Obama Misspells Respect, Wonders Why He Gets None

Aretha Franklin showed up to sing at a White House hosted dinner titled “Women of Soul,” and while Obama was introducing her, he said:

When Aretha first told us what R-S-P-E-C-T meant to her, she had no idea it would become a rallying cry for African-Americans, and women, and then everyone who felt marginalized because of what they looked like or who they loved. They wanted some respect. Later, when somebody asked her why it had such an impact, she said, “I guess everybody just wants a little respect.” Today, they still do.

Yeah. He misspelled “respect.” That’s like misspelling Mickey Mouse. All you have to do is sing the stinking song. Anyway. You probably won’t be getting much R-E-S-P-E-C-T when you rule the free world and can’t spell. Sorry.

But the misspelling gaff is really a trivial matter. Everyone makes those kinds of mistakes. The bigger problem, I think, is Obama’s misunderstanding of the song. Is it really the marginalized groups that need some R-E-S-P-E-C-T? I don’t think so.

Perhaps Obama knows nothing at all about the history of the song Aretha Franklin turned into a hit. She didn’t write the song, you know. She just made it famous.

Otis Redding wrote it. And, if you listen to the lyrics carefully, this makes a lot of sense. With Otis Redding singing it, the upshot of the song turns out like this: “I pay the bills. I bring home the bacon. The least you could do is give me a little respect.” Franklin’s version sounds more like, “I’m a strong confident woman. I have what you need, but I don’t need anything from you. So you need to give me a little respect.” Eh.

I mean no disrespect, but the song actually makes much more sense coming from a man. Men long for respect the way women long for secure love. But for Obama to think this sentiment applies most significantly to African-Americans, women, or other “marginalized” groups is, in my opinion, an inversion of the song’s most obvious meaning.

Well, depending on what you mean by marginalized. The fact is that the “marginalized” groups Obama had in mind, on the whole, don’t deserve any respect just for being what or who they are. For them to demand respect as a human right is stupid.

I’m assuming from Obama’s comments about “who they loved” that he thinks homosexuals don’t get enough respect. But again, why do they deserve respect from the rest of us? Respect is not a right of human birth. What have they done to earn respect? Prance around in obnoxious thong parades? Dress in women’s clothes? Have you ever seen a homosexual bar, bookstore, website, etc. They are the most petty, sex-obsessed, ridiculous, tacky, childish, and ostentatious places in the world. Homosexuals need compassion, yes. Pity even. But respect? No.

What about the people on welfare (both black and white)? Do they deserve some R-E-S-P-E-C-T? No. Compassion maybe. Pity even. But again, not respect.

In the song, Otis Redding is the breadwinner. He gives his wife everything she wants and needs. He doesn’t even care if she does him wrong. But he just needs a little respect when he’s at home. That was fair, I think. It still is.

Taxpayers foot the bill. Taxpayers put up with insults. They’re constantly done wrong. And they get no respect. They actually do deserve respect for what they’ve done. But they don’t get it. So, Obama. This song is not a rallying cry for the marginalized first and foremost—unless you correctly count the taxpayer as the most marginalized voice in America.

The fact is that respect is something you earn. Not something that is owed to you on the basis of your humanity. No one deserves to be disrespected for the color of their skin or their gender. But your behavior can and should dictate the respect people give (or don’t give) you. When you are paying for someone else’s life, you deserve that person’s respect. Want respect? Pay your own way. Don’t take handouts. Don’t make a fool of yourself. Don’t demand respect. Command it. That’s what it means to me. For what it’s worth.

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    • Take a look at the last 4 presidents since Reagan. Do you still respect the office? The “office” is a concept, I suppose. But the last 4 to hold it sure haven’t lived up to it.

        • Obtaining surplus, obsolete Hawk missiles from Israel and selling them to Iran, then taking that money and funding the anti-communist rebels in Nicaragua? Yea, I think that the people responsible deserve some respect, don’t you?

          • Who is it you accuse of doing this? Funding anti-Communist rebels is certainly praiseworthy. But who did this and when?

          • Adm. Poindexter and Lt. Col. Ollie North. They worked for Pres. Reagan. Remember Iran-Contragate?

        • Iran Contra was not done for personal gain for Reagan..He saved human lives and aided the freedom fighting contras that congress wouldn’t approve.If we didn’t sell Iran the arms,the USSR would have and that way we made the money..While it was wrong to deal with terrorists,it came out well because the hostages were freed.

        • When Ronald Reagan told Gorbochov to tear down that wall, he got more R-E-S-P-E-C-T than any man on the planet! When he died, the streets were lined for miles for his Funeral procession. He was a true World Leader! When Obama dies it will be people lined up to make sure he is really dead and not just faking it for a Photo op, or because he thinks he will be resurrected after 3 days. He’s a phony Community Organizer puppet of the Left, and he knows it.

        • Just as a point of reference, the discussion here is not about any other President. However, obozo was compared to Reagan along with his predecessors. Therefore, I accept your dig at Reagan. Now, if you are saying Reagan did something wrong, therefore we can not criticize obozo, will you also apply that to any future Republican or a President of any other party? Honestly, can your party line ever accept that your guy did something stupid or inappropriate without the childish “well, suzy did it too!!”? Other than lieing Lincoln, this great nation has never had a worse President. Never. Accept it. Your idiot was given a golden opportunity by a bunch of damned fools and he wasted it.

        • msLou-

          It is really hard for the younger generation Democrat Socialist Party members to admit they voted for the Worst Prez in American history. I get that.

          Fortunately, the Dems in the 80’s were a helluva lot more patriotic & smarter. After Jimmy “Peanut Man” Carter took America to the brink of economic collapse, Americans joined hands & threw the dummy out. Only a complete fool would have voted for Carter in 1980. President Reagan began immediately turning our economy around & returned us to a prosperous & HAPPY country again. You don’t know a damned thing about President Reagan. He brought our country together!

          The same thing happened in 2008. Barney Frank & the Democrat Socialist Party destroyed the Housing Market by allowing unqualified people to get home loans. In their zest for everyone to get a house, they lowered the bar to the point an unemployed drug addict could buy a house. They blamed it on the Repubs (outright lies & propaganda) to promote “the first black prez”. The propaganda & lies worked. It was more important to elect the first black prez than to elect someone actually qualified for the job. Sound familiar…like Affirmative Action? Obama has divided this country more with his Racism than any time since the 60s. Plus his love for the Middle East & other foreigners is disgusting!

          Unfortunately, in 2012 the IQs & patriotism of the Democrat Socialist Party members just wasn’t there. They would rather let America flounder in a depressed economy than to vote for a highly educated business man who could probably have us on the road to recovery by now. Only a complete fool voted for Obama in 2012.

          Does your mother know you’re this stupid?

          • ” It was more important to elect the first black prez than to elect someone actually qualified for the job.”

            That was the premise of the movie “The Butler”.

          • I didn’t see that movie. I read a review that stated said President was portrayed as a Racist, which he was NOT.

          • Obama was portrayed with rose colored glasses and the frenzied starry eyes that reminded me of the Beatles arrival in the US. They led up to a complete fawning all over him at the end of the movie.

            And, although he wasn’t portrayed as a racist, he is unequivocally racist. He and his administration of buffoons.

        • In some respects, I agree with you. But in others, as advocates for the New World Order for example, not so much.

      • I can honestly say I didn’t pay a lot of attention to politics under a Republican President…..I didn’t need to., They weren’t trying to “fundamentally transform” our country. I was happy with being middle-income. Under this jerk-off I’m now upper low and going downward.,…..with more income. I guess from a liberal standpoint it’s “ALL FAIR”. F you jerks

        • Yep. I think we can all say that. Obuckwheat said he’d fundamentally transform America and he has. We’re now at the point where the bullies of the world want to gang up on us. Just in time for the Usurper-in-Chief to castrate the military.

    • How very, very true! Respect is earned. He has earned “NO” respect. Kind of like a 4 year old. Will say anything you want him to say…and will do what he wants.

    • I respect the office, the current OCCUPIER of that position deserves a firing squad for impersonation of an American Citizen, either treason (if he actually is an American citizen), sabotage if he is not, embezzlement, usurping power designated to the other branches, and oath violation!

      • Agreed. You’ll never hear me say that we have a President. I always refer to Obama as “The Current Occupant of the White House” because that is all he is to me.

  1. This is the “great genius” of the left? The same one who had “… been to all 57 states except one – Alaska and Hawaii.” So smart he won’t even release his college transcripts. What exactly are you afraid of, Mr. President?

    • He is aware it will show he came here on a foreign Visa, and I doubt he attended an accredited college.No way in hell as dumb as he is

      • thank you for saying that I’ve always known that there was a decimal point missing in the reports of his IQ. It isn’t 160 it’s really 16.0

      • I find it funny he and his “wookie” fly around talking about education when he won’t release his transcripts. I guess all of that pot-smoking led him to be a “scholar”. In a liberal world I guess. A stand-out in College, destined for Congress and eventual President should have been acknowledged somewhere, at some time, for something., For Obama, NOTHING.Fake, Fraud, Welfare-recipient (Foreign student scholarship). Sucking off of the American tax-payer since the day his mama brought him here to America. No wonder he’s all for welfare, abortion. His mom should have aborted him but that is too much to go back and wish for.

          • Gross, but so true. He was born the same year I was. My mom had uterine cancer but suffered thru to my birth, only to receive radiation in a plate under her during and after delivery. Abortion was an option, but being a converted Catholic (studied after meeting my dad…now deceased, retired Marine) she chose the risk of death to her or both of us over aborting me. I have 3 healthy sons, 2 healthy grandsons and a granddaughter, Obama,,,,I believe the kids are his, but only for show.

    • Keep in mind that being a great genius of the left doesn’t require the firing of more than two or three synapses in the course of a day.

      • Being a “great genius of the left” is about 1 step above my dog. Oh wait! I have one smart dog! Smarter than any dumb-azz DemonRat I’ve ever met! And way smarter than Obama & Biden!

    • Excuse me. Could it be that PUCSOO let the cat out,of the bag? If he ain’t never been to Hawaii, then how’d he get a birth certificate there? You got to be present somewhere to get a birth certificate from there. I was born in Wheeling, WV, but I certainly can’t say I’ve never been in WV. Of course, I did grow up there, but the point is, even if you don’t remember a place that you were born in you can’t say you’ve never been there. So the question is, is the supposed Hawaiian birth certificate a forgery. Then again, how many people have a birth certificate with a bunch of redactions on it?

      • It’s not even a Birth Certificate. It’s a “Certificate of Live Birth”, which was very common when women delivered their babies at home vs a BC when the baby was born in a hospital.

    • C’Mon. He CAN’T release his transcripts. It wouldn’t be good if the people saw that he failed spelling in elementary sch…er…”college”.

  2. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor,period. If you like your plan you can keep your plan,period. Why is it liberals believe its okay to lie in your face and still its okay?

    • Because that’s the liberal way and they are so forgiving people as long as it is a liberal doing the lying but u let anyone but a liberal lie or misspeak and they will be all over it like fleas on a dog

    • I – for one – have ** NO ** RESPECT for that TYRANTR FRAUD or any of those DEMO- RATS in WASHINGTO D/C . ///////
      Wonder if the N.S.A. is listening and watching today ????????????????????????

  3. This serves to prove what we all have been saying all along. He is nothing without his teleprompter telling him what to say letter for letter word for word.

  4. I recall years ago when Dan Quayle (an honorable American) was pushed out of the running because he used the British spelling for potato(e). I’m from Ohio and remember it wasn’t long ago that our numbskull ‘resident’ in D.C. misspelled OHIO! Oh yes, he did… “O i h o.” REALLY!?!?! A 2nd grader can spell Ohio. Dimwit!
    Seems anything he does or says is acceptable because he has some ‘black’ blood. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS THROUGH AND THROUGH. He’s against everything America fought to become and stands for. I’m really sick of him and his cronies. PERIOD!!!

    • Dan Quayle came to my mind too. We have a president that not only can’t spell but doesn’t know how many states he is president of. It is amazing how much people are willing to overlook for this man. The “office” of president is respected but not always the one who inhabits the office.

      • Trying to resond to LovesFreedom, but my stupid tablet wouldn’t let me. What I was going to say, was that obama didn’t misspell Ohio, he just had a bit of dyslexia. After all if you say what he spelled backwards, it still comes out Ohio. Imagine him trying to spell Mississippi!

    • If that’s the British spelling for potato, it certainly wasn’t when I was born there, nor when I went to school there or any of the other 52 years I lived there. We laughed as much as anyone over the “potatoe” episode, and it got plenty of British air time.

      • Excuse me ‘master’ – no offense…my bad!! My point was the chief resident in DC is being permitted to get away with, without real accountability so far, anything from misspelled words to ignoring soldiers needing assistance in Benghazi. Also…respect is earned – it is not automatically deserved due to skin color. Are the Brits laughing now over all of this imposter’s actions??

        The fact is that respect is something you earn.
        Not something that is owed to you on the basis of your humanity. No one
        deserves to be disrespected for the color of their skin or their
        gender. But your behavior can and should dictate the respect people give
        (or don’t give) you.
        Read more at http://lastresistance.com/4985/obama-misspells-respect-wonders-gets-none/#cPpwSUY05vJH3VBU.99
        The fact is that respect is something you earn.
        Not something that is owed to you on the basis of your humanity. No one
        deserves to be disrespected for the color of their skin or their
        gender. But your behavior can and should dictate the respect people give
        (or don’t give) you.
        Read more at http://lastresistance.com/4985/obama-misspells-respect-wonders-gets-none/#cPpwSUY05vJH3VBU.99

    • He doesn’t have respect for blacks, either, or he would realize that blacks are the worst hit by illegal immigration and his disastrous economic policies.

      • He doesn’t care about anyone, not even his so-called family. It’s all a pretty picture for the dumbed-down masses, He’s a puppet playing a man while somebody else pulls the strings. He and wookie are living the good life supported by American Tax-payers. They will continue to piss off the average American because he knows those supporting (financially) him are WHITE. It’s his “flipping the bird” to anglo-americans.

  5. Who cares if he can spell? He is methodically ruining our beloved country and that is what we should all be focused on.

  6. YOUR president, Assbama Insane Obastard deserves, NOTHING. He is NOTHING and does NOTHING to get any RESPECT. He is a lost cause for sure. What a PRICK he is. ZERO, PERIOD. PUNK, PERIOD, TYRANT, PERIOD LIAR PERIOD. Just a plain old NEGRO BOY from who knows where?? He isn’t anything at all. Putin, would kick his PUNK-ASS for sure. What a pity. He, Assbama is a PITIFUL thing. No doubt about it, PERIOD.

    • He isn’t even a plain Negro boy. He’s only 1/8 Negro but he acts like he is all black. What an embarrassment to the blacks in this country. There are so many more black people worthy to be President that would have been great; instead we get Obama the failure as our first black-looking President.

      • DMJo I totally agree with you. There are tons of qualified blacks out there that would have done a great job. Obama just doesn’t CARE. It should be NOBAMA/CARE. Too bad. I am NOT a prejudice person. I don’t like BAD in anything. I am half Hispanic and I am for closing OUR borders to everyone. No BIAS, No PREJUDICE. PERIOD.

      • We can’t even compare Dr. Carson or Col Allen West to Obama. Carson & West are 2 very intelligent men. Obama is a Community Organizing failure…..

        • Agreed. Dr. Carson, Col. Allen West, Condeleeza Rice, Herman Cain and Alan Keyes all are very competent, worthy black people for the office of President. Too bad one of them wasn’t the first black President.

          • The only real problems I have with Dr. Carson are:
            1. His stance on Gun Control
            2. His pro Immigration Reform/Amnesty stance

            I can’t vote for anyone who supports those 2 issues

    • Since you love the lying communist so much why don’t you move to Russia? I’m sure Putin would love to have you. And when you speak up against him, be prepared to pay the price. asshat.

  7. No teleprompter and you see the real a-hole show up…Real class ack for sure…No wonder the rest of the world is laughing at US not him WE elected this brainless twit…..

  8. …and we still can’t teach these people anything after the billions of dollars spent to increase their stupidity.

  9. Maybe we should treat him the same way the Dimwits did with Dan Quayle when he misspelled “potato?” They’d probably just call us racists. Well, I’m not a racist. I hate “Shotgun Joe” Biden, too.

  10. And this illegal is our president?..I am so ashamed for our country, the negros could have done better electing Sharpton..at least he can spell his name, and this zebra sob is as useless as a rock.

  11. He didn’t have his teleprompter on so he can barely speak. You want him to spell correctly ,not without his teleprompter working.

    • You’re right, Greg, I’ve heard him….
      er, uh, duh, uh, uh, er, um,uh uh uh
      I was sitting there screaming at the TV, “turn on the dam teleprompter!”
      Then I quit listening to him…can’t stand liars.

  12. “The song makes more sense being sung by a man”
    followed by the misogynist reason’s the author gives.
    And you Neanderthals wonder why women have deserted the GOP?

    • What misogynist reasons? The man works hard at work to give his wife what she needs and wants. All he wants is some respect when he gets home. How exactly is that misogynist?

      • What didn’t you get?
        About Minkoff’s notions of what WOMEN want in 2014?
        This HAS NOTHING TO DO with Redding.

        • That’s not misogynist; that IS what the song sounds like when Aretha Franklin sings it. I never thought the song made much sense with a woman singing it. It does make much more sense for a man to sing it. Minkoff didn’t say anything about what he thinks women want in 2014. I read the article again to make sure; it doesn’t. He said what the song sounds like when Aretha sings it, and that IS what is sounds like when she sings it. You are putting words in his mouth.

        • Where did Minkoff say anything about what women want in 2014? Point it out to me in the article (I looked and it isn’t there). Minkoff stated what the song sounds like when Aretha sings it, and it sounds exactly like that. The song makes sense if a man would sing it; it makes no sense if a woman sings it. There is nothing misogynist about it.

          • MEN want respect
            women want SECURE LOVE. WTF does that even mean? “Secure love”
            So women aren’t wage earners these days.
            “I’m about to give you all my money.”
            I think there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with you.

          • The song was written in 1965, when most women were homemakers and men were breadwinners. It made no sense for a woman to sing in that timeframe. You are just trying to not understand.

  13. He is forever bringing up race, isn’t he? Not only can he not spell, count(57 states), he can’t understand the meaning of the song… (does he gripe you people as much as he gripes me? I cannot stand to see or hear him! I keep up with what is going on by reading) OH BROTHER!!

    • Hey, don’t you know he’s a Fulbright scholar? I believe that I read that you have to be a non-resident of this Country in order to be one. Hmmmmmm, could it be that they’ve been right all along. The man is not Constitutionally quallified to lead this country to ruin.

    • Yes he does gripe me. In all actuality, ever since 2007 when I prayed about him and asked the Lord to show me, I get downright nauseated at seeing his face or hearing his voice. I never watch him…I read what I have to know in alternative news.

    • I keep my remote handy. Just seeing his face or hearing his voice makes me gag because everything that spews out of his mouth is a lie.

  14. Poor Dan Quayle got beaten up over his spelling of p-o-t-a-t-o . But there wasn’t a song that spelled it out for him, least he had an excuse. I never heard Otis’ version, too bad. I wouldn’t call what Franklin does as singing. I’d call it screaming and yelling. Never liked the song or her supposed singing. Maybe if i’d hear Otis singing it, I might change my feelings about the song. Thank God, she didn’t try to sing, or is it murdering, his “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay”

    • You can check out Otis’ version of “Respect” on “The Very Best of Otis Redding”. And while I do agree with your opinion of the POTUS, I have to respectfully disagree with your opinion of Aretha’s singing ability during her prime.

  15. How embarrassing is that? He had better never make fun of Dan Quayle’s spelling of potato again if he ever did because this will come back to haunt him.

  16. No in today’s America, the ACLU will S U E for R E S P E C T. That’s how a community organizer gets respect. Of course, it’s not real respect. It’s forced compliance, intimidation at all levels, political correctness, omission of the truth, and censorship. That’s how a third world dictator like Barry stays in office.

  17. The funny part is that this is a classic african american song I mean it can practically be an anthem. You can tell by his expression and by him not correcting himself, that he’s not familiar with the song. Almost as bad as when he said during the election that America has 57 states.

  18. The propaganda they slung as us about this guy that got him elected was a lie. He is the total opposite of an intellectual, and a charismatic speaker. He’s as dumb as a post, and can barely handle reading off a TelePrompter. He is the perfect lackey for the New World Order. All they needed was a half decent black actor willing to sell out his nation for the role of President.

  19. Why would you expect him to spell a word the Muslims can’t understand? Lying, hatred, cheating, infidel and those they acquired in pre-K.

  20. He has no clue what the song is about, but he will make it about race anyway. What kind of leader creates hatred within his own country? He needs to GO! Time for tax-paying citizens to start paying attention!

  21. The first sentence of this article says it all folks. Nothing left to say about this guy except that it’s no wonder he doesn’t want anyone to see his school records or grades. Affirmative action got him educated and the Rich Saudi Prince paid for him to be made into what America believed him to be. Dan Quail ( or Quale) misspelled Potato with an additional e on the end and it was as if a shot had been fired around the world. Quale wasn’t even President.
    No doubt this will be shoved under the rug just like his mistakes about how many States America has , and all of his other obvious stupidity.
    You know , I am very sorry that he is a black man . Or rather that he uses his half black status to get the black people to r-e-s-p-e-c-t him. The first black president of the United States was something great that has been defiled by this man. He is a poor example of black men . The country has many who could have and would have been more competent and capable than this man. Granted, they might not have been groomed for this position as an actor from childhood like this guy was, but they would not have had to (play the part) of president!

  22. Seems to me I remember Dan Quale being crucified for misspelling “potato.” Shouldn’t Obama be shown the same r-e-s-p-e-c-t?

  23. We ALL want respect.
    If SHE gives him all HER money
    SHE”S clearly the wage earner.
    The column writer is clearly applying the GOP’s misogynist view of women on the song.
    Believing THAT’S what THIS crowd also thinks.
    MY Post has NOTHING TO DO with either Aretha or Otis.

  24. Like my Senators and Representative of the State of New Mexico, Obama has no integrity, honest and totally morally bankrupted. They all are accessory to murder of the citizen for profits and power. Just why do you think that the FDA approves poison drugs that kill,over 100,000 each year at a profit margin in the thousands of percent? Payola that grease their palms. I have yet see an honest Politician, Petty Bureaucrat or News Media for they all lied. This why we now have over 500 Federal Agencies that rule and you and I have no voices. It is a total dictatorship and you have no voice or vote. Just look at the EPA who just decreed that you cannot have or use a wood burning stove. Why? Control and just how are they going to control and stop the use of wood fired stoves? Just think just how many of the Citizen will have to be put into FEMA internment camps. It is time to standup and tell the overbearing Government to go to hell. If you will not, then swallow your poison drugs and eat your toxin laced processed food, bow low with backside up to receive the big stick that Obama has. For a the court Jester Biden stated, ” Obama has a big stick”. One more thought, Maybe that is why all these females voted for the New Messiah as there is a lust for the big stick. Chef Robert

  25. Good article! The Department of Defense demands that vile, filthy sodomites be given respect, that they be treated with “dignity”. By their base character and perverted acts, they have no dignity, and they deserve contempt, to be reprimanded and punished for their ungodly, wicked conduct.

  26. What an embarrassment Obama is to America – what an imbecile! It’s unbelievable how the lame stream media and SNL aren’t mocking this idiot – makes them look as dumb as he is.

  27. First he misspelled a word that all of us have heard the spelling enough that it should be ingrained in to our brains permanently . Then he makes a racist remark about a love song. This song was not a rallying point for blacks , it was a great love song for lovers of all races. The “RESPECT ” is for a woman’s love from a man .
    Collage graduate, former attorney and now holds the job he holds ,yet the spelling of respect is” respect”.

  28. 1) I guess dropping an “E” from respect makes up for putting the “P” in Corpsman!
    2) …”Perhaps Obama knows nothing at all…”
    3) Take the remainder of the lyric and that’s what I need…”take out the P, E, C” rest! (from the spacious, syncophantic, spurious, supercilious, sociopathic, egotistic, narcissistic, bloviating, illegal alien, P[revaricator]OTUS!)

  29. I have more respect for an amoeba than I do this useless piece of plant-life. How can the most hated person on Earth, and the most dangerous American alive, be sitting in that chair?!!

  30. Somehow he manages to poison everything with his Racism card…or sexism or whatever group of alleged “victims” he is pandering to that day. It’s disgusting. Every time he talks about certain groups being “marginalized or refers to them being discriminated against for “who they love: I hear “who they want to sodomize” Not because I am anti-gay, I’m just sick and tired of our alleged President trying to conquer and divide, and turn every one into some kind of victim. When in fact, he and his stupid policies, lawlessness, corruption,regulations, abuse of power and lies lies lies, destruction of our economy…is victimizing the entire Country. I would just like to have one day, maybe Easter, when we don’t see him, hear him, hear OF him, or have any Government intrusion into a regular, traditional Christian holiday. PLEASE Give us an OBAMABREAK! We are sick of you! ..

  31. LOL – Even comedian Rodney Dangerfield knew how to spell RESPECT because he claims it was something he also never got and he admitted it! “I get NO respect!”

  32. And this asshole says he went to college, in what country because it wasn’t here. This moron hasn’t got the brains to spell a simple word. This tells us the black people haven’t got the brains they were supposed to be born with, especially this jackass idiot.

  33. This has got to be the biggest CON job perpetrated upon the American electorate. How this doofus 57 state, corpseman, “Respect”, bumbling , stumbling, moron could have been sold to the people of this country as some kind of super intellectual is beyond belief. This charlatan , snake oil salesman, crack smoking, c**k s**king, signature gatherer from god knows where is a disgrace to everything moral and decent about this country.

  34. I have more respect for a nasty, finger picked booger carelessly smeared on restaurant silverware than the illegal African that is slumming in our White House. Throw soros into the equation too.

  35. R.emember how Republican Vice-President Dan Quayle, working off an inaccurate flashcard prepared by a teacher, misspelled “potato” by putting an “e” on the end? For weeks we heard constant Quayle jokes. But the mainstream media are silent about Obama’s misspelling. Double standard?

  36. Wait! where’s the nonstop potatoe spelling uproar? Never mind it’s a Demacrap, my bad. They road that 1 for 2 years, anything out of an “undesirables” (educated, hard working individuals) mouth & bang. Potato, potatoe, SNL still uses it. Clinton was an embarrassment to those of us that were serving & some how Obama surpassed him

  37. Smartest man in the world, eh? (“Corpse-man”; treating asthma with a “breathalyzer”; fifty-seven States with one to go…)

  38. He can’t spell – R E S P E C T……BUT……I can spell – U S U R P E R .

    At least, Barry’s been to all 57 states.

  39. Brilliant!!! PrezBO misspells Respect? BO must “really” be a big fan of Aretha Franklin, as well as an intelligent, and educated man who graduated from Columbia & Harvard… (What a phoney. LOL) Especially while introducing Aretha – who has been teaching the whole WORLD how to spell it properly since 1967! “R-E-S-P-E-C-T – Find out what it means to me – R-E-S-P-E-C-T – Take care, T C B” Can you imagine if Bush or Romney misspelled RESPECT at a WH event, while introducing the Queen of Soul? BO proving himself to be nothing less than a fakir as each day passes… Did you see him looking about aimlessly for his teleprompter when he realizes he doesn’t know how to spell respect? LOL

  40. Can he please stop finding racism in everything. The great “Uniter”. She didn’t write the song and as it was written and sung it was more of a shout out to women for respect, plain and simple. He’s too stupid to realize what the laughter was about….or is he doing a Joe Biden imitation of “look at me, I’m an ass”.

  41. If you like your Constitution, you can keep your Constitution. If you like your Bill of Rights,
    you can keep your Bill of Rights. But, that doesn’t apply to me. That’s the change I was talking about.
    Never did respect those all papers.

  42. Conservative politicians have bigger problems than Obama. It’s themselves. There’s one Republican who doesn’t believe that he should respect anyone. Ted Cruz took a snipe at Bob Dole this week. It was unwarranted and insensitive. It’s all abuzz on the internet. Bob Dole is a war hero. What Ted Cruz did was humiliate John McCain and Bole Dole because they didn’t win The White House. This demonstrates how low the extreme right has gone.

  43. This clown in our White House can not speak without a teleprompter. The teleprompter person must have misspelled the word and ‘The Smartest Man in the World’ didn’t see it. Still waiting for those obama college transcripts. Did he actually graduate college?

  44. How much pot and cocaine was Obama doing when he should have been in class?? He has made several mistakes (on tape) that show his ignorance. And as for respect – I have absolutely NONE for him, his wife or any other Democrat – they haven’t earned it!!!!!!!!

  45. This probes that this usurper is really an idiot and deserves no respect from anybody. No wonder he gets no respect from any other country. He does not get any respect from this country either.

  46. Yes, the jig is up…his guy is really not particularly smart. He may seem to be to you if your education equivalent is 8th grade.

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