Why Isn’t Anyone Angry Over Failing Vaccines from Merck?

In the wake of the recent measles “outbreak” that affected a few dozen people, pro-vaxxers got the anger machine churning over all the anti-vaxxers who have threatened the safety, health, and herd immunity of the whole population by their close-minded, superstitious, anti-science selfishness. But one of the real devils contributing to the declining efficacy of vaccines is not being decried at all: Merck, the multi-national corporation with sole licensing rights to the MMR vaccine.

Merck is currently facing a whistleblower-led lawsuit and serious accusations from two former Merck virologists. The whistleblowers assert that outbreaks in 2006 and 2010 occurred due in no small part to the bad science used by Merck in attempts to bolster the flagging efficacy of its MMR vaccines. . . . Being the only company licensed to produce MMR vaccines in the United States, Merck has a monopoly on the MMR vaccine market.

There have been three serious outbreaks of mumps in 20062010 and 2014, where thousands of unsuspecting people were infected despite the vast majority having been vaccinated with one of Merck’s MMR vaccines.

In 2006, there were over 6,500 cases of mumps, which spread rapidly throughout eight states in the Midwest. Of those whose vaccination status was known, approximately 90 percent had been MMR II vaccinated, with 63 percent of those having received two or more doses.

Ummmm. What? So the most serious outbreaks of disease in the United States in the past decade have actually been due to bad vaccines rather than no vaccines? Well, that’s news to pretty much every vaccine campaigner demonizing parents who choose to forego or delay vaccination.

So why haven’t all these angry pro-vaxxers jumped on the “We hate Merck” bandwagon? Because very few people are actually talking about this, that’s why. But it’s obviously extremely important. If Merck vaccines don’t actually grant immunity, which is pretty apparent given the evidence, then the lack of regular outbreaks is probably due to some other factor than vaccine-induced herd immunity.

And, more troubling, it means that the pro-vaxxers, who are the most confident in their family’s immunity are probably at the most risk for infection. Because they are probably not going to be as careful as the anti-vaxxing crowd.

It shouldn’t be a great surprise to anyone that Merck, a huge corporation with a monopoly on MMR vaccines, is lobbying the scientific and civil establishment to ensure the profitability of its products. And it doesn’t surprise me that the masses aren’t really doing their research. It’s hilarious that Merck will actually capitalize on the ineffectiveness of its vaccines by shifting the blame to the unvaccinated. “See, we’re all getting sick because not enough of you are buying our vaccines!” And then the sheeple get in line. Sigh.

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