Should We Legalize Marijuana?

Recently, Washington and Colorado have voted to legalize marijuana for adults over the age of 21, and other states already had legalizing provisions for medical marijuana. In California, for instance, users could get medical licenses for marijuana rather easily, effectively making it legal in the state. And now, a political action group in Massachusetts is working to legalize marijuana in that state. It is likely this trend will continue.

One of the major issues for states who choose to legalize marijuana is that it is still a Schedule I drug as far as the DEA is concerned. Traditionally, federal agencies have utilized the Supremacy Clause to enforce federal laws in spite of contradictions at the state level. Because of this, the legality of marijuana even in “legalized” states is sometimes precarious, as the DEA chooses to enforce its laws arbitrarily. In spite of Obama’s promises that the DEA will honor state-wide laws concerning marijuana, federal agencies capitalize on the legal gray area to raid “medical” dispensaries and target growers, seizing millions of dollars worht of assets—both kinds of green—in the process.

According to a Gallup poll, 2013 marks the first year that the majority of Americans have supported legalizing marijuana. And if the majority of Americans are on board, it is likely that legislators won’t be far behind. But the question remains. Should the United States legalize marijuana? Why is it illegal, and what is our reasoning in keeping it so?

I think, at this point at least, the most major reasoning for keeping marijuana illegal is based on claims that it is socially destructive. Many people consider it the “gateway drug” while others see marijuana-users as shiftless, lazy, stupid, or otherwise useless to society. These same people think that social degradations associated with marijuana would only become worse if we were to legalize it.

In many people’s minds, if we were to legalize marijuana, we would be increasing the likelihood that kids got access to it, moved on from it to harder drugs, and eventually destroyed their lives.

But most if not all of these arguments were used during Prohibition against alcohol. And many if not all of them applied more aptly to alcohol than they do to marijuana. But, unlike marijuana, alcohol is legal, and most people either don’t know about or choose to ignore just how devastating alcohol has been to our society.

I’m not recommending then that we should illegalize alcohol. I am merely pointing out that our reasoning against marijuana seems a case of special pleading. Even its designation as the “gateway drug” isn’t entirely fair. The fact is that it is illegal. Being illegal, the only way to access it is through a drug dealer. Drug dealers, as the name would suggest, deal drugs, not just marijuana. And they have a financial incentive to deal more addictive and more expensive drugs. It actually may be the case that children and drug-users would be less likely to get access to harder drugs if we were to legalize marijuana.

I don’t really know. I have no personal horse in this race. If we lived in a decent and good society, there would be no question concerning regulations of this kind. We wouldn’t need them because people would generally police themselves. I take issue with the fact that so many proponents of marijuana legalization are just generally anarchical libertines with no moral compunctions. Freedom works only when people are generally good. It may be that our society, like a group of little children, cannot enjoy the privileges of liberty without hurting itself. We have seen what a perishable export our form of  democracy has been. And even in our own country, our democratic republic is perishing. Should we fight for a de-regulated society even when a society cannot regulate itself? That is one of the thorny questions currently plaguing the true conservative. I have not resolved the question for myself as of yet.

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  1. Of course marijuana should be legal. How anyone that thinks government should “get off our backs ” thinks otherwise is really beyond me. One problem with the tea party is its hypocrisy. You don’t favor small government. You want government regulations telling people what they can & cannot do just as long as you agree with them (gay marriage, abortion, drugs, porn,etc)

    • I personally feel that that new drug, “krokodil”, should be given for free to anyone who wants it! It would eliminate a lot of idiots pretty quickly. Fewer votes for your party. So sad….

    • Tea Party does want smaller government. Gay marriage is twisted and attacks the church. Porn and abortion aren’t good for anyone, either. When is the left going to promote something that is good for society?

      • When are Christians going to realize that they don’t get to determine what’s good for society? You’re not for small government. You want big government to regulate the things you don’t agree with. You’re a hypocrite

        • We should be self regulating but we can’t do it without a moral standard. However, the more depraved a society becomes, the more controlled it gets.

  2. All drugs should be legal, the violence would stop. Answer this question, if heroin was legal would you do it? 99% of people would respond “No but everybody else would.”

      • I don’t think Randy is comparing marijuana to heroin, but to whether government has any business spending my tax money to try to control peoples ‘personal choices’ !

        • I hope not. The last thing anyone needs to do is think of marijuana and heroin in the same “category.” No one wins in that scenario.

          • Ahh, therein is the rub! The federal government DOES have them in the same category, legally!

          • Exactly! You can’t extort money for the “war on drugs” without the boogey man! Ohhhhh! evil weed! Drug crazed manic’s coming to rape your white daughters, high on the killer weed! Look out!

          • That is sickening. Marijuana has improved the quality of life for many, many people, sometimes AFTER they’ve spent their lives abusing the actually dangerous drugs such as nicotine/tobacco and alcohol. I will never understand this “addiction” society/gov. has with keeping marijuana illegal. When the WORSE thing that can happen to someone from using a drug is getting arrested, THAT is officially a problem. In my opinion.

    • Yeah, but then how would all of the worthless lawyers that rob the middle class make a living? How would all the small municipalities be able to afford those monumental brick buildings with slate roofs and copper flashing’s? How could they justify a 40 man police department in a 4 square mile town?

      Anyone that has witnessed a person go through heroin withdrawal would never even think about using that sheit. This should be mandatory for kids approaching the teen years to witness, along with seeing a drunk with the DT’s.

  3. I could “reluctanly” go along with MJ, but nothing stronger and even then only after limits are established for various activities, such as DRIVING. And the MJ supporters out there don’t try to tell me it “DOESN”T AFFECT ME”——–BS I KNOW, I use to do it

    • Driving high would be a big problem with legalization, as there is no medical test (like blood alcohol level) that can determine just how “high” someone is. Testing can only determine that someone used or didn’t use within a recent time frame. So if you get pulled over or get in a wreck, how can you be charged with a crime for doing something that is not illegal. I guess you would have to institute severe penalties for users who injure or kill someone on the road, but that would be punishment after the fact that couldn’t undo the harm.

      • did you notice I said AFTER limits were established???? I condone NO drug usage but by the same token I don’t deny anyone the right to destroy themselves as they see fit as long as it doesn’t harm others at

      • The CRIME would be the ‘accident’ or what ever. |Not whether he/she had a St Chris medal, rabbits foot, drink of beer, properly ordained with a turban/necktie. DONT BLAME THE GUN FOR THE CRIME, blame the suspectl for the crime – not anything else!

        • What does a St Chris medal, rabbits foot, drink of beer, properly ordained with a turban/necktie have to do with anything. We arrest and jail people for drunk driving all the time, whether they injure or kill another person or not. That’s not blaming alcohol for their crime, but they can be held accountable if they kill someone, by having charges of vehicular homicide filed against them if they were drunk, which isn’t likely to happen if they just had an accident when they were sober and someone died. All I said was that establishing limits on marijuana use and driving would be very difficult because unlike alcohol there is no test to find out the degree of impairment.

          • What you say is correct. I am of the mindset that to stop people when they are doing nothing wrong is an infringement of their constitutional rights. There are some people that can drink one beer and they cannot drive. There are others that can drink a six pack and it hardly affects them. That’s just a fact, yet constitutional law is broken all the time in this country. I am not defending the drunk driver, and I never will, but the police are out of hand, in more ways than one.

      • If you are talking about MJ, you actually drive safer, pay extreme attention to what you are doing, and obey all the rules of the road after you have smoked. You actually become scared to drive. It enhances your senses.

        It does not turn you into a speeding rolling death missile like alcohol does. Anyone that has done both will agree with me.

  4. Marijuana is incredibly addictive and destructive itself — it does not matter that it is a gateway drug in that sense. It alone destroys so many lives. Some of the most heinous crimes are committed by those on pot since it takes away most empathy as well as inhibition. And our society needs more of this? Our society cannot handle its booze and we want to unleash pot now?
    Alcohol legalization resulted in its MARKETING and dramatically increased its pervasiveness in all aspects of culture. Alcoholism destroys millions of lives each year. It wrecked several people in my family. Pot will be marketed and kids by the millions will get addicted, those who otherwise would not due to some enforcement. In some communities, the cops do not enforce. Already easy marijuana access has destroyed the young black community . We need to get back to telling kids no to drugs, not giving them lame reasons to legalize drugs. The adults should stop talking legalization and get back to moral, clean living. We have become a nation of pot headed liberals. No wonder Obama gets elected — pot destroys brain cells.

    • You cannot compare alcohol to weed. Alcohol kills thousands yearly; killed my son. Challenge you to find even 1 death from the weed – it just does not happen.

      • I hate to tear down your prejudice, but pot has killed thousands of kids in auto and industrial accidents and is a significant factor in teen suicide having remove the inhibitions for harming oneself. I had to counsel a building contractor friend last year because he allowed a 19-year-old back on the job when he came back from lunch high on pot. The kid fell off a 2 story scaffold, killed himself and broke another worker’s back. I don’t have stats to back this one up, but I imagine there are also many thousands of innocent babies aborted after a night of pot and sex.

        • And booze has killed hundreds of thousands of people. Going to work stone is stupid. If your high and get hurt I see no reason the employer should have to pay the exspenses. People go to bars and kill people that don’t drink at all. Women and children the family pet’s. Hell you can be killed by A drunk driver sitting on your own couch looking at tv. Yet it remains legal. Don’t try and feed me the gate way drug crap it’s A false label. Beer is A gateway drug it leads to whiskey or rum or what ever the hell you drink. But it remains legal. If some one is going to use hard drugs they will. I’ve seen it first hand. And according to the companneys that produce meds A drug is A combination of chemicals grouped together to get A certain response from the human body. Pot is all natcheral and drug companeys are trying to reproduce the effects but they cant. Thats why big companeys want it kept illegal

          • So becaquse alcohol costs thousands of lives, it’ should be legal to cost thousands MORE for MJ????s

          • Its freedom of choice. Doing so has penalty If your busted by the cops for DUI (driving under influence) you will pay. DUI is not restricted to booze it never was. However they don’t have A way to test if you are to impaired to drive on pot. No blow into this please. Like there is for booze. I don’t think their standard on alcohol is based on reality. Come on one beer an hour. Three times that I might agree with. But like I said POT is not A drug its A herb Man has to do nothing to it and big pharmacy can’t patent it so they want it kept illegal. Because for pain it works for several other medical conditions it works better than any med on the planet and they know it. They just can’t make money on it.

        • If abinico had ever listened to the news, he would hear of auto accidents due to people being on pot. We had three killed 20 miles from my home because a semi driver was using and driving.

        • I think abinico might have been referring moreso to overdosing. It’d take an extreme amount of effort to pull that off.

          For teens it’s just something they shouldn’t do. There can be permanent mental problems that can arise because they’re still in development. Users that are beyond the age of development tend to have lower suicide rates.

  5. 40+ year ‘War on Weed’ hasn’t worked, billions spent. Remember something called Prohibition? That didn’t work did it? 13 yrs., and the govt. finally repeal the 18th Amendment with the 21st Amendment. Adults SHOULD be allowed to MAKE A CHOICE. If they, (adults), want to drink alcohol, smoke pot or tobacco, eat trans fat, use salt, should be their ‘freedom’ of choice!

    • I agree as long as adult means 21 years old and it is only sold in ID controlled alcohol outlets not in grocery and quick stop shops.

      • WAIT ! If they can be drafted into the Army, and VOTE for/against a socialist politician at age 18, why say 21 ? Why ANY age requirement? WHY does any government think it has a right to regulate this in the first place ??, I don’t use pot, never used it, don’t desire to try it.. BUT that’s my choice ! NOT some politicians rule !!

        • @Douglas…Don’t be silly Mr. Douglas, I don’t know how old you are, sweet, but NJ went through that. In 1973, they lowered it to 18 yrs. old, so returning Vets from Vietnam could buy alcohol. In 1980 NJ up it to 19 yrs. old. Then in 1983 they made it 21 yrs old again. Look it up sweet. Have a nice day!

          • The stepped means of arriving at adulthood, tends to put 13 & 14 year olds into the same social group as 19 & 20 year olds.
            I’m sorry, but as a father of a (now adult w/ children of her own) daughter, I have a special problem with this categorizing. When we let our daughter go to supervised functions, where there was no alcohol allowed, she was put directly into situations where she had young adults preying upon her, due to being forcefully lumped into the same social category.
            I’m a firm believer in separating the two groups (teenagers [13 – 17], from 18+ year olds).
            I enlisted at the age of 17 and was carrying a gun around on my hip, as an Army MP, before I turned 18, overseas. I returned to civilian life and partook in the voting process, as a young adult, still under the age of 21. Sure, I could walk into a bar and buy beer, as well I should have been able to, after all that I had experienced.
            People become adults, when there is reason for them to assume that status. I know retired men who Never truly ‘grew up’. Arbitrarily determining when someone becomes an adult, by longevity is a haphazard means, to say the least. Maturity develops at different stages, in direct proportion to one’s life experiences. If we arbitrarily hold our young back, they will become predators, on the younger and weaker amongst them. I had a 23 year old man preying upon my 14 year old daughter. Unacceptable !
            My parents were married when he was 17 and she was 15. Too young, by my standards, but then, it was shortly before WW2 and the world was a much harder place to grow up in, requiring a much faster growth cycle.
            Tempered steel is much stronger, than mild steel… we temper it buy stressing it. By hammering it, it becomes work hardened. By heating then rapidly cooling it, it becomes color case hardened. Either of which makes it a stronger material.
            Life’s experiences are what ‘tempers’ humans souls. If we molly coddle our children, by refusing to let them grow, as their life encourages them to, then they will become detrimental to our society. Spoiled means No Good ! Rotten ! So how does ‘spoiling’ our children, by trying to keep them from the extremes that the world has to offer (and from learning how to achieve moderation) help them any ? It only makes them all the weaker, for it.
            I was against the 21 year old drinking limit, when it was adopted and I am still against it, even though I’m now 60 and no longer partake of alcohol.
            The same goes for cannabis. It has definite ‘medicinal’ & ‘therapeutic’ properties that one can avail themselves of, IF one can obtain an adequate amount, in the black market, all of the while worrying about getting caught by the ‘Law’, which is only interested it seizing your property and financially benefitting from it. The same goes for the ridiculous laws that maintain that one must lose their Drivers License, for Any cannabis usage, despite not even being Near a car, when arrested, or ticketed for said usage. I can’t remember How Often, that my Son had his driving rights taken away from him and he was Never pulled over driving whilst ‘high’, behind the wheel. This caused him Untold problems, with trying to get and maintain gainful employment. The only ones who benefit from That situation, are the Insurance Companies ! In other words, it’s All about Money !

          • The reason they upped the age was the Government. The bureaucrat’s decided that the age limit was 21. When the states did not go along with it. Those same bureaucrat’s withheld the Federal funds from those states until they did as they where told. The states that did as they where told got Millions in highway and bridge funds.

          • smart. I’m telling the HISTORY OF NJ. and the DRINKING AGE.
            And when a GOVT. SAY….”YOU DO THIS OR WE WON’T GIVE YOU MONEY”

          • Yes it was blackmail but officially it is not because the Feds are doing it.
            Louisiana was the state they did this in. I know My brother was 18 and spent his weekends drinking Legally while in collage over there. He was going to College in Texas and most of them would go to Louisiana to party. 18 was the legal age there at the time. When the Feds told Louisiana to up the drinking age they said no. Next thing Louisiana knew they could not get any road or bridge funds from the feds. I do not know what the official story was it was to long ago. Montana also had the same thing happen to it because they would not set the official speed limit at 55.

          • Do you really think the law keep those under 21 from drinking? I’m 60 and remember what happened back then. It was about voting for those who want to send us to war. Not drinking in our state the drinking age didn’t lower in most states look it up. I’m in a liberal state of California as well.

          • Yes, and the reason it failed is because they could not say 18, and on active duty. They had to make it legal for draft dodging 18 year-olds too. To be honest with you, as a Nam Vet, I don’t know how you could have been in Vietnam, and NOT DRINK.

          • What’s with the ‘thumbs down?’
            Look up the history of NJ and drinking age.

    • “”it should be their ‘freedom’ of choice!””
      Yeah, until a doper drives along a sidewalk & kills 6 or 7 people ……..

      • Mac Boy How about the people that are drunk, (with alcohol), and drives on the sidewalk killing 6 or 7 people?
        You got a ‘fix’ for that?

        • Yeah! Lets outlaw alcohol!
          Oh wait, we tried that before, worked out well!
          Gave us the Firearms Act of 1933, that unconstitutionally outlawed automatic weapons (for civilians!) to keep us safe from the “bootleggers”.

          Who would of thought that outlawing something else would result in organized crime, with all the outrageous profits involved and such?

      • Surprise! Surprise! People are already using it, driving on it, legal or not!
        Current tests do not show if someone is high, or how high, just how many “metabolites” are in their system. Metabolites are what’s left over, after the body is done with it.
        Your body actually makes the same chemicals that are in “pot”, some people more than others….

    • The new federal regulation about trans fats. Will ruin your french fries. As we have been eating card board fries for several years. The Salt, I have cystic fibrosis and have to eat a lot of salt for my health. I chose not to smoke, I do drink Alcohol but not excessively. Freedom is about making choices in your life. We are losing those choices very fast. You can’t choose your health care coverage another freedom lost. We are no longer free and when they repeal the 2nd amendment your freedom will be gone.

    • Yes, Prohibition did work! That’s why it was repealed. The Joseph Kennedys and the domestic distilleries couldn’t amass their fortunes with Prohibition in place. The statistics, if you should bother to look them up, showed dramatic decreases in all kinds of crimes during the late ’20s, when anti-prohibition propaganda was at its height (Hollywood, a major promoter of anti-Prohibition sentiment, made it look like gangsters were gunning down people in every town, hamlet, and village, rather than in the major cities). Please notice that the era when prohibition was in force was the first time criminals had access to fast cars, trucks, airplanes, speed boats, and long distance telephone service, making the spread of organized crime over the country possible. Had there not been prohibition, gangsters would have concentrated on something else.
      And no, Americans didn’t drink more alcohol during prohibition than before or after, as the lie goes. It was impossible. If all the grain produced in the country during that period had been converted to alcohol, which it obviously wasn’t, it wouldn’t have made even 60% of the alcohol consumed before Prohibition, and despite all the claims, not enough was smuggled in to make up the difference. Like modern mainstream media’s attempt to cover up Obama’s crimes, the media of that day falsely made Prohibition seem to be a failure. FDR, who championed repeal, said that with repeal, “the saloon would be a thing of the past.” How did that work out? You can credit FDR and the media for the thousands who are killed as a result of alcohol consumption every year.
      So now we’re being bombarded with the same nonsense about marijuana. It’s not bad enough to kill thousands each year with alcohol, let’s put drivers high on weed on our roads! And many will be high and drunk at the same time! The reason we have laws limiting what we can do is that there are too many self-indulged people living to satiate their lusts. If we were all fetched by reason we would never indulge in anything that causes us to lose our self-control.

      • No reason to get snippy, SNAPS….but Pa Joe Kennedy amass his fortune by BOOTLEGGING
        and other illegal goings on.
        May I suggest YOU ‘bother’ to do some re-researching on Crime during Prohibition.
        Big Hugs Snaps….have a grand day!

    • You can get Dilaudid, Oxycontin, Percodan, Percocet, Vicodin, Lortab, Norco & Demerol prescribed by any MD in town ALL of which are MUCH stronger the pot & trust me, I know because I’d taken EVERY ONE of them at one time or another! 80 milligrams of Oxycontin , a couple of Kettle One martini’s & you do NOT wanna be behind the wheel of a Porsche no matter how much coke you’ve snorted!!!

    • It will just depend on who “determines” the results. Proponents will show the pluses and opponents will show the negatives. But both will never be presented equally. Follow the money to figure out which you hear from most.

      • Too true…the spin will be determined by the dinero, but with as with many other issues today there will be enough info that one can make a reasonably informed decision.
        It is obvious that the ‘War on Drugs’ depletes resources from law enforcement which could be used to better effect elsewhere, although for some departments confiscation of assets and increased funding to appease the fear factor fomented among citizens has become big business…and a ‘probable cause’ to circumvent the Bill of Rights.

  6. If everyone understood the reasons (the REAL reasons, not the propaganda) that marijuana was made illegal, most would favor re-legalization. “God made grass, man made booze – who do you trust?” No one has ever OD’ed on pot. The same can not be said for alcohol. We should quit ruining the lives of over half a million jailed every year.

      • bigm…I know alot of folks who smoke pot, work hard, some have businesses…THEY PAY THEIR OWN WAY.
        Unlike the DOPES OF D.C.!

    • You are correct,Your god ( satan) made weed,
      Mt. 13:24-30
      The Parable of the Weeds
      24 Jesus told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. 25 But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away. 26 When the wheat sprouted and formed heads, then the weeds also appeared.
      27 “The owner’s servants came to him and said, ‘Sir, didn’t you sow good seed in your field? Where then did the weeds come from?’
      28 “‘An enemy did this,’ he replied.
      “The servants asked him, ‘Do you want us to go and pull them up?’
      29 “‘No,’ he answered, ‘because while you are pulling the weeds, you may uproot the wheat with them. 30 Let both grow together until the harvest. At that time I will tell the harvesters: First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned; then gather the wheat and bring it into my barn.’”

      • That’s an idiotic comment. Mankind has been growing hemp for as long as there has been civilization. It was not a “weed” until Harry Aslinger declared it as such in the 1920’s. It certainly wasn’t a weed in the Old Testament days. The Israelites used rope didn’t they?

        • So how did it start to be used as a dope? did someone have some wore out rope and set it on fire, and the smoke got him high? and since ever since they smoked it, you said it, it was rope a dope

          • Marijuana is just the flower of the female hemp plant. They have used it for medicinal purposes by eating the by-product of rubbing the seeds out of the buds. Their hands would get sticky from the flower resin and they would simply rub the resin off over a sack or bowl. It was much later that someone discovered smoking it.

          • Finally someone who speaks the truth. And marijuana is a negative connotation given to cannabis by the federal government!

          • Yet again Geno777, your ignorance comes to light. Hemp is used to make rope, cloth, and paper. The fruit from the plant was used for medicinal purposes, which it does have! Unfortunately, people like you and the MSM fail to see that it is a fruit bearing plant made by the creator! Do some research into the benefits of hemp oil and cannabis oil on the human body.
            Funny how someone who quotes scripture is quick to throw stones without knowing the truth behind that which they purport to be an expert in. And you wonder why so many people around the globe have turned against religion, the true DEVIL! God and Jesus never said you have to worship me, go to church, celebrate holidays, you merely have to have faith and believe in your heart.

        • Brigham Young took it to UT for the purpose of rope. (Or maybe dope, not being moron I’m not sure where they stand.)

        • No it isen’t, I have Jesus in my heart of heart’s,
          I talk to him all the time,and yes he answers!,
          And I just might be the last one, before yours comes,
          look around you, Get the hint?
          do you talk to satan? if your doing his bidding
          he answers you! Dope.

          • Well lets look at that, he called people that go to church , Hipicrits, he told John to get behind him SATAN,
            And when he comes back, don’t think he will be as he was the first time, he’s going to send unrepentin sinners.
            To HELL, and as far as bearing fruit what would that be? all i ever saw was seeds, and why do some call it the devils breath, and they use it in satanic ritual’s, so whos iignorand? why it’s you! keep smoking it, when your brain is burned up your the one to blame it on, I’v seen meany burnouts in my time on this planet, do to weed.
            they dont call it weed because its a fruit, fruitcake.

          • “so whos iignorand?”
            By your posts, well let’s say you aren’t the poster person for “smart” or literate.
            Maybe you should try some….. ;<)

      • Geno777, cannabis is not a weed. It is a plant that bears fruit. Guess what is harvested and used, the fruit. So please, when you plan on quoting scripture for something, make sure you are using the right terminology. So, in your words then, fruit is evil and was created by the devil!

        • :9 But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. 15:10 And he called the multitude, and said unto them, Hear, and understand: 15:11 Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man. 15:12 Then came his disciples, and said unto him, Knowest thou that the Pharisees were offended, after they heard this saying? 15:13 But he answered and said, Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up. 15:14 Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.
          so hows that,thomacx

          • So let me get this straight… You are quoting from a Bible, probably the KJ version, right? The original scriptures were written in Aramaic and translated and in most instances, translated poorly. You are also reading a bible that has been bastardized in the name of religion by KJ and many scriptures were modified or completely left out because they did not “fit” what the church wanted.
            And you are also stating that cannabis was not created by God but created by some other entity? Dude, you be smoking some kind bud, maybe I should ask if you will share with me??? Cannabis has been used for thousands for years for medicinal purposes and as a textile to make paper, clothing, etc. I think you need to stop quoting a false book, learn to read Aramaic and get the original meaning, and stop preaching falsehoods upon people.

          • When he comes back whos going to have your back? some pot head?
            no, you will be there all alone, and he will make you see all the bad you did,
            and me too, but i have repented, no mater how bastardized the instruction
            manual is its by faith we walk with the master, all you need to do is belive in him.
            As for you jackfrancis, were you there when they wrote the book?
            every thing is relevant, you only (think) your right when your high, when i smoked pot
            we used to say, (Lets get stupid), because we knew we were going to get dummed down,
            It’s just an escape from reality, when you wake up you will see how wrong you are,
            cuz its not an excuse to, HIM THE MASTER, REPENT HES ON HIS WAY!

  7. There is so much misinformation about this herb, ” it is addictive, destructive, home breaker, it makes you a sociopath, retarded and my the list never ends. ” Let’s be honest here and stop being hypocritical. Alcohol, Tobacco, food, sugar and the list can go on, has destroyed the lives of more people than what marijuana could ever think about. The benefits out weigh the propaganda fear, I’m not going there. The question: Should we legalize it? Yes and No. No, in the fact why should we add another abuse to society, we can’t even control what we are legally using with out endangering self and others, particularly others. Absolutely no common sense there. On the other hand, Yes. For those who are being treated for cancer, or dying, or have genuine health issues, this will cheaply do and I mean at no cost, ease the pain, who would deny one of such humanity? Let’s not through the baby out with the bath but use some wisdom. Besides, it’s a waste of human potential and water resources.

    • That isn’t a good answer. Those people are already using it. Making it legal will only decrease the DEA, court and prison costs. No other real effect.


    • Can’t you write without using all capitals? Some people do that because they don’t know capitalization rules and just decide to capitalize everything so they don’t look quite so dumb.

  9. As an ex-alcoholic and addict, all legalizing drugs will do is using more Zerocare by filling up Hospitals and rehab centers

  10. Personally, I know a lot of people who smoke weed. My general observation has been that it makes most of them fat, stupid, apathetic and lazy. Maybe not all 4, but most users are affected by 2 or 3 of these. And, everyone I know who smokes it either can’t or doesn’t want to quit, which tells me that it is addictive, at least psychologically. It is probably equal to alcohol in destructiveness to society.

    However, there are many good reasons to legalize it. Number one, the Government should not be the moral Police over what people do to their own bodies. Number two, the Government is wasting billions in taxpayer money every year prosecuting the “war on drugs” and throwing people in jail for the relatively benign crime of getting high. And the “war on drugs” is the cause of much violence and killing that could be eliminated if distribution was taken out of the hands of criminals. Thirdly, it would be a huge new source of tax revenue if it were to be taxed at the level of cigarettes and alcohol.

    • Psychologically it can be, yes. I’ve got a close friend who is addicted, but I think other people that would say no to quitting do so for other reasons. I think it’s because there’s not nearly as severe of a negative associated with it. Users usually aren’t erratic or violent like on some other drugs and there aren’t bad withdrawals. Otherwise there are benefits medically too. I know someone that smokes to help moderate his bipolar and he doesn’t get bad side effects like he would on prescribed medication.

      • I understand about the mental health thing. My ex wife is in the same situation with that. She is diagnosed as bipolarI-2 with PTSD and severe anxiety disorder. Doctors keep switching her meds and they all have undesirable side effects. Smoking provides instant relief from her anxiety and evens out the highs and lows, although it does cause its own side effects but they are not as bad as the ones from legal psycho-active meds.

        • So what caused the “Traumatic Stress” in the first place? You don’t look like a wife beater to me, if that’s your picture in your avatar.

          • Several years in a legalistic Pentecostal Church organization. We finally woke up to the fear mongering, mind controlling methods they were using to keep people giving them 10% of their money, so we got out. She always had some mental health issues anyway, but for the 13 years we were in this organization they made you feel like it was a sin to get professional help for what they considered a purely spiritual problem, so she had to either go without help or feel guilty if she took the meds. Then, about a year after we got out she gave birth to our youngest Son, and about 5 months later her Mother died suddenly at only 53 years of age, while she was still dealing with post-partum depression. All of that (and some other things) put together just pushed her to the point of a mental breakdown. Sorry, maybe that’s TMI but you asked so I told you 😉

          • The only reason that these religions get the mileage they do out of the BS that they push is because they start shoving it down peoples throats when they are very young. When men lived in caves, and a thunderstorm came along, they thought the gods were upset with them, so they made a blood sacrifice of one of their young. The storm then abated, so they figured that the blood sacrifice must have appeased the god in question. I guess they were running out of kids to sacrifice by having to many gods to appease, so they figured to just have one all powerful god. Abraham, who really liked the mushrooms that grew out in the pasture, got a bad one, and had a vision that he should cut the skin off his penis and kill his first born son. Now here it all gets screwed up because the Muslims say that God wanted Ismail killed, and the Jews say that it was Issac that God wanted killed. (God did not really want anybody killed, because he really did not exist, it was just Abraham and his affinity for the mushrooms, and those pesky thunderstorms that got the blood letting going in the first place) Well the mushrooms wore off after a few beers, and Abraham’s wife asked him WTF are you doing taking a butchers knife to my son? Just cut off his foreskin and be done with it you freaking moron!

            Well, all of the tribesmen decided that they better follow Abraham, because anyone that would kill his own son over a bad trip is someone to be feared, just like they feared the thunder and lightning which they called god.

            And we still tell little kids this story over and over again until they are brain washed, and that’s where your money goes. To keep the story going.

            A Guy Named Jesus came along and tried to tell everyone that the story was all BS, and that enlightenment lies within yourself, but of course the blood sacrifice guys and the high interest Jewish Money lenders were pissed at him for spreading the truth so they nailed him to a tree.

            Now, go get some mushrooms, give them to the little lady, and tell her this story and all will be well.

          • Nah, I’m not that far gone on God. I still believe what the Bible says but I’m just not too sold on the people who claim to speak for God, while they use the Gospel as a way to bully people to conform to their ideas of good morals and as a tool to separate fools from their money. They are the modern day equivalent of the Scribes and Pharisees that Jesus rebuked so many times in the Bible. I just take comfort in the fact that they will be the ones on Judgement Day wondering how God could possibly reject them after all the wrong things they did “in His name.”

          • All religions in civilized societies morph from deity based- award/punishment based systems through reason and logical deductive reasoning to systems based on morality. When you do something good for another human, it makes you feel good. That is your reward, it is good Kharma.

            Example: You are driving home and you come upon someone pulled over on the side of the road. You stop and give them aid. You feel good. You drive by the person and don’t care what happens to them. You feel bad. Bad Kharma.

            Now you might ask where these feelings come from, because some people could simply care less if someone is broken down on the side of the road.

            I do what I think Jesus of Nazareth, Siddhartha Gautama, or Confucius would have done, but I don’t think they were All Powerful, All seeing, Omnipotent beings that float around in the Firmament, I just think that they were enlightened humans that tried to tell us the right way to behave, so when our moment of death is upon us, we can die in peace, knowing we did the best we could for the short time we were here.

            Religion was invented by man to control the masses.

            Spirituality was taught by the Prophets to enlighten man.

    • Increasing tax revenue is the worst possible reason to legalize marijuana, or anything else, for that matter. Giving the government more money just gives them more power to create more mischief. I’m not arguing against legalization or for it. I’m just saying the tax-revenue argument makes me shudder.

      • Well, yeah I see your point. If we had a responsible Government that stayed within it’s Constitutional mandate spending would be much smaller. In that case the increased tax revenue would be used to give everyone a break on their income tax. But the Government we have now is a greedy out of control monster that gobbles up every penny it can get it’s hands on and more, so it might be a bad thing to give them more.

  11. With the way congress and the rest of our government is being run and voteing it looks like the government is already using it

  12. And unlike alcohol is the effect it has on the brain and reaction time and on the lungs-much more dangerous than smoking a cigarette. But by all means, make it legal and watch the number of accidents increase. We have ACA so we don’t have to worry! We will have healthcare!

    • Even MORE fun would be driving between those two motocycles coming at ya————–wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee let'[s spluit em

  13. I say legalize it, it is far less deadly than alcohol as a matter of fact it isn’t deadly at all thousands die each year do to alcohol and tobacco NO ONE HAS EVER DIED FROM MARIJUANA. It does not cause accidents, it doesn’t cause people to commit crimes, it 8s about as harmless a drug that there possibly is, hell even aspirin causes hundreds of deaths a year, NOT MARIJUANA NO ONE HAS EVER DIED FROM IT.

    • Wrong! Perhaps you should try listening to the news. then you would know that there have been many accidents caused by marijuana. 20 miles from here we had three people killed by a semi with a driver high on your pot! that has not been an isolated incident. In addition, several states charge drivers under the influence of your marijuana.

      • What he is saying is that both marijuana and alcohol can cause the kinds of deaths you describe, but people drinking alcohol can die of liver disease and/or alcohol poisoning. That part is not true of marijuana.

  14. It would decrease the the attendance in our jail populations and if they tax it would bring in billions to help our spending problem that this administration has.

    • More money won’t help the government’s spending problem anymore than more drugs will help an addict’s using problem. Of all the arguments for legalization, this is the most ridiculous. Make your case on liberty or family jurisdiction or individual responsibility but, please, don’t argue for giving the government leviathan more money.

      • Addicts ! cigarettes are more addictive than pot! I guess you would prefer that they raise our taxes,which is what they are going to do!It will also reduce the number of people who are in jail for smoking pot.and leave the room for real criminals!

  15. our government is retarded just like their war on guns they are ignorant and do not think rationally
    Legalize it and it will kill a multi billion dollar industry we can’t stop it so wipe out the industry and put those dealers out of business

    • Making it illegal isn’t working. We are spending a kazillion dollars on the DEA and wasting other law enforcement people’s time. We get virtually NOTHING in return. We aren’t slowing the trade an iota. Tax it and reduce other taxes with the income.

  16. Yeah, that’s what you Maryjane monkeys need….more so more people can “lose track of time and let your child swelter and die when left in your car in hundred degree heat, or have it laced with something like angel dust so you can completely lose your minds, and don’t try to BS me, I’ve seen it first hand.
    If you want it legalized, feel free to do so only with the requirement it be used behind a 10 foot fence with concertina wire at the top. Then I won’t give a tinker’s damn what you use, as long as you stay there….at your cost.

  17. I’ll help you out mister Minkoff. …I have a pine tree in my yard. Is that legal? or illegal? If I cut it up and use it for firewood, is that legal or illegal? It is neither, there are no laws written concerning my pine tree. It is a natural production of nature and I can do with it it as I like. That is exact;y how marijuana should be viewed. People SHOULD be allowed to do as they like with marijuana since it is a natural occurrence in nature and not a product of chemists looking to profit from others. If some use it to spend all day in a dreamlike state or move on to other drugs and slowly kill themselves, that’s their business and should be allowed to do so. It is nature’s way of filtering the gene pool. Why do we (supposedly) protect so many people from themselves? If they are defective in some way that is a threat to our evolution as humans, they should be allowed the freedom to destroy their lives any way they want, as long as they don’t infringe on others in any way. It’s nature’s way and nature way has brought us from a Neanderthal mentality to a highly evolved race of modern humans. Now as we continue to *make corrections* in the way nature intended, our society of the human race is seriously declining in moral and intellectual standards.Not to mention pharmaceutical industry’s lies and deceptions to the people just for the sake of profit.

  18. Try reading the gov’s papers on weed, even they cant find harmful side effects and can find more productive uses. Meds, oil, paper, cloth etc. more usage than not. All seed bearing herbs were made for man, who said it? Jesus

    • Jesus didn’t say that, it is in Genesis, long before his day. That said, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and many other “Founding Fathers” and generations before them grew it, and they were well aware of the “effects” of ingesting it. The original Constitution is written on hemp paper, cheap and durable clothing used to be made of it. The government found themselves in quite a pickle at the onset of WWII because of their prohibition of growing hemp. After the Phillipines fell, they ran out of hemp to make rope to tie up all off their new ships, DuPont made out big time making (among other things like gunpowder) their newly invented nylon rope. (Nylon rope, while resistant to decay (mold, etc.) stretches more than hemp rope, causing constant adjustments, there are arguments both ways as to which is better…)
      All drug laws in effect are the result of racisim!
      Opiates were outlawed because Chinese were “seducing” white women with it.
      Cocaine was outlawed because Negro’s were “seducing” white women with it.
      “Marijuana” was outlawed because Mexican’s (and Negro Jazz musicians) were seducing white women with it.
      White men just couldn’t compete I guess.
      Go figger!

      • Thank you, I knew it was in the Bible somewhere. I also knew about the founding fathers but I did not know the other stuff, lol it does make since. I think some states still have laws on the books that a farmer HAS to grow so many acres of hemp if he grows crops for sale. Notice I said I think, not for sure.

        • In the Colonial days it was a required crop, as it was a strategic resource, for making rope and sails. Sailors have long been known to “smoke rope”…. It wasn’t a problem, as it was better than `em getting drunk. Sailing across the oceans was and is a boring endeavor, unless you’re in the middle of a storm….
          Were you aware that the bird food industry has a special dispensation to import hemp seed? The reason being, is that a canary will not sing without the hemp seed. Things that’ll make ya go “Hmmmm”!

  19. My question is why did it take a Constitutional Amendment to outlaw alcohol but it did not take a Constitutional Amendment to outlaw marijuana and other drugs? I am no fan of taking drugs without medical reason to do so, but I don’t see how it is the government’s business to say what we can put it our own bodies! It’s the same thing as the govt. telling us what we can eat (oh, they are starting to do that right now, too, aren’t they?)
    Punish people for any crimes they do, regardless of whether they are on drugs. Punish people for providing harmful substances (like alcohol and drugs) to minors.

    • Yes, treat marijuana like alcohol. It has the same effects, but with fewer side effects anyway. What we have is Prohibition, but the names aren’t Italian.

  20. You Dope-heads can smoke dog poop for all i care …..
    .. Just die young, so i don’t have to pay for your health-care ….

  21. The only people benefiting from the current system are DEA agents, drug cartels, lawyers and prisons. The public gets NO benefit, but pays dearly. We aren’t making even a tiny dent in the supply, because we aren’t making even a tiny dent in the demand.

  22. Taxed and regulated imagine the dismay of the drug cartels, street gangs, and criminal orginizations in general. As it is right now we’re not only creating generations of criminals but funding criminal activities. Prohibition lasted 10 years or so until someone said, “That didn’t work out very well” and it was stopped due to the rise in criminal activity. We’ve been doing this hard for 40 years and haven’t woken up yet? Are we just stupid?

    • People will still buy it from the underground market. The quality of the weed is much better underground then the stuff in the shops. Even alcohol was better from the underground distillers then what was available from the stores. Just a fact.

    • The problem is that WA state thinks they should tax it to the point that it costs the same as buying it from a “dealer”.
      If they want (as they should) to put the “illegal dealers” out of business, they should charge FAR less than the “dealers” so that there would be no reason for a person to even try and buy/sell illegal weed (not regulated by the state).

  23. So we leagilze dope and Tax cigs so much you cant afford them and try to put the companys out of bussniess but now they want to ok dope SMARTTTT

  24. The author seems confused… He keeps trying to interchange our system of government (a Constitutional Republic) with the one that the ‘Progressives’ have been attempting to change us into, for about a Century, now (a Socialist Democracy).

    The former is the Rule of Law (the US Constitution) while the latter is the rule of Men, more appropriately ‘Mob Rule’.

    ‘ A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy.’

    Obama/Soetoro/Soebarkah/Bounel (or Whatever his Real Name is) and ‘friends’ are attempting to use the ‘Cloward–Piven strategy’ to bankrupt the US and turn it into a Socialist Dictatorship.

    ‘The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.’

    Since all of this has long ago become the ‘norm’, we can expect that our ‘Republic’ has been altered ( the direct election of Senators removed important checks and balances) into some destructive form of ‘democracy’. (actually Fascism or ‘Corporatism’ is more like it, today) The next step will be devolving further into Anarchy, Then, when the ‘Powers that be’ utilize military force to reclaim their power, we will see true Tyranny.

  25. Why do we need to change the laws? Present-dent Barry by royal decree decides which laws are enforced or not enforced anyway. At this point, what difference does it make?

  26. Just what I want. Another group of impaired drivers I have to protect myself from.
    Dopers, just like drunks, are going to send the only one in the room that can stand and locate his keys, out to get Cheetos.
    I am all for legalizing it and make driving impaired, and any accidents they cause, a felony.
    See, I’m reasonable. You can have your pot, and society can have your butt when you are irresponsible.

    • Oh, I get it, it’s currently illegal, so nobody drives while using it? Do you think that when it becomes “legal” people will all just run out an get `em some, and start driving around high? You’ll do that right?
      What makes you think, that people who want to do it, aren’t just `cause it’s “illegal”? Is that what is stopping you?
      Anybody that wants to use it, can and do already, get a grip on yourself!

  27. This is really simple:

    How many people become “Nasty Drunks” when they are drinking?

    Now, How many people become “Nasty Pot Heads” when they are smoking?

    Lets try another one:

    How many people refuse to give up their keys when they are drunk and say “Dont tell me I cant drive, you puke!”

    Now how many people that are high say ” I dont really want to drive right now man, Ill just sleep it off for a while”

    We all know the answer to this, we just need to admit what the answer is.

  28. I would never hire a pot head to work for me myself. But since so many do use it that’s why we need more Mexican to do the work the pot heads cant do

    • You really are a fool! Where do you think the word “Marijuana” comes from?
      `mericans called it hemp, until the mexicans started “seducing” white women with it!
      You hire mexicans cause they’re cheap and you don’t pay employer taxes on `em!
      Don’t try bullshitting a bullshitter!

      • I see you do have part of that right. It does sound like you are a bull sht,,er. But the ones I work with make the same as anyone in that job. They come to work every day, and put in a days work which is more than some we have had who come to work Maybe 3 to 4 times a week and talk more than work

  29. Don’t skew the message.
    I said:
    1. legalize it and make it a felony to DUI.
    2. It should have been clear that I was insinuating…we don’t need any more impaired drivers. We have plenty already. The guys I know that use all swear how responsible they are with pot. One just hit a kid on a bicycle while in The Fog.
    3. Both “Medical” clinics here are gone now because they served minors and “unsick” patients.
    4. The people who use the argument of “God’s Herb so it is good” need to smoke Oleander and Castor (or Belladonna and Nightshade) and then tell me.
    Regulation should be paramount when trying to legalize.

    • You are right I often wonder about the Indians and there piote and mushrooms and how they would have come out if they wasn’t using when they fought

  30. Let’s do away with marrage, legalize all drugs, murder, rape, child abuse, stealing, all of the ten commandments, and let’s just have a party!

  31. The term “crony capitalism” is new, but the act of doing it isn’t. If a competitor somehow got the government to outlaw the competition, they could get the whole market to themselves. Funny how W.R. Hearst had complete control of the paper market using wood pulp instead of hemp. He also led the disinformation campaign to get every one calling hemp by a different name…. The same name that Pancho Villa called it, “marijuana”. (W.R Hearst owned a lot of timber in Mexico. He and Pancho were not friends) Even farmers who voted for it, didn’t even realize it was their own crop they just outlawed! The bullshit never stops, does it?

  32. I personally don’t believe it I’d a gateway drug. I have a family member who used it for years. He was diagnosed with a chemical imbalance, in which medications were used that made him so sleepy. When he smokes it does what the medication did plus it didn’t make him sleepy. He has not used any other drugs

  33. Then came to Jesus scribes and Pharisees, which were of Jerusalem, saying, 2) Why do thy disciple transgress the tradition of the elders? for they wash not their hands when they eat bread.” 3) But he answered and said unto them, Why do ye also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition? … 7) Ye hypocrites! … 12) Then came his disciples, and said unto him, Knowest thou that the Pharisees were offended, after they heard this saying? 13) But he answered and said, ((((( Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up. 14))))) Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind, And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch. (Matthew 15:1-3, 7, 12-14)

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