Is the Military Training for American Martial Law?

There’s a 300-acre city in Virginia now that wasn’t there about six years ago. It has public transportation, a sports stadium, offices, and parking lots. It’s a ghost town though. No one lives here.

It is a military training city that cost $96 million. Perhaps to make us all feel a little more comfortable, the military included a mosque in this fake city, but in every other way, it appears to be a mock version of pretty much any city in America. The street signs are in English, and the subway cars have the same logo on them as the cars in Washington, DC.

What could the military possibly need this city for? What could they be training for that would require a full-scale mock American city? Hmmmm. I wonder. Martial law, perhaps? When every department of “homeland security” is stockpiling ammo, it makes one wonder whether the civil government is actively preparing to make war on its own citizens.

Perhaps the economy finally collapses and they can’t deliver what they’ve promised. Or maybe the President doesn’t want to leave after two terms, and he deploys the military and declares a state of emergency and martial law. Perhaps a county or a state secedes again. I don’t know. But the existence of this training city troubles me.

The military defends the city’s existence by claiming that it provides a unique training environment for their recently created “Asymmetric Warfare Group”—a group designed to combat terrorism.

And that’s what worries me. What does it take to be a domestic terrorist? Writing a blog? Owning gold? Criticizing the current administration? It won’t be long now. If there is a significant enough natural or financial crisis, I imagine people won’t be all that interested in paying taxes anymore. And when that time comes, I imagine the civil government will send in the AWG.

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  1. YouTube; (Illuminate – What they have Done and Plan on doing .) And if you don’t believe it here is a few that might help clear your head ; ( Warned against sharing this microscopic Analysis of U.S.artificial snow- see what the DOD is hiding.)also ;( Undeniable Evidence Aliens Do Not come from other Galaxies.) Watch them soon before they take them down .

  2. Some of them may be military, but certainly not all. The rest are mostly dirty cops. You can tell the departments that are bad because they are mysteriouly being gifted military equipment. Some are even making themselves fools now with it, like the swat raid on a house where the owner was suspected of $1,000 of shoplifting. Being dirty and having brains are 2 different things

    • “un” personal are targets my friend They are enemy targets nothing other than targets. We will be collecting their stuff. We call that spoils of war.

  3. NO!! The “US Military” is NOT. Those would be the regimes private military and targets. “We the People” are NOT waiting 2 or 3 years. There’re are millions upon millions of us who have been preparing for quite some time now and WILL be springing into action very soon. Count on it. The regime has been made aware that they must return to our constitution or we will remove them by force if need be. They have acknowledged receipt of that notification. Martial law will NOT effect us in any way, shape or form, our FINAL redress with this rogue tyrannical regime. Our oath keeping military personal will be leading the charge. Real American Military Personal are not insubordinate to their oath. ANYBODY telling us to stand down is an “enemy combatant” of the regimes’ personal military in a costume . They may resembled US Military, but they are NOT. I Repeat : ANYBODY telling us to stand down IS (not maybe) IS an “enemy combatant” of the regimes’ personal military in “costume” and shot on sight no questions asked and no discernment tolerated, PERIOD!

    • And God bless you sir, I certainly hope and pray some of you kind of patriots will be around where I live to help tow the line and stand our ground

    • Rick…I stand with you as a vet, Patriot, and American. obama is the New Version of National Socialism and if his Nazis attempt a takeover…this will Finally expose his traitorous intentions which can result in Civil War. Right now, obama’s Nazis are putting loyalists in critical positions which benefit any Nazi takeover. Probably, most blacks in the military support obama and most whites support the Constitution which is a potential stress factor when and if a civil war occurs. See you on the battlefield.

      • No, Obummer is the New Version of Bolshevism, not National Socialism; he’s a globalist, not a nationalist. His minions are Bolsheviks as well. Blacks and Nazis do not mix; they’re enemies of each other. Now, Blacks and Communists go hand in hand and have been for generations.

        Members of the US Military – from the highest rank to the lowest – swore an Oath to uphold and defend the US Constitution against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic, not one man or government. To join with this rogue regime and act against the Constitution and the citizenry is an act of HIGH TREASON, a crime punishable by death.

          • No thanks, pal. O was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, and Rev. Jeremiah Wright, all of them with Marxist/Bolshevik/Communist leanings. I didn’t make this up.

      • My family of “Blacks” can’t stand this prez. They do not follow his logic, and to be clear, the skin color does not have anything to do with the Welfare Queens and Race Baiters (jackson/sharpton) who continue to try to separate us as American citizens. Our Soldiers are honorable, and I believe they will be faithful to their Oaths, all of them. The Commies have failed before, they will fail again.

  4. Google … May 16 Washington DC march initiated by US retired military officers. Look. It has already started in Connecticut. Over 200,000 ARMED MEN N WOMEN have REFUSED to register their guns. A tiny percentage followed the law by Connecticut political scumbags. They shall answer for threatening the 2nd Amendment. Google May 16 Wash DC March. Then let it go viral. Pass it on.

  5. Thank you the so-called “silent majority” for your silence all these years! “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke. Thanks to your silence, this is what we are getting. I hope there is a special place in Hell for you one and all!

  6. Being a member of the Army, I for one and many of my fellow brothers and sisters in arms will not follow any order to disarm or attack the American people. I swore and oath to protect the constitution, my country and it’s people. Anyone “in charge” ordering me to break my oath will be deemed an enemy and met with the appropriate action.

    • Your statement is backed by the Posse Comitatus Act, and I believe our great military will uphold this Act and adhere to the oath they took to never turn on their fellow American citizens. Although I have to say, it wouldn’t surprise me if Obama tried to do that very thing. I wouldn’t put anything past him… not anything.

      • I would see two sides develop. The side Joseph and other good military personnel follow.. (protect the constitution, country, and people). Then the other side are the personnel who think protecting the Government people is protecting the constitution, country and it’s people. Hopefully the majority are like Joseph.

        P.S. thanks for your service Joseph.

  7. when our troops stand with our constitution and turn on the government, it will be good training for when they have to clear out the leftist cities and the street gangs.

  8. Why is Obama ridding the military of their leaders who DO NOT agree with Obama’s tactics of (possible) firing on patriotic American citizens? He is in the process of cleansing the military and is retaining those leaders who will obey his orders. As history always repeats itself, this is exactly what Hitler did. Wonder if the educational system still teaches anything about WWII? Or is it PC NOT to teach the truth?

    • Joan, I think you mean Stalin. Just before WWII, Stalin purged his Red Army of scores of well-trained, quite competent commanders, well over the numbers Hitler may have fired. Lenin before him eliminated all those Russian commanders who were not Bolsheviks.

      Obummer’s behavior is a lot more similar to the behaviors of Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin than to that of Hitler. The extreme left, who backed the Big O from the beginning of his political career, continue to back him today. He was mentored by Trotskyites such as Frank Marshall Davis, William Ayers, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, et. al.. None of these people were (are) Nazis; they were (are) Communists; thus, O has definite Marxist/Trotskyite/Communist leanings. Even his late mother and her late parents had those leanings.

        • The Polar Vortex has hit the vast majority of the US, from the Northwest, all through the Midwest, South, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast, with well below freezing temps, as well as blizzards and ice storms. I live in Southeast Howard County, MD, which has had its share; last Thursday’s storm was the worst so far.

      • It’s confusing trying to figure out who is what these days, especially when it comes to anointed Zionist goyims like Obama whose mother worked undercover for a CIA run NGO and helped install Suharto in Indonesia which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of so-called communists, students, academics and progressive Indonesians, thus creating a huge empty space in the society which was quickly filled by the fascist military regime and Islamic Sunni extremists supported by the US. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  9. They will still be outnumbered. There are over a 100 million gun owners and we are getting pretty annoyed. Bring it on! They want asymmetric warfare they will get it. That means stealth. Going to soldiers homes at night and taking out the whole family. This happens in ever Marxist takeover thru history. You cops will not be spared either. You won’t be safe in your own homes. Hope you enjoy your jobs. The people will be fighting for their lives. I expect mass desertions when these asshole punks see what their beloved government has gotten them into.

  10. Some maybe; but they are “turn coats”; Obama’s personal “brain washed army” is being made of criminals, illegal aliens, and renegades from all over who have no “conscious” about murdering innocent people. He has already “graduated” more than two “classes” of “soldiers” ages 18 thru 26. He has armored vehicles for his “Police force” under the disguise as FEMA CORPS which will be used to enforce his laws should martial law be proclaimed. Don’t be caught with your pants down people! Get busy, weapon up, amo up,and get to the range! Failure to prepare is preparing to fail! Do it now! We have seen the signs and there won’t be any Paul Revere riding by!

  11. Get ready for gulag FEMA sheeple. America is an occupied country by the Zionist Jews who completely took over and enslaved us. the worst occupation of human history.

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