What to Do on Election Tuesday

It may be tempting for our faithful readers, most of whom label themselves conservatives, to punish the Republican party by voting Democrat this election Tuesday. Certainly, the GOP has lost touch with its ideological roots. But let me recommend something else.

First, we need to realize that politics can’t change people. Especially in a representative form of government, civil rule reflects popular opinion to a much greater extent than it directs it. Our currently abysmal civil system—and there is no doubt that it is truly abysmal—exists because most Americans want it that way, even when they attest to the contrary.

For instance, most conservatives rail against welfare, Obamacare, and the like. But we don’t provide for the healthcare and livelihood of truly poor people in our local area, and many of us don’t have any issue with (or even knowledge of) the injustices of corporate welfare.

Most conservatives are against abortion. But conservative divorce rates are as bad as liberal divorce rates, we look at pornography as much as they do, and we don’t do well enough caring for unwanted babies after they’ve been born. We contribute to a licentious, over-sexed culture, and then we condemn the natural symptom—unwanted babies—of the vices we also indulge in.

The fact is that politics can’t change that. Punishing one party or another, gaining seats in the House, electing the “right” man president… none of this actually gets at the problem. The problem is that the majority of Americans don’t live according to principle. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean that Americans live according to wrong principles; I mean they don’t live according to any fixed principles at all.

Most of us are pragmatists. Most of the people voting on Tuesday will vote in order to effect a desired change. To them, the end justifies the means. Some will vote Democrat because they want more handouts or because they believe others need more handouts. They think voting Democrat will get that done. Some, like Chris Graham, will vote Democrat as a form of chemotherapy for socialism: “If we kill this country with socialism, perhaps people will finally get it.” Others will vote Republican to stem the tide of American regression. All of them vote to effect change. They are looking to accomplish something with their vote. They vote according to their own predictions of the future: if I do this, then that will happen.

There is a problem (perhaps many problems) with that reasoning. If you base your actions on a predicted outcome, you are limited by the narrowness of your vision and the ineffectiveness of your impact. In other words, we have no idea what is going on on a national level, and even if we did, we have little power to do anything about it.

America has been drinking the pragmatist Kool-Aid for nearly one hundred and fifty years, and it has produced nothing but social degradation and civil collapse. Why don’t we try what made America great in the first place? Principles. Vote on Tuesday, but vote your conscience. Don’t vote to see things change. Vote for a person if, and only if, you think that person is a valid candidate for the office. He doesn’t have to be perfect. He just has to be valid according to your political principles. If you don’t have political principles, you should get some before you vote. Don’t worry if your candidate is popular or electable. Just vote for whom you think is a valid candidate.

But it doesn’t stop there. Too many people leave the voting booth thinking they’ve done their civic duty. They have not even begun to do their civic duty. Voting isn’t even the bare minimum. We need to be a people that lives out what we believe on a daily basis, no matter what the predicted outcome will be. You hate abortion? That’s good. But do you avoid all forms of pornography? Are you honorable towards women? Do you help young men learn how to be honorable? Are you being the kind of man you want your daughters to marry? Are you helping single mothers in your local community take care of the babies they didn’t abort?

In reality, if you do these kinds of things and put your life where your vote is, it will make a much greater impact on this country than your vote ever could. By all means, vote tomorrow. And vote by your conscience. Vote by principle, not by pragmatism. But, more importantly, live by principle. Election Tuesday shouldn’t be any different than any other day. Instead of trying to make a big difference in one day, let’s make small differences every day.

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  1. In NJ we conservatives rarely have a candidate worth voting for. When we do, s/he loses because this state is beyond help. It’s basically a non-choice between an extreme unhinged left-wing radical and moderate left-winger. The statism is so rampant for example that we are the only state where it is not allowed by law to even pump your own gas at the gas station—some station attendant must do it by law. Taxes are insanely high. If Christie has done anything to help, it sure is hard to see any difference. It’s yet another lose-lose vote from where I stand. Who do you recommend I vote for in NJ?

    • Vote with your feet and leave. I do understand your frustration. The good guys almost never win anywhere now. The government and the citizenry is perverted.

      • Capt, the only problem I see with that is if all the conservatives move to conservative states, soon we will not have representation in those liberal states and that could hurt us badly!

      • In PA I will NOT vote for retention of Ron Castile for judge on the Supreme court. I don’t care if atill-the-hun wins. He and his dem/progressive liberal buddy sitting on the PA high bench will not vote to allow Voter ID. he does not deserve another year and will be forced out next year, but, I say force him out now.

    • You are exactly right. I live in NJ also and have never voted Democratic in my life. However, the way that Christie has coddled up to Obama and his stance on gun control and numerous other issues, I simply cannot vote for him again. He has turned into a RINO and I cannot tolerate supporting him in that role. While I absolutely will not vote for a Democrat (I would not vote for a Democrat if the Devil himself rose out of hell and ran against that Demorat), I will vote for an alternative candidate who supports legislation separating commercial banking from investment banking to avoid future bank bailouts as her primary agenda. At least that way I am voting for something that I believe in rather than for someone who makes election promises they know they have no intention of keeping.

      • People that continue to talk about voting as a means to solving the ill’s that plague this country remind me of the loyalist of the American Colonies pre-Revolutionary War era, where during the 1st Continental Congress they kept voting to send delegations to England to seek representation. Didn’t work then wont work now.

      • A Vote for “D” = ‘D’estroy. “D”= everything 1776 was fought against ! – D= NAZI, COMMIE, MARXISM etc….. ‘R’ is getting so near to the same as ‘D’ it’s scary.. we need something new, or a revolution will be the only solution ! !

      • Having been born in Manhattan & educated at NYU, as you might imagine my opinion of people from Jersey (or any of the B&T crowd) was not that high (to say the least) however on 9/11 when the “B&T crowd” came rushing across the bridge & tunnel to help that opinion changed in an instant so I am somewhat reluctant to criticize them.

        • The last one was that he was raised in Beverly Hills then his family moved to Malispew…Oh and he went to NYU for 4 years and his mommy and daddy wasted $250.000 (Lots of $ for a art history certificate of completion).
          Scumbag homo troll is as a scumbag does.
          Here’s a pic of his birthplace……

    • I do not live in NJ, but, in PA. Not much difference, but some. I’ve been advocating (in my family) that we move to a conservative state. No one wants to do this, however, it’s only a matter of time before all hell breaks loose in these liberal states. I wonder what would happen if say 30% of the pop. in states like NJ, PA and NY moved to states like TX, GA, MS or SC? do u think someone would notice and try and change things? Or do u think that the commie rat scum bags would pass laws makiing it almost impossible to relocate? All conservatives need to stand firm and convince a couple liberals that their policies and vision will hurt them. It’ll not hurt the elite class of progressives, but, the general pop. does not recognize this fact. This is a good article and I shall forward it onward to all my liberal friends as well as my conservative ones.

      • Come on down to Texas.You can help us stay number one as best economy in the country .help us keep conservatives in control and keep democrats from turning us into California.

        • I’m afraid for TX for the demonrats really will have the oval sewn up if they get it. I understand alot of Muslims are being relocated down there. I’ve tried to convince my family, but, they still hold out hope that we can turn things around. I said how? Everyone in this household works like 60-70 hr a wk to keep up with the cost of living as we can’t get higher wages and can only put more hours in, the cost of living has almost doubled in the past 5 years. We no longer do anythng extravagant such as vacations. Not that we were big world travelers. But, simply vacationing in the U.S. for a week once a year. GONE now for 4 years. We won’t buy a new car, thank heaven I don’t really need one just yet. We still can feed ourselves and our animals, 5 dogs 4 cats and 7 horses. We can eat out at a semi fast food rest. twice a month-Olive Garden or Out Back. NEVER go to movie thearters, won’t support the left and that’s another thing Conservatives should be doing, boycotting thearters and the Holly Dolly wood commies. But, no Conservatives make the evil rich and powerful and expect things to change. augh ignorance

          • Texas republicans are in a demographic death spiral & they know it. They can (and have) enacted voter suppression laws that may delay the inevitable for an election cycle or two but the fact is Texas (and Arizona) will soon be Blue.

          • All I can say is we are glad you don’t want to be here in Texas. Your presence would surely take down the quality of a great state.

          • Same thing applies here that I said to NHealy. If you are going to move to escape something then don’t bring that “something” with you. We have folks here who would love to turn Texas into a California style socialistic state where they fool the poor into thinking they will be lifted up by government hand outs. In truth it just turns into a different type of slavery and the master is the government. But. so far we have kept them at bay. I’m hoping enough Texas will have the common sense to keep it that way in the next election.

        • I’ve heard comments that upset CA people/NJ/PA/etc people should move to TX… but 30 years of living in UT has shown me that the CA people (running from socialism), manage to soon enact the same idiot things they wanted to .leave behind. They’ve Californiaizede UT.. TX-DONT ENCOURAGE IMPORTS ! !

      • If the dumbest 30% of people in NJ, PA and NY were to move to states like TX, GA, MS or SC (who else would do it) I think people would notice. (A) The people in NJ, PA and NY would be THRILLED to get rid of the idiots living in their states & (B) The people in TX, GA, MS or SC would RESENT these “brainiacs” taking over their states!

        • If 30% of the dumbest people would move from NJ, PA and NY to Texas It would raise the IQ in those states and we would have to send them to California where they would feel at home.

    • Same here in CA. The hopelessly lost liberals have made a one-time paradise into a single party, corrupt and bankrupt both monetarily and morally state.

      • but you still have pockets of conservative representation. If all conservatives left, that would be lost. We can not just GIVE them the states!!!

        • the state will never again go for a republican president, it’s over. So the same with NY CT NJ MA and they’re after TX to seal the oval for YEARS to come. I’ve supported Starr Parker, do u know of her? The GOP will soon be lost if they keep up their games, look what they did to Allen West. The party needs more true conservative minorities. However, they don’t want ANY true conservatives. what am I thinking…

      • naw you guys just need to pay more taxes and then that’ll fix all your problems! lol I’m teasing u know. I don’t understand why BO just doesn’t have all his Hollywood pals anty up about what half a billion. That should fix CA’s red ink pbm…of course it’s only greed when we who work for our $ don’t want to paymore taxes, but, it’s not greed when those socialist libs just want to take our money- never understand the difference.

        • Half a billion won’t even touch California’s deficit problems. The only thing that will help is if they stop handing out freebies to every Tom, Dick n Harry, INCLUDING illegals!!!! They are worse than DC!!!

    • I warned people about Christie when he started making waves with the teachers union that they should wait and see what he continued to do. Just think, people actually wanted him to run for president last election. Would things be better now, or worse??? DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! WATCH RIGHT UP TILL THE LAST MINUTE TO DECIDE!!! Support, but cautiously!!

  2. Can anyone explain to me how someone like Cuccinelli that wants THE GOVERNMENT to outlaw abortion, birth control, sodomy & oral sex be considered anything but a KOOK much less a “don’t tread on me” small government libertarian?

    • Can anyone “explain to me” who would care what a little scumbag homo TROLL, mrBlob2Spew, whose world view includes tearing near born children to PIECES would say?

      He of course is a complete supporter and ardently practices everything he calls someone a KOOK for above . mrBlob2Spew is a little libeturd homo TROLL who was trained in a OWS camp while smoking weed and mutual teabagging with his little butt buddies and is probably financed by them. He obviously formulated his views while under the influence of acid ….he is that messed up….

      in fact, Boob is WORSE than THAT……..He is a MURDERER!!

      Fact: boob is an atheist, liberal, demoncrap and worships obomba
      Fact: Demoncrap party, liberals, atheist and their god…obomba all support NEAR TERM ABORTION (and all abortion)!

      Near term abortion means survival as a viable LIVE BIRTH PERSON outside the womb. what all the monsters above are guilty of is holding the child’s head inside the birth canal, punching a hole in the base of the skull and sucking the small humans brains out to drain down a sink.

      THIS IS WHAT MR BOOB STANDS FOR, might as well practice it himself and deserves no quarter nor consideration

      Mr bloobs favorite saying is: If she want’s it, it’s a baby. If she doesn’t want it, it’s an embryo.

      Thus mr bloob is an athiestic demon posessed baby murderer.


      • This should be on the pre abortion tour and a requirement to even be considered for one. There after it’s up to YOU and GOD – he does keep records and judgement pay is comming.

  3. Wow, this is one of the first posts I have been able to read where I totally agree with everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that was said. What I find amazing is someone finally posted something that wasn’t so radically Conservative that it actually made complete sense.

    • Daniel – I like the concept but I’m one of those that think the Republican party is just a weaker form of poison…so might as well vote for the most liberal democrat. I DO want to vote my principles…but what do we do with there is no one who is running that represents even 1/2 of what I believe? Not Vote? I realize I should be asking Michael but I don’t know if he’ll see this response. I’m actually asking because I want input on how those with my thinking should vote. Any ideas?
      – Sincerely

      • I ask myself that every single time I vote. I too always vote for the lesser of two evils. Just once, I want to see a candidate that looks at us and tells us the blatant truth. Neither the President nor any member of Congress can effect the price of gas (petrol). Your insurance sucks and we want to make these companies actually cover something reasonable. Who cares whether Global Warming is real, We have the power and responsibility to try to do something. Woman are going to kill their unborn children, and will regret their decision later in life, but they have that right.

        Get my point, just once we need someone that isn’t going to talk to his party’s base and instead just gives it to us straight. Someone that can look at what the other party is offering and can say, your option sucks, but I can give a little on this if you can give a little on that. Then will work to find a middle of the road option where everyone is both a winner and a loser.

        The problem with this person is no one would elect him, because no one wants to lose any portion of their ideals. This entire Congressional Session demonstrates this quite well. And Boehner explained it quite clearly when he told the reporter he rejects the work Compromise.

      • Is there one that you support that hasn’t got the “nod”?? Write them in! You only “waste” your vote if YOU believe that. We have to send the GOP a message that we will NOT continue to support these pukes they give the nod to and we will not support THEM either until they support a TRUE CONSERVATIVE!!!

  4. Exactly. It’s not going to matter who we elect cause that is not what what the problem is. The problem is what enough of the people have become. Now I will peave off the libs. Read your bible. It will tell you what the problem is.

    • Most of them don’t believe in the BIble. They only belive in MSNBC! Many of my friends go to church weekly (I’m talking about my dem friends who think themselves conservatives) some work for planned parenthood and they support BO. Yet they see themselves as God fearing good christians. There is no way to reach the truely propagandized masses. They are in my family and of my past closest friends. I’ve tried to reach them, to no avail. I know how they think and see themselves. It scares me. But, I also know many democrats that voted for BO in 08 didn’t in 2012. How did he win again with good margins? Do our votes really cournt or is it in the bag well before we go to the polls? If all Americans want to find out they all need to vote for a third party candidate. Then we’d see once and for all of what is really going on! I’ll be writing in Bozo the Clown for many spots on the ticket tomorrow.

  5. Remember Obamas Words he lives by !

    Posted by Victoria Jackson on November 4, 2013 at 11:43 am

    1 “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam”

    2 “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”

    3 “We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world — including in my
    own country.”

    4 “As a student of history, I also know civilization’s debt to Islam.”

    5 “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”

    6 “Islam has always been part of America”

    7 “We will encourage more Americans to study in Muslim communities”

    8 “These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity
    of all human beings.”

    9 “America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles of justice and
    progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”

    10 “I made clear that America is not – and never will be – at war with Islam.”

    11 “Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism – it is an important part of promoting peace.”

    12 “So I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed”

    13 “In ancient times and in our times, Muslim communities have been at the forefront of innovation and education.”

    14 “Throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.”

    15 “Ramadan is a celebration of a faith known for great diversity and racial equality”

    16 “The Holy Koran tells us, ‘O mankind! We have created you male and a female; and we have made you into nations and tribes so that you may
    know one another.’”

    17 “I look forward to hosting an Iftar dinner celebrating Ramadan here at the White House later this week, and wish you a blessed month.”

    18 “We’ve seen those results in generations of Muslim immigrants – farmers and factory workers, helping to lay the railroads and build our
    cities, the Muslim innovators who helped build some of our highest skyscrapers and who helped unlock the secrets of our universe.”

    19 “That experience guides my conviction that partnership between America and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn’t. And I
    consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”

    20 “I also know that Islam has always been a part of America’s story.”

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    Read more at http://victoriajackson.com/9988/20-quotes-obama-islam#IkdJjly4KeY6AdiO.99

    • The insane fool that made those quotes is the very reason our country is in the shape it is now in. He is a damn traitor and a Muslim lover. He is a Muslim. His agenda is to destroy this country and give it to the Muslims. IF NO ONE CAN SEE THAT, THEN THEY ARE AS BIG A FOOL AS HE IS, OR THEY ARE BACKING HIM. LIKE GEORGE SOROS.

      • look at the republicans and what do u see? they are the traitors for BO at least has laid his cards face up for all to see. Of course there are none so blind as those who WILL NOT SEE. I have no pbm with other faiths even, Islam. I do have a pbm with promoting a complete take-over of our laws and values. Women who believe in BO are the absolute dumbest creatures walking on this planet. The muslim are allowed to lie, cheat and steal to reach their goal. Some day not so far away their will be grinding and mashing of teeth here on earth. What people don’t learn from history or understand of history comes back to them. “A wise prince will seek means by which his subjects will ALWAYS Have Need of his government, & then they will always be FAITHFUL to him.” N.Machiavelli 1469-1527) IL Principe (The Prince) the basic tenants of a communist government remain the same throughout the ages. We’ve not learned our lessons and so we prove to be the ignorant masses the elitest claim us to be!

        • I have a problem with a religion whose god allah directs his Muslims to fight and kill me because I don’t believe in his garbage…that’s Islam. You shoud too if you’re not Muslim.

          • Born and raised a Christian. But, our Constitution says we have the right to worship as we please. That’s one of the main tenants of the founding of America. The problem is the extremist of many religions. You know there are Christians who ? the womans lib movement. Now I think it’s gone too far, but, I also think woman should vote, be able to go out to work and get same pay for same work etc. Respect for the man of the house is a two way street and I don’t like the idea that the man of the house shouldn’t be ?’d….yet there are far right Christians who lean this way. O’k there are strict tenants about pre-marital sex in the Catholic Church….yet where do u really stand on that and do u think violation of this should be allowed as the norm today or the person is an outcast? Islam is a corrupted religion bkz they’ve put politics into it with the prophet Mohammed. In christian old testament the words were harsh ‘eye for an eye’ etc…. new testament jesus says love your enemy and turn the other cheek etc…opposite for the Islam religion their old testament (before Mohammed) was full of love and kindness toward their fellow humans after Mohammed it’s full of hate and strict adherance to his words. etc…

          • Let’s just stick to Islam. The true followers of Islam follow the hate and kill verses which are the later verses in Medina when Mohammad was a war lord and robbed caravans and killed people and took sex slaves. That’s what the Quran (supposedly their allah’s words) tells Muslims to do. That’s also in opposition to the rights granrted all Americans under the Constitution. One does not have the right under the Constitution to subscribe to a religion that allows them to kill people…that’s Islam. I hope I am an etremist Christian that follows Christ’s message of love and forgiveness and to preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth. If you don’t believe what Christ said that He is the only way to the Father, then maybe Islam is for you. You should be trying to lead them to Christ and away from their false evil religion that calls them to kill unbelievers. We don’t need a religion like that in the world. Islam is a cancer on the world.

          • while I believe the new Islam is as you say a cancer on the world, it does not mean all muslim believe in hate and killing of infidels. (at least I hope that is not so) the native American Indians were once thought of as hethens and we know that it was only a warring faction not all. I once read and still think about this article which made the point, can a muslim be a good muslim and a good American citizen? I’m thinking if they follow the later verses as u state well the answer is no for they’d be in conflict. but, maybe many muslims come here bkz they don’t believe that the teachings of hate are correct. I believe that our Lord and Savior is the way to the Kingdom of God. I also believe that to reach people (as I think many of our founders felt) to know Jesus Christ we have to have a degree of tolerance and understanding in order to show them the way. As I’ve said, any follower of Islam who wants to use the ways of their religion as a political rule for their law does not belong in America as we have or should I say Had a rule of law under the U.S. Constitution. Now anyone I mean ANYONE who says this is a living document and evoles is a traitor to the U.S. of America. This includes Romney who did indeed make this statement. However, he is not alone, the next GOP pick to run (I’m afraid will be Cristie) has also said this and therefore I don’t care who runs against him (Hillary) I can’t support that as he is no better than Her. I shall write in or pick a third party candidate. This, I believe, ALL republicans should do. Perhaps they’ll get the message and stop putting up who their base (the 1%er’s) want in the oval to represent their interest rather than the peoples.

          • “New” Islam??? The hate and killing originated with Muhammad after he moved to Medina in 622 AD and got war lord power. Muhammad conquered the Arabian peninsula with the sword and died in 632 AD. His thugs then went on to conquer Syria and the Holy Land, Iraq and Iran, Egypt, and accross north Africa and in the early 700’s conquered Spain and were at Tours France when they were defeated by Charles Martel. The Crusades did not start until 1096 AD when the Muslims were attacking and killing Christians pilgrimaging to the Holy Land. Yes there can be Muslims who are good people but they are not following the Quran and are not devout Muslims. The Killers and Jihadist follow the Quran and are devout Muslims. They need to leave Islam. As I said, I believe in Jesus Christ as the only way to the Father and the Son of God and I debate any Muslim any time to get him/her to leave Islam for their own eternal good. They are following a false religion…Satan’s religion. Christ told us to preach the Gospel…not just pastors and clergy.

          • The NEW islam??? The old one during Andrew Jackson’s time was better??? You know, the one who he had to go whip the collective assets of for attacking shipping in open water routes??? THAT islam??? They were beheading, murdering, raping, molesting children, and stoning even back then. It has NEVER stopped!

          • Islam has no old testament…just a period in Mecca when Muhammad had no power and his “revelations” were not violent. He moved to Medina and had war lord powers and the “revelation” then got violent and hate filled. Islam is either man made or Satan inspired. The Quran says that Jesus never said He is the Son of God and that Jesus did not die on the cross…both lies against the Gospels. Jesus said that Satan is the father of all lies.

          • The constitution says freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion. The only condition I put on any religion is to not be a religion of war. The muslim religion is that in spades! They rape children, they stone women for being raped, they don’t allow women to be educated, in effect, they are a religion of WAR, even on their own people!

          • First I don’t need the PC special of that definition. It means to be able to practice our religion 24 hours a day if that is what we want. You, on the other hand as a non believer, wish to restrict that practice. Second, the examples of Christianity you give are ANCIENT history. I can give you many examples of murder, rape, stoning, molestation of children by muslims in the last TEN years to TODAY!

          • And what ‘religion/superstitution’ do you think is different?! We need some thinking around REALITY ***

          • No religion that I am aware of calls for killing unbelievers except Islam. And all one has to do is open their eyes to the fact that killing is done in the name of Islam and their allah almost every day some where in the world. Right now Nigeria, Syria, and Kenya are hot spots….every place the Islamic culture is adjacent to non Islamic culture….Egypt, Somalia, Sudan and the Philipines also. Even Brittain where the off duty soldier was stabbed on the street. And in Holland where Theo Van Gogh was stabbed by a follower of Islam for making a film.

          • Eh ! excuse me, but just what do you think the crusades (Christians invading muslum areas) was about other than Christians exterminating a rival superstitution group ? ! ?

          • If you knew your history, you would know that after Muhammad conquered the Arabian Peninsula in 630 AD by the sword, his thugs looking for plunder, sex slaves, and furthering the evil religion by the sword, then conquered Syria and the Holy Land (Christians lands) and also into Iran. They then conquered mostly Christian Egypt and North Africa and then conquered Christian Spain in the early 700’s. In 732 AD they were defeated 100 miles outside the gates of Paris at Tours by Charles Martel and driven back. The Crusades started in 1096 AD (364 years later) in response to Muslims killing Christians journeying to the Holy Land…yes, not quite in keeping with Christ’s teachings of turn the other cheek, but we’d all be Muslim today if the Muslims/Islamists had not been stopped. Turkey was the site of several of Paul’s conversions to Christianity…now Muslim. Educate yourself before making comments not backed by knowledge. I have read the Quran cover to cover and excerpted over 100 violent and hate filled verses against unbelievers, plus over 30 books on Islam, many by apostates leaving Islam under threat of death. I challenge you to read the Gospels to find a teaching calling for fighting and killing unbelievers as you find in the Quran…and Muslims act on those verses…every day right now…today…like Ft. Hood, Boston, 9/11 and countless others. Start with 9-5, 9-29, 5-51 and 2-193.

          • Christianity and Islam are forced to wear a tolerant face, for the moment, in much of Europe & America because they have to operate in secular societies

          • Read the Gospels of Jesus Christ and see if you can find any support for violence or hatred…you cannot….only love and forgiveness. Then read the Quran…start with 9-5, 9-29, 2-193 and 5-51 plus a hundred other verses. Christianity is the reason the West is a free and open society unlike the Islamic countries that prohibit any criticism of Islam. Problem is, people in the West are getting killed for speaking the TRUTH about Islam…terrorism and killing is what made Islam successful…convert or die. Muhammad said, “I have been made victorious through terror”. The societies will no longer be secular if Islam takes over.

    • Would like to see any comments he made on Christianity which he claims to be…NOT! I do remember a negative one about the Sermon on the Mount. He’s a Muslim in his actions, period.

    • Know they are conservative. In PA do not vote for retention of Ron Castile for PA Supreme Court. Voted for years against voter ID.

  6. This all sounds good but I beg to differ. In a more perfect world that we hope to create, all the things the author suggests are well advised. But the problem is we cannot get to where we want to go without “bloc” voting (as does the other side). Had Libertarians and all Tea Partyers voted for Romney last year we would not be in the mess we are now in (regardless of Romney’s softness on many issues close to our hearts. Therefore we must vote for the best (or least offensive candidate) in every general election if we ever hope to take back the country. We did not get in this mess overnight and we will not get out of it overnight.

    • Right on. We have to start winning elections if we are to ever start winning the battle! Remember 2006, 2009 and 2012. How did they work out for the Conservative agenda?

    • wrong, that is what has been going on for 50 years and it has led up to allowing the likes of BO come into power! If the PTB have it fixed who shall be leading America as their front man the people have no choice and must come together and recognize we are being led down the road to serfdom. ALL Americans should vote for the third party candidate and find out the truth. I fear what it is, but, better we learn sooner than later. Anyway, as I see it we don’t need 2 liberal/progressive marxist loving parties in the U.S. BIG GVT = BIG PBM and a tyrancial form of government which we now have, no?

      • No. You might as well play Russian roulette with five rounds in the gun if you start voting for third party candidates. What allowed BO to come to power is that too damn many conservatives stayed home because Romney wasn’t the perfect candidate. IMO people with this attitude are more frustrating to our cause than the collectivist statist democrats that have taken over the country. There is nothing wrong with fighting in the primaries and trying to get the best person in the general election. We did that with Ted Cruz in Texas and were successful. However, if you can’t get the likes of Lindsey Graham off the ballot in the primaries you have to make sure he wins the general. The opposition would be many times worse for our future chances. To do otherwise is a defeatist strategy.

        • What happened was conservatives and some timid constitutionalists thought that they ONLY had a choice of Neo-Con Romney or Marxist Obama but that really didn’t matter too much, as the MASSIVE voter fraud by the left put the “Usurper-In-Chief” into office. A TRUE election result would have put the neo-republican (fake) Romney in office.

        • from the reagan on down to gwb Nothing but bigger gvt. taking liberites away from us and more and more power with their executive orders etc. Raising the debt ceiling wasn’t first done by a democrat, but, they luv it. each new adm. builds onto what the last creepo’s have done. BO said when he was elected ‘well they (the republicans) had the keys to the car and drove it into the ditch, so now if they don’t like what we’re going to do – well they can just take a seat in the back of the car’ Do u think the GOP establishement cares about the back seat for a 4 or 8 year jot, hell no, They know damn well their time of power is going to come around again and then they’ll be able to build off what this character got away with during his term. That’s why they won’t do anything about what’s going on, it’s their brethern and they luv the new power being acquired by this marxist scum bag all at the expense of the average joe in America. No wonder people won’t go out to vote, I know I work for the party. I’m out there knocking on doors and making calls and asking the people in my precinct to call their senators and congressmen/women and tell how they feel about a piece of legislation coming to the floor for a vote. People don’t want to call or email bkz it’s a waste of their time and they know it. I use to think like you, but, I can see the 2 party system for what it is and alot of us out here now do. I’ll still try to vote for a conservative if one runs, but, Romney wasn’t one and certainly John boy isn’t one. Yet I swallowed and voted for them. Not again and if the GOP wants to put up Big Gvt liberals so be it, but, I won’t have any part of it again.

          • That would make you as useless to the cause as a gawker who stands on the street corner and watches someone get mugged because you warned them about the bad neighborhood. “I’ll show em….I’ll just prove how important I really am.”

        • What has Lindsey Graham or J.McCain or Susan Collins or O. Snow and the rest of those creeps done to help the conservatives who just want to live by the rule of law according to the Constitution? give me a break. Romney got what he deserved, the people of mass voted for him and regret it still. Romneycare and now we get Obamacare, gee I’m so glad we got the likes of these so called republican-conservatives elected to look out for us and represent OUR interest.

          • Are you insane? Go back and read your post. “Romney got what he deserved”? “the people of Mass. voted for him a regret it”? In reality the only way the “people of Massachusetts” would reject Romney is because he is TOO conservative. Winning involves strategy, and the strategy is to “move the middle” to the right. When that is accomplished the real conservative values can’t be marginalized by the media as “radical”. This takes time to accomplish, and it involves electing RINOS in states where Cruz types have no chance. Come on man, use your head.

          • that’s what the party establishement would have us believe. GWB moderate and what did we get? invasion of our personal liberties, more debt with spending out of control, more social programs and sending of our hard earned tax $ to foreigners etc….elected a RINO/moderate to get the middle to move right??? LOL and you’re asking me if I’m insane? I worked the polls here tonight in PA and we had very high turnout. unprecidented why bkz republicans on the school board not only were texting one another with racist and sexist comments, but, also lost over 2 million $…. so not enough time to get on the ballot, but, I tell you 2 dem are doing a write-in and I’m thinking they’ll win! this is moderate RINO’s and what they do for us. Now we’ll have a couple dudes who believe in Common Core sitting on the school board. Good Job Republican/RINO jerks. I live in this distract and even the most conservative republicans find it distasteful and well now we’ll see it the remaining 2 rep. board members loose their position to the dems. This is a very conservative county, but, we’re seeing our margin grow slim. It’s only a matter of time.

          • What you say makes no sense. GWB was not a Ted Cruz Republican but he was not a RINO. He wanted to reform Social Security and lower taxes (which he did). That is not a RINO. Get your analogies in order. “Texting one another with racist and sexist comments” Hmmmm.. Is that what RINOs do? Your margins are growing slim because you are getting outsmarted by democrats who know what to do to win. check out what happened in Virginia.

    • Sadly if we do not vote for a Republican, as the lessor evil, it seems the GOP views this as the entire country shifting more liberal. Either way, they refuse to learn. We must continue to fund, support and help the Tea Party and Conservatives everywhere and make the GOP hear us.

      • You will get a chance to see about “evil” this evening when the results of the Virginia governor’s race are in. This miserable clown Robert Sarvis will probably assure that the Clinton liberal lap dog Terry McAuliffe gets elected over the best candidate available, Ken Cuccinelli. Guess who is helping fund Sarvis’ campaign? You guessed it, Obama’s Chicago democrat machine. Libertarians better wake up. What could be more “evil” than an Oboma puppet in the Virginia statehouse?

  7. Very well said. Thank you. Without principles, we will continue to elect people who represent only the unprincipled of us.

    • that’s correct, no matter what letter is behind the name, a Progressive Liberal comes in all shapes and sizes and parties!

        • No worries except that the GOP won’t wise up and learn which side their bread is buttered on. The cave by John boy was due to the party elitist calling in make it end. They didn’t want a hit on the markets so the bluff had to end. We the people got slapped in the face again. Higher debt and the hostile takeover of our healthcare system. Of course if your a 1%er no big deal for they’ll always have the best care, as will the governement elitist. This is like 1937 in America! At some point things must change or we’ll no longer look like the land of the free and the home of the brave. God Bless America.

          • when you get your request for support for the GOP, send it back to them with a message that until they support a true conservative, we will NOT support THEM!!! If enough do this, they might get the message. the only thing they understand is the pain in their coffers!!

    • And bkz they have a R next to their name let them go? Ron Castile PA Supreme Court judge has voted NO for Voter ID for years. Do u know what happened in 08 in phila. voting precincts?

        • A good sciencist expect different results by conducting the exact same experiment repeatedly. Time to try something and hope and pray that the GOP gets the message quickly. They keep saying we need moderates to run, well they put McCan’t up against a total unknown BO a virtual nobody and look what happened. Then after all BO was doing and the GOP puts up Romney (now here’s a guy even Barry liked running against) the Mass. governor of state sponsered mandated health care. Are u kidding me and we expect to win??? Calgon take me away!! So we have the House and what have they given us? Raising of the debt ceiling how many times? Empowering BO and company to implement the worst social program of this country’s history? oy yoy this logic is why we are here today. Change is needed, never vote for an incumbent unless it’s the likes of Cruz or Lee. If they put up Cristie forget it. I’ll sit that one out and I’m guessing millions of others will do the same.

          • Sit it out and all the numbnuts that do will help sell us down the river. I helped Cruz get elected and he is my favorite politician bar none. But Cruz does not sell in New Jersey or Illinois so we have to take what we can get. Think about the next generation instead of what you can see at the end of your nose.

          • I think I am. We differ on this issue. I think it better to STOP raising the Debt Ceiling and let the cards fall where they will. We have enough $ to pay our debts, but, sacrifice would be unavoidable. The republicans are afraid to take such a stand. For many years (at least since Reagan) the republican party has been growing the federal gvt without any consideration of what lies past their noses. If I can see where this all leads so can they. Every adm. builds on the power grabs of the previous adm. No one gives a S*** about the people and how all this will affect future generations. Speedle are u a blind party liner? I’ve been a republican for quite a few years now, however, I think we need to stop saying just vote for them (republicans) bkz they’re better than the dems. It’s like do I want a s l o w death or a fast one? Let it go and then fix it from the ground up. If republicans don’t get the mess. then it’ll be the end of the GOP. I’m watching the VA governors race and Cuccinelli is running a good race, but, the dems have thown everything at it. This conservative did not get enough support from the party. This is sad.

          • I agree with the first half of your post, but then you go weird. “A slow death”? A slow death is allowing the dems to dominate the congress and pass whatever the hell they want (Obamacare – remember?). One more RiNO would have prevented the passage of the ACA. Nothing else makes sense.
            I assume you are joking about the Virginia election. We lost by about 3 points. The Obama funded idiot Libertarian Sarvis took about 6 points away from Cuccinelli. Let’s do the math. The LIbertarian in name only cost a conservative Republican the election.

        • wrong look at the records, You know it’s easy to stand up and say your against something or visa versa when you know damn well that the votes will not come thru on the floor. Castile has been against Voter I.D. period. look it up. just bkz he’s a republican doesn’t mean he’s a conservative. this is what the pbm is with following Party line politics.

          • Oh!, I know both parties are full of crooks.
            Every politician that enters office, no matter what their financial status was before entering office, become millionaires and multimillionaires. This system creates corruption and greed consumes them. All attorneys get to make more money than they are worth and make laws that are so stupid only an attorney can operate through it. They vote themselves raises as if they deserve them and do less each year. We have lost control of this government via complacency and now the crooks , even the street punks can do what ever they want to us because they have more protections than the tax paying citizens. You can’t afford to hire an attorney to protect your self but we must pay for the crooks attorney. Still I will not ever vote for a communist or socialist to govern this land, just like I never voted for a Muslim to go to the white house after we are at war with them. Like it or not the education of our kids has been disappointing ever since our government took over control via the department of education.

          • Go to your schools and find out what your kids are being taught. You can change that. Ever hear of the PTA?

        • we conservatives really need to start paying close attention. hey, why did john boy cave on the most recent debt ceiling hike? allowing BO to implement ACA? augh bkz why? bkz it’ll hurt America if we default? Wrong we have enough to pay our bills, we’d just have to stop alot of spending immediately – that would include Obamacare!! so what’s going to hurt us more the chance we’d default on our loan obligations? get a lower rating than we have now world wide with our 16 trillion dollar debt? or putting a government run health care system in place? bingo if u picked the last one. just like everything else that the republicans have allowed to go forward, we are shooting ourselves in the foot and bleeding out slowly. may as well let it happen fast, let those evil demonrats do their worst, as it’s better sooner than later while we still remember what America was built on, Conservative tenants and a Free Enterprise system.

          • You’re NOT bleeding slowly. You’re hemorrhaging & bleeding to death but just sooooo stupid you don’t even know it

      • So you answer is to support no one unless your candidate of choice is running. Otherwise, do not vote? You would rather lose all than win something. Now that seems to play right into the hands of the Democrats. Is that what we need?

        • why would I vote for someone who I know doesn’t give a rats ass about rallying his party against evil? WHY? Roe vs Wade how long ago was it passed? how many times have u heard of any Republican standing up and putting a bill together and trying to get it to the floor for a vote? Zero times in over 40 years zero times….every bit of liberty eroding legislation that has come down the pike pushed by dem supported by republicans and how many bills have been introduced to amend or repeal? So this is the road we should keep traveling down? You are telling me it’s getting us somewhere that we want to be?

          • Part of that is that they are screwing around and are afraid that THEY might have to pay!! As the old saying goes IF YO DANCE, YOU HAVE TO PAY THE PIPER!!!

          • Boy, aren’t you the smart one! Do you think if the GOP passed a bill to bring back slavery that would work too???

  8. Vote, even if it is for the lesser of two evils. Keep in mind the elections of 2006, 2008, and 2012. How did those work out for Conservative ideals? We have to stop losing the entire pie, and start winning something!

    • wrong, incredmentaly we’ve been loosing inches then feet and now miles. we have no need in schools of prayer, (tell me what harm did it do our generation) instead we teach why Bobby has 2 mommies, and how to have safe sex at 12yr of age and younger. We have a dept. of edu. (federal) that dictates what we should teach and what we should allow the kids to eat in school. We have a government that has put so much debt onto our childrens backs that the european tax system of you keep 33% and give the govt. 68% is coming to them. We have a man occupying the oval office that denies what America is and the laws it is goverened under. He hates the Constitution and has said so. He likes redistribution of weatlth, not of his elitiest friends and politicians mind you, but, of the average hard working middle class American. The lesser of two evils (The Republicans) have been aiding and abetting this guy’s philosophy of government by allowing the dem to do their dirty work for 65 years plus. Please don’t say take the lesser of two evils. We have what we have bkz of that philosophy.

  9. Christie is probably the best NJ can do at the time–HE IS NOT THE BEST AMERICA (AMERIKKK for you low information types) CAN DO.

    Hunker down, take two aspirin and drink plenty of liquids? Pepto Bismol? Scotch?

    • Agreed …… If all else fails the test simply remember the Demoncrapic party PLATFORM (not that any RINOS follow the Republican platform).

      (can you say ABORTION which includes NEAR TERM tearing small defensless humans to pieces?)

    • have you helped in anyway Ken Cucclnelli? It’s going to be close. We need him, but, BO has put lots of $$ to defeat Ken. He knows that 2014 will be in play and if Cuccinelli wins the Dems will have a hell of a time retaining the oval office. I hoped that all conservatives have given every cent they could afford to his campaign, (as my mother would say-pay now or pay more later) but, as I just 20min ago recv’d another email asking for $ for ads I’m guessing they’re falling short. I’m not from VA, but, I am an American who luvs the Constitution and thinks highly of Ken C. so I’ll be remembering all the Conservatives running tomorrow in my prayers this evening.

      • Cuccinelli is a corrupt KOOK that wants THE GOVERNMENT to BAN abortion, birth control, ORAL SEX & SODOMY!!! The Tea Party will be SWEPT OUT of VA! NEWS FLASH…If you want the government to enact more laws restricting birth control, sex education, abortion, same-sex marriage, oral sex, sodomy (among other things) it makes you PRO BIG GOVERNMENT!! NOT a “don’t tread on me” small government libertarian. It also makes you a colossal hypocrite, plain and simple.

  10. Vote for the person that best expresses the principles of our Constitution and professes to support our freedoms as given to us by our Founding Fathers and don’t fall for the venom spewed by the progressives as their interpretation of our constitution which is treacherous and intended to control your life and your soul….they are evil.

  11. Michael Minkoff is either ignorant about the law or has chosen to ignore it when he wrote, “But we don’t provide for the healthcare and livelihood of truly poor people in our local area, and he certainly knows nothing about medical care in the United States…”.

    NO ONE goes without medical care in the United States, not legal citizens nor illegal aliens! Here is why many use our emergency rooms as their primary care doctors and facilities/clinics…

    The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act was passed in 1986, as part of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act to guaranteed no one is turned away without treatment in the U.S.A. Today this includes all ailments from the flue to cuts that are not emergency medical cases. Anyone walking into an emergency room gets treatment, often at the expense of more urgent cases that do require emergency medical care. The EMTALA act requires hospitals to provide care to anyone and everyone needing emergency healthcare treatment regardless of citizenship, legal status or ability to pay. There are no reimbursement
    provisions! No one is required to show capability to pay or in fact pay for emergency room treatment. We “local” citizens pay for their care when we use the connected hospital and or emergency room facilities in the way of higher prices of our medical care, which we either have health insurance or pay for. This is welfare paid for by the “local” citizens and I have never heard any complaint from “local” people. Participating hospitals and all are participating may only transfer or discharge patients needing emergency treatment under their own informed consent, after stabilization, or when their condition requires transfer to a hospital better equipped to administer the treatment.

  12. Here’s the real problem: At least about 74% of our population is made up of “gatherer’s,” or people who just live only to get handouts
    from big government. I don’t feel the need to specify just who these “gatherer’s” are, but they alone did elect this openly promised Marxist
    government. That’s not even the best part, they also elected their own scriptural scape goat discussed in the Hebrew-inspired Books
    of the Law because Marxism in the ONLY unpardonable sin written about in it! This stuff just can’t be made up! Wow! Watch…

      • We who “have no voice” tend to be victims of the corrupt majority. However GOD gives us the government we deserve corporately because of the sins of the nation even though we have not all committed those sins,i.e. abortion on demand, drug and alcohol abuse and , and now homo-sex marriage. Sometimes the “innocent” suffer with and because of the majority, (although none of us are truly innocent).

  13. Well written and succinctly makes the point we MUST vote on principles AND Get Involved with helping to change our Sick and Broken Culture. Kudos to author.

  14. I think Chris Graham needs professional help. He’s ditching “conservatives” and going for Democrats, the party of slavery, segregation and the KKK. What a nut job!

    Its simple…the rotten apples have behavioral traits.

    1..He/she prefers emotional appeals to logic or historical facts
    2..He/she becomes impatient then angry when asked probing questions
    3..He/she often displays cowardly arrogance or boldly lies to your face
    4..He/she is snide when churches or people of faith are mentioned
    5..He/she avoids real debate or responsibility by using fantasy demons
    6..He/she tars those who disagree with a toxic label to shut them up
    7..He/she embraces any tactics to sell/impose their fantasy-based system
    8..He/she dismisses research as fraudulent when it rejects their assertions
    9..He/she opts for pontificating and dodging tactics over real debate
    10.He/she prefers speeches before the jobless under age 25 or least educated
    11.He/she believes in monster gov-meant, higher taxes and secular values
    12.He/she at times will praise socialist purgatories but bash America

    So in the future just check these off when you hear an elected person
    , their political or media hacks. Now you know.

      • This sad little lonely scumbag homo TRoLL Blob is one SICK F…n puppy!! He is exhibiting some serious mental illness because he is POSTING TO HIMSELF in some pages. His homoerotic shame and rejection has driven him to a new level of personality disorder……………

  16. Here is a hint: go vote. Now for a tip if you vote in Texas: Bring your driver’s license or passport with your voter’s registration certificate because you need a photo ID this time. Recommendation: Vote for Proposition 6 because we have more new people coming to Texas, but God is not giving us any more water than normal.

  17. My apologies to the author, but this article runs around in a loop like a hamster on its wheel. LOL. Everyone assumes s/he is voting on principles, voting for the right person. Etc. etc. We are fighting against an undercurrent of Socialism that started back with Communist Party of the fifties. The Repubs are sliding that way slowly. Get rid of the Rinos and save at least one Party. I apologize to the Libertarians, because I do align with you, however, running against a Republican you do split the vote and give the Demrat a good chance. Run as a Republican, beat the Rino and then run against the Demrat.

    • I have been an election day worker for my counties Board of Elections since Nov, 2004. I can say with 100% certainty that MANY voters DON’T think they are voting on principles. May don’t even CLAIM to know what that means.

      • Well, your opinion is as good as mine. I’ve always appreciated the work done by the Board of Elections workers. Thanks.

        • I did not state an opinion. I stated a FACT. I have personally talked to voters that came out and stated they didn’t even know the NAME of the candidate they were voting for, even when you READ the names on the ballot to them. They just wanted to vote for the X party candidate.

    • Sarvis is drawing voters from BOTH parties almost equally. If he beats out Cuccinelli it is NOT because he siphoned off GOP votes, or if he beats out McAuliffe it will NOT be because he siphoned off Democrat votes, it WILL be because voters saw him as the better, more principled choice. I hope Sarvis wins and by a HUGE margin, it is time for the two “major parties” to get their well deserved comeuppance.

  18. RINOs want every Bible believer destroyed. They refuse to back Ken Cuccinelli in VA and he is one of the most honorable and family supportive man that I have met or got to know. He wqs the first DA to take ObamaCare to the SCOTUS.

      • This sad little lonely scumbag homo TRoLL Blob is one SICK F…n puppy!! He is exhibiting some serious mental illness because he is POSTING TO HIMSELF in some pages. His homoerotic shame and rejection has driven him to a new level of personality disorder.

        The following is a Freudian representation of this SICK bastards mind…..!!!!!!!!

      • Well Bob, thanks for showing all of us what an intolerant, hateful, angry, racist and bigoted example all of you on the extreme radical fascist left are 100% of the time. By the way Bob, do you know so much about “teabagging” because it’s something you practice daily – as the receiver – with your bathhouse comrades?

          • The only racist bigoted homophobes on the face of the earth belong to the extreme radical left wing fascist party of death, a.k.a. democrats! You and your comrades of the extreme left are the most intolerant, non-compassionate, homophobic, racist, bigoted, hateful and angry people I have ever had the displeasure to know. And what’s laughable about you calling others homophobic is the FACT you and your extreme radical left wingnuts are constantly using the most vile of homosexual slurs and “jokes” to describe your political opponents. Your degrading of homosexuals is about on level with the juvenile humor one would find in a middle school locker room. So yes, you are a bigot and probably a racist too, just like the extremist radical left-wing racist pig running for lieutenant governor of Virginia who refused to shake the hand of a Black republican American. I’d be willing to bet if you were in the same position you’d do the same thing! It just fits with you hateful and angry extreme radical left-wingnuts.

  19. To vote for the demoCRAPS in any election is like committing TREASON, just don’t do it, I will not give the enemy ammunition or support it’s like oBOZO giving the terrorist aid they can turn and use on our own troops,he’s a prick with ears so don’t sink to his low expectations, support the conservatives no matter what. I know this for a fact that if the Republican’s and Tea Party split the ticket IN ANY ELECTION the demoCRAP’S will have a CAKE WALK and win every Election, don’t look for any of them to jump ship and vote conservative. God and America FIRST and forget the traitors that want you to vote demoCrap, like I said it’s TREASON !!!!!!

  20. I hand delivered my absentee ballot to the Board of Elections at about noon the day before the election. On election day, I will be on the opposite side of the county working for the Board of Elections. My election day job is circulating among 8 voting locations to ensure the workers at those locations have all the supplies they need and address the simpler issues with the voting machines.

  21. I know what I’ll be doing on Tuesday Nov 5th, I have to work at the polls and I intend to keep things as honest as possible and prevent any fraud. I also urge every American who knows the truth about these demoncrap pigs to vote them all out. I also urge you to vote all Republicans in and vote out all the RINOS in every state that has any elections. Please, you know as well as everyone else that this country is headed in the wrong direction and it IS NOT an Islamic country like this director of Homeland says, it is not and never will be if the Real True American Patriots have anything to say about it.

  22. Only an armed revolution will save us now. Our debt, deficits and entitlement obligations cannot be paid back in honest dollars. They will devalue the dollar and inflate the obligations away and destroy the middle class in the process (the wealthy have strategies to counter these policies).

  23. Sounds allot like the writer of this article is explaining the exact way that we got in this mess is the way to vote on Tuesday. I disagree with your article sir. I think that what people should keep in mind is our constitution and our freedom as American citizens. I think people should think about what kind of a world they want to build for their great grand kids. I think people should give God his rightfull glory and praise him for letting us raise our kids free. If you look at any candidate and they threaten any of those values and not one of them does, then don’t vote and don’t pay taxes next year. Taxation without representation is what led us to the civil war and it will do it again. Tell these low life politicians to stuff it. They can’t make it without our tax contributions. That’s exactly what taxes are, contributions to our elected government to implement the standards that keep in line our free expression of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Any one running g for anything short if that standard should be hung from the highest tree for all to see what it is to run for public office without these basic values.
    Thank you all for reading and may God save us all.

  24. I BECAME A DEMOCRAT TO F*&^% THEM UP…time to payback some slights, arrogance and complete ruination of our country by these hacks

  25. Writer Minkoff is a prime example of a so-called conservative diluting conservative principles. His problem is that he has been indoctrinated (“brainwashed,” might be more accurate) into believing that liberal principles are universal and therefore should be incorporated into conservative philosophy to make it “righteous.”

    It probably sounds evil to Minkoff, but a basic principle of conservatism is that “Your life is not my fault.” That does not mean that conservatives are not concerned about the welfare of others or feel that they should do nothing about injustice. (Conservatives voluntarily contribute a greater percentage of their income to charities than liberals do.)

    What it does mean is that each person is a free and independent being and has the liberty not to solve the problems of others.

    That is a fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives: liberals believe that every person must be compelled, by law, to solve the problems of others. (Perhaps the reason that liberals give a smaller percentage of their income to charities than do conservatives is that liberals prefer forcing others to pay in their place.)

  26. Our Constitution is made only for a moral and religious (Christian) people. It is wholly inadequate for the governance of any other.

    Vote for active Christian people.

    Before you vote in any election make sure:

    Both incumbents and candidates/nominees must be questioned as long and as hard (and their records likewise examined) as is necessary to determine their general philosophy as it pertains to law and their legal philosophy and to their views and values concerning the Constitution. Only if the positions and answers of a candidate/incumbent are genuinely Constitutionalist should he/she be approved for office by “the People.”

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