Harry Reid Blames Obamacare Failures on Popular Stupidity

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had some insightful commentary on why Obamacare has been so fabulously halting in its botched rollout. Reid thinks one of the major problems with the online signup process is that people aren’t educated on how to use the internet:

We have hundreds of thousands of people who tried to sign up who didn’t get through. There are some people who are not like my grandchildren who can handle everything so easily on the Internet, and these people need a little extra time. It’s not — the example they gave us is a 63-year-old woman came into the store and said, “I almost got it. Every time I just about got there, it would cut me off.” We have a lot of people just like this through no fault of the Internet, but because people are not educated on how to use the Internet.

Believe me, Harry Reid, and mark my words: No one is blaming the Internet. Holy bat popcorn. I do agree with Harry on one thing, though. We can blame the failure that is Obamacare on stupidity. But let’s keep that epithet pointed where it’s accurate: at the Obama Administration particularly and Washington, D.C. generally speaking.

The fact is that Obama didn’t go on “Between Two Ferns” to get old people to sign up for Obamacare. He doesn’t have angry mom advertisements popping up all over the country to manipulate baby boomers into getting “web-savvy” enough to wade through the online signup process. No. All that was aimed at Millennials. And let me tell you, we are perfectly well educated when it comes to “the Internet.” If we wanted to sign up, we probably could.

It’s not the Internet or a lack of education concerning the Internet (Harry Reid excluded, of course) that is derailing Obamacare. There are two main reasons Obama has basically been forced to extend deadlines indefinitely and arbitrarily enforce code for this joke of a lumbering legislative monstrosity:

  1. Healthy people with jobs (the most important people to get signed up in the exchange) don’t want Obamacare because it sucks, and they don’t need it.
  2. Old people can’t get signed up because the multi-million dollar health exchange website doesn’t work. Maybe Obama should have gotten some people who were “educated on how to use the Internet” to design it.

Sorry, Harry Reid. But the problem (at least in this case) is not in the people. It’s mostly in you and your cronies. But we did elect you. So you’re right that the majority of us have been stupid. But we’re seeking to remedy that now. We should probably start by firing you.

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    • Because the majority of Americans wanted affordable health insurance. Those with preexisting conditions wanted coverage. Secondly, they don’t want a hot-head in The White House to dream up another unaffordable war.

  1. Blaming the same low-information voters who voted for him and the dipstick-in-chief as not being smart enough to use the internet is a safe statement to make as these people will not care as long as they get their freebies.

  2. Obamacare is theft, pure and simple theft of workers wealth for the benefit of a corrupt medical industry. The government has NO right to force people into a transaction they do not want, and I don’t care what any court says. Obamacare is theft, fraud, and illegal. And as more people start getting a $3000 bill for coverage, hopefully there will be universal outrage.

    • That is part of the reason I’ve been avoided seeing a Doctor for the last 16 years…. unless it is physical, like broken leg or something, but really have not had an issues there either. Eat healthy (try), exercise (low impact as you age), drink a beer or two, smile, laugh, and die of natural causes when its time. Life is to short to visit a Doctor.

      • The American Indian have a saying for Government health care (which they have been on for over 100 years), “Do not get sick after June.”

  3. 6 million Americans have signed up for the ACA. Lives will be saved in spite of Republican efforts to get between doctors and their patients. Republicans in the past tried to stop “socialist” Medicare. George Bush approved of Medicare. Why do Republican voters like their Medicare? The answer could be found on why Americans want health insurance. They want to LIVE.

    • “6 million Americans” have not signed up – six million people created an account. The difference is every one of the people Harry Reid calls too stupid to use the internet are included in that false 6 million number even though the are too stupid, according to Reid, to sign up.

      And the number of people that were previously uninsured who have “signed up” meaning visited the web site is only about one million. That means something close to five million people who previously had insurance are now stuck trying to make Obamacare work despite having had solid plans before they were cancelled under the mandate within Obamacare.

      Harry Reid is correct though; plenty of American’s are too stupid – just plain too stupid. Woonsocket is living breathing proof they’re out there. Smart enough to type; not smart enough to read with comprehension.

      • “Enrollment” and “Sign Up” are the defining terms in the media and on the internet. Medicare has had its share of problems and Republicans helped fix it in spite of it being socialized medicine?

    • Oh that 6 million number seems I’ve heard before, around the late 30’s early 40’s Hmmm wonder what brought that up.

    • The majority of people “signed up” already had insurance before and were kicked out of there plan. Now they tend to be paying more for less coverage… The people who did not have coverage before are for the most part still without coverage because of the main problem that republicans have been talking about… Who’s going to pay for them? You realize right now even if you are going to get a tax credit, which is suppose to help pay for your insurance, you still have to pay the full rate during the year. then after the year is complete you’ll get your tax credit. Well if I’m poor and can not afford insurance before, how the hell am I going to pay for it now when my income has not change????

  4. Harry—you must be the most sheltered moron in DC—-these old people seem to be able to purchase items from Amazon—but suddenly-can’t navigate obamacare site—Harry—couldn’t find his A// with both hands!!!!! What a putz and weasel dick

    • Buy car insurance, life insurance, bank, pay bills, order pizza, Amazon, if its sold on Internet that’s where I buy it, even research cars before buying. Daily on FaceBook. This 71 year old last is to dumb to use the Internet. !?!?

  5. Like I said before Harry Reid you are the prime example of “There’s no fool like an old fool” Quit opening your mouth, it shows your stupidity!

  6. In less than two weeks, Reid has declared Americans stupid liars. Hopefully, all us stupid liars will make Reid a “back bencher” come November.

    • It won’t change the fact that conservative voters love socialized medicine. Look at what they do as opposed to what they say. That’s what has John Boehner sweating. How do you tell conservatives that the ACA and Medicare are bad for them and should be repealed?

      • What the hell does this have to do with my comment? Show it as an independent comment and let it stand on its own merits.

        • It’s about “stupidity” and Obamacare. Republicans try to keep their voters stupid about health care and socialism. When the extreme right first had their rallies and they yelled for Obama to keep his socialist hands off their (seniors in the GOP) Medicare. Republican politicians treat their voters like trained seals. That observation comes from others and not just me. You should see The Daily Show sometime. Fox and the extreme right have become a parody.

          • the Daily show is a show that make things up or elaborates them for the sake of comedy you do realize this correct? You should not actually watch that show and actually think you’ve learned anything that is factual. Fox actually wins awards for accurate reporting…. So, you source for information seems to be really poor. By the way you are confusing the parties. Conservatives (should be republicans) want their people educated as much as possible. That is why we promote it… It like teaching a man to fish verse the liberal idea of giving a man a fish. We want people to be able to take care of themselves verse liberal idea of lower education so that people depend on the government and can not take care of themselves. Look at yourself right now… you are acting like a trained seal by actually saying we should watch the Daily Show, as if we’d learn something factual there…. They have you trained to believe their B.S. and you do not even see it.

            p.s. just so you know socialism 1,000 % of the time fails. Never in the history of mankind has it ever worked for long. Eventually someone has to pay the bill. Socialism avoids paying the bill and ride the back of the poor. ironically most of the poor under socialism think they have it good – that’s because their education is lower then in a Republic or capitalist society. Example of from history, when Rome grew it was a republic, when Caesar took over as emperor, was very much socialist country…. Rome fell under socialism. The USA is following this to a tee… as you should know, if you do not learn from history you are doomed to repeat it. And here we are going down the same stupid path thinking as a nation, well they did it wrong, we will do it the right way this time… NO, no we will not, we will fall just like every other socialist government.

          • Every democracy uses a combination of socialism and capitalism. The Daily Show airs videos. Audiences see and hear as human beings do. The Daily Show is in English Fox airs a program on a thing called TV. Fox is in English and most Americans know what they hear. Go ahead and believe what you will but Americans know better.

          • very little socialism… like for school, mail, police, library, post office, military socialism is good. Once government steps into areas like business and wealth fare things go bad and bad fast.

            Your second part does not make much sense. Yes, US TV is in English. However, you are greatly mistaken if you think they can not alter what you see and hear or the meaning the speaker is representing. They do this on purpose to making you think you are seeing the whole truth. A popular thing for programs like the Daily show to do is mix words from different speeches, or cut just a little piece of the speech so you miss most of what is being said, what they air is totally misleading to what was originally being said in the speech. So, it will make the speaker sound like he does not have a clue. It is part of the reason I believe any media source that is going to write up about someones speech should have to provide the full speech before they make their comments. Remember freedom of speech is not just for the press but for the speaker too. When the media miss-quotes or miss-direct someone meaning they are ignoring that person first amendment right.

          • There’s more than what you list. The idea of govt. is access to services. Many of those services would be unaffordable if they were all privatized. Privatization means it costs more. Companies rely on profits.

            There’s something else that you might want to keep track of. Republicans are in Las Vegas this weekend. Many GOP hopefuls for President are in line to have private meetings with Shelson Adelson. Adelson is worth almost $40 billion. He contributed $93 million to Republicans in 2012. Chris Christie is in Las Vegas and so is Scott Walker.

            Adelson will be telling Republicans what he wants from the country. I know that unions have a lot of money but it’s peanuts compared with the GOP. Have you heard of “dark money?” It’s the extra hundreds of millions of dollars that GOP groups have and we have no right to know who’s giving that money to the GOP. That was the result of Citizens United. The Supreme Court said corporations are people and anyone can give any amount of money to politicians. We know how much the Koch brothers gave to the GOP but we don’t know where they stashed “dark money” in interest groups.

          • Union have much, much, much more money then any republican. We talked about this before… have you already forgotten? The Koch brother are the largest donors for the republican side. They are ranked 54th overall for donations. That mean the top 53 donor are liberal democrats. I thought I remember you even looked it up to see that and realized your huge mistake. Democrats are the ones with big money… Republican are ones that try to push responsibility…. (well should say conservative republicans. there are a lot of non-conservative republicans). Look up all campaign fund scandals, you will notice the majority of them are based around the democrats/liberals. Once you realize you are supporting the “dark side” of politics you will have your eyes open and you never look down the dark path again.

            Privatization is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, way lower cost the anything run by the Government… ALWAYS, I can not stress that enough. No my list is complete, you really do not want the Government run much of anything. They should be there to make sure everyone “Plays nice and fair” and protection from invaders and criminals. You know, stopping the old carpet baggers and snake oil sales men and other types of things down those paths…

            Your “Dark Money” most be the last things the liberal/communist what to push out to their puppets. Because you are obviously ignoring the reality that Democrats almost always have more campaign money over the republicans… very rare the reverse. And if there really was this Dark Money, they were is it? Not were is it coming from, I mean were is it? Would you not think it would go towards campaigns to win elections??? yet the republican party has less money for campaign??? Does not make sense does it. Your sources are lying to you. It is probably a liberal democratic strategy. The democratic party is famous for doing something illegal then trying to blame republicans for doing it…

          • “When the extreme right first had their rallies and they yelled for Obama to keep his socialist hands off their (seniors in the GOP) Medicare.”

            So you are saying that only Republicans had paid into Medicare? That would mean that no Democrat had ever drawn a paycheck.

            I’m certain that you will have several Democrats give you an argument in regard to your ignorant comment.

          • No. It’s the hypocrisy of using “socialist” when Republicans already like socialist programs.

          • Everyone pays into Medicare. Seniors at tea party rallies were told to tone down their remarks about Medicare. What it showed was how much seniors have to learn about socialism and what govt. services actually helps Americans.

            I don’t listen to Democrats only and neither should Republicans listen only to other Republicans. The internet has been helpful to me regarding 20th century American economics. It’s stuff I didn’t know 10 yrs. ago.

            My point is not to believe everything from one source. The extreme right is doing that and it’s their right. When they do, they make no sense to the majority of Americans. I doubt that anyone on this site believes me. I’ve also noticed that people on the far right are extremely rude, narrow-minded and use foul language more than I’ve seen on other sites. This is a public site. It is not owned by a private company that requires a fee. I have the right to submit comments here.

          • I’ve never heard anyone tell anyone else to tone down any remarks.

            You say you “don’t listen to Democrats only and neither should Republicans only listen to Republicans.” Then you say that “the right only takes everything from one source and that people on the far right are extremely rude, narrow minded and use more foul language then I’ve seen on other sites.”

            I’d have to say that you tend to listen to much to what the Democrats have to say. As far as rude, narrow minded and the use of foul language, I’ve found that liberals seem to hold the record on that. One example is labob or whatever name he is going by tonight. He gets kicked off at least once a month and uses other names such as malibubob etc. On the Hill, I have read articles with over 1200 comments and every liberal who posted used either foul language or made death threats!

            Your idea of not to believe everything from one source is an excellent idea. However, as your comment demonstrates, no matter what the source, you only see one side. It must be nice to have that luxury. Unfortunately, in my job, I cannot afford to see just one side of an issue.

          • Explore the internet for economists and what their logic of what makes a strong economy. Look for economic advise on how to preserve the middle class. Seek information from people who have graphs, charts and data that show which economic policies actually produce the advertised results and the ones that don’t. The information is out there.

          • One of my degrees is in Economics. One of the things I learned is economics is economics… It does not change. yes, you will find hundreds of different opinion that it does or other b.s. things out there. However, the fundamentals are always the same. Encourage the opening and growth of businesses, and that will lower unemployment, raise taxes collect (not tax rate), increase savings, increase advances in technology, encourage higher schooling, increase builds and therefore increase in restate, and benefits all other things that grow in a positive economy. The reverse is always true to… stop opening and growth of business and unemployment goes up, wealth fare increases, taxes collected goes down, savings decrease, money is not put into research and development, lower education, real-estate values drop. So, what is the strongest way to stop opening and growth in business? Increase the size of the government. The larger the government the more taxes needed, more taxes equal less profits. Less profits equals less money to pay employees, benefits, less for savings, no money for Research and development… Examples will be things like Obama care will kill the growth of businesses because it becomes to expensive to open and/or hire new people.

        • That’s b.s. Do NOT trust Republicans with your Medicare. They’ll tell you anything to make you hate Democrats. When Obama became President, Paul Ryan talked about making Medicare a voucher program h (a $2,000.00 voucher). It was all over the news and he was silenced. Then the GOP came out with the idea that anyone who’s 55yrs. and up now will get to keep their Medicare. If you’re younger, the GOP said that they’d come up with a new system with “competition” among health insurance companies. It’s not the ACA at all it’s the old system for everyone younger than 55 yrs.

          If you and your friends don’t believe me, it’s your right. If you continue to support the GOP, then do so at your own peril. Just don’t blame Democrats.

          • I’ve heard Harry Reid and Pelosi, when the Democrats controlled the House, Senate and White House threaten to do away with Medicare and cut Social Security.

            Your argument doesn’t hold water! Especially after you made the comment: “When the extreme right first had their rallies and they yelled for Obama to keep his socialist hands off their (seniors in the GOP) Medicare.”

          • ammmmm… You got nothing. Remember we are on Obama care which is a democratic thing. Medicare is going bye, bye under it in time. So, you want me to blame the republicans for a democratic action?

        • You do realize that something you pay into your whole life is a socialist program. It’s socialist health care.

          Look up Paul Ryan and Medicare on You Tube. His plan encourages free market competition among health insurance companies. It’s not Medicare. It’s pure capitalism with a small voucher. If you want capitalism for elderly health care then vote for Republicans.

          Here’s one of Paul Ryans’s ideas about Medicare but it really is no longer Medicare.

          Joe Biden in debate with Paul Ryan. Biden explains how a voucher system won’t keep up with costs.

  7. If it wasn’t against the law I would love to dump a truck load of rotten tomatoes. mixed in with a lot of rotten eggs, and plenty of dog poop and throw it on Harry The Rat Reids lawn along with his evil twin Ms. Nancy. seems to me thats what they have been feeding the America people with for some time now!

  8. He’s absolutely correct. Half of the country is stupid. That’s why he’s the majority leader in the senate.

  9. Not all Republicans are stupid. State Sen. Chuck Hufstetler (R) is against closing rural hospitals in Georgia. Gov. Deal has already closed 4 hospitals in the last 2 yrs. and he refused money to expand Medicaid. Hufstetler says that Gov. Deal is costing the taxpayers of Georgia more money. 6 out of 10 Georgians want the expansion of Medicaid for their state.

    “AJC Column: Hufstetler speaks up for Medicaid expansion”

  10. Your duty as a Patriotic American is to cast a ballot in November that ensures that Reid becomes the Senate Minority Leader. NO EXCUSES! DO NOT “JUSTIFY” YOUR FAILURE TO REMOVE THIS MAN FROM POWER BY WHINING ABOUT NOT HAVING YOUR “PERFECT” CANDIDATE ON THE BALLOT AS THE NOMINEE OF THE GOP. GROW UP. AMERICA AND YOUR OWN FUTURE ARE AT STAKE! Or perhaps you’d prefer discussing “purity of candidates” while wasting away your remaining years in a gulag.

  11. It is Harry Reid and his fellow Democrats that are STUPID. In FACT they are too STUPID for their or anyone else’s good. They all need to b thrown from office and out off this Nation for their part in allowing that IDIOT Obammy to DESTROY America as he is doing. They also need thrown off a high tower with a noose around their necks for their TREASON which is them letting him DESTROY America.

  12. Google ‘medical deaths’ then tell me you’re happy about being forced into obamacare. Obamacare is pure theft of working peoples’ wealth for the benefit of a corrupt and incompetent medical industry.

    • If deaths due to MD/nurse/hospital error is combined with prescriptive medications it comes closer to being the 2nd leading cause of death in the USA.
      US medicine began to seriously decline once the NAZI MDs who were secreted into the US 1945-1952 via Operation Paper Clip began to infiltrate medical practice in the US. The CIA also had a degrading effect, with the various secretive research programs using psychogenic drugs. Sneaking chemotherapy from Hitler´s health program of the 1930s into US mainstream medicine continues to be harmful. Chemo had a 90-98% premature death rate for Hitler MDs, and it has remained constant in the US, 90-98%, when standard chemotherapy is used. Organ transplant was a development from Dr. Josef Mengele´s experimentation. US medicine has replaced healthy lifestyle and nutrition with “swap out your body organs” with organ transplant.
      Isnt it interesting how impressive the “Oncology Centers” are with the costly but useless machinery which burns flesh and destroys life without defeating cancer ? And, at a very high price ! No wonder that Rockefeller and the feds chose cannabis to scapegoat when whiskey was legalized. Cannabis, when properly used, removes all forms of cancer from the body, with no harmful side-effects.

  13. Our MULTI-BILLION dollar market-priced (Private Health Insurance Industry) system has been milking this turkey for decades. A comprehensive private plan, low deductible runs between $600 – $900/mo. I was quoted over $1,000/mo. for a COBRA for my 27 yr. old son in Feb., 2013 (perfect health, no pre-existing conditions; one of the young invincibles) when he was no longer eligible for coverage on my plan under ACA. Who can afford that??? (But then, my plan has a low deductible and comprehensive coverage… Most private plans that are being canceled because of ACA’ quality standards only cover werewolf attacks, lightening strikes and meteor showers (sarcasm filter- off)!

    Obama was naïve to think that he could appease the massive corporate interest of the private health insurance industry by keeping them as the Health Insurance “exchange” middle men in order to avoid the blood curdling screams from the Wall Street investment industry should anyone think of touching their HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS gravy train. Did he seriously believe that by not cutting them out of ACA they would well up with tears of gratitude or come close to anything that remotely resembles cooperation in return for the grotesque contortions he’s assumed as he’s bent over backwards to protect their continued extracting of the exorbitant premiums they fleece from individuals and businesses every month? The $$$BILLIONS they extract contributes to their hedge fund manager’s take (2% in 20% out) as they invest this fortune on the Wall Street casino, helps to fund the market, granted. But given the dirty tricks they’re playing with individual plan cancelations, and threatening to boycott ACA altogether, leaving those 30-40 million uninsured USA citizens who can’t begin to afford a private plan hang out to dry (liquidate their assets first, of course) to get the public in an uproar, they deserve to be cut out!

    Think maybe their uproar has anything to do with the clause in ACA that states that companies who enter the exchanges to capitalize on the potential $$$ BILLIONS in ACA money must use 80% of that money for (ready for this?) HEALTH CARE (the audacity!!!), not multi-million dollar CEO salaries, Hedge Fund LLC shares, executive teams, consultants, board of directors, sales, not to mention stock shares, currently riding the gravy train of insurance premiums they extract from USA citizens who can afford it, and to hell with those who can’t…

    “The USA is the last holdout with market-priced medical care not only because of any inherent conservative or free market ideology. Rather, as the wealthiest nation that ever existed we are the last ones who can afford it. Switzerland was one of the last advanced economies to abandon market-priced medical care. It is arguably a greater bastion of conservatism than the USA. Switzerland’s women were not granted the right to vote until 1971.”


  14. Excuse me, Harry, but it was the Democrats who made the decision to push the partisan bill thru Congress; it was the Democrats who didn’t think so many things through before the partisan vote; it was the Democrats who decided to push the rollout of the website fully knowing that it wasn’t ready; it was the Democrats who decided to make the enrollment into Obamacare an internet available only option knowing full well that many Americans don’t have computers and don’t know how to use the internet; so it is not the fault of the “stupid” Americans, it’s the fault of the “stupid” Democrats who didn’t think this thru first – but that is NOT something Democrats are known for – thinking first!!!!! Don’t go blaming anyone else for your faults, your defects, your imperfections!!!!! So tired of hearing Democrats blame anyone and everyone else for their failures!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Quite obviously, the stupidity of senate majority Leader Harry Reid, Democrat, is so popular among the coalition of “Hawaii birthers” in the USCongress that they mimic him. It seems to have had the effect of a virus, as it is reflected in the behavior of Feinstein, Pelosi and various others of their ignominy.

  16. So what’s your solution Reid – mandatory brain implants that force compliance – bet you are dreaming of that day.

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