Mozilla, Homosexuals, and Liberal Legislation of Morality

Before he was the new CEO (and now the ex-CEO) for Mozilla (the company behind the Firefox web browser), Brendan Eich made a personal donation to support Proposition 8—the legislation in California intended to define marriage as between one man and one woman. And when homosexual activists found out about it, they decided to boycott Mozilla’s products. And eventually, Eich stepped down.

Mr. Eich tried to respond to the controversy by explaining that his personal beliefs did not impinge on the public exercise of his duties:

I agree with people who say [my donation] wasn’t private, but it was personal. But the principle that I have operated by, that is formalised in our code of conduct at Mozilla, is it’s really about keeping anything that’s not central to our mission out of our office. If I stop doing that now I think I would be doing wrong that code of conduct and doing a disservice to Mozilla. And I really do think it’s an important principle of inclusiveness for Mozilla to succeed.

Imagine. Brendan Eich the close-minded conservative is schooling “liberals” on the liberal principle of “inclusiveness.” But what did you expect? Liberals talk all the time about the dangers of “legislating morality.” They also defend their own all the time by saying things like “What they do in the privacy of their bedrooms should be of no consequence to you.” They lambasted the impeachment of Bill Clinton: “He’s a good president. Who cares if he’s not a good husband? His personal life and his politics are two different things.”

But you ask them to extend that same logic to these situations, and they just can’t do it. Because it’s not possible. The fact is that conservatives have been right all along. I don’t think you can keep your personal beliefs out of your public practice. I think your personal morality has a fundamental impact on the exercise of your calling.

But homosexuals are never asked to keep their personal beliefs or morality out of politics. They have been thrusting their personal beliefs into politics from day one. And for some reason, that’s allowed.

See, I think legislating morality is inevitable. The only question is, “Which morality will we legislate?” Homosexuals want to keep religion out of politics. Again. Not possible. The only question is, “Which religion will have a say in politics?” Not all of them can. And right now, we’re in the middle of a moral and religious sea change. There is a battle going on for which system of morality will hold sway in America. And the conservative evangelical approach is not winning.

One of the major reasons for this is that we, like Brendan Eich, are willing to out-liberal the liberals. We are willing to allow for a dviersity of opinion. We allow dissenting voices. They do not. I am not saying we should become more draconian. But I do think we need to point out to the bleeding hearts how very close-minded they are. It’s the loving thing to do, after all.

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  1. When will conservative Christians realize that you can’t hide bigotry behind the shield of religion? It didn’t work in your fight against interracial marriage, civil rights, womans rights & it won’t work against gay rights.

    • Bob, you do realize that Eich funded only $1000 for something back in 2008 that Obama was for back then? But now that it came out so many years later and Obama has since changed his mind, this guy is fired for it? This isnt tolerance. This isnt free speech. He did campaigning, no fund raising, nothing. Just donated a paltry sum to something he believed in, on an official ballot.

      You say we cant force our views on anyone (which we arent, no matter what you say about abortion), yet you think we should do whatever you say in healthcare, global warming, foods we consume, and now, what we are ALLOWED to believe in, for fear of just keeping our jobs. How is this tolerant? Its fascism is what it is.

      • Why is this Obama’s fault? Are you suggesting that people should not have the right to boycott things they find repulsive? He wasn’t fired, he “stepped down”

        • It’s Obama’s fault for allowing your degenerate agenda to supercede common sense and morality, the things this country was REALLY founded on!

          He was forced out in the name of tolerance and inclusivenness – things the hypocritical liberals are always spouting off about supporting until it’s a conservative involved!

          • Speaking of “common sense” perhaps you can explain to me how teabaggers (that claim to want government “off their back”) want BIG GOVERNMENT to tell woman what they can & cannot do with their bodies & tell American citizens who they can & cannot marry?

          • That doesn’t take BIG GOVERNMENT so your “argument” if you can call it that isn’t even applicable! But since you want to bring common sense into it, common sense says you DON’T piss off half of the country by corrupting the definition of marriage. And you DON’T murder 100’s of THOUSANDS of babies EVERY YEAR by allowing and promoting unrestricted abortions. Common sense says you HOLD people accountable for THEIR actions instead of blaming everyone else for YOUR failings.

          • You conservative Christian used the VERY same argument to fight against interracial marriage! BTW, the “definition of marriage” is ALWAYS changing! As for abortion, ONLY religious KOOKS consider it murder & not everyone believes in your fairy-tales! STILL, You’re to dense to see the hypocrisy in your position regarding “big government”.

          • Actually, SCIENCE has defined the beginning of life as occurring at the moment of conception. That makes abortion murder unless it’s necessary to protect the life of the mother.

            The definition of marriage has NEVER changed, it has ALWAYS been between one man and one woman.

            It doesn’t take BIG GOVERNMENT to enforce Abortion laws any more than it takes BIG GOVERNMENT to enforce Pro-Choice laws. Your argument if you can call it that is nonsense! Your starting to foam at the mouth again! I’m telling you, you need to get medical attention soon!

          • Are you retarded? Biblical marriage use to be between one man & MANY WIFES! A marriage was only considered valid if the wife is a virgin. (If the wife is not a virgin she was executed) Interracial marriage was forbidden as was marriage of a believer and a non-believer. Woman were forced to marry in their pre teens, by their fathers etc, etc, etc.

          • I think you’re getting your texts mixed up, The Bible has NEVER supported marriage as between one man and many wifes. It did report instances of that happening but it didn’t support that definition. Marriage between a believer and a NON-believer was not supported – that’s just some of that common sense you don’t like. As for the rest of the things you purport to be “Biblical” those were policies of man not GOD.

            You should probably read the Bible before you start popping off about your knowledge of it (or lack thereof).

          • Really?
            In Exodus 21:10, a man can marry an infinite amount of women without any limits to how many he can marry.

            In 2 Samuel 5:13; 1 Chronicles 3:1-9, 14:3, King David had six wives and numerous concubines.
            in 1 Kings 11:3, King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

            In 2 Chronicles 11:21, King Solomon’s son Rehoboam had 18 wives and 60 concubines.

            In Deuteronomy 21:15 “If a man has two wives, and he loves one but not the other, and both bear him sons….”

            There are a lot more verses from bible that allow polygamy, but I think that the above are sufficient enough to prove my point.

          • BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! Then will Christians please help us remove the 10 commandments from EVERY public place in the country????

          • God did NOT sanction marriage of one man, & many wives. He also doesn’t sanction divorce, EXCEPT in the case of adultery. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 says, ‘Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers,nor EFFEMINATE, nor abusers of themselves with manking, Nor thieves, not covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, noe extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.’ And, Genesis 2:24 says, ‘Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his WIFE: (NOT wives!) and they shall be one flesh.’ Leviticus 18:22 says, ( and this is why Christians are against same sex marrriage), ‘Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.’ So if you are going to quote the Bible, get it right. And, if you read in Genesis, where Issaac married Rebecca, her father ASKED her if she was willing to go, to be married to him. You are confusing Islam with Jewish laws.

          • That is such a really stupid answer.
            The LAW does not define life as a zygote.
            One can never have a discussion about anything with you whacko WHACKO zealots
            making the discussion about YOUR religious beliefs.
            This has NOTHING to do with science either,

        • I didnt say it was Obama’s fault. Im saying these activists arent even looking at the reason behind his actions years ago. Its all about the here and now. I doubt Eich could go back in time and change his opinion if he knew he’d get grilled for something our president was supporting at the time, but now appears evil. And the only reason he stepped down was because of activist pressure. Is having an opinion of preferring traditional marriage really that evil? I didnt see him say he hated gays, or same sex marriage. He just supported traditional marriage. Is that not allowed all a sudden?

          • You don’t get it. People have the right to boycott ANYTHING they want. If he had donated to planned parenthood been boycotted & stepped down you would be cheering. What’s the difference (other then you agree with his position)?

          • The point is, this is not tolerance. This isnt boycotting. This was silencing opposition. If this was a role reversal and a planned parenthood ceo was demanded to be fired, this would be a media storm like no other. Instead, it is viewed as evil being shown on display as a warning: dont agree with us, and you will be silenced.

          • If they really were boycotting, they just wouldn’t use the internet browser. He resigned due to outside and internal pressure. Dont be a dunce. No one resigns as ceo because of makeshift boycotting from 2% of the population.

          • 2%? Those opposed to Gay Marriage don’t even begin to comprehend how offensive their bigoted homophobia is to most of us, whether Gay or Straight! You’re reading more into this story then there is. People boycotted Mozilla products & he stepped down. It’s that simple.


            “Mr. Eich has been denounced as a bigot. It is worth noting, for those who make this charge, that so far as the public record is concerned, he has never registered an opinion on the morality of homosexuality per se, and his firm is as welcoming of gay employees as any in its industry. All he did was write a $1,000 check to an organization dedicated to the previously unremarkable proposition that marriage is the union of a man and a woman, a position that was endorsed by the voters of California and is held today by many people of good will, including some who are gay themselves. Even the gay nonconformists are being hunted down, as Brandon Ambrosino of Vox discovered when critics demanded that he be dismissed for holding unapproved views regarding same-sex marriage.”

          • What is your point???? Eich had the right to donate to whatever cause he wanted to. Those opposed to that cause have every right to boycott his products. This is a perfect example of the laws of cause and effect in action. I still don’t understand what your problem is (other then you agree with Eich’s position)

          • Point is, because a loud minority demanded his firing, it happened. This isn’t tolerance. Would you call it tolerance if the same thing happened and same results to planned parenthood?

          • WTF do you think a boycott is all about??? Why is it OK for Christians to boycott
            1) Starbucks (Christians boycott Starbucks because Starbucks explained that their core values include homosexual living, which the Bible says is sin)
            2) Pepsi (Christians boycott Pepsico for many reasons including homosexual sin promotion and a disputed association of working with aborted baby cells (fetal cells) in testing)
            3) UPS (Because UPS stopped funding the Boy Scouts because the Boy Scouts have opposed homosexual sin Christians boycott UPS)
            4) Oreos (Christians boycott Oreos for homosexual sin promotion)
            5) Muppets (Christians boycott Jim Hanson Muppets they promote homosexual sin, which brings God’s judgment to nations)
            6) JC Penny (Christians boycott JC Penny for homosexual sin promotion)
            Is it as simple as Christians have rights that every other American citizen doesn’t have in your opinion?

          • My God, you really don’t get it do you?? When did Christians appear and DEMAND a resignation of a CEO??????? THAT’S THE POINT!!!! Man you’re thick…. When a minority claims to be tolerant, then demands a resignation of someone holding different views, THAT’s NOT TOLERANT!!! It’s not boycotting either demanding someone to be fired.

          • That must be more of that TOLERANCE and DIVERSITY at work – silencing the opposition!

          • A new CEO steps in that’s a homophobic bigot. People boycott the company & the employees want him fired. The CEO realizes he’s lost the ability to lead the company & steps down. I cannot see what your problem is with this. Suppose a new CEO for Hobby Lobby stepped in & it was found out he donated to planned parenthood (ok Hobby Lobby isn’t a good example because they are hypocrites) but some other Christian company & the same thing happened? You would be cheering!

          • If he was only in place for 2 weeks as you stated earlier, there wasn’t enough time for a boycott to accomplish anything! It would take that long to organize it. Same thing as far as his policies and behavior, if he was only there two weeks, he didn’t even get his office chair broke in! He didn’t have enough time to do ANYTHING!! He was FORCED out for his views not his behavior! Even a moron should be able to see that!

          • His employees didn’t wanna work for a homophobic bigot & wanted him out + the boycott hit & he stepped down.

          • NONE of these boycotts demanded someone resign or lose their job. They didn’t even demand that the boycotted entities change their internal policies other than NOT publicly promoting anti-family immoral behaviour. Several of these boycotts WEREN’T about homosexuality at all.

          • It’s called viewpoint discrimination and it’s an act of INTOLERANCE coming from the people that are always demanding tolerance for themselves. It’s called hypocritical.

          • So when Christians boycott a company they feel has “homosexual sin promotion” (which there are many) is that considered something other then “viewpoint discrimination” & NOT an act of intolerance? Do you morons not understand the meaning of the word hypocrisy? .

          • Christians don’t boycott businesses for internal policies UNLESS those policies include PROMOTING anti-family immoral behavior outside the realm of the company’s business. They are free to hire whoever they want to as long as they don’t provide financial public support and promotion of degenerate immoral anti-family life styles – the so-called “homosexual sin promotion” that you refer to.

          • Really? I seem to remember Christians boycotting A&E because they fired some racists hillbilly on some lame TV show.

          • How do you boycott a network? That was a letter writing campaign and was quite effective! As I recall, A & E VERY quickly realized that they had screwed up and changed their position and RE-HIRED that alleged “racists hillbilly”

          • You boycott a network by not watching it. It did work & A&E hired him back as did the Mozilla boycott by the fact the CEO stepped down.

          • Good reply to the most bigoted intolerant of all people, the gay people, they don’t want equal rights, they want all of the rights and get rid of everyone that does not agree with their disgusting practices.

          • What’s offensive is a small vocal minority that feels that THEIR rights supersede everyone elses. As for the “boycott”, I doubt if that was even detectable especially since most of us never heard anything about it until the story broke. This was clearly a case where internal politics prompted by a vocal minority resulted in a blatant case of INTOLERANCE and a gross lack of DIVERSITY. Eich was FORCED to resign from a company that supposedly promotes tolerance and diversity in it’s hiring practices and this over an event that occurred YEARS ago long before he ever went to work for the company.

            There isn’t ANY logical way to support or approve of this.

            BOYCOTT MOZILLA!!

          • Where does it say Eich was “forced” to resign? Can you explain how giving American citizens equal rights effects you? Here’s a novel idea… If you find gay marriage offensive don’t marry a gay person!

          • If you find marriage between a man and a woman offensive then don’t redefine it, do something else!

            You have to be able to read between the lines to fully understand what happened, I realize that liberals suck at that, it’s probably a symptom of the disease.

          • I don’t find marriage between two consenting adults offensive. Teabaggers always invent things when they ‘read between the lines’ so that it fits into their delusions Inperson voter fraud being the perfect example. .

          • It’s NOT necessary to invent anything, the obvious pops out at you if you are discerning enough to see it. The trouble is that your disease clouds your eyes and your judgement and makes your decisions suspect. Those are called delusions and they are quite common with those suffering from liberalism.

            I don’t find marriage between an adult male and adult female to be offensive either, what I do find offensive is the suggestion that a committed relationship between two homosexuals should be called a marriage. That suggestion destroys the sanctity of the act and I find that HIGHLY offensive! As do MOST Christians.

          • HA!!! If those who use the “sanctity” argument were genuinely concerned about the institution of marriage, they’d focus their efforts on helping those straight married couples who are at risk of divorcing. If marriage was so “sacred” they’d also be pursuing the outlawing of heterosexual divorce. They do neither of these things. The only married straight couples impacted by the legalization of gay marriage are those in which one of the parties is a closet-case gay person who dreams of coming out and marrying someone of the same sex!

          • Even GOD decided not to try and eliminate divorce – but he didn’t approve of it either! There are numerous Christian organizations that help people deal with each other and divorce. This is a societal issue as a result of immoral liberal policies that denigrate the act of marriage and try to redefine it to fit their desires. The factr that marriage has lost a lot of that sacredness is a direct result of the society destroying policies promoted by liberals and socialists. It’s pretty much destroyed the European societies and the morons are trying to make it happen here as well.

          • Maybe offensive to a butt reamer, but MOST people are disgusted by homosexuals, especially when then learn about you bath houses and chicken parties.

          • Eich had been CEO for 2 weeks. His own employees wanted him out. he had lost his ability to lead the company so he resigned.

          • What I will NEVER understand about teabaggers is that the ONLY facts they believe to be true are the ones they make up in their head!

          • Gross over-simplification as well as a glossing over of the FACTS! I wonder whose boycott would be most effective? The homosexuals (which comprise like 1 or 2 % of the population) or conservatives (that make up a whole lot more of the population – closer to 50 % if not more).

            Let’s find out! Conservatives – BOYCOTT MOZILLA until they change their attitude about family values!

          • You’re obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer but since Eich stepped down I think it’s fair to say the boycott worked.

          • LA-BOOB-EEE,
            Our Boycott hasn’t even started yet, but it will and I would be willing to bet that they will be BEGGING Eich to come back to work for them.

          • they tried. you forgot 2 big city mayors told them they were not welcome in their cities. the left will either, shut down debate, destroy their job, like in this case. again, nice try.

          • Eich exercised his right to free speech; the gay activist have no right to cause him financial harm or in any other way FORCE him to alter his views. What the gays did is wrong – it is coercion, but very typical of gays attitude of a God given right to anal reaming.

          • Slow down grandpa, take your meds, put your diapers back on & have your nurse put you in bed before you get so excited you piss yourself. Tomorrow morning you can go back & play in your sandbox with your GI Joe’s & pretend you’re a real Marine.

          • What a big boy comment behind your keyboard……I don’t need meds, nor want to play in your kitty liter box with you, or any of your childish insults you’ve stated……what a sorry excuse of a human being, but that shows your real mentality…….. negative 10. At least I served and DAM proud of it, just so low life’s such as your self can benefit from our wounds and blood!
            I know what your going to say HC….”What difference does it make” Typical AZZ wipe. I’m scraping you off the bottom of my boots now turd!

          • Get back in your sandbox & play before the “big boys” come around & slap the piss out of you.

          • Let me ask you this, should big government be the one to tell us who we can & cannot boycott or is that something only you can decide for the rest of us?

          • im saying the guy is being punished for expressing himself. im just pointing the hypocrisy of the left. the ones who always preach tolerance are not very tolerant. i didnt bring up govt

          • So, who’s wrong here? The gays that boycott a company in which the CEO donates money to a cause they are fighting against? The employees that don’t want to work for a homophobic bigot & let their opinions be known?

          • If you were concerned about hypocrisy why not look into that scumbag green family that run Hobby Lobby?

    • And which orifice did you use to spew this crap LA Bob-bee; oh I get it, since it is crap, must of used your mouth.

      • ANOTHER home schooled idiot!!! When you say “Liberal democrats” what you mean is conservative Christians living in the south.

        • No LA-BOOB-EE, he got it right it was liberal democrats that did ALL of those thing that they are so proud to blame on the conservatives. You’ve been spouting those lies for so long you are actually starting to believe them! Now THAT is delusional!

          • So, the bible belt of the south & home of conservative Christians was once upon a time liberal???

          • Most of the Bible belt has always been liberal if not democratic. Conservative Christians aren’t always the majority in those areas – they just tend to be the most vocal.

    • you are a typical liberal projectionist. it aint bigotry. its religious principals. gay ”rights” is a crock. its not the smam as civil rights. its offensive to compare them! you are not born gay. what these pervs want is for the govt. to okay perverted behavior! huge difference. im sick of you libs legislating YOUR immorality on to us!

  2. When will liberal arse reaming fags realize that you can’t hide fisting, child indoctrination, anal fissures, STDs, etc – our government is a reflection of the people, and if the people see homosexuality as deviant behavior (which it is), then guess what LA Bob-bee – tuff nuts.

    • Of course there’s the pesky little thing our founding fathers wrote called the BILL OF RIGHTS!!! Which protects the minority from the tyranny of the majority,

        • I know it’s tough for conservative Christians when the left forces you to give Americans equal rights but you got over it when we did it for woman & minorities so you’ll get over it when we do it for gays.

          • Says who?? an homophobic religious kook like you??? Our supreme court will straighten this issue out once & for all & there’s NO DOUBT which way they will decide.

          • You’re calling Stephanie a kook while you’re the one advocating doing absolutely bizarre and unnatural things with various human body parts. Why don’t you go and put cream on those anal fissures; you’ll feel better after that.

          • And who cares what the supreme court decides – no amount of legislation nor whining by fags will make deviant homosexual behavior legitimate. In the long run people will not tolerate homosexual behavior, especially what you fags do to innocent children. Homosexuality has its foundation in Satanism and is therefore self destructive.

          • Homophobic? huh? No one is afraid of you fags. Disgusted, repelled, puked-out, maybe, but not afraid.

          • There’s no right TO marriage, for anyone, and no right for government to refefine any religious ceremony!

        • I agree the bill of rights is not about molesting children (that’s what the church is about) & gay marriage has NOTHING to do with children

          • And gay marriage has a lot to do with children. Children only have a natural, innocent concept of life, and it is very traumatic for them to see deviant homosexual behavior.

          • Exactly.. and that why gays should be put away, they can’t have their own kids. We were meant to have kids, we are already behind on the ratio every two parents should have to continue as a nation. If your not helping, I don’t want you around me.

      • There is this cool thing of freedom of speech. The least gays could do is allow freedom of speech. Please gays just leave other peiple’s personal views alone i am tired of PC why do you do your thing in front of others do non gay people do what you do??? Not they don’t have straight rights parades please stop bugging others. I will never believe your ideas. I will never submit to your lies i will die before saying gay is normal.

  3. Conservatives “are willing to allow for a dviersity of opinion & allow dissenting voices”???? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA now THAT’S the funniest thing I have EVER heard!!!! I hope you’re joking!!!!

      • Where are the conservatives that believe in science let alone are pro choice or pro gay marriage? Hiding under a rock somewhere?

        • Most conservatives understand science and trust that – I won’t say they believe in it because that implies a religious belief system. Most conservatives believe in Christ! They are NOT pro-gay marriage because THAT flies in the face of morality and their belief systems (which they are Guaranteed under the Bill of Rights). Homosexuals screwed themselves on that issue when they started working to re-define the definition of marriage which was created by GOD. If they had settled for the ability to enter into legal contracts with whomever they wanted rather than forcing their perverted version of what THEY want marriage to be on the people then there likely wouldn’t even be a discussion in that regard today.

          As for Pro-Choice, murder is murder, you won’t find very many conservatives that support murder for ANYthing.

          No, they’re not hiding under a rock somewhere, they don’t exist with the values that you assign to them because you don’t even understand what their value system is. You’re IGNORANT of the truth in all of that!

          • conservatives understand science?? Is that a joke? Most believe the planet is under 10,000 years old & that some cosmic Jewish Zombie can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh, drink his blood and telepathically tell him that you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree!!!! BTW, EVERY conservative I have ever spoken to supports capital punishment!

          • I see that you’re starting to rant and rave and foam at the mouth again! You really need to see a doctor about your disease. They CAN help you as long as the disease is NOT too advanced!

            BTW, there’s NO telepathy involved, it’s necessary to SPEAK out loud, otherwise how is HE going to hear you?

            Just in case you’re going to try to make the argument, Capital Punishment is NOT murder, it’s the penalty you pay for your actions in those circumstances. It’s all about responsibility, something liberals bend over backwards to avoid.

          • I get it. Killing a person (that may or may not be guilty) isn’t murder but aborting a few cells is.

          • Not the same. The baby didn’t get a trial and wasn’t found guilty of a crime right or wrong.

            And NO, you don’t get it! Life begins at conception, murder is the taking of a life. Capital Punishment is a consequence of a trial and conviction for a crime.

          • Take a look at the countries on the planet that outlaw abortion & learn something about just how far out of line your beliefs are

          • Now you’re just talking nonsense again. It’s YOUR beliefs that are “out of line”, mine are shared by several BILLION Christians worldwide!

          • Here’s a list of countries where abortion is illegal.

            Sub-Saharan Africa:
            Angola, Benin, Central African Rep.Chad, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Dem. Rep. of Congo, Gabon, Guinea- Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Madagascar, Mali, Mauretania, Mauritius, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Somalia, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda.
            Middle East and North Africa:
            Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, Sudan (r), Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.
            Asia and Pacific:
            Bangladesh, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Sri Lanka.
            Ireland, Malta.
            South America:
            Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Venezuela,

            Perhaps you ANTI-ABORTION KOOKS would be happier in one of these places.
            In AMERICA women have the RIGHT TO CHOOSE

          • True but the ONLY people that believe abortion is murder are the same people that believe the planet is 6,000 years old so please excuse the civilized world (where abortion is not considered murder) if we don’t believe you.

          • I thought that was 10,000 years! That’s what you said in an earlier post! Having problems remembering which lie you said?

          • I have no problem with giving women the right to choose…
            the right to choose no sex on the first or second date, or ever if they don’t want a baby.

            Choices result in consequences and the death of a child should not be the consequence of anyone’s choice.

          • You can’t be serious? Are you always this blind, dumb and ignorant? If you purposely take a life ie: murder somebody, you get what you deserve the death penalty, only it shouldn’t be 10 to 15 years later, it should be right after the sentencing or until they get the gallows built! Abortion is murder, but to you jack wad liberals, it’s just a mound of flesh. Go tell your mamma to abort you on your next birthday, and do us all a favor ….IDIOT!

          • Abortion is murder??? Says who??? The VERY same people that tells us plants, donkeys & snakes can talk!!!! Sorry if the civilized world don’t believe you!

          • So if your mother decides to abort you (to bad she didn’t)!
            Killing you, a living, (I think) humane baby in her womb…. That wouldn’t be considered murder, but if she walked up to you now and put one between your eyes….that would be murder? No difference except in her womb you have no voice, now you would beg and plead for your life now. Get real you worthless piece of dog excrement outta here, you make about a much sense as Gore, Kerry and chicken little……

          • Here’s something you don’t understand (1) playing with GI Joe dolls in your moms sandbox doesn’t make you a marine & (2) a fertilized egg is NOT a person.

          • Here’s something you DON’T understand STUPID! One:Your childish verbal antics are a waste of time!
            Two: Once an egg is fertilized, it starts developing into a human being (something you want to be) hence forth, no longer an egg, and after 17 days the heart actually starts beating…..meaning it’s alive. Destroying it is murder. You progressive homo jacks just want to cover your guilt ridden butts by denying it. So go learn something and let the gay porn alone. Get a real education, not an internet one!

          • *LOL* *LOL* *LOL* A penalty? That’s a new one. When Republican governors refuse to expand Medicaid with federal money, is that a penalty too?

          • WOW!!!! I honestly didn’t truly understand just how stupid you uneducated idiots really were until now.

          • You could be the posterboy for why parents that never got out of 6th grade shouldn’t home school their kids!!!

          • Not sure what your point is here.

            Flat earth society? Was that one of your Ivy League frats? You have a problem with creationism. Go to hell.
            You will eventually.

          • creationists are the laughing stock of humanity!!!!. I wouldn’t be surprised if intelligent aliens did not want to visit our planet if they still saw that, among the brilliant progress made in science, there are still idiots who believe in Bronze Age myths.

          • Log Cabin Republicans are still in your party. Many have been in Congress as well. Could you answer a question? Os Larry Craig a child molester or is he gay? There’s a difference. I just don’t frequent the same men’s rooms that he does.

        • What an oxymoron , but that goes for booby as well! Believe in science and gay marriage…..When did science get to negative or two positive poles to attract, if you believe in science, then you know that homosexuality is so far off the spectrum it ridiculous. Not to say that their aren’t any homo scientists, but they are just living a fantasy, they know the real answers, that it is impossible to “multiply in same sex marriage” So crawl back under your rock STUPID and die!
          Your new avatar is about as ridiculous as you are, typical a_ _ wipe, can’t make up your mind as to what you want to be, or are.

    • There you go – lies again!! Liberals only allow their own point of view to be held and disseminated. When someone disagrees with a liberal, they go ballistic, call them names, belittle them, smear their character, everything except deal with the facts and the truth! Liberals only want their kind of “diversity” NOT real, true diversity. Homosexuals make a lot more noise because the media is in their pants pocket with them, whereas, the MAJORITY view is largely absent precisely because of the media collusion with the degenerate liberal agenda.

        • Funny you should bring up the KKK since that organization was created by liberal democrats, for liberal democrats. There’s plenty of diversity of opinion within the GOP as well as within conservative ranks in general, however, there is very little willingness to compromise our values and our religious beliefs to satisfy a bunch of immoral degenerates wishes.

          • Another home schooled idiot or did you just flunk history? The KKK was created by conservative Christians living in the south. Over the years they have been called Democrats, Dixicrates, republicans & teabaggers but they are the same uneducated white conservative Christian racists they have always been.

          • LA-BOOB-eee If you knew what you were talking about, you could call yourself a liar. You need to get a REAL history book, NOT one of those liberal socialist revisionist versions that are on the shelves these days. The people you are referring to are ALL liberal democrats and have always BEEN liberal democrats. they are NOT conservatives for the most part although it is likely that there may have been a few conservatives in their ranks. You can call them whatever you want, but that doesn’t change the facts OR the truth.

          • So, the north that fought against states rights was the conservative party & the south (made up of conservative Christians) that fought for states rights was the liberal party???

          • You seem to be confused, are you off your meds or did you not see your doctor about your disease?

          • I have no interest in trying to learn the revisionist history pissed about by liberals these days. I already know the truth and the truth will set you free!

          • Do you actually believe that the south (made up of conservative Christians) fighting for “states rights” were liberal?

          • Bob is correct. It’s not liberal propaganda. Dixiecrats were segregationists. Check your history books and You Tube. When Democrats changed into becoming more tolerant, Republicans like Ronald Reagan stepped into the breach.

            You also forget that in 2009, real Democrats did NOT control The Senate. There were at least 5 “Blue Dog Democrats.”

          • A prim example of “Common core” education! Booby! Your changing your troll name again? You’ll never learn!

          • Only Bob would try this…

            “The KKK was created by conservative Christians living in the south… over the years they’ve been called democrats.”

            So according to Bob republicans are really called democrats and if you voted for Mitt Romney in 2012 your vote went to Barrack Obama.

          • I don’t have the time to educated you. This is something you should have learned in the 7th grade (had you made it that far) Political parties change over the years is the simple answer I can give you but ask yourself this. The people living in the southern states have always

          • Gee, Bob… I wish you’d quit mocking me.
            I already told you… I had to quit school in 6th grade to raise my baby and keep pickin’ cotton fo ma masta. I ain’t had no fomal edacation like you. Ize just a hard workin’ girl with no training or nothing. You is so smart. Can I follow you?

          • Are you one of those “southern belles” that can chew tobacco & suck d*ck at the same time & know what to spit & what to swallow that I keep hearing about???

          • You are frickin’ out of your mind!!!

            Abraham Lincoln (remember… the President!!!) was a Republican and led the fight against slavery. The only switch in party platform was due to reconstruction after the civil war. The republicans (now for small govt) were interested in rebuilding the country left in shambles after the war so encouraged federal spending for reconstruction. The Dems just wanted to keep their slaves and leave the country in ruin.

            I really don’t have the time to educate you.
            Go back and read a grade school history book.

          • Jessica, “states rights” is, has always been & will always be a major issue for conservatives. I’m curious, who do you think fought for that issue in the civil war?

          • Really, Bob? You’re going to go down that road?
            Because you’re going to lose. Study your history!!!

            At the time of the civil war, the republicans fought for freedom from slavery and civil rights, yes BIG BAD CIVIL RIGHTS – REPUBLICANS!!! During reconstruction republicans supported the financial aspect of mending what was broken. The republicans HAVE ALWAYS TAKEN CARE OF THE DISADVANTAGED and vulnerable. If the Dems couldn’t have slavery, they wanted nothing to do with reconstruction. The republicans rebuilt this nation! And they had to do it on a federal level, but only because the Dems refused.

            You are a sad, sorry little man. Revisionist history is revised so people can lie and tell it their way.
            Too bad honesty isn’t your policy.

          • Let me make it easy so you can understand. The north is, has always been & always will be the liberal party. The south is, has always been & always will be the conservative party. It doesn’t matter what you call them but I understand why conservatives want to take credit for liberal accomplishments.

          • Those are gross generalities that haven’t been applicable for over 100 years. You really should’ve paid attention in school LA-BooB-EE !!!

        • *LOL* *LOL* Here comes the “White Sheet Brigade.” They are tolerant, Bob. You just have to be a racist freak of of nature.

  4. Why are you arguing with this Tool, He hasn’t come down on the position of TRUTH once in his life, He’s a chronic lier, and fact manipulator, blogging 24/7 for liberal causes, no matter how irrational. You aren’t going to change this guy’s mind, it’s like watering concrete, nothing sinks in.

  5. I have used Firefox on my computers for years. NO MORE. I am switching back to Internet Explorer. I cannot support a company that tries to stifle free speech by anyone.

    • You either don’t understand liberals or you’re repeating what Fox tells you to believe. Mr. Minkoff is baiting you. Liberals don’t deny you free speech. You should thank them for fighting for yours.

      While you’re at it, did you see the stunt that Daryll Issa pulled on another Congressperson in a committee hearing? Issa stifled a Congressperson by unplugging his microphone. It was all over the national news and behind the scenes, other Republicans chewed him out over it. Daryll Issa has lied and embarrassed Congressional ethics and procedures.

      • Now, I KNOW a liberal doesn’t want to cast the first LIAR stone. Not with “president ” pinnochio puking out lies like a lidless popcorn maker. Hypocrite much?

      • Issa stopped that idiot from getting away with the usual, most childish, ploy the left use to suppress the free speech of others–refuse to end their own, often bloviatory, rant and turn the volume up until only their own voice can be heard. I’m one of six kids, we used to do that. What you should ask yourself is why you support your CongressKKKritter behaving so chidishly. He got his air time, he was just pissed because he didn’t get his way. The developmentally-stunted are like that.

  6. I’m not playing with a full deck but you believe that the result of a communist becoming president would be the stock market would double, corporate profits would soar to all time highs & real estate values would go through the roof???

  7. Natural Law Theory is Fact and is what Reason and Science and the US jurisprudence system was based on—Objective Truth—and Natural Rights! There is no Natural Right to sodomize others—it is a vile, irrational use of the body and, as Putin” said, such irrational, vile use of the body should NEVER be promoted to the children, to warp their perceptions of the body and Reason and the Laws of Nature (Science/Biology). Only Truth is supposed to be promoted in any educational system—NEVER Vice–and using the body in evil, vile irrational, unnatural ways is ALWAYS evil and Vice.

    Our US Constitution (and legal (Justice)(virtue) System) is based on Natural Laws, not Marxist ideology which denies little children their biological mother and father. That is so dehumanizing to deny children –or make it legal–to deny children their biological parents and make them into commodities and women’s bodies into breeding machines.

    Erasing the dignity and worth of human beings (Individual Rights from God) is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and ALL JUST LAW has to be Reasoned. There is no meaning or logic in sodomizing others or poking objects into human cavities which are irrational—it is dehumanizing.

    • I’ve taken classes on The Constitution and it doesn’t say that gays are illegal. Nor does the document contain “Marxist ideology.” So stop “poking” around in affairs that are none of your business. When the extreme right goes back under its rock, the GOP will stop their religious crusade against those who are different from them.

      • You are absolutely ignorant of Lockean thought which is based on Natural Law Theory. There is no “Natural Right” to sodomize others…it is unnatural and a vile use of the human body and degrading/nihilism. The US had every right to make it a felony and outlaw it as Washington did in his “army” even before the Constitution.

        Sodomites aren’t “illegal”, (do you have a brain)– their behavior was illegal and a felony in most places on earth, and still should be in sane countries.

        Justice (virtue) Systems NEVER promote Vice in “Just Laws” and sodomy is and will be always a Vice. Our Justice System is based on Classical Liberalism which never embraces vile, degrading, irrational use of the body. Right Reason is essential in Just Laws. There is no meaning or reason in sodomizing others… leads to nihilism and disease and child abuse.

      • nothing extreme about the right, however there is on the left. nothing in the constitution giving special rights to perverted BEHAVIOR. there is a right to religious liberty. get it?

          • Please explain your logic to me. If you know what logic means as you clearly don’t know what science is

          • Natural Rights—there is NOTHING Natural about sodomizing others and it is only a “right” from Satan—which makes it a Vice in our “Justice” (ethics) System. It is always unconstitutional to promote Vice in “Just” Laws. Justice is always the Queen of Virtue and can only promote Virtue in a civil society.

          • There’s nothing natural about straight couples preforming oral sex should that be outlawed too?

          • I disagree, there is nothing wrong with straight oral sex. Crooked oral sex is a different story.

          • What’s funny is you don’t even know the meaning of the word theory in scientific terms. Still, I’d say that you’re a genius by tea party standards.

          • . jessica is right. debating you is a joke. it was fun while it lasted but i got others w/ more intellect that i would enjoy debating more. however, thanks for the fun. have a great day.

          • That the second time that I’ve heard you dis the Tea Party. Let me explain the Tea Party to you. We are the largest group of Americans ever assembled, we didn’t give ourselves that title, we believe in no new taxes, smaller government, not starting unconstitutional wars and working within a balanced budget. What in that line up are you not for? Do you have a better name for us?

      • Gay fags knew their place back when the Constitution was written, they kept quite and stayed in the background. Now that we have (by hook and crook) a PO in the WH who is gay the fags are loud. It’s like the muslims, under 2 % and they are quite. F… o and f… Bob. P.S. there is no extreme right, only the right. The left is the Dems and the RINO’s.

    • Susan, there is no “meaning or logic” to oral sex (other then pleasure) so I can’t help but wonder how many d*cks you’ve sucked on. Can you at least understand that many people don’t share your beliefs & you don’t have the right to force your beliefs upon others?

      • Oooooh La Bob—-you really have a disgusting ugly, Satanic mind, on the same level as “Sugar Keynes” who was bragging about the little boys, he was molesting (and, of course, “loving”). “Meaningless vile sex, such as sodomy, is only “Lust” and idolatry and using others as “objects” for mutual masturbation is degrading–reducing man to base animals.

        Hope you don’t have access to the minds of children.

        • Susan, you never answered my question! I bet that if every d*ck that’s been down your throat poked out of you, you’d look like a porcupine! You’re the sick person that’s obviously got some deep rooted sexual hang up’s that we need to keep our children away from!

          • What a sick, nasty, ugly mind you have. Worthless, creepy shitty life you must have to equate lust and “sexual hang-ups” with Virtue and true Love. LOL.

            You obviously do not realize what creates true Happiness, do you? Long term happiness never results from using your body as some irrational instrument for masturbation which reduces you to a copulating dog with no dignity and worth.

          • You’re the one that’s sick. You’re so hung up on sex & guilt it’s made you frigid & unable to even enjoy sex but in any event what gives you the right to impose your beliefs upon people that don’t share them?

          • LOL—such an irrational liar you are! BTW, I gave birth to 5 children and “know” what meaningful sex and selfless Love is all about. I experienced God’s Plan and the Natural process of creating human life. Hopefully, your sick sex-obsessed mind never came in contact with any small children. Your ugly worldview, where sex is meaningless and irrational and the body is used in vile, degrading, dehumanizing ways for masturbation, is really sick and warped and have destroyed, killed, and maimed millions of people.

          • 10 to 1 says you were molested as a child by a family member (which makes you a victim) & explains why you see sex as vile, degrading & dehumanizing. Statistically we know that it “runs in the family” so I sincerely hope (for your children’s sake) you didn’t turn a blind eye while your children were being molested by someone close to you.

          • Liar….I was one of six and had a wonderful childhood where my three brothers are now my best friends, as my sister. We practiced and were taught Christian Ethics. We were raised in a Catholic school and understood Good and Evil from the time of three years of age, at least, and were kept innocent in young childhood.

            I didn’t even “hear” about homosexuality or evil unnatural sexual abuse of children, until I was well over 15 years of age. Learning that people could be so inhumane to others (read the diary of Anne Frank) was shocking to me that such intense irrational evil actually could happen in today’s world AFTER the “Age of Reason”. I thought crucifixion was so Ancient and pagan, as were Roman colosseums which annihilated Christians, but that with ‘education’ and “science’ people had “Common Sense” and understood that Christian ideology of loving thy neighbor as oneself. That people could harm innocent children was inconceivable to me.

            But, as Rousseau and Freud knew—Innocence is essential to child hood, as my parents knew, so they aren’t warped and perverted and look at other human beings in degrading, unnatural ways like the harem boys do in Afghanistan. All history proves that simple fact that formation in childhood forms worldview and Reality.

          • You are pretty cute. I got Truth and God on my side, so I can handle anything which comes my way. I totally love God and have faith in him always.

          • Do you think that’s what little boys & girls were saying to themselves while their priest sodomized them?

          • The flag for comments was created for vulgar posters like laKnobBob- he gets off by using filthy language and denigrating heterosexuals and especially women, as you can see in his replies to Susan. He doesn’t want to discuss, his goal was to be verbally abusive towards her and belittle her. In doing So, I suppose he gets a sexual thrill likely similar to the one a pervert gets exposing himself to children on a schoolyard then running away This is typical for liberals yet they claim it is the right that has the war on women. Intelligent women know better

          • If ANYONE would knows what kind of sexual thrill a pervert gets exposing himself to children on a schoolyard then running away that would be you!

          • Boo frickin hoo! Did I hit a nerve? You’re saying that describes me is meaningless. My comments on here are in no way vulgar and/or bordering on sexual deviant fantasies with men , women and/or children the way that all of yours are. So I am sorry , you can have a grand mal hissy fit and call me vile names, it doesn’t bother me in the least. Your comments speak volumes on what you occupy your thoughts and time with. I hope you get help. You sound angry also. Seek help. Anger and sexually deviant behaviour – not a good combo. You may now return to your previously scheduled spontaneous combustion. Shalom

          • I’m not angry at all but you sure seem to know a lot about the mindset of perverts & sexually deviant behavior

          • Some things are obvious. Ex: a president that is clearly unqualified and lacking in the necessary leadership and problem solving skills to ever be qualified and 2 . a person usually shunned by society because their perverted thought process is expressed by verbally abusing people with twisted, vulgar insults meant to shock and/or belittle them in order to deflect from the fact that the pervert ( you in this. Case) has no valid argument to make on the initial subject. Epic fail on both accounts.

          • I knew many “Catholic school girls” growing up. It use to amaze me how they would give oral and/or anal sex to whoever wanted it but wanted to remain a “virgin” until they got married. I bet they made their husbands proud! The reason you didn’t hear about homosexuality or evil unnatural sexual abuse of children was the catholic church shielded all the Pedophile Priests!!!!

          • LOL–you think I believe a sodomite liar—you never ever looked at “girls”…LOLOLOL much less Catholic ones.

            Read Fr. Oko’s report about the Marxist Homomafia which infiltrated the Catholic church—or “Good Bye, Good Men” which outlines the Homomafia takeover of seminaries to sodomize the young seminarians or make them leave the Church, if they didn’t submit to rape. OR read Bella Dodd’s book….she was an ex-Communist who was baptized by the great Abp. Fulton Sheen and wrote a book on how the Communists infiltrated the Catholic Seminaries with homosexual Marxists to discredit and destroy the Church from within. Then she was killed.

            There is nothing more ugly or fascist or dehumanizing than a Marxist Homosexual, even if they are inside the Catholic Church. Total dehumanization.

          • Well, I happen to be a ‘straight” capitalist. What happened to you? a Victim of Pedophile Priests? if you went to Catholic school you know I’m telling the truth. There were MANY Catholic school girls that were ‘virgins” despite have semen pumped into both ends of them at the same time!

          • The catholic church is full of Pedophile Priests & those that protect them yet you find me disgusting?

          • Repented???? How about bringing the priests that raped the boys & girls AND those that covered it up to justice?? We can start with the X pope that had to step down!

          • stephanie, laugh him off…
            Don’t engage him!
            We ALL know he’s disgusting… he’s just baiting you.
            I’m Catholic and went to Catholic schools and know
            NO ONE who was molested by a priest.
            It’s Bob’s cheap trick… He has nothing else to play.
            Stay strong and don’t let him get away with it!

          • Tea Bag logic, you didn’t know anyone at your little Catholic school that was molested by a priest so therefore the world wide pedophile scandal & Vatican cover-up that has rocked the catholic church & caused a sitting Pope to step down is a myth! Catholic Church is the most depraved institution the world has EVER seen!

          • I have exchanged thoughts with you on many topics
            but I will NOT listen to you slander The Church.
            Not sure what your issue is and honestly I don’t care.
            But this topic is off limits as far as I’m concerned.
            Don’t know if Satan is working thru you or if you’re Satan
            himself – I just know you don’t distance yourself from him.

            I do, so I want nothing to do with you when
            you talk devil-speak.

          • Satan working through me????? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Open your eyes Jessica!!! IF Satan exists he’s gotta be running the catholic church!!! There has NEVER been an institution in the history of the world filled with more depravity then the Catholic church & their NEVER will be!

          • Quit deflecting. Not all priests are Pervs If we are going to generalize we can say don’t let your daughter be an intern if there is a dem president ( billy war on women perv Clinton) I was commenting on your vulgar blathering. It clearly shows you’re not to be trusted around children women or men for that matter. Thanks for stating up front the kind of perv you are. Makes it easy to keep our loved ones safe when your type is so obvious. Seek help. No one needs to talk the way you do if they really believe they have a valid argument. It’s all shock value but its so common from the left it is still disgusting and vile but shocking? Nope. Shalom

          • Let me get this straight…YOU expose your children to an organization that has a 2,000 year history of depravity, is evolved in a world wide pedophile scandal & cover up & you think I’m the perv???? On the basis of “not all priests are Pervs”? NOBODY said ALL priests were pervs! The problem is MANY are & since the church covers them up we don’t know who is & who isn’t

          • You assume much and know little. Typical knee jerk reaction from liberals. Who said I was Catholic? Who said I have children? Deflect away puppet! Dance!

          • Or to a daycare center, other churches, malls, so-called youth centers, public schools, your moms’ bedroom, or any other venue in which accessability to children is aided by insufficient protection from those who would molest them.

          • The ONLY parents I know that would bring their children to a place with a LONG history of pedophiles raping little boys & girls are Christians. If ANY of these other places had the same history as the church their would be lynch mobs outside bringing there perverts to justice & burning the places down (& rightly so) but since it’s a “church” it gets a free pass & above the law.

          • Well, as long as you can rationalize your bigotry by only looking at part of the picture, that’s all that matters. There’s a word for cherry-picking idiots like yourself, chidiot (from child-like idiot).

          • Those pedophile rapists are liberal democrats! How can you disparage your own people like that??

          • Christian conservatives are on the wrong side of this issue just like they have been on the wrong side of EVERY issue that’s faced this nation. You will loose this battle just like you’ve lost all the others.

          • well, thats life, i rather go down fighting for Godly values & lose than live as a slave to Godless, immoral & leftist tyranny! know where im going when i leave this earth. amen.

          • You hope you know where you’re going when you leave earth but NOBODY knows for sure. statistically the odds of you choosing the right god are very low

          • You know, stephanie!
            Don’t let Bob play mind games with you.
            Poor Bob has no idea what lies in his future.

          • What “Pride” in sodomy does is actually flip Worldview in children (flip Good and Evil)….promotes paganism and Satanism and removes the possibility of a Christian “worldview” (the one which created the Age of Reason and the US Constitution).

            Sexualization by school curricula was invented by Lukacs and Cultural Marxists to corrupt the innocence that is necessary in Latency of children for moral formation. Google Lukacs and Sex Ed and Hungary sometime. He destroyed the moral formation of a generation in Hungary just with Sex Ed.

            With no morality in the sex act (no reason or meaning) it is reduced to an animal act which is the purpose of the homosexual movement–remove morality from the sex act.

            As Freud stated, when morality is removed from the sex act, culture will collapse. Cultural Marxists knew to collapse the Natural Family and Christianity (the two pillars of Western Civilization) they would destroy it—and be able to enslave the masses. Sex Ed was the Trojan Horse.

          • For a catholic to lecture anyone on the morality of sex while they turn a blind eye & cover up perverted priests that sodomize little boys & girls is outrageous!

          • No more “outrageous” than degenerate liberals pushing an educational reform that indoctrinates young children into thinking that perverted sex acts are normal and acceptable!

          • My Disque doesn’t allow me to reply to anything below this post. So let me end our dialogue with this for you to “think” critically about……Catholics were infiltrated by homosexuals and as Fr. Oko’s Report stated, the Church will have to purge all homosexuals to restore the Church. That is absolutely True. It is evil to pretend homosexuals can be “normal” and not be aroused by people they live with and the little boys that attend them since they learned the behavior (admitted molestation as boys). The APA and government makes is difficult to “discriminate” against such warped, vile obsessions with anal cavities—they are trying to flip Good and Evil and make sodomy and Satanism into US mainstream religion, and into a Virtue when it is ALWAYS a Vice—no matter if dogs do it. Just because people do learned behaviors, like kill others, doesn’t make it “Good”. Biology, Science and the Bible state what leads to a “productive” flourishing life and sodomy obviously NEVER does. LOL

          • Don’t lower yourself to his level.
            What you’ve written makes so much sense…
            engaging Bob just minimizes the value of your words.

            Like debating with the devil… he won’t fight fair!

          • When I have the time, I don’t mind. It actually gives me practice in arguing, which is always needed. I have to perfect my thinking and patience, which needs MUCH work and I just consider this practice for greater works.

            But you never know; even the most hardened, evil atheist could have a change of heart. With God, anything is possible. I always have Hope and am always optimistic when I type.

          • I’ll tell you what…If you want to see a real $hitstorm go make a polite post on something of traditional values on a “progressive” blog and see many BLOBee’s “come out” with a vengeance. Conservatives are too kind and polite and gee, I guess they have some values other than carnality?!?!

            Remember what, when you engage the BLOB….

          • Of course it would be but morons like the teabagging closet homosexual ‘howdy doody” don’t understand free speech

          • Make sure you “flag as inappropriate” the vile poster so he will get the BOOT for a couple of hours anyway……

        • none actually. I’m not sure if you’re male or female (I doubt anyone is) but I bet you’re to hideous for people here in LA (where beauty is very common) to actually get them put their d*cks in ANY of your orifices but if you pay someone enough you might get them to ejaculate all over your face.

    • Why do you think the BLOBee is ALWAYS the most active poster when it comes to ANYTHING dealing with the subject of homosexuality?? Do you think it may be due to his deep shame and disgust with his homoerotic fantasies and desires??

      You guys are letting the SKIDMARK in your shorts waste your time. Remember that the sad lonely little scumbag liberal homo TROLL, BLOBee has no life and very little outside human contact outside of his addiction here. Remember he is actually STUPID enough to actually support and believe EVERYTHING his god and master obamao does and says. His life is ruled by isolation and the power of SHAME and his sole intent is to mock you. He deserves no respect nor consideration and you feed his addiction if you don’t ignore him.

      THIS is what you waste your time with as he post here between his mastabatory activities and gay porn…..

        • SEE!?!? Told you what the homo TROLL BLOBee’s mind is fixated on, Go and look at his history and see that he is the most active poster on this blog concerning the subject of homosexuality and to mock traditional values. Why is he so DEFENSIVE about homosexuality??

          You DON’T want to think about what he is doing between his Last Resistance posting peaks…..

          • Irrational YES but SICK and WARPED most certainly. Severe personality disorder and morbid obesity dysfunction with delusional homoerotic fantasies. Typical of somebody so far gone that they are dead inside. Like I said his life is ruled by isolation and shame.

            WHY do you think he is so defensive of homosexuality and has 50% of the post here with such vitriol? Because he is a MILITANT homo!!

            He just simply CAN’T go out into the world of the living…..

          • I urge everyone to check out this picture of LA Bob-Bee; seeing the face…uh, I mean body.. uh, whatever – anyways, check it out, you’ll see why I stutter.

          • Very disgusting….you do have that right: we NEVER want to really “know” what is in that filthy mind of his. He must have been severely abused or neglected in early childhood to be incapable of selfless Love (true love where you don’t use others as objects of Lust).

            That is why Fr. Oko in his Homoheresy Report to the Vatican last year, stated that when the mind is so warped, as it is with those (sodomites) they have to be kicked OUT of the Church if if they don’t “practice” the sick Desires.

            They want to use others in inhumane ways for masturbatory purposes, so they just can not see “others” as human beings. It warps all perceptions to such an irrational degree–it destroys the ability to comprehend Reality, and is totally dehumanizing and warps all relationships…especially those with children. There is no such thing as a pro- homosexual “Christian”. It is an evil, warped perception of the human body, that is pure Satanic.

          • If the Vatican started kicking the sodomites out of the church they would have to ordain woman priests!!! The catholic church is the largest pedophile organization on the planet!

          • Wrong, again, LA Bob-Bee – the largest pedophile organization is the MSM with its headquarters in Hollywood, CA. But, I will agree that the Catholic Church does have a problem with being infiltrated by Satanists – it is a war after all, a war between good and evil.

          • HA!!!! The Catholic church has paid out OVER $4 BILLION in “settlements” to people that have been sexually abused & that’s just the tip of the iceberg! There isn’t ANY organization on the planet that comes close to that!!!!

        • Wow, LABobE. I can’t believe you just posted that. You must be that guy “Bob” from last year. “Teabaging for Jesus? You are one sick puppy.

  8. im mentally ill. the stereotype is getting old. i would never do what that nut did in ft hood. la bobe is a leftwing christaphobe who wants to do what the left has been doing. destroying the country. its insulting to compare him to people like me. thanks ronnie. but you nailed msnbc good!

  9. Has anyone told Mr. Minkoff that gays have been in the GOP for decades. They’re still in denial that their own party is unfriendly towards them.

    • Who cares if there are gay GOPs?
      Who cares if Minkoff knows?

      The point of this article was the intolerance of liberals.
      Do you think what happened to Eich was right?
      Just curious what an “open mind” thinks about this situation.

      • Since you don’t have an open mind I’ll tell you. There’s no victim here. (1) Eich had every right to donate money to whatever cause he wants. (2) Those people fighting against that cause have every right to boycott the products Eich’s company sell. (3) the company employees have every right to voice their opinion about a CEO running the company. This is just an example of the law of cause & effect.

        • Gee, Bob… why did Abraham Lincoln fight to free slaves? (There was no victim there. The slaves had a place to sleep, food to eat and a job. Even after emancipation, many remained as workers for their former owners.)

          Why is prostitution illegal?
          (There’s no victim there. Prostitutes like the income and johns enjoy the sex.)

          Why are illegal drugs illegal?
          (There’s no victim there. Pushers make money and druggies get high.)

          I know you don’t believe in natural law – tough. It exists!
          Eich was forced out because of the liberal bullies.
          I wish he had fought it out, but he did what was best for Mozilla

          • I know the bible condones slavery so a Christian may not understand this but people that do have an understanding of right & wrong realize that slaves were victims of slavery. prostitution is legal in NV (& should be legalized everywhere). Very few drugs are illegal & the reason many are is not what you think) + pharmaceutical industry makes $100 Billion a year in this country alone selling drugs. I still don’t get who’s wrong here? Is it (a) the people boycotting Mozilla (b) the employees voicing their opinion about a new CEO? (c) Eich for stepping down?

          • Your fear that I’m an evangelical leads you right to denigrating the bible, but I wish you’d leave it out of this discussion. It has no place here.

            Don’t act naive; you’re not that dense.
            You know exactly what the problem is
            and my guess is you agree: Eich was unfairly blackballed.
            He made a personal donation before he became CEO at Mozilla and was outed because of his personal action. That’s like firing someone for voting for the wrong candidate – it’s draconian!

            But then again, it’s liberal!

          • He wasn’t fired or blackballed he stepped down. Conservatives are simply unable to look at things objectively. They cannot get past the partisan issue (which is why they believe that a bimbo like Palin is intelligent enough to be president & leader of the free world. Let’s but this into another perspective. let’s assume a new CEO took over Hobby Lobby (getting past their hypocrisy for a moment) that had donated money to planned parenthood & Christians boycotted hobby lobby & the employees voiced their displeasure & the CEO stepped down. Would you have a problem with that? I wouldn’t.

          • Did you read the article?
            “He tried to respond to the controversy by explaining that his personal beliefs did not impinge on the public exercise of his duties.” He wanted the job but knew what was coming. Are you honestly going to claim he wasn’t blackballed? Not sure of your definition but what happened to Brendan Eich is my definition of being blackballed (being shut out of a commercial proposition or being ostracized).

            You make an interesting point about Hobby Lobby and if HL blackballed a newly-appointed CEO because they made a donation to PP, I would feel the same way – it’s not justifiable grounds to fire someone (or whatever spin you want to put on it). Any relevant information should come out in the vetting process.

            But if it happened to a liberal, you and your ilk would scream bloody murder.

          • Ok, so this new CEO of Hobby Lobby that’s donated $ to planned parenthood also tells the would that he’s an atheist & gay (& his personal beliefs did not impinge on the public exercise of his duties) would you feel that Christians that boycott HL & the employees that voice their opinion of their boss wrong??? I wouldn’t.

  10. God didn’t decide anything. Nothing.
    Mortal men DECIDED what this “god” decided and thinks.


    • And this God said it is an ABOMINATION!

      Abomination – An action that is vicious or vile; an action that arouses disgust or abhorrence.

          • Bet your wife’s ass is an aboimnation. Since you like stupid answers.
            I think ALL fat people are abominations. Does that make my opinion gospel?

          • Looks like your mental retardation has increased a trifle. Hardly noticeable from last time. LOL!

  11. I believe that Mr.Eich should have stayed the CEO of Mozilla it is time to stand up to these bullies.As sone as you start to see more and more conservative people in the public eye stand up to and fight against these homosexual bullies the sooner we won’t have to.When you let someone or something take control and you do nothing but give way then we all lose.

  12. People, please research ‘chicken parties’ and then get back to me with your new moral understanding of how reprehensible gays are.

    • You watch gay porn 24/7 so you can inform us how reprehensible gays are? Keep up the good work!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  13. I just want to point out how devious, and serious the homo+fag threat really is. Someone who is against fags is labeled ‘homophobic’ which means ‘afraid of fags’, and that word is widely used and accepted. However, it was created by the homosexual MSM as a derogatory term. This word has no place in the discussion of homosexuality.

  14. Youcould use the arguement ” they are so happy why stop such love” that is used for gay marrgae for beastry, child marrage, and polygamy

    • The “Slippery slopes arguments” suggest that legalizing gay marriage will serve as a “gateway” for the legalization of marriage involving animals, siblings, children, or groups of people. People who present these scenarios portray a catastrophic future with society crumbling under the weight of rampant immorality and social discord. Efforts to legalize same-sex marriage, however, simply aim to provide same-sex couples with equal access to marriage laws there is no intention to change the fundamental definition of marriage as the legal union between two adult human beings who have no direct biological connection with each other. Facts are useful in this regard: of the 15 countries and 12 U.S. states that have legalized same-sex marriage, none of them has subsequently legalized marriage involving animals, children, siblings, or groups of people.

      • I belive gay is not normal but i said the ” they are so happy” arguement is weak. If gays want to use a arguement they should try to find a better one. I am just saying the so happy arguement is not good one. They need a better argurement,

  15. Our Justice (ethic) System is based on “..the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God”. Natural Law theory is embedded in our jurisprudence system which includes “Objective Truth”. There is no science or Right Reason in sodomizing others—it is unnatural and a Vice and all Justice (virtue) Systems promote Virtue—never Vice.

    Promoting Vice (John Marshall) is unjust laws so are “Null and Void”. Forcing little children to think Vice is Good—is pure EVIL and flipping our Constitution and understanding of “Justice” which existed since Socrates. How evil to be able to brainwash our children in Kindergarten—to sexualize them in an abnormal way—to destroy their innocence and promote Lies and Dysfunction and vile, dehumanizing behaviors which end in disease, nihilism and makes the sex act “meaningless”.

    Pure Satanic and evil.

  16. No one understands I should not say that it seem anyone who could possibly do something don’t understand! We have placed ourselves in a pit of sorts. Like this article you have a bunch of gay people hounding a company to bend to their will! Dang I thought that was just the Islamics with that no the
    left does that berate, demonize, or Humiliate That’s the secret they all use it!
    What troubles me is everyone in the word must gravel at the feet of all three of the above!!

    If you believe in God they must stop that !!equal rights yeah that’s what they all claim!
    Trouble with that is if your not one of three you don’t or shouldn’t exist!! If you’re a Christian off with
    your head no more Christmas displays burn your church down full of followers. That happens quite often never an outrage not from the left not from the gays I
    would say no outrage for the islamics but everything is an outrage to them. Their own people outrage them!! Now the Left and the Gays seem to be joining their foolishness! Just a matter of time till they seek revenge for something they can think of… At a latter date!!
    This is written with the assistance of Dragon no Islamics no leftist no gay people were injured in this report!

      • I was not talking about boycotts fool I was talking about behavior and how the ones I listed above have no tolerance yet they claim to all be tolerant! What stores do Christians boycott of course you being of the tolerant type you have no clue!!

  17. The Loving thing for Eich to do would have been to let the protesting group stand in front of the entire company and plead their case to a vote. If they did not persuade the masses, their peers by (51%)…your ass is fired. Go find another job that pays well, has great benefits that support your ideology and let me get on with making this company a great work place. Done deal.

    It kills me to see a very small percentage of the population trying to and succeeding at pushing their sick agenda on the rest of us!
    And seeing left wing politicians assist them!

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