as a group vs those who married later in blue states, but vs monogamous ‘involved’ couples [maybe more than just boy/girlfriends] especially those with kids) who divorce in the blue. [GRANTED…better before the vows than after -BUT…it still makes more sense, & I’d hazard a guess that THOSE numbers would be DRASTIC….even vs only the ones with offspring…& my next guess would question the involvement of THE ACTUAL father figure. As I said I didn’t finish & if any of those points WERE covered -which I somehow doubt- then with apologies to Rosanne Rosannadanna, NEVER MIND!] When a survey/study is done with proving a predetermined point as its final aim, you need to see all questions asked AND the follow-ups asked or “especially” next logical follow-ups NOT asked & WHY they weren’t. Personally my hackles are up & doubts are in full gear whenever I hear, “studies say…; there’ve been numerous studies done on….; I ‘heard about’ a study…; etc! REMEMBER…we’re dealing with “CULT MENTALITY”…absolutely ANYTHING to hurt “them” (meaning us) the racist/woman hating/homophobic/selfish/mean-evil spirited/Fox watching “extremists” whether in truth, partial or OUTRIGHT LIES, it is done for the ‘greater good ‘ & therefore forgiven…just ask the cult’s god-like leader of the moment. Relax & just know the truly greatest truths quoted from Democrats of the past; “Ask not what your country….etc.”; “The buck stops here!”…could & would ONLY be utterred by one on the right (straight thru: Reagan to Romney & even our current crop). AND consider this: if they in the past had been even close to current cult members, MANY OF US (most?) Wouldn’t exist today….especially black, brown, Jews, homosexuals, etc. AND the rest might well be speaking German and/or Japanese…& even if not; FORGET.any later possible rebellions, The Russians with their missles piled up in Cuba would absolutely NOT tolarate that.

    A couple more things, why is “homosexual = gay”…are they thst hsppy?…and if I suggest THAT, why am I homophobic?…”gay-a phobic” which means I FEAR them, yet if I might make statements (true or mistaken) about REAL racial minorities or even women am I not tace-aphobic or (& this one the MOST possible) FEMAPHOBIC. CULYS & EXTREMISTS always use words & terminology to demonize/minimize/dehumanize “THE OTHERS”.
    JUST FORGET THEM…there’s NO convincing them, that’s exactly why it’s SO EASY to be a member. We MUST ONLY put energy & expense into the middle roaders/undecideds. Clinton did EXACTLY that in 1996 & Ob in 08 & 12 AND ONE NOTE…it seems Hillary is taking advice from her personal expert advisor…I gather she’s ready to apologize NOW for Benghazi (so with the public’s memory plus 2 years, it’s forgotten & all forgiven….) & we KNOW that’s aimed straight to those CENTRIST voters’ forgiving hearts (you & I are hopeless to HER anyway!)
    I only have limited hope for us as it stands right now, BUT if we don’t grab the BIG house & Congress in 2016, I just won’t have ANY hope left & I’m usually a VERY hopeful person.

  40. Don’t know about these particular statistics, but the fact that those geographic units are characterized by “the highest percentage of conservative Protestant adherence” may be irrelevant to the “highest rates of divorce in the country.”

    First, there is the definition of terms, such as “conservative,” “Protestant,” and “adherence.” Liberals, for example, regard Republicans as conservatives, and while conservatives know that that is absolutely untrue, liberal statisticians may regard Republican Party membership or voting for Republicans as defining for “conservative.”

    Second, even if the terms were accurately defined, there could be non-adherent, non-conservative, or non-Protestant populations attracted to those areas, for whatever reason, whose divorce rate is high enough to skew the overall rate for those areas.

    An analogous situation was pointed out in a study of the effectiveness of gun control between strict-control Vancouver, Canada, and “lax” control, nearby Seattle, Washington. The study found that Vancouver had a much lower crime rate than Seattle and attributed the difference to gun control.

    Further investigation showed that the crime rate between Vancouver (almost all white back then) and the white population of Seattle was virtually identical (gun control made no difference), but that the higher crime rate of Seattle was centered in the black population of Seattle.

    So in Seattle, a city consisting mostly of whites, the whites were not responsible for the higher crime rate.

  41. The question that I have is, of the divorces in red states, what percentage were conservative and what percentage were liberal? Is it possible that there is a way higher percentage of liberal divorces in red states than in blue states and that accounts for the higher overall? Maybe liberals living in red states are under more stress from having to deal with us conservatives and it breaks up their marriages? Bottom line, figures lie and liars figure. You can make numbers jump through hoops to produce whatever predetermined goal you have in mind. A prime example would be the “Global Warming” fiasco.

    • Liberals being far more educated & having to live among a bunch of illiterate rednecks in some dirt poor red state would be grounds for divorce so you may be on to something.

      • Why do you assume that liberals are more educated than conservatives ? I think you will find the more Blue states than Red state broke and billions in debt.

        • That is not true, “Blue” states generally have a higher education level and much lower poverty than “Red” states which have been shown to use much more social safety net funds such as welfare, WIC, etc. than “Blue” states.

          • No, good sir, I am not. Of the top ten states that use the most federal aid money, nine are Republican dominated states, New Mexico being the one Democratic state. The states that take in the least federal money and pay in the most, are all Democratic.

          • hahahaha. I see you are doubling down on your error. By the way, New Mexico has a Republican Governor.

          • The designation was based on the states presidential voting record in 2012 when the data was collected.. By the way, it is surreal to see someone confidently deny reality and ignore facts.

  42. Easy to see why. Woman are rejecting the foolishness of their right wing hubbies who believe that woman must be subservient. By the way, through a mistranslation of Aramaic the word meaning “helpmate”, a term meaning equal and became subservient, meaning unequal and therefore less worthy and oppressable.

    • Not this woman. Mine is a ‘right wing hubbie’ who does not believe that women are subservient, and I am happy to be his helpmate. Make stuff up much?

      • How lucky you are, but that is not the teachings of the Church.
        Where do you think the craziness of woman’s down graded values come from? It didn’t come from Jesus ya know…

          • No it is not! Mankind through mistranslation changed may of the writings in the Bible. One was the addition of the killing of witches that were added later. Aramaic is ancient Hebrew and the words it used can not be easily communicated especially if those who did it had an agenda like downgrading woman as men are apt to do. Why do woman get payed much less then men. Did G-d want that? Really? This proves that there are those who added it later…

          • Yes it is! Women are equal in worth to men in the eyes of God and Scripture is clear about it. However, women and men are not the same and equal in every way. Men have much greater physical strength and if it weren’t for men we wouldn’t have many of the technological advances that we enjoy today. I am a stay at home mom, so I don’t care what women are getting paid. As for what God thinks of it: They are ‘…to be sensible, pure, workers at HOME, kind, being subject to their own husbands, so that the word of God will not be dishonored.’ (Caps mine)

          • Do you not know of, or are you ignoring, the fact that traditionally, women have been functionally barred, if not explicitly banned from obtaining a higher education? Had women been allowed to pursue knowledge instead of being coerced and/or forced into homemaker positions, there would be just as many, if not more technological advances attributed to women as there are for men. By reinforcing the idea that a woman’s place is in the home, you are doing a great disservice to women everywhere. You cheerfully place shackles on yourself and claim that other women should also. Shame on you!

          • Do you not know, or are you ignoring the fact, that women have always been held in the highest regard by God? He considers them equal in worth. Christianity encourages women to pursue knowledge and to pursue the highest calling of womanhood, the keeper of a home. Your assertion that there would be just as many, if not more, technological advances attributed to women is laughable. And your whining that women were not allowed to pursue knowledge as the reason that women have not contributed to such advances is even more laughable. Women are not the same as men. There are differences, thank God, whether you like it or not. Trot out the number of men who have contributed to advances of any kind (since the time that women have been higher educated), and compare that to the women who have contributed to any advances, and the fact that women and men are different will be glaring.

            I am reinforcing the Biblical truth that women should be ‘…sensible, pure, workers at HOME, kind, being subject to their own husbands, so that the word of God will not be dishonored.’ (Caps mine). Women and men, such as yourself, are doing the greatest disservice to women everywhere by ignoring the direct teachings of Scripture. I have no shackles whatsoever. I am the epitome of free. I am completely happy and find no greater joy in being a keeper of my home and raising my own children instead of tossing them off to someone else to do it for me. You, on the other hand, cheerfully advocate for women to be shackled to jobs that make them subject to a man other than their own husbands while their children are being raised by strangers, if they have time for children at all. Shame on you!

          • I’ve read the bible, and quite frankly, I cannot for the life of me understand why any woman would want anything to do with it. The way women are treated in the bible is deplorable. I do not simply ignore the teachings of the “scripture”, I actively work to expose them for the dangerous thing that they are.

            If you are happy staying at home and raising children, that’s wonderful, but please be aware that other women have different goals and find meaning in life outside of the home. And by the way, I know some very wonderful mothers who are also excellent innovators in business and lead full lives while raising families. Their children are very well balanced, successful, and a pleasure to be around.

            Again, shame on you, for attempting to keep women restricted to certain roles. You underestimate your gender. Women are quite capable of doing great things.

          • I don’t attempt to keep women restricted to anything, nor did I ever make the claim that women aren’t capable of doing great things. Do keep up. However, women are capable of accomplishing the greatest things as a keeper of the home.

          • So you’re not saying women can’t do great things and you’d never try to restrict women to certain roles, but you think that the greatest thing a woman can do is keep house. I shared your post with a coworker and his response was quite appropriate, “Wow, a woman that puts herself in her place. Tell her to get off the computer and go make her man a sandwich”.

        • There’s your problem. You follow the teachings of a man’s interpretation and not the Bible itself.
          The only religion that downgrades women is muslims. There’s no doubt muslim beliefs did not come from Jesus.

      • It’s interesting that some pick a few words here and there, and decide the meaning on these few items, then insist it’s the only correct definition. I read in the Bible where men and women are equal with different duties in life. Women are given the responsibility of life and men the care of that life. Even our country has a head spokesman, the president, so why would a family be different?
        I have yet to know any ‘right wingers’ that think women are ‘subservient’ or any open show of this like we see from the left.
        We KNOW that the left believe women to be subservient. We see this in muslims. They are almost exclusively on the left and their women ARE subservient, property even.
        The left continues to push the lie that Christians hold women down, when all evidence shows otherwise.
        Don’t believe what you read. Believe what I tell you to believe is a common leftist response.

        • You nailed it, LISG. The lies against Christianity by the regressive left have become relentless but are to be expected. They are being played like a fiddle by a cruel taskmaster, but they don’t even know it.

          • Anyone who reads the Bible knew this day would come. We had only hoped it would not be within our life time.
            But then, no matter what, my last breath will be to praise God’s Holy name.
            I’m ready. Bring it on.

  43. I think that the reason lies in the last 40 years of the rise of the feminism. Even the most conservative of women my wife included have a liberal streak down their back a mile wide. My wife chafes when I tell her that her father never went to the grocery store with her mother to buy groceries. Same with clothes shopping. I just don’t have any care to do such things. My wife bristles at the the biblical mandate wives obey your husbands, she just shuts down with anger. The last bastion of real men can only put up with so much of the feminist rub off that their wives carry due to inherent changes in our society. Women who have been influenced by the changing feminist culture even though they claim to be conservative, choose not to put up with their real men anymore. The hunting trips, the stoic attitudes, the sports outings with the guys, the lack of interest in domestic chores, just doesn’t fit into this post feminine liberated world. It’s ripe for divorce.

  44. Most of this started when liberal teacher moved South and then Federal government took over education . And now Common Core is worse than government teaching about sex plus most of the free sex of the sixty’s is coming back same as the weed smokers . Those that did it see no wrong in their kids doing it !

  45. I get a kick out of the theory that “virgins” make marriage last longer. Most of these so called “virgin brides” have been giving oral & anal sex since they were in their teens! So much for family values!

        • Sodomy is not sex, it is abuse that leads to damage and disease. That some demented married people do it, does not change that fact.

          • If you’re getting hurt or catching diseases, you’re doing it wrong. Whatever, to each his/her own.

          • I’m not ‘getting’ anything….we don’t practice sodomy. Any woman who would allow herself to be sodomized doesn’t have an ounce of self-respect, and any man who would sodomize a woman is selfish to the core.

          • LOL, like I said, to each his/her own, but just so you know, some women enjoy alternative sexual experiences.

    • Mr MaliPooBob (as in what he likes to pack)…King of TROLL queers!!!
      MrmaliPoPoBoB knows well about being a “vigin bride” since he’s been teabagging since early childhood

      How do you make a homo like gayBOB scream twice?

      1. F**k him in the ass.

      2. Wipe your dick on the curtains.

  46. Because most of the “Minorities” in the blue states never get married in the first place, it would mess up their welfare status. Why buy the cow when the milk is free?

  47. I’d argue the why quite differently than the author. Take these same states and you find they fall far down the ladder on many areas of what America should be and should want. Education statistics show many southern red states also among the poorest performing on a national let alone international quality basis and let’s face it if you have a poor education earning expectations are not good and poverty is a leader in the cause of divorce. Also poverty rates are higher and though many conservatives are loath to admit many red states take more federal dollars than the send back. In other words for all the talk of a Nanny State the Red States are the highest beneficiaries of the Federal Government.
    To save space, “pension benefits” include both Medicare and Social Security; “anti-poverty aid” includes Head Start, Low Income Home Energy Assistance, Food Stamp and nutrition programs for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), and several school-lunch-style benefits.

    Top Ten (Source: Tax Foundation):

    1. New Mexico Indian reservations, military bases, federal research labs, farm subsidies, retirement programs

    2. Mississippi Farm subsidies, military spending, nutrition and anti-poverty aid, retirement programs.

    3. Alaska Per capita No 1 recipient of federal benefits; infrastructure projects, DOT and pork projects.

    4. Louisiana Disaster relief, farm subsidies, anti-poverty and nutrition aid, military spending.

    5. W. Virginia Farm subsidies, anti-poverty and nutrition aid.

    6. N. Dakota Farm subsidies, energy subsidies, retirement and anti-poverty programs, Indian reservations.

    7. Alabama Retirement programs, anti-poverty and nutrition aid, federal space/military spending, farm subsidies.

    8. S. Dakota Retirement programs, nutrition aid, farm subsidies, military spending, Indian reservations.

    9. Virginia Civil service pensions, military spending, veterans benefits, retirement, anti-poverty aid.

    10. Kentucky Retirement programs, nutritional and anti-poverty aid, farm subsidies.

    Now consider the bottom 10, you know, the ones that give more to the federal government in taxes than they get in return. From 1 to 10, they are:

    New Jersey, Nevada, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Illinois, Delaware, California, New York, Colorado. All predominately Blue States.

    So until these issues are addressed I don’t think you’ll see a turn around in divorce rates. Now part of this supports the authors but I also have to say it starts with a proper education and this includes science, mathematics, reading, health, history, physical fitness and the arts. Produce a better educated population and you’ll automatically have one that makes better decisions, earns enough to support themselves and meet all their basic needs and perhaps a few hobbies or desires, and one far less dependent on the Government for it’s support.

    Somewhere along the line we’ve forgotten that the best investment we can make as a country is in education. It’s then we’ll be the country we were and can be again and it’s the one thing that we must drive home to our youth, our young adults, and our State and Federal Legislators. No Child Left Behind is a proven failure and it’s time it be abandoned and new (or old to my thinking) ways of making sure every kid has a chance for a decent education

    • Absolutely!!! Education should be our highest priority as it determines so much of the outcome in our nation., including divorce rates.

  48. I thinks because red state residents believe in marriage. Blue state residents will have kids they just don’t believe marriage is as important. How many times have you heard “we don’t need a piece of paper to prove our love.” Do these stats just count random divorce totals? If Conservative state A has a million married couples with a thousand divorces. And liberal state B has 500,000 married couples with only 500 divorces state A has more divorces but in reality it’s the same.

  49. Get Real. Divorce is a little higher in Conservative states because ‘living together’ is higher In blue states but their divorce is not calculated in the statistics

    • You hit the nail on the head. The divorce rate is higher because the marriage rate is much higher. I’m surprised that wasn’t really brought up in the article.

  50. Not to veer off-topic here, but if I am in a committed, monogamous, life-long relationship with my husband – things that I believe strongly in and am proud of – am I in your view exhibiting good traditional, conservative values?

  51. Having been raised a Southern Baptist, I am going to blame it on them. I am now a member of a more orthodox form of Christianity, and I tend to see these statistics to be based on SB church culture.

    It seems to me that the SB’s focus on emotion based “conviction”, “conversion”, “repentance”, and “re-dedication” is somehow at play here. The idea of “once saved, always saved” comes down to meaning for some folks that one can get away with pretty much anything as long as one “repents” and “rededicated” their life. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

    Don’t get me wrong, the SB are mostly good people, but to me there is just something in the church culture that keeps them spiritual teenagers. And we all know that teenagers are prone to breakups.

    • The sad thing is your a getting close in your assessment, many churches have been conformed to the world and not transformed by the WORD of Christ. Until the people in the church develop a biblical perspective of Relationship in Christ, Then we are going to experience the “Falling away” as expressed in II THESS. 2. I believe we are seeing that today more so. It will be even more so when the antichrist makes his appearance and there will we deep persecution and death to the Christians worldwide, before Christ’s second coming. what will exasperate it even more, is when the “promise” of “Rapture,” does not take place because of it’s false teaching,
      men will give up hope and fall away more so. Much can be said here, but it is the blessed hope of His second coming that keeps men eyes fixed upon Him in death or life.

  52. The element of personal happiness, more than any other reason, is responsible for people breaking up or divorcing. Sex can be had with anyone, but if happiness is not a fundamental part of the relationship, mere sex will not hold it together. If love results from a religiously imposed sense of duty, the genuineness and degree of happiness may be diminished, but contentment in relationship is motivation to preserve it.

  53. One thing missing here is the fact that many women grow up thinking they’re princesses and expect the man to be their entertainment and/or provide them everything they want without question or regard to financial consequences. This isn’t to say there aren’t men who think they can do whatever they like and the little wife needs to deal with it. Yes, in many cases, people do tend to get out of those relationships. Money is and has been the main reason for divorce in this country. If you look at the personal debt in the country, you can understand. that immaturity is a big factor in the whole mess….and it knows no red or blue. Also as several have stated here, you have to take some statistics with a grain of salt. Too much depends on who’s doing the figuring. Figures don’t lie, but liars can certainly figure, and do all the time. I’ve lived with that fact for the last 40 years in business.

  54. I was not aware there were any longitudinal studies of divorce that traced all divorces resulting from say, marriages occurring in 1990. I think you need that before going forward with analysis of causes, otherwise you’re just sociologizing and psychologizing.

    • That’s what I was thinking~in the Godless lib/prog states, the immoral just live together~therefore, when they break up there’s no divorce!!

    • It probably is because of more marriages and also the liberals that stay together for mutual benefit, classic example Hillary and Bill Clinton. But the biggest reason is because it is a stupid survey that proves nothing.

  55. How about those that don’t even bother getting married in the first place. High unmarried Birth rates and running around doing it like dogs now…
    I see faulty reasoning in the conclusion.

  56. When you have 10 kids by 10 unknown dads, why get married? It’s all about welfare being paid by responsible people who have jobs.

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