Youth Misery Index the Worst Under Obama

According to the Youth Misery Index (apparently that’s a thing), Obama is the worst president ever as far as the well-being of young people is concerned. The Youth Misery Index has risen over 18.1 percent since Obama took office. That’s more than under any other president. An article in the College Fix uncovers the cruel irony of our hippest hipster president being the absolute worst president for hipsters. Bummer.

The Youth Misery Index measures youth unemployment, student debt on graduation, and national debt per person. While youth unemployment has gone down, student and individual debt under Obama has risen so astronomically that it completely overshadows the few extra jobs young people have been able to get.

And the unemployment numbers are likely very misleading. More and more employees are hiring part-time workers so they don’t have to pay higher wages and insurance for full-time workers. Consequently, in order to accomplish the work of a few full-time workers, companies are hiring a larger number of part-time workers—to everyone’s detriment. That skews the unemployment numbers (look at all the jobs I created!), but it doesn’t actually result in better or more productive employment. As Obamacare unleashes its full fury, I imagine the unemployment situation will only get worse. And the Youth Misery Index will be in an even more precipitous climb.

And the debt situation, irrespective of employment, really is debilitating. We are consuming the benefit and leaving the tab for our children to pay. Someone, perhaps Moses Henry Cass, said, “We do not inherit the world from our fathers; we borrow it from our children.” I would say we do both. According to the Youth Misery Index, we as parents will not leave this country better than we found it. We have made it worse. It seems the only inheritance our children will get from us is debt—a bankrupt government and a bankrupt culture.

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  1. I have two daughters, 3 1/2 years and 7 weeks. And while I strongly believe in teaching them the value of hard work and earning your own pay, I’m going to also do as much as I can to help secure a financial backing for them in the future. Whether that’s a trust fund of sorts, real estate, college tutition, whatever it takes. I don’t want my kids thrown to the wolves for the poor economic choices of an administration I have no respect for.

      • Real estate is always a good long term investment. Even if the dollar becomes worthless land will have value. However, I think avoiding the most politically corrupt Cities in the Nation (Chicago, NYC, LA… ) and the state they reside in would be a wiser choice.

        • I think you right Paul, with the pot legalization I think it could be like escape from LA or NY. I know they al smoking already, I just wonder what cartel will do to make up for lost revenue that the gov. is taking.

        • Land is of value only as long as government respects property rights. If you think that real estate is a solid investment, try withholding payment of property taxes and see how long your investment holds up.

          • Dave you have to completely pay for your investment or sell it to gain its value. Withholding payment of property is like being a liberal… trying to live on someone else dime. Property tax, well everyone has it and it sucks….

      • FYI, riding “on the inflation train” is a lot like riding on a carnival, park or kiddy train; it gets you nowhere, goes around and around and you end up where you started.
        You see, Bobbie, inflation spreads across practically everything you need or want with increasing prices.
        That’s Econ 101, actually elementary school kids know this truth. It is not surprising that you do not know it.

  2. Dirty Diaper Head Obama the worthless “obamacare”will blame this on someone else. He has a logical candidate to accept blame for this and is one that he personally promotes as The Congressional Black Caucus also supports this organization and they are ripe for the blame. Who is this organization, it’s Planned Parenthood.

    Here’s why he will blame them, their falling down on the job in not doing enough to solve the problem. A big part of the problem with this misery index of young people is that there’s too few jobs in too many young people. Don’t get mad at me I’m just stating why sooner or later there going to be blamed.

    According to Planned Parenthood’s report they committed 1 million abortions (murder). Also be reported that 85% of these abortions were performed on women of African dissent. That means approximately 850,000 babies, black babies were murdered with the blessings of Obama And the Black Caucus. Now here’s where Obama is going to place the blame for the misery index on Planned Parenthood. He is going to say that Planned Parenthood was not doing their job the only murdered 1 million babies that’s not enough issue to bed to maybe 3 million then there would be fewer young people to be measurable. This is how this animal’s mind works blame everything on somebody else whether their guilty or not. And all the time tell Americans of African dissent that you are not guilty of trying to commit genocide.

  3. well now, according to all the polls, the majority of those “young people” were the driving force that helped obama and his socialist cohorts to be elected! twice!

  4. Why is the USA broke(n)? For the answer you’d have to go all the way back to the (roaring) 1920’s.

    The Great Depression was arguably caused by wealth consolidation at the top, while declining income for the workforce resulted in reduced demand for production and the ensuing snowball effect of unemployment, further demand reduction, and the domino effect of curtailed capital investments, the withdrawal of capital when stock prices fell, and finally the bank runs, and the crash of ’29.

    With the lessons of the Great Depression fresh on the minds of our nation and its elected officials, policies were enacted to bolster the middle class. To kick start a
    recovery, Roosevelt enacted New Deal work programs for the displaced workers
    like the CCC, CWA, and PWA. Then policies like The Fair Labor Standards Act of
    1938, The Wagner Act, otherwise known as The National Labor Relations Act, and
    later, the Employment Act of 1946, were measures enacted to fortify the middle
    class. The Glass-Steagall Act separated the investment banks from commercial
    banks, and marginal tax rates were set at 90%. These measures, it was agreed,
    were necessary to fortify the middle class (create and sustain a dynamic
    consumer market), stabilize the financial sector, and practically assure the
    investment of capital back into the USA.

    These measures were met with bitter opposition and cries of protest from the business sector and their friends and profit protectors in Congress who claimed they were “unconstitutional,” an “infringement on freedoms,” “socialism,” etc.
    … Sound familiar?

    But look at the results! For the remainder of most of the 20th century, the USA cultivated the world’s premier, most prosperous consumer economy. The cumulative effect of employing millions of high wage workers resulted not only in the clearing of retail shelves (demand), and the uptick in production, but in the filling of local, state, and federal treasuries. To get a tax break, our wealthy INVESTED their vast wealth in the USA.

    Together, we were able to achieve the largest expansion in US history, create a “social safety net” (Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, and unemployment compensation), develop the world’s most powerful military, rebuild post WWII Europe and Japan (The Marshall Plan), win the Race to the Moon, AND win the Cold War against the competing Communist system.

    During those years of unparalleled Historic USA expansion and investment, we even had a few years when there were budget surpluses (1951, 56, and 57). We also had steady trade surpluses up until around 1975; by then the offshoring of manufacturing jobs (shoe, garment, textile, toys, and electronics) to 3rd world countries to by-pass the high wage US worker began to take its toll. Then, by the end of the millennium, GATT and NAFTA, but in 2001, when China (Avg. wage- $1.36/hr., some work for 30 cents/hr) joined the WTO (with MFN status), even our jobs in Mexico left for China, and it’s been a steep downhill plunge ever since.
    (Incidentally, our burgeoning trade deficits exceeded over Half a Trillion
    $$$/yr. by 2004 and have not diminished!)

    In my view, our middle class got fat and happy and left the fight for their slice of the
    American Pie to “someone else,” but in the business sector, their eye never wanders from the bottom line. They continued to probe the fences for weaknesses so they could reclaim their “losses” to US labor.

    FTAs Incentivized the jobs exodus to offshore sweatshops and introduced the
    “global economy” where “multinationals” and “transnationals” continue to
    monopolize world commerce. The Gramm, Leach, Bliley Act, initiated the
    deregulation fever that created the lucrative bonus systems on Wall Street and
    witnessed the “smartest men in the room” behaving badly, then Citizens United, Super PACs, in our “pay-to-play” legislature we have today… All of these bills advanced the interests of BIG $$$, and the by-pass of the spoiled, fat and complacent US middle class (aka: we the people). And now, after 30 years of favor for our “job creators” (how disingenuous), and the decimation of the middle class, the USA has her tit in a ringer!

    Ironically, no sooner had the USA won the Cold War, proving to the world that capitalism, combined with a prosperous middle class was a system that really worked, than capitalists went about proving Karl Marx right about how unchecked capitalism works.

    And now, in just 30 years of legislative favor, we’re back to pre-Great Depression conditions where corporatists have managed to garner all of the gains to themselves that they were once required to share. Our Utopian (sophisticated and expensive) society is going broke, and guesses who is making record gains again?

    We’ve forgotten the lessons of the past.

    • Too busy to reply fully right now, but your knowledge of the 1920’s and 30’s, and especially the cause(s) of the Great Depression, is completely wrong and ignorant. In fact, it is pathetic.

  5. Look at a site called Generation Opportunity. It is put together by young people who have seen the reality of the Obama administration and want better for their generation and the country. It gives you hope that many kids are opening their eyes and questioning who is responsible for the ugly economy.
    (They also have some pretty funny cartoons and posters to share…..)

    • Poor sad lonely little scumbag liberal homo TROLL, Blob. Especially sad because he actually believes everything his god and master o’bumblebutt does and says. SAD!

  6. My misery index sure went up in the last 5 years. I have been under employed for 3 years. Went online to see if the VA was hiring nurses. Guess what? No nurse jobs in the whole USA at the VA! What gives? Things are worse than I thought. Since medical mj will probably be legal next year in my state, I’m thinking of opening a shop. At least I’ll be able to make a decent living.

  7. Youth misery?! Adult misery is twice as bad. Adults not only have to provide for family…they now have to provide for parasites who have never worked a day in their life, yet we extend/increase their benefits while cutting those of veterans. They can stand on the street corner drinking beer but can’t afford to buy a belt to hold their pants up.
    I say not one red cent for the slugs until we honor our commitment to hard working citizens…and note to Sheila Jackson Lee: it’s NOT transitional living fund (new term for welfare)…it’s stealing…and Congress is exempt from the law.
    Health insurance is no longer affordable under the Affordable Care Act….and under Obamacare, we will ALL see DEAD PEOPLE. No wonder the misery index is up across the board.

  8. I’ve come to the conclusion that the youth of America, unless having served in the military, are too selfish, naïve, or stupid to be able to vote.

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