Bro-Choice “Men”: Abortions Mean More Casual Sex

Bro-Choice advocates. They’re “men” who support abortion. (Clever.) And their reasons for supporting abortion? Well, once you cut through all the fake-sounding rubbish about caring about women’s rights, bro-choice frat boys just want to keep having casual and consequenceless sex with women whom they will treat as little more than disposable sex objects for transitory gratification.

I was surprised to see a rather candid admission of this in a recent “Bro-Choice” article in the Burnt Orange Report that was coming out against the Texas “late-term abortion ban” bill (HB 2). The writer’s final reason for opposing restrictions on abortions in Texas?

Your sex life is at stake. Can you think of anything that kills the vibe faster than a woman fearing a back-alley abortion? Making abortion essentially inaccessible in Texas will add an anxiety to sex that will drastically undercut its joys. And don’t be surprised if casual sex outside of relationships becomes far more difficult to come by.

Hmmm. Okay. That’s a great reason to end a human being’s life: “Man, this casual sex would be so much hotter if I didn’t have to think about the baby we might be making that we won’t be allowed to kill.” Gross.

It kind of reminds me of the sick feeling I got in the pit of my stomach from the Happy 40th Anniversary Roe v. Wade video. The Burnt Orange article continues:

It’s clear: if the Legislature basically takes away a Texas woman’s right to choose, having sex becomes a much, much riskier proposition for women and men.

It becomes much, much riskier for women who currently count on access to safe, legal abortion because now an accidental pregnancy could mean death or serious infection. It also becomes riskier for us men, who may well end up fathers well before we intend.

Yeah. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, dumbass. It’s supposed to be the case that you consider a woman so valuable that you prepare to be a father and husband before you try to get in bed with her. And what’s with all the “far riskier” fear tactics? Far riskier if the woman attempts to get a back-alley abortion, I suppose. Not far riskier if she just carries the baby to term like a responsible human being. In spite of all the claims to the contrary, clinical abortions (especially late-term abortions) are riskier than pregnancies. And not far riskier if you stick around to support and provide for her and your baby. The only risk is that you will be forced to take responsibility for your actions, that you will be forced to treat women with respect, that you will not allowed to abdicate your masculine role with quite as much ease of conscience.

So “bro,” maybe you should man up, and put a ring on it. And stop treating women like disposable sex objects. Having a penis doesn’t make you a man. The high rate of fatherlessness and abortion in this country proves that most American men have manhood only in their loins, but not in their hearts.

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  1. This article would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. Lets face the facts you dipshits are wound tight about sex & see sex as “evil” if not done strictly for procreation while married. You fight sex education, contraceptives, morning after pills, etc, etc  ALL of which would cut down on abortions.  What’s really repulsive about this article is Ms Minkoff try’s to make herself a “protector” of woman when she’s ANYTHING but!

    • BobE Not exactly. You haven’t really said much of substance here. “Guilt-ridden,” “repressed,” “prudish,” “puritanical.” Christians have been called those things regularly. And some Christians (just like some non-Christians) fall into those categories. But that isn’t really what is at issue here. Many contraceptives are abortifacient, which means they don’t prevent conception, they create an environment in which a zygote cannot live. That is abortion. The morning after pill falls into the same category obviously. So neither of those things cut down on abortions really. As for sex education, I’m all for it. I just don’t think the civil government should be responsible to do it. I think parents need to do it—openly and honestly, making sure to emphasize the joys and pleasures of sex and its risks and consequences. Any other form of sex education is irresponsible. I think you’ve missed the emphasis here. We emphasize the right of the conceived child to life. If it is in fact a human being at conception, it has the same rights to life that you have now. We think that abortion cuts at the very basis of human rights: the unborn are the most innocent humans in our nation. If we can execute them without a trial for our convenience legally, then we are the worst kind of hypocrites if we pretend to stand for rights anywhere else. One further note: I am not a woman. It’s ironic that you should automatically jump to that conclusion in the same breath that you called me “ANYTHING but” a protector of “woman.” If I had said something with which you agreed, would you have assumed I was a man? Interesting…

      • MichaelMinkoff BobE Sorry for the confusion of your gender. (I mistakenly thought your 1st name was Michelle) The “morning after plan B pill” does NOT allow the egg to be fertilized so there isn’t any embryo to abort. As for sex education, it would be nice if parents educated their children but the fact is many don’t. I remember when I was in Jr High school & many of the ‘Christian girls’ would preform oral & anal sex but wouldn’t do “viganal sex” because they thought it was a sin or wanted to remain a “virgin”.
        If abortion is murder & life begins at the moment of conception then what do we do about the millions of miscarriages that happen ever year? By using your logic we would have to charge them with involuntary manslaughter at the VERY least  & subject them to fines & up to 10 years in prison.

        • BobE MichaelMinkoff – No, you would have to charge God… and that is the difference. He is the giver of life. Not the neighborhood Planned Parenthood. Since you claim God doesn’t exist, that leaves no one to blame… and no one is charged today for a miscarriage. The morning after pill only prevents pregnancy if taken prior to fertilization (normally in the first 24 hours but ranges up to 96 hours). Since anyone can now take the pill anytime… and often women are not sure when they may have gotten pregnant, it can abort a baby.

        • LetsFindOut BobE MichaelMinkoff I’m lost in your logic. If God is responsible for a million miscarriages a year in this country alone why would you think god is anti abortion? If a baby dies the mother has to answer for it so how can you argue that a fertilized egg is a person & then say a miscarriage nobody is to blame? We investigate the death of EVERY person so at bare minimum we would have to take a grieving woman that’s just had a miscarriage & have her questioned by police & doctors to see if she needs to be charged with a crime that could lead to 10+ years in prison. The morning after pill cannot be considered an abortion

        • BobE LetsFindOut MichaelMinkoff – God is the giver of life and God is the one who knows when someone’s time has come. Not an abortion doctor or the mother. You would only take the mother in to question if she was at fault… like in an abortion where she was involved in the choice. A miscarriage is not that way. As for the morning after pill, I wont try to educate you on medicine. Bing it if you care to. There is plenty of info on it.  Some delay ovulation. Others thicken cervical mucus. Both still allow an egg to fertilize if taken at the wrong time (after ovulation) which can cause tubal pregnancies and spontaneous abortions. The manufacturers have asked that the language of “preventing implantation on the uterus” be removed from the packaging but the FDA has to leave it as originally approved unless they go through complete new approval… which neither side wants to do for lots of reasons.

        • BobE MichaelMinkoff The very nature of a “morning after” pill means that the egg could have _already_ been fertilized. Fertilization can occur in as little as thirty minutes after sex (sorry for the sex ed lesson). Manslaughter involves criminal negligence or mal-intent. A miscarriage is a real loss of life, but many die through no fault of their own or anyone else. Why must someone be legally responsible for every miscarriage? At the same time, people (even after Roe v. Wade) have been charged with manslaughter if their violent actions against a pregnant woman caused the termination of a wanted pregnancy. How do you explain that if life doesn’t begin at conception? And if not at conception.. than when? As for Christian schoolgirls, I can’t account for them. Most Christians don’t live up to their ideals… that doesn’t mean the ideals are wrong.

        • MichaelMinkoff BobE If (as you claim) a fertilized egg is a person then how can you say their shouldn’t be an investigation when a person dies? I’m not saying someone has to be legally responsible for every miscarriage what I’m saying is if the child was born & died of “crib death” or for any reason doctors would investigate, What are you saying that there’s two classes of human’s? Those that have been born & those that have not been born?
          So, you are against the morning after pill because the egg “could have” been  fertilized?

        • LetsFindOut BobE MichaelMinkoff Can you not understand that many of us simply do not believe in your god nor do we want to be bound by his make believe rules? You are free to believe in anything you want but don’t tell me a fertilized egg consisting of 150 cells is a human being.

        • LetsFindOut BobE MichaelMinkoff  Just ignore bobe. He isn’t interested in anything except his own warped ideas.

        • BobE MichaelMinkoff I don’t believe in two classes of humans. As with other deaths, there would be some legal documentation. But death is much more common in the first few months of life and in our later years as well. I would imagine that any investigation into a miscarriage would be extremely similar to an investigation into an elderly person’s death. That doesn’t mean these humans are viewed as a sub-class of the race. It is just an acknowledgment that life is more tenuous during very early and very late stages of development.
          Yes, I am against the morning after pill and other abortifacients because the egg could have been fertilized, just like I am against controlled demolition without checking the building for occupants first.
          I fully understand you don’t want to believe in my “god,” but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have rules or beliefs. We just have different beliefs and different rules. All rules are made up. What reason do you have to say a fertilized egg is not human? The number of cells? According to your personal set of “make-believe rules,” how many cells does one need to have to become a human being with a right to life? I’m really curious. Name a number.

        • RON G LetsFindOut BobE MichaelMinkoff I don’t know. I think he has involved himself cordially enough, and even apologized for errors. He may vehemently believe in his ideas. But so do I. I appreciate that he is willing to have a discourse about these things. I have grown from listening to him, and perhaps he has learned something as well.

        • MichaelMinkoff RON G LetsFindOut BobE  We all thought the same. But time will tell. A few days ago I even complimented him  on being civil for a change. It didn’t take long for him to start insulting people who made comments that he disagreed with.

        • BobE
          Wow! Now your comparing a voluntary act (abortion) to an involuntary act (miscarriage). I don’t know of any woman who voluntarily has a miscarriage. Parents, who are conservative, teach their daughters to wait until marriage. Only the liberals constantly offer “FREE LOVE”. It is the liberals that want someone else to pay for their mistakes.
          To all you loving parents out there, one commentator offered this suggestion, your daughter won’t get pregnant, and it will only cost you a dime. Place said dime between the knees and have her hold it there in place. No kids! Voila!

        • Woodworker You missed the point. If abortion is murder than a miscarriage could very well be a crime that would need to be investigated

        • MichaelMinkoff BobE   You’re at least consistent in your views & although I disagree with them I do respect that. Dragging grieving woman into police stations and/or hospitals after they have just miscarried will go over like a lead balloon

  2. Way back in 1984 I wrote a research paper on how America will use abortion as a free sex right in the future. The advocates will distance themselves from the “hey we are murdering innocent people” and towards, “we really need this in order to live the lifestyle of our choice”. That is the only real pro-choice involved in abortion. It is self-centered narcissism where the baby just gets in the way. I was so glad to see Texas pass the bill. Texas has been doing a lot of wise things lately.

    • LetsFindOut What those morons in Texas have done is accelerate Texas turning blue & once Texas does turn blue (which is inevitable) it will become mathematically impossible for the GOP to win a general election.

  3. To all: regardless of the subject of an article here, so many of you are constantly responding to BobE. Isn’t it obvious he is a male impersonating troll who has no life and exists only to engage in adolescent and sophomoric rants? Just ignore him. If you have a comment relative to the subject at hand, then make it. You lend the self-absorbed one far too much legitimacy by responding.

  4. Quite apart from religious principles–we really shouldn’t have sex without getting married–the most convinced atheist ought to be thinking, “Would I mind raising children with this person?”  If it would bother you to be raising children with that person, don’t have sex with that person.

  5. Please everyone, do not play into BoobE’s silliness.  He is a paid troll and you should simply ignore this leech.

  6. I am totally against abortions, but if a woman is going to have an abortion
    isn’t 20 weeks (5 months) long enough to decide

    • I would agree that to a point but at any point it is still murder for upon conception it is a human being being produced within the womb PERIOD!

  7. What? everyone thought abortion was about a fetus. NO! it’s about there right to have any and all kinds of unbiblical sex possible. The 60s “free love” agenda never died; pro abortionists are our modern day hippies.

    • RandellDanner  NEWS FLASH!!! We have the right as consenting adults to have any kind of sex we like & the fact that some self loathing, guilt ridden “bible thumpers” don’t like it only add to the pleasure!

        • Woodworker Have your ever seen the video of the Arab trying to have sex with a donkey and the donkey kicks his arse? it’s hilarious!!

        • Woodworker If I ever do I’ll be sure to get instructions from you so I can avoid that from happening. Just don’t hold your breath.

      • BobE RandellDanner you can have all the sex you want; you have freewill; if you want to play russian roulette with your penis that’s your prerogative; just don’t make the rest of society pay for your mistakes if you get someone pregnant. Happy HIV.  BTW 1 Corinthians 6:9-10

  8. Selffish self centered haughty and highminded people of which the Bible refers to in the end times and their demonic Satanistic controlled lives! These and the Gays are the sick perverted self indulgent individuals that want special treatment when in fact they are are the farthest thing from anything special but just the opposite!

      • BobE violator1 They want to be treated as if deviant sex is normal. They want special laws passed to protect them from hate speech. They want to change the definition of marriage that has been the same for thousands of years.  They want to raise children or sexually abuse them without any jail time.

        • fortificacion999 BobE violator1 Actually the Christian church is BY FAR the largest institution were children are sexually abused & nobody else even come close. Keep in mind that not everyone accepts you definition of “deviant” or anything else. As for the definition of marriage it’s always changing. We no longer can have more than one wife, sell our daughters into marriage at 14, force woman to marry their rapist, etc, etc. To suggest gays want to commit a crime & not do jail time just goes to show how much of a homophobic bigot you are. gays want no more & no less than what EVERY American has.

        • BobE fortificacion999 violator1  I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of Heaven and earth. You are obviously and immoral sexual deviant.  If you think poking another man in his butt is great, that is up to you.  Please do not push your crap onto me.  If you mean I hate sexual deviancy, I do.  If that makes me a bigot, so be it.  Don’t tell me it is normal. It is not.

        • fortificacion999 BobE violator1 NOBODY is pushing any “crap” on you. If you don’t like gay marriage that’s fine, don’t marry a gay person! WTF gives you the right to tell other people what they can do? I don’t care what you believe in just don’t force your beliefs of the rest of us

        • BobE fortificacion999 violator1 When other people are doing things that destroy the culture, break every known moral law, and make a mockery of civilization, it is my right to complain.

        • fortificacion999 BobE violator1 Christians are making a mockery of intelligence, logic & reason which is why I complain

        • BobE fortificacion999 violator1 j  Christians say that having sex with everyone and anyone anytime is immoral and wrong. It is also wrong to kill the result of having sex called a child. It is logical that all of us come from this process and no other animals in this world go around and murder their young. Doesn’t see very smart to kill your children and call it choice.

  9. Controlling abortion means essentially controlling one half of the population. If you don’t allow someone to have control over something as basic to the human experience as when they procreate, you immediately relegate them to a lower status on the socioeconomic ladder. No man writes a law requiring a doctor’s finger up his ass before he gets his erection pills, so why do we think it’s okay for a woman to be probed vaginally when she wants an abortion just a few weeks into the pregnancy? It’s completely illogical, but logic isn’t the right’s intent on this one — control is, plain and simple.

    • BobE   There is the right thing to do and the wrong thing to do.  No species of animal kills its young except maybe a spider (some eat their young).  A person is what is formed in that womb. A miracle in the making and a human being is formed.  Killing that baby is murder and that is always wrong.  The baby has rights too. If we could control abortion and eliminate it altogether, it would be a better world.  There would be 30 million more black people in the USA.  A whole generation is lost to abortion.

      • fortificacion999 BobE  No species of animal kills its young except maybe a spider (some eat their young)??  Do you people just make things up & assume that everybody is an idiot? Infanticide is quite common in among animals (lions, bears, mice, dolphins, sparrows, Chimpanzee’s, eagles, monkeys,)

    • BobE
      Oh, BobE you are a wealth of useless information. Let’s see, you said ” If you don’t allow someone to have control over something as basic to the human experience”, I’ll stop there. Moochelle is forcing us to eat the way SHE wants us to eat. Her hubby doesn’t even follow her guidelines! Why can’t we eat what we want? Because if we do, then we will be punished under Obamacare. Every year, during my physicals, a doctor checks my prostrate. Not my choice but my healthcare provider requires it. Our laws are a set of rules of limitations to protect us from ourselves, i.e. speeding.
      Women get checked, vaginally, to keep them healthy and prevent future disease. Is that wrong? Should we just leave them to the whims of nature or should we try and prevent them from getting sick? It sounds like your in favor of the later. I’m in favor of helping women whenever we can BUT when women use abortion as birth control then we need to intervene and stop this.

      • Woodworker You can eat ANYTHING you want, If you make unhealthy choices why should we pay for it? transvaginal probes have nothing to with health or preventing disease it’s all about the GOP obsession with vagina’s

        • BobE
          I somewhat agree with what you said. That’s why we conservatives want to put a time limit on abortion. If a woman wants to have an abortion ‘up to five minutes before birth’ is ok with me as long as she pays for it herself. You liberals want government, hence everybody, to help pay for her lifestyle. Since we have to pay for it, we want imput on her say so. It’s that simple. That what was the big deal with the Sandra Fluke issue. She wants us to pay for her BCP. I say HELL NO.

        • conservatives want to ban abortion. 95% of abortions are done in the  first trimester prior to the 13th week & less than 1/2% are done in the third trimester

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