Why Liberals Will Become Extinct

What do the destruction of the traditional family, abortion-on-demand, homosexual rights, and the sexual revolution have in common? Aside from being pet projects of the liberal agenda, they are also driving the biggest (and least publicized) crisis of Western civilization: below replacement fertility rates. A fairly recent documentary film, Demographic Winter, outlines the causes and civilization-destroying effects of the precipitous downturn in fertility among Western nations.

Though liberals like to talk about the “over-population” problem in the world, it turns out that the recent global population boom has coincided with a severe reduction in global fertility. This means that the global population is larger because people are living longer, not because new humans are being born in record numbers. In fact, most industrialized countries (including almost all of Europe, the United States, Russia, China, and Japan) have fertility rates below replacement level (2.1 children per woman).

Our populations are aging, and the economic and social effects of this barrenness are starting to take their toll. Without population growth in the most crucial demographic—young workers and dependent children—economies grind to a hault as the liabilities of retirees exceed the productive capacity of the dwindling workforce and the market for new goods decreases. And that is exactly what has happened. It has gotten so bad in Russia and Sweden, that civil governments in those countries are paying families to have children. And these policies themselves are failing.

One of the most startling features of the film is the fact that its interviewees all point to one factor that could turn the global crisis around: a return to traditional values and traditional families. The interviewees (mostly sociologists and government officials from various countries) do not approach the problem from a religious perspective. Most of them seem almost embarrassed that their beloved science has driven them to conclusions that are far from politically correct. One of the sociologists, Phil Longman, a Schwartz Senior Fellow at the New American Foundation, says explicitly:

If it helps, just so you know where I’m coming from—I’m not churched. I work for a progressive secular thinktank. Right. And you can say this in your documentary. . . . This is not a faith-based analysis. This is an analysis that may eventually bring me to faith, but it’s not driven by faith. It just turns out… this is where the facts take you.

After all is said and done, liberals can’t win. Secular humanists kill their children or don’t have any. Broken families ruin their children. Homosexuals can’t have children. According to the laws of natural selection, liberalism cannot survive. It is not fit to survive. In fact, believing in the liberal agenda is a veritable survival disadvantage.

Liberals seem like they are winning much of the time. But even when they win, they lose. The accomplishment of their agenda is the very tool of their extinction. As Longman says elsewhere:

If people are not having enough children as a whole to replace the population, does that imply eventual human extinction? I think the answer actually is no. Because there are still children being born. It’s just that they’re disproportionately being born to people of faith.

That is why liberals would love for you to fill their barracks (also known as public schools) with your children. Don’t do it. Have as many children as you can train up well, and you will be doing more for the cause of truth and justice than you can possibly imagine. In the end, this battle is not one of words, ideas, guns, or power. It is one of children. Blessed are those parents whose quiver is full of them.

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  1. These are good thoughts. Although I don’t think people of the Christian Faith are all that much better. We may have higher fertility rates, but nothing compared to the Muslim faith. That is their plan to take over is just out breed the rest of the world.

    • Front Page interviewed Jamie Glazov regarding the population advantage of the Muslims. It turns out that when Islam comes into contact with the Western world, fertility goes down from 6,7,8 children to three or less.

      • it is not that way in my neighborhood 4 or 5 is close. it is more like, have kids till you cant have anymore, there is no respect for woman and who knows when you have to strap a bomb to your kid, if you do you always want a few spairs.

      • Have you ever grown anything? To be fruitful you have to weed and nourish the plant. Sometimes that means not all fruit on the tree will mature so that the fruit that remains will be stronger.

    • Muslims are out-breeding us by at least 3 to 1! While we Americans are told it is better to have 1 child, muslims have 5 or more. Oh and I am sure the muslims get government assistance on our backs which is why most Americans can’t afford to have more children…they are paying for other people’s children.

    • Nope. The demographic catastrophe of islam is even worse than that of the West. The average Iranian woman of child-bearing age was raised with 7 siblings .. but will have only one child herself. Islam is collapsing right now… and will continue to get more and more dangerous as they figure this out.

      Here’s an interesting book on it: http://www.amazon.com/How-Civilizations-Die-Islam-Dying/dp/159698273X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1343144781&sr=1-1&keywords=how+civilizations+die

      Best solution? Drill here, frack here, pipe here and stop transferring $450B annually to OPEC. Then they’ll lack the money to do much more serious damage, and the damage they continue to do will either be met with real force (ie not infantry battles between valuable soldiers from the Information Age against valueless barbarians from the Dark Ages), or it will just wind-down with fewer and fewer attacks, but likely more massive ones, as they dwindle from the global stage.

      The real question is this: WIll islam fade away before or after the Baby Boomer Left destroys the West? In other words, will freedom and liberty outlast islam?

    • They are going to have to really work at it to catch and then exceed the number of hispanics living in the U.S. , but you are right about the muslims and I had totally ignored them in my earlier post due to their small numbers.

    • The only real thing the Western Civilization’s have going for themselves is the knowledge of advanced weaponry. The Muslims have been throwing rocks at one another for the past six thousand years and their not much more advance today.
      We do need to install interment camps for any and all Muslims in our country at this time, but we’re always to benevolent to protect ourselves until all hell breaks loose.

    • I thought I was useing my no trusting attitude, glad to hear someone with some mature sence VOTE ROMNEY AMERICA

  2. Liberals are a curious breed. They actually believe the government can mandate you into prosperity. They wave a magic wand, and the universe bends to their whim. At the end of each day, they rest their weary heads blissfully – willfully – unaware of the damage they cause.

    • That’s because they are children – they have no grasp of reality. They want to do whatever they want, never have any ramifications for their behavior, and keep going back to Daddy for more money when their money runs out.

      • Then where the hell do they get the money to be home owners, to contribute to political candidates, to own businesses etc. Get over your sterotypes and stop hating your fellow citizens, that’s what the power player want you fool. If they keep us divided they get to steal us ALL blind. Find a handle and get a grip man

      • You could not be more right, Alexander! Liberal minds stop developing at a very early age, long before they are able to understand common sense. They are consistently wrong on almost every issue. Example: Global cooling was their mantra in 1970. It morphed into global warming and now to climate change. They keep changing the rules (even if the rules conflict by 180 degrees). Another example: Bush lied about WMD in Iraq. Okay… Then how do liberals explain Syria’s threats to use them on their people and ‘foreign invaders”? Going back to my claim that liberals have no “common sense”, all they have to do is look at an atlas and voila! Iraq and Syria share a common border. Ah! they say, but Iraq and Syria are two distinctly different countries. To that our only answer to libs must be–Are you stupid??? It’s a shared philiosophy by a group of similar people. Indiana is separate from Ohio because of a boundary that separates land. It does not separate them culturally. Example 3: Libs bought into a promise of “hope and change” being too dumb to ask “What hope?” and “What change?” They believed THEY would not suffer higher taxes because their Messiah told them. However, do they not have a clue that their gas prices, food prices, clothing prices have all increased? Do they not have a clue that their home and property values have diminished drastically? Libs attract children (college students who have never worked or had to function in the real world). Libs attract the lazy segment of society because they promise to give away something someone else has worked for. You’re 100% correct, Alexander.Thank you for posting.

        • George Bush will be vindicated because Sadam’s WMD were hidden in Syria & Assad will use them on his own people just like Sadam did!!! Sad to say but they are 2 murderers who think the same way! Assad will eventually end up the same way as Sadam…..at the end of a stout rope!!!

          • You are correct that George W Bush may be vindicated, because Saddam had six months to ship his weapons to Syria. There were long lines on trucks moving tarped cargoes to Syria and some Russian defectors said that these were Iraqi weapons. Why did George W not defend his reputation? Is it possible that the Democrats treatened George W, Karl Rove, and his entire cabinet with war crime trails if the Republicans defended their position on the Iraq war? Perhaps George W Bush and Karl Rove were so intimidated by these threats that they said nothing, and they let Obama get elected with 53% of the vote, and that was a shame.

          • Now the Syrians have these weapons and have treatened to use them against Israel if the ASSAD regime is attacked. Hillary has been a terrible Secretary of State and she should retire before the Muslim Brotherhood take over the Syrian weapons.

          • Even their holy book says the Eagle will destroy Islam! What is the symbol of the US—–the eagle! I believe it’s in the Quoran 9-1-1. How prophetic is that?

          • The US should drop the bomb on the muslim world before the drop the bomb on us. Do you agree?

          • We should nuke as many of them as possible, immediately, regardless of what they might be willing or able to do. When your house is infested with vermin, you don’t worry about their welfare (unless you are a liberal) – you get rid of them, and as soon as possible. However, we should not overlook the possibilities of biological agents as well. Those are cheaper per megadeath, and spread on their own once released. If we can come up with an agent that is specific to the various races who are primarily Islamic, or innoculate white people against it (again, except for liberals) we should release it immediately.

          • Mike 6, Hillary has never been good at anything except helping herself and her one world order, globalist agenda.

          • Hillary is a pathological liar. She should retire,bake cookies, and keep an eye on Bill Clinton before he corrupts a new generation of American kids.

          • Hillary dropped Mubarek under the bus and Mubarek may have been a dictator but he was also a friend of America and he kept the peace for thirty years. Now we have the Muslim Brotherhood arming Hamas with 50,000 rockets. This is going to look Jimmy Carter’s fiasco with Iran look like a Sunday School picnic. I agree that Hillary should retire and bake cookies and keep an eye on Bill Clinton.

          • If you want to know the truth about Saddam’s WMD’s then read: Saddam’s Bomb maker, writen by Khidhir Hamza. You better believe he had them, and more so than we were lead to believe.

          • Saddam used these weapons againts the Kurds and the Iranians. The USA was lucky that he did not send WMDs against our troops.

          • Or, better yet! Ask the thousands upon thousands of Kurds murdered by Saddam and his army.


          • I agree with your voter fraud argument. I also wonder where all the black money that went into Obama’s campaign came from. Perhaps from the Saudis because the always support devout muslims?

          • Obama is an may be a Muslim – but devout – not hardly. he’s as devout a Muslim as he is a Christian.

          • Why are the believers in conspiracy theories the only ones considered mentally ill? What about the ones carrying them out? Or the doubters?

          • That is a great idea! Everyone take a picture of their ballot before depositing it in the mail or ballot box!
            Btw, I am recommending this website to everyone so as to refresh our memories for our reasons for going into Iraq. Saddam Hussein did have WMD’s and had already used them on the Kurds, as we know. There were people who claimed to have seen trucks being sent into Syria with the payload of WMD’s prior to our invasion.
            This website is loaded with documentation and video to support its claims. Really worth the time to peruse and strongly recommend sharing with others! http://www.reasons-for-war-with-iraq.info/

          • You know, McCarthy was vindicated too, but way too late for it to do any good. That’s why all the communists are still in Washington DC.

          • You are correct about McCarthy, who was a patriot and a gentleman. Our Pravda media destroyed him like they got Richard Nixon.

          • Richard Nixon destroyed himself – honesty is ALWAYS the best policy. he should have denounced the conspirators for breaking into the DNC offices at Watergate. Turned them over to the police. covering up seldom works out for the best in the end.

          • It’s very possible that he was correct. It’s not his premise, but his Nazi-like methods , that earned him well-deserved condemnation, may he rot in hell forever–right beside the Kenyan.

          • GW never got the respect he deserved. He may have fumbled with words, but, not his actions!

          • Bush chose not to read from a teleprompter…at .005 m.p.h. and with the passion of a slug…no personality at all..Obama’s only personality that he ever displays is churlish juvenile angst!

          • George W. Bush was an officer and a gentleman and he visited the families of the fallen which Obama and Moochelle never did. Obama is not a gentleman and I hate to say this but he may like boys.

          • At least G>W> didn’t use ateeprompter. And I always wondered why the right neve brought it up about where Saddams wmd’s went. Even one of his defected generals said that went by truck and planes to Syria.I know now, because they were intimidated by the capone gangsters to shut up, or they would end up like the infamous valentines day massacre.

          • Sadam had WMDs!! Jusat go to Defense.Gov & type in the search box WMD found. The Defense Department proves the WMDs existence!!!

          • You are correct. Why did George W Bush and Karl Rove not defend themselves in front of our Pravda media and the DemocRATS?

          • because Karl Rove is a JERK – and people still listen to his drivel. he is the conservatives worst enemy.

          • WHY? All they’ve done is use us, and drag us into THIER wars, to achive THIER goals. They’ve looted the USA for decades, abused us, destroyed our reputation, sold our secrets to out enemies, sold our technology to our enemies, and defecated all over us. How about that Israeli rabbi legislator thar just tore up the New Testament, and made a big public showing of throwing the shreds in the garbage? Israel? Let the Arabs eat them alive.

          • I agree, and 20 million innocent Russain peasant were beaten to death in Soviet Gulags. No communist party, secret police, or Hollywood pinkos has ever apalogized to the families of the victims and that is an OUTRAGE.

          • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn puts the number of lsughtered Russian Christians around 60 million. and of course you are right. We NEVER hear about the genocidal murders of millions and millions and MILLIONS of Christians, do we? Hhhhmmmmm…I wonder why?

          • You are correct about the Christians in Gulags.. I talked to a Russian Orthodox Priest once who spend ten years in a Soviet Gulag. He had refused to join Stalin’s “Living Church” where they preached Bolshevik propaganda from the pulpit. He told me about the sadistic delight the CHEKA displayed when the denied food th the starving Christian inmates.
            In the last month of his captivity, this Priest was allowed to say Mass, read from the Holy Bible , and give the Sacrament to the dying prisoners.

          • Israel has “looted the USA for decades”? Israel pays for what it gets. it has never asked for a single ounce of US blood to defend itself. and the “New Testament” IS garbage which has thrown God the Father, the God that Jesus worshiped and called his father, into the dust bin. Let God be my witness that you don’t know the half of your sins – and “I” am not the judge nor the jury.

          • Don’t let her/him get you too riled…she has fallen under the teaching of replacement theology, very similar to Nazi theory of the 30’s…with some obvious differences.

          • Demon – The New Testament is the NEW Covanent. The old one was REVOKED, due to the evil, treachery, and perfidiousness of the Tribe. Enjoy that Eternal Lake of Fire;

          • God never revoked the OT! In it the NT is concealed; in the NT the OT is revealed. God doesn’t change his mind like humans…Isaiah tells of the virgin birth, the name of Christ being “eternal Father”, “Mighty God”, Isaiah 53, announcing the suffering of the Messiah for the sins of mankind…hundreds of prophecies that point to Christ being the promised Messiah…Every page pointing to the Savior…Romans 9-11 tell of God’s eventual dealing with the Jewish people – His chosen people, who did indeed not fulfill their purpose, but whom God will one day bring back to the fold…Jesus return is hindered until the Jewish remnant cries out “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord” and until “they look upon Him Whom they pierced.”

          • Israel provides the continent of Europe with more than 25% of their produce and flowers…they have learned to use sea water for their crops…they have saved more lives thru their medical and scientific research than any other country and they are the size of Riverside County California…Please read the book “From Time immemorial” by Joan Peters…get it on Amazon. Written by a women whose original intent was to rip Israel…until she did her RESEARCH!!!

          • What wars have they dragged us into? Your intel is way off base…Israel didn’t even respond when Iraq fired on them when we enjoined the Iraq/Kuwait situation…You are living a stereotype that is blatantly false…

          • BS – Israel defends itself – who helped them in the 67 war? Four major wars – what wars? Iraq was at best a “civil” war in which the Shiites (our enemy) won with our help. Afghanistan – that’s a war we took on because they had been overrun by al qaeda. They were never a threat to Israel. Then there’s been Korea Vietnam, and I don’t think Israel was involved with either of those. what wars?

          • Not quite true Mike…Only in the Yom Kippur war did Nixon send them some armaments, which probably helped them pull it off…but we only defended them verbally…and even then we didn’t treat them too well…some individual citizens did…but our government was weak on defense of Israel…that’s ok though, cuz they have God on their side…their victories were sheer miracles!!

          • I know Mike! It riles me to wonder why Bush never defended himself in this matter…it is impossible that our departments of intelligence, as well as those of our allies, including the Israeli Mossad were ALL wrong about WMD’s. They were there! We know they were…Saddam had previously USED the dang things and our country had denounced it when it happened. And then when Bush announced war against Iraq, those weapons (and apparently the memories of our liberal minions) were suddenly “gone.”

          • The real big shame is that George W. Bush let the Pravda media trash his reputation and Obama was elected with 53% of the vote. I hope that Obama and Moochelle(“America is a mean country”) will lose big next November.

          • Yes, you keep on hoping – that will get us far. hope and change – that’s what we have now. you have to WORK if you want to oust Obama.

          • we have “departments” of intelligence? do they keep their intelligence in bottles? where is the FBI or the CIA (besides Obama’s back pocket) that they haven’t uncovered his true identity?

          • sadly true…but I do think a lot more people within our government dislike Obama more than like him.

          • Karl Rove should be threatened – he is the conservatives worst enemy – as bad as Obama – and one of the reasons we are saddled with Romney rather than a firebrand like Newt.

          • Meg–Mike you have the right to your opinion, but you should be happy, Romney is the candidate. He is far above what Newt could do. Newt has been a politician too long. If people will wake up and support Romney, this country will start to see a change immediately. Back to our Constitution, Freedom, and people back to work. I promise you.

          • an Iraqi Vice air marshall Gen. Assada, was on the Larry Elder show and spoke of the movement of weapons of mass destruction into Syria.

          • Halleluia…I’ve been vindicated. These are the 3 words my daughter hates to hear me say, but you have just done that. Thank you. I was saying a long, long time ago, when the WMDs could not be found, that Saddam had moved them out of the country…remember when he was dilly-dallying for so many months. He was moving them all out of the country. Imagine a big sigh right here…s-i-g-h!!!!

          • It is ironic that one of the arguements you get from liberals is that Bush invaded Iraq and there were no WMD’s. They are truly ignorant of the FACT that Saddam used poison gas on the Kurds after we withdrew from Gulf 1 in 1992, killing tens of thousands. It was also a known FACT that those WMD’s along with Saddams jets went to Syria and Russia in hopes that we would do the same thing in 2002 and leave him in power so he would then just ask for his “stuff” back. Russia’s alliance with Syria is why they refuse to back any sanctions.

          • What? And you expect the libs to actually believe in facts? It isn’t ignorance that plagues them, it’s the lack of any intelligence and reasoning that blinds them to facts. their “Goebels propaganda” has them believing in their decrepit messiah.

          • They aren’t “ignorant”…they conveniently “forgot.” Even the libs condemned his use of WMD’s against the kurds…until it became inconvenient to recognize their existence!

          • Kurds “aren’t us” so they don’t count. WMD’s what is a WMD? a single vial of ricin could wipe out NYC – try finding that vial in NYC, much less a country that is a hundred times as large.

          • You are beneath contempt. I don’t understand why creatures like you were EVER tolerated by ANY-ONE anywhere.

          • We have known this (though not reported) since the beginning. We have aerials photos of long convoys traveling at night from Iraq to Syria right before ((as we were announcing) our entance.. I bet they weren’t carrying Cheerios.

          • We also have satellite photos of the loading of gutted 747’s flying into Damascus on the ruse of “humanitarian” issues…They were packed with Husseins WMD’s and delivered to his buddy Assad, buried/stored in and around Damascus. Because of this, Damascus will eventually be destroyed COMPLETELY an no longer inhabited…like throwing a match into a pile of fireworks….

          • There are those who are aware that all of Saddam’s WMD went to his buddy in Syria and were buried in areas around Damascus. Iraq had the intelligence to both manufacture and use the products (a fact PROVEN in the Iraq-Iran war with Saddam killing a million people with WMD/gas…the Dems seemingly ignore this fact) . Syria on the other hand does not have the knowledge needed to USE these weapons but will certainly seek to use them, causing great catastrophe! Israel is being forced to act and soon will bring on Isaiah chapter 17. The complete destruction of the oldest inhabited city in the world…Damascus.

          • The Democrats also willingly forget that they heard all the same testimony and were FOR the war. even Hillary

          • NO, Assad will use them on “NATO” troops when they begin to back the rebels. look at Afghanistan – we backed the ‘rebels” against the Soviet Union – now they use our weapons against us that we supplied.

            but yes, unfortunately for Assad, he will end up much the same as Sadam Hussein – once the West determines to kill off the government of a country, regardless of what replaces it – they are gone – visualize Libya or Egypt. Assad is simply the next in line. then I should imagine that President Ahmadinejad of Iran should begin to look to his rear. Neither China nor Russia is ready for another world war. Russia still struggles to exist and China has millions of people that are ready to revolt at the first opportunity – and they cannot sustain their economy of piss poor quality goods being sold to the west.

          • Define WMD. Sadam killed thousands of Kurds in the North with GASES. Is this not a WMD? Does WMD have to be a nuclear device.

        • Excellent,Parent. You nailed it, perfectly. A brain dead liberal is as dangerous, as a drunken driver. At some point in their sheltered lives, they scrambled their brains. What amazes me, is they never,ever have a grasp of good old fashioned common sense.

        • I must add that a Russian general interviewed at about the time of our invasion of Iraq to find WMD, stated unequivocally that huge Russian transport aircraft left the Baghdad Airport one after another en route to Syria. It was his opinion that the bulk of their cargo was WMD.

          • It is well known that Saddam had and USED WMD, as in gas of various types, against the Kurds before we ever got involved with him. If he had it then, why should ANYONE think he didn’t have it after the UN started issuing sanctions against him? He was given too much time after he first refused to allow inspectors in to look for those things for him not to have had more that enough time to have moved millions of tons of gas and other nasties out of the country.

        • I, too, thought Bush was right about Saddam’s WMD. Ha!! Look where they ended up!. Where Cheney said they would be. Eat it, Hillary!!

        • I can vouch for the childishness of the liberal mind, having been one up to about the age of 30. I naively amd idealistically went to work for Johnson’s poverty program, and got the education that had been unrevealed to me hitherto. With the exception of the MSW’s trying to accomplish “good” running the program, all the other participants were after whatever they could get from it, at the expense of anyone else in or out of the program. Within a year I evolved from “bleeding heart liberal” to somewhat right of Attila the Hun, and have remained so for the ensuing 45 years. The best way to help the poor (except for disabled) is to stop giving them the goodies that they should be out earning for themselves.

          • Girl, first, make darn sure there is a JOB so they can go out and earn a living. If there is no job to be had, would you rather they take up robbery to feed themselves and their families? Seems like the last time that was the law of the land, death by hanging was the common answer for getting caught stealing, even if JUST a loaf of bread. And, the AGE of the thief didn’t matter either, as they would just as soon,if not a little rather, hang some kid as a man.

          • I agree I became disabiled in aug of 2005 aug 17th to be correct. I went to hospitial on night of the 16th with pain in hands and feet so bad i was crying my wife and kids got flu shot’s the day before. I remember kissing my wife and kids good bye on my way to work and half way there felt sick hands tingling feet numbing an tingling. but wasn’t bad. by time i got home from work at 11 pm that night I was in tears from pain my hands were blood red an feet same so i went to hospitial they said i had broncitus and didn’t know what was causeing the pain but with blood pressure up they knew i was hurting, so doc went got my scipt fill at hospitial pharm cause i couldn’t hardly walk by then. went home took pain meds feel asleep for about 4 hr;’s went to doc’s on 17th he stabbed me in foot with needle and his eyes poped out like oh chit. sent me to neroligist had to wait 2 days by that time both arms hands legs half way up back was numb. but I frankin stiend it to car and into offfice doc poked me so hard i was bleeding bad he finally got it to stop bleeding sent me to hospitial said it was G.B.S? 2 days later another nero doc she let me go home with out follow up or rehab nothing. so my doc forced them to do some thing finally went to indy she saw mri ask if i had been hurt in neck or back i have scare on neck and some marking’s on back but visable scaring on back is like old scratches. I told her my mom stabbed me in neck when i was 10 with butcher knife lucky it was backwards an my step dad beat me with one of those big horse shoe belt buckles until i passed out woke up in hospitial so yes those injury’s that’s it. after 6month’s here in richmond ind playing with there nero doc’s and reid stealing my insurance and medicade the doc in indy said well with your nerve damage and perm damage to neck and back muscles you can’t work it’s to risky u will end up in well chair pperm. i said no because god don’t make junk and he didn’t here as well i’ll fight it. she took blood pressure and said i’m gonna help ya cause you’ve had enough pain and you need to be there for your wife an kid’s. so 5yrs later i get disability yet i watched a drunk get it in 2 wk’s a liar who said shes scared of people get it in 1 month yet shes little kids soft ball coach and some kind ove avon person who hold party’s every wk with over 40 people at a time to show new stuff she seems fine i need cain to get around i can’t walk a city blk with out walker or cain. sorry so long but just proof of the lazys getting free rides and we who are really hurt an unable to work half to fight but if you lie you get it dub

          • I have a friend who is quadrapalegic and you better not call him “disabled” for he will respond “I have a handicap – like a golfer – but I carry my own weight, am employed, married and do not depend on the government”. He needs to be a “poster child” as we are getting carried away with helping those who can help themselves. When you give, people will gladly take and take and take.

          • Don’t feel so bad…”if you aren’t a liberal when you’re young you don’t have a heart..if you aren’t a conservative when you are old, you don’t have a brain” Imagine MY embarrassment at having voted for Jimmy Carter…the 1st time! Learned my lesson quickly! You are right…we are obliged to help the truly needed (the ones who can’t care for themselves. The others…should get a little hungry!

        • Funny thing is, it seems to be those very same LIBERALS who keep the jails from being overcrowded, when given a chance, help the families of those involved in conservative based disasters, such as the big oil spill down in the gulf. And yes, I blame that on the conservatives, not only those who voted for less regulation of all such industries, but those who thought they could do the job on the cheap.

          • @Chester – Liberals who help the jails from being overcrowded? And memory serves me correct it was Nature (or God…) that ended up cleaning up the Oil Spill. Yes, you Liberals are generous with other peoples money but when it comes out of your own pocket you’re as tight as you’re iconic Joe Biden. Nothing good comes from a Liberal only from good people themselves.

          • They keep the jails from being overcrowded because they release the evil ones back into open society EARLY! Liberal judges and parole boards…letting the “poor victimized” criminals out while their victims suffer forever! And you just voting for all that “regulation” (only regulation that the libs care about is the taxes that result from said regulation that support their causes) that is forcing business out of this country!

        • Liberals are the South end of a North bound horse! All they are interested in is what will pad their wallet and empty ours.

        • WRONG. the hope was that Obama would get us OUT of the wars that are bleeding our country of it’s wealth and the blood of our military for NOTHING. that was the hope. It was the change they refused to believe – that his dream was a Socialist Democracy – much like the old Soviet Union – which failed.

        • The left in America is a coalition of the weak, the stupid, the evil, the lazy, the greedy, the indulgent, the immoral and those who prey on the above. The problem is that there are now more of the above than of productive people with morals. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding on what to have for dinner. The left has decided to have US. Wonder what their game plan is for after the host organism (the productive class) is gone? Most parasites and infectious organisms never think about that – only about consuming the host organism now, while it is around to consume. Are they going to redistribute each other’s hunger, hatred, misery and envy?

      • We have plenty of 35-40 year old babies? Im betting they will be like that forever. I guess our schools have already been dumbed down quite awhile.
        now they got a new daddy Obama. I should have paid more attention to my kids in school, I was not smart enough or had the confidence to aproach the teachers. I guess a lots of parents felt the same way.

        • My employer was a business man who had to support his wives two grown sons from her first marriage…they are both 40-ish and perfectly worthless…and yes…they all vote Democrat!

      • I never thought of this, but I think it’s true. I used to think Liberals just had an inability to think or had their own agendas (gay marriage, abortion, dislike for America, voting for a party rather than a man, Race, religion, etc) but t I think it’s more than that since many of them are intelligent people. Yes….I think Children does describe many of them..


      • Sounds like billionaire bankers to me, not your average everyday liberal. The Big Banks got their bailout after millions lost their homes. Where is the bailout for the middle class? OH, wait…millions of people who lost some 40% of their wealth, somehow became bad, lazy people overnight and just don’t deserve anything, even though they work their asses off.

      • Speaking of daddy, ya idiot..get off our backs. Leave people alone.
        To your: If liberals are children and want to do only what they want .. hahah
        In fact, it is the other way around: Why can’t conservatives give up assault weapons, forcing their rights down and on women’s bodies, their bible in our public space.. into science and education? Their so-called “morality” onto others.

    • Truthfully I think that liberals are somewhat psychotic. Their rational in an argument is that their way is the only way. They shove reality aside for their convoluted way of thinking, and even if it could harm them, they ignore this and stand pat.

      • John, that is the very argument I get from a LOT of conservatives, too. According to them, there is no other way than their way,which is the same argument that has separated more than one church group. If there were only ONE way to live, an awful lot of us,conservative and liberal alike,would NOT be here.

        • Our way (conservatism) is NOT the only way,.its just the only way that WORKS and MAKES SENSE! THATS the difference: WE are right and they are WRONG.

        • @Chester – There is only one way to live and it is written in the Bible. I like many have fallen short however it is only when I think I know better for my life than God when this happens. That is the problem with many liberal churches today that are preaching false doctrine such as “Name it, Claim it,” “Prosperity Gospel,” and “Homosexual Doctrine.” Clearly our Country has fallen away from our Christian Heritage most evident in our Government Schools and we are now reaping what we sow.

    • Well said. I suggest liberals and DummyCrats are a selfish breed since they think it’s good/right for Government to provide cradle to grave services as long as someone else (the rich) pays for it. If one takes $5,000.00 pre-1913 dollars purchasing power today is about $0.05. The private bank named Federal Reserve has inflated federal reserve notes and thereby taxed 50% of society that actually pays taxes while enlarging the trough at which the Marxist, Socialist, DummtCrats feed.

      • Monopely money will buy more then our deflatled dollar. Im wondering how we are still spending it. Ive heard we are missing a few trillion dollars. thats a lots & lots of money How did we ever get into oweing the Chineese Trillions? I have been listening for the laslt 10 yrs anyway and I never heard that before Obama. I know he diid not do it bush did but! Im just sayn. VOTE ROMNEY AMERICA

        • Bush didn’t have even half the deficit that Obama has put us in. Check your facts and do the research before you state something like this. He gave that solar company over 558 million dollars in loans which they went bankrupt on immediately. He was advised not to give this loan but did it anyway along with many other stupid giveaways ?

    • Quit listening to the talking heads that feed you that claptrap. Liberals are NONE of what you think or say they are. Try talking to a REAL liberal sometimes, you’re apt to find they’re better informed, better educated and don’t think in the narrow terms you describe. No liberal I know (and I know plenty in my 53 years on the planet) thinks the Governement can mandate properity. What the hell is wrong with you, you’re so called conservatives have pushed this country to the brink VIA deregulataion with the help of blue dog democrats. All liberals ask is common sense protections.
      Do you know conservatives state he’s raised taxes despite the fact the top tax rate has not been this low since the 1920s. In fact, in 2009, Americans on average paid the lowest tax rate in 30 years due “in part because of tax cuts President Obama sought to combat the Great Recession….The average tax rate paid by all households fell to 17.4 percent, down from 19.9 percent in 2007, according to the CBO. The 2009 rate was significantly lower than the previous low of 19.4 percent in 2003 and well below the 30-year average of 21 percent.”, your side scream he’s blocked energy yet we have increased from 5 million barrels per day in 2008 to 6.3 million barrels per day in 2012. Also, the number of oil rigs has more than quadrupled since 2009.
      Those are FACTS not opinions and as you can see FACTS have a way of either changing minds or proving you don’t know WTF you’re talking about

      • We have increased oil production, because it is being produced on PRIVATE land, not because the Obama admin is granting more leases. The leases that he is talking about were granted during the Bush admin. and Obama has locked up more land from exploration than any other president ever.

        • ****** News Flash Dave ******* – Obama had the opportunity to create 1000’s of US jobs in the KeyStone Pipeline in Canada where I live-he prevented it. The Railcars that take the crude oil to Texas to be refined are partly owned by Soros the evil one that Barry aka Barack Hussein Obama bows down to….. Obama is a Communist/Marxist/Felon/Liar who has taken America to the brink – Australia’s Leader yesterday proclaimed that America is in decline & the rest of the free world knows it …. too bad you are too ignorant NOT to know it & grasp reality. Obviously- you are a ten star skitzophrenic Liberal. Having read 10’sof 1000’s of pages on this dictator I can’t believe how stupid 45% of the American people are…. that’s what you get for listening to the main-stream media who are censored by the Federal Goverment (this was ALSO released yesterday in case you didn’t read it) the News Stations have to send their journalistic reports to the White House for approval before they can be printed. Another 4 years of this Communist & you’re country will be taken over. It ony takes ONE generation to lose freedom.

        • This is one time it really is Bushes fault. Any one knows it takes years to get the paperwork and all the oks needed to drill. We are reaping the rewards of the Bush admn with increased production. A few years from now we will be PAYING for the Obama energy plan.

          • Really JeanB, I would attest it is all Reagan’s fault, not better yet, Jefferson’s fault, why well because we are forever paying the preice for convoluted schemes of the past!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. GOOD GAWD PEOPLE GET A GRIP !!!! We know that already, stop blaming people and start with YOURSELF. WORKS WONDERS to put the blame square on the shoulders of the very masses that have propagated this delusion we are living in today. HAS WE ALL BEEN PAYING MORE ATTENTION TO WASHINGTON D.C. AND LESS TO AMERICAN IDOL WE MIGHT HAVE SOME KIND OF FIGHTING CHANCE!!!!!. Bush’s fault NOBALLZO’s fault, HOW ABOUT MY FAULT. You twisted sack of selfishness and defalcating piety !!!!


      • I have. Mostly they spout off about things they have zero clue about, think their opinion is fact, and can’t believe it when I challenge their “facts.” Reality is- there ARE no protections, and one measure of maturity is the evaluation of and acceptance of levels of risk. Another is to advance plan and consider the consequences both positive and negative. What your “average tax rate” ignores is the loss of jobs which cause the household income to decrease, which resulted in a lower tax bracket. And, as far as the oil barrels /per day, the object was to get OFF foreign oil, not purchase more from OPEC.

      • Dave the facts you quote are true, but like every good liberal you sure know how to twist them!!! Also, I detect a lot of hate in your words; another liberal trait.

      • If a “good liberal” voted for Ozbama…and also plans to again…case closed…they are arrogant apostles of utopian socialism…

      • dave, protections against what?, their own (liberals) stupidity ?, they want Government to unbalance the scales so even though they are clueless that Government will give them an edge ?, that Government will hand cuff others so they can get a leg up?.America continues to increase regulation and reforms, and rules and what have we gotten ?, more criminal activities more corruption, and more financial problems…….hows all that working for you ?, you cannot manipulate a Free market, control 90% of the Housing Market change all the rules and Blame Capitalism….you have to come to grips with the fact less is more when you are dealing with Free Market Capitalism, and let the MARKET Balance itself……or you end up with what we have now, which is Trillions in Debt trying to balance the scales and to makes us all equal when it’s impossible

      • Dave, you are talking like a liberal, and your force field mind set will prevent me from reasoning with you. Logic cannot penetrate your liberal forcefield which screens out logic, truth, love, beauty and vitality. Your world would be warmer and brighter if you had faith in God, who certainly does exist.

      • Okay Dave, thanks for your level headed anaylsis, let’s just look at your fact and see how well informed you are or if you are just taking your points from liberal “talking heads”. So your point is that liberals just want “common sense protections”? Since you didn’t clarify what any of those are, it would be difficult to read your mind as to what you mean, but surely you aren’t referring to the policies of the surely administration, with regard to security (I am regarded as a potential terrorist by the Liberal Homeland security agency), energy (we can’t build a pipeline that will reduce dependence from enemy states, create jobs and, increase domestic supply), public health ( I will not even get into the impracticability of the healthcare reform act fiasco), etc. You seem to want to focus on taxation, where you claim that the average tax rate per household has fallen. This is true, but it would be nice if you want to use such a fact that you disclose why it has fallen. It is partially because of tax cuts that were put in place by the prior administration (not that they were spectacular but we’re talking about liberals here and they despised Bush) but more important is that the rate has fallen because a lower percentage of households are paying taxes. You know, paying their fair share. the rate has decreased as a result of lost, and lower incomes thus effecting the rate at which the average household is taxed. I am not sure this is the practical solution that you were pointing at. Obviously if more people are poor, the average rate is decreased. that is basic tax rate understanding. The problem is though that this is not “practical” or a “protection” as you claim you and your many liberal friends want. It does not help the individual’s plight, the economic base or the national solvency. The fact is that as a result of this administrations policies, there is less prosperity, greater debt and disparity between the contribution of the citizenry. Obama has done nothing to decrease the burden of taxation, quite the opposite. While they are only beginning to take their toll, the net effect of the Health care act is to drop the largest tax in the history of the nation on the citizenry, and it won’t even approach the practical protection that it was claimed to have addressed. As far as oil exploration and production, you are quite laugh able, maybe do just a little bit of background and find out when the permits were issued that are now producing fuel. then look at the number of permits issued since 2009. So regardless of your mindless recitation of liberal points. You are what you are attacking. As you would put it, ”
        you don’t know WTF you’re talking about.”

      • Dave, that’s the opposite of my experience. Liberals are generally anti-science – they reject empirical data.
        A scientist forms a hypothesis and tests it. When the data shows his hypothesis to be incorrect, he modifies the hypothesis.
        A liberal forms a hypothesis and tests it. When the data shows his hypothesis to be incorrect, the looks for new data to prove his hypothesis correct. When that data fails to show up, he invents data to support it.
        When you try to demonstrate the failure of the liberal’s hypothesis, he re-explains his hypothesis to you, or he assumes you are a rigid ideologue who can’t see the visionary genius of his hypothesis. All of this allows him to ignore the overriding reality that his hypothesis is a flop.
        Your comments are a working demonstration of what I have described.
        Thanks for participating.

      • The increase in our oil production is from privately owned land, not from leases of publicly owned land or off shore drilling. The average tax rate??? The Bush tax cuts were responsible for lower tax rates; Since almost 50% of the people are not paying any taxes, of course the average rate is going to be lower! Any increase in oil rigs is because of pre-Obama deals and in spite of him, not because of his policies. Who put the kibosh on the oil pipeline from Canada? If you don’t realize that Obamacare is the biggest increase in taxes (for 4 years prior to implementation so that people wouldn’t realize what had happened before the 2012 election) since LBJ’s war on poverty, you’re not only blind, you’re stoopid! You liberals think you are so much smarter and educated than conservatives because you have been brainwashed and don’t know the difference. “Ours is not to question why, our is but to do or die.” should be the liberal mantra! Forbid that you use your brain for critical analysis or thinking. I understand that you ae well-meaning (at east some of you), but do realize that the more comfortable you make poverty, the less incentive to become educated and qualify for a well-paying job. When you pay for housing, t.v., phones, food, medical care, etc., why
        would anyone want to roll their behind out of bed and go look for a job? You
        make it just comfortable enough to suppress incentive to

        • Yes, but he’d probably want the ‘gubment’ to pay for it! Why don’t we just send him to Cuba or China, or better yet N.Korea since he likes communism so much!

      • You poor blinded ‘jackass’!! It’s misguided people like you that can’t see how the misinformed voters of this great country have elected Representatives, talking out of both sides of their mouth. . . and stupidly commenting how you will vote to remove them next election. We are up against laws and regulations passed as far back as 80 years ago. When we vote on people with NO morals & NO regard for their fellow man we end up with working slaves under control of a tyrannical government, choosing to oppress and destroy success in order to suppress it under government control. Latest example is the ‘raw milk raids’ used simply to control dairy products. They don’t give a rats behind about consumer protection, it’s all about control. Your beloved group of progressives have continued a war against nonunion firms for as far back as I can remember and regulated them to the point of closing them down. If they are such a problem in this country, why do they allow them to exist in other countries? Why do they spend billions in countries capable of surviving on their own while they allow starvation in countries incapable of feeding themselves. Why did your beloved como’s test warheads in our deserts knowing full well of future repercussions with water & food? This was permitted by the people you support. There is NOT a two or three party system. . . It’s who can fool the people. They have no agenda to please or protect the people of this country, nor to build a better tomorrow. The only hope we have is to elect reps trying to stop this downward fall of society. At this point, only the republicans offer these kind of solutions. . . certainly not the democrats. . . they only have people wanting to destroy everything our great country was built on. As to the progress you mentioned above, that was deregulation and permits approved by another administration. At this point i’d like to say, I have no intentions of pecking on my keyboard to argue with a socialist. History will show how this country survived from the destruction of socialism or how it was turned into a third world country by mindless morons like you.

      • The root of our problem in this country is that (1) the Federal Reserve (private bank) that OWNS the gov’t by controlling the economic policy and the foreign policy (also mostly economic), and (2) that the establishment (both Rs and Ds) have duped all into thinking the two party system is the only way to vote… and if you vote outside the two parties, you’re throwing away your vote. Addressing (2) first; I’d say that I’ve heard so many intelligent people say this “throwing your vote away” b.s. and it really annoys me that so many are duped by the gov’t and media this way. The parties in power want to stay there, have grown together and are both globalist. Globalist are NOT for America, they are for the world. They are committing treason in my opinion as they are not upholding the Constitution (as they swore to do) and they are giving away our country to foreign powers. The only difference between the libtards and the Republicans is the speed in which they will give us over to the UN. At this point I think the Republicans are worse because a slower turnover will be less obvious and therefore more insidious. Vote Libertarian fearlessly and we’ll end this big gov’t tyranny. It can’t get any worse than what the Rs and Ds have made it… Addressing (1). The libtard (children in adult bodies) mostly hate conservatives because they connect conservatives to capitalism (IMO). Their argument about capitalism being evil is crap because we have not had anything but a socialist system in this country for decades, but they slid it in under the radar so slowly that nobody noticed until it reached today’s levels… when subsidies started, capitalism ended. when tax loopholes exist, capitalism isn’t. We have socialist Corporatism in this country and nobody wants to admit it… Capitalism is a non-intervention policy by the gov’t just e.g. President Coolidge upheld non-intervention in 1919 depression, and that depression was over in a year or two… Solution: End the Fed, and fire all federal gov’t agencies that are not specifically authorized by the Constitution. Why should we pay the fed interest when the gov’t is the only one with the RIGHT to print/coin money… The fed gov’t cannot EVER give out money to anyone except as stated in the Constitution (military pay, congress, judicial, foreign ambassadors (NO foreign aid) and one department to mediate interstate commerce issues only. A flat rate tax on all business and no income tax on private income because their is NO law that says the gov’t can tax your wages if you work for someone. The rest of the gov’t needs to remain at the state level.

      • point one: I am educated, and disagree totally. I know too many liberals who cover for each and every liberal idea so developed. Point two: liberals do not ask reasonable questions, they simply hold a party-line attitude (“I don’t vote for anyone not in my party”). point three: those drilling activities were authorized with a Republican president and a Republican Congress, in GWB terms. Even “Blue Dog” Democrats are politically vulnerable if they are true Conservatives. Point four: the actual tax paid for most of us is in the hidden costs of service and surcharge fees to business and entrepreneurs, who have to pass down the cost of regulations the fed and state governments impose. Almost without exception, these so-called consumer protections end up costing us all more money. Libs care only for themselves, not individuals. If they did, they would pay more attention to the effect of their endless regulations.


    • Savage is right, “Liberalism is a mental disease”. Some people actually believe that they are better able to run your life than you are. The fact that liberalism fails every time it is tried is irrelevant to progressives. They want to try again. That’s the definition of insanity.

      • It is also the definition of “elitism”, the idea that a ruling class is supposed to govern the “masses”, as they cannot govern themselves.


    • You know by today’s standards none of us were
      supposed to ever make it.

      HIGH SCHOOL — 1958 vs. 2012

      Scenario 1:
      Jack goes duck hunting before school and then pulls into the
      school parking lot with his shotgun in his truck’s gun rack.

      1958 – Vice Principal comes over, looks at Jack’s shotgun,
      goes to his car and gets his shotgun to show Jack.

      2012 – School goes into lock down, FBI called,
      Jack hauled off to jail and never sees his truck or gun again.
      Counsellors called in for traumatized students and teachers.

      Scenario 2:
      Johnny and Mark get into a fist fight after school.

      1958 – Crowd gathers. Mark wins. Johnny and Mark
      shake hands and end up buddies.

      2012 – Police called and SWAT team arrives —
      they arrest both Johnny and Mark. They are both charged
      with assault and both expelled even though Johnny started it.

      Scenario 3:
      Jeffrey will not be still in class, he disrupts other students.

      1958 – Jeffrey sent to the Principal’s office and given a good
      paddling by the Principal. He then returns to class, sits still and
      does not disrupt class again.

      2012 – Jeffrey is given huge doses of Ritalin. He becomes a zombie.
      He is then tested for ADD. The family gets extra money (SSI) from the
      government because Jeffrey has a disability.

      Scenario 4:
      Billy breaks a window in his neighbor’s car and his Dad gives him a
      whipping with his belt.

      1958 – Billy is more careful next time, grows up normal, goes to college
      and becomes a successful businessman.

      2012- Billy’s dad is arrested for child abuse, Billy is removed to foster
      care and joins a gang. The state psychologist is told by Billy’s sister
      that she remembers being abused herself and their dad goes to prison.
      Billy’s mom has an affair with the psychologist.

      Scenario 5:
      Mark gets a headache and takes some aspirin to school.

      1958 – Mark shares his aspirin with the Principal out on the smoking dock.

      2012- The police are called and Mark is expelled from school for drug violations.
      His car is then searched for drugs and weapons.

      Scenario 6:
      Pedro fails high school English.

      1958 – Pedro goes to summer school, passes English and goes to college.

      2012 – Pedro’s cause is taken up by state. Newspaper articles appear nationally
      explaining that teaching English as a requirement for graduation is racist. ACLU
      files class action lawsuit against the state school system and Pedro’s English teacher.
      English is then banned from core curriculum. Pedro is given his diploma anyway but
      ends up mowing lawns for a living because he cannot speak English.

      Scenario 7:
      Johnny takes apart leftover firecrackers from the Fourth of July,
      puts them in a model airplane paint bottle and blows up a red ant bed.

      1958 – Ants die.

      2012 – ATF, Homeland Security and the FBI are all called. Johnny is
      charged with domestic terrorism. The FBI investigates his parents –
      and all siblings are removed from their home and all computers are confiscated.
      Johnny’s dad is placed on a terror watch list and is never allowed to fly again.

      Scenario 8:
      Johnny falls while running during recess and scrapes his knee.
      He is found crying by his teacher, Mary. Mary hugs him to comfort him.

      1958 – In a short time, Johnny feels better and goes on playing.

      2012 – Mary is accused of being a sexual predator and loses her job.
      She faces 3 years in State Prison. Johnny undergoes 5 years of therapy.

      • All that sounds so silly, yet it is so true. I graduated high school in 1958 and I remember those day well. (and miss those easy living times)


          • Do you realize that you have just demonstrated the very thing we’ve all been talking about? You seem to lack the ability to read and understand a very sensible outline of how our society today is failing.



            PORNO TOO?????????????? I BET YOU DO LINDA. BYE BYE GO PLAY WITH YOUR PEE WEE!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I will agree that this is the way things happen now, But, to blame it on liberalism is like tying a bus behind a dog and expecting it to get down the road, Actually, many lawsuits brought by conservatives who thought their children were being abused by a teacher or someone else changed what used to be into what is. I should correct part of that, as it wasn’t JUST conservatives bringing lawsuits, it was people like Madelaine Murray O’Hare who forced a lot of these changes through, along with all the others who didn’t like one thing or another about what was going on. Ask John Walsh why so many laws about sex abuse, and even possible sex abuse are on the books. It was people like him who forced everyone to think that anyone who looks at your kid funny might be gong to abuse him or her. Get out of the conservative/liberal rut and take a look at what is actually happening and WHO is behind it.

      • Ahh, yes ! . . .A much simpler and better time indeed ! . . I could make due without all of the modern inconveniences but I truly miss the good ole’ days ! . . .Just about anyone that grew up in that time frame would most likely agree. . . Sad to say the kids of late will most likely never see anything like it !

    • THE FALL
      By Sheriff Jim R. Schwiesow, Ret.
      May 16, 2012

      One can liken the days leading up to the pending collapse of this nation to an appointment with an endodontic for a root canal procedure, the time unto the appointment seemingly lapses with unnerving quickness while the horrific hour and a half in the chair grinds by for an ostensible eternity. Thus it is in regard to the final days of this nation that slip swiftly by in a run up to the pure hell that awaits; an ultimate frantic, terrifying, gut wrenching fall of a once proud republic.
      “And I will dash them one against each other, the fathers and the sons, says the Lord. I will not pity or spare or have compassion, that I should not destroy them.” – Jeremiah 13:14

      In the jagged ignorant minds of a lost people those terminal days will grind by in interminable agony. It will be a hell of a secular humanist making and a just retribution for the evolutionists, atheists, agnostics, sodomites, socialists, communists, and progressives who thumbed their noses at Almighty God and held His name in derision.
      One can imagine that these dimwits will have in the last desperate days the boldness and unmitigated effrontery to invoke His name for delivery from the elements of destruction, but it will not be in sack cloth and ashes and with abject repentant humility that they approach, but for self preservation and a hope for a continued irreverent existence. Their arrogance will persist unto the final minute of the final hour of the final day, and then the end. Perhaps they will believe their god Obama and his demonic minions will save them; since by all appearances they revere him above the God of creation.
      It would seem that – if recent reports are to be believed and by all documented evidence they seem to be accurate – this goofy, Godless, perverted and demonic government is preparing for a nation-wide rebellion. They are laying up untold millions of rounds of firearms ammunition, millions of dehydrated meals, preparing shelters for the elite, internment camps for political dissidents, and training the military for posse comitatus status and for a carrying out of a rectifying indoctrination curriculum for political activists.
      The ammunition is presumably for the killing of those in active rebellion, the food to keep the elites alive in their cushy shelters, the camps to warehouse and torment dissenters and objectors, and the indoctrination curriculum to inflict physical and mental suffering upon those whom they believe to be contentious heretical foes of the demonic system. It is a chapter straight out of the George Orwell novel “1984”

      In the Watts riot, which was a spit in the ocean compared to what will come; the police abdicated control to the rioters and were nowhere to be found. They hung around the edges of the conflagration in a cowardly cringe. And in the aftermath of the New Orleans hurricane debacle a major portion of the police force deserted and abandoned their posts and responsibilities. Some even joined in the looting; so much for local law enforcement, what about the military?

      When this thing goes nationwide the troops – that are already on the verge of rebellion due to their egregiously ill treatment during and after service, their subjection to stupid leadership, and for being used as cannon fodder in the infernal pits of the world – will desert. Government revenues will dry up completely, the cowardly politicians and bureaucrats will run for the hills and hide in order to keep from being strung up by their heels like Mussolini; and murdering and marauding scum will control the environs nationwide.
      One would think that it would be hard, if not impossible, to be prepared for something such as that…however the fact is that Obama has in reality accelerated a movement toward total anarchy to the point that this truly appears to be his ultimate goal. The only explanation seems to be that he has made clandestine deals with the internationalists for the insertion of foreign troops to quell the insurrection in the name of international order and to impose an exercising authority by a world government collective.
      We know from his sotto voice conversation with Russian president Dmitry Medvedev before an open mike that he promised to, when re-elected, dismantle U.S. missile defenses and leave the nation vulnerable to the belligerency of foreign enemies. He seems to be smugly counting his chickens in regard to a re-election, what does he know that we don’t? For an imbecile who has royally screwed up everything that he has turned his hand to during his illegitimate presidency he seems to be supremely confident…too confident to my way of thinking. In the words of that old Shakespearean quote: Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
      “Man is certainly stark mad. He cannot even make a worm, and yet he will be making gods by the dozens” – Montaigne
      I continue to hear the propagandist media yammering about the importance of the Independent vote and its effect upon the upcoming election. The truth is that there is no such being as a politically non-partisan independent; all who vote are possessed of an ingrained ideology that is an intimate part of their psyche. The fact is that in a pig-sty society such as ours the majority has been indoctrinated to a progressive persuasion.

      Presently progressive zealots comprise ninety-nine point nine percent of the Democrat Party, the remaining one tenth of one percent are no less progressive, but possess a smidge less fanaticism.
      The Republican Party membership is constituted of a three way division; roughly one third of those under the Republican banner are proximate no principle progressives – of a Mitt Romney variety – who proudly call themselves moderates, one quarter are genuine realistic conservatives, and the remaining forty-odd percent are bomb-throwing neocons. It is these who control the party apparatus and light the torch for a thousand points of light internationalism.
      The chief claim to fame of these is that they have kept the United States embroiled in a series of guerilla wars ostensibly to democratize the world. It is a completely nescient belief which maintains that democracy will save the world; as exactly the opposite is the truth.
      The promulgated conjecture that a united international composite, making binding decrees upon diverse peoples, will deliver a world-wide utopia is hogwash. If such were the case God would have let Noah’s descendants build that tower instead of confusing their language and scattering them to the winds.
      What the bomb-throwers have accomplished is to destroy and maim millions of non-combatants, condemn some of our best young people to life-long debilities or a violent premature death, and contributed to a crushing national debt through monumental military expenditures. And all for what; they can point to no absolute victories, no middle-east stability, and no lasting peace. It was all for naught, and a very expensive all for naught.
      I have been rather pitiless here in regard to the language I have used to describe a less than illustrious political leadership, but to call a court jester a prince would be to play cavalier with the truth.
      Many may remember Judge Robert Bork who, as a nominee to the Supreme Court, was pilloried by one of the most egregiously scurrilous personal assaults on an honorable man to ever be recorded; this by a Democrat Senate in 1987 whose integrity deficient members completely abandoned any semblance of decorum and grace with their despicable character assassination.
      Subsequent to being politically destroyed by those of infinitely less quality and worth than he Judge Bork wrote a book entitled, “Slouching to Gomorrah”; indeed this scholarly work by the learned constitutionalist highlighted the damage done to the constitutional foundations of the nation by a radical embracement by modern liberals of egalitarianism.
      This doctrine – liberals believe – mandates a classless society, in other words an absolute political, economic, and social equality of the masses. In such a desirable environment, according to progressive theology, there must be no constitutional impediments to individual desires; a belief that has led to the long list of vices and social deviancies that have delivered the nation unto an evil wickedness that a righteous and holy God cannot possibly ignore.
      “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” – Leviticus 20:13
      Barack Hussein Obama has gone a long way in giving credence to those whispered rumors in regard to his bathhouse club days in Chicago. We may never know his secret sexual preferences, but we do know that he has given his personal and official stamp of approval on the deviant sexual practice of sodomy. One has to believe that he assumes that the majority of our society approves and condones such a filthy deviant life style or he wouldn’t have been so bold prior to Election Day. And he is I believe correct in his assumption.
      “Today we live in an era in which the worst vices are inscribed into law as human rights. Every evil must have its punishment, either in our times or in the afterlife.” – Roberto De Mattei, 63, the deputy head of the country’s National Research Council, Italy
      Deputy De Mattei who is a prominent Italian historian went on to say that the Roman Empire collapsed due to a contagion of homosexuality and effeminacy, which made it easy pickings for barbarian hordes. And there was more.

      Anyone conversant with the details of the collapse of the Roman Empire knows that the United States is precisely emulating the course that led to that empire’s fall and extinction. Ultra foolish fiscal policies and currency manipulation, abject political corruption, unfettered illegal immigration, and a complete break-down of social morality finished off the Roman Empire, and the same perversions are spelling doom for this once blessed republic. This country is in its late terminal stages and destined for internment in the graveyard of deceased nations and commonwealths. But, you dear reader can live eternally in a new world and an eternal Kingdom.

      ETERNAL LIFE……..
      Only those born again of the Spirit are sons of the Most High God.
      Not one in a thousand who call themselves Christian understand what it means to be born again of the Spirit, one cannot be born again by a two minute profession of faith, one cannot be born again by regularly attending a denominational church, one cannot be born again by infant baptism, one cannot be born again by an altruistic life, and one cannot be born again by good works or philanthropy.
      To be born again one must die to self and submit absolutely to the will of Almighty God. The door to salvation and eternal life is the Lord Jesus Christ; no one comes to the Father except by Him. Walk through that door and enter into the membership of Christ’s Church, the Church against which the gates of hell will not prevail. It is the only church that counts. Do it now and live forever…
      And all of God’s people say – Amen!

      • I don’t usually read lengthy inputs such as this one but when it’s by Raymond I know that it will be great and well worth reading. Thank you for your military service, your Christian service and your service as a true Patriot.


        • Anything Raymond writes is worth reading and that Article was especially good. Maybe the “Kiss” Method is what keeps people “Stupid?”

        • Are you sure KISS doesn’t mean “keep it stupid, sarge” ? . . .If everyone put the effort into their posts that Raymond does, it would certainly be a more enlightened site ! . . . Have you ever read a book ? . .All the way through ? . . I didn’t think so !



    • Government dont want to mandate you into prosparity, They are already prosperious and they will mandate you so they can be more prosperious. Hea! You do have a savior. is name is Obama, I bet you have not voted (ever). You need to vote this time. VOTE ROMNEY AMERICA. He is an honest crook, you use your head you might be able to beat Romney. You wont beat Obama, if you do he will pull his voting tricks and will still be ahead of everyone, right. lol VOTE AMERIACA

    • Really what you are saying is that liberals, subconsciously, believe that they are gods. They feel; therefore, it must be so. Sitting on the toilet and imagining fantasy solutions for humanity is not reality. Humanity does not follow musings like that. That is why all liberals become eventually become tyrants. When humans do not behave as the musings of liberals on a toilet, they will force their will upon the population.

    • Really, and how is America and the rest of the world doing since Bush allowed bankers and businesses to do whatever they wanted, on the taxpayers $700+ BILLION dollars? Rewarding those who bribed him, oops, I mean supported him through campaign “contributions”?

      We’re prospering now boys! Right?

      And even after that J.P. Morgan Chase just “lost” another 9 BILLION dollars through the hands off approach.

      Yup, seems like the lack of regulations sure is working, especially for the majority of the citizens of most countries, including the U.S.

      Keep believing Rush Dimbulb, Sean Insanity and Bubba O’Reilley, let Faux new lead you down the golden path, just ignore that person behind the curtain. You’ll be better for it.

      • J.T. if you had half a brain, you would know that BOTH democrats and republicans are involved in crony capitalism. Global Crossing’s demise was even bigger than Enron’s but because it was libs/dems involved the media was silent. You have fallen for the left/right paradigm. That so called “Stimulus” Obama rammed through congress? It was just a slush fund for the dems. Corruption knows no political stripe!

      • Ok, some Facts, lib: JPMorgan Chase and other major banks donate to the Dems, as well as Republicans. The 700 Billion was created by a Democratic Congress during Bush’s Lame Duck session. He did not want to sign the legislation, but did and fell into the Dems trap–the stimulus was not Bush’s idea, but the Dems pinned it on him once he signed it into law. The banking crisis began with the sub-prime lenders at Fannie and Freddie ( brought into existence by Dems who thought EVERYONE deserved a home, even if they could not pay for one, and these organizations were carefully protected by loveable meatball Barney Frank. in 2006 or so, then President Bush warned Congress of the sub-prime mess ahead and Frank dismissed it with a lot of criticism on Bush. There may be complicity on both sides, but our lame-stream media and liberal talking points keep the attention focused on criticism of Conservatives, inventing lies, if they can’t find truth to distort. Case in point: the recent faux pas of ABC News “reporting” that there was a “James Holmes” as a Tea Party member in Aurora Colorado, who they implied “may” be associated with the crime. What hubris!! Only when bombarded with complaints did they retract the item. Oh, yeah. O’Reilly is not Republican nor Conservative, he is almost liberal..he claims to be moderate, but I am not convinced. And the Dodd-Frank laws are going to be the ruin of small banks. So, shut up until you get YOUR facts straight, lib.


    • Actually, the rank and file liberal are too afraid to believe anything other than what their leaders tell them. Intelligence isn’t really a factor, because they don’t engage their brain where politics are concerned. The leaders on the other hand know that their policies are self defeating, and utterly rediculus, but they have ulterior motives that the sheeple are not willing to consider because they have deluded themselves. The leadership know that their policies are crap, and they laugh at how gullible their willing subjects are!

    • Liberalism is a mental disease. Psychologists have said so. The questions then are: 1) can this debilitating disease be cured, if so how?
      2) should we lock them all up until they can be cured?

    • I like that…I listened to Michael Savage one time and there was a women who called in on the Arizona immigration law….Some how the woman got off on the subject of American’s being to “RICH”…So Savage changed the subject for her and let her talk..I was shocked to hear that this woman was on welfare and believed that obama took that money from his stash to pay her every month….Savage’s only response; “Miss, a man once told me hell is where there is no reason, and you just took me to the depth of hell,,
      When people really believe crap like this…it’s a very thing…..

    • If your trying to change the hearts and minds of liberals, thats not the way to do it. I’m trying to change the hearts and minds of neo conservatives who got their political education from radi talkers likd Rush Limbaugh, Savage and Fox, with true substantiated and factual statistics about the economy, but not by using childish name calling and inuendos because you realy don’t understand your own philosphy but for a few catchphrases and bumpersticker slogans.

      • HOW’S THIS SAMTMAN!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Liberals have so much trouble with reality that they think the Laws of Nature are fit for them to mold at whim. Regardless of whether you believe in Intelligent Design or not, the Laws of Nature in action are what allows this universe to even exist, let alone to bring up Homo Sapiens. When you hear the phrase “Laws of Nature” you may as well say the “Laws of Physics” because they’re the exact same thing…With ONE major difference.

      Think for a minute that, of all of our scientific discoveries & all of our scientific disciplines & fields of endeavor, they are all based upon what we see of the universe around us. Even the Scientific Method of Inquiry follows one basic rule: Observe, Theorize, then Test. What we know of the Laws of Physics is nothing more than what we see & learn about the Laws of Nature…Which is no more than a PARTIAL knowledge & understanding of what already exists & how it perpetuates. As long as ANY scientific discipline still has room to come up with “theories,” this means that we still have something more to actually LEARN about existence.

      This is the problem with Secularism…It actually IS a religion, in itself, no matter how much a Secularist denies it. It’s a religion that replaces God for Man. As such, Secularists believe that whatever the Laws of Nature are, it’s subject to the Will of Man. What makes this belief false is that people came into existence BECAUSE of the Laws of Nature & we continue to survive as a species still subject TO the Laws of Nature.

    • No, they are not about prosperity – they are about assimilating everyone into mediocrity. What makes our country work – as Obama himself should realize – is the individuals ability to rise to the top, to become rich, to even become President, from no where.

    • Liberals think that if they yell louder that makes them right & no one will notice how misinformed they are. Oh that’s right, they ARE always right about EVERYTHING. Trying to save the world from ourselves when they’re the ones who need saving.


    • Simple but profound statement.
      They can’t handle FACTS.
      It’s not within their brain power to think critically.


  4. The human race will not become extinct, but the culture that appears to replace all other cultures is the muslims, because the rate of births per family is now at seven whereas the unsustainable rate in other religions remains below two.

    • well i have a suggestion,stop letting they into this country where they get very good medical care to raise there little Muslims 0n welfare witch is far better then the medical and other substance they can get in there old shit holes of a country…

  5. Mr Payne,
    You might want to check your statistics, Over the last 40 years the quantity of children per family – note I stated family – has decreased (WASP’s). As I am one, I feel totally comfortable using the terminology !!!
    The exception, other than Muslimes, are the “Section 8” who breed like rabbits because means more $$$$$$ for them – thanks to government handouts of all sorts.
    Having lived in So Calif – and escaped – another “group” that breeds are the illegals – read, generally – Hispanics. They’re called “anchor babies” and they, too, bring $$$$$$ and free food, etc from the “government

  6. I do not agree with Michael Minkoff although it is a wonderful thought. There is a decline in births among people of faith. They are the only ones working to support the liberal lazy’s. I’ve seen it several times, the working people of faith can’t afford to have children. Unlike the Liberal Dems out there who will have them anyway knowing the state will just give them more money and food stamps.

        • My my, no need to shout dear. Cartman claims “working people of faith can’t afford to have children” (apparently working people without faith can afford children). Anyway, if buying love is a matter of prostitution and affordability, what is it called when we measure our financial status before concidering having children.

  7. They might become extinct but probably not before they screw up America totally by continuing to elevate the incompetent, America hater and liar Obama. Look at the pirctures when Obama is surrounded by these people, why are they smiling? Are they that dense that they can’t see what he is doing to this country. I say these people need to step away from the Kool Aid. I hope and pray the Swing States and even some Blue States vote for Romney as he is our only hope for a change. I say a vote for Obama is going backwards to all of his failed policies. All Obama wants is to get 4 more years so he can complete his vison of destroying America. OMG=Obama Must Go! and save America.

  8. I never had any children because I decided to wait until I coild afford them. Well, I have been taxed out of a family. When one provider can earn enough money and be able to keep enough of that income to establish a home and have a mate then go on to produce three or more kids, then the problem will be solved. Anyone born after 1950 probably has less of a chance to achieve that due to many factors. Here are some of those factors from my perspective; government employee unions, disability benefits (SSI) given to those afflicted with self induced problems, such as drug and alcohol use, bad trade policies, ever expanding government, foolishly wasting taxpayer dollars by giving other countries aid when we can’t spare it, corruption between the pentagon and defense contractors.
    I’m sure all of you can add more to this little list.

    • I’ve never had a Mercedes Benz because I decided to wait until I could afford one. The wife and had four beautiful children instead, who remain a source of great joy. The grand children are even better, much better than a Mercedes Benz.

  9. This is a good message that REAL Americans should both appreciate and approve. The “word” should go out!

  10. ” precipitous downturn in fertility among Western nations.” I dont get this. The liberals and the welfare entitlement crowd dont seem to be having any trouble breeding. The welfare entitlement croud are popping them out like freaking PEZ dispensors.
    A.B.O. 2012!!!

  11. To extend this analysis, only 3 Blue states are above 2.1 (NM, NV, HI). An additional 6 Blue states and DC are @ 2.1 (CO, FL, MN, WI, IN, NC). ALL other Blue states, including all populous Blues, are BELOW 2.1. Even CA now is at 2.09. Democrats don’t believe in the future enough to populate it. At the same time, only 3 Red states are below 2.1 (WV, KY, AL). But the problem is worse than stated in the column. As Blues demand MORE entitlements, they only can be paid by transferring wealth from future generations Libs are refusing to populate. So the pain of future taxation to pay today’s bills will not be evenly distributed. The children of Conservatives will pay an EVER-INCREASING amount as taxes increase and Dems refuse to populate those generations stuck with the bill for Dem vote-buying (which is what entitlements are all about) today.

    Here’s a quick 3-min video with the data: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVseabUhg8M

  12. The article is on the mark but it does not include the real cleansing. It starts with the battle of Armageddon and the 2nd coming of Christ who will then set up His reign for 1000 years and liberalism will become extinct.

  13. “below replacement fertility rates”

    Oh no! You mean that we’re not going to over-populate the Earth? THAT’s terrible!

    Minkoff: reactionary much?

    Leave it to the far right to fret over things getting better, although we’re a long way from that.

    • Why is it that liberals, referring to conservatives, always describe them as “the far right,” the “radical right,” the “extremist right”? No matter how often you falsely portray conservatives as being on the fringe, no one still believes that tree-hugging liberal lunatics such as yourself are anywhere near the “mainstream.” I suppose they just pick up these adjectives from the teleprompter-readers at MSNBC and try to make themselves sound smarter by throwing them in every other word…

      • Look, there’s a huge difference between conservatives and reactionaries. George Will is a conservative. William F. Buckley was a conservative. Ronald Reagan was a conservative.

        Glenn Beck and his Tea Party ilk, such as Michelle Bachmann, are reactionaries, far right, extremist right. They do not hide this although they pretend to be “conservative.”

        Based upon the deceitful nonsense spewed by Minkoff, it’s safe to argue that he, too, is an extremist reactionary.

        So far as me being a “tree hugger,” I want to see you live in a planet without trees. Liberals are the people who solve the problems that conservatives ignore and reactionaries cause. Without liberals, the human race will become extinct.

  14. Liberals are already extinct . . . they call themselves “progressives” now.

    And by the way, what is “conservative” about the Republican establishment.

    • It’s all just a label change – as people catch on to a label and want to puke when they hear it, the culprits change their label to something else to confuse the masses. Take a close look – it’s ultimately all about Communism.

    • This is the biggest, problem w/ Washington. There are almost as many “progressive” republicans too. Just as progressive they just play with language to hide it. “Neo-Con” moderate, establishment even “Maverick” lol.
      Keep in mind, the very first Progressive president was Teddy Roosevelt a Republican and no one mentions he was a horrible racist as well. (do a search on Teddies letter re: blacks in the army). Jaw dropping

  15. I have been blessed with six children, all Christian believers, married, college-educated, successful. I think this puts my family on the winning side of history. God be praised.

  16. Liberalism isn’t about recognizing real problems and coming up with real solutions. It’s about making excuses to further an agenda. That’s why there is no common sense, logic or reason (or even truthfulness) involved.

  17. Thank you for saying it the best possible way
    i had alwsys tied my faith to my family
    in every way possible

  18. I hate to point out that Blacks and Hispanics have no problem reproducing and we are paying them to do just that! They vote for liberal’s most of the time, so all I can say is I wish.

  19. This article fails to mention the hispanic population in this country which is growing like wildfire. It is thre that the caucasian, negroid and mongoloid races in the U.S. are not reproducing at the level to sustain their current numbers however the hispanics are more than making up for this. The census Bureau has predicted that the U.S. population will reach 350 million by 2050 to 2060. It was 305 million at the last census. Since all races with the exception of hispanic have a declining population it is obvious that the hispanics do not. By 2060 hispanics will be the majority race in the U.S., whites will be the largest minority group followed by blacks and lastly Asian. Perhaps when the hispanics take control of this country they will declare a national language even though it will be Spanish. Something the whites are loathe to do.

  20. Next our liberals will wish to cut the aged population by helping them to die earlier via rationed care and leave their resources( tax them out as well) to the Liberal young . Our Brothers and Sisters of the Muslim faith have not bought into the Liberal garbage of no kidds or a few. Those Muslim youngsters will become the political leaders of Europe and the U.S. in the not to distant future..The Spiritual void created by the Human Secularist now in control will be filled with Islam.

  21. LIberals are for abortion, gay rights and higher taxes, not to mention being politically correct and cowards. They will extinct themselves over time without help from anyone else.

  22. My family came from England long after the slavery “catch and release” thing so I have no white guilt to deal with. Consequently I can say without reservation I do not like what Obama is doing nor do I care for him at all.

  23. Interestingly enough, historically, this is precisely what happened in the Roman Empire in later antiquity. I don’t have the research at my fingertips, but several Roman emperors sponsored legislation which encouraged larger families, but Roman citizens for the most part continued to prefer smaller families, often having children they didn’t want exposed (since abortion was an extremely high-risk procedure without modern medical technology). Only one demographic bucked the trend — the Christians. Not only did they tend to have large families, but they were known to scour the countryside where babies from pagan families would be exposed. They would then rear these children as their own. This is one reason why, by the time of Constantine, Christians were a sufficiently large part of the population as to transform Roman culture.

  24. We can ship our illegals over to Russia to help them out. There is no population problem with the illegals. They breed way beyond the 2.1 children per woman and we are the lucky ones that get to pick up the tab for that.
    Our problem is not a shrinking population, our problem is that 51 % of the poplation in the US are collecting welfare, medicaid,etc. and only 49% are working BUT of the working only 50% pay any taxes at all. So that is the problem. We need to get rid of the free loaders in this country and get rid of the IRS and do a flat rate tax for EVERYONE!!!!

  25. Sadly, these facts have been known for a number of years now; just watch the movie Idiocracy (or better yet, *don’t*; just read the reviews) for proof. The problem is the liberal slant on it all, which the movie goes to great lengths to depict. Idiocracy presents a world where the global IQ of the human race has dropped by more than half because “stupid people” breed more often while “intellectuals” winnow away their fertile years either getting ready to *someday* start a family or simply not having children at all. As a result, the world grinds down into a stupidity-controlled redneck-inhabited cesspool of beer, guns, and absurdly loose attitudes towards sex — this is the picture that the left has ALREADY painted of those who believe in the traditional family, openly vilifying the very reason society EXISTS AT ALL as cause for the global stupefaction of mankind.

    It’s not a fair fight — it never has been. Know your enemy and do so publicly, because they’ve been very, very busy telling everyone “all about us”.

  26. This is also true among countries of WESTERN EUROPE. The immigrants are the ones who are having multiple children especially those coming from MUSLIM countries. Few years from now the white EUROPEANS will be a minority in their native countries. The most common name for newborn children in ENGLAND is — MOHAMMED.

  27. Well, it can’t happen soon enough. Look at the ages of these people and their offspring. Mentally deranged. Don’t know what happened to them but they have ruined two generations and a country. They have never grown up and THEY are the ones living in denial.

  28. I am very anti abortion but I”m thinking the liberals are the ones having abortions. Maybe I should shut up?

  29. At the risk of repeating myself I’ll say it once again, the reason
    America is going downhill has to do with the progressive social
    engineering that has been going on for 50 years.
    And yes, I can sight
    so many things. The emptying of churches, taking God out of school
    prayer, encouraging the break-up of the family unit,etc.

  30. What a bunch or crap. The right wing is trying to destroy public education so they can have the rich (them) and the poor. Wake up undereducated America.

    • I’m confused, perhaps because I’m obviously ‘undereducated’. “….so they can have the rich (them) and the poor.” ??? What in hell are you trying to say?

    • Scott, I think you missed the little white bus more than a few times during your 16 years in elementary school… “Public education” has become nothing more than state-sponsored liberal indoctrination under the control of the teachers’ unions for the past 60 years. As they increasingly focus on such pressing modern-day issues as “Hannah has two mommies,” and the imminent danger to spotted owls, they have correspondingly omitted less important things like U.S. history, math and science. All the while endlessly repeating the mantra, “Democrats good, Republicans bad.” Liberals abort children as often as they can; decent people find life precious. For a true conservative, even a gap-toothed, knuckle-dragging congenital idiot like yourself has value. Not much, in your case, but value nonetheless. You can go back to your Oprah reruns now…

    • They already destroid education started 20 yrs ago at least. that is probably why the kids can not understand anything but having 4 or 5 baby Mamas. They even coinded a word for them(babymamas) that is quite clever. lol Wake up America Vote Romney
      I wonder how many young peole have voted, (before last time when Obama llearned how to get the dead to vote. Vote Romney America

  31. The third world, and lower educated in
    general, continue to have large numbers of children…. more than mere replacement
    numbers. Consequently wouldn’t this
    result in general dumbing down of society in general since the more educated tend to have fewer
    children? So then the fewer educated
    liberals would become stronger in control of the balance of the population…. Which
    seems to be what they want anyway.

  32. Basically the arrogant apostles of utopian socialism (aka liberalism/dimdem party) fail only because their naturally toxic policies cause personal pain at an incredible rate that out runs their hurry to build dependency for votes…its that simple…socialism is its own worst enemy because no amount of distractions, bold lies, demons or smears can hide the effects of inherent toxic policies.

    In free countries with free elections they lose after all their stale tactics and promises of “just another year and another trillion”. The more amazing thing is the pawn media have no sense of global history or basic economics so change the dirty diapers of the utopian socialists…why, why would anyone think monster gov-meant socialism fits America?
    Plus the pawn media tell us how brilliant every new crop of utopian socialists are…go figure how that makes any sense either….they fail horribly and painfully every single time. You can bet that in 8 years another arrogant apostle of utopian socialism (aka democrat) will be put forth with the same ole stale toxic goofball schemes.

  33. Damn it! I was hoping the new Republican Majority was gonna place a bounty on “liberals,” in which case I would become a millionaire and make all the Texas taxidermists wealthy, as well…

  34. Liberalism wouldn’t exist if they didn’t have conservatives to bash and hate… they offer nothing but consume and destroy anything and everything that is good.

  35. Apparently the writers and contributors to the article have yet to realize that our earth cannot support an ever increasing population forever. Although little thinking has been published on the topic of sustainable population, there are rough estimates which suggest it is much lower than the current 6.5 billion. The first serious shortage may likely be fresh water. I suggest reading today’s Market Watch, which can be found in Yahoo, which discusses the pending water shortage. Clearly, lower birth rates and increased life expectancy present a near term economic problem. Put in ethical terms, mankind will have to choose between consuming resources at an ever increasing rate or slowly reducing world population perhaps to the point of sustainability.

  36. Liberals brought the O% down on Owening a house which brought the banks to there knees ! Another liberal idea that caused a domino effect that we now are seeing ! Why aren’t the banking commidity chairmen in trouble for bringing this stupid idea to the table in the first place ? Look what it caused in our country ! They aren’t in trouble because they are liberals ! Where is the Great shame is on Barney Frank & chris Dod the banking commidity chairmen in the democrat party ? The liberal media is protecting them don’t you know !

  37. Logically idiotic. Liberals encourage other liberals with handouts, so the poor liberals have LOTS of kids. How many responsible conservatives do you know with more than two kids?

    Liberals will take conservatives out first, then themselves.

  38. The national democrat game works like this…
    1…bold fuzzy “promises and platitudes” to get elected…
    2…then fairness taxes or regulations proclaimed to be “the national cure” 3…then as the economy shrinks “demons are created/berated”… 4…..gov-meant hiring grows wildly because that means union democrat votes (why they were exempted from painful socialized medicine)… 5…then the urgent message for more taxes to pay the nation’s new bills (actually to try to save the nation from their own toxic policies)…6…taxing the productive and moving more and more “freebies” to the now or have been dependency pool which creates a growing dependency pool of likely democrat voters.7…label anyone wanting less gov-meant spending as “mean/cruel/take away from you” to cut off debate8..ignore or refuse to accept the actual results or costs of their policies no matter how bad they are
    The ultimate evil goal is to grow the likely pool of dependent voters fasterthan the outraged productive (abused) voter pool grows and thus get elected torepeat the cycle of national decay…all the while telling bold lies and blaming demons or promising better next year.

  39. I am an independent conservative. I think the points made in this article are true. Many of the comments here, however, are embarrassing to read. American people are generally known the world over for tolerance, respect, generosity, and appreciation of differences. Advocating meanness, racism, and hostility toward people who have a different race or belief is just un-American, ignorant, and wrong. Education about what works and what doesn’t, in an informed and respectful way is the best way to solve these problems. That is what this article is about. Be civil and show some common sense.

  40. The best advice that I can give liberals comes from William Shakespeare: “Give thy thoughts no tongue.” – Hamlet, 1.3

  41. Liberals are losers and they know it well. They just want to punish anyone they can gert their hands on because it empowers them and temporarily gives them some self esteem.

  42. Wow, with writing and a thought process like this it’s amazing that conservatives have survived this long.

    I incessantly hear from the conservatives how the liberals are breeding like rabbits while sitting on their butts collecting welfare. So which is it? Are they breeding like rabbits or are the fertility rates dropping? Could y’all make up your minds here?

    The most ardent conservatives I know have one, or maybe 2, kids. Could this be that conservatism destroys the sex drive? Or are they just cheap and not want to share their hoard of wealth with anyone, including their children? Seems to me that this drop in fertility rates is a symptom of conservatism.

    Comparing frigid conservative Americans who can’t or won’t reproduce to a country like China where families are limited to one child and there are forced abortions (by the conservative government) is not entirely honest.

    Umm, homosexuals CAN have kids. Maybe not with their partners but they can have kids. Seems they DO have something in common with conservatives after all, don’t they? Buy we should keep America healthy by keeping marriage for the heterosexuals. Don’t want those perverted homos sexually assaulting THEIR children, now do we?

    Since homosexuals can’t get married, that means the half of all those good, conservative, Christian, heterosexual marriages end up in divorce. Some of those good upstanding Christian Americans are serial divorcees, which in spite of the admonishments in the Bible about divorce, has to be good for the kids. After all kids thrive in broken homes.

    • There are two separate groups of democrats: 1) Blacks and Hispanics who have fertility rates of 2.1 and 2.9 children per woman respectively and: 2) Whites and Asians (mostly Whites), who have Fertility rates that are well below replacement.
      Most children now days are coming from religious people such as orthodox jews, muslims, evangelical Christians and Mormons. The fertility rate in Utah is 2.8. Religious people are far more likely to be Conservative.
      The fertility rate for homosexuals is vanishingly small. It is slightly higher for lesbians but still well below replacement rate because they usually wait until later in life to have kids.
      I’m pretty sure that Conservatives make better parents. Conservatives plan for the future and care about what happens to their children while liberals tend to view their children as high priced accessories. Liberalism is the philosophy of the self-centered, while Conservatives care about the future of the country.
      Hope this helps.

  43. If the only damage the libs did was to themselves, it would be one thing, but like any addict they drag the rest of civilization down with them. These misguided idiots are like a plague on the world.

  44. The point of this article should not be who caused this global concern, but that it does exist. We can argue for the next 10 years about who caused it, and what will be solved? Instead, look at documented facts. Population has been a steady decline since the 50’s, Why?

    North Dakota had the lowest unemployment rate in 2011 and showed an increase in births, therefore a poor economy outlook and lack of jobs plays a part. Women are in the workforce, and choosing careers over children. Women’s right to choose and contraceptive technology has had a big impact. On the other hand, native Indian, Hispanic and black teen births have more than doubled that of white teens, which has a big impact on our economy.

    There are more people dependent on government than in the workforce, there are fewer children overall that will contribute to earning, and people are living longer; at this rate, society will be unsustainable. Those are facts.

    Look at the facts, and make changes to things having a negative impact on our social structure. Society has to change because we are responsible for our own demise; we will fail.

  45. In the US in the 1930s it was considered very avant-garde for young couples to swear off having children – it was actually a very powerful movement at the time. Of course these people eventually got old and died out and their children did not continue the program that their parents had started because there weren’t any.

  46. Without goverment backing them up at every turn Liberals cannot compete in the real world. They cannot compete physically or mentally when it comes to the survival of the fittest. They are devoid of moral courage and character. They were never allowed to fail as children, so they never learned tenasity to overcome failures. They were always bailed out and never were made accountable.

  47. Pretty much everyone agrees on the demise of the liberals. Back it up, vote NOBAMA and get rid of most of the Dummycrats.

  48. I think I read where the Muslim countries are having about 8 children per family. If that is true they will take over the world by sheer numbers.

  49. conservatives- spent several trillions on war the last decade and want to pin it on President Obama. They think, ‘well, now that the shrubs back in Texas we can make the liberals pay our way”. Sorry dudes, you crapped all over in the streets of America since 1969 now you clean it up. Conservatives have attacked liberty, freedom and the Constitution with spray cans of meritocracy; message to all responsibility avoiding conservatives–liberals got more copies of the Constitution to hand out. America and the US Constitution is not based on the superiority of certain people–conservative meritocracy. Take your Nietzsche crap and leave if you hate freedom based on equality so much. Move to Russia and read Ayn Rand if that appeals to you because we are tired of tea party traitors dragging the United States down..

  50. The term “liberal” is ironic. While it traditionally is taken to mean ‘open-minded’ and ‘tolerant’, the typical Liberal these days is sour, bitter, filled with hate and intolerance. Not mention names of some of my ‘liberal’ friends who will pick a fight at the drop of a hat, I will mention the names of some of the public figures that come immediately to mind: Nancy “We have to pass it to see what’s in it” Pelosi, Harry “I hate Arizona” Reid, Barbara “Call me Senator” Boxer, Hillary “The Second Amendment Sucks” Clinton”, Michelle “The Rev. White and I say America should be ashamed” Obama, and of course their imposter of a leader, BO. With their collective damning of America, their promotion of unbridled immigration, their catering to Islamists and homosexuals, their praising of the “Occupiers” (one of whom recently “occupied” a movie theater in Colorado), their “Fast & Furious” style gun control tactics and countless other sleazy practices, their self-destruction can’t come a moment too soon.

  51. God can use all things for good, even the depraved-minds. But I didn’t see a note of concern that islam is growing, as an opportunistic plague, to fill the voids created by Liberal thinking AND their gullible following.

    Also, Liberal SPENDING has driven (and lead) potential mothers into the workforce, where their reproductive years are spent trying to stay ahead of INFLATION. The same forces have created/contributed to marital rifts, thereby destroying generations of traditional families.

    Liberalism / Progressivism <<<=== Satanic tools!

  52. I was fed this liberal garbage in college 30 years ago. I could see then far enough down the road to find the finish. I am glad, for once, that I married and had children. My kids aren’t perfect, but between the three of them, I now have seven grandsons–some biological, some blended-in. It was hard to raise children and to stay married. But, I eventually had a career, too, earning four college degrees, and serving more than a decade in higher education. Not bad for a poor daughter of parents of the Dust Bowl!!

  53. Liberal ideas are grand on the surface, but impractical when placed into practice, mainly because they are attempted without reference to the Grand Design and a refusal to follow the rules set up–even by liberals. There will always be liberals due to the sinful and rebellious nature of man. Man will continually reject God. You only have to look to the Israelites not even 2 months away from the Red Sea experience and deliverance from slavery in Egypt…they had already fashioned a golden calf and were worshiping it.

  54. our constitution has been tried by many other countrys and it always fails.because the people trying to live by it lack the one and only thing that makes it work,GOD.we were founded as a christian nation,the bible was the cornerstone of our foundation,and we tried to live by our lords word.thats what made us prosper and become the greatest nation on earth.now the liberals have taken god out of everything and replaced him with evil.now we will fall just like every other country that doesnt accept the lord as our king and creator.the liberals will truly be sorry when they meet him in person.

  55. I was raised in So Cal. My wife and I wanted a large family, but the big Democrat push was Zero population. We escaped. leaving a good job and all of our extended family. We now have 8 children, 29 grand children and 5 great grand kids. Our home is on a hillside and we are very well armed! I love this country and I am ready to defend it

    P.S. We have no libs in our family!!!!!!!!

  56. Liberals are Morons with Nothing or no one to replace their Grand Scheme of dumb thinking. And you are Correct they are a Dying Breed and hopefully they will die off Quickly.

  57. Wow, these comments are amazing! You really have no idea what a Lliberal” thinksn or how one actsn or what their vakues are. You see a cartoon on Fox news and think it is real.that’s why you can’t understand it when you lose elections. Try listening to what a real (not fox news) liberal has to say. You won’t agree, but you will have to see that there are real points there. (Excuse the spekkling, I’m using a blackberry.)

  58. The Left will eventually abort themselves out of existance. That’s why they “love”, illegals. Someone has to fill the gap. It is actually a “good”, thing that the Progressive scumbags, do not pro-create very often.

  59. Interpreting Demographics is curious. Liberals one way; conservatives another. I am nominally conservative but demographic studies are probably irrelevant. It implies that we have control over man’s destiny. It may very well be true that industrialized countries are not replacing themselves. What does it matter? Other countries are working overtime. Population is still growing, aging and dying. We still cannot take care of the numbers we have now. If the numbers get too great the Four Horsemen will weed out the excess. Nature will enforce some semblance of balance regardless of what mankind thinks is appropriate. In the long haul, animal species come and go; nation/states come and go. Survival of the fittest is still a valid concept. Liberals think they can control nature. Sorry, they can not. Who knows where mankind may end up? Perhaps cockroaches will inherit the earth.
    There is water in abundance on this earth, yet many people don’t have enough; others waste it. Do we have a policy of better distribution of water? Where are the water purification plants? Instead of a sane water policy, we send and spend fortunes into space looking for more space for our exploding population. What fools these mortals be!


    Dear President Obama:

    You are the thirteenth President under whom I have lived and unlike any of the others, you truly scare me.

    You scare me because after months of exposure, I know nothing about you.

    You scare me because I do not know how you paid for your expensive Ivy League

    education and your upscale lifestyle and housing with no visible signs of support.

    You scare me because you did not spend the formative years of youth growing up in America and culturally you are not an American.

    You scare me because you have never run a company or met a payroll.

    You scare me because you have never had military experience, thus don’t understand it at its core.

    You scare me because you lack humility and ‘class’, always blaming others.

    You scare me because for over half your life you have aligned yourself with

    radical extremists who hate America and you refuse to publicly denounce these radicals who wish to see America fail..

    You scare me because you are a cheerleader for the ‘blame America’ crowd and deliver this message abroad.

    You scare me because you want to change America to a European style country where the government sector dominates instead of the private sector.

    You scare me because you want to replace our health care system with a government controlled one.

    You scare me because you prefer ‘wind mills’ to responsibly capitalizing on our own vast oil, coal and shale reserves.

    You scare me because you want to kill the American capitalist goose that lays the golden egg which provides the highest standard of living in the world.

    You scare me because you have begun to use ‘extortion’ tactics against certain banks and corporations.

    You scare me because your own political party shrinks from challenging you on your wild and irresponsible spending proposals.

    You scare me because you will not openly listen to or even consider opposing points of view from intelligent people.

    You scare me because you falsely believe that you are both omnipotent and omniscient.

    You scare me because the media gives you a free pass on everything you do.

    You scare me because you demonize and want to silence the Limbaugh’s, Hannitys, O’Reillys and Becks who offer opposing, conservative points of view.

    You scare me because you prefer controlling over governing.

    Finally, you scare me because if you serve a second term I will probably not feel safe in writing a similar letter in 8 years.

    Lou Pritchett



    In 2009 the former vice president of Proctor & Gamble sent this letter to the NY Times but they never acknowledged it. Big surprise. Do your research and you will see it is a real letter.

    Since it hit the Internet, however, it has had over 500,000 hits (edit: this number was calculated in 2009. Since then it has many more hits). Keep it going. All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men do nothing.. It’s happening right now.

    The CHANGE is here!!

    90% of Americans will forward this.


  61. I agree with Alexander;;also. And I also thought that Bush was right about the WMD and that they were hidden in Syria . But he also did a lot of damage as far as remaining in Iraq. Always ends up that way in order to feed the Military Industrial Complex.. Also I want to add that if the Bilderbergers are purposely tainting the water supply in order to make men impotent ;then we definitely have a problem. These shadow men are immature , arrogant , little brats who just want what they want at any cost.

  62. Yep I agree with Mr Minkoff’s post, libs are mental midgets and they will go the way of the dinosaurs. The sooner, the better.

  63. I don’t see how this is going to happen. They are procreating like cockroaches, and you know it is impossible to get rid of those buggers. It would take a miracle from God, and since he gave us all “free will”, I don’t believe they have the ability to conceive what it is doing to them…unless WW3 comes and they are all quivering with uncertainty and fear, waiting for the Conservatives to safe them.

  64. The context of this article is inaccurate and the queers will not go extinct. Their existence should be looked at as a cancer where infected cells (gays) are contentiously on the hunt to infect other wise healthy cells to infect and convert them to their perverted life style.

  65. Population is negative growth in the “west” . Most European and even the US is not replacing its population. Since most of them have a birth rate under 2.0 the white and western population shrinks. But without a doubt the 3rd world is over populating, They continue to breed at the rate of 3 to 5 kids per couple and then avail themselves of better medical care and food sources by becoming a “ward” of the west, through guilt, political coersion or threats. All one has to do is go to any major city in the US, visit a Welfare, Resource or Food stamp center and see who is signing up. Because of liberal policies, we have allowed our resources to be stolen by the over populated 3rd world, whether through ignored (illegal) migration, modified immigration quotas (third world, s. america, asia, africa as opposed to European), or by sending billions out of the US through the UN, UNESCO or any of the various departments budgetary allowances to waste our money.

    • It’s in a big way because of the Feminist Movement, demanding so called equal rights, going into all sorts of work that were previously held by the breadwinners of the family, the women now have no time for having babies, or even looking after their babies in many instances. Women now want long term ” careers”. The laws that now allow women into all armed forces, including submarines [ God help us], and now we are about to build a common toilet system on ships so both sexes use the same facility. In schools, we have mixed gender schooling, which does not work.
      BEING PC IS KILLING THE USA. Only muslimes, and illegal aliens are populating the western world now. Your grandchildren will be found only in MOSKS in teh future.

  66. Population is a decidedly difficult problem – overpopulation is occurring in underdeveloped countries and among those who cannot afford a family – in America see the Hispanic(Catholic values) & black (illegitmate births). Then look at Indai, North Africa, the sub-Sahara, Indonesia, So. America and so on. Numbers often do not portray the problem – it is too many people located in regions where there is scarity of arable land and water.
    AND, of course, the aging populations of the developed countries which may bring them down as fewer and fewer must support more and more.
    Simple answers – no complex questions with even more complex answers.
    I am a geologist – experience covering many regions of the globe. My forthcoming e-book – Beyond Our Control – Debunking Manmade Global Warming. The population problem is explored in depth as it relates to climate and energy.

  67. The same way homosexuals will become extinct, because they can’t reproduce. If you truly believe in God and that God created life then why do you hate God’s work? God created life in many forms including liberals, gays, and yes, God even created conservatives. Any idea why? If people can not join together on Earth then people are doomed to stay on Earth for no other will have them.

  68. When will liberals become extinct? I ask because conservatives are badly outnumbered in California and now we are being told that republicans will soon disappear here! Egads!

    • My only suggestion until this can be brought about is that perhaps we should move all the conservatives out of California, stuff the place chock full of liberals, then sever it from the rest of the mainland and allow it to be an island country of it’s own. My sympathies to you for being surrounded by idiots. It’s a shame California is one of those states that has it all from mountains to beaches, nice cold weather to hot and it is a beautiful place but the liberals have ruined it.

  69. Correction: liberals will win unless conservatives change radically. Indeed, liberals don’t have many children of their own. But conservatives keep sending their own children to liberals to be indoctrinated in the government schools by teachers who are members of the fanatically Democratic teachers’ unions. That is how the liberals ‘reproduce’—by turning the kids of conservatives into the next generation of liberals. So conservatives need to promote school choice as a matter of urgency.

    • School choice my rear end. Home school. Even the best private and parochial schools are forced to teach the approved curriculum. You have to teach the same cr@p at home but you can also teach them that it’s male bovine excrement and teach them the truth, they can’t do that in any school.

  70. Can’t happen soon enough for me. Liberals are many things but one thing they definitely are not is “Problem Solvers”. Liberal solutions always make things worse.

    Of course, the number one solution that liberals always come up with is “WE NEED MORE MONEY.” Well how has that worked out for you? As an example lets take a look at the education system. For 50 years the liberals have been screaming more money, more money. We keep giving them more money and the results keep getting worse and worse. Maybe the answer is “more discipline” and not more money. Just sayin.

  71. What’s with the box on the left that blocks about 15% of the text making the article impossible to read. If someone wants to Facebook, tweet,g+ share, print or email the article they could just as easily pick from a narrow menu or toolbar at the top or bottom of the page instead of that big, ugly piece of useless garbage that blocks the text making reading impossible and frustrating to try to get around.
    If you want people to read your articles MAKE THEM READABLE!.
    I’ve encountered this too many times on politicaloutcast.
    In case I’m the first, or perhaps the only one who notices this and you can’t imagine whaat I mean, here’s a link to a screenshot:
    If you can get it fixed I won’t unsubscribe but if you insist on leaving it there your pages are useless.

  72. Besides your homo-hating tone, I think you have this wrong. As Glenn Beck has pointed out, it’s caucasian western culture populations that are declining, while muslims tend to have 8 children per household.

  73. There is no doubt that liberalism is more common among yongsters than in mature people. The reason is that young people are in process of finding their way in life and they therefore they tend to consider the possibilities and not just the facts. After certain point in their lives, people find their way and finally conclude that life is what it is and they better turn into more conservative in order to protect they’ve got. So, considering life expectancy is increasing and fertility rate is decreasing the average age of people is becoming higher which will end up make all the societies across the globe more conservative.
    This is not a guess… it just a question of math.

  74. The IRON HEEL OF JESUS needs to descend on the NECK of this nation and EXTERMINATE THE WEAKLINGS, THE MUD RACES, AND THE INFIDELS! Our proud descendents will know what it feels to strangle a Lib or Nig to death and will know the taste of their flesh, the provender of JESUS as we DESTROY THE SATANIC MUD RACES! Their strength and savagery will make the world quake, and cleanse the EARTH of all DEMONIC FORCES. This we pray in Jesus’ name, amen amen AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. It just that they want too take away are second adminment away so the good people of this country can’t survive and the criminals will. But what they forget is the criminals don’t want to work for their own stuff and just take from others. When they get caught and thrown into jail they can’t have babies eaither so they loose again and more of are tax dollars get wasted by them. They are morans and are depleting society of good prosperous people. All that will be left is worthless people that will have nothing because they did it to themselves.

  76. Food for Thought! It is not votes and signatures that will defeat the left’s diabolical agaenda. A gathering of the Youth for Truth has begun. They are being prepared to address Congress that the Constitution of the United States will be upheld in the most strongest way. That marriage is between one man and one woman. They will speak with no holds barred with the power of the Living God in them through the mighty name of Jesus Christ! It is ONLY by the name of Jesus that America will see miracles, signs and wonders that America needs to get It back on track again!Our Founding Fathers not only loved the Bible but they loved the Gospel of Jesus Christ! This is where those in government goes wrong! Even the Christians in Government are afraid to speak the name of Jesus Christ! This Fearless Generation that is designed to confront evil is not intimidated to speak in His name!
    Here is the mind bending truth and true diagnose as why America has fallen!
    > The Church leaders dropped the ball in being the main influence in public
    policy and being a voice from the pulpit due to signing the 501c-3 non-profit
    status, promising to no longer be the powerful influence and gate keeper in
    keeping America a Christen nation! This started with LBJ dangling the forbidden
    fruit in front of the ministers in 1954 so when 1963 came the churches were so
    inundated with this muzzle they couldn’t stop prayer and the Bible from being
    taken out of public schools! Now it is the traditional thing to do when ever
    someone wants to start a ministry! So the deadly silence from the church world
    is perpetuated! Tradition really does kill the power of God! So now you have
    government brain washed kids that thinks that is no big deal to be demonically
    disrespectful and to kill human beings!
    > As of to date, there is no minister or anyone who has tried to deconstruct
    this truth on these two web-sites. When approached on this subject they turn
    away with fear with the deer in the head light look. Please visit: Can’t put web-site for they will not post this blog.
    There is talk from radio hosts as to why there isn’t an outrage from the Christians! Sheep follow their Shepherds therefore, they are deadly silent as well!

    Speading the TRUTH of God!
    Crytal Nuttle

  77. Democrats and liberals are no more, they have morphed into progressives. They have turned in their brain matter for an even weight exchange in oatmeal.
    They seriously believe that the government is not now and never has been a tick on the back of society.

  78. If the liberals keep promoting abortion ; birth control ; and the homosexual lifestyle ; in a generation ‘ ; or two ‘ ; there won’t be many of them left ; l o l ‘ .

  79. Liberalism will never go away as long as some people want something for free and others gain power by giving it to them.

  80. It’s no wonder now, why the liberals of California tried so desperately to force people to send their children to public schools. With the assistance of the aclu, they tried to outlaw home schooling a few years ago, but failed.

  81. Liberalism is a “utopian dream” that may well turn into a “tyrannical nightmare”. Families are miniature governments and the building blocks of any society. Without healthy families, there is a society that is sick and, perhaps dying. History is full of examples.

  82. My observation, some whom call themselves liberal are not the progressive liberals of today. They in fact are worlds apart of Classic liberals. Unfortunately, many that are following the Obama agenda, do not realize this as well as those that consider themselves democrats, really are not “seeing” that this administration is Marxist at best! Really moderate democrats and republicans really want the same things..except on a few issues. The everyday democrat is being “hood winked” and vote with emotions rather than logic. What they are going to get with Obama for four more years will be too late for all of us!

    This theory was put forth yrs ago by James Taranto:
    Named it the “Taranto Principle”. Stating that the libtards are killing off their future generation by abortion and perversion.
    There is a related one called the “Graves Principle” which was demonstrated at the recent Atheist (TAM) conference that has a steadily decreasing female turn out due to harassment:

    “When you have a group that fails to uniformly honor the Judeo-Christian ethic the
    weakest of the group are the 1st to suffer and the most likely to leave.”

    I was also intrigued by the idea that they need to meet at all. Is it
    to buck each other up and encourage each other to keep believing in….
    What new techniques and breakthroughs might their be in disbelief?
    I’d call it a self-love fest but since love is just s chemical response…..

  84. Liberals will eventually go the way of the Dodo bird because liberals demonstrate an absence of logic and a total disregard for facts.

  85. That is why I always equate democrats, liberals,
    progressives as the perfect equivalence to The Island of Doctor Moreau.

    The parallels are stunning, the dealing of Morality, ethics,
    moral responsibility, pain, cruelty, ,
    human identity, and human interference with nature. They are constantly monkeying
    with things then not expecting the grotesque creations and their unintended consequences.
    They usually do not own up to or take any responsibility for their creations
    and failures, either through hiding from the public, or shifting blame

    Consequences that usually someone else must go in and right again.


    Mike Fesler

  86. There is your answer Mr. and Mr. and Mrs and Mrs. That is why your augments of same sex anything is not a civil right and never will be. Be what ever you want to be but you can not be married or enhance the world’s population. Leave marriage to those that it is created for, Mr. And Mrs. Elementary Watson and Watson.

  87. If God created the universe and established its laws as faith contends, doesn’t that include ALL of its laws including moral and sociological? If that is the case then the violation of those laws (religiously called “sin”) has consequences. The idea that man can be the “master of [his] fate is the essence of an antichristian agenda. We are seeing those consequences beginning to play themselves out.

  88. Just let men who want to marry men, marry men, and let women who want to marry women, marry women and in two generation there will no longer be any liberals or democrats.

  89. The world has plenty of population – and the more automated and robotic our manufacturing and service industry becomes – the less and less population is needed. think – every time you hear press on for English, press two for Spanish or some other language, for this press 3, for that press 4, etc, etc,. that’s at least one employee less. We have huge corporate agriculture farms, tractors that can gang disk or plow where it would have taken three other workers before, automated check out, there are three or more employees gone. Pizza business, hamburger joints, all want you to take out or have delivered – why – its a couple less employees they need to clean up or wait on customers. No, we don’t really need more population – unless we are going to actually return to the days of personal attention and service – like at the bank, instead of teller machines – or small farms and farmers that grow fresh produce rather than imported crap that you don’t know who p’d on or how it was insecticided in your grocery store. But land is worth more – with a house on it – to your local tax gatherers than a farmer raising corn, tomatoes or other vegetables or even cattle to put meat on your table. Yes, we can automate the world – then what will people do – don’t say they’ll go fishing – not with our polluted rivers, streams and lakes. go to the beach – what – and worry about broken glass and blobs of oil in the sand? Some of you should check out the science fiction stories of Isaac Asimov Robt series and how people are jammed into housing with Robots doing everything – including growing your food from slime and fungus.

  90. We have destroyed 50 million potential workers, workers contributing to Social Security. It’s not hard to figure out what went wrong with Social Security and why the pre-20’s will most likely never see a dime. We are reaping what we have sown. God forgive us.

  91. Half right again. Most that lead the liberal agenda do not practice
    the liberal agenda. Selfish people’s goal was to destroy the most prosperous
    and powerful nations. Nations do not exist without people and the fabric that
    holds them together. For those cultures still growing via birth rate the
    liberal overpopulation call is still echoed. Misuse of this subject does not
    make it false.

    Only the once prosperous and powerful nations are in decline
    and have been replaced with immigrants of like minds or at least currently
    useful. Most of these immigrants still hold traditional family values even if
    it is perverted in some ways. US for example, at most 30% of the US population
    are non US citizen immigrants yet were 60% of the US birth rate, US census

    Liberals never have and never will go extinct only their
    label will change. Over population via birth rates is very real and still a
    problem in areas. Going to extremes to stabilize population growth does not
    make the subject false.

    The premise and facts mentioned in this story are undeniable
    and point to extreme actions that gut population growth via birth rate. The
    facts are clear that the results of tolerating and the promotion of so called “human
    progress” values lead to extinction not stabilization.

    In a traditional family value fabric progress in life style
    leads to growth in population via births. Ignoring this fact leads to the
    opposite extreme, over population.

    Earth’s history is riddled with actual examples of both scenarios
    reaching the final conclusion, some not able to start over. Traditional family
    values must remain in place and tempered responsibly. The many facets of
    choices not abilities currently labeled as “human progress” or “liberals” must
    never be considered or tolerated!

  92. Liberalism/Progressivism is a mental disorder, proven to be so, and like Britney Spears and the other recent Gollywood gals, Liberals/Progressives are dangers to themselves and others. They are to be treated like Britney and the other gals, taken, psychiatrically evaluated and treated, not released back into society, if ever, only after they are well enough, and then under community control to insure they take their medications properly.

  93. Conservatives are a curious breed. They actually believe millionaires who give three people’s work to one person, at half a person’s pay and no benefits, stash all their profits overseas, and pay off politicians to bleed the rest of the population and funnel yet MORE money upstairs to them, can rape you into prosperity. Oh, and they think Obamacare is communism. At the end of each day, they rest their weary heads blissfully–willfully–unaware of the damage they cause. OH–no, wait. They SEE the damage. They just name call and blame anyone worse off than they are.

  94. Unlike conservatives, liberals can learn new information and form logical ideas based on that new information. We do not stay with the same old ideas that have never worked–that is the ultimate in common sense. And by the way-a biological news flash-homosexuals CAN have children, and many do. That must be so scary for you that you deny it, as you deny climate change, evolution, and the fact that President Obama is helping the middle class and small businesses.

  95. You people are the biggest idiots I have ever been made aware of. You have zombie brains and your prehistoric thinking is destroying our planet. Guess the bible was wrong again.. the meek shall not inherit the Earth; the barbaric idiots will.
    Well, it’s a good thing the premise of this article is wrong, because you will need the intelligence of liberals to help your types solve the problems your neanderthal brains cannot process.

  96. Dang..guess I need to get busy having more kids…pregnant and in the kitchen? Oh wait…..though I served 6 years in the US Air Force and my husband (we’re an interracial couple by the way…I’m sure that will tick a few conservatives off) and I are in school bettering ourselves, we have no health insurance and cannot afford any on minimum wage (which benefits companies and not their workers) so if I was to become a baby factory I would then be ridiculed for using gov. support for the children repubs. and conserv. want me to have, but have no way to take of them until we graduate. Oh, and we both do not believe in religion and we’re okay with gay people to, but even though we have both served our country, because we have liberal views we are bad people right?

  97. My eyes tell me that the experts need to change their minds. Everywhere I look I see strollers, toddlers and big tummies. Having kids is popular again, and they are having not just one, but two or three. It will take some time, but the population will get bigger again. You are right though, about the fact that it is stable families who are having children.

  98. I recently made a presentation on a technical topic in Riyadh, KSA. The “warmup” presentation (on film) stated flatly that the enemies of Islam (Christians, Jews, basically everybody but muslims) were not breeding enough to replace themselves. On the other hand, many Islamic countries (e.g. Indonesia, much of Africa) are breeding like there is no tomorrow. They had many charts showing exactly when the majority of the world would be Islamic, not from conquest, but from the enemies of Islam committing cultural suicide via socialism (which removes all incentives to have offspring). I thought it was especially bad taste to use this as a warm up for a presentation by an American, although I’m sure it was no accident. Nice people. Kill them. At every possible opportunity. They are right about socialism though.

  99. This is a good article and very true, I’m afraid. I have never thought about it but liberals do not procreate as much as conservatives. Thank God!!!

  100. Well, let’s hope they start the march to extinction this November. If the REAL Americans can take back control of their country from the oppressive feral gummint , reduce it to it’s constitutional limits, and re-affirm and enforce individual rights, the infantile, arrested-development libtards will suffer in silence, or better, leave the country., and illegal aliens will stop coming here, because there will be nothing here for them any longer.

  101. Sorry, but I disagree with your 2nd to last paragraph. I am afraid most children are not being born to those of the faith but those who make a living from the government for having children.

  102. Unfortunately we reward the welfare class for breeding. They know nothing about anything, but they vote for liberals who know everything about nothing.

  103. Raise your children well.. Put them into private school, or into the school of the church..
    You can also buy some school books and teach them yourselves and you would be doing better than sending them to public schools… Let the liberals die out.. Their beliefs are base in fantasy, andthey are their own undoing… P.S. to the people in Rio Linda-
    Please observe the lesson of today you can’t have an economy where nobody works, you may call it socialism but we capitalists also have a word… It is BEING TOO DAMN LAZY TO LIVE… And liberals can learn anther lesson and that is simply YOU AIN’T GOING TO BE ALIVE FOREVER, SO YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE TO PASS ON THESE LESSONS TO THE NEXT GENERATION, BUUUUT THERE IS NO FUTURE GENERATION FOR YOU LIBERAL, BECAUSE YOU LIBERALS CAN’T BREED!!! IT WILL BE A COLD DAY IN HELL BEFORE ANY CONSERVATIVE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WILL LET YOU CONVERT THEIR CHILDREN… MOST GAYS FAKE HETEROSEXUAL SEX ANYWAY!! Lesbians use fake dildos to get pleasure, and gay men have not figured out they need a womb to birth children, as the colon is where the shit comes out!! OH! Yes and by the way too all you prochoicer’s out there: Your dead fetus’s can’t come back from the dead, and you will go through hell just to retain your bodies to bear children again since abortion teaches the body to destroy the fetus(miscarriage)…

  104. Darn, all liberals are eating and living off of us, they are scarbs (To use a Union term) and there sole purpose is to keep me pissed off. My daughter is one of them, she learned all her BS in a liberal school….poor little idiot

  105. Which is how the Mexican (Catholics) expect to displace the Caucasians and regain the SouthWest and West for Mexico, by breeding more Mexican’s than the Caucasians are breeding Caucasians.
    But, no matter since the Muslim’s are out-breeding ALL the other’s. Combined. Which has, along with “Religious Jihad” (the polite way of explaining Fundamentalist Muslim fanatics), been the goal of Islam for centuries.

  106. Liberals fear and loathe anything that purports to be greater than themselves or their secular ideologies. None of them revere the rights of the individual, no matter how much lip-service they might pay in public. These foolish swine always point to their policies being for the common good and that those who refuse to compromise on deeply held personal beliefs are simply “backwards, ignorant folk clinging to their bibles, guns, and religion.” Why must it always be those who adhere to the conservative principles that our nation was founded upon must give up what we have fought and bled to defend? How about the marxist, socialist utopians giving up something? How about some real cuts in Government spending? How about actually cutting program budgets’ baseline? How about completely ending programs without replacing them? Never happen, because that would take both intestinal and testicular fortitude – something we seem to have bred out of our politicians since the days of that anti-American Woodrow Wilson and his acolyte FDR.

  107. “This is no time for men who oppose Senator McCarthy’s methods to keep silent,” Edward R. Murrow declared. “We can deny our heritage and our history, but we cannot escape responsibility for the result. There is no way for a citizen of a Republic to abdicate his responsibilities.”

    Reactionaries are a curious breed. They believe that corporations have the nation’s best interest in mind when all they want is profit for the 1%. They wave a magic wand, and pollution does not exist and all make a living wage.

    LOL: what utter delusion.

  108. Excellent article and right on target! The bottom line is liberals only really care about themselves and what they can get from someone else’s efforts.

  109. Liberals have always been among us and always will be. But, we can lessen their number and learn to contain their poisonous venom. Revolution is brewing.

  110. If liberals want to have same sex marriage, PLEASE let them have it. If they want to abort their babies, PLEASE let them do so.
    This guarantees that they will not procreate more liberals. Spread the word.

  111. Liberals are the death of nations. They are very well aware of the damage they cause and do so gleefully.

  112. I agree 100% with the contents of this article. I have seen both the Demographic Winter and Demographic Bomb movies. The problem with this argument is that where liberals gain ground is in the educational institutions, from Kindergarden to the highest levels of Acedemia. This is where our childern are being indoctrinated with liberal propaganda, and is the ultimate battleground for the future of the US and other nations around the world.
    This is where real reform and change needs to begin, if we ever have a shot at being blessed for decades to come.

  113. In this article it states, ” Homosexuals can’t have children.” I believe Neil Patrick Harris and his partner have proved otherwise with the birth of their two children. To claim “homosexual rights” are part of the cause of a diminishing population is both specious and incredibly stupid.

    The fact some people are gay does not in the least change the fact that they may also want to have children.AND HAVE THE ABSOLUTE RIGHT TO DO SO! The radicalization of the conservative right wing of the Republican party would prevent gays from marrying or otherwise forming life partnerships. Aside from the fact that such a position is patently unconstitutional, it does in effect create a sort of second class citizenry of the gay community.

    Unfortunately, what many people don’t understand about gay marriage is that it is less about the “act of marriage” (many of the mainstream religions already perform or sanctify gay marriages) than it is about property rights and other financial benefits that only married couples now enjoy. If gay couples were able to have the same financial benefits as straight couples we would see significant positive changes in our economy.

    While it is certainly easy to pick on the looney tunes of the bleeding heart liberal left, Mr. Michael Minkoff should also be taking into to account the crosses we of the conservative right must also bear. to wit, The Tea Party nut cases, Michelle Bachman, and others of their ilk!

    Robert Hayes Halfpenny

  114. In this article it states, ” Homosexuals can’t have children.” I believe Neil Patrick Harris and his partner have proved otherwise with the birth of their two children. To claim “homosexual rights” are part of the cause of a diminishing population is both specious and incredibly stupid.

    The fact some people are gay does not in the least change the fact that they may also want to have children.AND HAVE THE ABSOLUTE RIGHT TO DO SO! The radicalization of the conservative right wing of the Republican party would prevent gays from marrying or otherwise forming life partnerships. Aside from the fact that such a position is patently unconstitutional, it does in effect create a sort of second class citizenry of the gay community.

    Unfortunately, what many people don’t understand about gay marriage is that it is less about the “act of marriage” (many of the mainstream religions already perform or sanctify gay marriages) than it is about property rights and other financial benefits that only married couples now enjoy. If gay couples were able to have the same financial benefits as straight couples we would see significant positive changes in our economy.

    While it is certainly easy to pick on the looney tunes of the bleeding heart liberal left, Mr. Michael Minkoff should also be taking into to account the crosses we of the conservative right must also bear. to wit, The Tea Party nut cases, Michelle Bachman, and others of their ilk!

    Robert Hayes Halfpenny

  115. The Federal Reserve (US national bank) pumped trillions of money into the system.
    No way they can pay the interest! National debt will increase 1 1/2 tririllion of dollars yearly.
    It wil make the dollar ultimately worthless, no foreign payments of any more.
    The feds will launch another unit maybe called “Golden Eagle” and everybody has to try to get their dollars changed. You can be sure that will be a mess.

  116. That is why Liberals must seduce your children
    to their ideology through corrupted education because they like true liberals
    are too lazy or too cowardly to raise children on their own so they like true
    liberals must feed off the strength of YOUR children and feed off the honest
    production of other’s strength which is their children.
    It is your children that become the food
    of the new age secular Gods to feed upon. Do not let them do this. Feeding off the children produced by others is just another form of socialist wealth re-distribution. It is truly pathological.

  117. Because of a diabolical disorientation, liberals will never diappear. They will always believe the government is the best way to change human nature towards what, I don’t know but they believe in “hope and change”.

  118. Only when God returns! In the meantime, we’re stuck with their evil. Their extinction will only be in our dreams.

  119. Unfortunately, I have to disagree with the author . . . at least in regards to this country. I believe that far left liberalism/socialism/Marxism will continue to grow as long as we have such open borders and outright suspension of immigration law/enforcement that Obama’s definitely setting the precedent for. We already know that the majority of illegal aliens entering this country are Hispanic, and that they largely support the left politically (in spite of many conservative beliefs on their part.) The left has continuously “swept them up” by handing out unending entitlements and excoriating conservatives as intolerant bigots. It’s already been predicted that Hispanics will become the majority in the not too distant future. And as long as they continue to support the left, liberalism will only continue to grow. Our only hope is to start convincing them that conservative policies are much more beneficial in regard to their specific issues. In other words, we have to win over the ever-growing Hispanic population in this country in order to stop liberals in their tracks. Not an easy thing to do, but, hopefully, not impossible.
    This is just my opinion.

  120. I cannot have any more children. God knows I would have loved to have more and I am too poor to adopt and too old to foster.

  121. The most damage the liberals have done is introduce feminism. It destroyed our fertility and demographics. We are now under the mercy of mexicans and muslims.

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