House Cuts IRS Tax Enforcement Budget

The IRS received a blow today as the Republican-controlled house cut the budget for tax enforcement by over $1 billion—nearly 25%. Most of me is very happy about this, since the IRS is really lame and everyone knows it.

But another part of me is worried this cut could have some very destructive consequences. The US already shoulders a monumental debt burden, and deficit-spending has only and will only increase if Obamacare and everything else continues.

So it might not be the smartest time to cut the civil government’s revenue. I would actually be for a tax increase if I could be sure that the majority of the new revenue would go to paying off the deficit. But it won’t. So I’m not. But this tax enforcement cut would only be effective in an environment where the civil government was also committed to spending less. Way less.

Think about it. The civil government is not going to stop spending money at its current rate, even if its tax revenue dries up. Which means that the economy will become more and more unstable until it eventually cracks under the pressure.

When our lenders realize they won’t get paid back, they’re going to stop bailing us out. And our ship will sink. I applaud Republicans for cutting the budget for the IRS. I am and always will be an enemy of oppressive taxation. But they need to be even more viciously cutting the budget in other areas—and maybe in those other areas first.

This is a political maneuver, but I refuse to be fooled. The GOP and the DNC are committed to spending just as much or more than ever. And that’s not okay. Cut the bloat first. Cut it from overseas spending, Obamacare, welfare, imperialistic military actions. Until you do that, keep taking in at least as much revenue as you have been, and pay off our debts!

Why is this so hard to understand?

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  1. Mr. Minkoff, since you know every aspect of Obamacare, please tell us how it has affected the economy? Answer – You don’t know. If you did and it were good, you’d never write about it here.
    With respect to the IRS, it is NOT a good idea to cut back. Fewer staff means that our returns, audits and special circumstances will be delayed due to understaffing.
    With regards to spending, talk to your own party. They want to increase military spending and give more tax cuts to the 1%.

    • As far as refunds go, there is a bit of a loophole in regards to its tie in with the ACA. You see, if you or who you are claiming do not have health insurance, then you receive a fine when you file your taxes. Here is the catch. If you don’t receive a refund, you receive no fine. So what my family is doing since my kids don’t have health insurance, we are having less taken out of our pay check to break even at the end of the year, or maybe pay very little. That way, no fine. And I know I’m not the only one. My parents do the same, and everyone I’ve told about it thinks its brilliant.

      • Hi Buck. I don’t process my own tax returns. My accountant does. When there are complications with audits, property, foreign investments and domestic investments, it can be a nightmare. You can have the best accountant on the planet but it doesn’t prevent the maze of bureaucracy in the IRS. That causes delays and more accountant fees.

        • well my point was more towards people are not going to be paying what they should towards the ACA according to you. But I also find it dumb to pay someone else to do something im perfectly capable of doing myself. Like taxes. Saves more money to pay for things I actually need that the government has ramped the price up on

  2. All taxes are Illegal. It is against the Constitution to make someone collect taxes for free. Every company in the U.S. is illegally forced to be a tax collector. And every retail outlet is forced to collect taxes. All without compensation

  3. The IRS has shown itself to be far more than simply an agency that collects taxes. We would expect them to be fair and unbiased in executing their duties and had they been performing that way this cut would not have been implemented. Governments at all levels have become bloated, wasteful, self-serving and far to intrusive. The federal government is without question the worst level of government we have. Any limitation to the funding of these crooks should be viewed as a good thing.

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