Is Warren Buffett an Abortion Crusader?

A recent article in Fox News tells an apparently little-known story. Warren Buffet, the infamously wealthy philanthro-capitalist, has apparently given over a billion dollars to fund abortion through his late wife’s foundation, The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation.

The American front of the Buffett Foundation is headed up by Tracy Weitz. You might remember her as one of the panelists in a Washington Examiner interview who had this horrifying explanation of the moral impropriety of Kermit Gosnell’s abortion techniques:

I think it’s important to recognize that this particular procedure is nowhere in the medical literature. When a procedure that usually involves the collapsing of the skull is done, it’s usually done when the fetus is still in the uterus, not when the fetus has been delivered.


So this technique that he does is nowhere in the lexicon of practice in abortion care. So, in terms of thinking about the difference between the way abortion providers who do later abortions in the United States practice, and this particular practice, they are completely worlds apart.

So it’s no surprise that one of the main beneficiaries of the Buffett Foundation is Planned Parenthood. And just to set your mind at ease, Planned Parenthood always makes sure to collapse the skull of the baby while it is still in the womb.

As with most things in the topsy-turvy world of leftist compassion, Planned Parenthood has successfully convinced many Americans that it is in fact a “women’s health” organization. And the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation is humanitarian. And Warren Buffett is a philanthropist.

As the Fox News article points out, the 1.2 billion dollars that Buffett has given to Planned Parenthood, and other “reproductive rights organizations” was sufficient to pay for about 2.7 million first-trimester abortions. But it is unlikely Warren Buffett’s uncular persona will be affected by this “new” revelation. In fact, most people won’t report on it:

If you give $1,000 to a ballot initiative to defend traditional marriage, that’s controversial. If you give $1.25 billion to promote abortion, journalists, who are wildly pro-abortion, don’t dare see any controversy.

Chalk it up to the neutrality of journalism I guess. Right.

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  1. Wealthy philanthro – capitalist, what a joke – there is NO such thing. When a wealthy capitalist starts advocating a shorter work week, universal education thru college level, taxing Wall St transactions, then, maybe, just maybe I’ll start thinking philanthro capitalist.

  2. What exactly is an “abortion crusader”?
    PsssssssssT! Terminating a pregnancy is a perfectly legal medical procedure.
    If that procedure is some kind of issue of you
    for whatever reason, DON’T HAVE AN ABORTION.

    • Abortion here in the states is by itself an abomination. We have become mindless evil women and men who support this murderous act. In europe, the mandatory abortion limit has been 14 weeks. That is the LAW in SPAIN and elsewhere in europe. Spain has just passed the LAW that has banned abortion. The only exception RAPE AND INCEST. Buffett is a SOCIALIST who supports Obama and his agenda!

        • You must have read it a long time ago, or perhaps read it from The GUARDIAN, a LIBERAL RAG. Two weeks ago I woke up at a very early am hour around 3:00 AM and turned on the idiot box to a BBC Network News channel and before my very eyes and hears, breaking news with what I had expressed above. Some women were protesting adamantly, while others were hailing it as a victory. I for one would say abortion after 8-10wks. is MURDER…

          • Here’s a list of the “forward thinking” countries where abortion is illegal. Perhaps you should move to one. Angola, Central African Rep.Chad. Congo, Kenya, madagascar,Mauritius,Mauritania,Senegal,Somalia,Uganda.Afghanistan,Iran,Egypt,Lebanon,Libya,Oman,Syria,United Yemen.Bangladesh,Myanmar,Indonesia,Laos,Papua New Guinea,Philippines, Sri lanka, Malta, Colombia,Ireland, Brazil,Guatemala,Haiti,Honduras,Nicaragua,Panama,Venezuela,Paraguay,Dominican RepublicChile,El Salvador, Mexico, Sudan, Niger, & Tanzania

          • You’re the hateful & despicable one! Did you take a look at the countries that share your view?? Which one do you think the USA you mimic?

          • I obey the law, you don’t,
            Another zealot and patriot who ONLY obeys the laws they like,
            You are truly silly sad people.
            Comic figures.

          • THEY are much better country’s then this country, since the total ffaag asssholles took over. Liberalism and its puke judges that are nothing but sewer turds, made it this way.

            Does that make sense to you, “killer of babys”??

        • Spain will let a woman terminate a pregnancy in the 2nd trimester.
          A doctor just has to say it was medically necessary.

        • Maybe you need to do some research.

          While it’s true, abortion is mostly banned in South American and African countries and is generally permissible in Europe and the U.S., it is banned in a few European countries (Ireland and Malta). Approx. 25% of the world’s population lives under highly restricted abortion laws.

          I know you knew all these details because you mention them often and seem proud of the fact that the wealthy countries allow abortion, while the less affluent restrict it; like allowing abortion goes hand in hand with intelligence…

          • I suppose wealth & freedom go hand & hand but if you look at the countries that allow abortion & those that don’t I think it would become clear as to which countries you’d prefer to live in.

        • funny you should mention “living in” because at least the poor can at least live. In your world of child murder the innocent child doesn’t even have the chance or opportunity to be poor in the first place. Sadly buffoons like you are too stupid to recognise tyranny when they see it until their own time comes to face evil but in this case you’ve already been allowed to live so an alternative tyranny may have to exist until you your dull witted abilities will recognise the need that real justice is necessary for civilisation to prevail a justice that necessarily is meted out to the weakest in our society. You are the type of twat that emboldens my belief in a creator because the thought of you standing in judgment in the final days with hell beckoning makes me kind of smile….all while the innocent aborted babies you deny humanity to, wave and sing as you burn in the eternal pits of hell. You and your ilk are pure scum

    • I always thought libs were all about defending the helpless and standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves, giving voice to the voiceless.
      Never mind.

    • Just think that if YOUR mother had “aborted” YOU, then YOU would not now be around to want more slaughtering and butchering of baby’s. I guess YOUR mother “messed up”. AND IT IS “LEGAL” BECAUSE SOME ASSSHOLE LIBERAL PUKKE JUDGES SAID IT WAS.

    • are you retarded or just slow? the issue that sucking the brain out of a healthy baby and cracking his legs like a lobster is immoral, deferring to someone else to make that decision doesn’t vitiate the immoral nature of the act nor more than saying to a pedophile that to him, raping a child is good for the child, no…it isn’t. By abdicating a decision or choice to someone else to perform a blatantly immoral act doesn’t negate the impropriety of the act. I know pro choicers like yourself are quite dim but please remember the next time you mention nonsense like that to educate yourself beforehand.

  3. Wrong terminology.

    Anyone who champions abortions with their backing of Planned Parenthood or any other organization whose primary job is performing procedures to basically euthanize a human being.

    This picture shows Warren Buffett in collusion With Dirty Diaper Head Obama supposedly discussing how nice it is to murder children.

    It’s not just these two that are guilty of something even worse. The Congressional Black Caucus led by their mouthpiece Al Sharpton continually sing the praises of everything that Planned Parenthood is doing for the black community. Even to the point of championing funding by the US government. The leaders of the NAACP, the social elite of the black community, are always promoting the work done by Planned Parenthood in their community.

    Does anyone remember Kosovo were there was an ethnic cleansing of 10,000 individuals just because of their race? Why is this important, the United Nations and the world in general referred to this Racial Cleansing as Racial Genocide. That was for 10,000 people approximately!

    Planned Parenthood probably boasts that they perform approximately 500,000 “Procedures” per year. Now how you wish to read “Procedures”is totally up to you but it ends up in a dead baby anyway. Planned Parenthood goes on to boast of their good work in the black community. According to them, Planned Parenthood, 85% of these”Procedures”are performed on young American women of African dissent. That’s approximately 425,000 dead Americans! The fact that they happen to be black only makes it worse I don’t believe there’s anyone in their right mind that would call the killing of 425,000 babies that their only crime is being black Is Not Genocide on a grand scale. Why does the black community continue to support these elitist individuals, The Congressional Black Caucus, and the leaders of the NAACP?

    • PP primary function is NOT abortions.
      You are so brainwashed by right wing media it’s pathetic.
      And please don’t rant and rave with any rebuttals.
      You are clearly a know nothing who believes whatever FOX tells you.

      • The right-wing echo chamber has made them permanently tone deaf. Their excessive name-calling makes them sound like5th grade bullies. Most of them can’t even articulate an opinion.

        • These dolts seems to forget, if they even knew,
          women can terminate pregnancies in thousands of places –
          Hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices.
          Right wing media knows their dimwit viewers need a bogeyman, a visible enemy.
          They have led these morons to believe “If only we can destroy Planned Parenthood.
          our abortion problem will be over!”

          • Wrong Chuck. We are just sick of our tax dollars going to support PPs abortion mills.

        • The way your left wing echo chamber has made you permanently brainwashed. By the way woony, you write like a 3rd grader.

      • 51.5% of their income in 2010 was for abortions. Looks like their primary function to me. Numbers are from their own annual report Chuck.

    • You will never win an argument with sane people using the word genocide.
      Off topic, you Chrisitan losers, but do you think those “saintly” Benham Boys who scoop up all those foreclosed homes
      on which they have built a MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR EMPIRE, ever think, that some those homes belonged to nice
      Christian families just down on their luck? And seek them out for a little aid?

      • From what you post that I would assume that you classify yourself as a sane person.

        How would you define Racial Cleansing, Or Racial Genocide?

        When a specific race is targeted to be killed how many of those individuals need to be killed before it can be classed As Genocide.

        This TV program never got on the air and I see very little difference between it and other “reality TV hogwash” but do find it interesting that even before the program aired minority perverts came out from underneath the rocks that they hide under and attacked not only the show with the individuals.

        My advice to you would be to stick with programs like”save this bar”,” honey boo-boo”, or even better the story about the Bunny Ranch in Nevada.

        And just for the record I personally believe that abortion should be a tool in the doctors black bag that has legitimate uses. Abortion on demand simply used as birth control is wrong.

        As to these real estate people building a multimillion dollar empire it sounds to me like sour grapes to you. You probably think is perfectly all right for Al Sharpton to hide his money on the islands in the Caribbean and they makes most of his money being a slumlord in New York. And then refuses to pay taxes.

        • No one is targeting black women for abortions. Period.
          This is a really silly tool you right wing jerks JERKS, like to employ.

          1) Make something up.
          2) Pontificate on what YOU JUST MADE UP.

        • I have zero opinions on Sharpton.
          So there YA GO AGAIN.
          Just making something up and then
          commenting – on WHAT YOU JUST MADE UP.
          It’s so ingrained in you losers, you can’t even appreciate the lunacy.

          • Answer the question. How many people die before it becomes genocide. As for the data that comes directly from Planned Parenthood. They’re trying to show how much good they are doing for America and the black community especially.

            Were you trying to pull an answer all your rear end is another one for you to look up who started Planned Parenthood, and what was the purpose of his creation?

            I’ll give you a hand the female behind Planned Parenthood was also a devout Democrat.

          • First of all in very small words.( Look up who started Planned Parenthood and what was the reason behind that program .)

          • You seem to lose your way very easily. The me break it down for you.

            Obama is running the most corrupt administration in the history of America. He is the king of filthy tricks, dirty dealings, a pathological liar, and a filthy rotten human being.

            That is the dirty part.

            Contrary to what he may say his deeds prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a radical Muslim. In every instance is cited against Christians and has endeavored to sell Israel down the tubes. He supplied weapons to rebels in Syria, Libya, Pakistan and pretty much any other Muslim country in the Middle East.

            That is the diaper head portion. Which works out to Obama Is a Dirty Diaper Head. Will leave off the scum sucking bastard and a 100% racial bigot with delusions of grandeur and thinks himself to be some form of a demigod.

            Now answer my question have you looked up the origin of Planned Parenthood are not?

            At what point does the killing of one racial group of people equal genocide.

            I played your little game of changing the subject and have even answered all your questions. So now what you want to put your big boy pants on and play with the adults.

          • Just make YOUR last word, in YOUR irrelevant comment, PERMANENT. Get the idea, turd face.

          • Can’t find anything bad to say about him huh????

            Figures…………..typical un-edducated in common sense liberal, and “educated” in screwing up America.

        • You want to raise black babies? Hehe, I think not! Abortion on demand is another weirdo twist, I never heard anyone DEMAND an abortion, they just go get one!

        • Look, something-GUNS. “Guys” do little of the Years and Years of hard work raising & nurturing children. Stick that up your urethra Mr. Slut Shamer.

          And … you’re confusing Al Sharpton with Charles Rangel.

    • “planned parenthood” is the wrong description of themselves. How can they have “parenthood” in their name, when their main focus is to PREVENT parents from being parents. After all, you need a baby being born to become a parent.

      Goes to show you that liberals are so confused beyond any rational type thinking, that they will say and do anything to promote this continued slaughter of baby’s, that they cannot think rationally in describing their pathetic organization in a more accurate way.

      It should be called “planned abortion” instead.

      • Planned Parenthood was set up in instigated by a staunch Democrat. But she was much more than that. She was a devout racist and bigoted, like most Democrats, this is obvious in her statements and views.

        The stated purpose of Planned Parenthood was to prevent the overpopulation of blacks in America. To prevent the black community from increasing in numbers and to prevent them from breeding. That’s their words not mine. This is what’s so amazing about the people who are actually supporting and promoting Planned Parenthood.

        The Congressional Black Caucus not only endorse Planned Parenthood but they make sure that federal funding is given to the organization. Of course The Congressional Black Caucus are either completely or very nearly so all Democrats. The leaders of the NAACP praise Planned Parenthood and their efforts in the black community. There again the Democrats.

        These black gentleman, all Americans of African dissent are promoting the genocide of the black race in America. While at the same time demanding that the black community continue to vote for them and to keep them in power. To make sure that they can continue in their extravagant lifestyles, huge expense accounts, writing around the chauffeur driven limousines, living in mansions, and never missing a meal. Then they turn around and say they want to help the black community in that they’re doing such a good job? These people are the new Slave Masters, they live up on the hill the big house, the keep the black community uneducated, impoverished, in reality nothing more than war zones and living like people in some filthy Third World nation.

        Take a moment and consider the words in the boasts of Planned Parenthood. They claim that they perform approximately 500,000 procedures per year. You can call these procedures what you like it doesn’t really matter because it’s still bad for the baby. In the very next breath they claim to be helping the black community in that 85% of those procedures are performed on American women of African heritage. That’s approximately 525,000 dead Americans of African dissent per year. For this they demand the loyalty of the black community?

        While all the time telling the world that American blacks are so stupid that they don’t even know how to vote, when to vote, who to vote for, and have absolutely no clue as to how to use an ID card when they going to vote. Where is this it this supposed demand for respect that we hear from young American men of color. They supposedly there’s call them stupid or ignorant almost on a daily basis. While these leaders live the good life and make sure that the rest of black community suffers of poverty and ignorance.

        • That “caucus” sounds like they are pretty stupid and definitely naive. They believe anybody that has a damn “D” after their name. But they do not realize “D”umb means just that.

          Appreciate YOUR well explained comment. I learned something from it. Thanks

          • It would be nice that anyone who runs for public office has certain requirements before they can even run and others before they can be sworn in.

            Considering how many of these congressional figures openly said that they cannot read the Obama care bill I think that should be the first requirement. That they be able to pass a reading test of the least a 12 grade level, same with American history, and what we used to call American government or social studies.

            The next requirement should be a complete background investigation like many of us in the service had to undertake. Any Congressman Should Be Able to Pass a Secret Clearance if they can’t they don’t get the job. No felons allowed.

    • Yes, thank you for publicizing your views. “Every move you make” ….. FBI will be watching you.

      • WOW!!!!! REALLY?????? We are all so scared.

        Now go back to YOUR primary job, as a subterranean engineer and make sure YOU get in the corners of that dirty sewer, and clean it out thoroughly. And when YOU meet the “your other liberal turds” down there, have a “meal” on me. There is plenty of “old food” down there. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

        • I make a lousy liberal. And … that wasn’t to scare you. To inform you. You’re saying you don’t know how social media law enforcement is now playing “Bingo” by cross matching IPI addresses with incendiary [psycho] comments with reported crime? Let your Google-eyes begin.

  4. You don’t want you tax $$ paying for a perfectly legal procedure yet you condemn a man that’s picking up the tab???

  5. they are all sick fuc_s. I would like to have them experience the ways and means that they inflict on others unto themselves.

    they will all have to answer to GOD, his justice will be what they deserve. Until then let the fiddle away. Reminds me of the rich man who passed Lazarus everyday. Only to be still arrogant and wanting Lazarus to dip his finger in the river and still wait on the rich man.

    For whom does the bell tole, let me tell you, it tole for you. May Jesus Christ have mercy on these mens souls for the barbaric harm they have and continue to do even knowing it is brutal.

  6. I would like to add, they are just after the money and the trickery of the devil. Social experiment on how to eliminate a lower income aspect at a large scale and have them willing do it.
    all of you who give to breast cancer research, the pink ribbon. Susan Corman fund, they give to Planned parenthood. The money that goes to breast cancer ends up on the abortion table. Fact.
    Here is another fact, having an abortion increases your chances of having or developing breast cancer by about 97%. So let connect the dots, have an abortion, get breast cancer and they you raise money to stop breast cancer and they give it to abortionist and it starts all over again. This is a proven fact over the last 30 yrs.
    25/28 of reports have proven this fact. planned parent hood does not like to talk about this.
    Face it, it is a stupid and barbaric act. so please stop, keep your pants on girls, I know, rape and incest, I would only look at it in those cases if they is the extreme you want to parallel against. but lets not kill or allow some one to kill for their own life. Who stands for the child. GOD does, so should we.

  7. If this evil character and others like him had been aborted, millions of children’s live would be saved. But it is not legal to give a death sentence to someone til he has earned it. These should have been eliminated with their first child killing, OR for paying someone else to do it the job for them. This man is responsible for more deaths that we will ever know. It is s unfair that these children are put to death, never having committed a sin, they are paying for their murderers sins. These had better do a great job of repenting or their after life will be in hell with that of their master. Their money will not count here.

    The WORD OF GOD speaks of sacrifice of children, today more children than ever before are being sacrificed, because the parents have no common sense to know how not to get pregnant. How hare is it to understand that to use a little self control will solve the matter of murder.

    Proverbs 3:7 Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.

    Psalm 34:16The face of the LORD is against them that do evil, to cut off the remembrance of them from earth.

    1 Peter 2:11 Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul.

    1 John 2:16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the yes, and the pride of life, as not of the FATHER, but is of the world.

  8. What a vile, disgusting p.o.s. this Warren Buffoon is. The oracle of Omaha my ass. His father was a senator. He learned at an early age that for a man with access don’t take chances. He doesn’t need to gamble. All his deals are based on insider trading. He’s not risking anything, not picking stocks from way down in the swamp where the public lives. He’s inside the boardrooms and in the government’s pocket. And yet with all that access and advantage — he supports Obama. It tells us who he is, and what Obama’s all about. Neither of those men are friendly to a free market. Buffoon’s a friend of money, not of markets. He buy his success, like railroads carrying natural gas while his political contributions give him leverage to keep the XL pipeline form being approved. But this baby killing is a whole other dimension. I can understand, though not approve, tampering through politics to make a pile of cash. But giving lots of money to the abortion industry, no doubt at the behest of certain political allies and friends, is a form of pagan witchcraft, evil blood sacrifice. He’s worshipping directly or indirectly the god Moloch, who grants favors to those who sacrifice children on his altar. Buffoon doesn’t have to believe that consciously or even be aware of it — but someone somewhere in the chain of hierarchical command is aware — and they’re using innocent blood to finance their campaign to enslave the human race and remain as an elite circle of rulers. WARREN BUFFOON is a hideous old man, his blood-stained hands betray him. Or maybe it’s that underneath his liberal exterior he’s a racist and wants to see black babies killed. They’re disproportionately the victims of abortion. Wash your hands, old man. You can’t erase the stains. Keep out of our way, our light, our lives. Quite simply put, Mister Buffoon, son of privilege and beneficiary of lies — you suck.

  9. Warren Buffett has become EVIL. You think he would celebrate life instead of annihilating it at birth! Just the other day you had two Australian billionaires brawling shamelessly at each other on the street over an infidelity.

    I don’t think these guys are shrewd, just lewd! My first time belief was true. These guys just got lucky. Just at the right place at the right time. No skill involved. A throw of the dice. How else can you explain my loss? LOL! Beens I am of the same species and want to be rich like everybody else!

  10. Jesus said: It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Buffet may learn to understand that phrase in the next world.

  11. Murder is Murder is Murder! No matter how you rationalize it, abortion is killing a baby, i.e., murder.

  12. buffet is a total assswhole, and more of a piece of schittt. he and obamarama should join each other on the planet zircon, where they can be by themselves and “screw each other” to no end.

    • Warren Buffett is notoriously stingy and his cheapness is LEGENDARY and he is not very charitable except when it is to liberal causes as I have just found out now.

      The rich are very corrupt and unforgiving people and that gave rise to another bunch of nuts call liberals. So you have two nuts battling for every dollar created.

      All I can say is stay out of the way and let them die with their pants on. Then search the pockets.

    • USMC Sniper, you’re getting a bit “worked up”. Maybe you should put your diapers back on, take your meds & go back to bed before you piss yourself. Tomorrow your mommy will let you play in your sandbox with your GI Joe dolls & you can pretend you’re a real USMC sniper.

      • YOU are the one that needs the diapers. When YOU drink all the kool aid, it has to come out somewhere, and because your infantile in mental capacity, YOU really do need those diapers. And I probably would need some “med’s” if I continue to read your “schittt comments”. So therefore, this is the end of it. I have better things to do. Now, as you mentioned, YOU can go play with your “girly dolls”, and you can play house, and don’t forget to wear that special perfume for your boy lover.

        Anything else that is irrelevant, go look into a mirror, and if it does not break, YOU will see the only pisser that really cares what you say or even attempt to think. Notice the “keyword” = THINK. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

        And oh, a lot of people found out the hard way, that I WAS a sniper. Yeah, it was “after the fact”, but then it was to late.

        Don’t bother waiting up for me sweetie, but DO have a sweet “wett dream”. That is YOUR best performance.

  13. I am just kind of “ticked off” at buffet’s mother. Just think, that if SHE had aborted this poor disgraceful excuse for a human male, we would not have him around adding to more deaths by slaughter of innocent baby’s. In essence, the wrong one DID NOT get aborted, along with reedy boy, pee-low-see, obamarama, etc.

    Just think, without ever having to see and hear from the above, what a better country we would have now.

  14. Where do Christians get this idea that abortion is murder? Clearly NOT from the bible! In Hebrew law a fetus is not considered a human until it’s born. In fact until forty days after conception, the fertilized egg is considered “mere fluid.” Where did the Hebrews get their law? Moses! Where did Moses get the law? God!!! Jesus doesn’t mention abortion!

    • BMrMalibuBarbieLABobE, the Bible scholar. I think you will find that actual Bible scholars adamantly disagree with your interpretation. But then atheists often cherry pick Bible verses to support their immoral agenda.

  15. One thing for sure, Buffett invests only in profitable ventures, he hates to lose. He has donated a $million to back abortion politicians.
    He’s the Socialist-Democrat Party’s “go to” guy.

  16. Getting “figures” on PP abortion income
    from a site called ‘STOP PLANNED PARENTEHOOD’
    is the thought process of a lunatic.

  17. Because location (in the womb vs. out) makes all the difference in whether or not the baby feels pain, right? While still inside the womb, the baby is simply an idea rather than a person, and thus incapable of feeling pain. What a stupid defense of the practice of late-term abortion.

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