Young Boys Vandalize Church with Urine and Feces

Two young boys, ages 6 and 7, did thousands of dollars worth of damage to a Loudon, Tennessee Baptist Church. They used toys and crafts, food for needy families, and their own urine and feces to deface, defile, and destroy everything they could reach.

If this had happened seventy-five years ago, people probably would have said these kids were demon-possessed. But they weren’t. Well, in a way, I guess they were. These kids are just another symptom of our moral and social decline. The evidence is all around. Just the other day, a thirty-four year old grandmother was supposed to be watching her seventeen year old daughter’s thirteen month old. Then the grandmother’s twenty-two year old boyfriend couldn’t find his crack cocaine. Turns out the baby ate it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the grandmother turns out to be a not-so-great “great” grandmother by the time she’s fifty-one.

We live in a culture of children. Children having children. No one seems to be progressing. Generations of teenage parents, single parents, and absentee parents are raising children with absolutely no moral compass. Children are learning their morals from television, their peers, or, at best (or worst?) from school teachers. You wonder how some six and seven year old boys could do something like this? Apes do this kind of thing all the time. It’s fun to destroy stuff and throw your poop and pee around. Treat kids like animals for long enough, and guess what? They’ll start behaving like animals. This is just natural, right? We wouldn’t want to repress any urges. That would be all puritannical or something. It’s better to just let kids do as they please. And I think it’s hilarious that Child Protective Services is being called upon to deal with the situation now. If the parents had been training these kids the way parents trained the well-behaved kids of yester-generation, CPS would have been showing up for an entirely different reason but for the same purpose—to take the kids.

We get so caught up in our day-to-day struggles. This year’s election. Unemployment. The economy. Whatever. We’re losing the future. We’re all going to die someday and what will we have left behind? When I look at the coming generation, I think it is vain to try to rebuild America if we don’t first raise kids that can inherit and sustain that progress. Right now, it looks like they’d just smear it in feces.

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    • I agree but if you do CPS will take your kids away and you could
      be charged with abuse I got in trouble for slapping my 16 year old
      who got very mouthy with me and first I tried all the “new and
      modern way of pirating” with did not work and the DA sent me a
      letter stating that it was child abuse and I would be prosecuted if
      I did it again I left no bruise or welt.

      • How did the DA know? The system encourages our kids to be traitors, and then turn us into the Gestapo for correcting them. In the meantime, no TV, no cell phones, no priviledges for the 16 year old until they get their attitude straight. You cannot be a friend to your kid, you have to be the parent. The state is trying to usurp that role. The school is the delivery point for the state’s message. You can home school, you can move, you can join a church that is not liberal. The last choice is the best, because 16 is late to make changes, but might be able to help a little. Find one with a really good youth program to get your child engaged and willing to go.
        The big problem you have is not that the kid was mouthy, it is that the kid felt right about reporting you.

        • You can be a friend to your children as long as you and they both know & understand that you need to be a parent FIRST & FOREMOST

        • Just wondering… what would the kid, and the DA think if you were to bring the kid in to the county offices for a little “prayer meeting” with them both.Both of them might just come away better for the experience.

        • As a seventy-five year old, if I contemplate doing something I know is wrong, my backside still cringes from the righteous spankings I got – which were really quite infrequent, but enough that I knew that 1. There IS an All Seeing Eye watching you,” and “Be SURE your sin will find you out.”
          And 2. The punishment WILL be painful. Will the pleasure of doing wrong be worth the pain of the punishment?

          I am grateful to my father for that training. He was not perfect, but those two things he taught me have helped me all through life — through six attacks on my life personally, seven overseas short-term missionary trips and now raising my own young sons who have grown nephews and nieces!

          I lump the two points above together as one and the other point he made, though he did not always follow his own truth was, “The MOST VALUABLE ASSET you can have is the reputation for ALWAYS telling the truth and being honest.”

      • A smack anywhere to the head would be considered abuse. Try the butt with an open hand and don’t leave a mark (by mark I mean a welt) (check your local state laws). Don’t let the Kids and liberal Media fool you into thinking you just have to put up with the little smart asses.

        • Thanks SickoftheBS, it’s people who think like you do that helps keep us Bail Bondsmen in business and smiling all the way to the bank! Your thought would be correct and right on the money, except our government thinks it’s wrong to spank kids [ but it’s not spanking that gives us so many kid criminals who grow up to be Grown criminals] I bond both mothers and fathers for spanking [ not beating] their kids even when the parents caught the kids stealing money from wallets and purses and even stealing the family car in the middle of the night! We need the government out of the parenting Business since they know nothing about it and only cause more problems!

      • My daughter once threatened to call Children’s Services (that’s what they called it then) on me. I said…”let me get the number, I’ll dial it for you.” She never threatened me again. LOL! (And now she is 38 years old and an wonderful woman.)

        • I did the same thing when my 8 year old boy said that. I handed him the phone and offered to dial the number. He never said it again. This is more signs of moral decay. Liberalism is to blame and we’ve let them destroy our culture and now, here we are. The ONLY good thing coming from all this decay is they are paying the price as well. It’s time for the adults to start running the country instead of the hippy kids.

        • My kids were never that daring. They knew that after I beat their buts, I would hand them the phone. You got one smack for doing wrong, an extra one if you lied about it and 2 extras if you complained. Add them up and take your pick children! What’s so funny is I never had to smack my kids after they were about 12 or 13. They learned to count and wised up fast. They all turned out real well and they never got into trouble. Go figure.

        • Thirty eight years ago a cop would have loaned you a belt to spank with. Many years ago after sneaking out after everyone was in bed and a police office saw me walking down the street with three other boys he took all of us home and i was the last, but each parent smacked the boys butts and my dad took his belt off and hit my butt three or four times and the cop smiled and told my dad maybe he will think better of sneaking out again. My dad said thanks for bring him home and each step I took from the side walk to my front door I got hit on my butt with his belt.
          Oh and I quit sneaking out and today at 71 years I’ve never been arrested thanks to those licks on My Butt that reminded me to not repeat things that made it hard to sit down! If we had more of that today we wouldn’t have the number of criminals we do and they wouldn’t keep growing in numbers!

      • You should send a letter to the DA stating if they even TRY to prosecute you then you will sue them for malicious prosecution, slander, defamation of character, and any resulting loss of income. Also inform the DA you will file a complaint with the state bar association. Others have sent similar letters and never hear from the DA office again.
        FYI. Are you aware that individuals CAN sue CPS workers who overstep their authority? The US Supreme Court ruled that state laws exempting CPS workers from civil liability is unconstitutional. The wording in the ruling was “State employees cannot hide under the color of state government.”

      • This is what we’ve become in our liberal society. Even the Hitler Youth were taught respect, honor, duty, God and country.

          • You’re listenig to too much Jewish propaganda. Pope Benedict was a member of the Hitler youth, he would tell you different. They were taught respect, duty, honor, God and country. Contrary to the numerous lies, Christians were also allowed to worship in peace without harassment.

        • Well I wouldn’t want our youth to emulate Hitler’s youth! Community yea as long as they’re not Jews, gypsies, gays, or mentally handicapped. Then it’s off to the gas ovens for them. (not that I condone homosexuals.. I don’t but I wouldn’t gas them!!!!!)

          • There were no gas ovens in Germany. Read the world renowned historian Dr. David Irving’s book, “The Hitler Wars.” Google Bishop Williamson. ” Not one Jew was gassed in Nazi Germany.” These people were sympathetic to the Jewish cause and wanted to expose the atrocities in Germany but after years extensive investigation they found the stories by the Jews to be false, nothing but fabrications and lies.

          • Come on Liz. Read Bishop Williamson on YouTube and Google about Nazi Germany. The Bishop was sympathetic to the Jewish cause so his crew spent millions of dollars and eight years investigating the holocaust. His forensic experts stated that not one Jew was gassed, not one. The buildings they said were gas chambers were not sealed and it would have been impossible to gas anyone in those facilities without killing every guard and every German within 100 yards. All fabrications for reparations.

      • SFC RET DENNIS : PIRATING ? Should have had your kid ” walk the plank ” or had him ” keel hauled ” ! How about studying spelling WITH your teen ? Aarrrd !

      • Dennis. There is a difference between slapping a child on the face and bending them over and spanking their little bottoms good and proper with a paddle or belt. Spankings must be done correctly and on the buttocks ONLY! But when done correctly, they will have the desired effect, immediately and often later in the life of the child. This, IN CONCERT with good parenting (Setting rules, limits and making sure children KNOW what is expected of them, ) will cure many of the ills from which society suffers.

      • Well, depends on where you live. I had a teen with quite a lot of attitude, and she actually walked to the closest sheriff substation, to complain that she got popped for one of many infractions. She got a rude awakening there (this was outside Tampa). The idiotic CPS guy was trying to tell me, on the phone before my husband returned with the car) that I should try “alternative forms” of discipline. When I told him we did, and nothing worked, she was already grounded, lost all privileges, etc, the guy actually told me we should “give some back”. He backed off when I asked if HE wanted to raise her, personally. Well, long story short, when we finally were able to go get her, the sheriff’s deputy that was handling the issue informed the CPS guy and her that no, it was NOT abuse to spank her, or even (HIS words) slap her in the face, as long as no mark that would show hours later was left. He even stated that, by law, a red mark that quickly faded didn’t count. She was livid, and the CPS guy wasn’t very happy, but we were quite satisfied. Some places, though, they complain, even though a spanking is NOT abuse, and neither is a slap to a mouthy teen.

        • Lady green, I’m surprised that Tampa laws would be that different from Orange,Seminole,Osceola,Volusia and Brevard county since i write Many,many Bonds for parents for Child Abuse,Battery Domestic viloence, sometimes 5they are charged with a Felony some times not! Cops over here love it since they get to make so many arrests!

          • I had a conversation with a cop in Sanford when my daughter was acting up. He told me if his kid mouthed off to him..he’d smack her across the room! He was at a dairy queen when I approached him and bless his heart he let his ice cream completely melt to take the time to give my daughter a very stern “talking to”. He spent half an hour explaining to her why she needs to obey me and not act up. It made a huge difference in her life since dad’s completely out of the picture. I think it depends on the cop and how the parents present themselves.

          • This was Hillsborough County. No idea about the others. Do the bonds you issue include non-abusive spankings and the like? There are real cases of abuse, after all. In our case, there was no abuse; just a mouthy teen that didn’t think anyone should discipline her. For the record, she’s a mom now, and spanks her own kids when needed. The point is, spanking isn’t the same as abuse, and that parents should learn EXACTLY what the local laws state on that issue. I am all for jailing parents that actually abuse, but a spanking isn’t abuse.

    • AND they need to clean up the mess they made and pay for any damages by working to earn the money. That would definitely make them think before they did something like that again.

      • it is obvious that the parents won;t do anything..but they can be made to pay..these little monsters probably treat their own home the same way and if the parents can’t control them by the age of 6 or 7 it is too late for them to get the message.

          • You are correct. I’m sure they were also doing some crack and laughing at what their children had done. The parents fit the description of the class of the savage primitives you are implying. LOL

          • Excuse me smartgranny…I am a single mother and I do have the “free phone” as an emergency phone for my daughter and I do get food stamps. But I promise you my daughter is one of the most well behaved children you will EVER meet! Don’t lump single parents who are poor into the same category as these animals. They could have 2 parents in the home and be just as destructive.

          • you’re correct, the gal I know who is raising 3 kids (her choice) with no father is indeed working her butt off. she is trying now to do the right thing even though she messed up early in life by trusting what the boyfriend said. what I really don’t get is how she ended up with 3 children without being married, I keep thinking of how little self confidence she must have had to go along with his party and give up her life as she has the responsibility of raising these kids and making sure her 3 daughters don’t make the same mistakes. although she works, she does get help, but, I’m sure her kids are nothing like these poor sick puppies! we must feel for these children, what do a six or seven year old really understand? we don’t know what they’ve been exposed to in their home life….what about school officials/authorities? did they not see something missing here?

          • Decisions have consequences, even for the slow-witted who repeat the same mistake three times. Sadly, foolish people look for someone else to blame – such as ‘what about school officials/authorities – did they not see something missing here?’ Yes, they saw the results of poor/no proper parenting.

          • Sorry, you’re part of the problem – one of the legion of ‘single mom’s’ who wear the label like it was something of which to be proud. When I was young it was something you were ashamed of….. how times change!

          • Liz, what are you doing to get OFF of food stamps and Obamaphones? When I was a single parent, I had NO phone, NO tv and paid for my own education, child care and transportation. I did use food stamps for a very short time and made a partial allotment stretch for the entire month because I HAD to. I didn’t buy soda, ice cream, twinkies, alcohol, tobacco, or lottery tickets. What are you going to do when this system collapses and there are no more free phones or food stamps? Figure it out and then do it.

          • Where, at the ages of 6 & 7, did these kids ‘learn’ how to be this disrespectful and damaging in the manner of feces spreading, etc. ??

          • Re-read the artical .Single mom with crackhead boyfreind out seeking crack .Grandma watching the boys . Probably be great gramma before long .

          • hey lots of parents do not spank, but, not many kids this age do what they’ve done….something is very wrong here, I suspect sexual abuse…pray for these kids this is far out of the range of just mischief…

          • Then reserve a room for me at the county hotel. If my kids (grandkids now) need to be disciplined, I’ll discipline them, thank you very much.

        • No you serve as an example . the parents live this way and the children should be placed elsewhere so they can learn by a better example .

        • I agree, these two little monsters are animals and regardless of their age, they deserve the maximum punishment allowed by law.

          • They deserve more and most of all the parents should be punished. This kind of behavior is caused by parents condoning malicious mischief, looting and other crimes by their children because they are downtrodden and blame it all on whitey.

          • As do their parents! Children learn from their parents, regardless of what kind of role model they portray.

        • I agree the boys should clean up their own mess, but for health reasons they should wear gloves, a mask, safety glasses, and special clothing, all of which the parents should provide. These boys need to learn there consequences for their actions.

          • This should occur AFTER a judge has set some good hard punishment for them to include hours and hours of community service and AFTER a good, HARD PUBLIC spanking in front of the court! If the parents put up any resistance, THEY TOO should be CANED! The pain and embarressment will bring remorse for the deed!

          • The ACLU would NEVER allow ANYONE to lay a hand on those boys and would sue the living crap out of anyone who expects the boys to WORK to clean it up or make restitution. THAT would be a violation of their ‘civil rights.


          • I agree, 50 years ago kids were spanked, and there was some respect. Now, no spanking, = no respect. Whoop their butts, and that is just before they are sentenced to several hundred hours of community service, and they need to clean up their own mess!

          • Way back when—if I had done something like that my butt would still be stinging—50 yrs later. Good Lord, I hate to think what my dad who weighed 200 lbs and had a 29 inch waist would have done to me!

          • No, I live in the real world where little monsters like this, due to lack of parenting, have committed a crime. Several hundred hours is AFTER they get their little butts beat for doing what they did. Guess what, …. they would actually learn something about respect. So, get off my case you little criminal maker! PS. their parents also need several hundred hours of community service for allowing their little monsters to grow up without supervision.

          • Dear Daniel you must be kidding me. They obviously didn’t care about their hygiene when they defecated urinated. They should be made to clean up with bare hands period.

          • It’s their pee and poop! It’s only right that they clean it up! Each of them can clean their own, then there’d be no need to worry about them getting more germs!

          • Wow, 17 of you are worked up enough by this one comment that you have to disapprove of the safety of these kids being taken into account.

        • My grandmother’s twin sister taught in a one room school in rural southern Missouri. (she was about 4’10”) A boy in 6th grade (for about the 3rd time) refused to obey and threatened to hit her. She decked him, and told him to get out and tell his parents why. Next day the parents came to school. {you KNOW where this would go today}. The mad said “Sorry mam, our son is right sorry he did that. He’ll be helpin’ you with chores for the rest of the school year. {looking at the boy} “Yes, Sir”. And mam, you don’t have to hit him again, just tell me and I WILL take care of it.” The boy did the chores, and turned around to be a productive young man. The difference is … the Parents cared!

          • Amen! my sister is a teacher- Her and her colleagues can’t believe how many times the parents defend their kids when they kids were clearly at fault. She teaches at a wealthier school district, and many of the parents are actually lawyers who pride themselves in debating their child out of anything (as if they were at their jobs as a defense lawyer). They fail to see that TRUE love will not spare a child- but aims for that child’s Highest good. These kids are not being prepared spiritually.

      • I wouldn’t absolve the parents from any guilt. They need to be punished along with the two little savages they are raising and taught a lesson in proper parenting..

      • Oh but CPS would say that child labor laws prevent it. And because of their ages, they cannot be punished by the justice system. I would tell the JS to just leave and I will take are of the issue and it won’t happen again. Then take them out to the wood shed and give them a board of education that they will feel for about 3 days.

      • And their parents should suffer the same fate. How is it that they didn’t know what the kids were doing?? Or did they?

      • And the parents need to be right along with them. What kind of home environment do you think these kids came from????

      • I don’t care what their ages are, they belong in orange jumpsuits. This starts at home with the parents promoting hatred.

      • As well as their parents pitching in…after all, it was due to their lack of disciplining these young hooligans that allowed them to believe what they did was okay. There must be consequences from the top down to prevent or at least deter poor parenting in the future.

    • God made butts for that reason. We are being destroyed by political correctness. I got my butt beat and I survived and am the woman I am today because of it. I am damn proud too! Back to the basics or America will no longer be the greatest nation on earth…God Help Us!!!

      • I believe spankings are required on some occasions, but proper parenting, dialogue, supervision and leading our children by example will require less spankings. Nothing wrong with with the old fashion way of teaching children, respect, honor, duty God and Country.

        • Nope, nothing wrong with that at all! I can’t help but be reminded of the kid we encountered while stationed in Germany (Army kid, not German kid) that would defecate inside the basement, on the floor, or wherever “private” he found when playing at places other than home. Everyone in the housing area was outraged, except the parents, who seemed almost put out that anyone complained. Care to guess how long it took to locate them? Kid around the same age as those in the article, and clearly without any parental training whatsoever, beyond, maybe, “Go screw up someone else’s area, and not my house.”

          • You are right LadyGreenEyes. I don’t believe in the bad seed theory. Children are not born bad. They become bad because of the lack of supervision and improper parenting.

          • Well, we all have a sin nature, but behavior like that is the direct result of bad parenting. The worst part is that it seems someone brought those boys to the church, and helped them enter through a basement window (near ceiling height inside!), so apparently some adults, or at the least teens, helped in what happened.

          • Their parents are probably the ones that helped them. This kind of behavior comes from parents promoting hatred.

          • Victor…wrong. People are born sinners. You can have lovely parents who do everything they can for you…including disciplning you properly and the child just turns out poor. And you can have horrible parents whose children learn from their parents misakes and turn out great. Of course parents have a huge role in their kids lives but at the end of the day if someone chooses to do wrong it’s their own individual responsibility. You have to look at each situation individually and judge accordingly.

          • These savages are taught racism. hatred for whitey and praised for their crimes by their parents. This is the major problem. The only supervision they have is organizing by the parents to riot and loot.

          • We disagree again Liz. We are all born with original sin. Six and seven year old children would not do something this vile unless their parents promoted it. This does not absolve the children from this crime. The parents should be punished for complicity in this crime.

        • You are SO right! I am actually in full agreement with you, for once. LOL!! I blame the previous parents, today’s grandparents, for a lot of this. They went wild in the ’60s, & allowed the government to kick God out of our lives, & removed the teaching of morality from the schools. Kids these days are not taught that there are consequences to bad behavior, just like there are rewards for good behavior. Teaching a child to not lie, steal, cheat, kill, etc, is NOT religion, just good common sense, which is why we were given the 10 commandments. Our country is in some serious trouble, & most people are totally blind to it.

          • My mother believed in spanking more than my father did. But I would have preferred a spanking from mother rather than a talk to from my father if I had done something wrong. He would make me feel ashamed and humiliated for disappointing him. Along with that I would be restricted, lose TV privileges etcetera. I don’t believe in the bad seed theory. Children are not born bad, they become bad by example and improper parenting. We see it all the time with the riots and looting. When these children bring their loot home their parents let them keep it. If my child brought home stolen property, I would take him and the property to the police station. That is the best deterrent.

    • Yes: Hopefully you live where the District Attorney believes in spankings. My daughter said she would report me if I spanked her. I told her I would do one better and call the District Attorney and let him know I was about to spank her. That entire situation came to an abrupt halt. No further action required.

      • I told my oldest granddaughter once, when she told me that she could report me if I spanked her, that she better hope they got to her before I did. She very smartly asked, ‘Why?’ So I told her that if I was going to jail, it wasn’t gonna be just for a pop on the butt, I was going to actually LEAVE some bruises! Of course, I wouldn’t have, really, but she never threatened it again! And, now, she’s a beautiful young lady, that I am very proud of. And, I HAVE apologized to her for the mistakes I did while helping raise her & her sister. She has come to realize that, no matter what, though, Mamaw loves her & would charge the gates of Hell with a bucket of ice water to save her! Kids need to KNOW they are loved, first & foremost, & not think they were a ‘mistake’.

      • Definitely! What ticks me off, is, that here in Tennessee, they still do spank kids in school, with a paddle that would land a parent UNDER the jail. And a couple of years ago, a family sued one of the assistant principals for spanking their son, & leaving bruises on his behind, but the judge tossed the case. So, that sends a mixed message to parents AND kids. Government needs to get OUT of our private lives. If a person abuses a child, then they need to be punished, but if they just swat the behind, that is not abuse, unless done with a foreign instrument that causes damage.

    • But hey Dr.Spock says no you can’t but a lot of people think that law should be gotten rid of. I think it should be one of the first things that Romney does if he gets into office.
      The parents need to be parents again and it wouldnt hurt the kid if some heat for their seat was applied once in a while when they got out of line. Something like a ping pong ball paddle without the foam would be fine.

    • According to Child Protective Services across the nation, spanking the child is abuse and will result in the child being taken from the parents and put in a foster home where they can REALLY be abused.

    • Don’t think the boys are as much at falt as the upbringing they lack .The parents and grandmother should of spent some more time getting a feeling for a willow switch .

    • I would say they have needed their rear ends whipped long before they did this, this is definitely a lack of parental training and discipline as well as CHILD NEGLECT. Also these boys were probably a problem in school but due to the restrictions on school teachers and staff to discipline and control the children in their care, there was a lack of correction there also. These kids are creating problems for the ones who are there to learn and succeed. There should be seperate classrooms for disruptive and unbehaved children in schools with stricter discipline procedures, not feel good procedures that are practiced now.




    • the dream was by michael kiing, a piece of trash funded by communists. do some research there is no birth certificate for a martin luthor king. Martin Luthor was a WHITE CHRISTIAN. not a black neandrothal.


    • You should be ashamed of yourself! It’s not the race, it’s the society we live in today.
      All people care about is themselves. Parents taking care of their own wants and needs before taking care of their children. Where were these kids parents? At their age they should be under watchful supervision. We, as a nation, have to put God back in our lives. This kind of stuff didn’t happen when I was a kid. We respected our parents and elders. I still call the neighborhood elders Mr. and Mrs. and I’m 63 years old! I am so thankful I was raised in the 50’s.



        • You are exactly right! It is your right to say and think as you wish and thankfully we live in this country and have our 1st ammendment freedoms. My wonder is, what would bring you to the point of making a comment that places all blame on those of a different skin color? Because if you look at our countries history, the problems we have are not related in anyway to race, they are all culture based problems. If you don’t want to answer, if it’s tied to some bad experience then fine. This white guy’s just curious as to why the hate?

            Dang Right i m a RACIST. know how that came to be???……………the black man has pushed me into it.
            use to be I didn’t care one way or the other…..but after all the whining, complaining, the attitude, lack of respect for fellow man, unwillingness to get an education, behaving like low life criminals (assault, battery, murder, drug dealiing), being lazy and not willing to work, wanting to live off the government dole, etc etc. by the BLACKS………….

            I’ve become a racist.

            thanks blacks… did your job very well.



      • OH YES IT IS!!!!!!!! WORTH POSTING AGAIN!!!!!!
        Dang Right i m a RACIST. know how that came to be???……………the black man has pushed me into it.
        use to be I didn’t care one way or the other…..but after all the whining, complaining, the attitude, lack of respect for fellow man, unwillingness to get an education, behaving like low life criminals (assault, battery, murder, drug dealiing), being lazy and not willing to work, wanting to live off the government dole, etc etc. by the BLACKS………….

        I’ve become a racist.

        thanks blacks… did your job very well.


    • You are truly a scumbag Sargent. If you were one of my troops and used that language I would have had you court martialed and discharged.

      Spencer Wells the very white geneticist/anthropologist found that we are ALL descended from one common grandfather in Africa about 58 thousand years ago. For all intents and purposes, he was Adam and he and a small band of the last humans on earth survived in the Kalahari Basin. We are all Africans and no I am not black. I am Snow White’s father and I despise what you represent as a fellow human being.



        • You continue show your lack of civility and respect. I’ve known honorable marines and you aren’t one. My spelling your name is what you have displayed with your name. I am most likely very more educated than you y si, yo hablo espanol tambien. My german is not very good, but I did speak it fluently as a small child when I lived in Germany. My father was the commander of a missile battalion and we were there to protect Western Europe. You represent all I abhor in a human being white, brown or black. You won’t change and the only hopeful thing about you is one day you will die. That’s harsh, but true. This is my last reply to you sergeant, you aren’t worth any more of my time.




    • This has nothing to do with the color of their skin, it has to do with the culture so many children are born into today. If every child in America was born into a family that was based on faith, morals, hard work, and humbleness, then over the years events such as this would no longer occur. The saying is that “children are like a sponge”, and when all they see and hear the first 5 years of their life is fighting, drugs, gangs, obscene language, and hatred, it all poors into shaping the man or woman they eventually become. There is only one hope for this nation and it has nothing to do with the avenues so many seem to pursue…..


        • I will vote for my shoe before I vote for or support in anyway Barrack Obama, the entitlement mentality is a large part of the problem. But that mentality is not tied to race, its tied to peoples moral values. Change the mindset of people in this country and you fix the country…..divide people in this country and you destroy it. I was raised in a school that had 2 black students out of hundreds, and they were/are great people. Our problem is one of culture and moral values….I pray that some day you can come to see that.


    • Are you just playing devil’s advocate, or are you really this hateful? There are good and bad in all ethnic groups, white included. Just because kids are black does not automatically make them bad–and I don’t see in the article anything that identifies them as black—

      • Dang Right i m a RACIST. know how that came to be???……………the black man has pushed me into it.
        use to be I didn’t care one way or the other…..but after all the whining, complaining, the attitude, lack of respect for fellow man, unwillingness to get an education, behaving like low life criminals (assault, battery, murder, drug dealiing), being lazy and not willing to work, wanting to live off the government dole, etc etc. by the BLACKS………….

        I’ve become a racist.

        thanks blacks… did your job very well.


      • Civics 101
        A black kid asks his dad, “Dad, what’s democracy?” (Wait…the kid doesn’t know his Dad…let’s start over….)

        A black kid asks his mom, “Mama, what’s a democracy?”
        “Well, son, that’s when whites work every day so we can get all our benefits!”
        “But mama, don’t the white people get pissed off about that?”
        “Sure they do, but that’s called RACISM”


        • Libturds and Libtards, huh? You are ticking me off and I am neither. For someone only 2 years younger than me, you sound like 12, not quite 13, years old. There are a lot of good, concientious conservatives you are angering as well.–I’m sorry you have had such terrible experiences with blacks–you must just have found the worst of them. I am white, with a bit of native thrown in–but I have worked as the only white in a dangerous situation, where my whole crew was black–and we had no problems. When you all treat each other with respect, it does not matter what color any of you are. As angry as you are, you definitely need some counselling–as a psych nurse, I know whereof I speak. Do yourself a favor and get the help you need.


          • If your job is proving to the world that you are pathetic…you should win an award! Apologize for pretending to be a veteran you pathetic phony.

    • Ah the phony “Sargent” speaks again…admit it, you were not in the military, you were NEVER in the Special Forces…One more time…it is spelled sergeant you pathetic phony.

  2. One can find negative bad stories in every subject area…..however that does not have to define that evil is taking over the world. Good and evil has co-esisted since the beginning of time and we will have to learn how to avoid it or deal with it or help eleminate it. It is your choice and it is my choice what you choose to do. I like to see the glass half full and not always half empty.

    • Evil is in this world, he was cast down to earth and this is his domain. He is running rampant because time is drawing near. You state evil has co-existed since the beginning of time…..that may be so….but we were blessed with free will to choose. If there was a beginning of time there will also be an end of time. It will happen and we won’t know the day or the hour.

  3. I just hope the church finds some way to reach out and help these kids! At this age the problem is the parents or lack there of! Sorry about the church and ever sorrier about the kids!

  4. That’s just mean. I think we are an empire on the verge of Collapse. If you have studied history, you’d know that this is one of the signs of a collapse of a nation. Children have no respect is a symptom of what is happening in our Culture. The cure is in a collection of books. I think you know which one I’m talking about, right?

    • The US has more violence than any first world country by a good margin, and is also the most religious actually. This undermines your point that what we need is more religion. If anything the evidence comparing across countries suggests the opposite.

      • Religion is not the issue. The issue is a relationship with the God of the Universe–Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Savior of mankind. Think about it. Oh and btw, religion brings death, relationship with Jesus brings life.

      • Because the US has Puritans and Calvinists and Lutherans and Wesleyans trying to spread the Truth, but Benny and Creflo and Rick Warren and The Kenneths and the rest of Godly Entertainers get the mainstream attention. Where the gospel becomes lucrative there is no gospel. The Lord Jesus said that no one can serve both God and Mammon. (BTW, tithing was started by Abraham to Melchizedek, then Jacob promising his tithe as long as God would protect and bless him, then Moses ordered it because the Levites had no land and therefore no income of their own…)

      • No child of a very religious family would even think of such desecration of a church. You cannot actually be so stupid that you believe that our high level of religion is the cause of any violence. Yeah, you are probably a liberal, so I take it back, you are that stupid.

        • Yeah who would think religion breeds violence? oh wait… anyone with any sense of history or current events. I am not saying religion is the cause of our violent society (its more likely socio-economic), but the argument that what we need is more religion has literally no supporting evidence (that was my point), and is actually contradicted by basic observation/correlations (which obviously doesn’t prove causation but does completely undermine the argument). And no I am certainly not stupid.

          • Anon – not stupid, just ignorant of goodness – I mean Christianity – even
            muslims have a religion. You know the ones that mutilate women and
            cut off people’s heads. A follower of Christ, the true and living God is
            the true answer – NOT to be compared with most all other religions!
            It’s sad these y oung culprits have no sense of right and wrong. They would learn that if they were raised in any of our churches.

          • Prior to the sixties this whole country was religious and no such thing as violence in the country and children and women were safe outside and homes were left unlocked because most all were religious. The late sixties started the country downhill and it has only escalated. The lack of religion and discipline of children are the main reason and add to that drugs, booze and liberal teachers who indoctrinate kids to their way of thinking. In other words, you’re brainwashed.

      • I am in the slow process of writing a book, “The Death of FREEDOM in America: An Indictment of All Christian Churches.” The Apostle Paul says of many churches, they are “…having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof.” He says of them, “…from such turn away.” Sadly, the very freedom guaranteed (but now largely ignored by our government in all branches and levels) has turned our focus FROM being servants of all and living for others first to being totally self-centered and selfish. Hence crime grows as selfish people focus on self-gratification. Rape, murder, robbery, fraud, theft, status and many other factors provide motivation for crime and all are in direct opposition to the teachings of Jesus Christ and His early Apostles and the resulting power to,perform miracles that they had.

        Religion is not the answer. Both Joseph Smith in the 19th century and centuries before him, about 600 AD, Mohammed saw people who CALLED themselves Christian but did not act it and both men, by their own testimonials, set out to create their own religions.

        Most religions embrace peace, but are powerless to change people’s desires and focus. Only genuine Bible Apostolic Christianity has that power.

  5. I say take the kids and but them in some kind of discipline school and give the parents a bill for all the damages and make sure they pay it.

    • The problem is, like Mr. Minkoff points out, is if they did discipline them, CPS would be showing up for a different reason, but for the same purpose-to take the kids. Us parents have a fine line to balance today, with Big Gov’t threatening us. Don’t get me wrong though, we tell our kids (yes, WE are a two parent household 🙂 ) “We brought you into this world, we can take you out of it too. So, go ahead, call the police. By the time they get here, they will have a real crime to deal with”

        • You can discipline them,you cannot abuse them. Swat their butts, don’t leave a mark or you have abused them. Kids and the media have the parents buffaloed into believing parents can not discipline children. You can discipline them, look up what is deemed child abuse in your state and then discipline right to that point. If the kids don’t like it, help them pack their bags and call CPS or what ever the department in your state is called. These two should have been disciplined long before it got to this point. Either the parents are non existant in these kids lives or they are totally fooled into believing they will go to jail if they touch the kids.

          • Maybe this can be a wake-up call in the community. Maybe they can realize the need to correct the children before it reaches that point. Maybe the liberal judges and/or CPS can be brought to understand that “Dr. Seuss” didn’t have it right and correction does NOT damage a child’s sense of self-esteem.

      • Only problem with that is, if the kids have watched any “Crime TV” shows, they may call the police and accuse you of “terroristic threatening!” My dad threatened to KILL me! Come Quick before he does!

    • I say take the miscreants back to the church and put them to work cleaning it up right alongside their parents who should also be cleaning it up. Hey, but nothing to see here, it’s only a Christian Church. Move on.

      • Yes, yes! And then make them go to church every week until they are adults. Maybe, just maybe something will soak in by that time.

        • Just be sure you send them to a genuine Bible believing church. So many “churches” today really are not teaching that sin is sin, the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God (and obeying Him ) is eternal life — both now, today, and hereafter forever. “Why call ye me Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?”

      • I agree, the best thing they can do is clean up their own mess along with their parents. It is so hard to raise children in this day when they see and hear so much at school that goes against everything they are taught in a Christian home.

        Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old (mature), he will not depart from it.

        Hebrews 12:7 It is for discipline that you endure; God deals with you as with sons; for what son is there whom his father does not discipline?

        Prov 13:24
        He who withholds his rod hates his son, but he who loves him disciplines him

      • Yes,we had an incident at our church couple years ago.These were young boys,just turned 16.They were out looking for mischief to get into,I guess.They smeared feces on the doors.[ at the back of the ch.] The judge made all 3 of them to come, with their parents ,one Sun.AM.Prior to the sermon, the pastor got up & explained what the boys had done,& why they were there.He made a great,loving talk before they came up.They first,each one had to apolygize to the congregation,then tell why they did it,& what they would do in the future to entertain themselves w/out doing something this extreme.The pastor invited them to come & join our youth group,who do all sorts of fun things & goes on a lot of youth trips.The congregation clapped when they all got through.The parents & kids were invited to come back & visit us anytime.I saw several of the members going over after ch. & shaking the hands of the parents & boys.I think they felt love that morning at our ch.The pastor did say a little prior to them coming up about doing an intolorable thing,but then he said we ALL have done things we were not proud of,That is where God’s grace & mercy comes in.Like Jesus told the young prostitute who was about to be stoned,” woman,where are thou accusers,neither do I condemn you,”Go & sin no more.”

    • I agree with that Walt. The parents are responsible. These children weren’t born savages, its neglectful parenting.

    • I don’t like Obama either–but not because he is half black–it’s because of his character, which is as bad as they come. He is an evil man.



          • What’s with the all caps? Either way, the point of having a constitutional republic was to prevent mob rule type actions such as the type of violence you are advocating against people who you happen to disagree with politically, who were actually chosen in a democratic process.

  6. This article is so right on. I know people who started out spoiling their kids and then when one of them started acting out the Dr. decided t medicate him for being hyper.Im glad in my day you didnt give kids dangerous drugs to stop behavior a spanking or two might help.

    • Spank them in this state and you get charged with domestic violence. The teachers bi7ch because you won’t discipline them, then turn you in when you do. There was very little ADD etc when I was a kid. The adults beat your ass anytime that you had an ADD attack.It usually restored your ability to pay attention.

      • Too bad about what state you live in I guess a time out is what they propose. But kids need discipline of some kind.And drugs are bad enough when they get older and buy them dont start them on that road because they are troublesome.

          • It’s because it’s open season on women and children. The enemy will do anything to undermine the family. Sooo….fathers are leaving and mothers and kids get shot up with “medicine.”

          • when I lived in Dallas, the school system itself could petition and force you to give your kid drugs, they had a 75% drugged school population. When they came after my boy because he was fidgiting, fidgiting, what boy ever created did not wiggle if they sat too long! They threatened me with CPS if I would not give in, threatened to do an intervention study and administer the drugs at school. Yes they had a gov’t funded program to pay for that, and the drugs were administered right there at the school. When summer came, those kids were so wild with withdrawel symptoms, everyone looked at them and said YUP we need to drug them..
            Keep in mind my son was not talking back, was not destroying anything, was not out of his chair. He was a straight A student who got bored while waiting for all the drugged kids in the class to catch up and in the meantime was not allowed to quietly read a book or do anything other than the lesson which he had already finished correctly. He was supposed to sit quietly and wait, that was what the teacher wanted. He was guilty of wiggling and shifting positions in the chair, and for that they wanted to put him on drugs, so he would be just like all the other Stepford kids in the class.
            The only way to save him was to home school him. Now he is approaching 30, is a systems analyst, has two very lively kids , and a brain to raise them with. His classmates? Most are either dead, on welfare or in prison. One is in home health care because he was accidentally overdosed on the drugs and his brain deteriorated. His school was 90% Black. Those kids were targetted as children, and funneled into a system which did not want to see them succeed. All done with fed money. Makes you wonder who was at the helm in those agencies then.
            I am not saying that is what is wrong with these vandals who destroyed their room. I do think a little board of education on the seat of higher learning would do the trick. Even if the kid can call the Gestapo afterward, eventually the cops leave and you don’t, just remind them of that.
            I also wonder though, in the first place all this took time and why were they not supervised? Were they students of the school or did they break in? And I believe yes they should be taken from parents who could not or did not control them, and put with parents who will.

          • My wife has a “Residential Adult Community Care Foster Family Home (RACCP for short). ” Because my wife is taking further college education in health care, I attend to the “clients” – rightly patients, most of the time. We have a 50’s man who was OK in his early teens, but then got involved with drugs. When he came to us, his 80’s plus mother and the psychiatrist had him on no less than five (5) seroquel a day and well over 25 pills in all daily. Most of the time he was a bed-wetting zombie. Over a period of almost three years, during which his mother passed away, we were able to get the Dr to reduce to zero the Seroquel and gradually the other pills. Now, except for thinking about like an eight (8) year old, he is almost normal and takes only nine pills daily -most for diabetes related problems and his refusal to eat right.

            Mind altering drugs should be avoided for your children if at all possible. He acknowledges that that caused much of his seemingly permanent other health problems.

      • Hmmmm. Dave. I have an adopted child with ADD. He does not destroy property or urinate or defecate in public like an animal. He was born in Romania and was institutionalized by a post communist/socialist government. He was ignored as an infant (during infancy – MUCH brain development occurs,) Attention Deficit Disorder does NOT determine whether or not a child behaves poorly – I did spank him occasionally – not because of the ADD – but because he misbehaved!!!!! Before you spout off – educated yourself!

      • LOL, love this Dave… “The adults beat your ass anytime that you had an ADD attack.”! No Kidding! I had my share of butt whippings when I was a kid and as an adult, grateful for them!

      • When you were a kid, kids probably spent more time playing or working outside, playing tag was still legal, and you didn’t occupy your time with playing video games 24/7. Beating your ass anytime you have an ADD attack is not an effective way to treat genuine ADD. Spankings should be reserved for rebellion.

        • granny, your right up to a point. Most of these kids are not ADD. just being bratty is no cause for meds.spanking is for rebellion,lying,stealing etc.Playing outside is what children dont do anymore. Get them outside til dark they may be too tired to act out.

        • My point is that this ADD thing has been pushed as an excuse in many cases for crappy behavior and crappy parenting. As I said “very little ADD”, I was leaving room for genuine medical conditions.

        • I think the “ADD” he was refering to was not real ADD but what the school system wanted to call it. That way they could medicate instead of disciplining.

  7. Crime especially violent crime in the US is actually way down over the last four decades (though higher in the US than any other developed country by a good margin). I know this seems perhaps hard to believe given the recent shootings, but it is true overall. This contradicts your argument that the children of “yester generation” were better raised and behaved. Every generation thinks the new one is worse and they were better, even Plato used to say this sort of thing but the fact is civilization seems to get more civilized over time.

  8. Disgusting! No moral compass whatsoever. I see the rapid decline of this once great nation. Very sad. I am a Mexican-born, US-Naturalized citizen that can’t believe what I’m seeing, the downfall of this great country. Sad indeed.

  9. I pity the poor foster families that have to take these two young criminals in. The kids’ moral standards are already fixed by this age, and it would take one-on-one with a mentor until they are at least 21….and even then, the possibility that they will wind up in jail as adults is just about carved in stone. UNLESS whoever gets them is allowed to instill Christian principles in them. And it’s not likely CPS would approve of such dastardly behavior, infringing on the little darlings’ right to vandalize. What a mess.

  10. The behavior of these kids is a “learned” behavior, they weren’t born this way. Hopefully they will be rescued from this inexcuseable environment they live in, the sooner the better.

  11. Makes you sick to read this…..single Mothers, Children being raised by grandmothers also single, No GOOD male roll models…..It typical of our society as of late……Kids with out guidance are doomed to a life in and out of jail,reform school,foster care, and then prison, as wards of the state from birth to death. The ACLU, Society, and polititions are responsible for whats happened to our society. We better get back to basics in this country before its to late….”IN GOD WE TRUST ! MEN HAVE THEIR OWN AGENDA !”

  12. I can remember when the parents would have to either pay for the damages caused by their kids and if possible repair the damage. Also if the government didn’t promote prostitution, with pay, there might be a slowing of kids with kids.

  13. OMG, I’m so sorry that these are so-called adults came from my parenthood generation. What, but pot smoking and the hippie communes generation brought forth these “grandparents”!

  14. can remember when the parents would have to pay for the damages caused by their kids and if possible repair the damage. Also if the government didn’t promote prostitution, with pay, there might be a slowing of kids with kids

  15. We need to go back to having discipline and uniforms in all schools. And we need parents to teach their children how to respect adults, each other and the property of others. It is a sad world we live in right now and if we don’t vote out the person impersonating as a president we will not recognize the USA in four years. It’s time to take the country back!

    • we don’t need “uniforms” in school, we need kids to know how to dress themselves with appropriate clothes and we need discipline at home as well as school. You can blame ALL of this on the Baby Boomers who only had time for themselves and no time for their families except to buy them electronic crap or take them to Disney. No time to be a family, just work, both mom and dad, to pay for having someone else indoctrinate your kids in disrespect for other persons and property.

      • Think about it………………. the breakdown of the American family has coincided perfectly with the female’s desire to be equal to the men in the workplace. Sorry, ladies you have abdicated your rightful place in the home, for the almighty dollar. When mom remained at home, teaching the kids a moral frame of reference and dad was the breadwinner, we had strong, religious and ethical families. Pity, there are precious few decent kids cause mom no longer gives an obama.

    • Send all children to 12 years of Catholic schools and this sheet would not occur. I am not Catholic and not married to one, but I have witnessed the much higher standards the Catholic kids are held to.

  16. I can remember when the parents would have to pay for the damages caused by their kids and if possible repair the damage. Also if the government didn’t promote prostitution, with pay, there might be a slowing of kids with kids

  17. “But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God – having a form of godliness but denying its power.” 2 Timothy 3:1-5 Need I say more!

  18. Yep, these boys are in lock step w/the democrats, spreading their “stuff” on any & everything, ruining all that they touch! ;>(

  19. Sargento your hate is showing. Not all blacks are undisciplined. There are a lot of black families (notice I said “families”) that are God fearing, upright credit to their communities. Keep in mind there are white kids that are every bit capable what these kids did.Take notice that these problems began when the ACLU managed to take God out of the schools. Guess who filled in the vacancy?

  20. Kids this age don’t always do things from their own imaginations–they act on what they’ve heard parents say. When my oldest son was 7 or so, we had a neighbor who was extremely finicky about her yard being absolutely perfect–not a scrap of paper, or a blade of grass out of place She was unpleasant, and was forever complaining that my yard was messy. I had 6 kids–and half the neighborhood played in my yard. That was fine with me, because with all of them there, I knew where mine were, and what they were doing.
    One day I happened to look out my window, and saw her out picking up her yard–some scraps of paper had blown in,( and not from my yard)–the litter in mine was always toys–she was throwing everything she picked up over the fence–into my yard. In an aggravated tone, I declared “that old bat–I should go out there and throw it right back over there! A few minutes later I heard some yelling–my son had acted on my comment, and was throwing it back over the fence as fast as she dumped in in our yard—-and, btw, where did the article say the kids were black? Kids will be kids, whatever color they are. This was a horrible thing to happen–and it makes me wonder if there weren’t some additional, older-culprits.

  21. Very, Very well said and the Reality of which you write is SOOOOO TRUE.
    The unfortunate thing is as a Country we keep going Down, Down, Down. Our leadership in Government is a Root cause along with the Entertainment Industry have destroy the Moral fabric of this Country.
    So if OBAMA is given 4 More Years the reality will be the United States will be a COMMUNIST COUNTRY you can count on that as people will not longer have any Freedom to control there own destiny the Government will do it for them.

  22. Hmmm, amazing that I don’t see this story on national news.
    The sad part is that if this had been a mosque it would have been on national news for a week and DOJ would have gotten involved.
    But it is just a Baptist Church, no big deal…..

  23. Another mental health issue. Look for them to be in the news in comming years for mass murder or some other action that could be prevented if they had mandatory inpatient mental health care.

  24. I say give these people two mistakes…..after that sterilize them. Make sure they can’t produce any more orphans. give them no more aid make them get a job. stop supporting these people. its like the sign says “don’t feed the bears”, it makes them dependent on you”

  25. You nailed it, Michael. Unfortunately, we have fought a losing battle with this society. The government (the liars who steal from good, responsible people) has convinced and addicted enough losers to their vile plan and it seems we have lost it. I know plenty of people along with me who are continuing to hang on to hope-we are working on campaigns, etc., etc.
    Was the race of the kids mentioned? If it was reported, then they weren’t white.

  26. Wake me up when you write an article about the farce of our government using Christian values as an excuse to slaughter innocent Arab children for profit.

  27. As a parent of 5 kids who are grown and with their own children now. My wife and I would set down at supper and discussed the days event. Everyone spoke and no topic was off the table. We also spoke of values, morals and ethics. We spoke of the different religions and how we don’t have to agree with the beliefs of another, but we must respect their right to do so. If not, who would respect our own right to do the same.

    These two boys need to be punished both by the law and by their parents. They should be made to clean up their mess and then work on Sundays at the Church in helping others.

    The boys must know their actions will be held against them so they will learn what is right and wrong.

    Aubrey Jack Young.

  28. Two words, RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY! From the basic law of the land to the head of the LAW, and that would be……..GOD THROUGH HIS SO JESUS! Posture: on your knees.

  29. Who, what, where, when, why and how. Todays’ journalism too often leaves these things out. When (time … about) where were the parents, why were the unsupervised? how did they gain access…why, because I’m curious as to what and where they learned such disrespect and hate.
    Would love to be able to read a news story or hear of one with all the facts. So many people jump on this stuff without the facts and really, what good is it?

  30. Yes, Michael, as much work as I and many others have invested in saving this pathetic society, I ‘m afraid you’re right. There doesn’t seen to be much hope since the liars in the government(s) have convinced and hooked enough losers onto their stolen money (taken from us). History shows it works everytime. Take God and virtue out of a Republic and it cannot survive. BTW, did the story mention the race of these kids? If it did NOT mention it, then they were NOT white!

  31. There is a solution to the problem>
    The educational system was taken over in the 1920’s by the Psychologists imported from Leipzig, Germany. The work was funded by John D. Rockefeller, and his tool was a baptist minister. It is all chronicled in the book The Leipzig Connection by Paolo Lionni. It is a slim volume, only 103 pages and all of the information can be verified independently of the book. Peace, Robert Walker

  32. If the government had not taken the discipline of children out of the parents control in the 1960’s we wouldn’t have all the ungodliness on TV/Movies(really are they that).

  33. This is truly sad. I would make the kids and parents clean the whole mess up and pay for the damages. My grandma used to take me out, let me pick which switch I wanted her to use to whip me with and it could not be a little wimpy one, lol! My mama took after Grandma, only difference, she picked out the switch. If it was a good one, she kept it a while.

  34. Let the kid’s parents pay the damages, then force those parents to terminate any further reproduction; castration, tube tying, or whatnot, anduntiil they finish, successfully, a court prescribed parenting program. Then remove them from social welfare roles and force them to get a job.

  35. I suggest the PARENTS AND CHILDREN be given the task of cleaning the place up, no matter how long it takes. Have supervisors WATCH but not assist other than give directions. THEN have the family help deliver some of the replacement items to the people they were designated for. GET THE FAMILY INVOLVED. It appears that the parents have not taught the children responsibility and compassion. Teach both parents and children how to behave in a civil and kindly manner. And invite them to church … of course.

  36. Well folks what can I say? In many ways this is not entirely the parents fault. The problem arises from our society, our polititions, and courts. The do-gooders and the sorry bunch that never had children, like spinsteres teachers, have a lot to say about child raising. The famous Dr. Spock convinced our governments that corporal punishment was bad and now parents can lose their child or go to jail because they punished that child. Some justice though, I do believe that Dr. Spock’s son died from commiting suicide. Our mindset has to change and many laws repealed to set the rights of parents and school teachers to be able to discipline bad behavior and hold parents responcible for their childrens behavior. There is an old Biblical sage that says it all “Spare the rod, spoil the child”.

  37. If Obama had sons, they would probably be just like these two. i don’t understand how we degraded as a society to this point. The moral decline is staggering and is being taught as Mr. Minkoff stated by our schools, TV and peers. Our schools are now telling our kids to turn in their parents to CPS if they feel offended in any way. After dealing with CPS for several years when this happened to me, I asked CPS who protects the parents from kids who are encouraged and then use the system to get back at their parents for simply disciplining them, I was simply told “It is what it is”. If we keep going the way we are, our society will implode and we’ll become a third world nation or worse, occupied by another.

  38. if Obama had a son, he’d act a lot like these two kids.
    The problem is not “teenage pregnancy”, it is a thoruogh disdain for biblical marriage. And most else biblical. We;ve pretty well had God out of our culture as some irrelevant fairytale. We’ve replaced Him and His Law, with the desires and thoughts of mere men. Not that long ago folks married in their mid teens, lived to ripe old ages surrounded by their children and their children’s children, ll living upright and moral lives, caring for others, and such. I know a women was “traded to the neighbour” for a tractor” at fourteen. Now a great grandma, strong and active in her eighties, still manages the farm her late husband no longer can.

    It starts with parents who are not self-regulated, refusing to train their children. At six months, the baby can get away with anything, never learns the meaning of NO, nor how to delay their own desires or consider anything outside of himself. Surrender him to daycare at ten months, then the TeeVee set until his brain is fried, no wonder he’ll trash a place like this. Far too late for spankings at this point. CPS are right to remove these boys from their progenitors (hate to apply the word “parent” to such derelicts), but they’ll most likely become wards of the state, institutionalised, drugged into complacency. This is the sort of “upbringing” (again, I hate to apply THAT word here) that leads to a young “man” buying guns or explosives and taking out his anger on some innocents at some publicly accessible oppositioin-free zone where the greatest gratfication attainable is a high body count, most often ending with his own. And the liberals maintain the best prevention against such incidents is to control the availability of the tools. That is about as effective as putting padlocks on the britches of little boys who might otherwise misuse their contents.

  39. First of all, where were the parents, how long were they gone without supervision? This blog digressed from kids that distroyed property to hating people that had nothing to do with it. Teaching self control is probably a mute subject and the parents don’t have any either.
    People without backbone and the right way to do things vote for the big BO and they don’t care.

  40. And actually, and I am sad to say it, this is the society that Obama and Dems are creating. There is OWS, there is racial talk when there is none, there is no thanks to Christianity but all praise to Islam, there is the desire to promote homosexual marriage against DOMA, there is the permission to kill unborn babies, even for gender purposes, there is the desire to socialize or make communism of US society; there is as usual no incentive to enable the poor, blacks, and minorities trapped in the Dems game, to progress their lives instead of seeking hand-outs, and there are lies, lies, and more lies coming out from Obama and the Dems. Is there any wonder that the moral atmosphere has eluded us? Soon there will be national ruin to that once great country.

  41. The ACLU made sure they removed our spiritual and moral values and we have been on a Huge Decline ever since. They don’t seem to be attacking Islam however. Thanks to Roger Baldwin’s ACLU we all have to contend with a continuous destruction of America.

  42. According to Obama’s America, the parents don’t have to pay, they are not responsible for their children, the rest of us are! Since Joe Public is responsible for these children these children should be made to eat their own feces and if the parents complained make them help them eat it!

  43. I guess it is a little harsh to say that we should cut our losses, put the whole clan down and harvest their organs the convert the remainder into dog food. Yeah maybe but only a little bit.
    You know we’re paying for all this. Don’t you?

  44. These kids came from a demo-commie home!! Their parents are obviously either strung-out on drugs or they are government dependent. Good God I hope Obama doesn’t find out!!!

  45. My daughter is 52 and jokingly tells me that she should take me to court for “retroactive child abuse”. Most of my kids childhood was with me as a working single parent. They knew when they came home from school, they did their homework until I got home about an hour later (this was when they were old enough to be left alone). When my son was in the 7th grade, he came home did his homework and most weekdays he cooked dinner. Homemade lasagna, spaghetti, steak/salad, etc. My co-workers were so jealous that I did not have to cook when I got home. Well, my son went to college and he bought about 4 friends home with him one weekend, he wanted a tattoo and I told him NO, I was paying for college, car payment, car insurance, health insurance, tuition, books (He worked in the summer for spending money, gas and clothes). I told him if he had spare money for a tattoo then I wanted it and I would find a better use for it. It was not what he said but the tone of voice he answered me in. I jerked him by the collar and nose to nose told him, “don’t you ever talk to me in that tone of voice, his friends scattered upstairs and outside. (maybe they thought I would turn on them). My son said, “you just embarrassed me in front of my friends” and I replied “and you don’t think you embarrassed me in front of your friends”. He apologized to me in front of his friends and all was well. He never disrespected me ever again and he is 44 years old. My kids have the utmost respect for me as I do them. Fine adults, family oriented, hard working and I am so proud of them. My family and friends (and my kids friends) are very envious of the relationship my kids and I have with each other. It all comes with good parenting.

  46. How do you eat an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time. If we are going to enter into a battle to restore God to His proper place in society we must learn to patiently persevere. We must be bold against opposition, firm in our beliefs and be willing to take the heat. These children are looking for guidance, leadership and direction. The bottom line is we must teach them that there actually is a God. If we do not teach it, they will not believe it and will definitely not act like it. Political correctness is the cause of so much breakdown in our society and we must fight hard against this bullying tactic if we are to save America.

  47. “Spared the rod, spoiled the child.” ” You shall spank your child on the right and left sides of his bud so that he will walk straight!” We throw them out ~ suing the parents or school for child- abuse should any of the disciplines was applied! What is happening now are the results of PCs, Entitlements, encouraging of idleness and self severing agendas. Sins of omission! “Make love, not war…” having sex without beauty or personal responsibility… culture of Decadence; children of the hippies are the major causes of our current problems. We must have a Moral Return to the root of our Country! without it we will all perish and others will be running our lives, slaves we will be to the Communist Party from other parts of world and from within our Political ellits…

  48. It’s said, after the age of 7 it’s to late to teach morality as the little scum bags have formed their future way of living. So accept the fact its to late and throw them in JUVY till the’re eighteen and let them out on the street for a few minutes till they kill someone.

  49. Those children’s parents were relieved of their parental responsibilities when the government decided they would go to jail and the children would be taken away if the children were disciplined. Now someone should have to cleanup and pay for the damages. This must be did fairly. So the ones responsible for bringing charges against parents and taking the children are the ones that must pay. Have the Social Service employees clean up the crap on their days off and deduct destruction payment from their salary. Soon visits to the wood shed will be common again and children once again will grow up to be responsible adults.


  51. I don’t “live in a culture of children”. I do not slow down in school zones. Keep them out of the streets. I refuse to pay sachool taxes. Hey, YOU spawned them… you educate them. And why should I endure purple dinosaurs and other talking animals but you can simply change the channel when sexual content or natural beauty of nudity offends your sensibilities or that of your brood?Society isn’t responsible for your kids… you are.

  52. these kids need PADDLED, then they, along with the parent(s) ( doubt if sperm- donor’s around..) need to clean up this mess & rectify any damages. THEN the whole gang – kids & parents – need to come before the whole congregation & apologize.

  53. Any rational psychologist will tell you that it’s not the physical pain of a spanking that is effective, but the suddenness and sureness that retribution will occur if the kid misbehaves, disobeys, or it otherwise obnoxious. Kids are like puppies – they have a short attention span and difficulty connecting actions and consequences over a span of time. If you swat the kid as soon as he does wrong, there’s a good chance it won’t do it again. It you give him a time out or take away his favorite toy, by the time it is all over, he will have forgotten what you were being so mean to him for. ADD was extremely rare 50 years ago – not because doctors weren’t smart enough to diagnosis it, but because kids were molded into acceptable behavior as toddlers. As to this specific issue – I say the parents should be legally forced to pay for/clean up the mess and the kids should have to help. If the kids are truly being neglected, they belong in Juvenile Detention – it they’re just little monsters, they need their butts beat.

  54. The parents of those two children should be made to pay for the damage and the children made to clean it up. And punishment should fit the crime. Unreal..Adults have put these children up to this cime They are not smart or mean enough to think this up by themselves.


  56. Big Liberals…breed little liberals. Know the old saying, ” The apple does’nt fall too far from the tree”.

  57. When my children got out of line, I sent them out of the Country to live with relatives for a year attending private school in a poor Country where DISCIPLINE IS done….. IT WORKED WONDERS!

  58. When Satan was thrown out of heaven, he brought with him one-third of the angels. They mated with human women and this is the start of evil. I firmly believe that demons are responsible for a lot of the darkness going on in the world today and one of the darkest is sitting in the White House.

  59. News flash to all parents….you are not your children’s friend…you are the parent! When the kids trun 30 then you can be friends!

  60. If you don’t think satan is behind these issues then you’re not reading your bible. He is the head of all demons. I feel sorry anmd pray for kid whoses parents do not teach them from God’s word and take tem to church and Sunday shcool. Non of which is “plitically” incorrect.
    Blessings, Bill

  61. We can sit here all day and point fingers at the school system, which is part of the problem, we can blame our goverment, another part of the problem, but the real blame goes to us. We are the goverment, and the school system, we have just forgotten that fact or have become lazy, wanting to give those responsibilities to some one else so we won’t have to do it. We have empowered these entities to operate without our consent, they have removed parenting, and used the excuse of a few bad parents to dictate to all what should and shouldn’t been done. They have removed God and with it morality, these children no longer have a moral compass to follow. If you want these problems to stop, the parents must be made responsible for the children, and the parents must have the power to dicipline the children.

  62. Our society says you can kill babies before they are born but after they are born you cannot spank them as a form of discipline, in fact you need to be careful how you discipline them. It is ridiculous and sad. A bunch of whiny wimps who are told nothing is their fault, and everybody owes them everything.

    I think these brats and the parents need to be made to go clean it all up and pay for all damages and clean up materials. Then maybe they should all also have to do community service projects.

  63. I would make the kids clean up the mess, with the parents supervising so the kids know that the parents don’t approve. The parents need to pay the bill for any damage. If you make a kid responsible he will be responsible the rest of his life. start day 1 for responsibility!

  64. And exactly why is this a surprise? This is precisely what you can expect to get when you create government feel good welfare programs that pay kids to have kids. We continue to pay the most unproductive, lowest common denominator in society to breed like rats while penalizing the productive most desirable with crushing taxes. We have reached the tipping point. Due to reckless spending on these “something for nothing” “lets steal from the rich” programs, It is very likely a complete collapse of our society will occur within the next 5 years. After you get rid of morality and make the government your god it becomes very easy to justify stealing from producers to satisfy your every want and demand.

  65. When my kids were 6 & 7 I pretty much knew where they were every minute of every day! You have to, they are too young, how did they get in this church by themselves? They were old enough to know it was wrong but they are young enough that they may have gotten carried away… it doesn’t mean they are destined for prison or anything. When I was that age, I dumped a neighbor’s clean laundry basket over in her garage floor on a dare. I felt horrid afterward and I was PUNISHEDDDD oh yeah. Had to go apologize and didn’t get to go to our carnival that summer…. I was not a bad kid tho.

  66. There is no question that these uncivilized children need severe punishment for this crime. This is another case of bad and neglectful parenting. The parents need to be investigated and punished for this crime. Had my children committed such a despicable act as this, I would expect and deserve to be punished
    You can expect to see these two children wearing orange jumpsuit’s in the future.

  67. When the Supreme Court’s Madelyn Murray O’Hare decision was announced many years ago, I predicted that by the time one generation grew up with no prayer and Bible reading in the schools, they would not be able to build jails fast enough to keep all the criminals in. I also said that with each year less of the prayer and Bible reading in public schools that students had, there would be a marked increase in crimes. Look at the documented records for those years and you will see my prediction was at least 95 percent correct! I wish I had not been so accurate a prophet!

    Equally bad is the fact that misguided liberal activist judges have twisted the Constitution and mis-quoted and misused a private letter from our Third President, Thomas Jefferson, to the Connecticut Danbury Baptist Association declaring that Congress and government should not INTERFERE WITH Religious freedom to mean they can and should PROHIBIT religious freedom. As a result, the Ten Commandments have been ordered removed from the very places reminders need to be – schools, courthouses, public squares, and even jails. You can expect more and more of the kinds of desecration described in the article as homosexual groups have already been doing for over ten years now against any church that dares preach what the Bible says. They have indeed been given over to reprobate minds as the Apostle Paul says in Romans 1:21-28.

  68. As usual this blog has the story completely wrong. Turns out the kids attended Bible school at the church. Far from being a tale of “moral decline” brought on by the evil liberals and the welfare queens its actually a story about the corrosive effect of religion on children’s unformed sense of right and wrong. What would the Bible teach a child after all, if not to smite cities, lay waste to the property of others, murder all the males and rape the women? I’m sure they thought they were doing God’s work.

    • “Attend Bible school”? Do you even know what that means? Most likely, they were visitors, attending a Vacation Bible School, and somehow got into an area unattended, and did this. Where did you get that information, anyway?

  69. I agree with you Anonymous. These 2 boys ought to be horse whipped. Thats whats wrong with kids these days. If a parent diciplines their children, if they spank them it’s abuse. When i was growing up if i did something wrong i was spanked. But who knows with these 2 boys. Perhaps the parents should teach their kids right from wrong. Teach kids to respect.

  70. Keep in mind, these boys are *6* and *7* years old. They are very small children. This was clearly a cry for help, for someone to notice that something is very, very wrong in their world.

  71. These boys should have been made to clean up after themselves AND had their nasty little butts spanked. Plus, anything that was broken, the kids would have to pay for out of their pocket from money earned doing chores. It is so easy to destroy and so hard to build and restore. These little savages nor their parents are invited into MY House !

  72. So…….how did two boys that young have enough time, unsupervised
    (please tell me they WERE unsupervised), to do all of that
    damage? That much damage, in that fashion, takes some time.

  73. as I grew up in the 50’s before all this ” political Correctness” my dad would beat me till I bled and there was no CPS or even the local police to go crying to- I just accepted my punishment and learned NOT to repeat what I had done – This country is moving in the wrong direction and Heaven Help us I dread what this country will be in 10 to 20 years IF we are even all still here unless we get our basic Morals back- those kids should be made to clean up that Mess with their bare hands with their parents helping …..

  74. It’s about control. Control from cradle to grave. Big Government is evil and is working over time to destroy the family, small business (just look at what has happened to the family farm) and our schools are long gone. We have home schooled for over 6 years and enjoyed every minute of it. We need a heaven born revival or this nation is doomed.

  75. Six and seven? Who else was behind this, this is not normal for a child this age to think of this kind of damage, I think there are some older boys involved and the little ones are the ones who got caught. But yes, the kids and the parents need to clean up this mess themselves, and if they refuse press charges against the parents and the kids.

    • Someone older is involved. Check my above post – the police are looking to see how these boys got to the church. They attended a VBS a week prior, and somehow got back, through a broken basement window, and did the damage. Plus, from the video I watched (WBIR site), the damage isn’t just to the room we see above, but in the sanctuary as well. NO WAY two small boys did all of that alone. Someone brought them there to do it, and left them there to take the blame. I would bet that DNA testing would show it wasn’t all their waste involved.

  76. I checked out the news video on this story. These boys were apparently GUESTS at the church, a week prior, for VBS. Somehow (the cops are still investigating that) the boys got back to the church (you just KNOW some adults brought them!), the building was broken into, and they did all that damage. So, for those assuming this was church kids, think again. Explains the lack of supervision as well. Hope they catch the adults involved, and throw their rears in jail for a LONG time, after making them clean it up, and repair all the damage, and pay to replace everything ruined. Those boys should be removed from whoever’s “care” they were supposed to be under, and placed where they can learn and be cared for, not used like that.

  77. the parents are the ones who should be punished to the full extent of the law…they are the responsible party and need to be taught while the children should be punished in a way they understand…

  78. Ruth Graham Said in raising her son she had a paddle hanging on the wall the she used very often to her very him . And you see where it got her . She has a wonderful caring son The creator of Samaritans Purse . Who is helping people all over the world in the name of Jesus.She not only used the paddle but she bathed him in prayer

  79. It is not the children I see who are the root of the problem. It is the parents! Just wehere did these young ones learn how to do what they did! Both parents need to be sterilized, children removed, and forces to wear a sign for the rest of their lives stateing, “I had two lovely children but I did not love them…they are gone now!”

  80. I agree the parents bear the brunt of the guilt but so do we. We took the Bible and prayer out of the schools in the 60’s, then we removed the Golden Rule because it was too religious, and then we removed the Ten Commandments and teach our children situational ethics, jungle morals and that there is no God. We have groups that teach perversion as normal to our children, and even do our best to remove God from public and private society. And you wonder how this could happen? We have children who will kill just to see a person die and for the fun of it. We removed corporal punishment from the schools and even have started to remove a parents right to spank their own kids. Christians have been mainly silent on these events, so Christians who know better then anyone the consequences of these actions will have to explain their silence to God. Especially since Churches which claim to follow Christ, accept perversion and sin as normal as well as act as though sitting in their pews is all God wants them to do., It makes me ashamed.

  81. I ALWAYS said, from six to a hundred and six people KNOW what they ARE DOING, ESPECIALLY WRONG!! I’d beat my kids butt until his nose blead if he did it!!

  82. maybe the parents should have to replace everything and make all repairs. then just maybe others will see they are responsible for their children, not the state and not the federal government!

  83. Brats need a good spanking and made to clean up the mess. The parents must be made to pay for all of the damages – they raised these littloe monsters so are probably going to ignore it unless the courts make them be responsible. The brats should by no means get away with this with a little slap on the hands – the people of that town must demand the brats and their parents clean up the mess and pay for anything they can’t clean up – If they don’yt have the m,oney to pay – make THEM do community service alaong with these monster kids!.

  84. What kind of a home does these youngsters come from?? They had to be taught by their families such hatred. This is just so sad. It breakes my heart that babies are taught to do such vile things. What will they do when they are 16 and 17??? People get on your knees and pray that the stench of sin that permeates this Country stops. We should be very aftraid.

  85. Take the kids away from their obviously incompetent parents, put them in school for delinquencies and teach them how to clean mine fields up! If they pass and get out alive force them to be in the military to do just what they were taught and if they survive that I bet they won’t be delinquents any more!

  86. Kids and parents need to make amends here. But the problem goes way beyond. How much aspartame have they consumed in their popsicles, gum and soda? How much supervision do they get – if any? What do they watch on TV or video? What about those so-called ‘guardians’? Few realize that the WHOLE SOCIETY has been subjected to things in food, water, and more along with those nasty maladies so pointed out by us all. It’s a ‘perfect plunder’: destroy God, family, food, jobs, neighborhoods, schools, relationships…everything it takes to make good citizens and responsible actions. That’s been going on a long, long time…since the Industrial Revolution made for 12+ hour days and sweat shops replacing moms and dads for others – or no one. So much for progress; this financial cycle created too many I know unable to find work, or like me can only secure very little work, or like some work 3 jobs and only see their doorknob, a dark house, a bed and their eyelids and are BARELY able to keep their lives from caving to the realities of the worst economy in 80 years. Does anyone realize this is life in CHINA??? The ‘white and blue’ are a faded memory, all that’s left is RED.

    Get serious America – Ron Paul 2012 for restoring our founding principles, rights and laws.

  87. This kind of thing will stop only when the parents are held responsible. The 6 and 7 year olds are only doing what they are allowed, or encouraged, to do. Who took them into the church and left them unattended? Why a church? What is it that their parents are teaching them about religion? Not much info here.

    • They broke in, after attending, as guests, a VHS a week prior. These were not church kids. Who took them back is a BIG question, though! Someone surely did, and then left them there. Why a church? Because, these days, Christians are the group you are allowed to hate and attack.

  88. We need ALL Government Agencies out of our bed rooms and child rearing. There are many times a kid needs their butts spanked [ not beaten] there is a BIG Difference,but Government is not smart enough to know that! That is why we have so many Criminal Kids and the growing into Grown Criminals! When parents could spank kids we had 85% less criminal kids! Once Government started putting parents in jail for spanking criminal kids then Criminal Kids went up about 80% or more! Every time the government gets into something and for sure something they have no business in they screw it up for everyone!
    What is even stranger is if your kids get in trouble to much or skip school to much the Police put you in jail for child for child Abuse for not controling your kids! Now how Stupid is that,you spank your kid and you go to jail, don’t spank your kid and they get in trouble again you go to jail! Screw the government, let parents parent their own kids so we can have less criminals!

  89. actually, they need punishment—no toys games, video, tv and must assist in cleaning up the mess. The parents should have to pay for the damages and go to parenting classes and take the kids to a Christian counselor. Sounds like a job for Super Nanny

  90. This article cuts right to the heart of what has gone wrong with the American Culture and Governmental Mechanism, allowing people who are still mentally children to make decisions that affect all of us.
    Why are we allowing a demographic group to vote who do not, as a group, posses the requisite mental capacity to make rational and informed judgment on matters that affect every member of society?
    There are multiple peer-reviewed studies that document the development of the human brain. These studies have concluded that the human brain is not fully formed until about age 25. The point of full maturity occurring slightly earlier in the female and slightly later in the male. The last portions of the brain to mature are those dealing with risk assessment and long term judgment.
    Insurance companies and car rental agencies have known these facts for decades as demonstrated by actuarial tables and accident rates.
    Bottom line – why do we allow people who can’t rent a car and won’t be put in positions in private business requiring judgment to make critical decisions with respect to the public governance?
    We need to return the voting age to 21, the standard set when our chartering governmental documents were enacted, and then have a serious science based discussion on what is the appropriate age to grant full franchise. That might begin to teach these children in adult bodies that with adult action and responsibility are the province of those who have demonstrated that they are in fact adults.

  91. That definately is due to the parenting skills and the government parenting our children. 6 and 7 are you kidding me, that is 100% the parents fault, do what you want, because there are no consequences.

  92. How is it that this month old ( or longer ) story is just now coming to the front? And why isn’t the ethnicity of the two boys nor the pity that they are from a single parent (love that term) family? A church that doesn’t believe in it’s own book – “spare the rod and spoil the child” applies. Not that someone would physically take a rod to their bare behinds, but forgiving the wrong without any restitution or even asking for forgiveness – they got away with it – perhaps next time they will shoot someone or beat them up physically.

  93. Just goes to show you how low some people will stoop. Now we are hearing things like “Homophobia” and the “racial” hatred being thrown around again. I have no phobia, but I think the gays do – called “against anything that is right and good” phobia, especially they have “Christianphobia.” Only the Lord can change lives. To bad they all want to live in the gutter and not come up for a breath of fresh air………….

  94. Christianity is NOT a white man’s “religion.” It is God reaching down to save ALL mankind through His Son Jesus Christ and nothing else. So simple it is too hard for most people to understand and grasp a hold of. Shame.

  95. Considering their ages I would say the parents also should receive punishment for not acting like decent parents. Too many parents these days have kids but don’t bother actually ‘raising’ them. Instead they are shoved in day care or babysitters. Then when the parents are actually home instead of spending time with the kids they don’t want to be bothered as they are tired or whatever. The government has a hand in things too. Used to it didn’t take two incomes to survive. Now the woman is off to work instead of spending her day teaching the kids manners, and morals.

  96. The moral decline in our country has gone wildly out of control! Where were the parents or caretakers of these boys? Probably like the other grandma that was mentioned that her 13 month old grandchild ate her boyfriend’s cocaine, doing their drugs! It is sad the children as young as 6 and 7 are so bad that they will destroy other people’s property for fun. I think they need a strap to their backsides and make them clean it up.

  97. I have noticed crime and blank gangs and the occupiers and more problems like this have occured since obama became president. I think people see that he does not care about America and the people in it so they act the same way. Obama is a very poor example for the American people. I always looked up to the president but how can you look up to a man who is destroying our America and doesn’t give a damn about us. He strongly supports the gay agenda and abortion and infantcide. These three idems are against the Will of God.

  98. Unfortunately this is going on all of the time and people just look the other way and say they are just young boys. BS I say.

  99. Sad – Shocking – These boys must clean up the mess and the parents must pay for the damage and all be taught that America is a Christian country – and what that means. The future of these kids and their parents is a scary picture of future America. I pray they will ask for forgiveness from “Our Father in Heaven”.

  100. The moral decline left its first traces with Beatniks in the late 1940s – 1950s.
    Americans didn’t pay attention.

    Then the moral decline quickened, “progressed” with Hippies and punks during the mid-1960s.
    Instead of raising the alarm, Americans brainlessly and light-heartedly infatuated with sexual psychopaths John and Yoko, as well as Herbert Marcuse and William Riech who fused Marxism and Psychoanalysis to forge a revolutionary anti-Capitalist sexual radicalism.

    Then came the anti-aesthetic hip-hop, rap and other garbage that efficiently substituted and buried the real culture.
    Americans still did nothing; instead, they cultivated stinky “tolerance” to those feces and eventually have got a complete insensitivity to pseudo-cultural excrements, in which we are now floundering about, gurgling: “We live in a culture of children,” (yes, all those movements I mentioned were youth movements); “we’re losing the future.” (yes, we are); “what happened to our culture?” (It stinks.)

  101. remenber when if you did somthing wrong at school you hoped your partents didn’t find out because it meant a whooping at home and reduced privileges.

  102. When our son was six, he scribbled on the underside of a table in his Sunday School class. I believe he said he was bored. Well, we had him clean the table, write an apology to our pastor, hand deliver it, and apologize verbally. It never happened again, or anything like it. He’s almost eighteen and I think he still loves us.

  103. I agree with annoymous, their butts need to be whooped. And I don’t care how old they are they, along with their so called parents should be fined and made to go in and clean everything up. Then those kids and their parents need to do public work like cleaning public toilets, take out the trash, etc. And last but not least, the so called parents should be fined for what “their” brats did. No telling what they will do next.

  104. Discipline Children? … Are you out of your mind? Everybody knows we all need to allow innocent little children to run and play freely – to explore their own virtues and to learn and grow unhindered by adult restrictions and rules. To do otherwise would crush their delicate little egos and destroy their Natural Child personalities. Indeed, the colleges and human society will accomplish this soon enough. …Puh-leaze!

    • And we must make sure we take their personal self esttem into consideration. We surely wouldn”t want to damage that which their teachers have worked so hard on.

  105. If they were my sons they would walk crooked for the rest of their miserable lives. I am very old school and I have NO sense of humor when it comes to things like this.

  106. Had that been a mosque, all the vermin in the leftist press would have called it a hate crime. This is a leftist provoked attack on Christianity which this country was based on. The leftists are brainwashing children to hate their roots and adopt progressive ‘values’.

  107. something is very wrong in this family…these children I think, may be in danger. probably a good thing they acted out bkz I suspect abuse behind closed doors. their actions are far beyond just mischief making, don’t u agree? cps will step in and take a good look, in the investigation they’ll talk to teachers, neighbors etc…to get to the bottom of this acting out on the part of this 6 and 7 yr old. pray for them and forget the name calling for I don’t think they’ve had the same advantage of most children their age being raised in a loving home showing family values.

  108. Children are NOT the problem, is it their teachers and their parents who ARE the problem.

    Matthew 18:3
    And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

    Matthew 18:6

    But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

    Matthew 23:15

    Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hellthan yourselves.

    It is the political/social/artistic/religious and MONEYED elites and their lawyers who are really at the heart of the trouble. Without Jesus Christ they are the blind leading the blind.

  109. Have Obamas daughters clean it , begin a little show a little pride in your country., Maybe they can get on the payroll also take Jane Fonda to supervise the job.

  110. I think the parents ought to clean up this mess so they can truly understand this “gift” they have given the world and set about trying to rectify it.

  111. I would guess these children are from a single parent family, this is something Obama would have done he acts like an animal.

  112. Based on 50 of the 300 comments posted by Friday evening, perhaps 75%
    missed the main point of the story. Once famous for ‘good old American
    know-how,’ 60 years of politically-correct American public education
    have yielded Americans a new reputation all over the (formerly) ‘Free
    World.’ It is not very complimentary, but nonetheless accurate, As an
    independent political activist for 50 years, I have watched the U.S.A.

    Sold not-so-long-ago by variety and novelty stores, commonly seen in
    both public and non-public areas of many locally-owned businesses and
    presumably placed there by workers who thought the growing trend funny,
    the classic black-and-white poster with barefooted men in torn overalls
    near an outhouse, or running a prohibition-era still, over the caption
    “Our highly capable and intelligent staff is eagerly waiting to serve
    you!” has largely disappeared, as most folks with sufficient intellect
    to enjoy self-deprecating humor retired from the workplace. The
    “proof-of-the-pudding” (formerly common usage) is that average S.A.T.
    scores having fallen, without exception, EVERY year since 1964.

    Partly government reaction to massive public demonstrations against the
    unpopular, undeclared Vietnam War (illiterate masses tend to be docile
    masses) nearly 60 years of teaching WHAT to think, rather than HOW to
    think; and No Child Left Behind, which, in a society run by Dummies is
    effectively Every Child Left Behind [students of other nations]; partly
    the result of O.P.I.C. [Overseas Private Investment Corporation]; partly
    Dumbth: Americans waiting for former jobs moved overseas to return are
    in for a shock in 2013 that would have sparked widespread insurrection
    among their great-great-grandparents.

    The approaching pandemic Americans were warned of arrived or (more
    accurately) evolved. Unless retired from long military careers, most
    elected officials are no smarter than their constituents, nor
    necessarily good leaders (despite slick election campaigns). To repeat,
    unless they come out of the military (which develops leadership skills,
    as a matter of national survival, like NO civilian counterpart ever
    could) don’t believe the officials you elected are necessarily brighter
    than you, or are better leaders. That may be why they elect (and why most obey) their own party leaders, rather than the voters. They must
    swear to support and defend our Constitution before they may serve. It says nothing about serving political parties or
    special interests.

    25 years ago, overachieving TV entertainment pioneer Steve Allen, author of 50 books, wrote one titled “DUMBTH: The disappearance of peoples’ ability to reason effectively.”
    It has decimated America!

  113. Makes one think that “birth control/abortion would have been a wonderful thing for these kids GRANDPARENTS to have practiced”. Where were these kids parents???

  114. I work in a grocery store and “daily” see mothers and fathers – but mothers more often, not having the vaguest idea what their little children are doing or even where they are as they incessently chat on their cellphones. Every day I see children run far away from the visual range of their mothers and they make NO ATTEMPT to even care where they went. I watch and watch thinking a minute ago someone could have taken this child and she isn’t even aware. Thank GOD my parents were NOTHING like this. NOTHING AT ALL LIKE THIS.

  115. According to the imum what’s in charge in the white house,there is still time for an abortion.Remember that he wanted to be able to do abortions up until the fetus was some 15 or 16 years of age.

  116. How very interesting that an article about poop and pee is immediately followed by an ad for
    ‘Five foods to never eat.’

  117. The poor little dears were just having fun.
    My dad would have killed me if I had ever been stupid enough to do something like that.
    They need to have there nose rubbed in it.

  118. I grew up in that county and if the judges that they had when I was a kid were still around, the parents would be about as happy a camper as the two little animals they produced. Better still, let my dad handle it. He had a 2″ wide leather belt that would rearrange the thinking of a bratty, self-centered idiot!!

  119. “We’re losing the future.” These were not christian hating muslims but boys who had no guidance and discipline. This is an excellent article that articulates the problem we face in just a few words.
    Now think about all these people and what they will be like when the SHTF. “You have what I want and I will take it!” That is not fiction —that is very much a future possibility.

  120. That goes you show you that these children haven’t had the right upbringing and they wanted attention and boy did they get it. These children does need some correction and if they aren’t then they will turn out to be more than a handful when they get older. This is a sad, sad, situation. We were very strict on our other daughter and she never did anything that would have been this bad. My other daughter is handicapped, so we didn’t have the problems like these two children gave. Parents do not care enough about their children anymore that they do not deserve to have any. Children want attention, correction, and love, and if they don’t get it that way they will try in ever way they can. So the parents are to blame in these situations.

  121. This is what happens when the progressive liberals, or should I say the progressive clowns in the democract party, say God’s name is unconstitutional, and the so-called church stays strangely silient for fear of offending someone. Until God’s name is put back in it’s prominent position, there is no hope for America. Of course having Barak Obama as our president has made things even worse.

  122. The parents need held fully accountable. I’m sorry, but the belt does not excuse what these youths have done to the Lord’s House. THey need community service along with mandatory church attendance.. Additionally, they need removed from the drug-addled home and placed in a decent caring home.

    If the aforementioned things are done young kids almost always change for the better. SAdly, the have family reunification, which is why kids whom are even horribly abused are returned to the filth whom mistreated them. Facts, people.

  123. I would force the parents the children and the grandmother to clean it up and then pay restitution for what couldn’t be fixed then make all of them pick a church to attend for a year .Some people have NO RESPECT.

  124. Please make more welfare babies so they can make welfare babies and those can make welfare babies. Frankenstein is loose folks. Good luck with it.

  125. These kids will end up in a juvenile detention center soon enough. Good luck to anyone trying to rein them in now. Who was supervising them? How long were they left unsupervised? Are they parishioners? Where were their parents? Are they related? Something doesn’t seem right.

  126. It makes you wonder who is raising these youngsters, who have no respect for any one or any thing,They are an example of amoral children not be taught the 3R’s, Respect, Responsibilty and Right from wrong.

  127. Yea and the parents should also be doing community service.For raising little monster that society will have to deal with when they become adults.

  128. Make them clean up the mess and then make them clean bathrooms in all the churches in town for community service for free.

  129. I don’t blame these boys, but I will put all the blame on the parents. Are they AWOL or if they are around , what kind of TEACHING, EXAMPLE and DISCIPLINE are they giving their kids ? Also there is such MORAL DECAY in our SOCIETY . God is taken out in every aspect of our lives and the SECULARISTS are making the word GOD a very bad three letter word akin to a SWEAR WORD. PRAYING in public is treated like a CRIME. We REAP what we SOW..

  130. Six and seven year olds–disrespect is the tone of the day. My six year old grandson would be appalled at this action, because already he understands that Christ is first in his life.

  131. The morals of today are getting worse as the parents are not doing their jobs and the schools are not up to par. What is paid for our schools today does not give us the learning that it should. The love of money and drugs has changed this country also.

  132. Where were the parents of two boys ages 6 & 7? Apparently they were left alone long enough to do substantial damage to the church. Punish the children; fine the parents and put them in jail.

  133. The article said it best: “These kids are just another symptom of our moral and social decline” All we can do is not hate or become bitter– but pray for those in this rebellious generation that they begin to seek, find and accept Jesus Christ into their hearts. He’s the only Way out of all chaos- including a fallen human race that allows demonic entities to use them so easily.

  134. These cowardly punks need to be horsewhipped ,punks like this lack direction and they show how little direction they have recieved.Someboby better beat morals into these devilish misfits.

  135. Blaming teen-age parents is ridiculous. In the past it was the norm for teens to marry. In Victorian times an 18 yr. old woman unmarried was considered an old maid. I was a teen age wife and mother, so were my grandmothers, mother and most other lucky relatives. WE did just fine. I'[ve been married 54 years and have 9 grandkids. Never had to get a handout from the government and am a good citizen. Its the times we live in, the lack of moral guidance and letting Hollywood teach our children instead of parents and the church.

  136. “A Generation of Vipers” is what unprincipaled, rebellious, self centered pre-teen and post Teen agers are. They have been raised in a moral vacuum by parents who were raised in a moral vacuum. Once we have burned all books that impart some sort of moral guidence, and outlawed any form of traditional Religion, we will be ready to deal with a world totally devoid of any form of Human Kindness or Epathy. We will have become unregenerative knuckle dragging cannibals feeding upon one another. Thanx to the ACLU, we are well on our way to our date with oblivion.


  138. Kids that age are just doing what any other child that age would do if they are left to do what they want to do and are never disciplined for doing anything bad. It’s the parents fault for having kids that would do anything like this; they should be punished also! They should have their own children toss feces on them and see how they like it.
    I recall several years ago a couple of kids in my hood who’s mom wouldn’t pay them any attention whatsoever. They didn’t have a father. One Christmas morning, they both walked down to my house while we were unwrapping our gifts. When they came inside and saw what we were doing, they looked surprised. As it turned out, they didn’t know that it was Christmas. We all wanted to cry, but instead we shared some of our good fortune with them. A short time later, these same two brothers did the exact same thing to a vacant house that was done to the church. They messed in almost every room and ruined the carpet and the curtains, wallpaper, etc. It was obvious that they were full of anger. Wonder why?

  139. This is horrible. I would be sick if this were one of my children or grandchildren. I would spank them so hard they would not sit for a week or maybe longer. Why do people want to be like animals? We are not animals, if animals knew what they were doing was disgusting they would stop. And these people that think this was perfectly normal or do not want to put restraints on their children at church, do they feel the same if they do it at their house and to their food?? I think that would be different. I realize that things are going to change before the Lord comes again, but I don’t have to like it. I really feel bad for the kids who have never been taught the right way to do things. It is so sad!!!!!

  140. It’s because WE, yes WE allow it. We elect people time and again who have no moral compass and somehow believe that it doesn’t matter when it comes to providing for our common good. They create Laws that have nothing to do with Family or Social norms. THe same people we elect to run our daily lives we aare told seperate religion and government service. Is it clear now that you can not do that? You can not create Laws governing social civility without a moral compass. Our elected officials MUST have a higher power they fear and turn to for guidance. I want to say a Christian guide, but because we have such a diverse society in America it should at the very least be SOMETHING. Secular Humanists tell us that it doesn’t make any difference and religion is not necessary for a Government to function. That is so very true. A Government does indeed NOT have to have religion or religous leaders in order to function. Look at Slalin. He had no religion and though over 14 million died under his thumb there was no need for religion for that government to function. The onlyt reason to allow Religion to be a part of a government is if it’s people want a Government with a Social Conscience. One that can address problems like the ones mentioned in this article. Quit electing people who are exactly opposite from the way YOU live your life! Quit glorifying the things in life that tear down Society, like single parenthood! It’s a proven fact that if you remove either the Mother or the Father in a household then the children will suffer and in many cases turn themselves over to darker elements. Stand up for yourselves. Be proud of your Religousness.

  141. These boys did not come up with the idea to do this by themselves. Their behavior is a direct result of their thinking. Their thinking is shaped by their social environment, at home and elsewhere. Will anything be done to prevent a recurrence of similar behavior in the future by these, or other, boys? If so, I think I may bid on the Golden gate Bridge.

  142. How were two kids, ages 6 and 7, allowed alone in a church to do this much damage? Where were their parents, aunt and uncles, grandparents or other responsible adults? When I was growing up, we had to deal with the old ladies who hung over the windowsills and watched everyone come and go. If a grown-up asked a child what they were doing, the child knew whatever it was, it would get back to their parents within minutes. Why were these children unsupervised long enough to do this much damage?

  143. There are very few details except that these boys were 6 and 7…kinda young to not be under any supervision, wouldn’t you say? Where were the adults while this was transpiring? Were they just watching without interrupting or were these two boys alone in the church? Was the church empty or were people worshipping in another area of the church? I’m just curious. Again, 6 and 7 years old and on their own in an empty building with no supervision? Parents or not, where were the other adults?

  144. Nope! I think thier parents need to pay for this mess!They are the ones who allow them to act this way !I think they need a good but whopping!!It’s like the ole saying the nut doesn’t fall far fall the tree.

  145. “We live in a culture of children. Children having children.”
    Remember the former Atlanta Braves player John Rocker? This is what he was basically saying and was criticized for. He made a reference that in our society today when you see a 14 year old taking care of a baby, you don’t think of the teen as the baby sitter anymore but as the mother. And they call this being progressive? How is society better off where even 9 years olds have become mothers? Then the liberals have the nerve to call us too judgemental. Really, who’s kidding whom?

  146. Welcome to post-Christian America! You asked for it, YOU GOT IT!!! Enjoy your cinema shootings, high school shootings, 1.3 million yearly abortions, etc…

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