The Unbelievable Provisions of “Trayvon’s” 28th Amendment

So, a friend of mine posted a link to this site, which is apparently the official site for a petition to enact the 28th Amendment to the Constitution, also known as “Trayvon’s Amendment.” First, I must say that I almost can’t believe this site is for real. Part of me thinks it is just troll-bait making money off of outrage-driven web traffic. But another part of me begrudgingly concedes that it could be authentic—I have certainly met a number of people that think this way.

But you can’t even gauge this level of stupid. Here are some of the “common sense” changes proposed in the 28th Amendment:

The 28th Amendment would repeal the Second Amendment.

According to the mouth-breathing heart-bleeders who wrote this site, the Second Amendment is no longer necessary. Because we live in a secure nation now. (Big Brother will protect us, apparently.) The writers, let’s call them Trayvonizers, apparently don’t realize that the Second Amendment was enacted when the United States was far more secure than it is now and that widespread gun ownership was and is part of the reason for this security. Whatever, increasing the necessity for police involvement would probably be far better. We all know how rarely the police shoot at people, and how racially balanced police violence tends to be. #sarcasm.

The 28th Amendment would levy an additional income tax on gun-owners.

Quoting the Trayvonizers:

An income tax equal to 4% of an individual’s income will be assessed upon all gun owners.  In states which were at any point in time a part of the Confederate States of America, this tax shall be equal to 10% of an individual’s income.  Taxes levied under this amendment shall be appropriated in equal portions to programs to expand Affirmative Action programs and begin to pay reparations to the descendants of African slaves.

That seems fair. Not.

The 28th Amendment would also categorize the NRA as a terrorist organization.

After reading these “common sense” solutions, I wasn’t angry at first. I was just flabbergasted. Who could be this stupid?

I searched for one positive comment on the site. I couldn’t find one. The comments ranged from rabid racism to good-old-boy derision to stunned incredulity. But no one had anything good to say about the 28th Amendment. Then I noticed that the petition for the 28th Amendment had over five hundred signatures. I guessed people were showing their support that way. Nope. That too was just another way people were showing their disapproval. Signatories had names like Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, and Al Qaeda. I couldn’t find one sincere signature on the petition.

Anyway, go check it out. If nothing else, the Trayvonizers are entertainingly idiotic.

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  1. I hope the nuclear option can’t be used to shove through any legislation like this – we are truly living in a police state. Now I know the Jews felt as the Nazi’s rose to power. At least some were able to get out and escape to the USA – where do we go?

    • The Jews escaped not only to the US but to many other places. Those who are able can go to the places they went and to other places now. It’s a big world out there.

        • The only points I see to your post are a certain suicidal tendency on your part and you got to see your name in print making a stupid remark about something.

          • Suicidal tendency- ME? I want YOU to commit suicide. Leave America if you think you will be happy with your stupid opinions. Are you a Jew? They escaped to many places in this big world. Follow them!

          • Your “want” will not be realized. I will leave or stay in the USA, happy with my well-informed, right on opinions.
            What if I am a Jew? Are you a Jew hater, tool of Islamic jihadists?
            What do you mean “they escaped to many places in this big world?” If you imagine you know tell me without looking it up how many Jews there are in the world? Where are most of them? All of them?
            What makes you imagine you can tell me what to do? You are clearly suicidal and posting like an idiot.

          • Calm down ranting little baby boy. Your mommy will spank you for being so loud.
            What if I am a Jew hater? That is my right! Put your lips to my back side and make me smile.
            Bye Bye, Little boy.

          • FYI, my mother died of old age at 86 a few years ago after a full, productive, happy, Christian life.
            Yes, I suppose you do have a right to be biased, prejudiced against Jews and others and to fantasize on a worldwide-available, public site about what you want to do to others and their backsides.
            Trayvon, his illiterate girlfriend who testified at his trial and the people behind the 28th Amdt proposal look and sound like brilliant people compared to you and the nonsense you post, kid.

          • The rant master speaks but no one really listens to him anymore. FYI, I don’t care about your mother nor you. You are just some one I can get to rant on about any subject just by posting something you don’t like. It is amusing to read your banter. Thank you for the laughs. FYI, I am not a (kid). I haven’t been a child for many years now. Also, a kid is a baby goat. Just thought you might want to reevaluate some of your learning.

          • You’re listening. I know you don’t care=are apathetic and have no respect, not even for yourself. I know also you are a mindless ranter and a kid no matter your chronological age. You post as if you are six years old, maybe a few years older than than but not much. You do not show any “learning” to evaluate let alone reevaluate.

    • We don’t! We organize and fight back. This is OUR Country and it is time to remind them of this. We need to oust the RNC and set up a new FREE AMERICANS COMMITTEE. We do our own vetting and pick OUR own candidates. Then we narrow it down to one and everyone (that includes the other Candidates) agree to back that Women/Man 100%. We work as one Libertarians, Conservatives, Republicans alike and skip the sh*t the RNC and the msm try to shove down our throats. Contact your favorite Politicians ( the ones you believe would get America back on track) and suggest a summit/debate.

      Just a thought!

  2. This is just too stupid for words. I can’t imagine it passing — there’d be senators hanging from lamp posts if it did.

    For Bonk: it takes more than just the Senate — the states would also have to ratify it. I’m sure the NE would go for it, but not many others. On the other hand, I feel the same way you do — I see a fascist freight train coming at me and I’m running out of options to dodge it.

  3. What country do we live in? These people are out of control! Three more years of this crap and we will no longer be the land of the free.

    • Check out the Patriot Act and also Habeas Corpus to realize that we are no longer the land of the free. If the Socialist/DemoRats have their way, we will be a dictatorship.

      • Obama has been ruining the country already by behaving like a dictator, and incredibly he is back in office for a 2d term. Those who voted for him and still support him deserve what he is doing to them.

  4. Unfathomably stupid. How can anyone, with even a modicum of brain matter, believe that it is the fault of anyone but Trayvon for the outcome of his existence? He was trespassing on private property, and evidence showed that he was attempting to beat Zimmerman’s brain to a pulp. BANG! That would and should be any armed, FREE citizen’s reply to a thug bent on beating in one’s skull – be it done by an intruder or a tyrant’s thug sent hither to eat out our substance (paraphrase, 1776 Declaration of Independence of the colonies in North America, soon the United States in America). ANYONE who invades anyone else’s “rightful” private space is entitled to what Zimmerman was forced to do. On private property, the guard has absolute authority to do what is necessary to protect the property, AS WELL AS his or her own life. Period.

    • This is yet another example of politicians using a tragic incident to pass laws that restrict freedoms. Look at the anti-gun regulations – especially the Gun Control Act of 1968, based on the Nazi Weapons Law (check that out on the internet) – that were passed after JFK’s assassination.

  5. We don’t run because this is OUR country. We don’t give in to any unconstitutional “laws”, amendments, arguments, or bleeding heart lies to simply disarm us. We WILL become the barbarians at the gate if the government tries to disarm us. If they kill us, then more will take our place. If they jail us, then those who refuse to be enslaved will fill the ranks of those demanding justice. We are suffering the consequences of pushing God out of our schools, our town squares, and our national conscience. May God have mercy on us and forgive us, so that we may find His favor and blessings once more.

  6. An amendment proposed to memorialize a young gang member who most likely planned to gain peer admiration by taking down a neighborhood watch person that he figured he could easily beat.

      • Some, a few media, notably FoxNews have awakened finally to the Knockout Games blacks have been engaging in since they were empowered by Obama and his sock puppet Eric Holder.

        • The lame stream is still asleep on the knockout game. They want to hide the fact that it is blacks who are doing it. NOT WHITES! Black on white crime doesn’t exist because obooboo and eric holdup say so. Talk about racist.

          • Your posts are so boring and childishly ridiculous, a waste of your time and effort trying to appear halfway intelligent.

          • You are truly the worst of the human race. Your mind is less than a festering boil. Please do your ranting in your coloring book so the rest of humanity is spared your senselessness.

  7. The right of self-defense is universally understood. So arms are needed for that.

    Likewise the duty to defend one’s country requires armament.

    And finally, the right and duty to resist tyranny requires the right to keep and bear arms. Of course the would-be gun-grabbers are tools of the would-be tyrants.

  8. I could only guess that al sharptounge and missy james had something to do with it.Then the gangs could walk freely into your homes and do what ever they want.The more people that have guns is cutting into their business.

  9. Don’t these imbeciles know that the Bill of Rights in our Constitution is sacrosanct? It was established by the Founders as a listing of the things the American government cannot do to its citizens.

    Consider for a moment the scope of the Bill of Rights. No other nation has any such guarantee for its citizens; no other nation has ever had such a guarantee. It naturally follows that a liberal/socialist would have the goal of destroying it along with the rest of the Republic..

      • Obama is well on his way to destroying the US as a nation of free people and its Constitution. He, his Marxist-Islamic regime and all in it must be removed from power ASAP, by legal means of course, if the US is to be saved.

  10. Sounds like the blacks want to get their reparations from whites one way or another. The best way for blacks to advance is to have a daddy to be raised by and tell the government and the race pimps to get out of the way and do for yourself. Blacks depend on gimmies from the government and aren’t willing to work, because they are told they can’t succeed without government help. There are people that come into the country with nothing and succeed in a very few short years, so why can’t blacks?

  11. You’ve got to be kidding me. We are living in a secure nation now. What is this person smoking. I was a teenager in the 50’s and it was rare to have a murder in our city, Columbus, Ohio and now there is one almost every day. We kids went out and played all day long with no supervision and now a parent is not comfortable unless their child is in their eyesight at every minute and even then we aren’t secure. The criminials come right in our homes.

    • I grew up in Dayton Ohio and I remember playing outside long after dark with the other neighborhood kids and no one was afraid. Unless we were on vacation we didn’t even lock our doors. The huge increase in low-IQ Blacks, and the invasion of lower-class Hispanics has turned our country into a crime-ridden nightmare. My old neighborhood was all White, now it is all Black and the crime is so bad some streets are actually closed off.

  12. Oh my God where do all of these dumb asses come from,and what in hell do the Confederste States have to do with this stupidity.And then the morons have to feel we need to spend money on affermitive action.The last six years have really helped the really whacky fools crawl out from under their own little nut house.

    • Y’all ever noticed how when a bunch of blacks get ANY kind of power they start acting just like monkeys when they know they’re being watched. Just absolute ape s*** crazy. Whoever put this crap together has just enough education to be stupid. If 50 years and about 3 generations of blacks living almost totally off welfare is not reparations enough for their ancestors they would never get enough and the pity of it is, these ancestors they want to get paid off about were hard working, family oriented business people if they got the chance. They didn’t want charity. Today’s blacks have been coddled for so long they think it’s RIGHT to try to force innocent people to pay them for something we had nothing to do with and they have never had to suffer through. And this race baiting piece of foreign refuse we have in the White House is just enpowering them to push more and more. They’re going to push to the breaking point before much longer.

  13. STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES, and if this passes (which I doubt it will) it will only prove one thing, THEY ARE ALL STUPID in government.

    • If the medic has both hands on your shoulders it is not time to shut up but rather to scream and shout for help and to straighten up, turn around and bust the medic square on the end of nose with all the strength you can muster.

  14. This is not a joke. Efforts to repeal the 2nd Amendment – and the 1st also, have been on the secret agenda for years. Look at the Patriot Act. If you think that was formed overnight you are mistaken. And yes, there are many senators who would vote for the 28th Amendment. They repealed Prohibition, didn’t they? It is all part of a long-range plan to destroy democracy and the US Constitution.

  15. This seems like bait to flush out the severely mentally unstable.
    Anyone with a minimum level of knowledge of the constitution knows that a provision that does not apply equally to all states is on the face of it illegal. I guess we have a large and growing population of illiterates, thank you public education system.
    Let the loonies have their party, I don’t see any possibility of this gaining traction, except as an argument for the institutionalization of certain individuals for their own self protection as they are living in a world of delusion and mis-perception.

    • You never thought smoking would be made illegal or that you couldn’t buy ONE soft drink the size you want with your meal but you can buy 2 or 3 or 4 the size THEY say you can or that you can’t pray to JESUS in our public schools or in the military or that you would be FORCED to buy something (Oidiotcare) whether you can afford it or not and the list is getting longer and longer.

    • I agree with you but add Obama has empowered idiots who proposed this amendment. He has done so by his own disdain for the US Constitution, abrogation of it and selective application of the body of laws following the Constitution.
      Obama is, in fact, the greatest danger since WWII to the US, citizens, visitors and the world. He must be removed from power along with his Marxist-Islamic regime and all of his henchmen and women in it, ASAP, by legal means of course if the US is to survive as a Republic of free people.

      • On Huckabee Sat. Nite Michelle Bachman stated that there is a group of representatives that is ready to take Obama to court over his high handed actions re. “The Affordable Care Act” [AKA the Obama Identity Theft Act]. She sighted numerous acts of exceeding his authority as president as the reason for the contemplated action.
        IMHO if they do this what will come out during the discovery phase could lead to an impeachment action, for not just Obama but also Holder and others for conspiracy and other high crimes and misdemeanors.

  16. The Congress couldn’t just push this through and have it be law. First of all, 2/3 of both houses would have to vote for it, and then 3/4 of the States would have to ratify it. That is close to impossible.

  17. This idiotic amendment will never pass. You need three fourths of the Senate to pass this. It then goes to the states where if I remember the rules it has to be passed by two consecutive leglislatue sessions as well as by a vote on the ballot & passed by 75% of the states.

  18. “In states which were at any point in time a part of the Confederate States of America, this tax shall be equal to 10% of an individual’s income.”

    That should read, “For people who were at any point in time registered to vote as a member of the Democrat/not-so-Democratic Party, the party which sanctioned slavery and the formation of the Kay Kay Kay [so as to avoid the censoring software, here], ….”

    Until the Democrats pay reparations to the slaves the owned/blacks they’ve harassed and refuse to allow to register as/to vote for Republicans, we should treat white Democrats as second class citizens.

  19. Any attempt to steal a God Given RIGHT is TREASON and a declaration of WAR! We the People are the sovereign rulers of this nation. We the People have a DUTY to preserve and protect the US Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

  20. It truly is time to do a thorough cleaning of this government. Starting from the top and going to the very least important person. That includes the dog poop scooper boy.

  21. Not the worst amendment I have seen supposed, but it is at the same time terrible, unfeasible, useless and hideously dangerous.

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