The Real Black on Black Crime

Some black activists in Chicago, all former inmates, are changing things up with a message they think black voters need to hear—the worst perpetrators of black-on-black crime are black liberal Democrats:

They always talk about black on black crime, and when you here the words black on black crime, the first thing you think of is a black man robbing you or breaking in your house, and that is a black on black crime. But lets take it one step further. There’s a black on black crime down in city hall, there’s a black on black crime down in all the state capitols in America, where all the black folks are voting against our interests.

That’s a pretty bold statement. But it’s true. It’s also not something that the mainstream media wants to promote for obvious reasons. Each of the men are community leaders trying to clean up their neighborhoods and make a positive difference. And what do they recommend? Vote out black Democrats who have hurt their communities with welfare, red herring legislation, and unfulfilled promises.

But does that mean black voters should be voting Republican? See, that’s where the problem starts over. At this point, Republicans and Democrats are both pushing for a big-government agenda and doing everything they can to stay in power.

I can’t recommend that black voters vote for any party really. Because their best option is to stop looking to the civil government for answers. These black activists are on the right track. But the solution may not be to vote. The solution may be to invest in the community, help people in need, feed and house the homeless, mentor young men, and stop holding out an empty hand to the government.

Until you start seeing a radical sense of responsibility and the dignity of ownership reshape the family and community culture of black neighborhoods, the problems that have plagued those neighborhoods will not go away. No matter who is in office.

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