Darwinism and Racism: A Short History

It was not until the 18th century that serious attempts were made to systematize racial divisions. Most of these divisions merged pseudo-science and folklore to create a mythos of race that has not yet been fully exterminated, even though mountains and mountains of scientific evidence point to the absolute genetical insignificance of racial distinctions. The idea of “different races” still lives on. And in many ways, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Why did race become such an important concept? There are two theories, both claiming to be scientific, that need to be explored in order to understand the modern distortions of race and the connection between Darwinism and racism.

In the late 18th century, a theory of human racial origins called polygenism started gaining steam. Science, polygenic proponents said, had proven that humans came from distinct roots. In other words, the Adam and Eve story was completely false. Humans, and animals for that matter, didn’t come from a single pair of distant ancestors, but from many distinct pairs (each pair corresponding to a particular color of human, or a particular “breed” of animal). This explanation apparently explained all the variation among animals and men. There was variation because all the animals and humans had different ancestral starting points.

Though polygenism gained a huge following  among scientists and even among some compromising Christians, others started developing, or rather returning to, a radically different theory: monogenism. ((Ironically, this monogenism—separated from macro-evolution—was fully in line with Adam and Eve and Noah’s Ark. Orthodox Christians had been ridiculed in the heyday of polygenism for holding to “superstition” and fables against the rising tide of “science.” Then science came along and re-adopted a monogenic model—but continued to ridicule Christians as “behind the times.”)) Monogenism taught that all animal kinds (including humans) came from single pairs of ancestors. Migration and selective breeding could account for all the variation within species. This theory later came to be explained by “natural selection,” and there is hardly a person on earth now who does not adopt a monogenic model. Yet racism still survives. Why?

It is helpful to understand what polygenism was being used to support: colonialism. It was considered right to subjugate the “lesser” races. According to the imperialist polygenists, other races were inferior, having been spawned from an entirely different, and obviously lesser, pair of ancestors that had failed to achieve any level of civilization. Most polygenists, in spite of evidence to the contrary, even believed that the different races were not able to produce children together.

Darwin’s theories challenged all of this. But they would not have been so readily accepted in England if they had not offered an alternative justification for the subjugation of the “savage” races. In fact, Darwin’s theory went a step further. Polygenism had said that the other races were the children of a different human pair, but that they were capable of achieving equality by being civilized.

Darwinism, on the other hand, said that the other races were inferior because they were closer to lower animals. Polygenism required only civilizational development to bring “inferior” races to the same level of the “superior” ones. Darwinism said no amount of civilization or culture could alter “savages.”  They were biologically fated to be inferior. The Darwinist explanation was even more comforting to imperialists the world over, and it explains why the theory of evolution was so readily adopted by the Western world.

According to Darwin, the “savage” races (which included Africans, aborigines of all continents, and the tribes of South America, among others) were closer to their animal ancestors. Though Darwin himself may have had a personal esteem for those he called “savages,” his writings, especially The Descent of Man, were the basis for a wholesale justification of treating colonized peoples like dangerous animals. Darwinism justified enslaving the strong members of the “savage” races and exterminating the rest. If some races are closer to the animal form, they might not even have souls, right? Darwin surmised:

He who believes in the advancement of man from some lowly-organised form will naturally ask how does this bear on the belief in the immortality of the soul. The barbarous races of man . . . possess no clear belief of this kind; but arguments derived from the primeval beliefs of savages are . . . of little or no avail. Few persons feel any anxiety from the impossibility of determining at what precise period in the development of the individual, from the first trace of the minute germinal vesicle to the child either before or after birth, man becomes an immortal being; and there is no greater cause for anxiety because the period in the gradually ascending organic scale cannot be possibly determined. ((Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man, and selection in relation to sex, 2 vols. (London: John Murray, 1871), 2:395.))

Well, actually, both of those questions have turned out to be very important. Darwin didn’t think they were important perhaps, because he would have been appalled by the modern justifications of abortion-on-demand. To him, exactly when an unborn baby becomes an “immortal being” was  irrelevant, since the unborn certainly deserved all due and civilized protection during their whole course of development. Perhaps he would have extended that same protection to the “savage” races during their whole “development.” But his contemporaries, armed with Darwin’s own theories, were not so accommodating. Darwin certainly foresaw the possibility, perhaps the certainty, of this interpretation:

At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilised races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace, the savage races throughout the world. At the same time the anthropomorphous apes . . . will no doubt be exterminated. The break between man and his nearest allies will then be wider, for it will intervene between man in a more civilised state, as we may hope, even than the Caucasian, and some ape as low as a baboon, instead of as now between the negro or Australian and the gorilla. ((Ibid., 1:201))

Darwinism and racism go hand in hand. This is hardly debatable. It has been well-documented, even by evolutionists (e.g., Stephen Jay Gould) who mourn the prescriptive out-workings of what they believe should remain a wholly descriptive model. American racism, for better or worse, was legitimized and reinforced by Darwinism. And the arguments of American “Social Darwinists” concerning black Americans are entirely based on a causal fallacy resting on the American institution of slavery. More on that here.

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  1. Very informative article. Never put those two together till now.
    Drink down that burn sauce BobE, does it taste good?

  2. Many Christian sects have associated the “curse of Cain” with black skin for over 2,000. The Christian church has long history of racism from slaughtering & enslaving indigenous people in North & South America, Africa as well killing Jews, Muslims & ALL non believers wherever they found them. To call evolution ” pseudo-science” is outrageous & I would LOVE to hear how Christians believe different races came from when I assume that you believe Noah was “white” & lived 3,000 years ago.

    • That may be true how Christians in the past have attributed this “curse of Cain” you speak of. But I have yet to see how that plays into todays Christian defense. Especially since I’ve never heard of actual Christians proposing this. Seems to me the Darwinism principle still remains in effect. If anything, you’re the racist one.

      • stixuits21 So in the future, Christians may feel differently about gay people then they do now, since apparently your beliefs are subject to change at will. Christians who believed in the curse of Cain thought they were interpreting God’s word correctly, but apparently they were wrong. So Christians today could be wrong about gays. I look forward to the day when Christians can put their homophobia away with their racism.

        • Since my beliefs haven’t changed, since I follow the bible which hasn’t changed in almost 2000 years, I don’t see me of approving of the gay lifestyle anytime soon. And idk where you’re getting racsim accusations from.

        • alfromme stixuits21 The curse of Cain being black skin does not come from the Bible; it says no such thing. On the other hand, homosexuality being a sin has solid scriptural support.

        • cyoder alfromme stixuits21 So does divorce, non virgin brides, adultery, working on sunday, sassy children & a host of other things. BTW, Mittens believed that blacks were a “curse of Cain”

        • BobE cyoder alfromme stixuits21  
          BoobE – you’re in over your head once again.  Get out of the foot bath before you drown.

    • Black people are more stuck on race that are white peoples. We can answer ridiculous posts about race or just pass them by. But those who are most affected in their lives by race, is forever lamenting about race. I never think about it unless someone else brings it up.  I f we could allow the subject to die and forget that there people who are not of our race, we would all get along better. Treat all peoples the same not accusing someone constantly about being treated unfairly because of your color. I am more American Indian that anything else and I do not care if others think they are better than the Indian. I cannot figure what the race rage is all about, except heart filled hate.. Those who keep it going on and on about it, are the ones who are causing the problems because this just keeps the hatet alive..
      I cannot help but to wonder the color of boobie, because he is forever attacking others about being racist, people who never even think about the color of another’s’ skin. Is this obsession what make a troll out of him???  Does he ever  tell us to love each other not hate each other?  It is the hate that  he is so good at.. He claims to have read the Bible and he does quote Scriptures but he give us the proof that he does not understand one word that he reads there. He should do more than read and quote it, he needs to study and get the real meaning that GOD intended for HIS people.Scriptures that should be his mainstay can be found in Matthew 22. If the world read, accepted and,understood it, there would be no  trouble, racism or otherwise.

      Matthew 22 37-40-speaking of the commandments we should follow
      37. JESUS said, Thou shalt love the LORD THEY GOD with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
      38. This is the first and great commandment.
      39. And the second is like untoit. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.
      40. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

      To follow these tow commandments we would not have no hate posts here

        • BobE Evermyrtle 
          Bobe your white and you know so much about racism because your best friend is black, your a joke. It’s white people like you that make us minorities think that white people are evil. Thank God when I was in the Air Force I met true decent  white Americans and learned to judge people for who they are, not color and/or race they are. But don’t worry little bobe,
          Jesus Loves White people also, which I guess includes you.

        • elnegron77 BobE Evermyrtle How true. It seems to be human nature to judge other groups by the worst examples, not the best. My son is also in the Air Force and has met and been good friends with people of all races and ethnicities..

        • elnegron77 BobE Evermyrtle I assume you’re black & if that’s the case if you think these tea baggers think of you as anything but a N*GGER you’re fooling yourself!

        • BobE elnegron77 Evermyrtle 
          Bobe that’s one of your problems, you do know what happens when you *ass_u_me*. In your case just you. I’m an American, latin heritage and before you make an @ss if yourself again I’m from PR. I really don’t give a rats @ss what anybody thinks of me. I only have to worry what God thinks of me. I know you won’t admit it but I dealt with plenty of people like you and I would say that your the racist. Also if you go by the original meaning of n*gger, which a lazy slothful person I would say that’s you since you have all this time to go around spreading your hate. The only thing you got going for yourself is that “Jesus Loves You”. I suggest you do some speaking to Him, I’m not talking about religion, religion will do nothing for you but seek Him and you will find Him. You young man desperately need Him.

        • BobE elnegron77 Evermyrtle  
          Vicious lies from a vicious liar.
          If you want to see the real racists look at the democrat party and their programs to keep blacks down.  employment, busted families, enslavement to entitlements and so much more, and the really biggie of putting abortion clinics in black neighborhoods (just look at the stats on black abortions vs. whites and hispanics).

        • Always a Marine BobE elnegron77 Evermyrtle 
          Marine, Bobe could be their poster child. Believe he is one big racist.

        • BobE elnegron77
          Nah, most people in the military learn quickly to judge people by their character, not their race, and there are a lot of us veterans who support the Tea Party.

        • elnegron77 BobE Evermyrtle  I need jesus like I need a hole in the head. Jesus is a myth just like a dozen other suffering saviors that predate jesus but have the exact same story

        • BobE Always a Marine elnegron77 Evermyrtle  
          BoobE, you’re like one of my dogs.  I got her from the shelter and she was just about starved to death.  As time as gone by we’ve found all kinds of problems.  One thing after another blindess, kidney disease, alzheimers.
           Kind of like you, mental deficiencies, moral deficiencies, and now we learn that you have defective eyesight.

      • Evermyrtle  “I cannot help but to wonder the color of boobie”
        Boobies come in lots of colors: pink, brown, black, yellow…

      • cyoder BobE no matter what color Noah was how do Christians believe that his children produced ALL the different races in a matter of only a few thousand years?

        • BobE cyoder  Simple genetics. Where do you think all the various breeds of dogs and cats or the varieties of plants came from? Despite appearances, the differences between races are quite small.

        • Actually, intelligence differences are substantial with most negroids lacking abilities necessary to compete in today’s high tech world.

      • cyoder 
        Good point.  Most pictures we see of Jesus portray him as white.  I don’t think there were many white folks hanging around Bethlehem in those days.

    • BobE  
      Once again BoobE – you’re distorting reality.  Look at the groups propagating “the curse of Cain” they’re mostly cults, or racists hiding under the banner of “christian” in order to propagate their propaganda and advance their agenda, e.g. southern democrats like Robert Byrd.  That was a political and social agenda, not theological.
      And, it’s nothing more than a blatant lie that the Christian church has a long history of slaughtering and enslaving, etc.  Give us a legit source BoobE.  Now, I said “legitimate,” so you can’t reference your colon.
      Calling evolution “pseudo-science” is hardly outrageous.  Is that your defense for a theory that hasn’t been proved in hundreds of years?

        • BobE Always a Marine  
          Well BoobE – you seem to have the attention span of a gnat (necessary to support Dear Leader).  Not long ago I challenged you on your knowledge of “theory” in a number of academic disciplines.
          As I remember, you didn’t have any response. (Now that I think of it – that was your most intelligent response ever)

          As to me being “obviously uneducated” – You’ve posted your academic credentials, I’ll just say, compared to mine, you’re nothing but a novice wannabe.

        • Always a Marine
           Science uses specialized terms that have different meanings than everyday usage. These definitions correspond to the way scientists typically use these terms in the context of their work. Note, especially, that the meaning of “theory” in science is different than the meaning of “theory” in everyday conversation. Fact: In science, an observation that has been repeatedly confirmed and for all practical purposes is accepted as “true.” Truth in science, however, is never final and what is accepted as a fact today may be modified or even discarded tomorrow.Hypothesis: A tentative statement about the natural world leading to deductions that can be tested. If the deductions are verified, the hypothesis is provisionally corroborated. If the deductions are incorrect, the original hypothesis is proved false and must be abandoned or modified. Hypotheses can be used to build more complex inferences and explanations.Law: A descriptive generalization about how some aspect of the natural world behaves under stated circumstances.Theory: In science, a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that can incorporate facts, laws, inferences, and tested hypotheses.

        • BobE Always a Marine  
          I think it was in the 9th grade that I learned that.
          However, I don’t think you understand “theory.”  You’ve copied a definition, but when you use it you confuse it with fact and law.

  3. http://lastresistance.com/author/michael/ YOU are
    ALL scientific evidence PROVE that some races like Africans ARE LESS intelligent than others.  Just LOOK at Africa.  People have been there longer than ANY other place yet they are the most UNCIVLIZED and DEVELOPED!!!  IT is OBVIOUSLY YOU know NOTHING about which you write!!!  Go back to school!  Dropping out in the 3rd grade didn’t do you any good!!!

    • gcalhoun2013 — The writer of this article is simply  a fool who knows nothing about the subject and simply repeats false Marxist propaganda. That races differ in mental ability is one of the best established scientific principles that simply cannot be refuted by anyone who has even a cursory knowledge of the subject.

  4. Because of the many who refuse the truth of the Creation and because the growing number who follow Satan’s lies, GOD allowed another evil to come forth, Darwinism to be born. All who believe and follow are antichrist because it teaches the opposite to the Creation. Even though it has not had a very big hit with the peoples of the world, it has taken it’s place in “the heart of the fools,” dwelling here. We have many who believe and attempt to draw others  into it’s evil following this ridiculous fairy tale.
    Here is an event where the keeper was sleeping along with his prisoners, who were disciples of JESUS CHRIST. He awakens while it was still dark ajnd GOD had miraculously opened he doors of the prison

    Acts 16:27-31
    17. And the keeper of the prison awakened out of his sleep, and seeing the prison doors open. he drew out his sword, adn would have killed himself, supposing the prisoners had fled.
    28. But Paul cried with aloud vice, saying, Do thyself no harm: for we are all here.
    29. Then he called for a light, and sprang in, and came trembling, and fell down befor Pauland Silas,
    30 And brought them out and said, Sirs, what must I do to be saved.

    Acts 16:31 And they said, Believe on the LORD JESUS CHRIST, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.

    • Evermyrtle You keep posting verses from the bible as if any of it were true. Why not quote some verses from Lord of the rings to prove hobbits exist???

      • BobEEvermyrtle 
        BoobE – you wanted verses, here’s the verses I found for your existence:
        “Rumors have swirled for years about the existence of a troll in the Science Center. But popular suspicion was confirmed this Thursday when a
        confused English major wandered into the building and discovered an entire colony of them in the atrium
        huddled around science textbooks.”

        • Always a Marine BobE Evermyrtle  The more you dimwits bash science based upon a 2,000 year old book written by anonymous bronze age goat headers the dumber you appear. Perhaps not on a site like this that’s made for dimwits but to the world in general you’re nothing but the American Taiban

        • BobE Always a Marine Evermyrtle  
          No one here is “bashing science” BoobE.  
          We’re bashing your religion, the worship of evolutionary marxism.

        • BobE Always a Marine Evermyrtle  
          Evolution is godless religion and you are an Obamabot – you are a Marxist.

        • Evolution is a cosmological myth, supported by atheists who cringe at the possibility that there exists something beyond their own feeble minds.

  5. Darwinism and racism – and another connection needs to be made, and that’s with the left’s commitment to the ideology.  The left has long subscribed to this, and all one has to do is to look at our history and what developed through the teaching and practices of Margaret Sanger which continues today in Planned Parenthood.
    The “more benign” manifestation of this was also seen in the beliefs and practices of the progressives.  They indulged their beliefs in “saving” the savage by conquering the “inferior races” e.g. Cuba, the Philippines, etc.
    Those beliefs continue today as liberal elites are on a quest to perfect society (because we’re too stupid to make our own decisions).  Well, thinking about what I just said I have to take my words back when I consider those who voted for Dear Leader.

      • BobE  
        BoobE – you’re on a roll today – that’s two correct statement.  Although, this is another thing you pulled out of your butt.  If you’re honest (that may be impossible) you’ll note that I didn’t say science is an ideology, but that doesn’t matter to a libtard.
        Now, I did say that libtards are committed to darwinism and racism.  Darwinism is nothing more than a theory – and it’s the foundation of an ideology that denies the truth of creationism by divine action.  Lefties like to eliminate God when ever they can because His existence condemns their beliefs and practices.

        • Always a Marine BobE  PLEASE, learn the meaning of the word theory in scientific terms before you continue to sound like a complete MORON! Let’s not forget that Christians were practicing racism for thousands of years before Darwin was even born!

        • BobE Always a Marine  
          BoobE, I know the meaning.  “Theory” isn’t an exotic term, nor does understanding it require specialized knowledge.
          I also have a number of technical, specialized terms in my vocabulary that you wouldn’t know how to spell let alone define. 
          Now, go ahead and reply so you can show that you not only sound like a MORON, but are, in fact a fool.

        • Always a Marine BobE To post Trolls is a lot of fun but it is time wasted. Trolls themselves are a waste to humanity, they add nothing to it but take  away, through ignorance and serving the antichrist.They promote anything evil and to try to get anything through their thick skulls is impossible. But, again if you want to see something funny watch them rear up at the least bit of truth they a re deathly allergic to i.t

        • Always a Marine BobE Yeah but they do not have the foggiest idea that to remove anything about is impossible Everything in the universe will be eliminated EXCEPT WHAT GOD CHOOSES TO SAVE, but get that through his teeny brain, if you you can. I don’t bother to answer his outlandish posts, anymore..

        • BobE Always a Marine  
          BoobE – you clearly don’t understand the word “science” in realistic terms (you got the propaganda and ideology down pat though).

        • Evermyrtle Always a Marine BobE Do you actually believe that a being could create the 500 billion galaxies, each with 900
          billion stars, then rejoice in the smell of burning goat flesh?

        • elnegron77 Exactly the opposite. I don’t believe in god, the easter bunny, tooth fairy, hobbits, vampires, ghosts, or any other superstitions.

        • elnegron77  believing in talking animals, wizards, witches, demons, sticks turning
          into snakes, food falling from the sky, people walking on water, and all sorts
          of magical, absurd and primitive stories deserves to be belittled when you want to run our country bases upon such absurd beliefs

        • elnegron77 If possible, it is best to ignore trolls. They repeat themselves over and over. The same things, actually, not worth repeating. Their GOD is Satan, therefore they are forever putting down our GOD . Their is so small that they cannot FANTHEM understand the power, the greatness of our ALMIGHTY GOD AND HIS SON JESUS CHRIST.

        • elnegron77 I clicked too soon on my post above not getting to correct it. Trolls do not have a clue how powerful our GOD is. HE is the CREATOR  and has kept HIS creation safe for thousands of years. HE will destroy it soon because of the millions of trolls who are trying to destroy it in a different way. They are working to bury it in a morass of evil. The final evil will come when they get the new One World religion recognized by the entire world. This religion is called Chrislam, a corrupted combo of Christianity and Islam. GOD will not allow such evil to exist. HIS WORD tells us what HE is going to do
          2 Peter 3:10-13
          10 But the day of the LORD will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.
          11. Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness.
          12. Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of GOD, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved,  and the elements shall melt with fervent heat
          13.  Nevertheless, we according to HIS promise, look for new heavens and a new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness.
          If you are concerned about where GOD’S people will be read 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18. We will be safe with HIM.

        • BobE elnegron77  
          No BoobE, what deserves to be belittled in those who want to run our country is the rejection of the Declaration, and the Constitution in favor of bankrupt Marxism.

        • BobE Evermyrtle Always a Marine  
          I believe in the omnipotent power of God.
          It’s being put to the test by keeping you out of hell.  (tick tock)

        • Always a Marine BobE elnegron77 That socialist Kenyan is at again! As if over three years of positive jobs growth, more than doubling the Dow, and saving an economy that was tanking into oblivion and shedding almost a million jobs a month weren’t enough, now he’s gone and given this country a gigantic budget surplus in June! Is there anything this man won’t do to ruin our economy? Next thing you know, he’ll be creating tons of new jobs in green energy, or signing a huge comprehensive immigration bill that will add trillions to our economy over ten years. Well, actually he can’t do either of those last parts because thank God the Republicans are in town to stop his aggressive agenda of ruining America’s economy through jobs growth and gargantuan budget surpluses

        • Evermyrtle
          I generally ignore him, most of my post to him is “Jesus Loves You”. But today I have some extra time. : )

        • elnegron77
          There are only two types of
          people: those with lots of intelligence and little religion, and those with
          little intelligence and lots of religion.

        • BobE elnegron77  
          BoobE, get out your handkerchief.  You’re repeating yourself and talking nonsense.  I’m assuming you’re drooling also.

        • BobE elnegron77  
          P.S. BoobE, save yourself some energy from looking for a hanky – go with a bib.

        • BobE Always a Marine elnegron77 
          BoobE.  Here’s a helpful tip.  Collect your posts and put a date on them when posted.  That way you’ll be able to identify used, old, tired material. This is at least the 4th time you’ve repeated this one.  
           Another helpful tip.  While creating this calendar, enter your schedule for taking your meds.  Start with tonight, it’s obvious you’re off your meds and are hallucinating.

        • Always a Marine BobE elnegron77  
          Best tip he has gotten, but you forgot don’t play in traffic or smoke in bed. God forgive me but maybe he’ll make a science project from those tips.

        • Do you actually believe that 500 billion galaxies, each with 900 billion stars, could come to be out of nothing?  You have more faith than science in your philosophy.

        • BobE Always a Marine “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. ” Galatians 3:28
          Doesn’t sound racist to me.
          By the way, I’ve read your explanation of theories in previous posts. It’s nonsense.

        • Princeton tiger Right. Evolutionists rely more on faith than science since much essential evidence has never been found. They have to resort to all sorts of mental contortions to try to explain the lack.

        • elnegron77  I wonder if boobie is among the many, many people know that GOD is the CREATOR and that JESUS CHRIST is HIS SON, who are protesting the truth. That is because they along with their savior Satan they hate them. Satan is the savior who will save them from the everlasting home in heaven, where they would have everything that they will ever need, for the “everlasting fires of hell!”
          James 2:19 Thou believest that there is one GOD; thou doest well; the devils believe, also and tremble.
          Acts 19:15 The evil spirit answered and said, JESUS I know, and Paul I know; but , who are you? This verse proves that the evil too know who our SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST is.

        • Evermyrtle elnegron77 
          Remember that though they have eyes their blind and ears to hear they can’t hear. Just remind him that Jesus Loves Him and let our Lord do the rest.

  6. Invisible Pink Unicorns are
    beings of great spiritual power. We know this because they are capable of being
    invisible and pink at the same time. Like all religions, the Faith of the
    Invisible Pink Unicorns is based upon both logic and faith. We have faith that
    they are pink; we logically know that they are invisible because we can’t see
    them. now, if a person running for president truly believed in Invisible Pink Unicorns would that fact alone be enough to make him unqualified to be president? If not are their ANY beliefs that would?

    • BobE  
      BoobE – Repeat your post during your next psych eval. and let me know the address, I’ll send you a care package because I know you won’t be getting out for a very, very long time.
      Enjoy the long sleeves on your new “members only” jacket.

      • Always a Marine BobE You should not pick up his rotten posts, throw them to the stray dogs, they will appreciate them. Oh heck, the dogs can’t stomach them either.

  7. In the aftermath of George Zimmerman’s acquittal, perhaps the most shocking news is that disgraced celebrity chef Paula Deen is now dating George Zimmerman! Witnesses say Deen met Zimmerman outside the courtroom, where she hugged him and said, “Who’s my favorite little n*gger hunter?

    • BobE  
      BoobE – using an asterisk doesn’t mask your racism.  It’s alive and well among leftists.
      Try real hard to acquire a sense of decency, it might help your sense of humor.  
      It always amazes me how childish leftists are with their “jokes.” (do you giggle like school kids on the playground?)

      • Always a Marine BobE  What’s funny is that a party made up of almost 100% white people call the other party racists! Are you just to stupid to see anything wrong with that picture?

        • Marine:The stupid grades everybody else to be like he is, stupid as dirt. Don’t worry about it, that is normal act of theirs, they can;t seem to be able to think up anything sensible  to say..

        • elnegron77 BobE Always a Marine You actually believe the party of all white people based in the south is the “non racist” party. Can you actually be more detached from reality or are you really that stupid?

        • BobE elnegron77 Always a Marine  
          BoobE – you reveal your racism in the same way your Dear Leader does.  
          The entire socialist democrat party incorporates racism as a tactical decision.  Those tactics involve targeting racial groups, dividing people on the basis of race, and then pandering to those separate groups.  It’s a philosophy in conflict with American principles:  e pluribus unum.
          Since Andrew Jackson’s time, the democrat party has worked against American principles and values.
          Now I know you’re not too stupid to understand these concepts, but you are stupid enough to believe the lie and the repackaged marxism of the progressive democrats.  Actually, intelligence has nothing to do with it – it’s a moral and ethical problem – deficient character and substandard values.

        • BobE elnegron77 Always a Marine  There are racist and fools like you, in the South, int the North, in the East and in the West. No section in the country are free of the fools or of the racist, none have special dibs on any anti-CHRIST insanity, even gross posters like you come from all over but I cannot say that there is any who can hold a candle light to your inbred evil, you are saturated with it.Matt. 25:31 Then shall HE say also unto them on the left hand,”Depart from me ye cursed, into everlasting fire,prepared for the devil and his angels

    • I had no idea there is this evil, this great  in the universe, than boobie writes:

      Job 15:16How much more abominable and filthy is man, which drinketh iniquity like water.
      Job 25:6 how much less man, that is a worm: and the son of man which is a worm

  8. BobEAlways a Marineelnegron77 
    for a moment I thought I had misread you I thought maybe this guy is an
    adult. But after your last few post I’m going back to my original
    diagnoses. You must be 12 or 13, very lonely and believe everything you
    read on the internet that you would like the world to be like. If you
    really believe what you posted about your precious leader your not just a
    child but you must be using drugs.
    Your post about West Side
    Story, as I told you before you know nothing about racism. I experienced
    it, your remark about about intelligence and religion, I’m not
    religious at all as I said before religion does nothing for you. I do
    believe that Jesus died on the cross for me (and YOU) as for
    intelligence my  MOS in the service was a EOD specialist and I “m
    electronics major also (which science is a big part).
    As for you belittling
    Jesus I don’t need to defend Him. Just remember went you meet Him you
    have no excuse plenty of people here have told you about Him. But must
    ask you one thing, if you truly believe that it’s all a fantasy why are
    you so scared that you must try to make yourself superior to everyone
    that believes in Him. and don’t give me the bit about you don’t want us
    running the country.
    I leave you with this, JESUS LOVES YOU BobE……………..

    • elnegron77 BobE Always a Marine The problem with religious people is that they reject science. You simply cannot get around that & it affects the country negatively on a host of different issues

      • BobE elnegron77 Always a Marine  
        Bobe, you truly have issues, you seem to have selective reading. Jump on your pink invisible unicorn and run through the streets warning everyone that the religious people are coming.
        and remember Jesus Loves You BobE……………

        • NoRINO BobE elnegron77 Always a Marine in what way religious people reject science??? In EVERY way! EVERY myth in the bible from genius to Noah, to jesus rejects science

        • BobENoRINOelnegron77Always a Marine@Boobe, The Pope protected and guarantee Galileo’s personal safety during his house arrest, and Galileo was allowed to continue his work.

          Isaac Newton found no conflict with his firm belief in the God of creation ( The Hidden Face of God, 2001, p. 16).
          Many would be surprised to learn that Newton wrote and published more
          works on interpretation of the Bible than on mathematics and physics.
          Flat earth was an unproven theory despite the Bible clearly revealed it was spherical, Isaiah said “He sits enthroned above the CIRCLE of the earth, and its
          people are like grasshoppers. He stretches out the heavens like a
          canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in (40:22). 
          R.Ballard, an acclaimed underwater archaeologist may have found proof of the Biblical flood – ABC News, J.Millman, B.Taylor.
          Boobe, two headed girl Brit and Abby, talking birds and elephantiasis are real, but you would deny their existence for the sake of argument , wouldn’t you ?

        • BobENoRINOelnegron77Always a Marine 
          BoobE – You’re revealing your ignorance once again.  You recently dug up a cheat sheet on scientific terms with their definitions.  Now, I know you don’t really understand the terms and the processes of science, but you’ve got the liturgy of liberal science (so-called) down pat.
          What you call “science” is actually denied by the basic “scientific tenents” preached from the pulpits of evolutionary marxists.  Science could never get to the point of “law” if you start with the premises of “nothingness,” “chance” and “chaos.”
          Science is only possible because of what we know through Divine Revelation.  Christians elevate science (but you wouldn’t know anything about that), and even sing songs about the wonders of creation – and the Creator.
          Oh Lord my God
          When I in awesome wonder
          Consider all the works
          Thy hands have made
          I see the stars
          I hear the rolling thunder
          Thy power throughout
          The universe displayed
          Then sings my soul
          My Savior, God, to Thee
          How great thou art
          How great thou art

        • BobE NoRINO elnegron77 Always a Marine  
          BoobE, your link exposes the false nature of what you call “science.”
          It also reveals the purpose – a false religion attempting to discredit the One True God.  
          Your attempt to be an undercover cultist is vain because all you say and put forward reveals your commitment to evolutionary Marxism.

        • BobE NoRINO elnegron77 Always a Marine 
          Bobe you keep your religion of what you call science and I”l keep believing in Jesus. If Jesus is a fantasy you have nothing to worry about, fantasies can’t hurt you. But I’ll always remind you that
          My Fantasy Jesus, Loves You BobE………..

        • BobE NoRINO elnegron77 Always a Marine 

          Only a complete “Idiot” would buy into that nonsense . . . as the existance of Jesus is well documented by Roman History, J*wish History and the New Testament.  No SANE person ever denied this Boob . . . until you . . . 

          Reality is we know much more about the Person Jesus than we know about our Current Occupant of the White House . . . why do you suppose that is Boob ? ? ? ?

        • Dale left coast BobE NoRINO elnegron77 Always a Marine 
          Dale, unfortunately there are many out there that think like Bobe. Bobe is just so scared that he may be wrong that he wants “everyone” to agree with him.

        • Always a Marine BobE NoRINO elnegron77 You actually read something the boobie promoted????? Not me, I would not touch it with a 30 foot pole!!!! I would know that is was some kind of evil and I see far too much of it, already.

        • Evermyrtle Always a Marine BobE NoRINO elnegron77  
          No Evermyrtle, I didn’t read BoobE’s link.  My comment was based solely on the words in the link.  It told me what it was about and that was enough.

          I won’t waste me time on the trash he wants me to read or view.  I’ve heard it all too many times.

      • BobE elnegron77 Always a Marine  
        BoobE – once again, you’re living out a movie script – stupid is, as stupid does.
        Where Christianity and science part ways isn’t on the basis of science.  
        It’s usually on the basis of morality and ethics.  Liberals aren’t guided by higher principles as they have no objective, authoritative standard.  Their entire life is on a slippery slope.

      • BobE elnegron77 Always a Marine Quite untrue. For many centuries, most scientific discoveries were made by Bible-believing Christians.

  9. Can someone explain to me how anyone could possibly believe that the GOP which is made up white people living in the south could be the “non racist” party?

    • BobE 
      Well, for starters, go thru the election results of every state above the Mason-Dixon line, and you’re going to find even in blue states that the Democrats won that somewhere between 40-49% of the voters voted for the GOP candidate.  That’s a whole lotta folks who don’t live in the South.

      • jeffmiller47 BobE He hates the South because there are more of the Conservative Christians here, and because we went conservative in the elections. The only thing he hates worse is GOD AND HIS SON JESUS CHRIST. Why is that do you suppose? He is lying when he pretends that he does not believe in THEM. Who did you ever see that fight, what they think is fairies or just shadows, which he constantly calls our SAVIOR. He is lying through his teeth. He proves it when he claims he is fight shadows. You simply do not fight things that you do not believe is there to fight.  HE BELIEVES and hate them because they are the complete opposite of boobie.. 
        Proverbs 1:7 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge,  but fools despise wisdom and instruction. 
        Proverbs 8:13 The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth do I hate.

        Proverbs 12:1 Who’s loveth instruction loveth knowledge: but he that hateth reproof is brutish.”
        Proverbs 12:22 Lying lips are abomination to the LORD:  but they that deal truly are HIS delight.

        John 7:7 The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil.

        • Evermyrtle jeffmiller47 
          You know, it doesn’t make much of an impact to quote the bible when I believe it was written by people who wanted to discourage people from thinking for themselves so the writers would have more power over them.

        • jeffmiller47 Evermyrtle I don’t understand exactly, what you are saying. Are you saying that you do not believe the Bible is the WORD OF GOD, but is something written by a bunch of mind controlling people? Even if it should be possible  that this could be true, which it is not, just look at the difference in the people who believe in it and those who do not.  Most people who believe in this WORD OF GOD strive to keep the scripture in Matt 22:36-40 as our guide in living a life that is described in HOS WORD. We do not hate others, instead we help each other at every opportunity, we do not believe in violence, we do not believe that it is our right to force our thoughts nor our beliefs on others, we do not call others any ridiculous name we can think of or ridicule, we do not commit murder, steal, or tell outrageous lies to get our point across. We express our beliefs and give other the right to choose to believe or not to believe.We know that GOD gives us the right to live according to “HIS WORD” or to live according to the world, which is the way of Satan. We believe that HE will give us an everlasting home in heaven. 
          Most  of those who do not believe in HIS WORD, or the unbelievers, go through life taking what they want not making any difference how they do it. We do our best to show others our love for them, what we believe and why we believe it,  which will give the unbelievers the opportunity to gain this everlasting home in heaven., instead the life in Hell.  You can look read the posts of most of those who believe it is all a crock and follow the things they write and see such a difference in   the way they live and treat others. Of course all who claim to be Christians are not really Christian nor are all non-believers live with hate filling their hearts. Christians entire belief and life is wrapped up in this Matthew 22:36-40
          36. MASTER, which is athe great commandment in the law?
          37. JESUS said unto him, Thou shalt love the LORD TH GOD with all thy heart and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind
          38. This is the first and great commandment.
          38. This is the first and great commandment.
          39. And the second is like unto it.Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. (Of course meaning all peoples)
          40. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

        • Jeff, You are right in one thing, quoting Scriptures will make little difference in what unbelievers believe. BUT if one person is bought to the SAVIOR  out of my thousands of posts, my time and my work has not been wasted. because a person is saved from the “lake of fire,” and I do write with the hope that someone, some time will change from an unbeliever to a  believer. This is my hope
          HOPE: For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope:for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for: But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it. Romans 8:24-25
          Deliver me, O my GOD, out of the hand of the wicked, out of the hand of the unrighteous and cruel man. For thou art my hope, O LORD GOD: thou art m trust from my youth. Psalm 71:4-5
          I wait for the LORD, my soul doth wait , and in  HIS WORD do I  hope. Psalm 130:5


        • jeffmiller47 Evermyrtle  
          Quoting the Bible isn’t diminished or dependent on the receiver of the communication.  
          Similarly, disseminating the philosophy of unbelief has no impact on those who know the truth.
          To say that the Bible was written to keep people from thinking for themselves demonstrates substantial ignorance of the focus and claims of the Bible and it’s emphasis on truth, discovering truth, learning truth and incorporating truth into your life.
          I’ve always been amused by this particular argument – it’s probably been repeated a million times, so often it is cliche and trite – it’s a stock line – when repeated it testifies to people who don’t think for themselves.

        • Evermyrtle 
          Yep, that’s pretty much what I’m saying.  God has never written or spoken a word.  People have dreams and inspirations and call them “being spoken to by God,” but I’ve had a lot of wierd dreams, too.  But I wake up and realize they didn’t really happen.
          Give me money, give me food, or give me a sacrificial virgin, and I can tell you what God Commands you to do, too!
          I’m not saying that the lot of the guidelines for how to live life don’t make a lot of sense, but a lot of them are downright silly, too.
          And how do you know, “Jesus said unto him…”??  Because some man told you so in his book.

        • Evermyrtle 
          As I wrote in an earlier post, if I substitute “love” for “God”, Jesus’ first commandment makes a lot of sense.  His second one does, too.  Both are rational ways for societies to live; neither requires blind obedience; and neither requires checking your God-given ability to Reason at the door.

        • Always a Marine jeffmiller47 Evermyrtle 
          Jeff, when I said that I would not quote scripture to you it was not because I do not believe the Bible, but because a person will never understand the Bible if  they don’t have a personal relationship with Christ our Lord.
          Can you replace the word God with the word Love, big maybe but only because God is the essence of Love. God so Loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting Life.
          As someone else had posted the Bible is God’s Book (of) Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Again I pray that you would find that personal relationship with God and that He would make His word (The Bible) real to you.

        • jeffmiller47 Evermyrtle  
          There is no such thing as “blind obedience,” neither does it require neglecting your ability to reason.  In fact, God calls us to “reason together.”
          This is where what some people call “reason” fails – it’s based on the fallible, corrupted thoughts of men.  That foundation is often further corrupted by pride, arrogance and ignorance.

        • jeffmiller47 Evermyrtle 
          How do you know and learn things, Jeff? Do you read books? Do you study books, or have you too received a special revelation?

        • jeffmiller47 Evermyrtle GOD spoke the WORD and many wrote what HE said.. HE dictated the WORD, therefore the WORD is HIS

        • Evermyrtle jeffmiller47 BobE I don’t hate the south. Actually New Orleans is one of my favorite cities (at least around Halloween) but lets face facts. The south is filled with Christian racists that have ALWAYS stood in the way of social progress

        • BobE Evermyrtle jeffmiller47 The troll has spoken, as trolls do speak!! Without a lick of sense or truth. A perfect description of a troll.

        • BobE Evermyrtle jeffmiller47  
          Why BoobE, be careful, your racist bigotry is showing.  
          My bet is what you call “social progress” has something to do with perversion.

    • BobE Even in the precincts up North where Obama got the votes of 110% of the registered voters, there were Republicans who sat out the election.


        • BobE  
          That-a-way BoobE – show your hostility for Constitutional gov’t, and the protection of individual rights in favor of socialism, living off the gov’t teat, big brother watching over your subservient butt, and telling you what to believe.
          Those are obviously your beliefs.

        • BobEAmerica today has its FIRST “racist” president since Woodrow Wilson . . . the man that Segregated the Army back in the day.Before this is over . . . the hysterical racist LEFT will add many more folks to the death toll . . . their inane posturing and outrageous lies are ALL about keeping the minority communities on the Dimmicrap Plantation where they are controlled, dependent and ignorant of any reality or facts ! ! !

        • BobE 
          Let’s see … I’m pro gay rights, pro drug legalizatiztition, favor a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens, and believe that Christians should use eloquence and persuasion, but not the force of government to promote their faith.  I am of the libertarian wing of the GOP who abhors the notion of wealth redistribution and paying people not to work, which discourages self-reliance independence, and freedom, so I could never, under any circumstances, support a Democrat.  I’m angry at people who don’t think the out of control national debt is a problem and think we can spend our way out debt, the same people who think we can pile more regulations and benefit mandates on job creators and employers then can’t figure out why they aren’t hiring anyone.  And I’m angry at people who think my 99.75%ile IQ qualifies me as an idiot.
          What about my beliefs would you like to debate?

        • Always a Marine
          I was a truck driver hauling Coors beer all over the country back in 2008. I was checking out a load when the nice black lady at the guard shack asked me if I was going to vote for Obama.
          “With all due respect, ma’am,” I replied, “I spent three years of my life fighting Communists. I’ll be damned if I’m going to vote for one.”
          She said, “Obama ain’t no Communist!”
          I replied, “You wait and watch.”

        • jeffmiller47 BobE 
          Give time to look around the internet, he’ll find something to debate you about. If can call it debate.

        • jeffmiller47 elnegron77 BobE 
          Jeff, I liked your post because it was honest and respectful. I don’t think that we should force our believes on everyone we meet. As for myself I always considered myself a Democrat but have found myself voting Republican in the last 30 years because I believe the Democrats are what they use to be or maybe I grew up. Anyway I don’t believe in religion, it does nothing for you. But I do believe that Jesus died for us and I also believe that the Bible is God’s word for mankind.

        • jeffmiller47 BobE Well for one thing in June this country posted the biggest budget surplus in the nations history

        • jeffmiller47 Always a Marine You may wanna look up the word Communist because you clearly do not understand what it means,

        • jeffmiller47 Always a Marine  
          I hear you on that Jeff and salute you for your service.
          I’m old enough to remember the commies invasion of Hungary so that’s when it first registered in my mind that they were the enemy of freedom.
          Then, like you, later in life I saw the evil of communism first hand in Vietnam.  I also saw the evil of the left and the democrat party during that time as they marched down the streets of America carrying the NVA and VC flags. 
          The only change leftists & dems have made is that they have gotten worse.  They are our most dangerous threat.

        • BobE jeffmiller47  
          How silly can you be BoobE.  A budget surplus doesn’t mean squat when we owe $17 trillion in debt and an astronomical amount for the unfunded liabilities.
          You sound like a typical democrat on welfare – empty fridge, beer’s all gone, electric and water ain’t paid – ain’t got squat, but then the check comes in – “oooh weee! Sugar, we got a surplus, let’s get to the liquor store before it closes.”

        • Always a Marine BobE jeffmiller47 
          Marine, he doesn’t understand budgets and debts. His father gave him a bunch of money. Oops I meant he father gives him an allowance.
          As for your 2nd paragraph he’s hoping he will have that when he grows up.

        • BobE 
          I absolutely know what Communism means.  What you don’t understand is the Socialism is a precursor to Communism, which is the ultimate objective.

        • BobE elnegron77 Always a Marine jeffmiller47  
          Sure do BoobE.  Why, do you need some help?
            Lefties have some strange concepts – like Pelosi’s plan to get our economy humming by unemployment payments.  She said every dollar spent brings back 3-5.  
          Or, think of Commie Obamie’s plan when he said we are going to “spend our way out of debt.”
          Now, in my Economics 101 the prof told us all, “don’t ever vote for a democrat, they think money is free and unlimited – never trust a socialist with your money, they think it’s theirs.”

        • BobE elnegron77 Always a Marine jeffmiller47 
          Bobe, I’m going make this very simple for you. You have 3 apples, you give them to your friend because he did your homework. You go out and do some chores and get 5 apples, but then your friend reminds you that you owe him 15 apples for doing your homework in the past. Do you really think you have 5 apples?
          Jesus Loves You BobE……….

        • elnegron77 
          I actually stood atop the pitching mound at a Billy Graham Revival at Mile High Stadium in Denver to make my commitment.  I wanted it to work, but I just couldn’t make it stick.
          I do believe the Christian ethic of treating others as you would want them to treat you is the only rational way for a society to endure, because all other societies eventually kill each other off.  But I had to ask myself, “Do I honestly believe there was a virgin birth and a Resurrecton, or that there will be a Second Coming, and a life after death?”  I had to answer, “No, I don’t really believe any of that.”  If there is a God, His Laws must be the Laws of Nature, so there can be no contradiction between religion and science. 
          That which does not occur in nature cannot be true.

        • jeffmiller47 elnegron77  
          I would just say two things, by definition God is above nature.  You can talk about a number of attributes at this point, but the Creator is greater than the creation.
          Then (not contradictory) – the “fingerprint” of God is all over His creation, order, complexity, inexplicable intangibles in many things, but just pointing out one – the nature of man.

        • BobE
          I not only understand Economics 101, I understand the courses that come after that, since it was my major (along with Finance), and I’ve been studying Economics and Markets for 40 years since. Would you like for me to explain where Paul Krugman is wrong?

        • Always a Marine
          “by definition God is above nature.” Yes, that’s the theory. But if God created the heavens and the earth as Gensis claims, why would he create such a wonderful and complex interaction of forces we know as the laws of nature (physics, math, etc) that contradicts His Word?
          I’m thinking that the bible is a test. It’s a test to determine whether you place your faith in the speculations, suspicions,superstitions and biases of the relatively uneducated men who wrote the bible over 2000 years ago, or if you place your faith in your God-given ability to reason.
          God has never written a book or spoken a word.  He works thru the hearts minds of fallable men.  Every book ever written has, to some degree, the influence of God on the writer’s conscience and the influence of the author’s own fallabilities.  God gave you the ability to sort out the difference.
          If you place your faith in the bible over the ability to reason, you flunk the test.

        • jeffmiller47 Always a Marine  
          As to why He created the complex interaction of forces, I don’t know except that was His design and it pleased Him.  I don’t see how any of the disciplines you mentioned contradict His word.  As I see it, they are in harmony and show His nature and handiwork.  If this question remains important to me in heaven, I’ll ask Him.

          Contrary to your assertions – some of those who wrote books of the Bible were learned.  And, even if a person was not highly educated it does not automatically cast him into the realm of operating on the basis of suspicions, superstitions, etc.  
          I’ve known farmers and ranchers who have wisdom head and shoulders above university professors.  Similarly, a high percentage of those idolized by the left as “the intelligencia” have seldom been correct in their predictions and wouldn’t know how to use a door unless it was labeled “push.”
          Now, your claim that God has never written a book or spoken a word is in no way truthful, it is completely erroneous and is a rejection of the words he has spoken and shows unfamiliarity with God’s description of what the Bible is, and how it came to be written.
          Reason is only in conflict with the Word of God when it’s misused.  God created us with the ability to reason in order to know Him.  Reason can be perverted and used as an excuse or justification for unbelief, e.g. Thomas Paine’s “Age of Reason.”

        • jeffmiller47 Always a Marine  
          GOD is the CREATOR of the universe and all that  is in it.  HE did not create the world’s laws and rules. All of HIS laws and rules are contained in HIS WORD know as the BIBLE. HE gave man rule of the earth. Man has failed HIM so badly that HE has already destroyed in this world, completely,one time.(Man was so evil we had to make out own rules and regulations that were not  needed but actually against HIS laws.)  Could anyone think that HE made the evil so that HE could destroy in? HE gave us free choice and that is where the problem comes in. The human race is weak and want to “do it’s own thing. ”  We are a little like children, we want what we want when we want to do it, we do not care what GOD thinks.

          All things evil was created by man, evil man.  How could anybody, in any instance believe that GOD created homosexuality and or sex between man and beast?This evil is why HE destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah  He created man and gave him a mind and heart which was supposed to work together for HIS people. If he had made us to depend totally by what HE says we should, by force, we would be robots HE gave us the freedom to choose to live for HIM or for the evils of  Satan. Like this we have the opportunity to live everlasting life in heaven, which we would not have, if we were robots.

          Long before HE created the world HE had cast out the evil Satan out of heaven because of his evil attempts in trying to get control of heaven over GOD.
          HE created man and man became evil because of a lack of love, will, and endurance to live for HIM. GOD’S people are weak and fail because we sin, also. The difference we repent and a live a life striving to live according to HIS WILL. We do not sin against HIM deliberately .Our lives are a continuous struggle to serve against all of the roadblocks that Satan throws in front of us.WE give all of our problems to HIM as we talk to HIM in prayer. 

        • jeffmiller47 BobE I would suggest you look at the GOP farm bill & tell yourself you  abhors the notion of wealth redistribution and paying people not to work, which discourages self-reliance independence, and freedom

        • Evermyrtle jeffmiller47 Always a Marine 
          Jeff, I have been thinking of you since you told me the other day that you had accepted Jesus at a Billy Graham Revival. I don’t know what happened that has caused you to feel how you do now and I will not quote Bible verses to you. But I will tell you that when I lost my son I was really angry at God and people would quote verses and tell me that I wasn’t trusting God, I even had one person tell me that I should not cry because I was a man. I finally found peace when I spent time alone with God and telling Him just how I felt. Believe me some it I would not repeat. I have learned not to look up to men but trust only in God. As for religion it does nothing for you, what you need is a personal relationship with God.
          I hope that you would open your heart and listen to that voice that called you that day at Mile High Stadium. God I pray for Jeff that you would speak to his heart and Lord please make Your word come alive to Him that he would come to know You like never before.
          God Bless You Jeff……..

        • BobE 
          We agree on the Farm Bill.  Just because I vote  GOP as the lesser of evils doesn’t mean I agree with everything the GOP agrees to pass.

        • elnegron77
          I’ve mused from time to time that if you replace the word “God” in the bible with the word “love,” It begins to make more sense, at least to me.  Love is a spiritual force that I can recognize, but we try to personify is as “God” and give it human qualities.
          I kind of think of myself as a “Jeffersonian Christian.”  In his letter to Benjamin Rush, Jefferson wrote, “I am a Christian in the only sense I believe he would have wanted me to be, dedicated to the precepts of His teachings and believing Him to have the most perfect of human qualities, while never claiming any other.”
          Did Jesus ever say that the bible was the Word of God?  Of course not.  It wasn’t written until decades after his death.  In fact, most of the Christian religion is based on the New Testament, over half of which was written by Paul, the one apostle who never knew Jesus.  Much of Paul’s teaching contradicts Jesus’ teaching.

        • Always a Marine
          ” If this question remains important to me in heaven, I’ll ask Him.”
          You do that, and be sure to report back what He says.  You’ll be the first.

        • Always a Marine jeffmiller47
          “Now, your claim that God has never written a book or spoken a word is in no way truthful, it is completely erroneous and is a rejection of the words he has spoken and shows unfamiliarity with God’s description of what the Bible is, and how it came to be written.”
          You know nothing of the source of the words of the bible other than what the men who wrote it have told you, or what clergy have told you.  You have never seen a single word that God wrote. You accept it as God’s word on faith, without proof.

        • jeffmiller47 elnegron77 “Did Jesus ever say that the bible was the Word of God?”
          Yes, when speaking of the OT.
          “It wasn’t written until decades after his death. ”
          Irrelevant, since it was written by those who knew His teachings intimately
          “Much of Paul’s teaching contradicts Jesus’ teaching.”
          Untrue. Those who make this claim tend to deny that Jesus said many of the things the Gospels quote Him as saying. Besides, the NT writers who traveled with Jesus commended Paul and his writings.

        • jeffmiller47 Always a Marine  
          I know everything that has been revealed about the source of the words of the Bible.  I accept the words of the men have written it – period.  Their testimony has been corroborated in a number of ways that take it beyond doubt.  “Divine Inspiration” describes the method, the quality and nature of God’s Word.

          That you would simply discard the testimony of the men who wrote the word of God, and those who can attest to their work, and the corroboration through history and experience is without merit.  These men were there, and you weren’t.  I’ll take the word of those who walked with Jesus, witnessed what can’t be honestly discredited.
          Similarly, you say that I accept the Word on faith, without proof.  Right in only one aspect.  Certainly, I trust the Word, however, there are (to use biblical terms) “many infallible proofs.”

        • jeffmiller47 elnegron77  
          Oh but Jesus did.
          Writing a book on the life and times of any person years, or even decades after someone lived hardly invalidates the truth of that person’s life and work.
          The Christian religion is based on ALL the Word of God, and none of Paul’s teaching contradicts the teaching of Jesus.  Jesus wrote it through Paul.  God doesn’t deny or contradict Himself.

        • jeffmiller47 Always a Marine  
          Sorry, can’t report back.  According to Scripture there’s a great gulf fixed between the two.

        • jeffmiller47 elnegron77 The Bible became the Bible when all of GOD’S  different writings were put together and called a book or the Bible  BUT these writ tings go all the way back to the beginning of time. Only the non-believers, for some reason, cannot understand this. I have heard this misinformation so many times and likely will hear it time and again. Is it because they do not listen or what is the problem that this simple fact cannot be understood. 
          GOD from the very beginning knew exactly what  is going on today and HE knows exactly when HE will put an end to it all and create a new heaven and a new earth. Revelation 21:1-2 
          1. And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.
          This is revelation of the Apostle John when he was an old man living on the  Ilse  of Patmos.You can alps go to 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 to what will occur before the New Heavens and the New Earth appears. 
          There are many Christians on these sites trying to explain HIS WORD to those who do not understand it and hope to be able to get others to know exactly how wonderful or SAVIOR who gave HIS life so that we could be saved. We will live with HIM in heaven forevermore, all who accept the fact that HE IS THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD AND IS OUR SAVIOR.

        • Always a Marine jeffmiller47 elnegron77 
          Google “Paul vs Jesus.”  Much has been written about the many contradictions.

        • Always a Marine
          Fix Reason firmly in her seat, and call to her tribunal every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve the homage of reason than of blindfolded fear. … Do not be frightened from this inquiry by any fear of its consequences. If it end in a belief that there is no God, you will find incitements to virtue in the comfort and pleasantness you feel in its exercise and in the love of others which it will procure for you. — (Jefferson’s Works, Vol. ii., p. 217)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Jefferson_and_religion#cite_note-34

        • jeffmiller47 Evermyrtle  
          That’s a question revealing one of two shortcomings, ignorance of the Bible, or an attempt to subvert the integrity of the Bible.
          You decide.

        • jeffmiller47 Always a Marine elnegron77 
          I have no need to – I’ve read too much of that garbage.  
          I’m familiar and well-versed with the attacks on the Bible by the detractors of the Word and their pseudo scholarship.
          Knowing the errors of their arguments is enough.  There’s no need to repeatedly slog through polluted waters.

        • Evermyrtle jeffmiller47 elnegron77 
          Evermyrtle, as I have said, one will not understand God’s word if they don’t have a personal relationship with God. The Bible will only be a book with Jesus on the inside.

        • elnegron77 Evermyrtle jeffmiller47 Always a Marine A wonderful truth filled post, and I know where you are coming from your pain of losing a child, how sometime the pain is so great we wonder why GOD allowed it. BUT GOD never fails us or allows horrible event like this one without a reason, a reason that only HE can understand but we who love HIM and trust HIM know the reason is great and wonderful thing, that will bear fruit. If we trust HIM HE will always help us work our way through such a tragedy.

        • jeffmiller47 elnegron77 Replacin GOD’s name with “LOVE” is very natural because that is what GOD is, just plain LOVE.If HE did not have such a great LOVE for HIS people HE would have destroyed the universe that HE created. Actually HE will destroy it when HE can no longer bare the evil that the peoples of the world are creating.HE has listed in “HIS WORD” many proofs that is what HE will do. Read Thessalonians 4:13-18 events that will occur just before HE  destroys the earth.

        • jeffmiller47 Always a Marine 
          Jeff, I would not trust wikipedia as a source of true information. Notice top right were anyone can edit. Again I tell you that without God you will never understand the Bible, God’s Word.

        • cyoder jeffmiller47 elnegron77  Very true but even though the Bible, which is from many different writers from the very beginning, thousands of years ago are included in it, was put together in a book after the death of JESUS  What I am truing to say is, these different writers included, Moses. Joshua, David, Isaac, Jeremiah, Daniel, Zachariah and others were collected and a book was made calling it the “BIBLE.” These writings were the ‘WORD OF GOD”  as He gave it to the different ones  of HIS prophets and included them in that “BOOK”

        • Always a Marine jeffmiller47 Evermyrtle 
          It’s not ignorance; I’ve studied the bible extensively for decades.  You may consider questioning the integrity of the men who wrote the bible a “shortcoming,” but I don’t.

        • Always a Marine jeffmiller47 elnegron77 
          You have no need to read the specifics of what Paul taught that directly contradicted what Jesus taught?  That intellectually dishonest.

        • jeffmiller47 Always a Marine elnegron77 I have studied the Bible extensively, also and have found  not one instance where Paul contradicted JESUS CHRIST.  Please give me a listing that agrees with you,I

        • jeffmiller47 Always a Marine Evermyrtle 
          Jeff, I’m afraid you studied the Bible with logic instead of your heart and asking God to make it real to you. I pray that God would open you eyes and ears so that you truly get get to know Him. God Bless……

        • jeffmiller47 Always a Marine elnegron77 The only written WORD that is infallible is the WORD OF GOD.  No,  HE did not take a pen and write it, HE did, what the boss of any large company does in dictating what he wants to go out,  to his hireling, GOD dictated to HIS prophets and these letters were HIS LETTERS, making the Bible, HIS WORD.  
          Are you deliberately obtuse does it come naturally? If it is deliberation, you should know the WORD OF GOD is the last thing that you should want to ridicule.

        • elnegron77 jeffmiller47 Always a Marine Evermyrtle 
          Now, why in God’s name would I be given a brain with the ability to reason logically if God didn’t expect me to use it?

        • Evermyrtle jeffmiller47 Always a Marine elnegron77 
          I’ve never read a word that God wrote, so I’ve never criticized God’s Word.  I often criticize man’s word.

        • Always a Marine jeffmiller47 elnegron77 
          So you would agree that if the Creator is greater than the creation, then the laws of nature (math, physics, chemistry, etc. — the stuff that science is made of) would have to be God’s creation, ergo, there can be no contradiction between science and religion.

        • jeffmiller47 elnegron77 Always a Marine Evermyrtle 
          Jeff, your starting to sound like another individual on this site that goes by “BobE”. Some day you will be able to make your case with God. God Bless, its been nice chatting with you.

        • Always a Marine jeffmiller47 elnegron77 
          To follow up on that, if there can be no contradiction between a God-created system of laws of nature, where religion comes into conflict with science, it must be man’s interpretation of religion that is wrong.

        • jeffmiller47 Always a Marine elnegron77  
          That’s not what I said.  
          Attributing your manufactured words to me in order to launch a slander is where the dishonesty actually lies. 
          And I’ll drop the word “intellectually” as it applies to your post – it’s just plain dishonest.

        • elnegron77 jeffmiller47 Always a Marine Evermyrtle  
          I’ll disagree with the statement that Jeff is studying with logic.  Everyone ought to employ logic in reading the text of the Bible – following the rules of grammar and interpretation.  Otherwise it would be illogical and chaotic.
          The deniers of the infallible Word of God study God’s Holy Word looking for supposed inconsistencies in order to buttress their unbelief and disobedience to God.   It is purposeful, active subversion of God’s Revelation.

        • jeffmiller47 Always a Marine Evermyrtle  
          Reading doesn’t equate to understanding.
          Questioning the integrity of the authors after learning of their character and Jesus’ attestation to their veracity morphs into questioning the truthfulness of Jesus.

        • Always a Marine jeffmiller47 Evermyrtle It might help if we even know who the authors were!!! Which we DON”T!

        • Always a Marine jeffmiller47 Evermyrtle
          You’ve never met the authors.  All you know of their character is what they told you.
          You all start with the premise that the bible is the Word of God, because that’s what the writers of the bible told you to think it is. What if it isn’t. What if using your God-given ability to think IS obedience to God, by shunning imposters who merely claim to represent God? There have been many impostors since.

        • jeffmiller47 elnegron77 Always a Marine Evermyrtle 
          Once again, another disengenuous post.  No one claims you’re not supposed to use reason.
          I responded to this line earlier with what God said about reasoning.

        • elnegron77 jeffmiller47 Always a Marine Evermyrtle  
          He introduced himself by bragging about his intellect.
          I knew what was to expect.  I’ve seen it many, many times.

        • jeffmiller47 Always a Marine elnegron77 Religion is not in conflict with science, it is in conflict with man’s interpretation  of science, something that is constantly changing as knowledge of it changes.

        • Always a Marine elnegron77 jeffmiller47 Evermyrtle 
          Marine, I’m not talking the logic of grammar and interpretation. Their logic is more like a computerize logic. As in a AND Gate, when both inputs are 1’s the output is 1’s. With God 1 day is a thousand years and a thousand years is a day. That is not logical to them therefore they cannot comprehend.

        • Always a Marine jeffmiller47 Evermyrtle 
          Say what?  You’re telling me that Jesus testified to the veracity of Paul, who he never knew … the Paul who wrote half of the NT … and to the veracity of what the other apostles wrote 30-50 years after his death? 
          Do you ever think about what you say?

        • jeffmiller47Always a MarineEvermyrtle 
          Of course I think about what I say.  Jesus is eternal God.  He knew each of us when we were yet in our mother’s womb.
          He told us that all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and that holy men of God and “the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.”
          The first reference tells us that the Scriptures were literally “God breathed” and the second that the writers of Scripture were carried along by the Spirit.
          Now, what I’ve written here for you is not me telling you that Jesus testified to the veracity of Paul (and all authors of Scripture), it’s Jesus testifying to the inerrant, infallible Word of God.

        • elnegron77 Always a Marine jeffmiller47 Evermyrtle
          “With God 1 day is a thousand years and a thousand years is a day. ”
          Make that a billion and we can play in the same ballpark.

        • elnegron77Always a Marinejeffmiller47Evermyrtle
          YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!!! These trolls know nothing whatsoever about the “WORD OF GOD!”  It make them feel smart to cut us down, ridicule and critize, most of all they like to show just how ignorant they are. It is far better not even answer them.

          Psalm 14:1The fool hath said in his heart, there is no GOD. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.
          Psalm 1:7 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools hate knowledge

           Psalm 10:8The wise in heart sill receive commandments: but a prating foo shall fall.

          GOD Bless You!

        • Always a Marine jeffmiller47 Evermyrtle Don’t try to explain anything to Jeffie. He is just another troll who has joined us in the fight between good and evil. They would like nothing better getting these sites shut down so that Christians can not blog about our faith in GOD and HIS SON JESUS CHRIST. At least  I think he is new, he may be one of the old ones come back with a new name and try to get a great evil to going, better than when on here before. There is no end of the evil that they are willing to project.
          Isaiah 53 1-7 scriptures that all Christians are familiar with  and love. It is the promise of the coming of JESUS CHRIST many years later, as well fortelling how the world would hate HIM

          1. Who hath believed our report: and to whom is the arm of the LORD revealed?
          2. For HE shall grow up before HIM as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: HE hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see HIM, there is no beauty that we should desire HIM.
          3. HE is despised and rejected of me; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we his as it were our faces from HIM ; HE was despised, and we esteemed HIM not.
          4. Surely HE hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows; yet we did esteem HIM stricken, smitten of GOD and afflicted.
          5. But HE was wounded for our transgressions, HE was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon HIM; and with HIS stripes were are healed.
          6. All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on HIM the iniquity of us all.
          7. HE was oppressed, and HE was afflicted, yet HE opened not HIS mouth: HE is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so HE openeth ot HIS moth.

        • jeffmiller47 Always a Marine Evermyrtle  
          No, I know what God told us.
          What you call a premise, is belief in a product – that has showed itself to be exactly what it claims to be.  It rests on eye witnesses, fulfilled prophecy, coherence, and much much more.
          There have been imposters (apocrypha).  The chaff has been sorted and the wheat remains.

  10. The belief systems we have devised, to explain away those things we cannot explain, are the exact reasons we argue about things that should not be argued.  I am neither a creationist or an evolutionist, simply because I don’t know. I don’t buy into idiotic belief systems, that are most always wrong. Darwin was one man with a theory, whether he was right or wrong is immaterial, he tried to pave the way into an area no one knew anything about, and since there was only one belief system–religion–he created another that caught on. i have a theory too, but I haven’t written a book, or attempted to create a third belief system, because I don’t have any facts. It’s simply a theory in my mind. Why should I add to the turmoil with my theories?  Without facts, everything simply is a belief, and therein, lies every problem known to man. Religion, is a belief system, and a hideously bad one at that!
    Every word kicked around that ends in “ism” or “ist” are part of corrupted belief systems. When you firmly believe something is absolutely right, without any proof or evidence, and you grab on what you are told in the news, what you read in books that people with belief systems wrote, etc, then you are a SHEEP of the worst kind. Shape up and quite this “ist/ism” nonsense and starting thinking. Until absolute proof is available about racial origin, and the origin of man, unfortunately SHEEP of all colors and races and religions will be banging their heads together, because that is what they have always done. It’s ignorance at the highest level, and I can only sit back and watch the SHEEP/FOOLS fight and argue over stupid things, while their entire world, and civilization, comes crashing down around them, because they were too busy arguing about their beliefs. SAD SAD world we are in, because it’s populated by sad/sick people with belief systems that will bring on their ultimate demise. I see it in this blog, and everywhere else, that people cannot discuss anything on a rational basis, but only from their narrow perspective stemming directly from their beliefs.

    • ReasonRules Darwin was just the person that figured it out. Since then the mountain of evidence to support evolution from scientist’s all over the world is overwhelming

    • You don’t even understand the meaning of the word theory let alone have one. What you have is a belief that is nothing more than something you happen to believe. In

    • ReasonRules  
      I’m happy and blessed to be a SHEEP.  Jesus said “I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.” Jn. 10:14 (I’m a sheep of the best kind; in the fold of Jesus)

      Thanks for your lecture (rant) that came directly from your narrow perspective stemming directly from your beliefs.’
      Note:  no “isms” or “ists” were used in this response. Revelation rules!

        • BobE Always a Marine ReasonRules  
          All sheep need a shepherd BoobE.  The difference is some enjoy the protection of the Shepherd and are led into green pastures beside still waters and are comforted.
          Others run from the Shepherd and find themselves eaten by the wolves.

      • Always a Marine ReasonRules 
        If happiness were my objective, I’m sure I’d be happier with a frontal labotomy.  But since truth is my objective, I must doubt.

        • jeffmiller47 Always a Marine ReasonRules  
          Nothing’s wrong with doubt.  It often leads to truth and certainty.

        • jeffmiller47Always a MarineReasonRules
          I’m glad Voltaire didn’t write any part of the Bible.  
          Certainty is found in these words:  
          “For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall
          stand at the latter day upon the earth: and though after my skin worms
          destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God; whom I shall see for
          myself, and mine eyes shall behold, and not another; though my reins be
          consumed within me.”—Job 19:25-27.

        • Always a Marine jeffmiller47 ReasonRules
          People fear the unknown, especially after death. Faith gives them hope and comfort. I get that.
          But that’s not the same as truth and certainty. So, doubt takes away the comfort. People don’t want to lose that comfort, so they choose not to doubt, question, and continue to search for truth, because they fear they may not like where that road leads.  Faith and hope, without proof, is more comfortable.
          This is not a conversation I would have with my 89 yr old mother.

        • Always a Marine jeffmiller47 ReasonRules 
          So, would I show up in heaven with the body I had when I was 18, or the one I have now?

        • jeffmiller47 Always a Marine ReasonRules Voltaire also said that in a hundred years, the Bible would be a forgotten book. A hundred years later, it was Voltaire  who was forgotten by most people. I wouldn’t rely on the veracity of anything he said.

        • jeffmiller47 Always a Marine ReasonRules  
          I’m guessing you’re not going to show up.  Just sayin’

        • jeffmiller47 Always a Marine ReasonRules  
          truth and certainty – already asked and answered.
          Your statement that there is no proof is not accurate.  Lots of them from Genesis to Revelation.  How did you miss all of them?

  11. The facts establishing that the vast majority of negroids are mentally challenged are well established and are not fictional. Shouting and screaming will simply not change reality.

  12. Isn’t it funny how those blacks in Africa have had longer than the European Whites took to build America, but they STILL haven’t managed to get out of their huts??? No this isn’t racism, Darwinism, or any other thing you can think to call it. They have NO self survival skills at all. A few break the mold here and there, particularly in America. But millions more are still stuck in their huts BY CHOICE and LAZINESS. Although welfare makes those huts more liveable than in Africa.

  13. jeffmiller47Evermyrtle 
    Quoting the Bible isn’t diminished or dependent on the receiver of the communication.  
    Similarly, disseminating the philosophy of unbelief has no impact on those who know the truth.
    say that the Bible was written to keep people from thinking for
    themselves demonstrates substantial ignorance of the focus and claims of
    the Bible and it’s emphasis on truth, discovering truth, learning truth
    and incorporating truth into your life.I’ve always been amused
    by this particular argument – it’s probably been repeated a million
    times, so often it is cliche and trite – it’s a stock line – when
    repeated it testifies to people who don’t think for themselves.

        • cyoder jeffmiller47 Always a Marine 
          Not exactly.  It’s when they stop seeking truth that you no longer trust them.  People who claim to have found it stop questioning.

        • jeffmiller47 cyoder Always a Marine You’re saying that the truth can never be found; it’s an endless search.

      • jeffmiller47 Always a Marine  
        That would be an impressive bumper sticker on the car of a budding leftist freshman at Liberal U.

    • Always a Marine jeffmiller47 Evermyrtle The very religion even starts off with 2
      people eating an apple from the tree that give KNOWLEDGE. Then they were
      punished! This teaches Christians to just
      believe in magic without evidence and knowledge, but with faith

      • BobE Always a Marine jeffmiller47 Evermyrtle 
        BoobE you show your ignorance again.  No magic, no mysticism – but ignorance on your part. Your post just revealed that you don’t have any knowledge of the principles of interpretation, so you’re talking out your butt – as usual. 
        You completely missed the meaning and significance of the events.

      • BobE Always a Marine jeffmiller47 Evermyrtle @Boobe, please tell us how, Nothing came out of Nowhere, for No reasons created the universe with Nothing according to your God Stephen Hawking?

        • NoRINO BobE Always a Marine jeffmiller47 Evermyrtle  
          I hate to state the obvious answer to your question.
          Every post of BoobE reveals how nothing came out of no where for no reason.

        • Always a Marine NoRINO BobE jeffmiller47 Evermyrtle @Marine, sadly, Boobe rather worshiping a God who talks through computer and stuck in a wheel for eternal.

  14. The Samaritan is not even a believer, not one having “faith” and not one who
    has accepted Jesus as savior, yet this is who Jesus chooses as the example of
    one who gains eternal life.
    Paul preached that faith alone gets you a ticket to ride.  Jesus said works are more important.  That’s a pretty significant contradiction.

  15. In Darwin’s time they had no knowledge of DNA… thus the ignorant theories…  at least he had an excuse.  Talk about the “flat-earth” society.

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