Why I am a Radical Liberal Progressive

The left is always sugar-coating its real positions with misleading nomenclature. They never use the term “pro-abortion” for instance. It’s always “pro-choice.” They rarely say “homosexual.” It’s usually “gay” (they’re all very happy, after all). I’m sick of this. They call themselves radicalliberal… progressive. What does that mean? That we are superficial, narrow-minded, and retrogressive? That’s what they would like people to believe. Words and labels are important. And, as usual, they’re abusing them.

Radical comes from the root “root.” Being radical is getting to the root of things, assessing the nature rather than just the appearances of things. But is the left radical in this sense? No. They do want to change the fundamental nature of America, but they have not really looked all that deeply into the reality of what America is and was. All of their solutions are short-sighted ones—aimed at treating symptoms rather than addressing root problems.

Consider the welfare “cure” for poverty. It might give a little more money to some people who currently have little, but leftist “radicals” have failed to understand why most people are poor. It’s often not because they are “under-privileged.” It’s usually because they are lazy. And welfare doesn’t curtail laziness. In fact, it promotes it. That’s like thinking precipitation hurts the bug population just because you don’t see many mosquitos while it’s raining. So, leftists aren’t radical.

How about “liberal”? Well, the word originally applied to what we would call libertarians (Adam Smith and Edmund Burke were self-labeled liberals), and it has become about the most useless word around (next to nice and lolz). I like to be liberal when I’m applying mayonnaise to a BLT or tipping at a restaurant. And, whatever the left may say, so-called “liberals” are some of the most intolerant and close-minded people around. Need I mention Chick-Fil-A (for the googolplex to the infinity-eth time)? On the other hand, people who believe in smaller government tend to be much more open-minded. Think about it. They want you to be able to do what you think is best for yourself more often than they want you to be forced to do what their representatives think is best for you. “Liberals” don’t really care what you think is best for yourself. They want government to tell you what you should and shouldn’t be doing, believing, saying, etc. both inside and outside of your home and business. Doesn’t sound very liberal. Really, when they say “liberal,” they mean morally lax. But that isn’t for your sake. It’s for theirs. They just want to do whatever they want without anyone telling them it’s not a good idea… even if it makes everyone else miserable.

How about progressive? Nope. Under the “innovative” programs of social(ist) crusaders, the only things that have progressed are illiteracy, poverty, crime, injustice, and tyranny (to name just a few social ills).  And the policies that have gotten us into this mess aren’t all that novel either. People have been attempting them against all sound judgment for millennia and they have never worked. Ever. Leftists aren’t progressive either, then.

We shouldn’t be allowing them to do this. The fact is that reasonable, freedom-loving patriots have always been the most radical, most liberal, most progressive people around. And though we may have to give up these labels because they have been tainted by malapropist double-speakers, I just thought someone should set the record straight.

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  1. It seems to me that liberals put to much faith in their theories of humanism, feminism and science in general. They dont believe in God as best as I can tell. They also seem to be afraid of their own natures as they do think that the government should be directing everyone’s lives. This is evident by their irrational fear of firearms. It also seems that they do a lot of self projection onto others. I mean how rational is it to try to develop a theory to prove everyone is a racist just because we disagree with a black guy? The truth is they are the ones harboring the feelings of superiority (ethnocentrisim) and compensate for this by projecting their negativity on the rest of us with the belief that somehow they will be viewed as morally superior. I agree that the true liberals are the Jeffersonian liberals who understand the true definition and origins of the word liberal. Today’s liberals are really nothing but the useful idiots Lenin spoke of who have been conditioned to accept and preach the politically correct, in truth I actually fear for them in some ways because they have no clue that they are being used and they have no understanding of of the word consequence.

    • The thing is that there is really no proof of the existence of ” god ” ……..It’s all based on blind, uninformed faith….An ” almighty ” creator who expects us all to be “saved” based on not ever seeing him……And even if god is real, it does not mean that Christianity is………And what are the Republicans doing ???? They are playing the religion card. That is why people are fed up and become atheists and humanists.

      • You have to be kidding right?…is that the only reason people have become atheists and humanists?…there has always been, I said always been people that didn’t believe in one God or another…that doesn’t make it ok to blame people’s lack of faith on someone else’s’ beliefs…so I suggest you get over your “blame others/name calling others” , suck it up and be what or who you really are! Who cares?

      • The reason you doubt the existence of God is because He has refused up to now to reveal Himself to you. If that refusal is permanent then some time in the future you are going to have a very bad day.

        • @J W Majors – HE does not refuse to reveal Himself to anyone. You must be willing to see Him is all. Closed minds full of envy & hate are unable to receive Him. It is like having no antenna for a clear picture. 🙂

        • Romans 1:18-20 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, 19 because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them. 20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.

          Psalm 102:25-27 In the beginning You
          founded the earth, and the heavens are the work of Your hands. “Even they will perish, but You endure; and all of them will wear out like a garment; Like clothing You will change them and they will be changed. But You are the same, And Your years will not come to an end.

      • Cesar,
        God knew we would have trouble believing in Him without “seeing him.” The good news was many people saw him and wrote about Him. He even has a name: Jesus!

        • BLESSED are those who have not seen and yet believe 🙂

          We SEE God in His Creation and in His Word. Many of the so-called atheist types on YAHOO ANSWERS demand that God make a personal appearance to THEM and then they will believe….Well, it doesn’t work at way….and since when is ALMIGHTY GOD subject to the demands of fallen mankind….HOW ARROGANT is that!!!!!

      • It will be better for us to live our lives as if there were GOD, and find out there isn’t, than to live as if there isn’t, and find out there is.


      • seems t me we do alot of thing on “faith”.. every time we get on an airplane, we put our faith in a pilot we don’t know… we put our faith in the groundcrew and trust they all did their job. every time we open a can of veggies,we eat them with faith in the companies that canned them and the people that work on the lines that there is no poison in them…almost every thing we do, we do with some kind of faith… what is so wrong with having a Christian faith. In following a command that says Love God above all else and love your neighbor as yourself…what’s so wrong about believing it is wrong to steal, or lie or kill? or that is wrong to want what belongs to your neighbor be it his wife or his belongings…..what is wrong about not gossiping or lieing about your neighbor…that’s what being a christian is all about… why does that distress you???? it is not a religion card, it is a way of life…..one I will pray that you embrace on day…. God Bless you….

        • Genesis 1:26
          And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:
          and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the
          fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over
          every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

          Genesis 1:27
          So God created man in his own image,
          in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

          Genesis 1:28
          And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply,
          and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish
          of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that
          moveth upon the earth.

        • grandmaforliberty – I don’t happen to be Christian but that was the best description of faith and Christianity that I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks! 🙂

        • Dear grandmaforliberty, I pray that you are passing your wisdom to your grandchildren. Thx for posting for all here:)

      • No GOD .- How do you explain the order and the beauty of the Universe and the people living in it ?Did the planet we are living in just morphed out of a meteorite? And where did Meteorites come from. Can you trace your ancestry to the lowly AMOEBA and explain how you evolved into a HUMAN BEING? Can you name a SCIENTIST who created MAN out of NOTHING ? Most of all — what PROOF are you looking for?

      • Wow, I see God in the intricacy and complexity of this universe he created, and you see nothing. Now that is what I call unbelievable. It also brilliantly illustrates the true closed mindedness and arrogance of the left.

      • Yes God exist! they are many people who has seen Him…..the sad is you are going to face Him one day, and He will tell sorry I do not Know you…. and you will see then your eternity…. (very , very sad picture)… Faith is God Himself! and is a gift from Him…. you feel Him, His love , his graces, more you love Him more He reveals to you…. he gives you wisdom , knowledge… etc…. you are here in this life to love Him. Know Him and serving Him…..Satan is the only one who interfere between you and Him…. think about that before is too late…. tell me do you have true peace in your heart? Do you love everyone with a merciful heart? by your answer you will know where you are….God is Merciful, with a truthful sorrow he will embrace you……stay away from those people who put all this ideas on your head….God Bless you!

          • I don’t believe Mary was talking about seeing God literally.

            The Bible is our Lord Jesus Christ face to face.

            Heb 12:2 -fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

            1 Corinthians 2:16 For WHO HAS KNOWN THE MIND OF THE LORD, THAT HE WILL INSTRUCT HIM? But we have the mind
            of Christ. (The Word of God, the Bible)

      • @Ceasar – There is lots of proof of the existence of God, but when you close your mind to that reality is when you lose God and hence you become a misguided person as you are. Republicans are not playing any religion card, they are following the U.S. Constitution which was written by conservatives who believe in God. Our Constitution of law in this country is based on the inalienable God given rights to every human being to be free. That is the premise and that is why we do not believe in the government as our God. The government believes we do not know what is best for ourselves and that they have the right to tell us what to do in all aspects of life. Those are NOT the teachings of the Bible and the Bible has been around for thousands of years. People are fed up with people like you. That is what they are fed up with. How do you call yourself a humanist when you support hurting human lives? You are only being selfish and in denial of God and that is why you are miserable. Do yourself a favor the next time you write something like that, do NOT hit send. You are embarrassing yourself in front of millions of people. May God Bless your diseased mind.

        • Just walk outside & open up your closed mind! Create a cow or a bee for that matter even a tree. He has even numbered the stars in the Heavens & the sands of the sea. Our Creator gave us our own free will to choose whatever path you desire. He came in the flesh & shed his blood on a Cross to pay your penalty which is due. So believe as you may because God has given you a choice. Blessed is the people who believe without seeing! It is by the grace of God by faith in our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ that we are accounted unto eternal life.

          • @JB – I think you meant to send this to Ceasar. But thank you for posting it to me anyway. I agree with you and my mind is not closed. His is. People like Ceasar are the equivalent to Dracula. All you have to do is say GOD to them and it is like Dracula looking at a cross, he turns to dust. The Bible teaches us this. It is how you kill evil. Just God Bless them and they go away. No violence, no fighting, just kill ’em with our love is all we need to do. It is working!! Of course it is, it is God’s words. 🙂

      • Cesar: How can you not see God and His reality? It is all around you–the stars, the sun and moon, the mountains, forests; everything permeates life, which no man can replicate. We have this Earth, a gift from God; how unfortunate that there are some men who would desecrate this marvelous gift. God expects mankind to take care of what He has provided–and there will be consequences for those who don’t. The belief in God is not based on “blind, uninformed faith” and has nothing to do with one’s political leanings. I am not one who adhere’s to organized religion, but I have a profound faith in our Creator and knowlege that the Universe and all that is in it is His. One thing for certain is that political and religious doctrines change over time—God doesn’t.

      • Obviously you don’t read . . . you don’t think . . . and you don’t see ! ! !
        You must be a lieberal . . . lol
        The OT is a History Book . . . full of future prophesies, most of which have come to pass . . . evidence of God or, just a lot of good guesses . . . you decide.
        Athiesm is a “religion” . . . you have to believe there is no God . . . as you cannot prove it. Humanism is the worship of self . . . neither worked out well in the 20th century . . . didn’t the athiests eliminate over 200 Million of the folks back in the day?

      • @Cesar M Gonzalez, “no proof of Gods existence” you sir are a fool “a fool in his heart says there is no God.” the proof of Gods existence is all around us look at the sky, trees…etc. In fact look into the mirror, look at your hand, look at the internal workings of the human heart. If I might propose a question to you; do you believe in the air? you can’t see it, all you see is the cause and effect of the wind, it moves the braches of the trees, and cools you off on a hot summers day. let me ask you; do you believe what the Bible says? and why? I will answer for you NO! on the 1st question and NO! on the 2nd plus I’ll even tell you why you don’t believe it ” because it was written by men.” right? here’s one final question for you to mull over in that small brain of yours: do you believe in evolution? I’ll answer this one for you too. YES!!! may I remind you the ‘theory’ of evolution was written by… wait for it… A MAN 1 man. HEBREWS 11:1 Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. I pray that the Lord opens your eyes, and heart to his truth and the love he has for you. In Jesus name I pray

      • I bet you also believe in Evolution and I also bet you have never read “On the Origin of Species and the descent of Man” by Charles Darwin which is where the theory comes from. So essentially, you believe in Evolution simply because 1. You were taught to believe in it in the public schools. and 2. You accept by faith on the word of some scientist you have never seen that Evolution is true. It is your kind that is ignorant of the facts because you have bought into the liberal propoganda hook, line, and sinker. Caught like fish in the very net of blind faith you acuse Christians of being in.

      • The cosmos demands a designer. The idea that everything came from nothing, that life appeared on its own and then “evolved” with no guiding force, is utterly preposterous. It is the height of irrationality.

      • Amazing how much uninformed faith you had & still have in obama and his plan. You never find faith a problem when it’s something you want to promote.

      • Not many in public life play the “religion card” or the “race card” any more than Borack Obama. As to there not being any proof of the existence of God, or a Creator, you are so wrong. There is far more proof of the existence of an Intelligent Creator than there is that there is not one. The very fact that you are alive, that is, conscious is proof. There is no source for consiousness in the physical, material world because it does not exist in any form of matter or energy (which are the only constituents of the universe) and their interactions cannot produce it. Consciousness must come from a supernatural source. In addition to that, it is impossible for nature on its own to come up with even the simplest cell. Cells are the fundamental building blocks of all life. The heart of a cell is DNA which is so complex that the probability of nature coming up with a strand of your DNA is 3.3 billion-billion-billion-billion to one. Your free will and ability to think freely are two other proofs that there is a God who gives these qaulities through your consciousness. If this were not so, your brain and body would be controlled entirely and involuntarily by the rigid laws of nature. You could do nothing or have no thoughts that were not driven by reaction to stimuli, the laws of action and reaction and cause and effect. If nature could not doing any of this, and it cannot, then there has to be some power beyond nature that can do it. That power is God the Creator, the giver of life, and the source of all truth and love. Believe in him, or be a fool.

      • Just profiling: 85% of murders and killings done by Agnostic, Atheists people who do not have a higher power. All you have to do is check out any prison

      • Atheist want to convince everyone that there
        is no God since they probably think they would make them feel better but it

        If you
        think the Word of God was written by mere man without God’s instructions you
        are badly mistaken. If man wrote the Bible none of us would be sinners and
        Jesus would not have had to die on the cross for the sins of ALL mankind.

    • They don’t want to believe in God, but many suspect that there is a God. They don’t want anyone greater than themselves telling them how to live their life. They want no judgment or to have to answer for anything they do. They are amoral. The reason they are so militantly anti-religion is that they are guilt-ridden over the possibility that they are wrong about GOd and might have to answer to Him. They therefore try to eradicate any reference to Him because by doing so, they do not have to be reminded of their constant offenses toward Him!

      • Humanists, Atheists Demanding More Privileges

        Today’s drive for “tolerance” and multiculturalism has created some strange scenarios. Major Ray Bradley has applied to be recognized as the first humanist “distinctive faith group leader” in the U.S. Army. Currently, the service only recognizes “atheist” as a category that Bradley can have inscribed on his dog tags.

        He objects to this designation as too negative: “Humanism is a philosophy that guides a person. It’s more than just a stamp of what you’re not.” When Bradley enlisted in 1986, the only designation available was: “No Religious preference.” His present effort is supported by the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers (MAAF). Besides “humanist,” they want to see “spiritual but not religious” added to the official designations available in the Army’s official records.

        The MAAF is also responsible for getting Bibles removed from the Air Force list of items provided in approved lodging facilities, and the word, “God” from the logo of its Rapid Capabilities office. One threatening letter from the MAAF was all it took.

        In Dallas, The American Humanist Association (AHA) took a page out of the homosexual playbook and accused a theater of violating the federal Civil Rights Act by refusing to show an advertisement from a local atheist group.

        These efforts are just part of a growing trend by militant anti-religion activists to speak up for more recognition. Over the last few years, billboards, bus placards and even public demonstrations promoting “disbelief” have made news.

        According to the most recent American Religious Identification Survey, approximately 30 million people in the United States identify themselves as atheist, humanist, freethinker or agnostic.

        But humanism is more central to mankind’s basic rebellion against his Creator. As Bradley points out, humanism is a philosophy that guides people, not just a declaration of no confidence in the existence of a Creator.

        In fact, Satan’s lie to Eve that she could “be as gods,” was the start of Bradley’s philosophy of humanism which elevates mankind to the supreme position in the universe.

        The full blossoming of humanism began about the same time as the Reformation. Under the thumb of the popes during the dark ages, ignorance and superstition reigned in the culture. Without available books, few could read.

        Gutenberg’s printing press (and the wonderful chemists who invented cheap paper) broke that barrier. Within 50 years, 10 million books were available; especially the Bible.

        But when you read the Bible, you have to make a choice: submit to your Creator —or reject Him. Two streams of modern history were born at that point: the Reformation and the Secular streams.

        Biblical doctrine guided the Reformation, which transformed western culture into the most prosperous, free society yet. Birth pangs in Northern Europe and Great Britain birthed the United States of America, dedicated to living in accord with a biblical path.

        But the humanists in Europe, who fostered the bloody French Revolution, were busy planting seeds of their “philosophy” in America. Harvard, Yale, and Columbia were founded as pastor training schools. Now they are fountainheads of godlessness which flows all the way down to our kindergartens.

        Humanism seeks to establish heaven on earth by evolution’s natural selection, technology’s grand discoveries, psychology’s personality enhancements, and search for cosmic enlightenment. Biblical prophecy shows that their dream will never happen; that only Jesus’ return can redeem the creation from the pollution of human arrogance.

        • Just goes to show , we have weirdos at Officer levels. He should be discharged immediately. In my time he might have been fragged.

        • Raymond. Thorough and well presented. The left has succeeded in embedding open homosexualty into the military. It’s next step will be to reattempt to eliminate the chaplain corps. They already tried — back in the early 1980s. They failed that time, but things are far more leftist today than they were during the Reagan years. After 30 years of leftist indoctrination of the younger generations, they’ve succeeded in creating a far more atheistic leaning society and one in which the young, in many cases, don’t know a thing about communism and the Cold War. They think the Democrats’ ideas are all new, when in fact they’re nothing more than standard socialist doctrine. This whole purpose of pushing the gay agenda is part of the plan to undermine Christianity. It’s meant to supplant religion in general, but their focus is on Christianity because it was God-fearing Christians who founded this country and who gave us the Constitution. They must undermine and weaken the foundation (the Constitution) in order to destroy what we have, which is what’s necessary in order for them to build their dreamed of “nirvana.”

          • And that will be the final “nail” in the real freedoms of the US, and likely the protections that we are afforded by God.

          • Plain truth……The word gay is just a pretty word designed to hide the act of sodomy.
            Sodomy, pedophilia and a dozen other descriptions of amoral behavior is despicable in the eyes of The Almighty Creator God. If you live this way, you may believe in A god but you do not believe in God. There is no limit to the horrid acts a sodomite will act upon each other, little boys and girls and animals. They are liars, dishonest and unable to properly function in society. If you believe any different, you better reevaluate your beliefs. I’d bet that most states have laws on the books that forbid this lifestyle. Remember sodom and gomorrah….. I could happen again..

        • They represent EVERYTHING that I am against in this world, as well as radical islam…..They are two sides of the same satanic “coin” and totally belong in the pit of hell from which they derived…. They hate FREEDOM — except for their own, which is godless license……..to kill MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of INNOCENT unborn babies and call it WOMENS’ HEALTH!!!! I just totally DETEST all of their garbage and….I am SOOO ready to get out of here!!……….The Libtard Left has NO IDEA about what is coming, as they are rapidly bringing judgment on themselves…….

          2 Thess. 2:10-12

          • I suppose as a Muslim, I do am against “radical Islam”, as well. I sign on to the premise of some of the messages, which call for a return to Our Creator, whom in the Arabic language, is referred to as “Allah”. There’s no question, the “order” of the day is to ex-communicate man and woman from their “fitras” or natures, by virtue of the continual promotion of homosexuality, abortion and just social chaos in general.
            Obviously, our Creator wants us, professors and adherents to divine Scripture, to think and reason, but in the atheist model, this “thinking” escapes the bounds of real common, natural sense, most pointedly evident with the cult-like following for Barack Obama.

          • “cult” is factually correct , and the right description for that group, you stated this beautifully. thank you.

          • Kathleen Cragie, you sound like someone I would like to know. Glad to know that there are some Muslims (not radicals) who do not believe that
            their mission on Planet Earth is to kill all who do not believe as they do and expect to be rewarded with the gift of 72 (or whatever number) of
            virgins for those murders. Always wondered how anyone could believe in a Creator who would give such commands and punish the virgins by awarding them to these murderers.

            Somehow the message must have gotten altered in the translation or
            else the Creator didn’t have much respect for both male & female non-believers, nor for the female half of his believers.

            I think that when we all learn the real truth, we will find that we all share the same creator, but from somehow things got lost or altered while being interpreted in the various cultures on Planet Earth.

            The outing of pediphile priests and the way the Roman Catholic Church handled them for decades, if not centuries, says that a lot of the other religions forsake morals to retain wealth, when they see the possibility of their wealth flying out the doors.

            I find organized religion leaves a lot to be desired, but I still have a
            strong belief in our Creator, who created man in HIS image, and wish
            that man would cease & desist from trying to remake HIM by attributing
            all our misbehaviors to HIM. We call your Allah, GOD, but according to our OLD TESTAMENT he calls himself YAHWEH or ELOHIM.

      • You had better believe that there is a God! Do you really believe everything around us just evolved? Come on now, because if that were true we could create a big pile of all sorts mechanical stuff, then wait a few million years for it to evolve into an automobile. Guess what we would then have a big pile of rust with no car in sight. Just look at the human eye plus the visual centers in the brain than do things the best computers can’t touch. This eye brain system is billions of times more complex than anything humans have ever built. Yes, all that we see around us was created by an intelligence we cannot even begin to imagine, and that intelligence is GOD! If we accept Jusus Christ as our Lord and Savior we will have eternal lives and we will learn first hand what God has created in this marvelous universe of ours!

        • Absolutely…. We are fearfully and wonderfully made…. The Libtard Left will use their evolution/big bang delusions to their dying day just so they can deny their accountability before God, but that does NOT change the TRUTH, as they hate being reminded……….

          Rom. 1:18-20
          2 Thess. 2:10-12
          Ps. 139
          2 Cor. 4:3-5

        • Are you truly so arrogant as to limit God to your understanding of creation? Science is NOT antithetical to religious belief. Science seeks to learn more about creation and to understand this. God gave us minds to use, not to submit meekly to the dogma propagated by OTHER humans. Evolution is all around us and does not contradict Genesis. God created in an order of the 7 days, who are any of us to limit God as to how long a day is or to limit him is how he decided to create creatures that may have lived and died in one of his days before he created man. Creation is a wonder. It deserves to be embraced and investigated.

      • Very well said sir. Hopefully some liberal will see this and hear God saying to them in essence “This is YOU!”

      • Absolutely what I have always thought. Ignore the 300 lb. gorilla in the room, and you won’t have to deal with him. Otherwise, what would they care if we believe in God. It certainly doesn’t hurt them. It only hurts them if it reminds them that they should be living under His rule, not theirs, and they don’t want to be reminded of that. It is because they want to be the Higher Power. They want no one above them.. This does lead to anarchy. No where else to go. No reason for laws or rules because there are no ultimate consequences for one’s actions. You can be as bad as you want if there is no one to make you pay for your actions.

      • Although I agree w/you, Tom, and jkdriss, I have to add Ann Coulter’s quote to this conversation because I honestly believe it sums up the true Liberal view of God.

        “Liberals hate the idea of God because it competes with their conception of themselves as a specially anointed elite.” – Ann Coulter

      • Oh but there are consequences, it’s just that they ignore them and when they can’t do that, they’ll blame it on someone else. I have a 5 year old who does the same thing.

    • 2 Timothy 3
      1This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. 2For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, 4Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; 5Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. 6For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,7Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. 8Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning thefaith. 9But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as theirs also was.

    • Progressives, liberals and social democrats live in a world of half-spaces. Whenever they become in charge of the government, this short-sighted mental block presents huge problems for those they govern. Never seeking the big picture, they only look at the benefit/result side of the equation and seldom if ever look to the other side where the costs, resources, work and sacrifices must be allocated. They think that all they need to achieve their utopian pipe-dreams are spending, taxing and borrowing. The costs and labor will be provided as their misguided efforts demand. They are not concerned that the more they drain from the supply side of the real world, the more limited and shaky the benefits become, but they charge on with their pipe-dreams as though the resources are unlimited. They cannot see, even with all the human wreckage that socialism has inflicted on nations of the world, that the utopia they desire to build has a foundation of shifting sand. The supply side is not unlimited, and it too must be nourished and not drained dry. The world actually works well when both sides of the equation are given their due regard and a reasonable and fair balance is maintained between benefits desired and the costs and resources needed to achieve it. This is the most fundamental reason that socialism has not and cannot ever achieve the nirvana they dream of. They need to wake up and see the real world, the whole world, not just the half that serves them.

      • Actually the spiritual world reports that the supply side is positively unlimited and all we humans need to do is obey God and He will provide abundantly, but conservatives are too mean-spirited and selfish to manifest that, they are bean-counters in the supply sense, that’s why no loaves and fishes miracles ever happen with them. And speaking of envy, they never stop carping about benefits the poor receive, as if every dollar ever printed was theirs to begin with. Their other philosophical mistake is believing wealth, or the wealthy, will save them, if they get just a little more stingy; but God loves a cheerful giver, and maybe that’s why you don’t have more than if you didn’t begrudge the poor. Energy is positively unlimited. N.Tesla and countless researchers on Youtube have proved that, but conservatives are fossilized in their ability to learn (egotism IS a learning disability) and if a star trek replicator (condensing energy into matter) ever came into their hands, they would promptly destroy it, because abundance violates their belief systems, not to mention their gate-keeper positions they feel justifies them to charge.

        • Substitute “liberal” for the word “conservative” in your post and you nailed it. Try looking in the mirror. Why do liberal hypocrites have to accuse conservatives of what they themselves are doing?
          If both conservatives and liberals take an IQ test, the results will speak for themselves. Of course, the libs will blame their low scores on Bush…however (IN THIS PARTICULAR INSTANCE) there may be SOME truth to that, since the last 4 or 5 presidents have done little to improve the public indoctrination system (in which “guest” was obviously “edumacated”). This admin has had almost a full term to fix it but has only made it exponentially worse. Since when is Harvey Milk a hero??

        • Gaytheists are -EFFEMINATE-ADULT-Children-Of-The-Damned.

          Gae* BUMPER_STINKER seen in Vermontopia[google this]»»»

          Isaiah KNEW WHAT WAS GOING ON! (B-]
          And I will give CHILDREN** to be their princes, and the *EFFEMINATE(GAES) shall rule over them.

          In other words»»»

          And I will give children – Not children in respect to age so much as in regard to talent for governing. I will commit the land to the government of WEAK AND IMBECILE PRINCES. This would naturally occur when the wise and great were removed; 

    • Exactly right! They don’t even realize that if they get what they are proposing they will have to live under all the various rules and regulations, and under opposing ideas of what freedom really is. They are so clueless that we will suffer the consequences just as they will if they can convince enough people to embrace Obama again for another four year term. Then if Obama gets his way, we all will be subjects to this dictator-in-chief. How many of us (and them) will become slaves to this Muslim, and be subjected to sharia law. We better convince everyone that we have the way to fix the problems we as a country face and not allow an Obama militia or the UN to control us..

    • jkdriss, it seems as though you have put together a well thought out assessment. They are also masters of getting things done by others with money other than theirs.

    • They understand the word. They just don’t want to acknowledge that the word is in the English Language, or that it applies to them; or they think that the word doesn’t apply to them as it applies to everyone else. But I’m pretty sure they understand the word — they think that the meaning doesn’t apply to them.

      Of course, these regressives to tyranny probably think that they will make up the new nobility in the New World Order, and don’t even think that they are being used for some purpose.

    • Great comment; exactly what we believe. Man cannot control their own depravity. They rationalize evil with relativity – there is so much evil in this world; what is evil to one person is not to another. Only in the eye of the beholder and if many say it is not evil then it is believed and justified. There are no real standards of evil in our day and Satan loves it and makes his deceptions easy. Satan says there is no absolute evil, however; he is evil. Evil is called good in our day and accepted as good tomorrow as relative.



        Homosexuals are not FIT, IN ANY WAY¡!


        Pseudo_Christian_POSSUMS WILL ONLY FORGIVE EVIL¡!

    • With all due respect, as Humanist, and as we are called God less, we are pragmatic and we see no evidence whatsover of any supernatural existance in the universe. The ancient hebrews and many other old superstitious societies conjured up these ideas as time went on due to the lack of scientific knowledge. The first scientific finding was that the earth was not the center of the universe as believed in the Bible. The second big scientiflic discovery was the proof positive existance of evolution. There are hundreds pieces of evidence that you can touch feel and see. Science has taken us back some 15 billion years to the past and I believe in the next 100 years if we don’t blow each other up over religious wars, science will takes us back to the beginning of time and matter. This constant name calling of Humanists without any proof is not very scientific. Actually the Christian philospher Jesus held many humanistic ideas as to the treatrment of mankind. At the end it will be one goal these ideas represent in nature, a better way for the survival of the species.


        Modern Man is around 6000 years old. OUR FOREBEARS CAME FROM THE HEAVENS. Our brains tripled in size in the blink of an eye. We are HYBRIDS, @§₩H0L€¡!

        Do you REALLY FEEL, that ancient architecture was built by hand and stone chisels(rhetorical)¿? Some of the TOLERANCES CANNOT BE REPLICATED, TODAY.

      • “The second big scientiflic discovery was the proof positive existance of evolution.” LOL . . LOL . . LOL
        Why don’t you post this evidence? Cause you can’t . . . why . . . because it does not exist . . . . whole universities have been challenged to produce just ONE . . . Scientific indisputable FACT of Evolution . . . the world still waits . . .

      • Not really . . . evolution is an hypothesis . . . an unproven mindless hypotheses . . .
        Gravity is on display every day . . . you can demonstrate the presence of gravity . . . not so for the myth of evolution . . .

    • JK ; I can see you are an enlightened man ! You nailed these guys ! Their philosophy of governance is essentially what Plato advocated centuries ago , and Sir Thomas Moore ( Utopia ) more recently ! They believe that only an elite group of intellectuals , preferably philosophers , are capable of governance , and they see the uniformed masses as incapable of directing their one lives in productive endeavors ! The masses are to be treated like sheep , guided and herded by the intelligent elite ! Obama sees himself in this mold , which explains why he asks us just trust him to design for us the perfect social construct to assure our happiness ! Nancy Pelosi asked Congress to just pass Obamacare so that they could find out what IS IN IT ! There you have the modern version of Plato’s Republic or Thomas Moore’s Utopia ! Just trust them and life will be beautiful !

  2. Why I am a Radical Liberal Progressive ? … YOU ASK !
    PERIOD ! ! ! ! !

  3. Good article. The left began redefining words awhile ago and it has effectively confused and mislead the dumbmasses.

  4. My dad fought with liberal his entire life. “They are so far out, their brains are falling out.” Which make a lot of sense. They have not developed any common sense, so their brains must have fallen out years ago.

  5. Our country was based on Judeo Christian principles. That does not mean it was a Judeo Christian country nor does it mean the people running it were Christians, it simply means they governed from a Judeo-Christian view point. As that basis was underminded over time it opened the door to any and all forms of thought.
    Someone posted a speach by Presidrnt Kennedy a few days ago. What I noticed was Kennedy used the word Republic he never used the word democracy. If you listen to ANY politician on the right or left today you will only hear democracy. The Republic has been over thrown by a democracy and the enemy never fired a shot. The really sad part is most Americans are to busy watching TV to know or even care.

  6. What’s sad is the 1960’s hippie crowds on LSD and Heroin made more sense than the DNC or this administration. Maybe they need more dope so they won’t be such big jerks.

    • Assuming that your response was directed to the post of gillooly, please explain the rationale behind your feeling that others should be obligated to pay for your sexual activities or proclivities

  7. I am sorry you feel this way. Conservtives say they want small government, but then want to tell people how to behave. They claim to be pro life, but only accept abstinence as their only tool. They want govt to control women, outlaw birth control, punish anyone that has sex without procreation in mind. THAT is big government to me.

    • You are either just stupid or lying.
      We don’t want to tell anyone how to behave.
      We are pro-life and most practice the birth control that WE think meets our needs. Abstinence is one proven birth control method but so are condoms and the pill. We think you should decide for yourself what works for you……just don’t ask us to pay for it.
      Control women? Really?
      Outlaw birthcontrol? Name one conservative who wants to outlaw it…………we just don’t want to pay for yours.
      Punish anyone who has sex without procreation in mind????? What the hell are you talking about? State examples please.

    • Frankly, most of us don’t care with whom or how many people or for what reason anyone has sex. We do reject the idea that we should be forced to pay for it.

    • You’ve managed to focus what initially sounded like a wide-sweeping revelation about Conservative’s calling the shots for individuals into one iteration, and even IT is wrong! Pay ATTENTION rather than go with lib talking points. This should not even BE an issue! Just be prepared to pay for your own womb killing if you are an adult and had unprotected sex. Abortion should NOT be a damn form of BIRTH CONTROL!!!

    • You are obviously a product of the public school system. That is not meant to be an insult, simply an observation. You make statements as if they were fact without the benefit of any knowledge or understanding of conservative principles. You categorize and classify people based on your beliefs, not theirs. There is a term for that and it’s call “intolerance.” You degrade people for their beliefs without attempting to learn the truth of those beliefs. There is a term for that. Two in fact. “bias” and Prejudice.” Perhaps we are shattering yet another liberal myth here? What do you think?

    • If you believe that Republicans ever talked about outlawing birth-control, please become informed. That simply never happened. Republicans may feel birth control is a sin, but it was never suggested, even by Santorum, to ban it. But the media lies outright and gullible fools believe the propaganda. Just so you understand, what Republicans have said is that each person should be responsible for their own sexual needs and it is unlawful and wrong to make taxpayers pay for birth control, abortion, viagra, or any other sexual product, and I believe it is.

  8. They also say they are for women’s rights but then bash anyone who chooses to stay at home and raise their children.
    They say they are for the minorities but their pro-abortion stance assists in killing babies that are by an overwhelming majority black.
    They say they want jobs for everyone but their policies seek to demonize the job creators.
    They say everyone should pay their “fair share” of taxes but 50% of our people pay absolutely no taxes at all.
    The Liberals are truly a walking talking contradiction.

    • They also claim to be open-minded, support women’s rights, and want to destroy the “Glass Ceiling.” That is unless the woman in a conservative, then it’s not the “Glass Ceiling” they want to destroy, but the woman herself.

  9. so,, let’s do what the left does… let’s apply their words to we in the ‘right’. The left loves attaching their twisted definitions to what used to be good usable words… well two can play in that sandbox!
    I’m a radical, liberal freedom-loving progressive that loves small government, embraces our Christian Founding Fathers, believes a one-man+one woman marriage needs to progress further into the tomorrows and am all out to firm up our American Judeo-Christian heritage!

    I could like this!

    • @Rog – Right on! The reason “marriage” is for one man and one woman is to procreate. There is no other way to keep the human race going if you can not re-create life. That is why we should continue to laugh at the liberal misconceptions regarding LIFE because they are funny. Liberalism is an endangered species because they can not procreate with their believes and so they will become extinct soon enough. GOD and the Bible teach us how to live happily and continue our existence forever. It is that simple. If you believe in LIFE and if you believe in being happy and if you believe in LOVE and if you believe in giving joy to others simply by being friendly and caring then you believe in God. Our current gov. does NOT believe in any of that. They too are on the endangered list and in Nov. will be extinct! No one wants to save them. LOL!!!!!! See how that works. When you are Loved you get saved. Very easy to understand.

  10. Enjoy your posts… However I found this line confusing: ‘Radical comes from the root “root.”’ (Looks like a typo)… Keep up the good work…

    • Actually, it is not a typo. “Radical” and “radish” have the same basis of definition. It comes from the Latin, “radix,” meaning “root,” or “source.” Here endeth the lesson. :o)

  11. Definition of RADICAL
    1 : of, relating to, or proceeding from a root: as a (1) : of or growing from the root of a plant (2) : growing from the base of a stem, from a rootlike stem, or from a stem that does not rise above the ground b : of, relating to, or constituting a linguistic root c : of or relating to a mathematical root d : designed to remove the root of a disease or all diseased and potentially diseased tissue
    2 : of or relating to the origin : fundamental
    3 a : very different from the usual or traditional : extreme b : favoring extreme changes in existing views, habits, conditions, or institutions c : associated with political views, practices, and policies of extreme change d : advocating extreme measures to retain or restore a political state of affairs
    4 slang : excellent, cool

  12. Long live Social Securety, Medicare,unemployment comp.medicaid, food assistance for the poor,Farm subsidies, Fima, electrification of the South, Hoover Dam, Interstate Highway system, with all of its shortcommings still the best all encompassing public education system in the world that created the worlds best economy, the GI Bill and much much more came from those radical liberal ideas, I forgot to mention the Constitution of the United States also came from liberal free thinkers who got the Idea from Greek, Roman democracy, American Indian social governance , and yes the Magna Carta,can’t think of one Idea that came out the Bible about democracy.

    • You obviously never read the Bible. This country is based on religious freedom and Christian belief in God. When God was removed from the home we started the long slide down the slippery slope to where we are today. Time to dig in your toes and climb out.

      • You obviously never read the Constitution. There is no religion test for office, so your Sunday school understanding of what America is “based upon” is complete nonsense. Religious freedom and “Christian belief in God” are opposites. Religious freedom and freedom from tyranny is what this country is based upon.

        God was NEVER “removed from the home,” but your knowledge seems to have been removed from your mind.

        • You obviously can’t understand english – Doc didn’t say anthing like what you are implying. You do that a lot, must be that cognitive issue you keep trying to lay on everybody else.

        • You obviously didn’t understand the nature of Doc’s comment. Nor do you apparently understand what the people who founded this country believed in at the time it was founded… You are too stupid to believe.

    • The Constitution was a liberal idea, but leftists have perverted the meaning of the word “liberal” which was kind of the point of this article, in case you missed it. Like all Orwellian statists, you have simply turned the meaning upside down. war is peace, right is wrong, freedom is slavery. And gay is queer. And by the way, our education system is very far from best, it doesn’t even rank as acceptable anymore. Therefore, parents pay for private schools or home school their children themselves. The only ones trapped in the public school ghetto are the poor that liberals always claim they want to help. But you consign helpless children to these squalid dens of crime and call it education. Can Democrats really be so blind?

  13. Co-opt terms and trends, then render them useless. Repeat as necessary.

    Page 2 Paragraph 1.b. Volume 1 Marxist Red Manual.

  14. As a proud progressive I believe that the boot of progressive central government is the only way humankind can embrace the future. The 20th century is filled with the benefits to humankind whenever we are under the boot of a strongman leader.

    Central government needs more power and control to keep Republicans from putting all
    you people back in the chains the Democrat party and our Jim Crow regulations,
    and our KKK have historically fought to keep you people in! The Democrat party,
    the only American political organization to have murdered several thousand
    black Americans and Republcans, is the party that still fights for the freedom
    to be our Democrat slaves! Look … Obama/Biden will fight for free chains and
    against the Republicans who don’t want you to know that individual freedom is
    slavery because the Democrat party knows what you people need better than you
    do. Democrat slaves are happy slaves Therefore, slavery to the Democrat party,
    the party of the American slave master, is true Freedom! Vote Obama/Biden 2012
    for freedom? We have created a society where the KKK and the New Black Panther Party can unite in their hatred of “blackie and whitey” under the big tent of Democrat party division! As Biden suggested, the New Black Panther Party must fight to be our Democrat
    party free-slave! We, the Democrat party, will give them, and all people, the government chains of freedom they need! Wise progressive strongmen leaders will tell them how to put their pants on!

    This is why I am a proud progressive, liberal Democrat!

    • So, you would give away GOD given freedoms for what STATE CONTROL. You sir/ma’am/it, are a poster child for everything this REPUBLIC WAS NOT FOUNDED IN.
      Let me guess you where absent when the teacher taught the class about a once profound quote, Gerald R. Ford, who said, “A government big enough to give you
      everything you want is a government big enough to take from you
      everything you have,”
      August 12, 1974. The debate is over, enslavement is caused by peoples innate need to ” keep up with the Joneses “. Debt and power through that debt is the cause of loss of true freedom. Humans are a selfish, self-centered creature with no given function. Until MONEY gets involved, then all the morality and freedom is gone. Just look around. BTW I applaud you on your conviction and being able to articulate that so well.

  15. History has shown us the the liberal left hides there true agenda behind whatever minority cause they can find . They use the term civil right and use it as a cover for their real plans . Be the minority racial , morals religious ( or non-religious ) whatever . It serves as a front for their agena to totally control our lives from cradle to grave . They forget , or possibly never knew that they are a select minority chosen by the majority to govern that majority to the wishes of that majority . Yet they insist on catering to the cries of the minority cries or screams the loudest .

    And yet , the next time around , they will quickly abandon that minority in favor of the next that yells that they are being persecuted or unfairly treated . The blacks got civil rights and affirmative action in education and employment . And yet the are little better off because of welfare and a new class it has enslaved . Slaves of the liberal left who use them as needed then forget them until they are useful again . How long before their new pets , the gay’s and anti-religion gang or the Occupy Mobs are disgarded ? I suppose it won’t matter by then , everyone will be slaves of the new Communist Liberal Left and working for their comfort

  16. I believe in a higher power, I do not believe in the papal system. That’s a totally different issue. I believe that how I live here on earth will impact what happens to me later. The so called Intelligencia , believe that they have reached such a high level of learning that there cannot possibly be anyone who is more intelligent than they are. Just look at most professors at our universities., and their indoctrination of our youth.

  17. This Obama/Biden spokesperson from the Obama/Biden Occupy Movement explains why Republicans and their false idea of “individual freedom and private property” must be removed from our society by any means necessary!

    The strong boot of the Progressive Radical Democrat is the only way forward. Republican-ism is going against the tide of human history!

  18. Intolerant and close minded pretty much covers it but stupid, elitist, unthinking, arrogant, violent liars is a bit closer to the truth. If you want proof of their inability to actualy think just ask them to defend their beliefs without using the term “the party says”. They can not, and will not think for themselves, they can only spout the progressive mantra. Anyone remember the early stages of the occupy movement? When asked why they were there none of them had a clue.

  19. The entitlement crowd doesn’t give a darned about America and its unique greatness, its all about giving me free stuff syndrome and the ignorance that goes along with failing to understand that the money will run out. Calif is bankrupt and Senator Boxer and Feinstein have been complicent in that financial disaster yet the stupid people who keep these two millionairess’s in office do so to get their free stuff, not because they love Calif and want the nation to be the shining light in the world. Capitoliism causes some economic problems but socialism kills the free market engine that makes us prosperous. The vote in Nov 2012 will define our direction for decades, I hope you are a commie hater like me, otherwise the socialist democrats in Congress and the Whitehouse got a big surprise for you.

  20. Liberalism has been the purposeful dumbing down of America. I’m concerned about young people who are the future. Seeing O’Reilly the other night having a spot where a guy is asking young people about govt candidates,one young girl said she was a communist. She appared as a total airhead who hasn’t the faintest idea of what her admission was or what communism really is. I can guarantee you, one week of living in Cuba,and she’d no longer proclaim herself communist. I hope all you brain dead liberals out there are “pro choice” in letting your kids decide for themselves the difference between your liberalism and what is common sense. The youth is our future and they need only look at the once great state of California what happens when liberalism swept away once existing conservatism to see the result. High taxes,high cost of living,bankrupt cities,widespread joblessness,a state government $16 billion in the hole,high crime from never ending gun laws against law abiding citizens,sanctuary for illegal immigrants,radical environmentalism resulting in a no industry Burger King economy all add up to California D.O.A. !!

  21. I am a “Patriotic Constitutionalist”… as all Americans should be. If we would get back to following the Constitution, we could eliminate many of the problems our nation faces. Romney may not be perfect, but he understands this, and is vastly better than the Traitor-in-Chief we have in the Whitehouse currently. If Obama wins in November, I fear our republic may not survive… literally!

  22. This article hits it headon about Liberals, but it missed one point — Liberalism is Satan’s camp. I abhor and despise the tactics they use to achieve their goals. There is nothing they wouldn’t do to arrive at their objectives. They label Christian pastors who says “homosexuality is a sin” as “hate speech”. The only hate I’m hearing is from them when they sound like they want to tear Christians apart.
    Words fail me on how I loathe Liberals.

  23. You could have saved all that writing. Here it is in a nutshell. The so-called liberal, progressives have been co-opted by the communists. There’s a professor at Harvard (he’s from Boliva, I think), who teaches nothing but socialism. Yeah, your tax dollars at work, folks.

    Anyway, the liberal left today consists of nothing more than either a bunch of ‘useful idiots’ or like the ones at the very top, the communists. They’ve been waiting in the trenches for a very, very long time. Obama has been groomed for his current position. The communists apparently feel that now is their time to move for their final push to overtake America.

    There you have it. Plain and simple.

    • I just have to point out that the “ones at the top” are useLESS idiots. No one should ever accuse BO of being intelligent. It was just another big lie that they repeated so often, people became convinced.

  24. This seems off to me in several ways. One and most importantly, many of the poor were born into poverty. In the US the inter-generational social mobility in the US is very poor compared to other 1st world countries (the worst in fact, suggesting the “American dream” of rags to riches is more common in some other countries). Some people do of course go from rags to riches, but on the average much of success just depends on the luck of who you happened to be born to. The solution most liberals support for addressing poverty is 1) funding for education 2) health and nutritional programs (poor health is a major hindrance to success among those born into poverty). Republicans typically want to cut public funding for both. Further, rich “dumb” kids (lower third on test scores) are more likely to graduate college than poor “smart kids), it is virtually the same but still this is a major sign of “under-privilege.

    No one is “pro-abortion” they’d still would prefer they just didn’t get pregnant, and used contraception (it is the religious right who often undermines this avenue). The term homosexuals has negative connotations so they seem to prefer gay so that’s what they should be called, and those I do know seem quite happy (when they aren’t confronted with blatant hatred from strangers).

    I also don’t know many liberals who call themselves “radical”, objectively liberals in the US are generally what Europeans would call conservatives. Obama would be further right than any serious politician in Scandinavia for example. By progressive, it refers to progressive taxation and a social safety net. Basically all of these criticisms you’ve made are unjustified.

  25. So much BS, it’s hard to pick a lie to address. I’ll start here:

    “Consider the welfare “cure” for poverty. It might give a little more money to some people who currently have little, but leftist “radicals” have failed to understand why most people are poor. It’s often not because they are “under-privileged.” It’s usually because they are lazy. And welfare doesn’t curtail laziness. In fact, it promotes it. That’s like thinking precipitation hurts the bug population just because you don’t see many mosquitos while it’s raining. So, leftists aren’t radical.”

    First of all, not all progressives are radical. On the other hand, it seems that most reactionaries (people who write for Political Outcast) are liars. The poor are poor for various reasons: 1) capitalism needs and always creates an army of the unemployed. Full employment is impossible with capitalism, so welfare helps keep this army from becoming a revolutionary army for socialism. 2) Racism. 3) Ageism. 4) Economic downturns.

    Karl Marx and Thomas Hobbes both believed that men should work. There is little debate about that which is why there was bipartisan support for welfare reform in the mid-90’s. That, no matter how much Romney is lying about Obama’s pro-Republican changes (to let the states try innovative ways to get people back to work) to the welfare program, is why this particular attack on progressives is just more nonsense…like we hear on Fox propaganda and on GBTV: the lies live there (too).

    • How sad that a seemingly intelligent person would try to justify the welfare debacle. Of course it encourages laziness, that is not a Republican talking point, it is a common sense observation. Barrack Obama has just undermined, by an illegitimate EO, the bi-partisan requirement of work for welfare and you defend this. There is no legitimate argument for taking money out of my earned pay and giving it unearned to someone who will not work. All the “progressive” programs that provide freebees to the lazy at the expense of the industrious are finally being recognized for what they are – a way for Democrats to buy political power with other people’s money – pure, blatant and unjustified demagoguery. Call this Republican, Fox news, or right wing, if you must, but hard working Americans are plain fed up with being told we must keep paying for deadbeats, and that is now a fact that liberals can’t get around.

  26. Lenin once remarked that “The first duty of the propagandist is to subvert the meaning of words.” His proteges in the West have carefully heeded his advice, and have worked very diligently to use euphemisms — whenever possible — when describing themselves or their activities in the political realm.

    As far as I’m concerned, there is no meaningful difference between a “communist” and any other garden-variety leftist. They all work for the same result, even though some are bolder or more aggressive than others in this pursuit…

  27. Best bumper sticker I have seen…. Definition of a liberal—-someone who is so open minded their brains have fallen out.

  28. There were two original parties that had to reconcile their differences to form the United States of America. The Federalist and the Anti-Federalist. They made an agreement, that wouldn’t hold for long, and it led to the Civil War. After the Civil War no agreement was needed and the situation never resolved. Today the same division exists. Federalist vs Anti-Federalist. Oh, Federalists want a strong Federal Government(Control of Everything)vs Anti-Federalists(Strong State Governments that cater to their Citizens needs and wants). Same Story when the country was founded as today. Basically we have not ever been able to agree.

  29. “Back In The Day” I used to try to be a bit understanding, since Jimmy Carter I just fire anybody that bothers me with any lib idea. I no longer waste any time with anybody who knows anybody who votes liberal. ‘Course I live in Texas where we exile all our loons to Austin so we can watch them carefully!!!

  30. I think Mark Levin has used the right word: Statists. They believe in big government, handouts, cradle-to-grave, welfare, etc.

  31. A Liberal :
    He or she loves the Corn but is not concerned with saving some for “Seed”…..He Loves
    the Services but not pay the Tax to provide………We have grown to hate the Tax so much
    that Laws were made to FORCE the provisions…..and the result of that is mass Waste.
    Waste is CAUSED by Politicians, and Politicians are “Leches”.. Our founding Fathers
    we “Humitarians”……….So we must rethink our position !
    Please, I say this not to be disrespectful, but I love America and Liber ideas are wasting
    us away……..Respectfully, G

  32. Liberal means communist, idiot, moron, either horribly ignorant or stupid, target of opportunity, brainless, brain dead, misguided dupe, etc. You get the idea, if you aren’t liberal and too stupid to grasp it.

    • Tuck —

      Actually F Hayek and Milton Friedman are both self-proclaimed liberals and couldn’t be further from Marxism, socialism, progressivism, or any form or label of totalitarianism. They always qualified their self-description by citing tht they are classical liberals.

      The word liberal actually derives from the Latin root ‘libre’ meaning ‘free’ and thus implying “free to choose”. I think that was the author’s intention … to demonstrate how badly language can be mangled when history and literature are taught incorrectly (as has been done by the US government school system since the 1930’s),

      Clearly, the people who refer to themselves as liberals today do not understand the true meaning or origin of the word.

  33. Historical footnote: “Progressives” are what the Soviet-directed Communists of the 1930’s and 1940’s called themselves. History repeating?

  34. I can agree with much of the sentiment and logic of this article. The problem comes when we start discussing specifics. For instance, everyone (except maybe Paul Krugman) believe that this country is running deficits that are simply unsustainable. However, when you talk specifics no one wants to cut anything specifically. Republicans still want their wars (which Democrats curiously support). Democrats want social spending of all kinds (which Republicans curiously support). As always, the vast majority of the political conversation in this country evolves around labels and pithy sayings instead of cold-hard discussion. Republicans don’t want to give up the farm bills. Democrats don’t want to give up medicare cuts. Republicans create the No Child Left Behind Act and Democrats vote for the Patriot Act. Paul Ryan, for all his deficit hawk talk, is a pro-war, pro social-spending, pro-bailout Republican. President Obama for all his talk on change has carried on virtually every single Bush era policy – Guantanamo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Wall St. Bailouts, etc etc etc. For all the Republicans talk on ending abortion, they didn’t ram through Congress a pro-life bill when they had the House and Senate and the White House. For all the Democrats talk on affordable healthcare, they passed “Obamacare” which has thousands of pages of corporate loopholes, tax credits, special favors etc etc. None of this is surprising though. Why? When trillions of dollars flows in and out of Washington D.C. every year only an idiot wouldn’t realize that the people will fight tooth and nail for as much of the pie as they can get. Why should I trust my neighbor when he supports politicians which take money out of my pocket and put it in his? Why shouldn’t the political discourse in this country be dirty, angry, and virulent? As Penn and Teller so eloquently put it, “I’m not taking pie from you. I’m giving pie to me.”

  35. One of the major difficulties we have in the United States is the interference of the political division in the free market or economic part of our society. Politicians have convinced portions of the free market that political interference is good for their industries or businesses and the free market in many instances has swallowed this falsehood, hook, line and sinker. Sometimes I wish Bass were as gullible when I go fishing.If you take away a person’s ability to defend themselves you control them. If a person has the ability to defend themselves you have to convince them what you want is right. There lies the difference. Laws and regulations in many cases remove our ability to defend ourselves from intrusive liberal control. They are the force of tyranny that is used when the left fails to convince Americans their ideology is correct.

  36. Much to disagree with the above and below. Many “Liberals” do believe in God, a liberal God who is kind and generous to humanity, and don’t understand why conservative stingicrats want to hoard it all for themselves. Second this assumption that most people on welfare are lazy just doesn’t fly. They might be sick, uneducated, even clueless, they might also be born into difficult situations, to parents who less than loved them, and been beaten down by those who really cannot appreciate what it takes to overcome some of those problems. Some people really are born with advantages they just take for granted, and assume other have had similar backgrounds, support, good experiences. A healthy person isn’t typically lazy. People get bored and want to do SOMETHING. Hopefully the education system would show people how to channel their energies in a constructive way. The other thing is people really aren’t at fault or responsible for the decision of rich people to invest globally, exporting US jobs and industrial base. That’s an example of greed, along with raiding pension funds. It wasn’t always like that. A whole generation of workers were able to retire and live on company pension plans along with Social Security. America worked back then because the rich were less greedy. They shared profits. Then they decided “why should we have to?” Labor became just another replaceable part.

    Yes, “conservatives” are perceived as selfish, mean-spirited and retrogressive, who take credit when anything goes good and blame others when its bad. They follow Ayn Rand who was an atheist, in contradiction to the Christian faith they claim to espouse. Their understanding of Christianity is a selfish, self-justified and mean-spirited shadow of what Jesus said, taxes are “stealing” and rich people (think) they are saints, or the closest thing to. They invest, hoping for a windfall/free lunch, (but disparage others), lend at discount and interest (condemned in the OT) and generally support the system of banking that God hates. All this because they have no imagination for a better world and would define it only in terms of their own getting. They believe in an “invisible hand” but not a benificent God) and fail to recognize that Jesus was a practical idealist who tried to show you that God IS good & kind. That’s why the gospel was called the “Good News” vs. “How to get rich.” Jesus did disparage that latter persuit in more than one place, as superficial and short-sighted. The other thing is if you really want to motivate people beyond mere selfish getting, you have to appeal to higher ideals with real verity. Heaven IS Heaven because only “nice” spirits live in that “gated community,” and you can’t buy your way in with money, but only good works. The Kingdom that Jesus would establish on this earth is not run by banksters, businessmen or Wall St. types. God would have his “blessings of the field” shared by all, not just private wealth conduits run by an elite, priviledged and self-justified few. That’s a common thread through all true spirituality. I don’t see many rich people showing others how to get a leg up, but much carping how the poor “steal” from them, as if every dollar printed were somehow theirs by default. Trading the stock market, commodities, forex is not good dharma. Having money does not make you right or particularly virtuous and any honest person has the insight to know that. The poor WILL always be with you, until you get that right. The real issue is do you believe in Freedom or coercion. The ‘right’ believe in coercion, forced labor, even slavery, it’s the way of the world for them. They also believe in fossil fuel (more evidence of retrogressive thinking), not “free” energy. Too much freedom (especially for others) bothers them. The elite are top predators (parasites) and know they’d have to get real jobs if workers ever revolted against manipulation and abuse. “Welfare” is just a red herring, part of the rhetorical class warfare they’re waging, and Warren Buffet admitted “…we’re winning, but we shouldn’t be.” So blogs like this as far as I’m concerned are more dissinformation, shock-testing America’s IQ before making their next incremental gambit to nail the cover on before people get a whiff of fresh air. The question is how “conservatives” are stupid enough to buy into it.

    • You sound like a true marxist . . .
      the vast majority of the folks “Living large off the system” . . . are not sick, handicapped or disenfranchised . . . they are just Friggin Lazy.
      Conservatives are the “Normal Folks” . . . that work, save their money and live their lives without expectations that the govt will help them with every minute detail of life. Conservatives want “LESS Govt” . . . lower Taxes . . . less interference . . . and fewer rules.
      Trillions have been spent in the last 5 decades to “Save” the poor from themselves . . . and what is the result of this Lieberal Nonsense? Why they have created more poverty not less. Unintended consequences of lieberal nonsense is destroying western democracies all over the planet . . . why does the left think Greece and Spain are models to follow?
      Jesus was not a “Union Organizer” . . . he came to Save Souls, one by one . . . not to reform govt or to replace the bankers. Your thiesis is pure nonsense, typical of socialist propaganda. Jesus was more about Personal Responsibility . . . something anathema to the leftists.
      As America spirals down into a Socialist Utopia of endless Deficit Spending . . . will the masses smell the coffee?

      • I don’t know many people “living large” off welfare. I do have a few working and homeless friends on food-stamps, they are just getting by, and their lives are quite miserable, and for over 20 years still unable to get a leg up. Some should be on disability but too dysfunctional to follow directions. They make a few bucks here and there. If you’re a “conservative” (by your own definition) then you had advantages early on or you wouldn’t be so good at taking care of yourself. The war on poverty isn’t what’s bankrupting our system, but fat-cats expropriating what should at least be joint-owned enterprises (management AND labor) as if all the nation’s capital resources were theirs, and we let them. In Russia they put a billionaire in jail for that. Also Putin is smart enough not to allow any foreign banks operate there.

        Jesus lived when times were quite different, there’s no telling what He’d do today, in fact he left that up to you, to do “these and greater things.” Save souls YAH! …how about show people how to live! Personal responsibility I’m on board with, and yet some people are just no good at making money; why is that? Jesus had nothing good to say about money-changers. The problem is conservatives treat banks as necessary evils and then deem that “good enough.” Follow the money, and you do, like the tail of the dog.

        • Tail of a dog . . . . you talk like Karl Marx . . . .
          Jesus was NOT POLITICAL . . . then or now . . .
          “no telling what he would do”? Nonsense . . .
          No one said they were “Living Large” . . . but, the unmotivated in the USA today live better than many working folks did in the 40’s and 50’s . . . flat screen tv’s, cars, all the latest gadgets . . . but just no time to get an education or a real job.
          As the “Unmotivated” are soon to be HALF the Population . . . is the fate of the US being played out in Greece today . . . unless folks like you wake up . . . I believe it is !
          And what caused this decline . . . Unintended Consequence of lieberal/progressive nonsense and stupidity.

  37. Well Mr Gonzales…after reading your comments I can tell you are a proud and fiesty Cuban-American with plenty to say about the sad condition of our country. I too am a “hispanic” and I love my country…the USA. But you are wrong to think that Obama is the better man for the Presidency. He does not love the USA as you and I do. He apologizes to countries who hate us and makes hateful remarks about Americans and actually wants to “fundamentally transform this country”. To what I have asked myself? He has a chip on his shoulder and a deep seeded hatred for the “white” people even tho his mother was white. And remember what he said about abortion…”I don’t want my daughters punished if they make a mistake” referring that he supports the murder of precious helpless babies in their mothers womb who happen to be concieved because they had sex…..That means he is willing to destroy his own grandbabies so his daughters can continue to live free without the “burden”(baby). I can go on but there is no need to. I will vote Republican because given the choice…I would much rather raise my children and grandchildren to live in a “free” society and not be burdened with high taxes for the rest of their lives. And I want them to grow up in the America I grew up in and not a country that resembles Spain (my ancestry), Italy, Greece or other countries who are Socialist countries. Obama is destroying this economy with his radical policy’s. He refused to allow the pipeline for oil in Canada to the USA. Why? We need the oil to bring down the price of gas. We have plenty of natural gas in our country but he won’t allow it. Why? Instead of talking about the real issues on how to fix the economy and create jobs….he is badmouthing his opponant…Mitt Romney. How will that help us? I have seen too much and heard enough to know that I don’t trust Obama. I have seen what has happened in the last 4 years. It has been destructive. I’d rather vote for “change”. My family members has worked hard and made sacrifices to build their own companies and businesses,,,,,it made me very angry to hear the President say “you didn’t build that…someone else did”. No, we did it without anyones help. We are not freeloaders. We contribute to society! Not take, and take from other hardworking Americans.

    • I saw a bumper sticker on a semi truck today: “Where are the Americans?”. Now I know the answer! the Americans are living in Rose’s house! You go girl! spread the word to your neighbors and friends. Hope you have better results than I have had.

  38. I’m not sure I agree that the image associated with “radical” is something to be vying for. Actually, it suits the left perfectly in my book. Radical connotes extreme, unreasonable, and destructive.

    But I agree that they are neither “liberal” nor “progressive”, though they have effectively spoiled the true meanings of those words (just like “gay”).

  39. ” The American people will neverknowingly adopt socialism. But under the name “LIBERALISM” they will adopt EVERY fragment of the SOCLIST PROGRAM, ubtil one day America WILL be a socialistnation without knowung how it happened.
    Norman Thomas
    U.S. Socialist Presidential Candidate
    1928 to 1948
    Tell me again how WRONG Joe McCarthy WAS???

  40. As a pro-abortionist you are a baby murderer, as a gay person you are mentally not balanced, as a liberal you are taking other peoples money without working for it, a s a democrat you are wasting good government !!!Why !!!

  41. The distortion of the language is referred to as political correctness, which is a way of dressing up lies in fancy lace. The prettier the lie is, the more enchanted some become–fooled by cleverly crafted words we call rhetoric that is generally spewed by one who a few consider him/her as being ‘charismatic.’ We need to pick a date for a funeral–to bury political correctness once and for all. Let’s give it the best send-off we are able to afford, then notify the socialistic, communistic, jihadists harboring within the boundaries of our great Nation that they may exist ONLY if they abide by our US Constitution–otherwise, they are subject to immediate deportaton. The message that we will be tolerant of other people’s beliefs, but we will be intolerant of their effort to destroy our wonderful country and all it stands for will not be forgotten by foreign nations.

  42. The people professing to be Republicans and going to vote for Obama, spammers. No Rrepublician’s brain is that warped. Sorry, your scam is not working. Obama will NOT be reelected, he is DONE.

  43. I was just reading about the judge in PA who refused an injunction against voter ID on HotAir.com and learned from Dem. posters there that is no voter fraud and none has ever occurred in PA, but there were lots of Dems. (20,000) that Reps. defrauded in FL in 2000. Can someone explain that? I know Dems. tried to throw out military absentee ballots and were stopped by Reps.
    The posters seemed unaware that to get Franken “elected” in MN by 312 votes, the state recount ended up with 17,000 more votes than were cast in the orig. eletion. And recently over 1700 felons’ votes were deemed illegal in that Sen. race.
    Also, the entire country has been in a prolonged recession because Reps. never compromise. On what was not specified. Additionally, it was not noted that from 2008-2010, the Dems. could have passed anything in DC and had it signed into law and Dems. avoided passing capandtrade and union card check themselves, that ocare passed without a Rep. vote, and was mentioned ad nauseum that Ryan is a demagogue for bringing up the Medicare bankruptcy (if it goes bankrupt in “20 or 30” years, these Dem. posters really don’t care. “We’ll just have to raise taxes, contributions, or cut the rich out from receiving Medicare”).
    And, the way for obama to get jobs going in his next admin. is to “force” banks and businesses to hire people. The method was not explained. Lib. posters complained the Rep. campaign has been qualified by lies and underhanded allegations (none mentioned) while obama and biden are not being able to get their message out because, do not take a sip a liquid or bite into anything while reading this: THE MEDIA ARE ALL PRO REPUBLICANS.
    The deluded and just incorrect and wrong info/facts proposed and affirmed from Dem. poster after poster was astounding to me. And means to keep these loons from runniing the nation any more, we MUST vote Romney and Ryan (repeatedly called a hypocrite and liar by the lefties) into office and boot the current crew back to Chicago.

  44. This may be a little off subject but I just have to say it. joe biteme stated talking to a prominantly black crowd that “they (meaning the Republicans) want to put ya’ll back in chains.” Now I would like to know who in that audiance has ever been in chains. last time I looked slavery has been done away with here in America; that is unless you would call a progressive income tax slavery. that would mean every person in this country that works is a slave to this government just something to think about.

  45. As a student of bizarre human behaviors, I have come to the conclusion that Liberalism is the result of a Genetic defect that always ends in the death of the unfortunate carrier of that trait.

  46. Should I question my faith, I need only to look at the liberals to see a Satan hard at work. If there is a Satan, there is a God.

  47. While we are complaining about misuse of the “liberal” (socialists) and radical homo-sexual deviants… I am OFFENDED that they have co-opted the rainbow, which is a sign of GOD’S COVENANT WITH MAN. I LOVE the colors of the rainbow, but it has come to stand for perversion. GIVE US THE RAINBOW BACK!

  48. I challenge folks to really examine the current hierarchy of “militant progressivism”, they all talk the talk, but none walk the walk, the obammis, the van jones, the wasserman-schultz, the soros, and virtually every one else in the forefront of the attacks against our capitalist system are wealthy and will never, never live a true, non hypocritical life of “so-called” social justice! Our current residents in Washington are no better than common criminals funnelling tax money to the very special interests that seek to deliver the worlds’ greatest nation into the arms of the “global socialism”! I foresee the possibility of American patriots having to move militarily to keep the militant leftists now controlling the “anti-american “federal government from destroying our Constitutional Republic. It would be a devastating mistake for obama and “militant progressives” to ever think Americans will continue to allow obammi to usurp our Constitution and virtually dictate our lives like some “two-bit dictator!

  49. An entire article of drivel, distortions, lieas and utter ignorance of history followed by this truth, ”
    The fact is that reasonable, freedom-loving patriots have always been the most radical, most liberal, most progressive people around. And though we may have to give up these labels because they have been tainted by malapropist double-speakers,” (a.k.a. conservatives) finishes with a splendid example of the aforementioned double-speak: “I just thought someone should set the record straight.” Yeah. Straight like the Snake River.

  50. The title alone in this article is misleading.. There is no such thing as a liberal progressive. Secondly, mostly everyone on the Left are Radical Liberals, with hostility thrown in to balance out their agenda. Progressive suggests that they are looking forward to the future, and progressing with improvement. Nothing could be more from the truth. Radical liberals don’t want change. That’s how the democratic party survives. Keep poor people “poor and uneducated” therefore, continue to give them enough to survive, and brainwash them by threatening to cut off their government substances and “free” stuff. Democrats keep telling the poor and uneducated how bad the mean old republican are, and how the republicans wants them to die. Democrats will then give these “sheep” democrats more “free” stuff or a stimulus check. Therefore, radical, racist presidents like Obama, and other high ranking democrats know they have them for life. Obama has used this for almost 4 years now. These poor dumb, uneducated, unamerican, gay love democrats believes it to be true, Prove me wrong. You know its true.

  51. What in the sam hill are you talking about? Where did you get this drivel! The king is naked and the definitions and words you are splitting hairs over have less to do with the outcome of our culture than people’s willingness to stand for what is right and true. Abe Lincoln said it best….

    “I am not bound
    to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound
    to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands
    right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes
    wrong.” Abraham Lincoln

  52. Liberals are easy to understand. I worked to re-settle Hmong Lao who were on our side during the Vietnam War and saved many of our pilots. When we left the Viet Cong started a genocide war against them. They lived in a jungle highland that had a view of Hanoi and when they came to the US, they often just had the clothes they wore and sandals, even in winter. We set up a self-help Foundation so people could give and have it tax deductible. We raised money to buy a farm and then turned everything over to them. They had to run the farm and the Foundation. One of them earned an accounting degree to do it. We worked with them. We also had to fire some “liberal” consultants because they drove the Hmong Lao crazy. The liberals wanted to do it for them. Work with the poor and you will have success provided you give them the means. Work for them and you get no where. However, there is no quick solution if the people are really messed up. The program has to have a mechanism to help them put themselves together in order for them to take advantage of the means presented. What worked for us is getting them to talk out their problems in a group. 2500 met for years before we saw significant change. You can’t go in and give someone 1500 in seed money and expect them to be successful unless they are already doing it, and just need a push. The key is getting a group together for support. Small WI dairy farmers are being wiped out by Big Corn no matter how hilly the area. They are fighting back through an organic farm cooperative.

  53. I for years have said that words do mean something. Gay is not Gay it is sodomy, Liberal is one who is open to free exercise of Liberty, NOT perversion of free speech as is made out to be as pornography) and death (abortionists)! Radical is not one who is lawless, but one who seeks the solution of problems: not being outlaws of corruption as professed by the a amoral or imoral, in their deceit as pathological liars. Enough said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. I’m one of those stupid, radical, progressive liberals who cannot seem to unsubscribe to your stupid, ridiculous newsletter. Could you help me? It’s a royal pain in the butt to delete your uninvited emails DAILY.

  55. This must be a site for people that do not believe in free speech. I left a reply stating my thoughts on religion without intending to offend anyone and following blog rules less than 2 hours ago and it seems to have vanished. Hmmm, I would suggest to everyone here that they find another site to air their thoughts as this one is not interested in intellectual discussions only forcing it’s own opinions. Sites of this nature exist on both liberal and conservative fronts.

  56. Is it just a coincidence that our planet Earth has all that water, that we are in a perfect position relative to the sun and the moon, a little further back and we freeze, a bit too far forward and we fry. I could fill out this whole page with ” coincidences”.
    And the whole universe came to be out of nothing? And what is beyond nothing?
    INFINITY is what no one can really explain other the Maker, I call God.

  57. Just one question for the brilliant (self named) progressive above. Name one (JUST ONE) idea that a progressive has had that worked.
    Sorry I ran out of time for you to respond. There have been any!! NOT ONE!!!! ALL FAILURES!!

  58. Didn’t liberal progressives start the “political correct”, we have to watch our every word so we don’t insult anyone. Its actually sickening because they throw the worst at conservatives and get away with it.

  59. Communists used to be called Communists,.then when the evil behind THAT name was revealed to be the evil it is,the Communists switched to being known as ‘Socialists’. Same ideas,.same failures. So the name ‘Socialists’ got the same reputation as Communists. (why not?,.same people with the same ideas) So NOW that the term ‘Socialists’ is equally recognized as evil as ‘Communists’ they have AGAIN rebranded themselves as ‘Progressives’. STILL the same Evil, Dominating manipulating political ideas and dreams of global domination. These commy fools NEVER learn. We cant teach them. We cant reason with them. We cant tollerate them. All we can do is go to war and destroy them. The same policy applies to islam. (small ‘ i ‘ used intentionally) The ‘religion’ known as islam is not Religion,.its a death cult. It is TOTALLY INCOMPATIBLE with western values of Life, Freedom and Individuality. You cant reason with them. You cant live with them. You cant TRUST them. They WILL KILL YOU if you dont submit to their domination.

  60. The reason ANYBODY, is a PERSON-OF-THE-LIE, is because she is an abused or neglected child, STUCK IN ADOLESCENCE···SANS A CONSCIENCE AND A SOUL.


    And I will give children to be their princes, and the effeminate(GAES) shall rule over them.

    In other words»»»

    And I will give children – Not children in respect to age so much as in regard to talent for governing. I will commit the land to the government of weak and imbecile princes. This would naturally occur when the wise and great were removed; 

  61. The left believes in what ever will keep them or allow to regain power. The Paul Ryan Mediscare deal is about them having power over the citizens, like Obamcare. They do not want ins co to come between me and my Dr’ they want to do that. Vouchers prevent them from making the decision on my life; whether it be in schools or Mr. Ryan and Widen’s plan. That would be Ron from Liberal Oregon. What happened to dems and Repubs meeting in a conference and deciding which plan they want to enact ? [reconciliation] They do not want to solve the problem and do not want the problem solved by a Repub. They want the issue to be their Louisville slugger.


    The most evil people who ever lived were GEI. SORRY—

    Besides gays’(ALL-LOUD-PROUD-ATHEISTS)preoccupation with sex, traditionalist psychiatrists have catalogued a higher incidence of personality characteristics suggesting psychological disturbance and an inability to interact successfully with others. Dr. Edmond Bergler, (1) who treated over a thousand homosexuals, concluded that gays tended to: provoke attacks against themselves and then count these “attacks” as injustices they had suffered

    * display defensive malice toward others,

    * exhibit a flippant attitude in order to cover underlying depression and guilt,

    * display extreme narcissism and superciliousness,

    * refuse to acknowledge accepted standards in non-sexual matters, on the assumption that the right to cut moral corners is due homosexuals as compensation for their “suffering,” and

    * “be generally unreliable, also of a more or less psychopathic nature(YA THINK¿?).


    John 3;

    19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, BUT PEOPLE LOVED DARKNESS INSTEAD OF LIGHT BECAUSE THEIR DEEDS WERE EVIL.

    Gaytheists can tell us the hour and minute that MAN_MADE_GLOW_BALL_WARNING, is going to turn us into piles of ashes.


    • Jesus was a major leftist who told people to give all their possessions to the poor. You and the other Christians seem to forget this.

      • You don’t know the Law of Consecration. You give your money to the Church as a charitable donation of your own free will. Then the Church fathers would distribute this as they see fit to the poor. So, the Law of Consecration is about giving up your money to the Church. Giving your money to the Government is a Luciferian Idea, especially by force. Anyone who says Jesus advocated giving your money to the Government is either a brainwashed loon or a Luciferian worshipper.

      • Leftists are GAYTHEISTS. The Son Of God told His followers to give their belongings away attempting to assuage SUSPICION. He was CRUCIFIED.

        You can only hate the INNOCENT. I’m sure you FEEL that Islam is much better, than Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, etc. IT IS ALL ABOUT MURDER AND SEXUAL DEPRAVITY.

        Matt 10;

         “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. 17 Be on your guard; you will be handed over to the local councilsand be flogged in the synagogues.

      • More from Matthew 10;
        Jesus said—
        21 “Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; children will rebel against their parents and have them put to death. 22 You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.

        • I think you better stick to the Christ’s words on Economics rather than his End of the World prophecies when dealing with this guy. You’ve got several verses to quote.

          • It’s akin to opening a couple cans of tuna, smearing them all over yourself and jumping into the water off South Africa—OFFERING THE SHARKS SOME MINNOWS.

      • “Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

        “And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

        Matthew 7:22,23

        Jesus talking to a bunch of Christian preachers who are preaching Communism in their bible colleges now.


        The narcissistic individual, or the normal individual at this phase of development, is prone to intense anger, an irrational rage, which may take the form of acute explosions or be chronic and vengeful. This narcissistic rage is provoked by the slightest—real or imagined—narcissistic insult, such as not being seen, understood, or appreciated, in the way one feels he deserves. Narcissistic envy may arise; one hates anyone who has (or seems to have), a rich inner life or external acclaim and feels pain about not having what the other has. 

        Note; The man who wrote this spent his first 18 years in Kuwait. If he shouls ever return, he would probably be beheaded. He’s not a Christian.

      • More from Matthew 10;
        34 “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to turn“ ‘a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law —
        36  a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’[c]

  64. Liberal, progressive, are all cover words for Socialist! Norman Thomas, who ran for POTUS 6 times on the Socialist Party, said it best in a speech in 1944: “I no longer need to run for President on the Socialist Party ticket. The Democrat Party has adopted our platform”!!
    Also, please, please, please, ditch the word Democratic when referring to the Demo Party!!!
    They are Democrats. There is nothing Democratic about them, they are Socialists. Remember FDR and his “New Deal”; HST with his Fair Deal; LBJ and his Great Society, and his War on Poverty: That worked out real good, didn’t it? Fourteen million on welfare; same number on food stamps. November can’t come soon enough!!!

  65. It’s not unlike trying to teach an autistic child how to SWIM. You leave the pool for 5 minutes—the girl DROWNS, YOU GO TO JAIL, AND YOU ARE BRANDED FOREVER.

    The Satanic Communist Pantheon, vaporized about 270,000,000 INNOCENT PEOPLE, ACCORDING TO RJ Rummel.



    — he(Fyodor Dostoevsky) tried to show that if the existence of God is denied, then one is landed in complete moral relativism, so that no act, regardless of how dreadful or heinous, can be condemned by the atheist. To live consistently with such a view of life is unthinkable and impossible. Hence, atheism is destructive of life and ends logically in suicide.

  66. You are absolutely DEAD ON in all that you say!!! We all know what total HYPOCRITES the Libtard Left really is!!! I am just so totally disgusted and fed up with ALL of their garbage and I just want to shove it all back in their face and tell them what they can do with it……

  67. Libtards are good at one thing….and that is calling evil good and good evil……as stated in Isaiah 5:20…… This verse was WRITTEN for the Kool-Aid atheistic secular Leftists… and it fits them to a T……….

  68. jkdriss. They believe in God. It’s just not the Christian God. Their god is an idol, known as government. As a fellow reserve naval officer I served with in Iraq once said to me (and he knows, because in his civilian life he’s a business professor in a New Jersey college), “Their religion is secular humanism. Obama is their messiah. Abortion and sodomy are their sacraments. And their paradise is a socialist nirvana, in which they enslave the producer class and force them to forever serve the entitlement class.” Couldn’t have put it better myself.

  69. The Left knows very well what it’s doing. It is under the control of Satan (of course the Left doesn’t believe in Satan, much less in God) and its objective is to destroy America and its Christian roots. Healthcare rationing, energy rationing, and ultimately food rationing are the means by which the Left intends to accomplish America’s destruction. If things don’t drastically change in November, I fear I will experience healthcare rationing before I die (which likely will hasten my death). I’m hoping I won’t live long enough to experience energy rationing, but am confident I won’t be alive to experience food rationing. I’m hoping and praying for a re-awakening in November.

  70. This a copy of what I wrote earlier. I would imagine whomever removed it then will do so again so read it fast.
    I gotta tell ya after reading these types of blogs day in and day out, left or right, the only intelligent conversation comes from people that don’t mention their religion or God. If you need spiritual guidance, keep it where it belongs…in your heart, not spewing out of your mouths. If there is a God then I’m sure the devil invented religion. Now before you start berating me about my sins I suggest you find out more about your own religion as I did. I am a former Christian turned Agnostic. In my search for truth there has been absolutely NOTHING to suggest the existence of an all powerful entity of any kind. Just because we cannot explain something does not mean a god is responsible. If anyone can prove otherwise without regards to “blind faith” please enlighten me. Also, name calling and belittlement are hardly Christian qualities.

  71. Growing up in a SO California educational system you are
    Progressive minded like it or not. The Progressive is in both major Political
    parties i.e. heavier populated far left once LBJ took over. In Europe, it’s complete opposite.

    IT appears that the entire National educational system has slowly gone Progressive, and best thing a Romney or GOP body can offer is demolishing it back to the States.

  72. Most don’t know anything about economics and the business world. They may have studied some economic theory, but that seldom works in the work-a -day world. Few have owned, or run, a business. Obama is one of those. He is in way over his head and he has been unable to solve any of our economic problems. In fact, he has made everything worse. He is surrounded by simple minded drones who just say what they are told. They have no way to know if what they are saying is true, or not. Most don’t really care either, as long as they can suck the government teat.

  73. Alot of these idiot pinko bleeding heart liberals must have mentally something wrong with them to believe as they do

  74. The poor, oh how they’ve crashed our economy into a ditch, led us into all these wars–damn them!! Although the ratio of corporate welfare to social welfare is about 8 to 1–damn those poor folks who are Democrat’s and bleeding our tax monies dry…damn them….if there were only enough “sheepish” wannabe rich folks that make less than 250k a year that don’t benefit from the GOP’s AGENDA that are willing to vote for a “multi-millionaire” that can’t produce more than one year’s worth of Tax Returns…so sad…

  75. One of the strengths of the English language is also its major weakness. When we disuse words they eventually take on the new meanings. I believe in science, but I think I can still tell the difference between science and religion which is a belief system.

  76. not sure who these commentators are who are arguing about religion in the article, there is no mention of it. Guess just those who have seared or hurting conscience. Sad people.

  77. Ghandi once said: “If Christians acted like Christians, there would be no Hindus in the world!” I think we can take that a step further and say if Christians acted like Christians, Roe v Wade would have been thrown out And Nobody would have been let out of the closet. The doors would have automatically locked behind the person that went in to the closet. There wouldn’t be a need for anyone to worry about redefining the definitions of the words Marriage and Matrimony. There wouldn’t be any Muslims left to worry about because we acted like we are supposed to, Like Christians.

  78. ABOVE ALL»»»LOUD_PROUD_ GAY_THEISTS are suicidal, ENVIOUS, homicidal»»»SISSIES¡!

    ATHEISM A CAUSE OF SUICIDE.; Dr. MacArthur Preaches on the Sin and Cowardice of Self-Destruction.
    The subject of the Rev. Dr. Robert S. MacArthur’s sermon last evening in the Calvary Baptist Church, in Fifty-seventh Street, near Sixth Avenue, was, “The Sin of Suicide,” and his text Acts, xvl., 28: ” Do thyself no harm.”

  79. And now, be wise, O sovereigns; Be instructed, you rulers of the earth. Serve YHVH with fear, And rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest He be enraged, And you perish in the way, For soon His wrath is to be kindled. Blessed are all those taking refuge in Him.
    (Psa 2:10-12 The Scriptures 1998+) FYI Athiests, Lefties, Libtards, and other Demon Possessed Apostates… Yeshua ie, Yehovah Yoshia “My Name is In HIM” Exo 23:21 “Be on guard before Him and obey His voice. Do not rebel against Him, for He is not going to pardon your transgression, for My Name is in Him. THE KING HAS LEFT HIS MARK…!!! Google Jim and Penny Caldwell and Dr. Kim for TRUTH in MEDIA !!

  80. Think about it ? We have idiot running our government that wants to cut our health care benifits and will take away our care needs at the bat of an eye! he will also chastise us about how we don’t take care of our selves and we should basicly pay the price of lack of care by people that are looking at dollar signs rather than health care! His wife says we don’t take care of ourselves properly either because of the foods we eat. Now, she eats loberster (pricey) russian caviar(very pricey),champaign (hmmmnn) and other delicasies of the high dollar range , while He SMOKES -3 TO 5 packs of cigerettes a day . I personally don,t want these idiots running my country let alone telling me how I shoul live my life!

  81. I agree with the author. There’s no such thing as pro-choice. Tell it like it is liberals. Abortion is murder.
    I’m tired of trying to be politically correct, they keep changing the rules and burying words. What’s wrong with the word homosexuals? That’s what they are. Its better than calling them queer. I believe in calling a spade a spade. No pun intended

  82. I like this post. Words have meanings. Minkoff could have added how the LGBT crowd are trying to transmogrify the word “marriage.” These so-called progressives ought to be called out as “Antis” because they are anti-logic, anti-sense, anti-humanity, and anti-American.

  83. Liberals have hijacked the meaning of everything they stand for… Liberals are called liberal, because they plan to “liberate” a society from the foundation of this country, which means to be a termed “liberal” means to liberate this country from the Constitution and personal freedom, which invites tyranny… Being Conservative means to Conserve, preserve, and restore the Constitutional freedoms to America.. The term progressive is code to the Left for the progress of BIG GOVERNMENT… The term “radical” was used by those of us on the Right to describe meanings of the left wing kooks of the lunatic root fringe… Or the word extreme left to be more precise… But it is also true that the left adopts these terms for the other definitions sake, so as to engage in false advertising, but they usually end up proving the definitions that we of the right wing use anyway, which makes their “false advertising” campaign a sham to be seen in broad daylight, and thereby allows the sarcasm of their means of self definition to be clearly seen. Words mean different things to different people..

  84. This was a very good read. Thanks for the education spell out without any doulb we need these people out of our government.
    November is just up the street. thank goodness.

  85. The true “radical liberals” ARE the freedom loving partriots, and, who like our forefathers, fear and trust God for all things. Their interest lies in obeying Gods laws, promoting freedom and prosperity for all.
    The so called “liberals” impose higher taxation,more laws, a welfare system to suppress the people and keep them dependent on government and to maintain control for THEIR own interest. Like Minkoff says, they sugar coat everything to make it look like they are doing everyone a favor. Meanwhile their agenda is to bring this country down. Do away with freedom and democracy and install a dictatorship.

  86. Radical socialists are adept at new speak, false labels, and half truths. They make things seem to be what they are not. They are experts at deception and misdirection.

  87. Good article . . . but I don’t think “liberals” ever refer to themselves a “radical.” That one is reserved for libertarians.

  88. Wow so the 44.4 million American’s un/underemployed are all lazy. You need a math lesson. You see there are only 3.5 million available jobs. How much time in the poor community have you spent exactly? What research do you have to back up your “lazy” claim? You know that the Nordic Socialist countries lead the world in employment. Or do you spout nonsense rhetoric without any basis or facts? I’d like to welcome you to 1994 when Welfare became temporary and required 20hr of work. Are you retiring off of $340 a month for a lifetime maximum of 24 months? WOW, that is amazing!!!! Please tell me how it’s done. As a fincancial advisor I would love to know where I can get that kind of a return. Considering you must be a parent to recieve this massive amount of income, can you also tell me where I can live and afford to save on my new found pile of cash? According to the CIA World Fact Book the social ills as you have termed them created by Socialist countries are as follows: They lead the world in life expectance, education, happiness measures, IQ’s, lowest infant mortality rates, lowest crime rates, and innovation. On the flip side America leads the world in incarceration and obesiety. We are not the land of the free, we are the land of the fat and imprisoned.

  89. Excellent article! It often difficult to pull the radical agenda in a few words, not to mention the terms they use and how they’re defined.

    They are a hostile, intolerant group and unless you completely agree with them, they use vulgarity, violence and vitriol rather than honest discussion and just agreeing to disagree.

  90. The author has a huge misconception as to what it is like to be poor. He should try working dead end jobs while the rich steal (by inflation & other manipulations of the system) everything they work for. Poor people do some of the hardest & degrading jobs out there, & it should not be so in America. There is no reason every American should not be wealthy.

  91. A very interesting read – so those who keep yelling at the rest of us that we are intolerant, racist, zealots, terrorist, narrow minded bigots are really describing themselves. So that must mean they are also self-centered arrogant egotistic pooh brains!!!


  93. Minkoff’s article is brilliant ! The fact is that modern ” Liberals ‘ have hijacked terms like
    ” radical ” and ” progressive ” , and completely distorted the meaning of these terms ! Likewise , they have co-opted words like Fascist and used it to demonize their opponents , when in fact Liberals manifest the very traits that define Fascism , like intolerance , for example ! They must keep changing the language of their politics in order to confuse the population , and to disguise their true agenda , which essentially is wealth redistribution to achieve social justice ! Their success in achieving their goals requires two essential things:
    The first is a crisis , economic or military for instance . The second is some identifiable group , usually the wealthy , that can be portrayed as the culprit responsible for the crisis ! This is what you see being played out in this very election , where the rich are being blamed for the bad economy , and portrayed as being greedy and uncaring ! Obama is student of this strategy , and he is diligently pursuing it ! Do not be deceived ; it’s not your pain that he feels ; it’s the pain of losing the power to effect the radical transformation of the free-market economy ( capitalism ) which he despises !

  94. It’s been said that if your 21-years old and you’re not a Liberal
    you probably lack compassion. If your 31-years old and you’re still a Liberal
    you’re probably an idiot!


    In 1894, the NY Times
     declared regarding atheism and suicide:“Dr. Martin urged that a great cause of suicide was atheism. It was, he said, a remarkable fact that where atheism prevailed most, there suicides were most numerous. In Paris, a recent census showed one suicide to every 2,700 of the population. After the publication of Paine’s “Age of Reason” suicides increased.[4]


  96. Who cares if Ann Romney has worked a day in her life or not. It none of anyone’s business how she supports herself or has/is being supported by her husband. It is not illegal to not work a day in your life, especially in in instance of marriage. However, just for you info – the answer is YES. Tell anyone that it’s not work when your acting responsible and raising the children you boree.

  97. The Humanist philosphy is very simple. Its all about science and evidence there of. The most important point being, the best way for the human species to survive in the present context and pass our genes on to the next generation. It has always been this way. The survival of the fittest, not always the strongest.Cooperating and taking care of each other is just another survival tactic for the whole community.

  98. I totally agree with this article in that liberals are some of the most hateful, close-minded. my-way-or-the-highway people there are. After working with them through the years I’ve seen that they like to make rules for everyone else–the very rules that they break. They cheat, lie & steal company time and office supplies. Obama’s problem is that he doesn’t know what the word “compromise” means. I feel sorry for his children as they will grow up the same way & the liberal cycle will continue. The only thing they are truly liberal about is spending other people’s money.

  99. Progressives, liberals or whatever they call themselves are anti G-d movements. They do not want to admit that there is a Creator who gives us freedom and inalienable rights. They want to be the supreme ones who decide and control every aspect of our lives or in other words – tyrants. Anyone who stands in their way will be murdered as the Nazis and communists did to millions of people. This is why they are allied with Muslims whose false religion means subjugation. The only difference is that they claim to believe in the false allah. Islam also murdered over 170 million people as did the progressives.

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