Was the NBA Right to Punish Donald Sterling So Severely?

First off, let’s get this out of the way. What Donald Sterling said was really lame. It was racist, for sure. And it was puzzling in its irrationality and plain ignorance. There is really no way to defend Sterling’s comments, and I have no desire to defend them.

That said, Donald Sterling made his comments in a private conversation with his mistress/girlfriend. He was not speaking publicly as a representative of the NBA. He wasn’t even speaking as a representative of the LA Clippers. He was speaking off the cuff to his girlfriend, and his comments were leaked. Do the LA Clippers’ players have a right to disagree with his opinion? Sure. Do they have a right to hate Donald Sterling? Yeah. But should Sterling’s property be forcibly auctioned off? Eh.

The NBA is a private, voluntary association. Sterling’s views on race don’t necessarily have anything to do with his ownership of the Clippers or his performance of his duties. But his players didn’t like what he said, and the NBA didn’t either. So NBA commissioner Adam Silver did what he thought he had to in order to avert a PR disaster.

He banned Donald Sterling from the NBA for life, fined him 2.5 million dollars, and said the NBA would “help” him sell his team. Is this right? Was it too severe? Was it not severe enough?

Well, the real question is this: what civil laws or NBA by-laws did Donald Sterling violate? His comments are protected under most free speech laws, so there is no question really that he has a right to his (stupid) opinions.

And the NBA by-laws are also very unclear on this point. Owners can be banned from the NBA for fixing games and like offenses, but there really isn’t any precedent for coming down on an owner for private racist comments.

Really, this action by the NBA reflects a cultural phenomenon. The NBA couldn’t do nothing without seeming like they endorsed Sterling’s perspective. Donald Sterling just wouldn’t have been able to continue as an owner of this team. It would hurt the NBA and the LA Clippers if he stayed on with impunity. So what could be done?

The right thing to do may have looked a little different. But it would have been hard, and it would have required more nuance than most people can muster or appreciate. The NBA probably should have come out with a statement saying that they in no way endorsed Sterling’s perspective. Then they should have said that they encouraged Sterling to sell the team. But other than that, fining him or banning him for life is not in line with the NBA’s by-laws, and it seems like an emotional PR reaction.

The fact is that Sterling would have eventually sold the team. He wouldn’t really have had a choice. His team doesn’t want to play for him. Sponsors don’t want to endorse the team. Everyone is distancing themselves from the racist toxin that has polluted the LA Clippers in the form of ugly Donald Sterling. So, one way or the other, Sterling was getting banned. But it would have been better if the NBA had encouraged voluntary actions rather than setting a precedent for public sanctions against private comments.

All in all, it should be obvious by now that racism, even perceived racism, is a PR nightmare. Sterling should have known this, and he should have kept his opinions to himself. Ultimately, the NBA sanctions are not a violation of his free speech. They are the retributions of a private organization wisely protecting its financial assets from harm. If only Sterling had the same presence of mind.

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        • Aw. The old peer rating card. If someone disagrees with a right wing blogged, especially the male type, he/she would be considered moron, idiot, etc. Just like school yard bullies do in junior high. High correlation.

        • Ray, regardless of what anyone else thinks, continue to say what’s on your mind. That’s your right and you should never back down from what you believe.

          As far as Melinda’s comment, I don’t recall reading anything where you called LABobE a moron. But, if you did, I wholeheartedly agree.

          Semper Fi, brother.

        • How do you argue with people who choose to ignore rational thinking, common sense and scientific research? You’re blissfully ignorant of recent findings in linguistics and in historical and archaeological research, and instead choose to believe some 2000-year-old fairytales written by anonymous writers, with their own political and religious agendas,as if they are actual, unbiased, established historical facts. This in spite of archaeological, linguistic and historical evidence that the biblical stories are simply not true.

          • “…historic facts?” History dictates you are an Obongo pom pom boy. Now go worship YOUR God Obongo.

          • Wow! Where the heck did you connect those dots and arrive at the wrong planet? Now go call Obongo and tell him he isn’t loved by the cretins posting here. Maybe Eric The Red will sick the FBI on us. Did you just come “out of the closet” Roberta?

          • So when did you start walking on water,eh. Can’t wait for that race/civil war,eh. ever heard of the Crusades,hero. Better watch wtf you ask for,boy. You know what happens when you play with fire.

          • HA!!! You treasonous secessionists are all bark & no bite. If we have to march down south again to “bitch slap” you morons you’ll think the howling you did when Sherman marched through was whistling Dixie!

          • On my honor, I will do my best
            To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;
            To help other people at all times;
            To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.
            Did you forget?

  2. Here’s a solution: let him keep the team, but give all of his current players the option to initiate a trade to another team. On second thought, let all of his current players market themselves to other teams on their own, since it is unlikely that many players will want to be traded to the Clippers. Let Sterling try to put together a team of all white guys if he wants to, and see how many games he can win.

    • Proving what exactly? They play in order to make money. It’s a job. You don’t have to like your boss when you make that kind of money…and the comments were NOT made for the public, they were PRIVATE, or so he thought.

  3. Once again, white guilt has presided over a kangaroo court. No penalty for who taped, then released a private phone call though. This is absolute madness. I wish there was a way Sterling could defund the team and let it die.

  4. This is so wrong in so many ways…

    His girl friend and her girl friend were on Fox News, and according to them they don’t now who posted the rant, but she had recorded it and someone must have gotten to her computer and just did it to hurt the man.

    Once again this was spoken in a private conversation.
    This was protected speech under the 1st Amendment.

    Amendment I

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    I think that even a 1st year law student could beat the NBA in this action by taking them to court.

    The man did not speak in public, but in private, this is like someone taking a photo of you that you did not know about and then posting it online. It should have been taken down and news agencies should be held liable for what they have presented and what they are saying.

    • Wrong, the first amendment protects individuals from the government; it does not protect individuals who put their racist foot in their mouth. Sterling was punished by the NBA, not the government. The NBA did the only thing that it could do, which is to try to rid the league of the racist, Sterling. Had the NBA not done this, the players would have boycotted the playoffs and it would be a publicity nightmare.

      • True, this does have more to do with a citizen and the courts. However it will help if he takes the NBA to court and gets and injunction to stop their proceedings to remove his ownership of the team that he purchased with his own money, as well as stop their plan to extract $2.5Million as a fine.

        even if he has to pay a law firm a million to take this case, he will come out ahead.

        Think of this, this week the LA NAACP was to award him his second award. He has not mistreated any of his players, fact is he pays them well and takes care of their needs.

        Its just too bad that his girlfriend is a harlot who really only cares for his money and the opportunities it affords her.

      • They do not do business in one state only, therefore it could be constrewed to be an interstate business problem which is the sort of thing Uncle Sam gets to put his nose in.

        • And you, lady, have more sense than the NBA. The Commerce Clause is something the NBA fears. If the NBA now wants the Feds to monitor their every move, this may well be the case that does it. The punishment does not fit the crime and this is a can of worms that the NBA does NOT want opened. See Curt Flood, George Steinbrenner and other cases that may DISTINGUISH this punishment and restraint of trade. Sterling is a piece of garbage but he does have some rights.

      • It seems you have made your decision against the man … but as for me I would say let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

        Is your life clear of all racism and misspoken words? Have all your actions been clear and do you always do things for the right reason?

        One of the things I see over and over again is that those who are constantly talking about racism are those who are highly racist.

    • …. I think that even a 1st year law student could beat the NBA in this action by taking it to court ….

      I believe – on the evidence of the pleasure he has (successfully) many-times-already taken in taking the NBA to the judicial woodshed – Mr Sterling is about to give that bunch of institutionally-racialist cretinous creeps such a lesson in Law it and the nation at large will not soon forget.

      And – please, Dear Lord, he should live long enough – when he’s finished, those of the NBA Gang’s professional racialists as have lately been pushing for an “all-black” ball league may be bloody lucky to have even one of those in which to go bounce what Mr Sterling has left them of their balls!

      Brian Richard Allen

  5. OK, shoot up a movie theater get caught in the act, and 2 years later the lawyers are still talking.
    Make a stupid remark, and in 3 days….
    Am I missing some subtle point of Constitutional law here?

    • Yes, you are missing the point, big time. Sterling was punished by the NBA, a private business organization. The government had nothing to do with this. You are comparing apples to oranges.

          • Are you out of your mind. the constitution applys to all of America and it’s people, even you.

          • How, exactly, does this situation violate the 1st amendment?
            Further, what does it have to do with President Obama, or any other politician at all?

      • So you clowns don’t think Obama and Holder didn’t pick up the phone and tell them to fry that Cracka? Hmmmmm. You fools can’t wait for that race war,eh. Better watch wtf you ask for.

      • That is incorrect. Obama was one of the first to start beating the mob drums. Try and get current.
        When are you going to tell us long how long you been on the dole?

        • President Obama responded to a question while in Malaysia. No, he was not “…one of the first to start beating the mob drums.” Quit lying just because you don’t like the President. At least tell the truth.

  6. One would think this is communist Russia.What a person says in the privacy of his own home should not be brought to the main stream media. No matter how boorish or ignorant the statement, Think of the statements made by the left that are never publicized by the MMS. This is a terrible warning for both sides and it definately will not improve race relations. But I guess the race card is one of the few weapons the liberals can count on.

  7. If we want to do away with free speech, let’s get rid of it for everybody, not just those that say something we don’t like.

    • Nobody took away his right to free speech. You need to remember that there are always consequences, good and bad, for your actions and speech. The government had nothing to do with the consequences the NBA has deemed appropriate in this case.

      • You certainly can’t believe that all that say racist things are treated equally – and that this man is not being punished for stating what he thought was a private conversation. You can stick your neck on the chopping block, nobody stopped you from doing it, but you may get it chopped off. To state that some are not trying to stop free speech is an absurdity.


      • You certainly can’t believe that all that say racist
        things are treated equally – and that this man is not being punished for stating
        what he thought was a private conversation. You can stick your neck on the
        chopping block, nobody stopped you from doing it, but you may get it chopped
        off. To state that some are not trying to stop free speech is an

        • This person belongs to a private organization (NBA owners), which has rules, which they have deemed that he violated. The organization has chosen to punish him as they see fit.
          No one has said that he cannot say what he did (they say he shouldn’t have said it).
          He is still allowed to have his own opinions, say what he wishes, act in any manner he likes (legal behavior), etc., etc., etc.
          No one has taken his 1st amendment rights, the government has done absolutely nothing to forbid this man from speaking his mind.
          It makes no difference if he had an expectation of privacy or not. He said something others believe to be racist and inappropriate and gets to suffer the consequences of his actions. No denial of free speech here. No overbearing government interference of his rights. Just an old white racist fool exposing himself for what he is!

          • Fred, you keep stating the same old stuff – How about showing us the NBA rule that forbids you from having a conversation in your own house and show us where it says you are forbidden from doing it.
            No overbearing interference of his rights – don’t you listen to the news – Obama had his input for sure
            One final question and I am through – Are you an Obama supporter?

  8. We are full scale on the slippery slope. You can now lose a business because of your private thoughts. If that isn’t the most chilling reality that has come to America, I don’t know what is.

    Will there be any consequence for the whore, err… girlfriend who taped the conversation without his knowledge or consent, a CRIME in California?
    Sterling may be the consummate racist, douche bag, (insert you own thought here…), but he still, as far as I know allowed to express himself in the privacy of his own surroundings without the worry of those words seeing the light of day. He committed NO CRIME.

    Personally, I hope he sues her, TMZ, and whoever leaked the recording.

    What happens to the Christian owner who is against homosexuality?

    How long before churches will be forced to close because the words of the bible are deemed hate speech?

    The thought police have now stripped a man of his business. If that reality doesn’t scare you to the core, nothing will.

    And for those of you who think Sterling’s punishment fits, remember, these things have a cycle and life has a way of coming around, so be careful of the glee you are experiencing, it just might snap back on you and when it does, you’ll be the one screaming “injustice”.

    • As disgusting as his racist comments were, he has every right to say them in the privacy of his own home.

      You are spot on!

    • I realize you’re not bright enough to understand this but the government had NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. This was a decision that a private little club he belonged to (the NBA) made. You may or may not agree with their decision but it was theirs to make. Under the terms of Paragraph 13 of the constitution, NBA owners also have the right, by three-fourths vote, to revoke ownership if an owner “fails to fulfill” a “contractual obligation” in “such a way as to affect the [NBA] or its members adversely.” The sad part of this story is if Magic Johnson buys the Clippers. Magic will ALWAYS be a Laker!!!!!

      • But, Bobbie, the other day you told me that blacks were stupid. And what would you care if Magic buys the Clippers? You don’t live in California. I know you tell people that you do, but we know better, don’t we? I know it will be awhile before you answer me back (with insults, no doubt) because Malibu is behind my time (Central) by 2 hours. Every time you answer back to me it’s always east coast time (1 hour ahead of me).

        • I said that YOU are stupid! Now, you may be black but I didn’t mean your entire race was stupid. In fact I do live in CA & the reason I care if Magic (the greatest basketball player in history) buys the Clippers is that Magic is a LAKER!!!!

          • Lying again. No, you said blacks were stupid. And just as I stated before, your last post to me was posted at 5:59 pm. It was 4:59 pm here when I received it.

          • LA “Robert” has more BS than a pasture. He plays the Obongos for the current regime in DC and is a card carrying Dimocrat He calls everyone stupid because he is sooooooo brilliant. How many Avs does it take for a hypocrite to reveal himself?

          • Lawton, You can’t use the time of a post to determine where someone lives. We’re such a mobile country… People move around the world so much that it’s hard to figure out where someone is from… With my iPad or my iPhone and my hot spot, I can post whenever and wherever I want.

      • Curious, your first words go right to insulting me. You don’t know me, you don’t know my race, gender, sexual orientation, political afilliation, yet your presumed intelligence assumes I don’t have an understanding of the governing authority in ths matter.
        If you would take the time to read what I wrote you would see it portends something far more insidious, that would be if this can happen to Sterling, someone we all would agree is a repugnant individual, eventually the very people who find fault with him will find fault with the next person and the next person and the next until who’s left?
        Spend less time imaging your self importance and intellect and listen, you might just learn something. Where in my post do I say the government took this away from him?

        • You’re not very bright. That has nothing to do with your race, gender, sexual orientation or political affiliation. It has more to do with your lack of education and/or intellect. You make an analogy churches being closed down etc. Being a racist isn’t a crime. Hell, Bundy’s stock went UP in the tea party after his raciest comments. The only problem Sterling has is he’s in a club that has rules & one of those rules is if 3/4 of the members vote you out of the club well, then you’re out.

          • As I said, when you start with insults, you have no argument. All you show is your myopic mindset. But is always enlightening.

          • Funny. I saw the original Bundy tape. There is no racism until the media reworked the tape, no doubt at the direction of Reid

      • So you clowns don’t think Obama and Holder didn’t pick up the phone and
        tell them to fry that Cracka? Hmmmmm. You fools can’t wait for that race
        war,eh. Better watch wtf you ask for…….

    • You are 100% correct. The rub is that now we live in a fascist police state.
      The US Constitution will be totally trashed until the present Administration
      leaves office. This is change you were promised. Deal with it, you (citizens & aliens)) voted the guy in-twice!

  9. the thought police are not far behind us … how many of us have thought that the current President should not be in office… while I could care less what is race is or isn’t … what, I think secretly is that he is an idiot… come and cuff me

  10. Sure it was but, enough is enough. Barack Obama is getting away with murder in the White House and the Media is either in on it or turning a blind eye. In Europe Russia could be on the brink of starting WWIV, yes I said WW4. WWIII, started when
    Al Quida sent planes into the World Trade TOWERS ON 9/11 2001.

    All this old man did was do what he always did, show his ass. They all knew he was racist. Why it is this big a deal now is because of the fact we have a black President. Also Magic Johnson was the one he was railing against. Yes it was terrible but, it is time to move on, like the scandals in the White House maybe?

  11. Everyone has the right to be an @$$-hole. And at some point in time, we’ve all been there (some more times than others, but I digress . . . .) We’ve GOT to stop being the thought police!! To be honest, I haven’t read / heard exactly what was said, but was it really any more vile that the crap that comes from Jesse Jackson / Al Sharpton / Rev. Wright / and any number of other left wing loons? Nobody’s trying to put THEM out of business!!!!

  12. More proof that we are now living in a fascist police state. One is not allowed to express himself under the 1st Amendment’s right of free speech. It doesn’t matter if it is offensive or not to others. Especially if it said in a PRIVATE conversation. The fault is with the person who leaked the statement. We as a free people cannot be forced to love or even respect everyone. Like it or not!

  13. Liberals are looking everywhere in all crooks and grannies to find where they can apply their policy of worshiping Negroes.

    They found one sucker. An owner of a near all negro basketball team! Apparently the plantation is now the basketball arena to these 18th century goons.

  14. Mr. Sterling did not violate any laws. On the other hand the NBA (rookie) Commissioner had his fifteen minutes of fame and appears to have violated more laws than Mr. Sterling. If this goes to court the Commissioner and the “girlfriend”, and those who conspired with her should be found guilty of crimes. As the lone judge and juror, I only find Mr. Sterling guilty of old-age stupidity. The case rests.

    • He did. He violated THE PRIME directive of Cultural Marxism (which was created by Jews). He told the truth. He must be punished, in order to keep Cultural Marxism aka the planned destruction of the Christian West in place.

    • Jews have dislike Blacks for a very long time, and his remarks are certainly so surprise. What we are seeing is the typical Black mob mentality. As I remember they have found others guilty prior to any Court doing so.
      He will sue and he will probably win wether the mob likes it or not.

  15. Curt Flood? Restraint Of Trade. My guess is the NBA will lose if Sterling goes to court. They should throw the book at the slime but they went too far. They are now asking for governmental intervention if they push it.

  16. They have not punished NBA players for making similar or worse racial statements in public or private. This conversation in question was recorded without the man’s consent or knowledge. I’m no fan of the guy, but there seems to be a coordinated motive behind all of this… Not sure why he would date a woman who sleeps with other guys – and brings them to his team’s basketball games. He’s a public figure and most people would not want their girlfriend posting pictures of herself with other men and bringing them as dates to his place of work! That’s the real problem this owner had with his girlfriend’s other men – not particularly that they were black men. Next time we hear any racial slurs (white, black or otherwise) from the players in public OR PRIVATE – there had better be a lifetime ban on that player with a ridiculous fine!

  17. Stupid idiots like him, a guy that owns a basketball team that is 80% black,
    seems to see them as just his well payed slaves. They help make him rich.
    You think he might respect them, at least a little…
    You guys who call us the racist are even more foolish than he is.
    Then you have that tax dodging, racist rancher that you guy want to
    see as some kind of hero, really, him?
    He donated money to good causes just to make it seem like he cared.
    G’by boy….

      • Men and women of the past worked to make America great, and many gave their lives for their country. By being a good family member and a good citizen, by working for your country’s good and obeying its laws, you do your duty to your country. Obeying the Scout Law means living by its 12 points.
        Your still falling way short. Resign and admit your failure.

    • The Negro players are well paid slaves. The slave trade was always run by Jews, fyi. Abolition is a White Christian thing.

      • Denisedamenice… Wow, how disturbed you are. Blaming US JEWS for the horrors in the world like slavery is a true sign of a spiritual disease. I’ve got an idea. Give up using all the things we brought into the world like Dr. Salk’s polio vaccine, Einstein’s insights into the nature of reality and Mel Brook’s genius for comedy and all you have are depraved people like you. It is people like you that strengthened us through out the ages. Thank you. WE WERE SLAVES, IN EGYPT AND UNDER YOUR FRIENDS, HITLER AND STALIN. We know what torture and extermination is like and that is why we have always been for the underdog, like the blacks during the fight for civil rights. YOU, MY FRIEND, ARE FAILED CHRISTIAN…

      • There were Jews involve, but they were a very small group compared to the thousands

        of slave ships that sailed over the hundreds of years it was in existence.

        You may note that this document was from the thirties. A time of great antisemitism.



        You are a small minded antisemite and you like it, don’t you?

        Woman that hate are so ridiculous because they are the ones who are still being oppressed by the man.
        Check you pay check.


  18. Obama planted this plan with Magic Johnson to force out a whitey. Is that rsycist, or is calling out a devised plan raycist.

  19. What is the most incorrectly used word in the English Language today? That word would be Racism and by extension racist. A racist is someone who subscribes to the beliefs of Racism. Racism is a belief that holds there are basic fundamental differences between races and that these differences confer superior qualities to one race over another race(s). There is nothing inherent in Racism that means a racist hates, is entitled to abuse or mistreat persons of the other race. Those emotions and actions are defined the words bigot, prejudice etc.

    I don’t know if Mr. Sterling is a racist or not. What I do know is that you can not make that determination from anything he said in this argument with his girl friend. He certainly seems to have an issue with his girlfriend (who use to date Magic Johnson) hanging associating with blacks in general although almost the entire argument could easily to in terms of Magic Johnson. I am not excusing it, in fact I really don’t give a damn what he said in private. The day when we all could lose or property based on things we say in private during a argument is the day everyone loses everything.

    I contend now and have for a long time that most Racist live in the Progressive/Liberal wing of the Democratic party. No one wishes to be labeled a racist. 99% of the time that word is used it is used to actually describe bigoted words or deeds. But that does not raise the level up to the standard where politicians and others in power can draw the supposed authority to address the actions.

    What the NBA did is nothing short of Fascism. For those who don’t know what that word means, it is a form of socailism where individuals own the property but the state or authority totally controls what and how the individual can do with the property. It has nothing to do with NAZISM (who were socialist) and Jack Booted military.

  20. I don’t suppose overwhelming Black crime rates have any bearing on this subject at all, right?

    Tokowitz is dead right on the way Negroes are treated in Israel, fyi.

  21. The stupid people who bash Sterling need to get a life. No one should be punished for some remark that they make in privacy to someone with whom they are in a relationship. I surmise that the bimbo was bringing her boyfriends to the games and making a scene. Sterling simply chastised her in colorful language. This would be the only type of language that she understands.

  22. some day someone is going to set up a mic in the players locker room and come up with anti white or what ever racist comments. And probably nothing will come of it.
    seems that anti white racist comments are swept under the rug. Blacks can be as racist as whites, today even more so.

  23. Is this a case of a “Illegal Recording” akin to a “Illegal Wiretapping”? Even as the nature of this topic is disgusting, also, given the so-called High Profile” of this individual, makes this a sensational and controversial set of issue(s). What is said in a private environment should remain private. This persons utterances do cast a negative perspective on this person in particular. However, all persons must be given a reasonable expectation of privacy no matter who they are, particularly being in a private location/venue. The person or persons who provided this recording to the media and public should be called into question on their ethics issues too!

    • You’re too kind… I think the woman who turned over this private conversation should be fined the $2.5 mil and call it a day…

  24. This is a very dangerous thing to happen to any business. I do not believe any one black or white should be racist. When a person can not talk in his home. THAT IS WRONG. If your kid was killed by a gang of Chinaese men. You would not like them. . I would be willing to bet 100 % of 81 year old adults in the United States. Have made RACIST remarks. Every nationality and every skin color. Not 1 person said it was wrong when the leader of the Black Panthers.He was putting up $10,000.00 for Zimmerman dead or alive. And Zimmerman was proven innocent in a court of law. Holder and Obama did not find that RACIST. (THAT IS RACIST IN THE WORST FORM)

  25. Adam Silver gives shaq a free ride for publically bully a disabled child. Since he isn’t punishing shaq in the same manner adam is a self hating racist. Just like the little corpral.

  26. Well, he was a jew wasn’t he?
    Now the NBA is joining the government in taking away our liberties. Boycott he play-offs.

  27. The phony NBA Commissioner can do whatever he wants. I suspect that Sterling will sue and win. Now let’s get back to important issues like the $3+ Trillion Obamacaid welfare and takeover scam that is set to rip us, esp. seniors and the middle class off, AFTER the elections of course.

  28. Ok, enough of the stale race card frenzy diversion again. He will sue and he probably win. Now let’s get back to the now obvious lies about Benghazi, the $3+ TRILLION anti seniors, anti middle class Obamacaid welfare and takeover scam, the amnesty scam, etc.

  29. No one should have their privacy at home taken away. His bad statements were not made in public. Besides California has laws in place that protect all people from being taped and it was violated so Sterling has some law suits and plenty of lawyers to file them for him. Was the NSA, Magic Johnson, NBA Commissioner or some other owner involved in leaking the tapes? Now besides giving the NBA a black cloud over the organization, they the Owners, Players and NBA Commissioners have just set it up for anyone of them to have their privacy invaded and made public. It won’t matter if you are in the bedroom, kitchen, watching TV in your den or even in the bathroom or a closet. People will tell your secrets and no one or their skeletons will be protected…..

  30. I may not agree with the man but he has every right to his opinion and no one has the right to take his business from him because he is not “politically correct”. Does anyone remember FREEDOM OF SPEECH?

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  32. Violation of 1st Amendment, violation of Property Rights and violation of Business Activity.
    “Sponsors don’t want to endorse the team.” Well get this sponsors, I refuse to endorse the NBA; therefore, your advertising $$ will miss my eyes because I will refuse to visit or view any NBA activities.

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