Army War College Considers Purging Its History of Confederate Generals

The U.S. Army War College is deciding what to do with its (currently displayed) full-length portraits of Confederate generals like Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. After the portraits were removed during an inventory process, certain unnamed faculty members started questioning why Confederate generals were represented at the U.S. War College when they were “enemies” of the U.S.

Though most arguments about the Confederate legacy tend to be about racism, this argument seems to have a little more to do with history. The Army War College teaches history and the lessons of war to Army officers looking to gain a promotion advantage. It will no doubt continue to teach about one of the most important conflicts in American history—the War Between the States. But the question is whether Lee and Jackson should have honorable tributes from the War College as generals of the United States.

Of interest, both Lee and Jackson graduated from West Point, received military honors from the U.S. Army for fighting in the Mexican-American War, and had high positions in the U.S. Army before the beginning of the War Between the States. Lee was offered the generalship over the Union Army, but declined. His loyalty to Virginia was greater than his loyalty to the Union.

It is certainly the case that Jackson and Lee are most famous for being Confederate generals. But was the Confederacy any less part of the United States than the Union? If the Confederate States were not truly part of the United States, why did the Union send federal troops down to secure Fort Sumter? The history of the War Between the States and Reconstruction is filled with these kind of questions. If the Confederacy was a different country, why were the Confederate States asked to endorse Amendments to the Constitution as a prerequisite to re-entering the Union? This makes no sense. Either they were not part of the States, which means they had no business voting on Amendments to the United States Constitution, or they were already in the Union, which makes “re-entering the Union” an empty reward.

I think it is high time the United States in general learn to accept history for what it is. Denying it for what it is does us no good, and it likely does us great harm. There were many brilliant, honorable generals in the Confederate Army who are worthy of holding in high esteem both for their military genius and their personal character. That they now find themselves on the wrong side of history seems inconsequential to me. Why is it so hard for people to praise what is good and reject what is bad? Our generation surely lacks all discernment.

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  1. This really is not a question about the relevance or respect for Lee, Jackson, or other Generals of the South . . . we know this because the Gov’t assigns no relevance or respect to our current vets.

    Instead, a logical man can immediately identify this issue is little more that manipulation of history by the Progressives, a disease process, identical to the growth you might expect to see in a petri dish after exposure to an aggressive / debilitating bacteria.

    It would not surprise me if the liberals mandated the War College start studying “The Genius of Hitler and the Logic of the Germanic Belief System of 1939” .

    Clearly the Progressives are trying to get the Military fully in their camp before lighting the fuse.

    • Typical revisionist re-writing history to fit their agenda. Liberals and communist always trying to “un-ring” the bell? If you studied ACTAUAL history you would learn what a tremendous man of faith and unwavering values and strength Robert E. Lee truly was. To bad there are no leaders like him since Reagan?

      Interesting note is the last time Republicans controlled Alabama government, Robert E. Lee was still alive.

      Confronting Civil War Revisionism: Why the South Went To War

      • I am a member of Kappa Alpha Order, a fraternity founded on the life and principles of Robert E. Lee. The understanding of his morals and life would serve the War college graduates well and avoid many future futile conflicts.

        • Only enemies of American freedom can be deranged enough to promote racists like obammi and valerie jarret , while trying to ban all thought and references to the greatest General in American history! I graduated from Robert E Lee Junior high in Pampa, Texas, and I am still proud of that REBEL VARSITY JACKET! To hell with progressives! (global socialists)

        • I am a member of “Busta Cappa Busta Order, a fraternity founded on the life and principles of free men every where. That fact would not necessarily benefit the War College graduates well, but, taken at it’s face value, it would avoid many future futile conflicts.

      • Saying that the southern states seceded to preserve slavery is answering the wrong question. The south didn’t declare war on the north. We had a war because Lincoln took us to war, and ending slavery wasn’t the reason. One thing Karl Marx said that I agree with is that all wars are essentially about money, and this one was no different.

        • The schools have left out of history the Cession from the Union that is on a brass plaque on a column of the Capital in Montgomery Alabama. It was not about slavery. It was about money controlled by corrupt politicians in Washington. Buy England’s cloth or England will not buy the United State’s cotton, was one of the reasons. The same rhetoric is happening today with Obama and his Democratic followers who kiss his ass.

        • Lincoln’s actual words. Both reasons are valid.

          “A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government
          cannot endure permanently
          half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be
          dissolved; I do not expect the house to fall; but I do expect that
          it will cease to be divided. It will become all the one thing
          or all the other. Either the opponents of slavery will arrest the
          further spread of it and place it where the public mind shall
          rest in the belief that it is in course of ultimate extinction, or
          its advocates will push it forward until it shall become alike
          lawful in all the states, old as well as new, north as well as

          Abraham Lincoln, June 16, 1858, Address to the Republican Convention

        • The Civil War was about the supremacy of the Federal Government over the state governments. And yes, you can be sure that Government contractors made huge amounts of money out of the war. The Yankees even sold guns and ammo to the Southerners, as illustrated in GONE WITH THE WIND. And the Southern patriots sold the Confederates cheap leather and sanded sugar.

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    • That’s not too likely; but it would not offend them in the least to study “the genius of Stalin and the Logic of the Soviet Belief System of 1917-1991.”

    • “… But the question is whether Lee and Jackson should have honorable tributes from the War College
      as generals of the United States… His loyalty to Virginia was greater than his loyalty to the Union.”

      Yeah, and Obama’s loyalty to himself, Communism and Islam are greater than his loyalty to the union… So than what about Obama Hussein and all his Marxist minions and CPUSA members of congress?? Should they not also be extinguished from the annals and halls of US history as being anti-American, treasonous enemies of the US and its constitution? Are they not to be measured with the same yardstick as Lee and Jackson?

    • For the good of both the world and the United States, ALL PROGRESSIVES, along with ALL MUSLIMS, should suffer the same fate! Fill in the “inference” for yourself!

    • Why is this NOT surprising. The Liberals are so deeply entrenched in all our government systems that it is no surprise the military has similar morons in power. If they get away with this, it is just one more nail in the coffin of our heritage. I wish the South HAD won – slavery would have been abolished eventually, and I would now be living in a CONSERVATIVE, CHRISTIAN, GOD-FEARING, BIBLE-LOVING, CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA! The northern liberals would have their own little piece of ‘paradise’ where they would be broke, intermarriage would be rampant, the illegal aliens and atheists would run the government, and the Muslims would own Michigan!

      • You’re absolutely right. I’ve been saying this for years. And as for the slavery question, President Davis was quoted as saying that ultimately slavery would have been stopped here in the Confederacy even if our ancestors had won their independence from Lincoln’s tyrannical govt.

      • Slavery would never have been abolished so long as cotton could be sold and the slaves worked for free. Cheap labor is always the goal of corporations. Why do you suppose there are more than 10 million illegals in the US today? The illegals are the new slaves.

        • Keeping gasoline in farm equipment is cheaper than buying, feeding and housing negroes. The advent of the industrial age, if not stopping slavery would have probably decreased it. However, the main reason for the feds importing illegal Mexicans is mainly for left wing commiecrat votes. Cheap labor comes into play also, but it’s not the main reason they want them here.

    • That is certainly a thought. Get the military fully in their camp before lighting the fuse. Could that be for real? Yep, sure could.

    • They are already lighting the fuse with the help of some Republicans in passing the latest budget bill that cuts veterans pensions. Of course, the Congress lucrative pensions are not touched. It takes a Democrat President, in this case a Marxist, in the Whitehouse to gut the military as will happen with the pension cuts. It happened during Carter and Clinton and it took a Republican like Reagan and Bush to bring the military back.

  2. if we ignore the Confederacy and the Civil War, doesn’t that negate slavery and the reasons for the war? you can’t rewrite history and see how we got here

    • Remember, the Civil War was not about slavery. It was about economics. People forget that Blacks had Black slaves as well. In fact the first slave holder was a former African indentured servant. He apparently did not want to give up African indentured servant. Progressives have been re-writing history for a long time.

        • An education population can not be controlled. They have to be convinced with reason and logic. An indoctrinated population does not know any better. That is why Leftist such as Hitler, Lenin and Stalin worked hard to indoctrinated children and get them out of the control of their parents.

          And it is important for people to remember that the “Left”‘s basic foundation concept is “Supremacy of the State and those in control of the State.”

    • You are showing your lack of knowledge about the war –slavery was one of the smallest issues associated with it economy was the real issue as it is soon to be the reason as to the next.

      • what I meant was, they are changing Black history as well as US history, those who use slavery as an excuse for their actions will not have that reason if history is rewritten

    • The dumbocrats have been slowly removing the fact that they are the real party behind slavery and the KKK and that they voted pretty much 100% against all civil rights issues. That is why they call Republicans racists on a regular basis and to try and make claims that are not true in a historical sense. They are nothing but scum bag liars.

      • I don’t have any use for either of these parties. The Democrats were actually on the side of white southerners until the early 1960s when they became the front party for the communists. The Republicans were all left wing Yankees and their boy Lincoln was guilty for the murders of thousands of white southerners who fought for their independence. Then a century later, the Republicans all of a sudden became or claimed to become conservative at the same time the Democrats became left wing extremists. Now, that same Republican party is siding with the Democrats against Tea Party Conservatives who are the only ones telling it honestly nowadays. It just makes me realize that George Wallace was absolutely right when he said there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the two major parties.

    • Slavery was not the cause of the war, the excessive tax’s placed on exports was the reason, and most of those tax’s were levied on the southern states as the north didn’t produce much to export. cotton an rice were the biggest items. funny it seem to me that just about seventy years or so prior the people of Boston started a war because of the tax that was placed on tea. my my what goes around sometimes comes ’round

  3. It is standard political correctness and the continuation of trying to re-write history to advance the Progressive agenda. Of course I was reading some history recently and something people have not been told is that the first slave master was a former African indentured servant and the largest slave master was a Black plantation owner who had over 1100 Black slaves on his plantation in South Carolina.

    • That is information that cannot be verified and therefore left out. The democraps insist that before anything of historical value can be issued in any written publication, there must be a minimum of 10 living eye witnesses. That policy, of course, may be modified by any democrap at any time if it allows for the advancement of the leftist agenda.

  4. Are we to assume your going re-write your bud obama to, make it all go away! It is what it is! Rotten president forever!

  5. I think that the nature of what the Confederacy was doing remains the great unsettled question of the war. If those states were still part of the USA, because of Article VI of the Constitution, then they were either 1. United States generals in a domestic dispute within the USA (which is my preferred view); or 2. they were rebels, in Lee’s case, lucky not to be prosecuted for violation of the oath. If the arguments of Judah Benjamin and Jefferson Davis were correct, and the secession was lawfully accomplished by the states that passed secession resolutions, then they were commanders of an enemy force, whether or not the Union should have attempted to compel their return to the Union. If they were rebels, or if they were commanders of a hostile army, then their pictures shouldn’t be up there. I think there was a serious, good-faith dispute in which a number of American officers took the mistaken but sincerely-held view that their states had left the USA, and did not want to be in the position of fighting against their families, friends and neighbors.

    Of course, there were officers from those states who did not leave the US Army, such as George Thomas, who eventually rose to corps, and then field army, command for the Union, and Winfield Scott, who was the chief general of the Union at the beginning of the war. For that matter, there were officers like Ohio’s Bushrod Johnson and New York’s Archibald Gracie who fought for the Confederacy despite coming from northern states, and officers from states whose allegiance was unclear, like Maryland’s Franklin Buchanan and Kentucky’s Simon Buckner and Benjamin Helm (Lincoln’s stepbrother-in-law).

    It is in the spirit of the surrender documents signed by Grant and Lee, and by Sherman and Johnston, to view these generals as brothers who may have made a mistake, but did so with the best of motives–they did not do so for personal gain, but out of love for their own people and their states. Under those circumstances, we can continue to honor the brilliance and courage of these men. No one can read the correspondence of Lee and not recognize the decency, even nobility, of the man.

    • This has been a settled matter in our military for a long time. That’s why many of the US Army posts in the South are named for Confederate generals: Ft. Lee, VA; Ft. A.P. Hill, VA; Ft. Bragg, NC; Ft. Jackson, SC; Ft. Gordon, GA; Ft. Benning, GA; Ft. Polk, LA; Ft. Hood, TX. It’s also worth noting that some of the Confederate generals served the US in official capacities again. Longstreet was the chief of Customs in New Orleans, trained the New Orleans Metropolitan Police at a time when there was a worry that the KKK would attack the city, and finished his career as an ambassador. Fitzhugh Lee (Robert E. Lee’s nephew) was a US general in the Spanish-American war, as were Joseph Wheeler and Thomas Rosser. They finished their military careers as generals in good standing in the US Army.

  6. These men were great leaders on the losing side in a war our nation fought against itself, and as such, they were leaders who represented a South that we do not recognize today. For that, we can thank God. But they were also, first and foremost, Americans, great men on the losing side, and we need to remember them. One doesn’t win a war without a foe, and sometimes a noble one. These men represent an important part of our American history, and their statues should stay where they are.

  7. These men were on the wrong side of history. That is there part in making of American history. Our greatness is the capacity of all to live under one banner; the laws that govern our society. Both are great generals and practitioners of great military strategy. Michael, our country is filled with grand contradictions. We mustn’t discourage questions that seek to explore them. If we remove this power from the masses, then we risk losing our country to tyranny. That is the legacy these generals leave for the ages.

    • The laws that make this a great country is why the South separated from the union. The north was the side that did not respect the law of “state rights” and became tyrannical.

  8. what their military tactics were some how inferior? or the fact that they are politically incorrect now? their reasons for the war are still acceptable even now as we witness another federal government that is slowly eradicating states rights and the freedoms of the citizens in those states for some ideological concept of a Communist Marxist government that is now spreading.

  9. Generals go than there was no Salves in America, Let us start rewriting History following in the steps of Hitler Commie Liberals.

  10. You know sometimes some people need to be slapped upside the head. Ask any of the historians and especially anyone from the south and it was and always has been a conflict. At any rate it was part of our heritage and should be left “just like it is.”

  11. Just shows what kind of liberal morons know the real meaning of history. Rewrite it to suit. In a few years history will really be forgotten. These nuts must be try for jackboot status.

  12. Robert E. Lee, the most intelligent and most competent strategist during the “War Between the States”, and the progressive morons, at the War College, question his place in history!!!??? It is startling that institutions/systems (schools, colleges, universities, etc) are dominated by left-wing-liberal Troglodytes who feel compelled to re-write history. Facts are not relevant to the Troglodytes, they are just a barrier to their fraudulent-lying-deceitful agendas. To the progressive morons at the “War College”, who have the ability to read, study and contemplate on the lives, times, and tribulations of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. You will discover the meaning of what “Great Men” they were, while realizing a level of greatness that none of you will ever achieve. And to those who think my comments are pro-South, wrong….just a Yankee who is pro-justice that believes the South “Got Screwed”.

  13. Well looks like the ” thought police ” is at it again. What these ” idiots ” are doing is driving a division once again between the North and the South. A war college in my humble non professional opinion is: In a war college you study ” tactics ” of important generals during battles and the outcome. How much do you want to bet that they study Erwin Rommel and his ( NAZI) war tactics. Just because they study them or have a picture hanging up of them, doesn’t mean they agree with their politics. No, what they are doing in my book is stirring up resentment again with the southern states. The government already frowns on people having the ” rebel ” flag because it is suppose to represent ” slavery “.
    After all they were important generals of the history of civil war and from the south.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  14. This is simply obama and his doing away with our history, one chapter after another.
    This is what Common Core is too, the UN and obama are rewriting our history and all that is taught or to be taught in our schools.
    Sick is what it is.You’ve all seen the 3rd grader’s book saying obama is the messiah!!! GOD HOW STUPID CAN SOME BE???????

      • Pretty stupid, I guess this is the evil before the final end……….
        If so, can’t be stopped except by God.
        I told someone this morn in here-think-about how stupid Barbara Walters was-saying she REALLY thought he was the Messiah?????? OMG!!!
        It’s like look at the satan’s seat he created to accept the nom. by the dems, THE SEAT OF SATAN…….people had to see it, I saw it, it was allllll in the news, no one cared, not enough did.
        This has gone too far now, a real nightmare!!
        Even the dems are turning on him, BUT THEY DON’T IMPEACH HIM!!!!!!
        God Bless……pray n prep…………..mannnnnnn, it’s coming!!

  15. Of course. Most CSA officers were formerly US officers, West Point graduates and so forth. Before the Civil War, they had served the United States honorably and faithfully.

    And Lee and Jackson were outstanding soldiers even before the Civil War.

    Re-write history? Sorryass pukes!

    • i guess now we will have to rename the “Davis Mountains” here in Texas, since they were named for Jeff Davis when he was the Secretary of war before he left and later became the President of the Confederate States of America.

      • Your part of the country sounds like mine. I live in southwest Louisiana. Two parishes (counties in the other 49 states) are named after Confederate heroes. There is Beauregard Parish named after Gen. Pierre. Beauregard and Jefferson Davis Parish named after President Davis, of course.

          • Urban Lake Charles in Calcasieu Parish (west of Jeff Davis Parish) might as well change its name to Obamaville. Nearly all of the blacks in the southwest portion of the state live in Lake Charles. Whites live in the surrounding suburban and rural areas like in most other parts of the country.

  16. Americans (that leaves-out the fraud-impostor-muslime-socialist-marxist-SWISH-saboteur destructor of OUR Country [it is NOT obummers]-narcist-liar-in-cheef occupying OUR White House): this vile thought of purging history of Confederate generals information is an OBVIOUS result of obummer-PURGING-FIRING of 200-some generals and admirals since 2009 and replacing them with lackey-gay-blade-lovers-limp-richards-YES-“men” who cowtow to the narcist-in-cheef. A supremely BETTER idea: PURGE obummer from U.S. history from the list of presidents…as obummer is NOT an American !!! This is EXACTLY the course of action by ancient Egypt…they carved-out any and all likenesses and records of dis-favored pharoahs from monuments and everywhere to purge that pharoah from history ! SO: We KICK-OUT obummer as the fraud ! NO pensions for the-fraud-obummer from both “prez” and “senator” positions !!
    AND: obummer PAYS-BACK ALL salaries as “prez” and “sinnator” BEGONE obummer-the-anti-Christ ! The list of U.S. Presidents would then properly read as “…41, 42, 43, 45, 46,…”. NO 44th, just like NO 13th Floor on any buildings !! Ha Ha !!

  17. i think the one that want to take Jackson and Lee out history should be thrown out on their ass and never to return.i wish you people had to fight in that most stupid war in dont need to be officers in the army,America dont want you.

  18. To purge these to CONFEDERATE GENERALS would be a sin. It has been stated that had they had the suplies the NORTH had they would have won the cIVIL WAR! Not only that they, in my book, they rate right up there with PATTON AND BRADLEY!

  19. General Lee was one of our most brilliant generals, no question about it. Stonewall Jackson wasn’t shabby either!
    Leave ’em alone, you stupid Revisionist History fools!

  20. These men are part of American History. It’s true they were on the wrong side but when one goes across the bridge to Arlington and sees Lee’s House and all of the US veteran graves is his side really important? Stonewall Jackson educated many Union artillery personnel but happened to defend his State of Virginia. Was he killed by a Union or southern gun?: That is uncertain, but he was a large part of American History.
    Remember: You are an American, a citizen of the USA; that is essential. Everything else is incidental.

  21. Pinch me! Am I hallucinating or am I living in an “outer world”? How can you “dis” history? Real events, the making of what we are, this country right AND wrong. We are speaking out but no one hears us!!!

  22. Gen. R. E. Lee and Gen. Jackson were geniuses. What they lacked in military numbers they made up for in brains and strategy. Furthermore, neither of them was nearly as ruthless and bloodthirsty as Gen. T. Sherman. Any real student of military history is going to read about them, regardless of whether a liberal infested War College purges them or not. When the War College gets done pc’ing their history books from Confederate generals, they’ll have no one left to purge except for the politically incorrect Generals McArthur and Patton.

    • they won’t like them either as both of those men hated communism. the will have to go back to Joe Stalin or Mao t. and they might even give Adolf a place of honor as he was socialist, and they just wet their panties over those types.

    • And both Generals MacArthur and Patton were backstabbed by the left wing fed politicians. Gen. Patton was pretty much ousted after telling it honestly about Stalin and the stinking Bolsheviks and Gen. MacArthur was fired by Truman for not caving in to Mao, the red Chinese and the North Koreans.

    • I think Maj. Gen. George Pickett might disagree about Lee’s “genius” after the “ass kicking” Lee got at Gettysburg. As for Sherman, he went through the south like a hot knife through butter & is an American hero!

  23. What in the hell is going on??? have all you so called leaders gone fu$king nuts. Has Obombnic and his leftist-socialist brained washed you all. Grow up and get real.

  24. hmmm…..I guess then we’d better clear out Arlington Cemetery since it is on the grounds of Robt. E. Lee estate which passed on down through his family.

  25. How dare these white men reject the supremacy of the D.C. centralized bureaucracy, opposition to the collectivist state is blasphemy. Just remember, all collectivist systems end in a police state, because it is the only way to hold it together, revisionist history is part of that, and placing the state on an alter is too.

  26. Catherine hits it on the head below. Socialism and not far behind, Soviet-style communism, is at our door. The first things they must do to gain full acceptance are wipe out Patriotism, wipe out the strongest faith, and destroy any history that promotes resistance and pride.

    Hmm… it all sounds so familiar….

    • America will never knowingly, adopt
      socialism. but under the name of “liberalism”, they will adopt every fragment
      of the socialist program, until one day America, will be a socialist nation,
      without ever knowing, how it happened! – norman mattoon thomas, socialist
      candidate in ’44!!! he then went on saying “i no longer need to run as a
      socialist candidate, because the democrats have adopted our

  27. This is all part of history not right or wrong,left or right,north or south,these men were fighting men,an important part of confederate history,they were ALL AMERICANS

  28. They’re purging the Military of about everything else (including heterosexuals who Love America and the Constitution and Bill of Rights) so I guess this only makes sense to purge Lee and Jackson. So what are they going to replace them with: mao and ho?

  29. Following their kind of “reasoning”, they ought to remove portraits/references etc to all Generals who led during other (by their own reasoning and definitions) “racist wars”, such as Vietnam, Gulf War, Mexican-American war,
    Afghanistan War, Generals leading recent “wars” we participated in and funded, such as Egypt, Libya, Syria, etc. I mean, what of USA in other nations, against groups of Middle Easterners? Are they all racist and no one should ever know of any associated history nor know who was involved in any wars? If so, dig up cemeteries, burn books, diaries, newspaper articles, erase it all! Whew, what a massive job that would be. Whoops, ought not say that publicly & risk giving O’Bana-lot any more pompous ideas, huh? Why, look at the fun he could have creating another appointed agency, paying more haters out of tax payer monies to remove all references to anyone or anything before he showed up to “Change!” it all. Also, are the black slave owners of plantations back then to be removed from USA & black history? Anyway, the civil War was fought over more issues than pro/con slavery. Slavery issue turned it into a visceral emotional debate so larger numbers of people would get involved, just as many modern wars are. You know, outrage the populace & get their emotional support that overrides any real humanitarian or survival reasons. Many in Confederate War actually hated slavery, btw, percentage wise, and factually few Southerers held slaves and many Northerners held slaves and treated blacks no better in reality. Well, logic is absent from progresive liberal thought processes, so moot points, facts don’t interest them. Since ancient times What arrogance to presume others ought not ever be privy to historical facts! It’s 1984 gimmicks.

    • If you erroneously restate facts and skew history as a result the next generations will, for the most part, be ignorant of the truth and that will for them become “settled history”. Truth or not.

  30. We have a usurper and traitor in the Whitehouse and no action has been taken.

    I say, leave the pictures alone and those unnamed cowards can just S T F U !!

  31. Using the U. S. Constitution, with Lincoln’s interpretation of the
    Constitution and Ben Franklin’s concept of rebellion in reference to the
    War of Independence, we can arrive at a conclusion. Franklin believed
    that whether a people’s rebellion was legitimate was relative to who the
    thinker was. “Their” rebellion was always illegal, according to
    Franklin. “Our” rebellion was always legal. Lincoln used the logic
    found in law. He stated that, because the constitution had no mechanism
    for cessation, the Confederacy was comprised of states still members of
    the Union, but simply in rebellion to that Union. Constitutionally,
    Lincoln was correct. However, the practical reality was that the member
    states of the Confederacy had formed what they considered an
    independent nation. Therefore, like the original 13 colonies, they had
    formed a new nation. During the time of the rebellion, these generals
    were, therefore, not citizens of the United States. They were, however,
    U. S. generals prior to the Rebellion and are, therefore, legitimate
    American generals no matter what the Thought Police may want Americans to believe.

  32. Why not just do away with the Civil War all together. And why they are at it, get rid of the Revolutionary War too.
    Put all the graduates in pink tights and tutus.
    This administration gives medals now for not shooting at the enemy so why even bother teaching them about war.
    It is just like Rome. They are not taking care of the vets and they could care less about the soldier. Just look what they did in Libya.
    There are a bunch of scum bags in this administration now and they are purging our military of good generals and keeping all the fags.
    When you have a country that does not take care of its military, how long can it stand.

  33. Did he, General Joseph Chamberlain, or did he not have orders from General U.S. Grant to officiate at the surrender ceremonies at the Appomatix (sp?) Court House, and in the graciousness of a true gentleman, did Gen. Chamberlain return Gen Lee’s sword of surrender to him as a legitimate part of that ceremony in recognition of the high status in which Lee was held, even by the Union leaders?
    History is His Story! Don’t change it or you just might end up being on the Enemy’s side, whoever one cares to know who that might be,

  34. Only portraits of Obama (full-wall size) will be permitted in the future.

    But, what are they going to do about Ft. Lee, Ft. Bragg, And Ft. Hood?

    Oh, what am I thinking? Here’s the solution – Ft. Holder, Ft. Sebelius, and Ft. Jarrett.

  35. It’s probably just as well. The current government would not really want to lionize those who fought to uphold the constitution. Lee was not a traitor in 1860 terms as his country was “Virginia” who had entered a compact with the other states but nevertheless retained their sovereignty as explicitly stated in the constitution and in the Virginia ratification, which was accepted by the other 12 nations without demur (two other of the former colonies also explicitly said they could leave the pact at will.) Lincoln made massive extensions of federal power that were accepted in the north because the new states didn’t have the background in the nature of the constitution being filled as they were with “new Americans” (i.e. the 1850’s Irish, eastern Europeans, British poor and others used to central governments.) along with the old Alexander Hamilton crowd who never accepted the agreed premise of union. This has been further misinterpreted by the next wave of immigration (1890’s to 1930’s) who were educated here by the winners who want to bury the idea that it was a war of Northern Conquest against the constitution that essentially former a new nation in May of 1865. The premise that was recognized prior to 1860, that the north was subjugating the South and the Morrill act was the last straw, has been demoted to a detail and slavery was promoted. Slavery was so important to succession in 1860 that Lincoln tried to promote a constitutional amendment to protect it, South Carolina in its explanation of the Ordance of succession (15 pages) didn’t mention the subject until page 7 (but taxes on page two) and Lincoln in his inauguaral address didn’t mention it but did promise to collect taxes no matter what. Lee himself said the war was never about slavery. No, Lee and Jackson belong in the dustbin of history along with Spartacus, Joan of Arc and the other fools who resisted entrenched power in the name of freedom.

  36. I often wonder how Sherman can be considered one of the “best” in the union army when he was, in reality, a butcher and the worst among the prejudicial officers in both armies; Sherman hated Negroes and made his feelings well known to the general public. During his march through GA, he allowed his “men” to not only pillage and burn whole towns, but permitted rape and murder on a grand scale–with no respect for the women and children of any race. It mattered not to him. Furthermore, if this “college” is still teaching that the War Between the States was a slavery issue, they shouldn’t be teaching it at all–because slavery was never the issue in the first place. The Confederacy was never an ‘enemy’ of the United States; they removed themselves from the Union as provided by the US Constitution and it was the union army that fired the first shot. His mother named him William Tecumsah Sherman—but this gnat of a man dishonored his namesake throughout his entire life; Sherman was never honorable and shouldn’t be granted a lofty elevation in our history books.

      • Then read some history on this barbarian on your own; it’s fact, not fiction. As a matter of fact, he is quoted about his feelings for Negroes in many history renditions of Sherman. He loathed them and viewed them with disgust. By the way, until colleges and universities became overwhelmed with liberal ‘professors,’ you learned this in those institutions of learning; what they teach today is adulterated historical content and not the true history of the US.

      • There were two other Generals in the Union Army with the name of Sherman. They both were often mistaken and blamed for the actions of William T, Sherman.

  37. Our education system is so dumded down and a true understanding of real character is so rare today….that we have come to this. Academics who do not know or understand what their forebares held dear and think it is their job to fix the rest of us. I pray God does what ever he needs to do to teach humility to this nation again. Thats a trembling kind of prayer but the alternative seems worse. The worst kind of knowledge seems to be an over simplistic we will fix you all kind.

    I believe the answer is a nation that turns back to God. And freedom of education that lets parents and students choose so that the best education shuts out the worst ones.

  38. I smell the meanness and small mindedness of the left wing idiots. Why not honour the two greatest generals that America has produced. The South may have lost the war, but they have won the peace.

  39. This, in my opinion, falls into the same ‘pile of poop’ that these education idiots have come up with to not teach what preceded Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Ie, forget the War Between the States, for it ‘is not politically correct’. They want to re-write the history books, and present that Utopia position that those of socialist persuasion seem to think will be the ultimate. Years ago, history tells us that a Utopian experiment was tried in the USA and it was a complete and absolute failure. But they say, history repeats itself.

  40. I guess if you can’t stand the truth – just baffle them with bullshit. Liberal Progressives will never change. Rather than teach history, just rewrite it to suit their political views. And in doing so deprive young students of actual history. It’s like the confederate flag, removing it from history books so students can’t see it – totally a political move. The flag is a symbol representing the south before the civil war. It wasn’t just a racist flag. Eventho many people like to say it is. Mainly Jessie and Al etc….

  41. Amen!!!!!!!! It time to grow up and face that while not a perfect country with an imperfect history that we still represent hope for many. To constantly rewrite history to suit our thin skin is wrong not to mention these two men were Americans who we could to this day still learn from. Because we fail to both know and recognize our history we will be doomed to repeat our mistakes,

  42. Has anyone mentioned that Lee was offered the position of the comand of the Union Army and declined? We are criticized for flying the stars and bars which is part of American history. Did history start when L.B. Johnson said this famous quote; If you do not pass this civile rights bill of 1968 as it is writen, You will not get your holliday. Thanksgiven 1968. On the border of Mexaco and Ameican the Mexion flag flyies above the American flag in school yards. I’ve seen this display myself. Civil rights should be for every one when they obay the laws of the land. Another quote; If you do not know history you are bound to repete it.

  43. This is another example of a left leaning government trying to change history. No matter what, the Army War college should be above politics. The men they are trying to remove from our military history were remarkable men, who led remarkable lives and contributed to the military history of this country, although they were on the losing side during the Civil War.

    it is a travesty that the military should start the purges in this country, similar to those in Russia and China after they became communist. Hitler did the same when he purged many of the generals of the Wermacht and had them killed.
    We are now seeing history repeating itself though our military and executive branch of government. Obama has been purging the military of many of the top ranks for not acquiescing to his desire to weaken and tear down the strength of our brave men and women in uniform.

  44. I am glad that you called it The War Between the States, it’s proper name. That is what I always call it. It never was a civil war, but, people don’t know the difference.
    The Russians had a civil war in 1917. It was not a soviet union then. Small letters on purpose.

  45. These stupid, communist bas—rds are not even smart enough to realize that from all sectors of the military , Robert E Lee is acknowledged to be the greatest, most capable military leader in the history of the United States! These deranged progressives are imbeciles who through ‘indoctrinated obsession” have tried to ban many words from our language, perhaps the most important is “TRUTH”!

  46. P.C. has been filtering from West Point, the Air Force Academy, and the Naval College for some time now. It seems to have gone generally un-noticed. This is just another rotten attempt by the far left to try and disgrace honorable men. They succeed far too often, as we have seen some of their successful moves to get paintings and statues of Southern heroes removed, even by high officials in places like South Carolina and Virginia.

  47. I can see it now: Obama led the fight during he Civil War, his aides being Generals Lee and Jackson on the Confederate side and Grant and Custer on the Union side.

    Once someone starts rewriting history and questioning it, then it is open to being written any way you want it.

    • Well in case you haven’t noticed rewriting our history has been going on in earnest for over half a century. Glad you’re finally awake though.

      • I’ve been well aware of the rewriting of history since the 1950s. I have seen and spoken to people that lived in those historical times, so know well that history has been rewritten drastically over time. It is the young that need to be appraised of this debasement.

  48. One thing the politically correct advocates don’t want to talk about is that many of the Confederate Generals were against slavery. Lee, Jackson, Longstreet, Pickett and Armistead just to name a few.

  49. There are two sides of that story, and two sides of that story are still taught depending on where you live. In the North or in the South. I had the opportunity of living in both and learned a lot about what was being taught and there were two stories. The United States has always been both the North and the South combined. The Southern states pulled away in disagreement that went to war which was their right to do. To disregard history would only be for one reason, and that would be to hide an option from future students. Our very own Constitution gives WE THE PEOPLE the legal right to stand up against tyranny from our own government. Depending on which side of the Mason Dixon line you stood depended on the story you were told. It is our history, and should serve well as a reminder as to what can happen when our representation fail to uphold the Constitution.

    • The South suceeded the North and Lying Lincoln declared WAR! He was wanting to be a Dictator just like Bama, and he liked men more than women like Bama! That can be proved! Semper Fi.

      • To stay focused on the topic at hand would be the suggested course of discussion, as one’s personal preference had nothing to do with the civil war or today’s situation. That in itself is irrelevant. I originate from Kansas and Kansas was a free state. Slaves that made it to the North were usually made to fight to gain their freedom. Once the war was over, the freed slaves were given two acres and a mule, but only if they voted how they were told to vote. The North didn’t care about slavery, that was not what the war was about. Having learned as a child that it was about slavery, and then as an adult hearing a total other story, one that had never been mentioned was my awakening to just how long the agenda has taken to be where we are today. That is the reason for two different stories and wanting the removal of our history from being taught. Our Constitution is being ignored and our rights are being removed right in our faces, and the Patriot Act has been created to enable the agenda the Patriot Act is unconstitutional which translates into Treason. However, comfortable and secure the Patriot Act makes them feel, it is an act of Treason against our Constitution. There is no statute of limitations on Treason, and the Constitution will prevail.

        • The Civil war was fought over “State rights”. The south believed and still believes in Constitutional rights. Soon, if things don’t change, we will be in another bloody war over the Constitution.

          • Yes, I believe this was where I was going with this discussion, and would be the reason why they would want to remove history from the education. If they can hide the history, and fail to teach it, then they might have a chance at wiping out the Constitution, and the belief in it and our freedom. That is what they think they could do, however, freedom, and what this nation stands for is what most of the people in this world want and that is why they come here, and they will NEVER be able to remove what this country stands for, and for all of us here, we will not roll over and let them take it away. Which is the purpose of this discussion, we are now at that doorway, and in the eyes of the world, the citizens of this country are in their complete right to do what we need to do to uphold our Constitution. It isn’t a secret what our nation stands for, and we the people must maintain our allegiance to the Constitution whatever it takes. History repeats itself again. However, this time, it is our invalid representation against an entire nation of people. Not just a few states. The Constitution will prevail, the United States of America will prevail. The representation will go down in history and it is their names, and their family names for generations to come that will be held responsible from their decisions. It is entirely up to them whether we go to war, or we remain united as a nation, the Constitution will win in the end it is only a matter of time. NO ONE will give up their rights…….or what this nation stands for……

  50. Sounds like a bunch of liberal losers, blowing smoke, because they still don’t know that the South was right just as they are NOW! The SHIT_Y government isn’t always right! Less than 150 years and we are in the same mess, the northern liberals wanting to run EVERYTHING, NOT! They think that they are the only ones with any sense when thay have NO COMMON SENSE! Semper Fi.

  51. who will they replace them with russian generals,or maybe there just embarrassed that bobby lee and stonewall held them in check and was winning the first two years.These blo-hole so called politicians have more respect for the commies in Vietnam and north Korea.. because they are one in the same……

  52. These generals were Not enemies of the U.S. . These generals were U.S. citizens as much as Grant was a U.S. citizen. These generals are part of our nations history , so sorry if anyone can not deal with it.

  53. These idiots want to rewrite history. If we haven’t learned from history, we will repeat it. If we purposely forget it we will be doomed!

  54. If Lee could have seen the mess we are in today he would have never surrendered at Appomattox. He and his men would have fought to the last man.

  55. The Civil War had to happen.
    It took an imperfect union and tempered it into a more perfect steel.
    It was a growing pain, a part of the maturation process.
    We should not hold grudges about it.
    Lee and Jackson were indeed competent military leaders and as the article points out, it is a “War College.”
    So after the portraits are removed, what do they want to do next?
    Remove the portrait of the slave owning General Washington?
    Or better yet, throw all their cash in the trash?

  56. I agree not mentioning the Confederate generals is taking out some of the best generals we’ve ever had. Not only Lee and Jackson. What about JEB Stewart? He changed the way artillery was used, because he didn’t go to a military school, he didn’t know that Calvary wasn’t supposed to drag cannons around and use them where ever he wanted to use them. The army used his methods through out the west during the Indian Wars.

  57. Since Lee outmanuvered the Army of the Potomac for two years, perhaps his tactics have something to be said for. As for Jackson, he was certainly one of the boldest Generals of the Confederacy. Again, if lessons can be learned, why not take advantage of them? Even Patton studied Rommel, and learned how to turn the inferior tanks of the US into a potent force.

  58. Turns out this story is false. The Army War College issued a statement that there are NO plans to remove them. It’s just a rumor that was leaked out by some “anonymous” staffer….possibly a janitor.

  59. people are beginning to push buttons here in the South,about being offensive to them and to take down history.Do they think it is going away? it happen and it can not be changed,the Confederate Flags,monuments anything here in the South they want it disposed of well we here in the South are tire of this bull now if they are itching for another war they just may get it.since Obama was elected he has turned this world upside down everything to suit his agenda and stir-up things there is more hatred than ever because of him and he cares nothing about anyone but himself and what he wants

  60. God help us a “politically correct” War College. I.m glad I served my country before Obama’s pussy generals got promoted

  61. I don’t think History should be revised. If we are allowed to revise History, then why don’t we take out our black mark of slavery out? Then we can say it never happened. Right? No, let’s not do this. To build character, we need to remember our mistakes and learn from them.

  62. Robert E. Lee was on the wrong side of history in the Civil War. He made a poor choice (from a strategic standpoint) to side with the CSA. The Confederacy did not have the resources to win the war — end of the story. With that said, the CSA would have lost much sooner if it wasn’t for Lee. That’s the big picture of the war. The question presented here is whether Lee — the man and soldier — and others like him deserve to be treated as heroes. Of course, the answer is yes and no. I could argue either side. He has a lot of American blood on his hands. Then again, so did Grant … and Lincoln. We are talking about war here. There are reasons to respect and despise leaders of the North and South, depending on your viewpoint of history. I’m an American whose family roots in the States go well back before the Revolutionary War. I grew up in the West, which reflects the Northern view on the Civil War in schools. I’ll never forget my best friend in law school (in a Northern state), who happened to be from Georgia, looking at a statue of Lincoln with me and saying how much he despised Lincoln for waging war against the South and seeking to destroy freedom. I’d always thought of Lincoln as the great Uniter and Emancipator. My friend thought of Lee as an honorable man trying to defend his people against a tyrant. I’d never thought of Lee as defending against a tyrant but as an honorable man who made a tough decision to side with “his country” in a time of war. My own family, although 100% on the Union side during the War, has viewed Lee as being honorable enough that to this day men in the family are named after Robert E. Lee. That tells me a lot about the “honor” and “integrity” of Lee, not as a symbol of the CSA, but as a symbol of honor, integrity and also military skill. I think he should be treated as such in history. If they decide not to keep the portraits there, I would hope they keep them and place them somewhere that can be displayed to help remind us that good men can choose to be on the losing side of history.

  63. Generals like Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Nathan Bedford Forrest along with President Jefferson Davis are true heroes of the former Confederacy. Left wing liberal communists hate them because they and the rest of the Confederacy were against a tyrannical federal govt with strongly centralized power instead of power delegated to the states. As a native of the former Confederate state of Louisiana I consider the South losing its bid at independence to be the most tragic incident in this country’s history.

  64. Perhaps this “College” would have a much more favorable attitude of their choice of war time General’s If we could produce some
    skinny runt, soprano, high pitch voice of a “queer” whom surely sounds as though he lost his manhood in a beaver trap somewhere
    in a desolate area, The fact is the South fought for the way they believed and lived, and that Sir is no less than any other individual
    would do, The fact is that what produced the war was the fact that the politicians could not agree on any thing and when push came
    to shove then both parties reacted in a positive and destructive manner of violence which lead to war, All of these parties in question
    are graduates of “West Point” who were taught and even fought together in the Mexican, American War. How can you put an honor
    on one of them and not the other unless it’s your own personal prejudices that direct your emotional attitude and principles of what
    you consider honor, And if indeed you want to compare their principles at that time to the principles of today in reference to Enemies
    of the U.S. just where would you stand today with “obama” and his administration running Washington D.C. And if you Sir stand with
    “obama” or government, then you and I are enemies and I would love to discuss the matter further with you, Your problem is you
    need to remove your head from the depths of darkness and take a look at reality as it is. !

  65. Keep one thing in mind. Although they disagreed in politics and geography, most of those ENEMY generals – on both sides of the Mason-Dixie – admired and respected those generals o the other side. Southerners basically admired and respected US Grant. They did NOT respect Sherman because he was a tyrant and terrorist who fought to i8njure civilians (women, children, old). Northerners felt the same way about Southern generals. If these American ENEMIES could admire and respect each other after having a terrible war, present day Americans should accept the faith of their behavior.

  66. Hell yes, let’s get rid of any history in which the Liberal Progressives feel does not fit their agenda. Let’s wipe out the Civil War and write in the history books that it never happened. Similiar to the holocaust never happening. Pure BS these Liberal Progressives are full of with the always unintended consequences of their solutions.

  67. What are they going to replace two of the best Generals the USA has ever produced with? A drunkard like Grant or one of the many incompetants who killed thousands of their own side. You might as well ask the Brits to airbrush Cromwell, Marlborough or Wellington.

  68. Why is it so hard for people to praise what is good and reject what is bad? Our generation surely lacks all discernment.
    Why is it so hard for people to praise what is good and reject what is bad? Our generation surely lacks all discernment.
    Why is it so hard for people to praise what is good and reject what is bad? This was stated in the above story. It is a great question and so many people miss the reject that which is bad. It is easier just not to rock the boat than stand up for what you believe. They are taking our Constitution and twisting or deleting that which does not support what they are doing, not truly how they feel, because they want to rule the United States, not be elected to lead for 4 years. Congress is also in this deception.

  69. Quoting the above … “I think it is high time the United States in general learn to accept history for what it is. Denying it for what it is, does us no good, and it likely does us great harm. There were many brilliant, honorable generals in the Confederate Army who are worthy of holding in high esteem both for their military genius and their personal character. That they now find themselves on the wrong side of history seems inconsequential to me. Why is it so hard for people to praise what is good and reject what is bad? Our generation surely lacks all discernment.”

    This last paragraph says it all; for ANYONE to begin questioning our “history” NOW and want/try to CHANGE it to represent the more radical/liberal point of view, is exactly “why” this Country is in the mess it is in! TOO MANY HAVE FORGOTTEN from whence We The People and this Nation came … HOW we got what America became, and WHAT those who have fought and died for in order to GIVE WE THE PEOPLE a Nation of FREEDOMS AND LIBERTIES! These type STUPID and LUDICROUS QUESTIONS SHOULD NEVER BE STATED, LET ALONE, EVER PUBLISHED! Our public schools alone have done enough damage to our youth by teaching REWRITTEN HISTORY BOOKS and NOT TEACHING AMERICAN and WORLD HISTORY …and NOT TEACHING HISTORY AS THE TRUTH IT IS!!

    I for one, am sick-to-death of just how lame too many in powerful positions have become! They DESERVE NO RECOGNITION! This type “thinking” is as treasonous as the person occupying our White House and running this Nation like the self-appointed DICTATOR he believes he is … FORGETTING that THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS A LAND OF FREEDOMS AND LIBERTIES!! WHO is HE that he THINKS he can take it over WITHOUT A FIGHT??!!!!!!!

  70. Had the Southern States been victorious, ALL the NIGGERS would still be working for a living!!!!!
    We should have picked our own cotton!!
    fmr LCDR MC USNR NUKE – resigned 4 July 1978 after 8.5 years active/4.5 as a LCDR

  71. What uniform do they wear?

    Give generals wearing the uniform of the United States their appropriate place on a U.S. Army training facility.

  72. Actually it’s the communists in our military ( and believe me they are there) who want to destroy our military history and heritage! One more aspect of intervention into our country’s traditions and way of life! Now who needs purging?

  73. This is one of the most bizarre thoughts I have read recently. These men are Part of our history and what they did was for the Love of their country. Right or wrong, to purge them is a bastardization of the Truth in History

  74. ANYONE! that is UNABLE to read and see the true history of the REPUBLIC of the United States, needs to be reminded that the United States started out as 13 individual COLONIES/STATES, Each with their own Leadership, Currency, and a wide differing view of what they wanted.
    Now if you take enough time to read that deep and notice that those that sat in the seat of power did not ALL have the same desires to gain Independence, at the same time, nor did they have the same level of thought about what should have been done.
    This is what brings us to the fact the Gen Robert E Lee turned down his chance to be the Commander of all UNION forces, as his first Loyalty was to the STATE! and that has always come before the Nation as a whole,!.
    Many that chose to resign their commissions to the Union and take one for the Confederacy, did so as the truest form of Patriot, as the state you are Born in, is the first place you are a part of, otherwise there would not be a ‘Birth’ Record.
    Remember that the United States went into an uproar over BHO not producing the Documents proving that he was BORN here, and that was NOT from the U.S.A., but a STATE! and we have since learned that everything released is a FALSE as the day is long.
    So, if a few individuals are going to take it opon themselves to remove part of OUR history, then let us NOT forget to include them in the new history as ‘CRIMINALS’ that were punished when the CLEANSING was completed, and the TRUE REPUBLIC has been restored!.
    LOCK & LOAD!!!
    nuff said qapla’

  75. What else will be re-written? History is history and it should not be tampered with. My own family had members who fought on both sides. That is a FACT so is the Civil War. Should we also change history about Benedict Arnold? Enough distortion of history is already being carried out in our children’s textbooks without revamping whatever happens to come to mind by some bureaucrat or political general or admiral. Leave history alone – Facts are facts! .

  76. The Leftistas must remove all traces of Southern identity. They are already renaming streets, parks and schools. The history books have forever contained corruption of the events that compelled Beauregard to fire on Sumter. Without the South “firing the first shot,” the entire facade of Northern righteousness collapses. Find and read John Tilley’s “Lincoln Takes Command.”

  77. The politically correct don’t want to admit that many Confederate Generals were against slavery. I wonder how many of them will admit that Union General William T. Sherman was also a racist. He hated Blacks and American Indians. He even publicly stated that “The only good Indian is a Dead Indian!”

  78. If this Army War College is allowed to eliminate Generals Lee and Jackson, both Civil War Confederate Generals, it would be eliminating much about the War of Secession. This administration is behind this move and it would be a bad one. Gen. Lee especially because he played such a large part in the war. This should not be allowed.

  79. God, the Father of our Lord and savor Jesus Christ, I bow in worship, praise, and bring thanksgiving before you. I surrender myselef completelty to you. I am covered with ther blood of the Lord Jesus Christ as my protection. I am submitted to God, I resist the devil, and he must flee.

    True and living God, You are worthy to receive all glory and honor. You love me; You sent your Son to die as my substitute. You completely forgave me through him; You gave me his perfect righteousness; you made me complete in him. Jesus won total victory for me on the cross and in his resurrection; You adopted me into your family; You assumed all responsibility for me, You offer yourself to me to be my daily help and strength. Your provision for me me is complete. Blessed Holy Spirit I live and pray this day in complete dependence on you, Pray your prayers through me.

    I have mighty spiritual weapons, I choose to stand aggressively in the full armor which is Jesus Christ himself, I claim all his victory today. I am now seated in Heaven with him. In Jesus name the enemy is under my feet. In Jesus name i bring the blood of the lamb against all works of the enemy. In Jesus name i I tear down the strong holds of satan and reject all his plans fromed against my body , mind , will, and emotions. I reject all his schemes of hindrance, insinuations, accusations, temptations, lies and deception. Show me where i am giving any ground to him Lord , and cleanse me from every foothold.

    The word of God is true, and i will obey you and abide in you. I put off the works of the old man and stand in the victory of Jesus Christ to cleanse me from the flesh and enable me to live above sin. I put off all of my greatest struggles, my selfishness, fear, doubt, hatered an lust, and put on the new nature of holiness, righteousness, truth, courage, strength and faith.

    You have blessed me with all spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus, I welcome the Holy Spirit living in me to fulfill your will Lord. Transform me and fill me with your love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness gentleness and self-control.

    I now stand on victory ground for today. I claim all the work of the cross of Jesus, His resurection power , his ascended authority and pentecost for all my victory. You are Lord of all my life from this day forword and for ETERNITY. In Jesus name, Amen.

  80. Erasing all Tradition and History is Marxism—-to destroy Logic and Wisdom in children. Rigorous debate is the only way to Truth—but our children are not taught anything worth knowing….I run into college graduates all the time, who are kist dumb about history—- have never heard of John Locke or Hobbs or Thomas Reid, or have the slightest understanding of the dehumanization of Communist ideology and socialism.

    Public schools are producing ignorant drones for the State—ACORN types…..too stupid to understand anything. All ideologues—conditioned and brainwashed—twisted history—-to destroy the two pillars of Western Civ.—-the Natural Family and Christianity—destroy the individualism and character—-to produce slaves and addicts of base urges.

  81. Jackson and Lee were generals of the Confederate States of America, an illegal entity that technically did not exist, since it was never legally recognized as a country by the United States government. I don’t believe that after the end of the war, Lee was ever recognized as a United States general again – not sure about that. And I don’t believe any of the Confederate officers of any rank ever received a US Government pension after they became part of the Confederate forces.

  82. A simple answer……both are white southerners and a half black man is running the country…………….simple racism on Odama’s part………………………

  83. Have you noticed that a whole generation of white, conservative officers have been or now being purged from the officer ranks and replaced by liberal officers?????????????????? Again, racist bigoted half white man in power.

  84. We haven’t done much since the Civil War so the War College is either incompetent or a waste of time………………………………..Lee and Jackson fought a continual battle with the lacka of troops and supplies for four years……………………pretty good leadership…….now a days we can’t beat a bunch of rag heads TOO MANY RULES OF ENGAGEMENTS – THE ONLY RULE OF ENGAGEMENT IS KILL THE ENEMY BEFORE HE KILLS YOU……………A RETIRED USN CPO

  85. General’s tactics from a lot of nations are studies. They were the best, must be negroe/communists at the bottom of this.

  86. History is history, tactics are learned from describing them and how they turned out, if you try to erase historical facts and the outcome you doom people to trying the same ideas out without the knowledge of how they worked out last time. IDIOTS AT WORK.

  87. I suppose they will purge George Washington as well. Both Washington and Lee would have shot Lincoln in the head with relish and declared “Death to Tyrants”. This “union” we now have was established by Lincoln, It’s father. The idea of self determination by a free people is long dead. All that went before Lincoln is long dead including the constitution. The last free men are dead and buried in Confederate graves. It is strange that we allowed the filipino people to be free and self governing, but Texas, no way.

    • Confederate traitors lost and with that also the end of a concept that one man can own another in the land of the free. get over it

      • Let me give you some food for thought. All of us enslave ourselves through the course of our lives to varying degrees. We submit to many masters. Some men submit to wives and other persons more than they should. Some enslave themselves to debt, sometimes, insurmountable debt. Many have jobs that pay subsistent wages. If you have a job that totally precludes the possibility of putting something aside for your future benefit, by definition you are a slave. If you have a job that pays significantly more than you could possibly earn anywhere else, you become enslaved by your employer. I have personally experienced all of these. So, I think you can concede that to varying degrees slavery still exists and is widespread throughout this “land of the free”.
        I also have been self-employed. During that time I realized that I was a creator of wealth. I thought I was free. In time I came to realize that I was being feasted on by many bloodsuckers. Not my employees, who helped me create wealth, but by lawyers(fleas), bankers(ticks), state and local governments(leeches) and finally the federal government (king of all the bloodsuckers).
        I think you can concede that if you are paying income taxes the tax bracket defines how much ownership the state and local governments have of you, their chattel property. If you are in a 50% bracket they own half of you for half of your labor goes to the government. There are higher and lower brackets, higher and lower ownership of you. The government may not own all of you but they own some of you. At best, you are a partial slave.
        If you are a poorer person maybe you do not pay any income taxes. Even so I assure you that you pay a very large amount of taxes. Possibly more by percentage than a person in one of the “brackets”. If you are accepting government handouts then you are fully enslaved, 100% owned by “massa”.
        Maybe you are retired on a pension or looking forward to a pension. You have been promised this income by the government. This brings up the deficit spending and the national debt. I brought up debt earlier. Remember, “the borrower is the slave of the lender”. Our government has enslaved all of us to insurmountable debt. Your personal federal debt now runs about $50,000. Every man, woman and child owes this money. Pensioners are, inevitably going to get screwed. So please never say this is “the land of the free”or “this is a free country”.
        Now because of our national debt, our currency is being debased. Monetary practices are not well understood by the general public. Please forgive me if I insult your intelligence. Debased currency is inflated currency. Because of this people who hold money are losing purchasing power. We are all being made poor. The dollar has lost over 60% of it’s purchasing power since the 90s. The government is lying about the inflation rate.
        Last, I will give you another strange fact. A good condition,100 dollar bill issued by the Confederacy is now worth 600 yankee dollars. Not bad for a country that hasn’t existed for 150 years.
        A slave by any other name is still a slave.
        At least, prior to Lincoln white men were free. Now no one is free.

  88. Not exactly. Here’s a response that was forwarded from the Commandant of the U.S. Army War College. Somebody apparently saw some paintings being removed and made up a story about it.

    Major General Tony Cucolo here, Commandant of the US Army War College. I’d like to address an issue that has come up based on a Washington Times web posting last night and article in its paper of 18 December 2013.

    Even though last night’s posting had a photo at the top of that article showing a picture of one of our entry gates with huge statues of Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. Jackson mounted on horseback on either side of the sign, and today’s posting showed a dignified photo of Robert E. Lee at the top of the article, it might be misleading as to what is in question. For what it is worth, I must tell you there is only one outside statue on Carlisle Barracks and that is of Frederick the Great. There is no statue of Lee, there is no statue of Jackson; that picture is photo-shopped – I assume to attract attention to the article. We do however have many small monuments, mostly stone with bronze plaques, but those are for a variety of reasons.

    There are small memorials to the service of British units (during the French and Indian War), memorials of Army schools that had been based at Carlisle Barracks over the last two-plus centuries, memorials to Carlisle Indian Industrial School students and significant personalities of that period from 1879 – 1918, a memorial for US Army War College graduates killed in action, and more. We do not have any public memorials to the Confederacy, but we do have signs on the walking tour of the base that will tell you for a few days during the Civil War, three North Carolina Brigades camped on the parade ground here and then burned down the post (save one building) as they departed on July 1st, 1863, to rejoin Lee’s forces at Gettysburg. We also do not have any stand-alone large-scale portraits of Robert E. Lee or Stonewall Jackson (but we do have pictures of both men).

    So, no statues or big portraits, but a recent event here sparked the reporter’s and other public interest in the topic of the article, which I find makes a good point: for topics like this, have a thoughtful conversation before making a decision.

    Here is what happened: a few weeks ago, while relocating his office to a new floor in our main school building over the weekend, one of my leaders looked outside his new office location and simply decided to change the look of the hallway. He took down, off the wall, a number of framed Civil War prints that depicted Confederate States of America forces in action against Union forces or depicted famous Confederate leaders. He did this on his own. There was no directive to “remove all traces of the CSA.” Since this is a public hallway with seminar rooms and offices, the sudden new look drew attention the following week. And since there was no public explanation of my leader’s action, some of my folks jumped to conclusions, even to the point of sending anonymous notes to local media. We have since attempted to clarify the action within our own ranks.

    If it matters to any of you, you could walk into this building today, and see ornately framed paintings and even a few prints similar to the ones that came down off that hallway wall of Confederate forces and leaders mixed in an among countless other paintings and prints of the Army (and the other services) in action from the Revolutionary War through the current fight in Afghanistan. I must admit, there are in fact a large number of Civil War paintings, depicting both North and South. I can only assume one of the reasons there are so many is that we are barely 30 minutes from Gettysburg, home to many renowned artists, a few of whom have been commissioned by US Army War College classes of the past to capture some iconic scene of that conflict.

    Finally, and with ironic timing, I also must tell you that I am, in fact, in the midst of planning a more meaningful approach to the imagery and artwork that currently adorn the public areas on the three primary floors of The War College. There will be change: over the years very fine artwork has been hung with care – but little rationale or overall purpose. Just today, I left the “George S. Patton Jr. Room”, walked by the “Peyton March Room” and nearby hung a picture of a sharp fight in Iraq, 2003, right next to a Civil War print, which was near a series of prints honoring Army Engineers, and a few feet further hung a painting of the Battle of Cowpens. We can do better; we’d like our students, staff, and faculty to walk through a historical narrative that sends a message of service, valor, sacrifice, and courageous leadership at the strategic level.

    But I will also approach our historical narrative with keen awareness and adherence to the seriousness of several things: accurate capture of US military history, good, bad and ugly; a Soldier’s life of selfless service to our Nation; and our collective solemn oath to defend the Constitution of the United States (not a person or a symbol, but a body of ideals). Those are the things I will be looking to reinforce with any changes to the artwork.

    Much more information than perhaps you wished to know, but this topic has the ability to bring out the extremes of opinion and discourse, and I at least wanted the facts of our own activities to be known.


    Tony Cucolo
    Major General, US Army

  89. I always wondered what was the fascination about rebel generals that betrayed the Union by joining the Confederacy for the preservation of slavery.
    I do not see many things named after Benedict Arnold and he was a hero before he became a traitor.

    • You wonder because you cannot see beyond one’s loyalty to one’s state, as opposed to being loyal to an all-powerful central authority. Also, your understanding with regard what was occurring prior to the fighting is lacking. The states of the south declared that they could secede from Washington, DC, as autonomous states. What is a “state” anyway? How can one be a state if it cannot decide for itself its destiny. How can a state BE one if its destiny is decided upon by another authority?

      Moreover, these Confederates did not act in a way that went toward destroying the United States of America (something Benedict Arnold did). On the other hand, the “Federals” in the North declared that any and all states in the South were still part of the Union, and claimed beyond all appearances that “the Union” was unalterable. Really, its a debate that goes beyond simple “treason,” because these men were asked to fight against their states, and really their homelands. Had they done so, they would have been regarded as far worse traitors to their fellow citizens than otherwise.

      Jackson and Lee were highly principled and highly moral men–much more so than ANY of their Union contemporaries, and their generalship were also unequaled during the Civil War. If they do not belong in the War College, then no general serving in the Civil War belong there from either side.

      • State rights is only an excuse used by revisionist them and now. Lincoln was elected with an antislavery platform and that is why the confederates bolted.
        The issue was slavery and since slavery was key to a southern agricultural society they were reluctant to let it go and the hell to the human rights of the negroes.
        The Confederates shot the first shot at Fort Sumter and you can also say Benedict Arnold went back to fight for his “original” government, the British Crown and that Washington was a traitor to the crown.
        BUT, the winners write history and the Confederation and the institution of slavery was an abomination that needed to go away.
        Highly principled and moral men would not have supported an institution that said it was OK to own and denied any rights to other human beings because of the color of their skin.
        No matter which way you turn this turkey, the South was wrong, slavery was wrong and it deserved to lose the war.
        Alexander, Julio Cesar, Genghis Khan and Napoleon were great generals (and murdering bastards) that won victory after victory against incredible odds.
        Lee and Jackson were better to their Union counterparts, but really that was not much to say. Now Sherman, that was a Great General

        • What is a “state?” There is nothing “revisionist” about defining terms. If a state cannot do what states do, then you deny what IT is.

          The Confederates fired upon Ft. Sumter because it was territory of South Carolina, and they requested that it be evacuated (something Lincoln initially agreed to do). The refusal to evacuate Union troops from what they saw as their sovereign territory was, in their manner of thinking, an act of war. The North’s redefining what a “state” is cannot be seen as the fault of the Southern states.

          Here’s the thing, the Union’s actions against the Confederate states were acts of war against a foreign country (blockading ports, and a philosophy of total war against the citizenry), all the while, Lincoln’s personal philosophy regarding the war was that these Southern states STILL belonged to the Union, and that the Southern states were delusional. The terms of the Union’s warring against the Confederacy were confusing, and frankly, they were insulting.

          Slavery BECAME the cause of the Civil War after the Emancipation Proclamation; however, strangely, that proclamation only “effected” slaves in the Confederate states. Slaves in Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri were not effected in any way by this “emancipation.” Now, how can it be said that this war was truly about freeing slaves if the Union allowed states on their side to continue that institution? Again, the Union’s terms were confusing and insulting. Really, the Emancipation Proclamation was a propaganda coup. It didn’t accomplish anything with regard to freeing ANY slaves, but it created an imagined “cause” for the Union.

          Your saying that Lee and Jackson “said that it was okay to own slaves” is a non-sequitur. The institution of slavery did not enter into their reasoning in way whatsoever. They were defending their homes and loved-ones, period.

          Yes, the Southern states were wrong, AND it can be argued that the Union under Lincoln were wrong too. Slavery is an abominable institution, but the Union’s acts of war against the Confederacy were abominable too. They were literally fighting fire with gasoline.

          And yes, Sherman was a great general, in a modern sense, because he introduced the notion of total war to the universal vocabulary, but he was also a man with no love for the Negro race whatsoever:

    • The Civil War was first and foremost a war fought over STATES RIGHTS. Ending slavery was just the topping on the win. Though ending slavery, in itself, was a good win for the USA. The losing of states rights was not so good.

      • Mostly the Southern “state’s rights to maintain slavery and add new slave friendly states to the Union”
        so YEAH, it was fought over slavery…Of course if you are a Confederate sympathizer is now not very savvy to say you just wanted to keep the negroes working in the cotton fields.

  90. The dimwits in the south haven’t changes much. During the civil war the poor
    Schmucks (who didn’t even own slaves) got slaughtered fighting for those who did! Today the poor schmucks STILL fight against their own interests.

  91. Confederate Generals should be part and remain in US history. I have relatives that fought and died in the Confederate Army. George Wiliam Mason ship captain went to England and returned with ships for war. The US united after the war and made US better.

  92. Here’s what you can do with the portraits you removed .First get in touch with me and then we can decide how to ship the portraits to me .I would be honored to have those portraits along with any other portraits of Southern Generals you see fit to dispose of.You people are so damn ignorant.You don’t even know what the Civil War was actually fought over.It wasn’t because of slavery that’s one thing that is for sure.But please if you really are going to get rid of those portraits PLEASE get in touch with me.There were Northern Generals that were also disliked by people ,but we from the South don’t keep on trying to get rid of them.This War happened over 150 years ago. We here today didn’t have a thing to do with it yet people make it seem as though it just ended yesterday.I had many kin who fought in that war as did many others,but I honor them today just as I would any other military person who has fought over the past 150 years.I honor them for keeping this nation free and that is what it’s really about. Lets all do our part to KEEP AMERICA FREE no matter what it takes.God is with us in all things we do.God is the reason for the season.Merry Christmas everyone.

  93. I hope these people are ready to take down every building, playground, street and by all means the gigantic monument in Washington and in honor and respect to Martin Luther King. These kooks must be crazy to think they can have their cake and eat it too. Let us stand and say “We are mad as hell and are not going to take this any more.” We have been too nice for too long. You give some people an inch and they start taking and taking and taking.” So I suppose the answer to that is to take down every monument that was paid for and supported by taxpayers. I hope I am around when they start tearing down Mr. Kings Monument and momentos. I have no qualms against Mr. King, and his achievements but neither do I have qualms with Lee and Grant and others they who seek to destroy. I’ll bet if they had to pay for this destruction , Which was paid for by taxpayers. thy wouldn’t be so anxious to remove them.

  94. Good God, what next in this country of ours that is leaning heavily toward Communism! These men faced hard choices and chose to put states rights before the Federal government…. which as it turns out un-constitutionally prevented the seceded states from leaving the union! I believe, even though they lost the war, they were on the right side of the issue. Most felt the slavery issue, which they largely supported, would resolve itself without force. I believe they were right there too!

  95. The United States stopped being “United” when the Northern Nation invaded the Southern Nation. The Southern Nation (Dixie) is still “occupied” FREE THE SOUTH! Lincoln was no hero as he was single handedly responsible for the deaths of over ONE MILLION AMERICANS. The Civil War (War of Northern Aggression) was fought because the Southern States seceded from a oppressive and over taxing Federal Government which was more and more attacking States Sovereign Rights, (sound familiar)? The Confederate States had every right to secede from the Union under the circumstances. In fact before the Civil War the right of secession was never even questioned as it was a given right of the times. Four of the original thirteen colonies even had the right of secession endorsed in their State Charters before signing both the Articles of Confederation and the “new” U.S. Constitution. Also Texas was a Sovereign Republic before being annexed by the U.S. and the Republic of Texas never dropped their “right to secession”, should they later chose to discontinue their association with the United States. The U.S. Federal Government has a long history of breaking treaties they dis-like and walking away from their own political promises. Just ask the American Indians if this is not a true statement of the facts.Today Federalist in our Central Government seem to think they can bully their socialist doctrines on the American People without consequence. They are attempting to erase ALL evidence and histroy of our Founding Father’s and Southern Heroes, in a vain attempt to remove all memories of who We the People of Southern Heritage are and what we believe. Fact is their are over 100 million American’s who have ancestors who fought for Southern Independence and Freedom. That memory is a source of Southern Pride and part of American History. Apparently a militant, freedom loving citizenry who loves their God, Country, Bibles and Guns is something that the political correct crowd in Washington still fears? I say get over it socialist politicians because We The People are starting to remember our roots and that is not good for your peace and security. Thomas Jefferson said it best, The Tree of Liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of Tyrants and Patriots. God bless the America of our Fore Fathers and to hell with the communist TYRANTS now in office. I believe We the People will soon wake up from our slumber and there will be a huge back lash against those who have stolen our freedoms and enslaved our people with unfair taxes, oppressive legal system and forced acceptance of the homo-sexual lifestyle. The spirit of Southern Pride and Independence is rising again and the days of perverted judges and politicians forcing their will upon We the People is numbered for sure. This is why Washington politicians want to erase the memories of Confederate Generals and Heroes and the Southern Flag of Independence and Freedom. But the idea of Southern resistance is surely on the rise and our ancestors dream of Southern Freedom will never be stamped out because freedom is the heritage of all Americans and the boundaries of the New Southern Nation encompass the entire USA. A few years ago you could call this crazy talk but take your blinders off and ask yourself IF you truly like the change that the non-American has brought to our Great Nation? Do you like the new America that kills a man’s job because he speaks Biblical truth and the homo-nazis go crazy. Do you want your daughters drafted into the military in the name of equality of the sexes? Do you like a Federal government that spys on its’ own citizenry? A federal government that has hyjacked our entire medical system under the disguise of Affordable Health Care ie Obamacare? How about a country that abandons our Libyan Ambassador and guards to Islamist-terrorist? and calls the Fort Hood massacre, violence in the workplace. Personally I want the communist taken over Democrat Party out of office the sooner the better. Perhaps this will peaceably happen in November 2014? IF not then don’t be surprised to see the South Rise Again at least in the spirit of liberation and freedom.

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