Federal Group Revived to Fight Domestic Terrorism

Well, things have been pretty quiet on the international front for a while (although the freed captives of Gitmo might change that soon), so our never-shrinking, always-growing federal government has decided to revive an internal intelligence group designed to fight domestic terrorism:

The group will coordinate cases that involve Americans who may be spurred to violence for political or prejudicial reasons.


It will include representatives of the FBI, the National Security Division of the Justice Department and the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee, which includes representatives of federal prosecutors.

Great. US Attorney General Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder is supposed to release details on the reconstituted group today, but I imagine very little actual details will be released.

Why is this news? First off, because the American Intelligence community has earned nothing but our distrust over the last few years. And if this particular group has been inactive for the last few years, that has probably been a good thing. If you really want to, you can credit the intelligence community for the relatively small amount of international terrorist attacks since 9/11. But don’t even bother giving credit for the basic non-existence of domestic terrorism in that time. They weren’t even on the job.

Which makes me wonder how much all their efforts really do in stopping international terrorism. It seems like, generally speaking, they have done very little other than intrude into our private lives and waste billions of dollars.

Further, this group fights domestic terrorism. That means you and me. And notice the wording: “. . . coordinate cases that involve Americans who may be spurred to violence for political or prejudicial reasons.” Oh my. May be? Who are they—the Thought Police? Yes. More than likely they are.

This should give you pause. While ostensibly fighting international terrorism, the NSA et al did more damage to your civil rights than has ever been done. Imagine what kind of damage they’ll be doing when they are tasked specifically to fight domestic terrorism. Did I mention that means you and me? God help us.

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  1. They never stop thinking up ways to waste money and be control freaks now do they ? All the while the police state is ever escalated and harming many citizens mostly due to over reactions from the same people who revive this entity and all their minions and forces. Sometime lately it seems freedom is just a distant memory or a relic. The control freaks are very real to be sure !

  2. The ANTI-American terrorists have already accomplished their goal with tsa and dhs.

    The People are treated like livestock, their pedigrees checked and rechecked before they are allowed to proceed.

    The ‘watchful eye’ of the government is always on every Citizen under the pretense of ‘maintaining’ a secure state.

    There are still active cells in this country and have multiplied over the years by crossing the borders, importing whatever they think they will need when they decide to put an end to this nation.

    Remember, mosques are government buildings as well as military installations.

    No “Religion” involved, just a pretense to ‘ease the minds’ of the unwary victims.

  3. We can anticipate massive Constitutional violations with this initiative. Not because of the professional LEOs – but the Obama political appointee criminals who will push it into investigating Obama’s political enemies. If the US Intelligence Community member agencies (outside of the FBI/DOJ/DHS) have any savvy leadership – they will keep their respective agencies far from this task force. If not, Holder and the rest of his ilk will drag the good with the bad down the drain. House investigations can be expected in 2015. Look for Muslims to appear on the task force too . . .

  4. Now this…

    A way to destroy citizens who effectively disagree with the administration.

    2016 can’t come soon enough.

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