The Preferred Pronoun and Male Headship

For hundreds of years, English grammar has broadly endorsed the concept of male headship by dictating that the “gender neutral” singular subjective pronoun is “he.” Many people consider this to be sexist. But an inclusive “he/she” is coming under increasing attack as well. “Gender queer,” “gender fluid,” and “trans-gender” “humans” reject the bi-gender demaracation as overly exclusive. So an individualist concept of the “preferred pronoun” is taking root in some institutions of “higher learning.”

Anything from “ze” to a singular “they” could be listed as a person’s preferred pronoun. And using a bi-gender pronoun, once the height of political correctness, is now woefully outdated. An article in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution reports:

At the University of Vermont, students who elect to change their names and/or pronouns on class rosters now can choose from she, he and ze, as well as the option of being referred to by only their names. Hampshire College in Massachusetts advertises its inclusiveness by listing the gender pronouns of its tour guides on the school’s web site. And intake forms at the University of California, Berkeley’s student health center include spaces for male, female or other.

This trend evidences a profound shift in the nature of the family and the operation of the individual. In the past, men represented humanity—from an institutional perspective. Everything from the all-inclusive “mankind” to “all men” indicated linguistically that men were designated as representative heads—of humanity generally, but more specifically, of the families they led. This has biblical roots. Adam, the first man, was the representative for all people after him.

And, in a less cosmic way, men had the responsibility to interface with the world for the sake of their families. For this reason, men were encouraged to be tough and resourceful, since they were the calloused exterior of the delicate family unit butted up against the rougher institutions of the world.

Think about it. In older times, women and children rarely had any direct dealings with the civil government, the church government, or the dog-eat-dog world. Because of this, they were encouraged to be tender. Children were allowed to be children and women were encouraged to be vulnerable, gracious, hospitable, and regal.

Feminists raged against this arrangement, but have not really come up with a better one. Now, women and children are forced to fend for themselves, and governments, not naturally inclined to operate with nuance or personality, have run roughshod over the unprotected family. Men are not held responsible for the upkeep and protection of the women they join or the children they father.

Though feminists might applaud the expanded “opportunities” they have procured for women and children, these so-called opportunities have not served to make the world a more feminine place. Ironically, the feminist program has actually made the world a harsher, more patriarchal place. It’s just that now, women are expected to be patriarchs as well as men, and children belong to the State. Feminism has better served to make women and children harder and, well, more hideously masculine.

And trans-gender people are taking the situation a step further in the direction of useless madness. Thinking that hierarchies exist for the purpose of oppression rather than protection, they make war on all distinctions. Rather than increasing personal responsibility and individual liberty, this removes purpose and uniqueness from the world. Diversity is possible only when every individual recognizes the specificity and exclusiveness of his purpose and fights for it. Preferred pronouns do not encourage true diversity. They defeat it. Because the preferred pronoun is not trying to make more categories—its main goal is to make war on any categories. It is positively nihilistic. And—historical fact alert—all nihilistic revolutions end in tyranny.

I mourn these bitter losses to society. Gender is important, both male and female. When distinctions of gender are entirely eroded, we come closer to the perfect recipe for totalitarianism: a single government incorporating the authority of all governments (civil, ecclesiastical, family, and individual) ruling over a homogenous population of nondescript individuals—with or without their own preferred pronoun.

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  1. Isaiah 32:5-8

    King James Version (KJV)

    5 The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful.

    6 For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the Lord, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail.

    7 The instruments also of the churl are evil: he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy speaketh right.

    8 But the liberal deviseth liberal things; and by liberal things shall he stand.

    The Churl is a miser that describes many Bankers of today. Isaiah is speaking of the time to come shortly after Jesus Christ begins to Rule over the Earth.

  2. Just when you think liberals cannot possibly become even
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  3. Wow, “male female or other.” Really? I guess Berkeley must have some animals or maybe space aliens enrolled as students, because (like it or not) all human beings are either male or female.

    • In the righteous attitude of the left gender is the whole of the body while sex is treated as if a dirty word. No such thing as a person changing their gender (brain) surgically but for the delusional misfits who might wonder what clothing to wear from one day to the other to excite their sexual passions.
      As far as I know what is between your legs denotes SEX, not Gender.
      Or might I be wrong and agree that men should ask a prostitute how much she, or in some cases he, ‘what do you charge for gender’?

  4. The Final Goal – The “Para-Sexual”

    Marriage – I want to marry three men, six women, four children ages ranging from 6 to 10, two dogs and a mule. And I want
    insurance and benefits for all of them. You don’t like it, hate crime!!! Go to jail, get fined.

    Hey everyone, this is my coming out notice. I have decided to CHANGE MY GENDER! (We all know from the many great organizations out there that our gender is not fixed! NOW, HRC, ACLU, Planned Parenthood, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, even Barack Hussein Obama and so many more…) Hoorah for me!

    I am no longer to be considered a monogamous heterosexual male. From this point on, I am to be recognized as a “Para-Sexual”.
    You will love me and must accept me for who I truly see myself to be.

    What, you never heard of a “Para-Sexual”? No I am not homosexual. No, I am not Bi-sexual. Quit trying to limit my freedoms! I want to have a loving, multidirectional, multifaceted relationship with the ones I choose to love.

    These are:
    Male: Steve, Jack and John,
    Female: Judy, Jane, Elizabeth, Sally, Erica and Hillary,
    Children: Peter (male, age 7), Jonathon (male, age 9), Samantha (female, age 10) and Jill (female, age 9),
    Canis familiaris: Spot (male, age 3, Doberman) and Fife (female, age 1 ½, french poodle),
    Mule: Pedro (age 7)

    We plan on a big happy wedding ceremony; all of my best friends will be invited. BH Obama, Hillary Clinton, Ted Turner, Barbara Boxer., Diane Feinstein. You know the crowd. (Great people. Oh that Ted is a kicker at parties when he starts getting juiced up!)

    We deserve to have a happy legal marriage and all the benefits that come with it. We deserve full medical and dental insurance, as
    well as other normal benefits, from our employers for our entire family. Hospitals must allow me to make decisions and visitations for all of my family. We must be allowed to jointly adopt new children, pets and livestock. We must be allowed public housing on universities.

    My entire family must be considered surviving partners if one of us doesn’t have a will and dies. We demand all school children be taught, from preschool through college graduation, that we are a normal loving family. They must be forcibly taught that anyone who disagrees with our family’s lifestyle is terrible, hurtful, hateful bigots that should be locked away from decent people.

    We demand that we have equal representation for the Para-sexual on all aspects television, radio, movie and print. This means at least 5 prime time sitcoms, 3 to 5 major motion pictures per season, and daily mention in the news media.

    If American Idol does not find one of our very talented “Para-Sexual’s”deserves to be The American Idol, they must be thoroughly chastised in the press, and maybe sued by our great friends over at the ACLU.

    Para-sexual must become a protected lifestyle. We must not be discriminated against in any way. Laws must be passed protecting us from anyone who disagrees with us. Our liberty is at stake! Our family unit is larger than most, so we will fall well below the government described poverty line. Due to this, we deserve (and demand) equal access to child care, Medicare, welfare, unemployment, food stamps and any other wonderful social program we find out there that will give us what we deserve: free money.

    Your churches must also accept us. We will not allow intolerance from the pulpit. Any church that does not immediately and wholeheartedly accept us into their congregation will have their leaders arrested for hate crimes against us.

    We don’t care that God says what we are doing is SIN… we love each other. Isn’t God all about LOVE??? You’d best be LOVING us or we will get the government to make you, you religious God fearing bigots! Your Church leaders better step up and get ready for some BIG weddings. When we come down the aisle, it is a true parade!

    So, now I am out of the closet. Are you loving me? Are you respecting me?

    No? [Screams]: “Hey ACLU, we got another one we can sue! Send in the litigators and make sure our bank account can handle another couple hundred grand from this reader!”


      • No, I didn’t say that, I got this as an email from a friend and thought it pretty much spelled out the agenda of people who are squealing about their “rights”.

        What I am is a retired US Army veteran with 24 years of service and still believe in the oath I took in 1968.

    • That’s a good sarcastic description of their position. Unfortunately in a few more years it will be all too real I’m afraid.

  5. Very well written as well. I’ll have to dig for more of Michael Minkoff’s publications. Good stuff.

  6. If you have outdoor plumbing your a GUY. If you have indoor plumbing your a GIRL. If you want something else then your QUEER. Wearing a dress does not make you a girl nor does putting on a cape make you a vampire. If you can’t accept your sex then you’re pretty much useless.

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