I Really Hope Our Next President is Boring

I’m really hoping our next president, whoever he may be, is a total snooze-fest. Recently, Donald Trump criticized Jeb Bush for being “boring” and “low-energy”:

“He is doing so poorly in the polls that he is now starting to spend some of the money that his ‘bosses,’ special interests and lobbyists have given him to attack me,” Trump responded in a statement to the press. “… The last thing this country needs is a low-energy President without any substance or any ideas on how to Make America Great Again. Even this video is boring.”

I think the last thing this country needs is a substance-free president who accomplishes “great” plans with nothing more than bravado, pizazz, outrage, insult, and “style.” Trump might be entertaining, engaging, and dynamic. And that might be what this country thinks it wants in a President. But it’s not what this country needs in a President.

This country needs a boring, do-nothing president who fights for a balanced budget, international peace, and governmental non-intervention. That would be fantastic. I want our next president to be the kind of president whose name is not familiar to future generations. A guy like Calvin Coolidge, who said, “Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration has been minding my own business.”

Indeed. Jeb Bush might not be that guy. He probably isn’t. But let’s not too quickly write off a candidate just because he is boring. Boring is good. We’ve had far too little boring from the White House recently.

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