A Victim of His Own PC: Matt Lauer Accused of Sexism

Matt Lauer asked Mary Barra, CEO of GM, how she is able to be both a good businesswoman and a good mother. So, apparently, he’s sexist. Here’s what one critic had to say:

For the record: All previous GM CEOs that I’ve known had children. In my 15 years of covering the industry, I can recall only a couple of occasions where they were ever asked how they balanced the roles of father and executive; it was more often them who brought it up in small talk about what was going on in their lives outside the company.

Yes. And, really, Mary Barra has herself brought this up, quite a bit. Much more often than any male CEO ever did. Matt Lauer didn’t just arrive at this line of questioning because he thinks all professional women have to juggle the pressures of their public duties with their proper domestic roles at home.

No, he came to this line of questioning in the interview because Mary Barra has already brought up the tension between her private motherly duties and her job at GM. It’s a very important issue to her. If that’s stereotypical, that’s her problem, not his.

The fact is that most male CEOs probably don’t have much of a home life—one reason why they might not mention their kids or fatherhood much. Mary Barra is trying to have both, however. And that is interesting. Which means, as Matt Lauer said, it makes for a good conversation. What was Lauer going to do? Just ignore a very intriguing aspect of Barra’s life just because it might come across as stereotyping?

I’m so tired of this. You want to know why the stereotype exists? Because it’s very common. It is more typical for professional women to be active at home. Most professional women have two full-time jobs—one inside the home and one outside of it—and they feel this pressure more than men do. Generally speaking, of course.

You know why women are often seated with this dual pressure? Because no man can do what a woman can do at home.

Let that sink in. Men have been running businesses successfully for quite some time now. And during that time, children were still being born and raised. Also quite successfully. But then feminists convinced women that their “traditional” domestic roles were a kind of male-enforced slavery, and now look at where we are. Women can do some of the jobs men have traditionally done, sometimes very well. But men can’t do the things women have done at home. Not very well, at least. So kids lose. The family loses. And no one is really all that benefitted.

Except for, in one sense, the women who feel “empowered” by leaving the home. Ironically, these empowered women have told the world that the jobs they alone are suited to do well are lowly, whereas the jobs men have traditionally held are the only jobs worth having. And who are the ones demeaning women, again?

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  1. Whatever happened to the old saying “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world!”? Um hmm. Women think they are so smart thinking that the “boardroom” is the only way to go. That’s a pile of crap. Men traditionally suffered six to ten times as many heart attacks as women, largely because of the pressure placed on them in the outside world. And women WANT this? How stupid can you be? Ladies, you ARE getting your “just desserts” as the traditional “male” health problem gaps steadily narrow. Leaving the home is “empowering”? How so? In raising children, you influence them for the rest of their lives, for better or for worse. What kind of influence do you exert in a boardroom? Whatever it may be, it is limited and fleeting. Yes, the hand that rocks the cradle DOES rule the world, and women have turned their backs on it. They would rather go to something much more superficial. Sad … and women like to think of themselves as the smarter gender? Yeah right …

    • The love of money corrupts and oh, how it does, until you wish to leave, fighting the long blackberry thorns they want to cleave. It promises the earth, moon and the stars, but oh how it lets you wonder like a vagabond in quicksand not to far. Yes, the love of money will take you to the grave faster,
      and when you have arrived, you find to late, it is a terrible Master.

  2. You think he will ask Hillary that question if she runs for president? Will he ask any liberal that question? Of course not, because their answer would be that if it’s inconvenient to be a mother and a CEO, that woman would be inconvenienced to be a mother; she would just abort (murder!) a baby.

  3. I can cook, clean house, do laundry and take care of kids better than a whole lot of women I know. Minkoff is the idiot promoting sexist stereotypes here.

    • Good for you! When we kids were old enough we did the laundry, cooked and washed the dishes. Both parents worked and they gave us an allowance for helping with the chores. That doesn’t mean that they never cooked. Both parents taught me how to cook. One parent was a liberal and the other one was a conservative. Bipartisanship does work after all.

    • Can you do all of that while leading the family, and showing boys how to be masculine and girls how to be LADIES?

  4. Don’t defend Matt “the weenie” Lauer, he is a lowlife hypocrite…I remember when he and Katie “the pig” Couric were the darlings of the liberal morning shows…I couldn’t watch it without a barf bag!

    • And yet the people who own the networks are still forcing them on us. Wonder why? Because YOU did not call the sponsors and tell them that at least YOU were boycotting them because of their support of these liberals.
      We are here today because:
      Liberals are fanatic.about their position.
      Conservatives are NOT fanatic about their position.

      • Me? hehe, I do what I can, but I’m just a grain of sand on the beach…but I did call FOX News and tell them Hannity has no credibility because he defended Beckel when Beckel cursed and screamed at a TEA party female activist

        • Keep it up. Refusal to take a stand with Christ on right and wrong could very likely be considered a sin.
          At the least, it would indicate that we are ashamed of our faith.

        • There is a balance. If you totally cut them off, you will not be aware of what kinds of stunts they are trying to pull. Then you have to be careful. A person can still be deceived.
          As to supporting them, NOT. I get the signal out of the air. No one know or cares what I watch.

  5. And to think, Lauer is considered the probable candidate to replace Alex Trebek when he retires from Jeopardy. That will end my viewing of Jeopardy if Lauer gets the spot. I know he had some misfunction awhile back, maybe rain-related, and the longer he goes on with stupid pandering to the likes of Shillary, I think he needs further medical attention.

  6. You can’t get around it. You can’t ignore it. You can’t argue it away. There is in the minds of just about EVERY person in the world, the awareness that raising children IS primary to women, at least for the first FIVE years of the child’s life. And no matter how careful they are to not ask “sexist” questions, it still slips out that WE BELIEVE that is more important to women than men.
    I can assure you that MOST of the executives and corporate leaders of American businesses fall FLAT as being a father. They cannot, will not and haven’t been focused on anything except their authority and drive to run their business. I hope that I am wrong. It is almost to the point of being wicked, and the kids suffer as a result. Then, they are trained that that is how they are supposed to raise their children too.
    So the sins of the father are visited to the children to the 4th generation.
    So. The nitty-gritty.
    What is the most important thing in your life?
    Psssss. It is where you spend most of our time.

  7. Why is Lauer even being discussed? The entire liberal press is in on the ruination of this Republic, and I’m fairly certain some on the right are as well. Half truths, innuendo, out right lies, and unadulterated BS is want the press serves the public, and teh public laps it up like mothers milk . Old fashion investigative reporting is a thing, like many other things these days, something who’s days may well be forever gone. Oh it’s still called that, but does calling something by a name make it so? Sensationalism sells, the more sensational or outrageous the better it seems to sells. We are fed what a hand full of very powerful corporations what us to hear, that’s it, and Nothing more than that! Sometimes we get a taste of truth, sometimes a half-truth, but most of the time just plain untruths, and BS. The media, like politics, runs on the ability to raise $$$, lots of $$$, so they peddle whatever sells to the dolts in front of the TV, knowing full well few will ever question the talking heads they watch. If they say it, it must be true, RIGHT?. People are gullible, very gullible (think of all Boy Wonders BS that was bought hook, line and sinker by the voting public, not just once but twice !! Most often if what heard benefits the wallet in ANY WAY WHAT-SO-EVER folks are on it like white on rice.

    Perhaps the biggest offense made by all of the media is that every story told or presented MUST be couched in politically correct terminology for fear of lawsuits. In other words the TRUTH must we watered down so as to be see as acceptable.

    Given much has been said over the past 6 years concerning the similarity of the book 1984 and the current administration perhaps a quote from Orwell himself may be helpful. in making my point. “In a time of UNIVERSAL deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Do we even have any real revolutionaries in the media or just whores! In this time that we currently occupy TRUTH may be even harder to find than the long sought after Holy Grail !

  8. Mink off has written the MOST succinct summary of the underlying fallacy of the message given to women who choose to ensure their children receive the best care in the home:

    “Ironically, these empowered women have told the world that the jobs they alone are suited to do well are lowly, whereas the jobs men have traditionally held are the only jobs worth having. And who are the ones demeaning women, again?”

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