Washington Redskins Being Bullied to Change Name

The U.S. Patent Office, which recently attended to the important work of granting Amazon it’s “subject on a white background” photography patent, recently re-affirmed its indispensability by suspending the trademarked name of the Washington Redskins.

According to the Patent Office, Redskins is a racially derogatory slur aimed at “Native Americans,” and, as such, is disqualified from trademark consideration:

. . .  Based on the evidence properly before us, [we decide] that these registrations must be cancelled because they were disparaging to Native Americans at the respective times they were registered

The cancelled trademarks include the name of the team in any form (as well as the logo) and the name of the Washington cheerleaders: “the Redskinettes.” Before you get too upset, this is likely more of a political PR stunt that will have no effect on the Washington Redskins beyond bad publicity.

Much of the furor against the team’s name came after Harry Reid and about fifty other Senators (who also had nothing better to do) sent a letter to the NFL Commissioner telling him to take action against the Redskins and force them to change their name. The letter says that the climate for a name change was particularly ripe because of Donald Sterling’s highly publicized racist comments:

The despicable comments made by Mr. Sterling have opened up a national conversation about race relations. We believe this conversation is an opportunity for the NFL to take action to remove the racial slur from the name of one of its marquee franchises.


Now is the time for the NFL to act. The Washington D.C. football team is on the wrong side of history. What message does it send to punish slurs against African Americans while endorsing slurs against Native Americans?


. . . Every Sunday during football season, the Washington D.C. football team mocks [Native American] culture.

Not once does the letter even mention the name Redskins. Instead it chooses to refer to the team as “the Washington D.C. football team.” The tone of this letter—its absurd gravitas and sanctimonious self-importance—it’s enough to make me throw up a little in my mouth.

And mind you, I have a good percentage of Cherokee blood in me. I respect the aboriginal American culture, ((I use “aboriginal American” because “Native American” isn’t exclusive enough. I am a native American. I was born here. So were my parents. But the majority of my most distant ancestors were not the first occupants of this land. So “aboriginal” is a more accurate anthropological term for the first known settlers of North America, though it is a bit of a mouth full.)) what’s left of it anyway, and I find it hilarious that any self-respecting tribe would trust the US government of all organizations to stick up for its rights. It’s not the Washington Redskins that need to be treated with contempt here. It’s Washington D.C. itself. Ever heard of the Trail of Tears? Yeah, the “Washington D.C. football team” had nothing to do with that.

Have the Washington Redskins done any actual harm to aboriginal Americans? Not really. They aren’t making fun of anyone or mocking anyone’s culture. Anymore than the Atlanta Braves or the Florida State Seminoles. It’s a team mascot. These aren’t representations of actual aboriginal Americans. These are traditional caricatures—like a witch with black hat and warts, a French man with black-striped shirt and a beret, a cowboy with chaps and six-shooters. This is Cowboys and Indians, guys. It was never intended as a serious representation of aboriginal Americans, and honestly, I don’t think anyone thinks less or more of actual aboriginal Americans because of the name Redskins.

And why s the name even considered disparaging? What about white people being called “pale faces” in movie after movie and show after show. Are we upset by that? No. Why should we be? Most of us have pale faces. It’s a description. Do black people have a problem being called black? No. It’s a description. Pretty soon Harry Reid’s gonna send a letter to Sunday School organizations banning the song “Jesus Loves the Little Children” because it says “red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight.”

Did you say, red and yellow? Gasp. Shock and horrors. How dare you call aboriginal Americans red-skinned. That is a disparaging racial slur. Whatever. Does anyone in our civil government have anything to do at all? I mean anything at all? Why are we paying any of these people? They can’t balance a bloated budget, but they have time to write a bloated letter to a football team about their name? Who gives a flying arrowhead? And don’t even get me started on the Patent Office. Fire them all. Seriously. Fire every one of them.

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  1. Stupid is, as stupid does. A nation of severely sensitive wimps who find discrimination lurking around every corner and want their place on that ever growing bandwagon. Seems like everyone these days takes offense at everything, no matter what the intention, no matter how trivial. The wimps are growing in leaps and bounds, whining louder and more frequently than children who often take offense at everything. It isn’t hard these days to separate the men from the boys, as the boys are much more numerous.

    • It’s more than just wimps (although the left cultivates wussiness and thinks metro-sexuals are the epitome of “manliness”).

      These tyrants are beating Americans into submission over even the little things – get us in the habit of caving to their stupid P.C. demands. No dodge ball, no salt, no saturated fats, no large soda, etc. – they want to control every aspect of our lives and in so doing they change what we were as Americans.

      The participants in the first Tea Party, and the Sons of Liberty had a different response to tyranny. They stood up and said, hell no and backed it up with force. If we don’t do it, we’ll be playing Twister instead of football, and celebrating May Day instead of the Fourth of July.

      The democrat party is comprised of Marxist traitors.

      • Because lying Democrats, including Reid will start screaming racism. You Obama sheeple own this nonsense. You fix it.

      • Because there’s a law already in place that protects private property it’s the 5th amendment of the constitution. If this is allowed to stand, another precedent will be set and any politician republican or democrat will already have their foot in the door to take pretty much anything they want.

  2. The sad part of this is what liberals are doing to the term “decency”.
    You just can’t cry wolf every time your little feeling get hurt.

    Political correctness has damaged the world for the true victim.
    While “legitimate rape” was a TERRIBLE term to use, he had point.
    There’s a difference between an abduction/stranger rape and proving to your boyfriend how mad you are…

    • Jessica, “legitimate rape” had to do with the GOP’s “magic sperm” theory in which “if it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down” (so she cannot become pregnant). BTW, if you say NO to your boyfriend & he forces himself upon you is that somehow not rape? Can you imagine (after being raped) going in front of a panel of old white male republicans that will decide if you were “legitimately raped” or not?

      • It’s really pathetic that you make a joke about “magic sperm” and the whole incident. Todd Akin had a point; he just used TERRIBLE terminology. He has paid a very heavy price for a stupid choice of words.

        Wonder why Hillary hasn’t had to pay a heavy price for her faux pas? I guess liberals don’t hold their own to very high standards.

        Of course I would call it rape if a boyfriend “forced himself upon” his girlfriend.

          • His point was maybe it really wasn’t rape… maybe that was the term used by a scorned lover. He should have used a more appropriate phrase, but hey… we’re all human…

          • WRONG! His point had to do with pregnancy (which is why he went on about how a woman body has the ability to “shut that whole thing down” & reject a rapist’s sperm)

          • If you’re a Republican and you don’t believe in “magic sperm” you might believe the Earth is only 6,000 years old. If you don’t believe in “magic sperm” or a 6,000 year old Earth, you might believe gay people are more likely to sexually assault children. If you don’t believe in “magic sperm” a 6,000 year old Earth or gay people’s affinity to pedophilia, you might believe tax cuts are a universal solution to all economic conditions that “trickle-down economics” works. And if you don’t believe any of those things, you might believe “death panels” are a part of Obamacare. If you don’t believe any of those things, you might believe that less environmental regulation of industries that pollute will lead to cleaner air and water because the market will sort ’em all out Or something. Or you believe the President of the United States is a dangerous Muslin and radical socialist from Kenya & he’s going to take your guns away!

          • Seriously, Bob… are you on drugs? You wrote something a couple nights ago about Jesus being gay ( it actually was kinda funny) and I though the same thing… “This guy is on something”… Haven’t quite figured where you’re going with this? Gonna tell me?

          • As a matter of fact I am (under the strict supervision of a MD of course) hash for “depression”, Xannax for “anxiety” & single malt scotch for “fun”! 😛

          • That combination must be really hallucinogenic… no wonder you’re sounding so weird… Should you be drinking scotch with those other drugs?… I’m tired… Later 🙂

          • Now it’s becoming much clearer… how you think like you do..
            Do you stay awake all night on this drugs or do they put you to sleep?

          • Ok… I’m tired and I have to get up early. You should maybe quit drinking… Oh what do I know?… Don’t kill yourself! Good night. 🙂

      • Since when did Democrats care about care about Indians, or anyone else? They only care about themselves and their Socialist agenda.

          • Such a leftie move… just because Christ gave to the poor, healed the sick, etc doesn’t mean he was a socialist. There’s a lot of “cross-breeding” in the worlds of politics and economics. Don’t make sweeping generalizations, especially when they’re so off-base!!!!

  3. All this says is that if they use the name it isn’t protected. Witch offers little for we see many infringements every year. They would probably make more money using this name because they are giving the providable finger to the government. Get a small off shore country to give you a copy write and tell the government to shove it.

      • Like the rest of government they are assuming powers they dont have. Until someone opposes them they will now have that power The owners have plenty of money and should fight the purpose is to protect and regulate against fraud not remove for any other cause then infringement.

  4. We have a country in deep despair and the DEMONCRATS are hell bent on making the Washington Redskins change their name. We’ve got scandal after scandal and lies upon top of lies covering up obama the head liar and his other lying POS in his administration.


  5. Maybe they can call themselves ‘Pigskins’ – No, that’s insulting to pigs; how about ‘Skinheads’ – No, that’s insulting to skin?

  6. I use to donate to the Indian missions and to some of there groups with respect for them and what they went though, But since they seem not to like being honered i stopped and donate to any of there groups. They now whinn like the blacks

    • You have the right to withdraw your support over a trivial topic. Why weren’t you withdrawing your support years ago when this started?

      • It has been a few yrs since thank you. But it just lately stopped the faggot scouts support. But my little leage baseball team like it more i think hehehe. But i only co sponcer them

    • Need to remember that 95% of the Indians are NOT offended by the name “Washington Redskins”
      What’s next Chicago Blackhawks or Cleveland Indians oh yes Atlanta Braves.

  7. The world is ready to explode and the Demorats are concerned about the Washington Redskins changing their name as stated by someone They should remove the word Washington which I also find offensive.

  8. I am so sick and tired of everything the left does. They think their opinions are all that matter and no one, NO ONE, who opposes them can ever have that right. This country, this WORLD is not big enough for normal people and liberals. We have to find some way to rid ourselves of them. I will move to the ends of the earth if I can only escape their sanctimonious meddling and their oppressive decrees..

        • I’m not worried either way. I’m hoping that the extreme right’s balls inflate and show Americans how evil they are. Why drag it out. Let’s hit rock bottom in November.
          Start with impeachment. I can’t wait. Bring it on, baby, bring it on.

  9. Now Republicans have a topic to run on this summer. They don’t have a health, economic or international plan for the country. It’s a no-plan, no-brain party.

    The name is going to be changed. Get over it. If you have a problem with it then tell Republicans in Congress to present a bill to maintain the team name. Is that easy enough for you?

    How about, “Redcoats?”

  10. Just think all this time they have been telling us bullying is bad. I guess that only counts if your a conservative.

  11. These self-appointed “politically correct a/k/a/ cowards, name zealots” must to be blood brothers of the Atheist Nation, and similar nut groups, whose members get a nasty rash, every time they see a Cross, a Bible or hear the name GOD mentioned..
    The main problem is that America has been conditioned for too long, to bend over, before every crazy group with a dysfunctional Agenda, and refuses to stand tall and push back, real hard…

    Bullies are confirmed cowards, and very insecure minions at heart that, as soon as you push back, they quickly run back to the sewer where they came out of… Try it America… WE will get excellent results…


    Semper Fidelis

  12. They’ll say and do anything to keep America’s eye off the ball. You know, Fast & Furious, NSA, IRS, Illegal Aliens, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, $787 Billion Economic Stimulus Plan, S-CHIP, Health Care Reform, Benghazi,
    supporting the UN declaration on sexual orientation and gender identity, ignoring DOMA, there’s more, but I’m gonna take a nap while O plays golf.

  13. Teams do not choose derogatory names to represent them. They choose names that project strength, pride, conquest, power, and honor! What about Chiefs, Indians, Cowboys, Seminoles, Black Hawks, Warriors? How about Raiders & Buccaneers, with a pirate flag? Does that mean we like pirates? How about the Saints? That will be your next target? Religion! The Muslims don’t like it! I don’t care if they don’t like it! Don’t watch football if is that disturbing to you. Does that mean we like pirates? Does it mean we are all Catholic? No! It is simply the name of the team. Don’t you whining liberals have anything better to do? I understand that this is all about you controlling every thought we have. You will fail! Your days are numbered.

    • Would a sports team who’s mascot was a man in blackface & the name was “NIGGERS” be offensive to you? What about a political party called the “TEABAGGERS” & the logo being a man with testicles in his mouth? Is that offensive?

      • Did you not read anything that I posted? Of course not! You are the liberal moron LABobfromNYC. I find YOU offensive Bob! Do you have any comment on the points I posted? One by one? Apparently not.The only sports teams YOU described would belong to YOU! Maybe you and Donald Sterling should get together and discuss bigotry and hate. You seem to have a lot in common. Clean up your language potty mouth. How often do you wear that pointy hat to your cross burnings? That’s a democrat thing, Is it not? Do not try to lie to me! You will suffer. Just stick your tail between your legs and crawl away.

          • The most offensive name right now is LABobfromNYC. Still no reply to my questions? Certainly you can do better than that Bob. After all you are from NYC! However, I unlike you will gladly answer your questions. No problem. There are no team names in any sport that are offensive to me or anyone that I know of. Thanks for asking! There is only one name that will most certainly qualify for my shit list. LABobfromNYC! If you were to take the time to read my first post you would discover that teams do NOT choose names that are derogatory! it is a business! Teams want to promote their product. The only team names that I would find offensive at this point in time are the ones YOU POSTED!. Keep in contact Bob. I would love to meet you one day. I live in LA as do you. Unlike you I am from South Boston. I’ll be looking for you. Have a shitty day.

        • Redskins is a white racist term that’s meant to be an insult and demean native peoples. White guys chose that name. Don’t take this out on liberals. Take it to The Supreme Court.

          • Did you not read any of the points that I posted? Do you have a counter to any of them? This has already been to the supreme court. I will take this out on liberals until someone gives me a valid reason not to.

          • I really don’t care about you or what you think at all, Bob. But I have to admit it’s fun to see you squirm and avoid answering any of the points that I have brought up! Are you going to respond to any of them? It has become quite clear that you are lacking in many areas regarding debate, difference of opinion, and how to deal with it. I kind of feel bad for you. Name calling seems to be your strong suit. Childish insults. It is clear that you, for some reason, believe that I am a member of the Tea Party. I hate to burst your liberal bubble, but I am not! I am an independent.. I only believe what I see. Then act accordingly. You need to lay off the kool-aid, Bob. Get a grip on reality. Hang on tight. Maybe your mind will clear and sanity will creep in.

          • Your points lack logic. The reason a team owner chooses the name for his team is irrelevant if that name is offensive. mandingo may seem to some as a name that represents ” strength, pride, conquest, power, and honor” but can you see a basketball team that name?

  14. How will this affect college teams?? Example—the USC Trojans—named for Trojan warriors. All you need is some politically correct idiot compare the name to a popular condom and here we go—again.

  15. More control from the government! I for one do not agree with a name change. To me it is a positive name and one based upon respect! NOTICE! The next thing government will ant to do is name your babies and when dead put you where they want you….In a pile of feces! Complete BS (my opinion)

    • There is a legal way that you can fight this. Contact Republicans in Congress. See how many in Congress agree with you. Extreme right-wing members would surely support you, wouldn’t they?

  16. Republicans are the only ones who are upset over this. They have bigger things to worry about. They’ve offended every race but the conservative white one in this country. Yes, they hate white liberals too. They think that Americans are too stupid to realize how discriminatory their voter ID laws.

    • ya that ID thingy sure is racist …just like you have to show an ID to enroll in ocommie care, that sure is discriminating, just think all those poor illegals wont be able to vote or get health care paid for by the stupid American tax payers….damn racist republicans and their obama care ID schema… you really are an idiot wombsocket

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  18. This “progressive” bullying tactic is not going to stand up in court. The legal precedent it would set would inflict such massive damage on the U.S. patent office protection of individual property rights that this decision will not hold up under appeal. This is another typical “progressive” diversion tactic. The “progressive” thug named Harry Reid wants to change the subject away from all the “progressive” initiated corruption taking place in Washington DC.

    • Let it go. It isn’t worth it. I like seeing “Christmas” in stores. Now, if someone cancelled my cable, it would be the end of the world.

      • Sniffling little crybaby “progressives” are going to lose this on appeal. Get used to that idea. Remember, the Washington Redskins have existed for decades without their name being a tragedy for anyone. The team was named to honor their first coach, who was a Native American. 90% of the Native American population have zero problem with the name. The only reason this fake crisis is now suddenly an “issue” is because “progressives” need to change the subject away from the constant barrage of their policy failures in an election year. Not going to work. The name isn’t going to change and the Washington Redskins licensing rights will be restored to Snyder.

  19. As we all know, this is nothing more than the Government trying to force we the people to think what they want us to think. I say SCREW THE GOVERNMENT! I will not let my thoughts or feelings be shaped by what a bunch of moronic thieves want me to think. The Redskins is not derogatory relative to anyone, but the Federal Government is. Lets get rid of the Federal Government. We would all be better off if we got rid of them and started over using the Constitution as written.

  20. I am sick to death of white libs being offended FOR minorities. For God’s sake learn how to mind your own business and GET A LIFE!

  21. Michael, I enjoyed your perspective greatly. I almost couldn’t finish reading the entire article before commenting. I especially enjoyed your idea of referring to American Indians as Aboriginal Americans instead of Native Americans. I too have a problem with the sobriquet, Native American. It evokes second class citizenship. I prefer to be recognized as American Indian, as I feel that I am an American first. I believe my ancestors earned that right for me. Thanks again for the article. I am a die hard Redskins fan as well as a die hard Comanche. It irritates me no end when I hear someone telling me when I should be offended. Bob Costas comes to mind.

  22. WOW !! after 300 years of killing and destroying the red savages the federal govt has finely decided to make it up to the people whos land and way of life they stole and destroyed.Their going to get them, to drop the name REDSKINS ..but after this red man were square ,so dont go looking for any reparations like the black man is

  23. If Daniel Snyder caves to the mountain of pressure being heaped upon him by The Better People, may I offer a modest suggestion? Since the idea is to offend absolutely no one, perhaps the team’s new name should be The National Football Franchise at Washington,D.C.

    The new team colors would be all white jersey with black pants, and a white helmet with D. C, on one side of it. Nobody would be offended, right?

  24. With a bit of a play on words lets change the name to the Washington Engines or the Washington American Engines.
    Oooooh I bet I lit up some liberals one cell brains with this one….

  25. I don’t care what they think patent fools do. I still like redskin peanuts. Maybe someone ought to come up with redskins Licorice.

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