Rasmussen Reports Survey: 53% of Americans Against BOTH Parties

Drudge Report calls it a “shock” poll. Apparently it’s a real shock that more than half of Americans are fed up with both Republicans and Democrats. It’s not that much of a shock to me, though. The new Rasmussen Reports survey is causing a little bit of a stir—it found that 53% of Americans do not believe either major political party represents America. So 53% of Americans are apparently finally catching on. Here are the actual numbers from the Rasmussen Reports survey:

Interestingly, 52% of Republicans and a plurality (44%) of Democrats agree that neither major political party is the party of the American people. But 65% of voters not affiliated with either party feel that way.

Maybe it’s because I’ve never really been a brand-loyal person. Or because I’m part of the über-cynical Millennial generation. Or maybe it’s just because Republicans and Democrats really have been screwing things up royally and obviously for the past, I don’t know, hundred or so years. But even in my youth, I recognized that neither party offered anything of real value. They both stood for things to which I was steadfastly opposed.

You had the Democrats spending too much money on socialist programs for health, welfare, and education while denying unborn children their rights, to name but a few of their offenses. And then Republicans swooped in and spent too much money on different socialist programs for health, welfare, and education, threw in a couple more trillion for unnecessary wars, and still failed to stick up for the rights of the unborn.

Then Democrats came in and continued and expanded the unnecessary wars. Then, almost to return the favor, Republicans came in and continued and expanded the Democrat’s socialist policies. Both choked the economy with high taxes and favors for their friends. Crony capitalism, the proliferation of bureaucracy, and an erosion of civil rights went apace with both parties in equal measure.

And all of a sudden, the civil government looked like one big back-scratching free for all. And the only losers were the American people.

And what bothered me most about this transparent destruction of America’s best interest was that none of my parents’ generation seemed to see it the way I did. They kept insisting that if only we got the Republicans out, or the Democrats out, then things would start to go right with the economy or society or what have you.

Wrong. Republicans and Democrats are pretend enemies. They are all members of basically the same party. And, now more than ever, that should be obvious. And, if this Rasmussen Reports survey is to be believed, people may finally be getting it. But now, what to do about it?

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  1. Mr Minkoff, you really need to look up “begging the question”!!! The medieval social agenda + the war on woman is the reason the GOP keeps getting BURRIED in general elections. The economic policies aren’t that much different between the two.

    • The war on women you say? How many women have been aborted in the last 30 years? Looks to me like one party is trying to murder women in the womb and one party is not trying to murder women in the womb.

  2. Very good question… “what do we do about it?”

    As good citizens, every eligible voter should prepare for Election Day… acquaint yourself with issues and candidates… read the news… attend the caucuses… and
    if you’ve done that… often it comes down to choosing the lesser of two evils.

    • Yes, but we American Voting Citizens must have the guts/back bone to defy the corruption that exists at the polls. The weak Republicans are so afraid to repudiate the Democrats fraudulent unethical voting practices. And so CORRUPTION pervails.

  3. They’re NOT all alike. If they were there would be no health insurance reform & no stimulus package.
    Americans who say that they’re all alike should be asked for examples. Were they? Do they know who their Senators and Reps. are? Do they know that Republicans voted to almost 50 times to repeal the ACA? There are still Americans who think that Obamacare and the ACA are 2 different things. If they’re not asked for examples, then the survey collapses into incompetence.

    • ” Do they know that Republicans voted to almost 50 times to repeal the ACA?” Yes! they know and since most of us don’t want the alleged ACA the Republicans were actually voting for what the MAJORITY wanted! Problem is they only do that about 1 out of every 4 or 5 votes. The dems OTOH only vote what the majority want about 1 time out of every 100 votes.

      Bottom line – BOTH parties need to be tossed out on their butts and then arrested and prosecuted for violation of their Oaths of Office for starters!

      • Please urge Republicans to campaign against the ACA! Please!
        Please urge Republicans to tell the public that the working poor don’t deserve to see a doctor. Please!
        Then you will see the difference.
        Who knows? Maybe most Americans want to die needlessly without health insurance.

        • Almost 70% of Americans hate Obamacare. That;s why leftist tools like you started calling it the ACA. You were all proud to call it Obamacare until you found out how much people loathe it. Your messiah promised to insure all of the 40 million uninsured Americans. After a media blitz trying to sell this monstrosity, Obama claims victory with 7 million sign ups and no one can tell us the real numbers. The whole thing is one big lie designed to push us to single payer socialized medicine. When the rationing begins, I hope you are thye first sheep to have your treatment denied lightsocket.

          • before it was obamacare it was romneycare, before it was romneycare it was hillarycare, before it was hillarycare it was communistcare. after all that it becomes communist single payer. after that all is lost.

          • Incorrect. What Bill and Hillary were promoting was public health care. Obama simply took a Republican idea that is market-driven.

          • Spoon-in-Socket — Doesn’t your tongue burst into flames with all the lies that come out of your mouth?

        • “Please urge Republicans to tell the public that the working poor don’t deserve to see a doctor. ”
          Why would Republicans want to do that? Everybody deserves to be able to see a doctor! Under the ACA that ain’t happening for any but a small handful. Most of the 7 million that have allegedly signed up were replacing the insurance that the ACA cost them and usually at much higher premiums and deductibles!

          That’s why most intelligent people are opposed to Obama-don’t-Care, we see it for the fraud it has always been! We want NOTHING to do with it or the FRAUDS that created it and shoved it down our throats!

          • You’re making assumptions on incorrect information but that’s OK. The point is to make all Republicans use false and extreme interpretations regarding Obamacare. That’s how Democrats will win.

            Your party does want to prevent Americans access to health care. Have you not been watching the news? Most GOP candidates have turned away federal money to expand Medicaid. Simply put, working poor Americans will get no access to health care. If you choose a limited source of news and information, your knowledge on the subject will be severely limited.

            This must be the 25th time I’ve posted the above on this site.

          • You can post it 25 more times and it won’t change the truth! Everything you accuse the republicans of are things that the democrats are doing – lies, distortions, race-baiting, medicaid reductions, the horrendous ACA.

            The ONLY incorrect information out there is being spouted by liberals, I don’t make assumptions on erroneous information, I go by the facts (the real ones) and the truth.

            The truth is – the ACA is a grand scheme by liberals to take over the healthcare sector of our economy by hook and crook. EVERY liberal from the President on down has been lying through their teeth as to the “benefits” of this fraud perpetrated on the US by crooked corrupt politicians (on both sides of the fence).

            The truth is – the American public is seeing through the distortions, lies, obfuscations, and misinformation that’s being put out by liberals and the liberal propaganda machine known as the mainstream media. And MOST of us don’t like what we’re seeing and experiencing.

            The next several election cycles are going to be watershed events for liberals, unless of course that you have already corrupted the election process to the point that it’s completely fraudulent. If that’s the case, you can count on the fact that real Americans will take back the country by blood if necessary.

          • Please check out The Senate races. Listen to what each candidate is talking about. Watch and listen to what voters are saying about Obamacare (ACA).

        • They will die under O care anyway due to subpar care the hidden form of death panels. Study the complete lives system which sets parameters for delivery of health care services. Hint: it favors the productive.

          • Where are you getting your information from? The ACA has a provision for preventive health care. You do understand what preventive health care is, correct? Look it up. Check out the definition of preexisting conditions. When you finish you’ll discover that the ACA is about preventing death – not promoting it. You’re more likely to die if you are PREVENTED from health insurance.

            The ACA does not cure diseases or guarantee immortality.

          • My late father was a doctor and I own a small business so I know quite a bit about Obamacare. Straight to the point…Obamacare is crap! It interferes in people’s live, private transactions and the free market. Enough said.

      • Why aren’t Republicans campaigning against socialist Medicare? We know that they want to privatize Social Security and give the money to Wall St. speculators.

        Democrats want to KEEP Medicare and keep Social Security where it is. That is a very BIG difference between the two parties.

        • That’s why Obama raped Medicare to pay for Obamacare. Let the old fogies die. Health care dollars should be spent on Obama supporters.

          • I don’t think you even read the article you linked to. But then you are an Obama zombie sheeple. Try this article sprocket:

            Obama is raiding Medicare to fund Obamacare

            Posted on February 26, 2014 by Dr. Eowyn | 22 Comments

            In October 2013, I did a post on thousands of elderly Americans on Medicare’s Advantage program discovering they’d lost their trusted doctors because their HMOs (health maintenance organizations), in a move to trim costs, have fired those physicians. An example is UnitedHealthCare (UHC), which sent thousands of pink slips to Connecticut doctors caring for Medicare Advantage patients.

            I wrote in that post:

            Why are thousands of Medicare Advantage doctors being fired?

            The answer is ObamaCare.

            Under Obamacare, federal funding to Medicare Advantage is being reduced by billions of dollars in coming years. Obama said spending on the Advantage program is higher than regular Medicare and is “unsustainable.”

            Mark my words: The firing of Medicare Advantage doctors is just the beginning. President Lucifer is gunning for the Advantage program itself, and ultimately all of Medicare.

            Just think: What he and the Demonrats really want is the government’s takeover of the health “care” of all Americans via a “single-payer,” i.e. government-run nationalized, healthcare system.

            That’s the ultimate goal of Obamacare.

            Once this super-sized Obamacare is in place, Medicare would be superfluous and will be jettisoned, if not sooner.

            Last week came news that the POS has proposed a 3.55% cut to Medicare’s Advantage program.

            Now, Florida Gov. Rick Scott is confirming what we suspect.

            Greg Richter reports for Newsmax, Feb. 25, 2014, that, citing proposed cuts in Medicare Advantage plans, Florida Gov. Rick Scott says the Obama administration is raiding Medicare to pay for Obamacare.

            In Washington over the weekend for a National Governors Association meeting, Scott said in a press release on Feb. 24:

            “We learned last week that Medicare is being raided to pay for Obamacare, which is hurting our seniors, who could lose access to the doctors they liked and were told they could keep. We need to give our seniors a voice and ask the president directly to not pay for Obamacare by raiding Medicare. He has stopped and delayed other broken parts of the healthcare law. He should do the same with this.”

            Appearing on Fox News Channel’s “Your World With Neil Cavuto,” Gov. Scott said he’s seen 300,000 Floridians lose health plans they were promised they could keep, and now senior citizens, a significant part of the state’s population, are telling him they can’t find a doctor who accepts Medicare. “It’s totally different from what our citizens were promised,” Scott said.

            Cavuto noted that several of Scott’s fellow governors said during the weekend conference that Obamacare isn’t going to be repealed, so it is up to them to find ways to make it work.

            Meanwhile, as Oklahoma Republican Sen. Tom Coburn, a medical doctor, points out, enrollment in MEDICAID has increased 1,290% since its inception in 1966, from 4 million to 55.6 million people in 2012. Spending in MEDICAID has increased a whopping 31,212.5%, from $800 million in 1966 to $250.5 billion by 2012.

            Medicaid is welfare, but Medicare is not.

            Just like Social Security, Americans who work pay into their supposed Medicare benefits via Medicare deductions from our paychecks.

            Just like Social Security, the Medicare program is being raided to “re-distribute” the monies to those who don’t work.

            To all Americans who are on Medicare:

            Just how much longer will you tolerate this?

            Until you wake up morning to discover you no longer have Medicare coverage?


            Minutes after I published this post, I received an email from Townhall.com that the POS also slashed another part of Medicare — the home health care services:

            On January 1, 2014, ObamaCare cut nearly $22 billion from Medicare home health care over four years. That means an estimated 3.5 million poor and ill homebound senior citizens woke up on New Year’s Day to discover that ObamaCare had slashed funding for their home health care program.

            Last year, Medicare home health services were delivered to approximately 3.5 million Medicare beneficiaries. According to the federal government’s own data, these seniors are older, poorer and sicker than the Medicare beneficiary population as whole. Many of these seniors also reside in rural communities, where home health care is especially important because other sources of treatment are often located many miles away.

    • The incompetence is those that voted for Obama.Our country is in such a mess because of Socialists. There is nothing “affordable” in the ACA. Obama wasted taxpayer funds on several green boondoggles, and probably put a lot of the 487 billion in to his off shore bank account.
      Let’s all praise Oblamo, shall we?

      • We are ALL socialists. Democracies are a combination of capitalism and socialism. The extreme right uses a lot of words too liberally and without knowing their definitions .

        I could list 100 examples of socialism that you participate in and you won’t give a damn. So here’s one example of socialism that means something to Republicans. You all like socialist Medicare.

        • Too bad the US isn’t a democracy, then you’d actually be right. The US is a federal constitutional republic in spite of liberals best efforts to make it a socialist state. Medicare and Social Security were all enacted by democrats just like Obama-don’t-Care was shoved down the throats of the citizens despite their objections to it.

          • A republic represents ALL people – not just conservatives. In a republic we are all EQUAL. It’s a guiding principle of democracy. If you want to improve democracy, stop big donations to politicians. Conservatives prefer making the rich richer through tax laws and depleting all wealth in the middle class.

        • Everyone that ever held a job paid in to medicare. You can’t say that with Oblamocare, and no, everyone doesn’t like oblamo care.

          • Medicare is a socialist program. Every time you pay taxes you are a socialist. The ACA is a market-driven health insurance plan. The govt. sets the rules.

    • Uhhhh, I think there is “reform ” of the health insurance industry AND a “stimulus” package BECAUSE they are both alike…corrupt!
      I ask “Were they?” what? Then I may be able to answer.
      Yes, I know who my Senators and Representatives are: also my Governor,Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, State Senator and State Representative. I also know the Republican House voted more than 50 times to repeal the ACA, have presented NUMEROUS budgetary plans for consideration AND that the ACA and “Obamacare” are the same

      I do agree that from a statistical standpoint a polls relevance and reliability is directly tied to the specificity of and discrimination not only of the questions posed but also of the mannor they are asked. If I rmemeber Statistics 101, it’s called operational bias.

  4. As a former Republican who felt the same way, I joined the Constitution Party. Look into it for yourself and see if it matches your values and beliefs.

    • Jay, that was my choice too, but for years they stagnated and just sucked up money with no action, whereas the TEA folks had the action and were getting things done. Now if the TEA and The Constitution Party UNITE…That would be VERY NICE, perhaps The Constitutions Party NEEDS to make an invite to have TEA , Awesome force, spread around, let’s push the ball!

  5. …Whatever happened to voting for Patriots?

    Ross Perot was an ignored Patriot? He still got 19.3% of the vote with a screwed up campaign effort.

    Ross Perot told Americans the truth about what would happen if NAFTA and China’s Most Favored Nation trade status passed Congress. Like the results now?

    Can 300 million stupid people vote smarter? hmm, I don’t think so.

    Obama is a F#&king Traitor and the Republican’s, twice now, STILL can’t beat him. They joined him on Amnesty, H1b visa’s, caved on Obama care and IGNORED Obama’s FAKE birth certificate!.

    Liberals, Conservatives, Tea and Libertarian party members, and others that want to maintain their power, are backed by millions of dollars from secret PAC’s that for their idiot YES men.

    The only way to break their hold is never to vote for the idiot the secret PAC’s stand up as their front man.

    Congress approval rating stinks, yet 92% of all incumbents are re-elected. People, that has to end. Vote everyone out of office that has been there longer that 6 years. And I do NOT mean term limits!

    Starting Congress over means starting over. Stop sending the same shiite heads back to Washington. Stop voting between shades of gray. Both major political parties are out to F#@k American’s over!

    Even Tea and Libertarians are FOR AMNESTY after a sham effort of border enforcement. Read their platform!!

    So next time Voters…VOTE FOR PATRIOTS!…Vote Independent!

    Arizona Governor Jan Brewer for President. She will uphold the Constitution and deport the illegal aliens!

    Jesse Ventura for Vice President. He would be fun to watch in the debates, IF third party candidate were invited!

    Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio for Director of Homeland Security. Smokin’ Joe will seal the southern border!

  6. It should be a MUCH HIGHER percentage being that both Parties are FULL of nincompoops, scoundrels, and outright criminals, thanks to Article 6’s ban of Christian tests and thereby Biblical qualifications, such as, for example, the following:

    “Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them, to be rulers….” (Exodus 18:21)

    For more, including a more comprehensive list of Biblical qualifications for civil leaders, see online Chapter 5 “Article 2: Executive Usurpation” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at http://www.bibleversusconstitution.org/BlvcOnline/biblelaw-constitutionalism-pt5.html.

  7. We the People are not ALL STUPID! More and more of us are waking up to the fact communist agents pretending to be loyal American citizens are NOT. Communism is the ENEMY and WE THE PEOPLE must fight like hell against them.

  8. even george washington knew the dangers of political parties becoming corrupted and warned against them. not to mention america is supposed to be individuals voting our own conscience, not along party lines.

  9. There are a few options: 1) Revolution 2) Vote them out (LOL! Like that ever works!) 3) Form a third party and take over Congress

    The reasonable choice is 3) Form a third party. Problem is the DemoRats and RepubliRats have so much power a third party is difficult to establish.
    Sooner or later the bubble is going to burst and we all will have to do something to fix the mess in our federal government.

    • Tragic as it may be, history shows that revolution is the final solution to tyranny. Might want to read a novel I read about the 2nd American Revolution ( A TIME TO STAND by Oliver ) it’s a thriller of current Americans taking a stand against federal tyranny. It’s based in part of a small, American town with real characters. I recommend it.

  10. They are all members of the same “church”, perhaps a different pew. The commonality is the power behind them who drive the real agenda.
    Since the inception of our country, there has been strife between the Hamiltonians and Jeffersonians. Then The civil war created more structure for a greater centralized govt (Marx called it a step to a social nation). Then we imported the British banking system and income tax. FDR gave us the second democratic revolution and was annointed the alphabet president and set us toward world peace(?):
    “…And here began a series of shocks. We had been out of the United States
    for nineteen years. We left when Calvin Coolidge was President
    and the country could still be called a Republic; we returned shortly
    after the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the country had become
    a Democracy. The Nation we had loved, and served, was so changed that we
    hardly recognized it. When we applied for a new passport, we were arrested
    as a draft dodger. When we made a guest appearance on CBS’s Report to the
    Nation, we couldn’t get paid because we had no social security number.
    When we were sent to San Francisco to cover the organizational meetings
    of the United Nations we found Alger Hiss directing traffic
    and the Council on Foreign Relations running the show
    in collaboration with V.M. Molotov and the Soviet delegation.” –

    This from a Representative 50+ years ago:

    “We are rapidly coming to a point where a complete change of elected officials, including Congress and the White House, can mean little change in policy. You are governed more and more by people for whom you have never voted, for whom you never will vote, whom you have never seen, and whom you cannot recall by your vote. They are entrenched in the boards, bureaus and commissions, even at the policy level. For example, you may think that the Secretary of Labor sets the policy of his Department, but I know that much of the policy of that Department is set by Civil Service employees who have been with the Department for twenty years, and they have no intention, now or ever, of recommending to the Secretary of Labor any policy which does not fit their personal philosophy of government, and you cannot remove them or replace them by your ballot. That same situation exists in the State Department, and in fact in every bureau, board and commission. This is a form of invisible government and can lead to the most oppressive type of tyranny.” Congressman James B. Utt (Washington Report, issued by Congressman Bruce Aler, April 16, 1960.)

    Now think EPA, BLM, DOL, OSHA, HUD, FHA…. Congress legislates, but the agencies create the regulations to enforce the laws. Not to mention all those fed funds given to states with all sorts of mandatory strings attached creating more and more centralization and dictates, necessary steps for a global community.

    And some are surprised about this Rasmussen report. It’s unfortunate it took so long for people to realize the “road we travel”.

  11. Both parties serve the 1% – democrats lean towards the medical elite; republicans tend to side with the military industrial complex – either way, working people are screwed.

  12. Without another party (Republicans) who do the American turn to save the country? Millions of illegals enter the country while both political parties are recruiting them, but ignoring what Americans want.

    Time for the Revolution.

  13. to me, it’s clear: 53% know both parties exempted themselves from zerocare, but still shoved the selfsame monstrosity down their “representeds”” throats for them to uniquely swallow. (cnn’s own poll said 62% of america’s “represented” opposed zerocare.)

    and supreme clown roberts then called the challenged zerocare a legitimate tax. so now, does “taxation without representation” ring a bell?

    those 53% now know they are not, nor ever were, represented, but merely that they are only taxed. the other 47% are brain dead.

    (btw, those same enriched “representatives” exempt only themselves from the insider trading law. the rest, like martha stewart, go to jail if they break it. sound healthy??)

    same with the fed. americans are taxed to support its shenanigans, but their “representatives” somehow never get the time or interest to audit the activities of the beast american stiffs (slaves) toil 10 hours each per week to feed. this same beast then uses this funding to work full-time to support the banksters who bankroll the pockets, campaigns, careers, and lollypop and pork projects of these self-dealing “representatives”. what a beautiful machine (as economists say, a great model)!

    does this sound like taxation but without representation once again? is this old news, or what? i am surprised of two things only: 1) that drudge is surprised. (now i wonder if he is brain dead; scary.); and 2) how patient present day americans have been with this huge scam called their “representation”.

  14. The demorats and re gressive party is always claiming mob rule [Democracy] and now this should be pushed to ban both of the turds. Also ban the dual citizen trash

  15. Totally agree with your article. So fed up with carrying the load for the well-suited crooks and liars.

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