America: A Land Of Opportunity… for Lazy Bums

The IRS has chosen to ignore billions of tax “refund” dollars going fraudulently to immigrants. Officials at the IRS have inexplicably encouraged auditors to overlook common red flags (multiple refunds going to the same address for instance: one residence in Atlanta received 23,994 refund checks valued at 46 million dollars) in an attempt, purportedly, to get refund checks sent out in a timely fashion. Another report finds that about half of long-term immigrants in the United States, legal and illegal, are on welfare.

Why not? Come here and have a baby. We’ll pay for him or her to be born and then give the baby citizenship (thanks to the ever-flexible 14th Amendment). We’ll pay for your school. Can’t find a job? We’ll put you on welfare. Need healthcare? No problem. Don’t want to pay taxes? That’s fine. If you want, we’ll make sure you get a refund if you go to the trouble of filing a fake return. You can even vote if you want. We don’t require an ID at the booth… that would be a hardship on minorities. So you can come and vote yourself some more of our money. What a great country we live in…

My brother-in-law is from New Zealand. He worked as a lawyer there. He came here to get schooling in a different field of study. Later, he married my widowed sister and took on her six kids, so he left school to try to find work here to support them. He’s a really awesome guy. But there was so much red tape involved in getting a work visa, he eventually had to take his new family and go back home where a job was waiting. We were bummed. We thought, “If only he had been a social parasite, a mooch, or a criminal. He would have made an awful husband and father, but he wouldn’t have had to leave the U.S.” It’s really too bad he is smart, responsible, law-abiding, and productive. They make those people jump through a bunch of hoops to stay here. America apparently doesn’t want those kind of people anymore. Because the fact is that you always get more of what you subsidize. And we’ve been subsidizing good-for-nothingness for quite some time.

You know we wouldn’t have an immigration “problem” if we just stopped giving people other people’s money. I know it’s a radical idea, but perhaps we should be striving to be a land of opportunity for the industrious rather than for the lazy. We used to be like that, and we had plenty of immigrants. But they generally weren’t here for a handout. They were here because their governments stole their labors and gave them to criminals and parasites. But we all know parasites can’t survive the death of their host, so… I’ve got some good news and some bad news…

Note: I do not believe all immigrants are lazy bums. Many of them are quite industrious. What I mean by this article is that our immigration and welfare policies encourage a preponderance of lazy bum-like immigrants and “citizens.” That is all. I am impressed you read this far. Most people would have stopped reading by now and just commented about how ignorant and racist I am. Feel free to do that now though if you want. I think you’ve earned it.

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  1. Tax what you want, subsidize what you don’t want seems to be the mantra in Washington! I wholeheartedly believe that proof of citizenship should be required for every gov’t provided service!

  2. My neighbor, a single mother with kids by 2 different fathers, has a ‘special mortgage’ that allows her to miss 2 payments a year (FHA) on her nice ranch style home, a nice pool (recent addition), a 2009 car (mines 2003) and works part time cutting hair. She also gets food stamps and child care gratis . She does smoke and drink – – – heavily, and after a recent DUI and the loss of her drivers license the state paid for a taxi to drive from the nearest city (38 miles) to her home and take her to work daily.

    H:E:L:L welfare ain’t about helping the poor, it is a standard of living!

      • GTMO you sound as though the workers of the US, and taxes soon to be raised via BOZO. Should not feel as though they are being penalized because those welfare people do not want to get off their back side to find a job. If the immigrants want to come to this country, then they should not expect welfare to be handed to them along w/ ADC, and medicaid. They don’t respect our laws, our flag, or our constitution. The biggest offender……BOZO. Racist……oh yeah I am……against all the illegals. Brains do not figure in this equation. They just have their hand out, with a mouth full of give me what I deserve..
        The broad is lazy and expects others to pay her way Fridihem. That is not bright……just lazy.

        • We have an imposter in the Oval Office who does not respect our laws, our flag or our constitution. Oh yes, I forgot. He is also an illegal. I say make him prove that he isn’t an illegal. It seem that is the new mantra of Harry Reid and his accusations. “GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT”.

          • Well Dean, looks like you hit the nail on the head…. when I shared this attitude with some of my family members, they told me I was “gullible”… the blind leading the blind…. its heartbreaking how people dont seek truth and watch msnbc…. pathedic

      • I think its a shame to try to be like this looser woman who wants to live on the dole. She is no inspiration to her kids nor anyone. Ihope she gets found out and will have to get off her ass and go to work and stop breeding!

        • Found out, nothing! The government knows these people are illegal,
          they don’t care. I see them in line at the grocery store with their grocery carts overflowing, and paid for by “We the people”. I am 69 years old,
          still working 40 hours a week, and can’t afford to buy 1/2 the amount of
          meat and fresh fruit and vegetables they buy – not to mention all of the “junk food” provided by our hard working tax dollars. Our government is so irresponsible. These “career representatives” need to all be replaced by citizens that have worked for a living in the last 10 years. They have no idea how the “real world” lives.

        • I dont understand, when I go in for a simple replacement card for my social security the forms I filled out required 7 different types of identification! How do they get away with all this?

      • No one must have no morals or integrity to work the system. I have to figure you are one of these worthless POS yourself.

        • Did you even make it through 3rd grade? If so it just gives further evidence that the public school system is not working.
          How can you defend this WOMAN stealing our money, unless of course you are one of the 49% that pay no income taxes,and think that the rich don’t pay their fair share?

          • Click “Parent” chief, next to my user name, That little gem tells you WHO I was responding to, which was this post:

            fridihem • 6 hours ago • parent−You are only jealous, because you are not as bright as she is……… must be brainy to work the system,
            I pay my taxes and work damn hard to support the freeloaders.

            Learn the system, then feel free to sound off.

      • Actually, you have to be a single black or separated latino, pregnant at least 6 out of any 10 years, have at least two children by different fathers, have a single parent mother who raised you on food stamps, and the guile of a pit viper, the conscience of a psychopath, and the insistance that the gov’ment owes you everything because you are a special case. Oh, and have a criminal record of shoplifting, DUI, and domestic violence.

        • Then that qualifies half of the American population doesnt it, and the other half are just gun crazy wankers………… republicans

          • fridihem, I would rather be a gun crazy Republican than a Lying immoral Demo-rat. We want to save America from lazy worthless people who are helping that fraud Obama turn our world into a socialist, begging, communist world depending on the government to survive. You are totally wrong and not worth supporting.

          • Obama is not trying to turn the USA into a socialistic or communistic state……all he is trying to do is to make it better the 50% that are according to you and many others on this forum…..SHIGHT…………shame on you and America

          • How can you put shame on a whole country for not agreeing with one person? You sir are obviously close minded.

          • It would appear that you inflate your statistics like you inflate your IQ. They are both much lower than you subscribe to. But then, they should never have let you escape from the sanitorium.

          • Sorry, but I work for a living and have to leave for work. Like your dungbeetle troops, pray to NoMoBammie that you will have welfare for the rest of your life.

          • You are lucky to still have a job, work hard and long hours and be faithful to your employer………….I live in another country……check this out…….

            USAs GDP is just
            over $15.3 trillion, and the population is about 312 million, now divide the
            GDP by the population and the GDP per capita is just over $49000…….NOW,
            just for comparison

            Swedens GDP is $581 billion and the population is just about 9.3 million, now
            divide the GDP by the population and the GDP per capita is $62473…..only
            about 5 years ago the USAs GDP/capita was much higher than
            Swedens…………how things can change in a very short time
            Have a nice day

          • You may call it gun crazy, but I call it the rights that our founding fathers placed on our constitution.

      • Some of us pay taxes and realize that she is stealing our money, not the governments money, as the government has no money, and only hold our money in trust for us. They are failing their Fiduciary responsibility and would be prosecuted and thrown in jail for the breach in fiduciary responsibility.
        If you paid taxes it is just like picking your pocket.

        • You have a great point, perhaps the ACLJ headed up by Jay Seculow would love to sew Obama, we need to discredit him, MY GOD everything he has done cries out “Oust Him” and yet there he stands, and We the people are losing. They will all get whats coming to them in the end.

      • You are disgusting!! The people working the system are below life slime who are to lazy or high on drugs, alcohol, illegal immigrants, school dropouts who want to set with their hands out for the tax paying workers to support them!!! Wrong!! We need to drop all entitlements in order to get you people off you a$$’s and go to work. I ‘m proud that I have never had to lower my self to receive welfare or food stamps. I have worked all my life, we are not rich but we are not poor just average people trying to live a clean moral life.

        • The things you say, make you very disgusting…….and as I dont live in the USA I dont mind helping those who have had it difficult in life….I too have worked all my life

          • Here is the problem, fridihem. People make bad choices. We should have to live according to the choices we make. If I screw up, I should be the one to pay the consequences.
            In the Socialist world, when someone screws up, everyone else has to pay the consequences.
            Just an example, if we are able to get free schooling up thru and including graduating high school and have the ability to get grants or loans to go to college, if someone decides to drop out of school at the 10th grade, why should society have to care for them for the rest of their lives?
            I know that you come from a socialist country by your comments.
            Please stay there. It is people like you and the illegals that are changing our culture.

          • Being an American you never gets things right……because we do things a democratic way, you at once think that its all to do with socialism. True socialism what they had in East Germany and many other east European countries……….I live in Sweden………..a social democratic country, remember those 2 words for next time………..we are as capitalistic as the USA, only we the government uses our money for different things, like to make our lives better………..OUR means all of the citizens, not just a greedy click at the top of the tree, and those who have been successful in life…………leaving behind 10s of millions living in poverty and subjugation………..that is America…………….think about it next time you eat a burger, the person serving you may earn $8 an hour……….here we pay our MacDs workers $22 an hour, and perhaps we pay an extra dollar for it……………..and the worker, he or she will get 42 days holiday each year, with pay………….think about it next time you eat a burger………………..and have no worries I will stay here, and let you continue your lives into oblivion

          • We are a country based off of hard work. We don’t mind helping the needy, as I said, just as long as their willing to meet us half way(and I’m not talking about the welfare line) we will. When welfare and such programs were first established, and we were helping people get back to their feet, it was good. But lazy bums figured out that they could ABUSE it, and so they crumbled the system. These are the ones that were talking about.

          • The reason you mcdonalds workers get so much more money, is because your dollar,as of now is .13 of the U.S dollar.

          • You are being very close minded! We don’t mind helping people who NEED it, but we do mind paying for illegals, or people who are to lazy to get a job and hide behind the race card or helplessness card. Why are you arguing about country which u keep saying ur not from? Are we affecting u?

    • Today at Walmart, the 60+ year old cashier seemed frazzled, so I said “long day?” and she said “six people called in”. I said “young people”? She said “Yea, they said the work was too hard and we’re too busy”. My husband said “well that’s why they call it “work”. In the old days it used to be if you wanted to eat, you had to work.” I told the cashier to brace herself for when she goes to sign up for Social Security (next week) because the waiting room is full of young people, women with a batch of kids, non-English speaking people – and they all have iPhones or iPads – and they’re all going to get unearned social security. Not only is the country bankrupt but our citizens are morally bankrupt as well.

  3. It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when our government wants to cut veterans benefits while lavishly increasing spending on those who have contributed nothing to this country

    • It was bad enough that Clinton toyed with the plan to have disabled veterans pay for their medical treatments if they had other medical insurance. I can easily imagine O’bama’s doing the same thing.

      The Democrats are thieves and liars, and will do anything to weaken this country and her families.

  4. Makes me sick the system should be dismatled till we come to a way to distrubute help, and welfare. Noticed I said help the goal should be to get people off it. Not raise another generation of welfare participants….

    • We have “a way to distribute help, and welfare.” It’s called churches and other private charitable organizations.

      • amen… the only problem is in those organizations people have to come into contact with people who live holy, honest, and hard working lives, and most “freeloaders” are quickly identified as parasites and cut off after abusing the system of ‘temporary” help. With Obama they get permanent free ride, who would you vote for? All the losers are voting for Obama and they comprise 50% of our nation today, half of America is working and struggling, to pay for the other half that either doesnt belong here or just has figured out how to get away with it.

        • If a man is hungry enough, he’ll get into contact with whoever can feed him. He may lie or dissemble to get food, but he’ll have that contact, and that alone might be a turning point in his life.

          As to government welfare, many people who think the government is doing a great job of helping the poor and the needy actually believe it is a moral choice and that we who oppose it are evil. But I say that the instant the state grabs my money and gives it to someone who did nothing to create the wealth it stands for, it stops being charity, and is just what it appears to be: theft and receipt of stolen property.

  5. America- A Land of opportunity for lazy bums (if the dems have any sayso about it) Is this really what America wants? Is this what made America great? HELLE NO!

  6. If we, as a country, continue to reward irresponsible and other forms of bad behavior because it makes us feel good, we will continue to get more of he same bad behavior and worse.

    • Fridihem………….Romney did not agree to the lazy bums collecting. BOZO is the one that agreed to that (illegals given amnesty). I can see that you are one of the ones that are not to bright as you will no doubt vote for BOZO. Lies & all, from the illegal muslim that hates Americans, and trying to destroy what was once a great country..

  7. Vote all the incumbents out of office and demand change from your representatives or continue to vote them out. I’m so tired of paying for a pack of criminals to do nothing but commit crime against me. The real slaves are hard working Americans and the government is the master!

  8. Good article.

    Lazy bum criminals are not in any one race so how could this possibly be labeled as ‘racist?’

    Oh, right, I forgot, facts and logic play no role in those who shout racism at those who they disagree with. How very unenlightened I am because of this flaw that insists on reason, logic and rational dialogue.

  9. While there are cases of abuse of the welfare system you must also include the corporations that pay next to nothing in taxes and get large refunds (ie. GE). Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could afford to have someone lobby congress for the working class folks? That’s not the reality though. You can complain all you want about situation like the one this article mentions but the real culprits are the corporations that use ex-IRS agents and people that help write the tax laws to get them the maximum deductions. Why give tax breaks to green energy companies only to have them taken over by the chinese after we the people payed for the investment into the technology (A123 for example). When will the working class realize that they have been fleeced by both parties all the while their representatives are partying it up with the top 5%? As long as we keep electing crooks to represtent us we will always get stuck with the tab.

    • Only because our government is picking and choosing winners based on the amount of those corporations campaign donations.

  10. It’s a twisted game they play. We work hard sacrifice our life and time to be able to afford those little extras. Those little extras could be considered a nice car, big screen TV, nice blackberry, etc.

    The libs have turned that hard work into rights. The reason why they have them and you don’t is because you had some sort of disadvantage.

    So, they supply them with our tax money to buy food, rent, etc., this then frees up the cash to purchase those things that we bust our arse for daily. They have created a generation of zombies that have no clue of risk and reward, and hard work yielding recreation.

    They have artificially inflated the lifestyle of these leeches.

    • Ive been a home owner for about 10 years and thought I had accomplished the american dream, and now it has simply become the american nightmare, tax’s on vehicles, home, county, city, dmv, insurance … all my hard earned money is going everywhere but to me! Im selling everything gonna buy a small piece of land get a metal shed an old winnabego a moped… and Obama can kiss my _ _ _!

  11. This government wants the people to depend on them for everything. Welfare is in generations now with no incentive to get out and find a good job and support themselves. Its too easy to breed and get checks in the mail and free housing and food stamps then to go out and work.So that way these pitiful people will keep voting for the likes of Pelosi and Reid and BO! So they can live a glamorous and expensive life on the poor shmuck who works every day to make a better life for his family and get no retirement nor any help from this awful government.

  12. If things don’t change soon, may I make a suggestion. Having watched how these (usually illegal immigrants) do it, we should take notice and learn. Why should we continue to work hard to pay taxes for everything we no longer believe in. Should obama get another term, we should all work only “under the table” so we won’t continue to contribute to this crap. Works great for the illegals, and somehow they still qualify for a tax refund! Win, win for us as well.

  13. A very liberal mindset. Let the government take care of everyone, I guess. I go to work every day, and I have less than my neighbors that sit on their asses, and do nothing. What is going to happen when all of us workers die out, and the rest of the people are on the government tit? Someone has to pay taxes, which means some one has to WORK! We desperately need some one in office, that gives a damn about the direction America is headed. It surely isn’t dumbo.

  14. At one time there was a discrepancy but for the last fifty years ALL have had the same education( which sadly went from first in the world to thirty-eighth)ALL have the same opportunity(at times there were quotos and preferances)ALL have equality except from our government. The one thing that a government of the people should aspire to is responsibility by all the citizenry. Sadly, our communist government doesn’t see it that way.

  15. In line with this article, President Obama has once again dismissed Congress as irrelevant: he has issued another of his unilateral decrees, this one altering the core definitions of the Welfare Reform Act so thoroughly as to make it useless. And the WaPo, marching in synchronous goose-step to his decree, has given the response to this action from the Right four “Pinochios” claiming that the Right is lying about the effects of President Obama’s action.
    Sorry, WaPo. Maybe you should read the original act and then compare it to what POTUS has put on paper, before you rate the Right as “liars”. Or maybe, if the language of the Act proves insurmountable for you, you should ask someone involved in its creation just what they meant by certain sections of the bill? If President Clinton demurs – after all, such candor on his part might be misconstrued come convention time – I’m sure Dick Morris would not hesitate to provide enlightenment, as he did last night on The O’Reilly Factor.
    In short, the law was drafted in such a way that future administrations would not be able to legally gut it. Yet now, single-handedly, President Obama has once again declared himself King, and above the law, and has attempted to enable the perpetuation of generational welfare, one of the very things welfare reform attempted to eliminate.

  16. Welfare deadbeats (along with fraudulent voters and America haters) are the backbone of Democrat political support. Why wouldn’t they encourage/promote the welfare system.

    • The enema would remove the Indonesian Islamic Foreign Aid Student Recipient with 4 alias’s and a Connecticut Social Service card (first name Ludwig) from office. Whomever he really is he proved any one can wreck America with it’s weak Eligibility Requirements of proof of Citizenship of being born of 2 legal American Parents. Only in America can a Recipient of a Foreign Aid Scholarship become President.

  17. As Christians, we’re to love our neighbors as ourselves.

    Who are our neighbors? I think the left believes that our “neighbors” are anyone with their hand out for a government ‘gift’. That would include illegal immigrants…and those who simply don’t choose to work.

    I have NO problem with allowing (even encouraging) government assistance to citizens too ill to work, too elderly, etc. but I think I join the vast majority of Americans who don’t buy the “welfare state” notion.

  18. I wouldn’t put it past the liberals administration in Wasshington having people apply for government aid in countless names and receiving welfare funds and giving it back to support the Puppet of Prompters..

  19. People who are not citizens of the United States should never get welfare. If legal resident aliens can’t keep a job then I say deport them. Illegal aliens should be given a permanent job on a prison work gang. As for the income tax system that allows the sort of crimminal activity described, abolishment in favor of a consumption tax would solve most of the problem.

  20. “You know we wouldn’t have an immigration “problem” if we just stopped giving people other people’s money.” Boy, what a novel concept! And long overdue.

  21. I’m a 100% Disabled Veteran. I’ve watched our medical care and quality of doctors go down the sewer. The politicians have gutted the system and eliminated clinics and hospitals, in order to ” consolidate ” our care. In doing so they have forced Veterans to travel greater distances in order to get services. Politiciians and Illegal ” Immigrunts ” receive far superior health care, all paid for by tax dollars. It’s way past time to STOP career politicians and illegal immigration. DEPORT THE ILLEGALS and Barrack Hussein Obama who IS NOT a natural born citizen or otherwise. Those Spineless Gutless politicians should have charged him with TREASON long ago. Just about every individual Staffer in BHO’s cabinet is guilty of federal crimes of one type or another. They all must go. They have been making sure that illegals and welfare loosers receive better benefits and health care then Veterans do. Romney won’t be a better choice either, come election time. Me, I’m voting for Ron Paul even if I have to write him in. At least Ron Paul has realistic answers for getting America back on her feet and restoring her strength and pride. Something BHO has worked diligently to destroy. It’s time to throw out every last career politician and run our government , By The People For The People … The way it was intended by our Founding Fathers.

    • White Lion: I know how you feel over choice of candidates. The only thing that scares me is that any ballots other than for Romney will grant us Obama’s Dictatorship. The entire Political Situation in America is Dangerous: REAL DANGEROUS: The counting of the Ballots in Spain in a George Soros Facility should be “OUTLAWED” Since when did America need to have ballots counted in ANY FOREIGN LAND. Why are we allowing ‘ANYONE” to shove THE AMERICAN PUBLIC whenever and wherever they feel like it? Have we become “SPUNKLESS? The answer is apparent.

  22. Being wounded in VietNam in 68, (I was drafted) I returned home in a wheel chair and stayed there for about 4 months till I mended a bit. Rated at 50% disabled, I returned to my job I had before I was drafted. With the help of over the counter pain pills, as I would not risk being addicted to the VA’s pain killers, I got up every day took my pills and struggled off to work. After a while I learned to live with the pain and begin to function in a fairly normal manner. Time again I was told by the Dr.s at the VA I would be forced to a wheel chair by the age of 40 due to my injuries in Vietnam. But, 40 pasted as I was still running under my own power. But, I begin to really feel the effects of my time in that hell hole and physically and mentally could no longer do my profession. At 42, three kids and losing everything I had, I returned to collage to learn a new profession less strenious on me physically. There I was at the bottom of the barrel at 42 with a family. Working since I was 12 years old and now I was feeling basically helpless. For the profession I was seeking with my VA assistance, required me to drive 45 mins. each way to begin classes at 8 am and finished at 3:30 pm. then drive home. The assistance I was getting from the VA for my disability and re-hab, fell very short of what was necessary to support 3 kids all in school So, I swallowed my pride and went to the well-fare office to get some help. Where I was told NO, Why? my disability, and VA assistance was $4.80 over the limit for help. I got a whopping $870.00 a month to live on from the VA. I tried food stamps, again Hell no, I made too much money…..the $4.80 over the limit thing again. The only help I ever could get was $95.00 a month from the state. And to get that I had to go through the mentally retarded or deformed catagory, sit in a 2 day class that was the most humiliation experience of my life, but I got the $95.00 a month for gas. After personally belly to belly going to every business in a 50 mile area, I finally got a job that would accomadate my school hours. 7days a weeks till 11 pm every night for 3.5 years, I had a total of 10 days off during that time, but I made it. I often wondered if the reason I hit all those dead ends for help was because of my color….white? Or my Vietnam experience? Every body that was in those offices to get help, had 5-6 kids running wild, and no man was with them. Hummm? Man! I wished I knew then what I know now, I’d not speak a word of
    English, Not shower for a month, and when in the wel-fare office I’d go pee in the flood. I’d come out of there getting $4,000. a month.

  23. Margaret Thatcher (the “Iron lady” of England) said “Socialism works fine as long as others can pay for it”. Paul, the Apostle of the Bible wrote ” He that can work but does not, let him not eat”. I have worked with people in 12-step groups, mainly recovering from substance abuse. Most often, the “door to recovery” is the loss of enablers. Many that do not recover die. Others face long-term prison and still more find themselves in rubber rooms, wearing diapers and majoring in drooling. California, a “welfare state”, is facing bankruptcy. While Arizona, the state next door with a much harsher climate. is prospering. I do not believe that most immigrants come to america for “hanouts”. Over 90% of the countries in this world are dictatorships with little or no hope of self advancement. The perception of wealth and opportunity is what attracts them. Thus they come here willing to work. Therefore, america is still a “land of opportunity” with only a few states providing dominant socialism. Destroying hope, opportunity, self determination, and liberty so that an elite-few can have power will bring this world back to “the dark ages of history” Granted, help is necessary for those incapacitated, but that is the perview of peoples collective concience and not of government.

    • When I entered America in 1963 sponsorship existed and 2 of my cousins Episcopal Chuch ministers sponsored me. There would be no such thing as welfare for me. The Nation went to church on Sundays and thrived as a Sound Christian Based Nation. When I heard of the possibility of Prayer being removed from the schools I shuddered . Then 7 years after the removal of prayer from the schools they(school grounds) became shooting galleries. With removal of Prayer from the Schools we displayed weakness which has escalated through actions of the ACLU and liberal Courts. To Rebuild America to it’s former Greatness there is only “ONE ANSWER and that is Our Proclamation that We Are Indeed a Christian Nation with religious Freedoms for All who comply with OUR LEGAL SYSTEM & Constitution.

  24. I am and a born in America citizen of 66 yrs of age and would like to share a little concerning the other side of the coin.
    It has been interesting to watch America decay into what it presently is. For almost 4 generation now America has thrown out God and promoted secular humanism. As a result we now have a people and a government depended society who cannot do things for themselves.
    As a people we vote in garbage that tells you what you want to hear and then let (them) government lead our lives to poverty and law lawlessness, while promoting themselves as saviors and above the law surrounding themselves with like minded corrupt peoples. America use to be for those who soul desire was to assimilate and becomes Americans.
    America has become a place of immorality and decadence where we blame the government for our problems then vote them in again and again.
    Basically WE promote the very things that are killing us as a nation. Then we complain about it while the rest of the world laughs.
    We have a wonderful Constitution and Bill of Rights and we are allowing it to be destroyed by law lawlessness.
    When it is destroyed you will be slaves and still begging government to save you.
    The only way to save our country is through accountability and responsibility.
    If you do not do what is right for yourself for your kids and for your government you will be destroyed and that without remedy.
    Think about it, then get up and act.

  25. I think you are dead on. My mother was an immigrant and my father was first generation American. Our country used to want good citizens, not low-life leeches to destroy our economy. It seems like our country cannot survive. Time to move to the Republic of Texas where they may yet make a stand in defense of liberty.

  26. After Obama is ousted from the Presidency by our votes, we can then concentrate on firing all those people with the IRS, SS Administration and all other bureaucratic positions. That should be fun, to make sure they l0se their jobs for shafting all the rest of Americans.

  27. Now let’s be fair about something else as well!!
    How many kids KNOW the Pledge of Allegiance?
    How many high school kids know how much 1/4 and 3/4=?
    How many high school kids know about the percentage of taxes that take care of welfare recipients?
    How many kids talk like “dis” and “dat?”
    Obamacare has 2,700 pages that contain a BIG PART in which has NOTHING to do with healthcare!!

  28. In the 1970’s I was a single mother of 3. I had dropped out of high school, but 11 years later attended night classes to get my GED. Afterwards I attended college. Since there wasn’t enough hours in the day to be a parent, attend school and work, my family and I were on AFDC. I made sure my children knew it was a step up, not a hand-out. When I finished school, I finished welfare. By the grace of God, none of us have been on it since. I don’t mind helping those who can’t help themselves, but I very much mind giving to those who refuse to take of themselves and their families.

  29. This is the problem with immigration, but the IRS deal is totally ridiculous. I read about this a couple of months ago in the Wall Street Jouranl. Immigrants can get a tax ID number and they file with the IRS and claim child care credits to get these refunds. One guy in California reported that he had 14 children and he recieved thousands of dollars and they caught him, and found out that 10 of the children were nieces & nephews who lived in Mexico. What is wrong with the IRS to let thsi continue and who willdo anything about it.What is really worse than this,$835,000 dollars are owed in back taxes by people that work in the White HOuse-10Million is owed by people who work in the House & Senate-and the worst $270 Million dollars owed by Postal Employees and the IRS has done nothing. So add this to the 42 BIllion Dollars in refunds that were sent fraudulently and you have a huge amount of money that it seems the Goverment doesnt care about enforcing. But yet if it was one of us we would be in jail. Maybe Harry Reid should start an investigation instead of accusing Mitt Romney of not paying taxes for 10 years, What a joke. This is our Government which only proves what most people have said for years that anytime the Government is involved it fails.

  30. don’t you get it the illegal immigrant is a protected species and they get everything you can’t get even if you beg for it and show ID all that on top of all the money we give mexico every year outsource jobs NAFTA we are being made a fool of by both governments , they so think they deserve it, it’s in your face and so what nothing you can do about it , they have their own language and their own MVD they don’t have to go where you go to register their autos and nothing else when have you ever seen a homeless illegal immigrant?

  31. I think anyone who gets a welfare check or assistance should be required to do some kind of work – community service – pick up trash, sweep streets, SOMETHING to help out their community instead of sitting around doing absolutely nothing and being lazy.

  32. The people are awake now. I’m reading more and more comments like these. Wonderful points and well put.

    Maybe that’s why the DHS is buying up almost a billion rounds of hollow-point, 40-cal ammunition. The people are awake now and we’re onto you devils in Washington and the White House. You’ve gone too far and you’ve done everything in your power to bring America down to her knees. You people know who you are. You’re despicable and you should be tried for treason as all of you have dishonored your oaths of office.

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