Yitta Schwartz is More Obscure and More Important Than You Are

You’ve never heard of Yitta Schwartz probably. She died almost four years ago at 93, an unknown member of an obscure sect of Jews—the Satmar Hasidic sect. But she was an extremely important person to thousands. In fact, she is the primary reason they exist.

Yitta Schwartz had fifteen children, more than two hundred grandchildren, and by the time of her death, thousands of direct descendants. Without being famous or popular, without thousands of facebook “friends” or a highly-trafficked blog, Yitta Schwartz had an impact. Simply by having many children and raising them well.

The Satmar Hasidic sect, to which Yitta Schwartz belonged, took God seriously when He said, “Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it” (Gen. 1:28). The average number of children for families in this sect is nine. And, as Yitta Schwartz proves, many if not all of these children adopt the same views as their parents.

As everyday and mundane as it is, child-bearing and rearing is probably the most important thing you will do this coming year. Your job probably won’t mean a whole lot in a few decades. All your work will largely be forgotten in a generation. Your wealth will probably not last and any kingdoms you have built will likely crumble on your departure.

Most of the time, your children will survive you. And if you want to have an influence in the future, you should invest in them. We live in a culture that kills unwanted children and looks down on those who have “too many.” When people do have children, they abandon or neglect them, pervert and distort them, and in most cases treat them like chores and inconveniences. The civil government subsidizes population control and keeps giving more marriage rights to same-sex couples—a monument to institutionalized infertility.

But the truth is that parents who have plenty of children and raise those children well will have the greatest and most lasting influence in the future. I don’t have to out-argue, out-produce, or out-resource my enemies. I just have to out-populate them. Something to think about as a new year begins.

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  1. “Raise them well,” eh?

    A hugely disproportionate amount of these Hasidic families rely on welfare. It’s a well-known phenomenon.

    • They live as parasites. Always have. Why should OTHER people feed and breed them?

      I’m SICK of my resources being confiscated by PARASITES. I’m SICK of the PARASITES.

    • In my experience, it is conservative familes who have a large number of children. And by definition, Conservatives usually don’t depend on the government for the long term. At least, this is true for Christian conservatives. It may be different for the Jewish populatiin. Somehow though, I doubt it. And there will always be those high-profile exceptions.

      • It IS different for the Hasidic population. Trust me.

        But again, it is a statistically significant difference. There are always exceptions. Google Kiryas Joel. It says that the number is 62% of the families are on welfare in that area! My wife’s cousin lives downstate, and knows of the issue firsthand. She noted how “they all know the welfare laws inside and out.”

  2. Just ask the Muslims they know all about this theory and we are seeing the results in almost every country today. Sadly it is anti moral except for their philosophy to charge no interest on loans.

  3. I feel for all those children who grow up in ultra-orthodox environments, indoctrinated by their fundamental parents and the stubbornly fanatic attitudes and mindsets around them, leading an intolerant, secluded life full of restrictions, prohibitions and ancient rules (many of which are anti-feminist and racist), considering others (the goy) inferior, and never know anything else because anyone who dares to leave the community is a traitor, a sinner, an outlaw. Terrible. And not what God wanted.

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