How Obamacare Will Inevitably Raise Food Prices

One of the reasons conservatives try to conserve the status quo is because they recognize that there may be unintended consequences to change. Conservative policy is based on the modest idea that, up to this point, we have been able to survive (if not thrive) with the systems and procedures we have been using heretofore, so we should preserve them since we can’t be sure something else will in fact be better. This restraint holds countries back from the chaos of a perpetual revolution. I’m not saying it’s the best policy; sometimes it just holds countries back. But it reflects the better part of prudence. And the alternative, leftist progressivism, has proven itself utterly incompetent to foresee even the most basic of consequences. Take Obamacare for example.

The Obamacare mess is a perfect storm of hubris and incompetence. It is almost mesmerizing how disastrous it has been. Any person with a grape for a brain could have predicted, and did predict, that Obamacare would raise insurance costs. How could it not? And we also predicted that it would result in a decrease of full-time employment, as companies scrambled to reduce their costs. The hobbling rollout of the online exchanges was just a freebie—there was no reason that the exchanges had to be so badly implemented. But it was certainly the rotten cherry on top of the curdled icing on top of the moldy cake that was Obamacare.

And here comes another consequence we could have predicted: lawsuits against food companies being drafted by state governments. That’s right. If the state and national governments are going to be paying for your healthcare, they should have a say about everything that contributes to or detracts from your healthiness.

So it makes sense that the civil government should sue companies that make “unhealthy” food. The civil government doesn’t have unlimited funds (Don’t tell the Fed…), and given the obesity epidemic threatening the lives of millions and clogging up our hospitals like the plaque-walled veins of a corpulent couch potato, it’s obvious that the creators of obesity-inducing foods should be held accountable.

The usual conservative response would be: No, hold the individual responsible for what he consumes. But that won’t work here. Since Obamacare makes insurance available to everyone on the public dollar, and doesn’t bar pre-existing conditions, that means the individual can’t be held responsible. He’ll eat his obesity-inducing food at gluttonous rates, and guess what? You will pay the price when he lands in the hospital with a cardiovascular disease.

But let’s say the government does put a “sin tax” (Who says you can’t legislate morality?) on “fattening” foods. What will that do? Raise prices. Think about what lawsuits have done to the tobacco industry. Has it crippled them? Not exactly. They just charge five, six, and seven dollars (and above) for a pack of cigarettes. And the civil government gets a taste. And who pays? You.

Will things be any different when processed foods get restricted and excise taxed and warning labelled and all the rest? No. People will still eat processed foods. Because federal subsidies on Big Agriculture and Big Dairy will still make a Happy Meal cheaper than a healthy meal. But if you throw in a lawsuit and some excise taxes, a Happy Meal gets closer to the same price as a healthy meal. And who pays? You.

So McDonald’s will be forced to lower its standards even further to cut costs, and it will still appeal only to the poorest of people. Rich people will continue to pay for exorbitantly priced organic-free-range-nightmare-hippie-girl food. It’s the middle that will disappear. Even more.

You think income inequality and the disappearing middle class is a capitalist/conservative phenomenon? No. There’s a reason the Obama administration has made income inequality the worst it’s probably ever been. Socialist policies like Obamacare make life harder on the middle class. It keeps money going to the super-rich and the super-poor, but it just robs the middle class blind. This is not rocket science. It’s easy to figure this stuff out if you’re paying attention.

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  1. I just had a simular conversation with a co worker. She is a memeber of the Navajo tribe here in AZ. Recently, a bill was vetoed to put a tax of 2% on fast food and sugary drinks sold in the reservation. Keep in mind though, she does not live on the reservation and refuses to take government hand outs. This bill was supposed to send a message about obesity and diabetes growth in the US. Her opinion was, “It doesn’t matter what you restrict or increase price on for what people want if it is “bad” for them. People are still going to buy it.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    This whole attempt to get the citizens to eat, think, drive, and learn as the liberals want, just won’t work. As long as people have a sense of individualism and freedom of choice, nothing they do will keep people from the pleasures they choose.

  2. That nincompoop shouldn’t be involved in ANY pricing of anything!!!!!!!!!!! He does have THE Constitutional authority just like most of the other things he’s doing to decimate the Constitution! Why do you think he studied constitutional law? He DOES NOT believe in our Constitution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Government thinks they have the right to set prices and wages and yet they could not run these businesses due to their gross incompetence. But then the voters, esp. the moochers, let them do it.

  3. Heard on the news last night, a group of attorneys have already signed a lawsuit against fast food companies, I think in Ca, in regards to obese people just like the one they filed against the tobacco co. I am a past smoker but believe I chose to smoke and when I decided it wasn’t good for me…I quit. It was NOT someone else’s fault…I guess I could now smoke some grass…it’s second hand smoke isn’t dangerous???? Lawsuits waiting to happen!!! I HOPE

    • First they will have to find out who has been holding a knife to the obese person’s back and forcing them to eat that fatburger, jumbo fries and onion rings, and wash it down with a 32 ounce soda. That person is the real culprit, not the beached whale’s fault. (sarcasm)

  4. Our food is deadly and the ingredients lethal..We need an FDA that protects us, not by voting out supplements but by guaranteeing that the food is safe and nourishing..We need labeling of GMOs and all tampered with foods… We need to clean up our water everywhere. We drink deadly water everyday…Who is protecting us…No one…Become aware and do something…

    • We need the congress to make laws, and the executive branch to enforce them. The FDA is part of the executive branch, and should not be allowed to make the laws that they are supposed to enforce. This goes for every enforcement agency. They are there to enforce the laws that CONGRESS makes, not make their own laws.

    • We need federal government to get the heck out of our business. We need a more powerful FDA like we need another Monsanto – oh wait, Monsanto pretty much controls the FDA. That’s what you get when you centralize government.

      NO more illegal federal agencies.

      • I think we need laws to protect us from the crooked people in food industry. We need competent labeling so we can choose wisely…Food is too important to let just anything be on the grocery shelves…China would see we were all dead of their food…sent here.

        • What is going to protect us from the FDA? We don’t need the federal govt. to be involved in regulating food. We need our states and local govts. to regulate food.

          • Someone, yes, but not the Fed. Govt. The states and local govts. are the “somebodies” that need to protect our food.

  5. IF Obama and his goons actually cared about obesity they would cut food stamps, restrict what they could be used for, and start firing obese teachers, police, and other Government workers who set bad examples and raise taxpayers cost.

    • And all these fat teachers,police,and other government workers can quit living on coffee and doughnuts.It’s killin’ us.I can’t remember the last time I had a doughnut and I love them. I’m just not going to pay those high prices for them.You people can keep getting fatter and fatter.You’ll die soon from it.

  6. Americans (That excludes the fraud-impostor-muslime-socialist-fag-narcist-liar-in-cheef occupying OUR White House): American values …freedom of speech and choice (1st Amendment)…if I want a hamburger, that is MY choice, and I MUST NOT be penalized for free speech and MY choice of what I purchase! obummer and his thugs…F-EM ! I have been telling my family since 2007…LISTEN to whatever obummer says…he does exactly the OPPOSITE and screws Americans (obummer is NOT an American, but a narcist foreign exchange student). When will the “mezmerized-walking-dead-who voted for-obummer-in 2008 and 2012 RIGGED “elections” ” and the no-balls “Publican” congress members stand up and KICK-OBUMMER-IN-THE-ASS and SQUASH the ILLEGAL “eggseggutive awders” to willy-nilly-change-laws which is a CONGRESS function not by the BOGUS-IN-CHEEF obummer “whaattt-house” !
    When will this IMPOSTOR-FRAUD-IN-CHEEF be impeached ?? BTW, NO pensions for the IMPEACHED-IN-CHEEF…AND, obummer MUST pay-back all “prez” and “sinnator” paychecks…BEFORE obummer is banished FOREVER to an uncharted island in the Indian Ocean !!

  7. You mean Obamacare will raise food prices above the 50-300% they have already shot up to? The exact same groceries I bought in 2009 for $45 now cost between $90 and $120.

    Y’all Obama zombies ready to admit you screwed the pooch yet?

    • Our electric has doubled since obama flew in on his pitch fork, and nothing has changed in my house to cause it to double. Food has also doubled. I read yesterday that electric is set to rise another 80%!!!

      • So much for inflation. The US Government does not rate the inflation rates for food and gasoline/electric when they rate the overall inflation rates. WHY NOT? These two items are what takes the money out of families budgets more than anything else. It is just a way to make things look better for the political polling. Inflation taking these factors into account make the US STILL in a deep recession. It has not been this bad since Jimmy Carter was in office. These factors were taken out of the inflation rate for purely political reasons. This was done after Jimmy Carter and Ronald Regan during the Bill Clinton era to make people feel better.
        The actual inflation rate is two to four times higher than what the US Government says it is. The same thing is true about the Labor Participation Rates as well. It is all about PC and making the electorate feel better, even if it not the truth. There needs to be a change in America fast before we loose all truth.

      • THE AMISH just might have the right idea on simple living without electricity; check-out ‘Lehmon’s Hardware’ in Kidron, Ohio if you want the simple life of yesteryear.

    • Nearly every food product you buy today uses corn in some way. Whether it is in the feed given to cows, chickens or other food animals, or mixed into the ingredients of processed foods, or drinks. You have heard of high fructose corn syrup, or corn sugar, right? There is virtually no food you can buy today, unless you do what the liberals suggest and go all natural, that doesn’t use corn in some way.
      Yet, under the Bush Administration both parties passed a bill that uses a portion of our Corn Supply to produce Ethanol which is then added to the fuel we use to transport everything, even ourselves, around the country. This single action has increased food prices by nearly 80% since it was enacted. If you don’t see that as a problem, why would this be a problem?

      Oh, that’s right, it happened when a Democrat was in office.

      • Socialists passed these bills. It doesn’t matter what party they are from; it matters what their philosophy is. Socialists were in control of both Houses during Bush’s terms, which is why we have the laws that we have now and why we had an economic crash.

  8. I don’t know about different parts of this Great Nation’s food prices, but I do know about food prices here in my part of South East Missouri. Prices have been going up steadily for the last few years. Whether it is because of the Obama HealthScare or what ever is the reason, I’m sure some of the cause is just plain GREED on the back of the Store owners. In other words they think they might as well get the increase now because they can blame the Federal Government for just about anything. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

    • KEEP IN MIND that food stores require a LOT of electrical energy for lights & refrigeration thus are strapped with higher energy cost like everyone else, my friend. ~ In truth, since they are competitive, they try to keep their prices lower than their neighboring stores in order to attract and keep customers.

  9. Can we tax the Barack HUSSEIN Obama for the air he breathes as he is a complete and utter waste of a human being, the same for the whore from Hell to whom he is married, and the two little spawns of hell.

    • THEIR KIDS are just that, KIDS, thus let us not be hostile toward innocents that have no choice as to their position as children in the White House, my friend.

      • No. You are 100% wrong. If they treated like kids and kept them out of the spotlight, I would agree. However, when Barack HUSSEIN Obama and MOOCHelle Obama parade them around like props during photo-ops, the fact that they are kids goes out the window. I am NOT the one that placed them into the political arena. Their idiot parents did so for the soul purpose of scoring political points.

        • The kids are still not responsible for their parents’ behavior. Barack and Michelle chose to be in the spotlight; their children did not. Leave the chldren alone.

          • When Barack HUSSEIN Obama and the Whore from Hell chose to place those spawns of Hell into the political arena, they are part of the discussion. If you don’t like it, too bad. Perhaps her idiot parents should have not place them in the line of fire.

          • Barack HUSSEIN Obama and the Whore from Hell should have thought about that before they used those two spawns of Hell as political props, something the muslim-in-chief is really good at doing.

      • We weren’t able to choose their parents ,but they are indoctrinating their kids with the same ideals they grew up with.Their kids will be the same as they are.They are being taught to hate America and do whatever is necessary to destroy this Nation.They have been brain washing them since they were toddlers.These kids don’t know how to be kids and don’t let anybody fool you.They are just as crooked as a bent stick.They are just like jekyll and hyde. Innocent to look at then when you turn your back they turn into little monsters when your not looking and cause all types of chaos you wouldn’t expect out of them.

        • Some kids turn out well despite the way their parents raised them. Look at Rosie O’Donnell’s son Parker. He joined the military because he loves this country. Once the kids are grown, you can judge them by their character and go to town criticizing them. While their kids, they are still under construction.

  10. The Founding Fathers never intended for the government to control every move we make. If you eat the bad foods, you get fat and sick. That’s your problem. The government has no right and no business telling us what to eat and what to buy.

    • No, but it is the governments role to oversee that business act in accordance with the law. For example, we don’t want formaldehyde in our hamburgers… which is why I don’t eat at McDonalds, and I don’t want MSG all over my salad… which is why I no longer eat at Subway. I for one would be happy if they outlawed known carcinogens like MSG and formaldehyde, as it is nearly impossible for us to know what is in our food. Saying that the government should stay out of that, I don’t think that is a good idea. That’s what the governments real role should be. They should stay of education, the state’s business, etc.

      • The STATE’S governments should regulate food, not the federal govt. There is no Constitutional authority for the Fed. Govt. to regulate food.

        • That is only true if the food is produced and sold within the same State. Once that food is transported from one State to another it falls under interstate trade, which the Constitution does give the Federal government authority to regulate. When was the last time you bought milk that was produced in your state? Personally, the grocery store that I buy milk from has its dairies in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Colorado, meaning the Fed has authority to regulate the milk should that store sell its product in any state except those three, assuming the product never leaves the state its produced in.

          • The clause states “To regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes”. In the 1800’s, the word “Regulate” did not mean the same thing as it does today. It meant to “make regular”, as in make trade between states uniform. It did not meant to impose restrictions, burdensome regulations and interference with interstate commerce.
            BTW, my milk comes from my state. We do not import milk in my area; we have plenty of dairy cows here to support the demand. Yet, the Feds are trying to regulate milk and other food products produced at local dairies and farms which are sold to local people only. The Feds clearly have no authority to do so yet they are claiming they do.

      • NOT the federal government’s role. The Constitution is quite clear on that. It is the sole prerogative and responsibility of the States. Our REPUBLIC is specifically designed to not be ruled by a centralized government.

      • Well,
        then, that says it all for the rest of us. YOU ENJOY having the government
        control your life. YOU ENJOY letting someone else make ALL your decisions. That
        way, you do not have to worry when something goes wrong. You can always blame
        them. You do not like taking responsibility for your own actions. You are an
        obama addict. Sorry, but that illness is not covered under

        • He didn’t say the government should be responsible for making ALL his decisions. What he did say was that government should regulate the actions of businesses. Businesses are not people, or citizens and cannot be treated as such. A business has no rights under our Constitution because it is not a person. It is a collection of individuals with rights, that requires regulation to assure that it does no harm to the nation’s citizens.

          There is a place for the Federal government in our lives. Currently, there are areas where the government has too much control, while other areas it has too little, or has given that control to businesses. Our questions should not be do we want our government in control, but do we want businesses in control. Personally, after working in the Corporate environment for 30 years, I have come to realize that businesses care little for people and plenty too much for money. Businesses need government regulation.

          • Where does the Constitution give the Fed. Govt. the right to regulate businesses? The Interstate Commerce clause only allows the Fed. Govt. to regulate commerce among the states, not within the state’s boundaries. Business owners are people and they have rights under the Constitution. Owning a business does not remove those rights.

      • It is the state govt’s business to make sure our food is safe; not the Fed. Govt.’s. The Constitution does not give the Feds the right to regulate our food.

  11. You mean this IN ADDITION to the ACTUAL 6-8% annual inflationary increase in real consumer goods, we have been experiencing for a number of years?

    Thank you:

    – Federal Reserve Bankster criminals.
    – Parasitic, thieving Americans.
    – Big government career politicians.

  12. Not only Obamascare, but almost every single thing that the Dumocraps have done will raise the cost of food and every other costs of basic living expenses. We are on an inflation spiral that is never-ending due to these idiots. Gasoline costs have risen due to environmentals regulations prohibiting the building of efficient refineries and the prohibition of drilling. The use of ethanol derived from corn has raised food prices. The massive number of people being downgraded to part-time jobs with no benefits has raised the percentage of food costs for the average family. More US debt and potential downgrades in credit ratings for the US Government have raised interest rates in some cases and will eventually cause a large increase in interest rates (Just like it did under Carter) and this will cause inflation and more food cost increases. Interest rates are being held down artificially and will HAVE to increase eventually. You can thank Obama and his idiot Liberal associates for the destruction of America’s economic future.

  13. Using a food product to produce ethanol is a costly venture. Here in our county a Marathon ethanol plant moved in about 10 years ago and shortly thereafter, people that lived close to the plant had to have their wells dug to a lot greater depth because the ethanol plant was using about a million gallons of water per day.Over those last ten years, the people who live in town and pay a quarterly water utility bill have had our water bills triple in price, now the city is mandating that smart meters be installed on all property owners homes, and, they eventuly bill on a monthly basis.
    No one has come out and said it, but i think we are helping the ethanol plant with their water consumption bill.
    With food prices going higher day by day, we shouldn’t be using our corn to make ethanol.

  14. They have already just look at the price if eggs, milk, bread tomatoes and ground beef: these prices are based upon the average price taken from the same grocery store in Indianapolis, Indiana.
    Bread/Loaf Milk/Gallon Eggs/Dozen Tomatoes/Lb. Ground Beef/Lb
    2008: $1.68 $2.65 $1.29 $0.68 $3.68
    2013: $1.98 $4.28 $1.88 $1.12 $4.68
    This does not even take into consideration Tide soap went from $5.98 a box to $11.98. A pound of bacon went to $4.98 from 2.96 and gas continues escalate since these clowns took office.

    • It want end until We the People step up to the plate and get these Socialist bastards out of office and out of our Country.Impeach them ALL, then convict them ALL of Treason against our Country.That’s the only way to get our country back.

  15. The problem with holding the individual responsible is that most people are totally ignorant about what they consume. And their ignorance costs me money in terms of higher insurance – medical costs. But purveyors of crap like HFCS and hydrogenated fats know exactly what they are doing and that their products are bad for health. Make them pay.

    • Then eliminate the problem of us having to pay for others’ stupid actions. Don’t take responsibility away from people, and don’t make the govt. our nanny!

  16. Yes the status quo would have been good enough until one considers the rise of Genetically modified Organisms (GMOs) being pushed by Big Agri corps like Monsanto.
    Monsanto is pushing statist ideas and wants us all to stop worrying about consuming GMOs. It seems like a lot of left-leaning folks are concerned about this, but I am a constitutionalist who has health problems and believes the big state / big Agri / big pharma way is NOT the way to better health. Sometimes even the libs can be right when it comes to our health.

    The FDA is colluding with Monsanto et al to quash any GMO labeling laws which would tell us if a product contains GMOs or other bad ingredients. They don’t want us to know what is poisoning us. GMOs often contain the “BT toxin”, the same toxin contained in Roundup® weed killer. Sounds healthy, no?

  17. At the same token…there enough information out there regarding over processed food and since the FDA is not doing there job by making sure that the food is safe …so therefor it becomes the responsibility of each citizen to steer themselves away from the unhealthy food and plan a more healthy diet

  18. The libs are about as two-faced as you can get. Out of one side of their mouth they spew this “concern” for the environment, then they get in bed with Monsanto and lace the corn, soybeans, etc. with GMO’s. Then they MAKE us use light bulbs that contain mercury and are ALL made in China – HAZMAT team to the rescue when you break a bulb, and so much for outsourcing to China!

  19. Obama doesn’t need ObamaCare to raise food prices; he has already done it without health care. I spend twice as much at the super market today then I did four years ago and come home with less. When the government took out food and transportation costs from the inflation calculation, they did all of us a big disservice.

  20. Yeah, I don’t know about this article. I get the idea that federal government needs to be reduce by 90% and they need to stay out of things like educations, the state’s business, etc. But the government certainly has a role in consumer protection and the FDA certainly should be telling business that they cannot put formaldehyde in hamburgers, but McDonald’s does… and MSG in salad, but Subway does…. or that you cannot grow tilapia in sewer plants, but fish imported from Asia and sold by WalMart… certainly is. Since GMO’s were allowed the number of people with food based allergies has gone up something like 600%. Companies like Monsanto certainly need to be regulated… if not shut down. The FDA and the USDA certainly are needed to make sure companies correctly inspect meat and that ingredients on labels are valid. All of that, is good stuff.
    The cost of food in a free-market society is still regulated by supply and demand. So if people stop by crap because of Obamacare and start buying healthy food, the cost of healthy food will go down. By the way, eating healthy is not expensive. I think it is actually cheaper. Why pay $7 for a McMeal when for $7 you could be enough rice for a week, or chicken for a dozen meals, or enough eggs to feed breakfast to a football team, etc. If you are paying big bucks for pre-processed crap that tastes bad and makes you sick, maybe you should rethink your menu. If you are spending more eating out than you are eating at home, you might want to reconsider the logic in that.
    Tell the government to stay out of most things they are getting the hands into, but there actually are a few things that government should exist for. The problem is that they are always getting their hands into the wrong things and not doing their job when it comes to things they should be doing..

    • The Federal Govt. does not have a role in consumer protections. That authority is not anywhere in the Constitution. The state and local govts. do have that authority, if given that authority by their state constitutions.

  21. Obamacare was intentionally written to FAIL. In the wake of its chaos the plan is for the knight in shining armor government to “rescue” us with SINGLE PAYER, SOCIALIZED healthcare. As Bammy, Biteme & Piglosi said, you have to do it in increments so the brain dead masses don’t get upset.
    As for food & sundries prices, HELLOOOOO, they have been rising at an alarming rate for 4 years now. A pound of hamburger is $3.50, a 2lb loaf of Tillamook cheese, $10 to $14 depending on store, a can of DOWNSIZED tuna, 5oz, $1.00 & that is for the brown, nasty stuff, Jif peanut butter, downsized by 2oz & more than doubled in price to over $7.00 a jar, potatoes went from $2.00 for 10lbs to $4.50 for 10lbs. These are STAPLES for poor people, how can people survive if the prices continue to go up? Before you bring up food stamps, in order to accommodate & buy the ILLEGALS vote they have spread them out to the point where the REAL poor are getting less so the ILLEGALS can have more for their numerous anchor children.

  22. And who ‘s to say what the government will call “unhealthy foods” in the future?
    Oranges and bananas have high sugar content. when the government runs out of things to tax, will it start taxing common fresh fruits and vegetables as they do organics?
    The thing is, the government will not stop taxing if IT says the food is not good for you.
    What will be left for people to eat?

    Poor people LIKE to eat crap because it tastes good and much better than healthy food. They exist on Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Spaghettios, cheap sugared cereals, tubs of cheap margarine and cheap white bread and everything always has alot of pork fat in it for flavor. You can’t stop them from eating it.

    So I say let ’em eat it. Sorry but that’s just the way I feel. If they get clogged arteries and die, what can you do about it. It’s cultural but it has nothing to do with race.

    Those on welfare could by healthy foods that cost more but they don’t like them. They don’t taste good and they’re more expensive.

  23. The MSA (Marxist State of America) shoves the steel boot down harder everyday on our freedoms, liberties, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. No citizen should allow this to happen. Sadly, many Americans are and have remained clueless to the assault. Puppet Master Valerie Jarrett and her Puppet are peeing in their pants with joy. America is being ground down to a pulp by the regime. We haven’t seen the worst. The steel boot of their Marxist State will have its boot prints on streets across America. The boot prints will be red. Red with the blood of citizens. It is WAKE UP TIME AMERICA!!! Thomas Jefferson gave us only 400 years to survive as a free Republic. Sadly we couldn’t even make it close. He couldn’t conceive the American public would become clueless as dog spit and blind as bats. There is a good chance we don’t survive the assault. If we don’t, the Founding Father’s experiment fails.

  24. My grandmother lived to be 86, she was 4’11” tall & by todays standards FAT. She baked her own bread, harvested her own fruits & vegetables, canned them, cooked EVERYTHING from scratch, raised 7 kids, made her own wine & soap. She also grew a HUGE rose garden & even started her own rose species that was featured in magazines. In other words she was FIT. No, she wasn’t coked out, Hollywood thin but she was FIT.
    By the way, Minkoff, how much do YOU weigh & are you a health food nut? Many who are have died at a younger age than my grandma. Oh & grandpa was 5’2 & also fat by today’s standards, he lived to be 79.

  25. The idea behind Obama care and all other progressive ideas is one, eliminate the middle class and create only two classes, 99% poor and 1% reach, this is in short the progressive/socialism ideology.

  26. But at the same time I always say that people get what they deserve, so we the people are getting the government that we deserve, and if you think that you don’t deserve this one, get off your ass and do something about it……….

  27. Obama and Democrats are counting on Americans being too stupid (and at least half of them are) to understand how extensive Obamacare will be in years to come concerning the prices of everything!!! This extensive, complicated, complex law has far reaching and devastating tentacles that will difficult, if not impossible to reverse or rein in!!!

  28. Don’t you realize that long before the ACA was enacted, when John Doe ate his “his obesity-inducing food at gluttonous rates” you and I paid for it? He would go to the emergency room when he had his heart attack, and because of the Hippocratic Oath that every doctor takes they have to treat him. When the hospital goes to charge this uninsured individual the 100K+ for their services he files bankruptcy and pays NOTHING. To recoup its costs the hospital passes the expense on to everyone else. That is the reality that was Healthcare in the US before the ACA.

    If anything, the ACA actually does change that, slightly. It really doesn’t go far enough to hold the individual accountable, but it does make him slightly more responsible than before. Now that individual is REQUIRED to have insurance. He pays for some part of that insurance (not nearly enough, but part); therefore he is forced to be held more responsible for his actions than he was prior to the ACA. Once again, this is a portion of the bill that conservatives should be supporting, not fighting.

    I have said this repeated to many people, and even here, though most of my posts get deleted because I continually point out the flaws in the articles, the ACA isn’t the perfect bill. There are countless flaws, inadequacies, and blatant wrongs in the bill, but you have to weigh the bad with the good. For every mistake, or shortfall, in the bill there are a one or two goods that make healthcare slightly better. The bill needs to be fixed, it needs to hold the individual more accountable than it does now, and much more accountable than before ACA. It needs to entice more people into the market, and provide stricter “punishments” for refusing to enter the market.

    • Then eliminate the reason we have to pay for others’ stupid actions. Don’t force us to have more insurance than we want or need. Force people to pay for their own stupid actions and perhaps they might actually make smarter choices. Until they have to personally pay the consequences for their behavior, they are not going to change.

        • Then you will have to repeal the entire Obamacare law, because it is all flawed. Its entire basis of forcing people to buy a specific product or service is unconstitutional and unAmerican. It doesn’t matter if it would work or the end result would be positive; it is unconstitutional. And don’t give me that the Supreme Court upheld it; they didn’t. The Supreme Court illegally changed the law to say that the penalty for people not buying health insurance was a tax and that Congress had the power to tax. Never mind that the law says that the penalty shall not be treated as a tax! In addition, the Supreme Court struck down the part of the ACA that required states to expand Medicaid.

  29. This is always what the healthcare act was all about. If the government pays for your health care, then they have a right to control everything youdo. Guns, diet, driving, almost all outdoor activities. Look for a law requiring special training and certification befor you can go hiking with graduated limits depending on the angle of steepness.

  30. Longevity and resistance to disease has always been more a matter of heredity than anything else. Will we see a longevity tax?

  31. I wouldn’t mind paying more for products marked “no preservatives” or “Certified Organic. I’m tired of eating preservative-infested food and taking twice as long to shop because I have to check every product to find preservative-free or certified organic products.

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