TSA Adds Extortion to List of Abuses

Used to be that only frequent flyers could enroll in the TSA PreCheck program at the airport. You probably know what the PreCheck line is. It’s that more quickly moving line of shoe-wearing nonpareils that you used to see in the distance while your private parts were being radiated or groped in the snail-paced glacier of plebeians trickling through the “regular” security checkpoint.

But envy them no longer. Now you too can become one of the PreCheck elite. Just send in your fingerprints, identification, $85, and your firstborn and you too can keep your laptop inside its protective case while you’re being brutalized by a smug “little Hitler.” Well, less brutalized.

Having already established that they are intent on making your airport visit as miserable as possible, the TSA is now making it clear that they will relent, a little, if you give them money. Words like “extortion,” “Mafia,” and “legalized mugging” should all come to mind. It’s for your protection? I think the Godfather had a really similar line.

In the past, torture has been used for political re-education. That’s kind of the purpose of the TSA. They are torturing us so that we will get used to a pervasive array of government intrusions (some virtual, some manual) into our lives (for our safety of course). This re-education program has already been so effective that most people will probably sign up for this PreCheck service without thinking about it. They will remark to each other in the lines, at their homes, and at their water coolers: “PreCheck is just so much faster than the regular security checkpoint, isn’t it?” They will never think about the freedom they lost. In fact, 12 million people have already signed up for this “incredible new service.” And it is likely that very many more will follow.

I have an alternative idea: How about we stop paying the TSA with both our tax dollars and our after-tax dollars, and rely on the people we already pay (local law enforcement) to do their jobs? What’s that you say? Our local law enforcement is too busy collecting traffic fines to protect us when we need them? Well, let’s stop paying for those too.

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    • shosh7154 TSA itself will tell you if you ask that they have prevented precisely ZERO acts of terrorism in the life of the agency.

      • BobRudolph shosh7154 To Catch a terrorist you have to think like a terrorist. They just take it to the extreme. Besides they have a cottage industry stealing from the luggage. What happens to all those bic lighters and shampoo bottles they confiscate?

    • shosh7154 TSA will tell you anything that you want to hear just to protect their jobs they are TRAINED by one of the best to make sure they make you believe that they are needed and the one that trained them is the of course would be the CHAMPION LIER IN THE WORLD OBAMA.
      Don’t believe it check on pre election PROMISE on PROMISES in SPEECHES on what is in OBAMACARE and of course we could do a GIGABITE more on his lies if his lips are moving you know he is lying and he only appoints people that he knows will lie for him.

    • shosh7154 TSA hasn’t stopped any terrorist!  Bubba (who jsut got out of prison yesterday) is too busy groping some woman’s breast or other parts!  They are a joke and nothing more than a drain on our taxes and a way to get people used to being harassed in a police state!!!

    • shosh7154  
      Almost all of those items were “found” by TSA employees being “smuggled” by other TSA employees as test items.  Some of the “smugglers” were known to the TSA employees on duty, making the “find” not only easy, but also of no consequence.

      • Ed Watts shosh7154 no..those tests are called SSI (Sensitive Security Information) and not made public.  The items shown in the link are actual weapons removed from passengers attempting to pass through security checkpoints.

      • Ed Watts shosh7154 What do you think happens to all those confiscated items? Work for the TSA and you never have to go to Wal*Mart again!

        • GrumpyOldMan Ed Watts shosh7154 Not true.  If the weapon is a gun, large knife or other similar prohibited, law enforcement confiscates.

        • shosh7154 GrumpyOldMan Ed Watts And exactly how many people attempted to take these items through security prior to 9/11? I worked for one of the major airlines. I can remember even with an airline ID I had to give a simple screwdriver to the pilot to carry when I needed it to do a job for the airline. I left the airline in 1990.  
          The TSA is nothing more than a bunch of Government sanctioned thugs, thieves, perverts and pedophiles.

        • GrumpyOldMan shosh7154 Ed Watts Everything has changed since 911.  Do a time line on events.  G-d says what a nation does to Israel, that nation itself will suffer.  President GW Bush forced 9,000 jewish families out of their homes, businesses, and synagogues, took their land and gave it to the very people sworn to annihilate every jewish life.  Within days of this event on august 17, 2005, Hurricane Katrina (means in russian katyusha, the rockets that rained down on jewish houses and schools) hits the coast on August 29 destroying property and taking lives leaving hundreds of thousands homeless, just as the Jews had to dig up their dead before they were forced off their land, so americans saw their dead floating in coffins on the flood waters as they were forced off their land.  We are once again trying to take Jewish land with this peace agreement being forced by this administration.  How long before this country falls.

  1. Do away with the TSA?                                                                                                                                                                        Where would all the previously unemployable supporters of Obama go?                                                                                         KIA and Hundai will not employ them, and they are not satisfied with Wal-Mart wages.

  2. While all the media slobbering over the baby Brit goes on like good little subjects,  I guess we have all forgotten that we fought a long war to rid our selves of exactly these folks. 
    Whenever the fawning is going on, I am always humored by the thought that my dear, departed uncle left $20,000 to the IRA, because he favored Irish nationalism over British royalty.

  3. Here’s the joke.  Those who have security clearances and travel for business — the business of homeland security — you’d think would be able to bypass this nonesense.  But no!  Even though the supposed checks they would conduct have already been done, and far more in depth than the TSA could dream of managing so they can work in the field of national defense, somehow those top secret security clearances don’t seem to apply.  Nope.  All military personnel as well as defense contractors, would have to apply separately.  This cost would then come back to the taxpayer, being it’s a work expense.  And considering we’re talking hundreds of thousands of personnel involved, hey!   Just think of it as yet another TAX.

  4. They’re not about safety. Their only purpose is to desensitize the population to searches and being controlled. So when the time comes you’ll be a good drone.

  5. Every element of the fed follows the tone set by the president and CIC, so it should be of no surprise that most have been caught dirty! Lying and blackmail are the norm in this administration and emanates right from the top! If there has ever been a leftist government that was not corrupt it eludeds me and history!

    • Don39 We don’t have a president. Pelosi committed treason when she empowered a foreign national, an illegal alien no less, to run for president. The fact that the fraud was successfully perpetrated because we no longer have a free press does not make him a “real” president.  It’s no different than when Congress passes a law that is unconstitutional. When ruled so, it’s as if it never happened. Now if someone on the Supreme Court could grow a pair of cajones……

  6. This all has been a “grooming” process much like Pedophiles and/or potential child abductors or rapists do to their victims.
    He should know…he was fondled as a child and beaten by his grand-father.  So?  He wants everyone to suffer as he did.  He learned all about it when he was a child.

    It IS POWER AND CONTROL to show people who is boss of your body.

  7. Do away with the TSA and their abusive ways. Lets to to profiling and if someone looks suspicious then take them aside and check them. So far TSA has not stopped on Islamic Terrorist because they seem to get by.  But if they look like they might then check them out.  I am sure some will be checked that are innocent, but other might not be.  Lets check the TSA agent to see what they are taking from passengers as they gorp the pockets and wheelchairs.

    • Esther Mae Egan In December right after 9/11 we were traveling by air. ALL single male passengers were being pulled aside for extra scrutiny. Most questioned were single men, under 30 traveling with no luggage. No one minded as it seemed a reasonable precaution and CORRECT profiling. 
      A year later I was traveling alone and had changed flights inadvertently getting my luggage departing on another flight. I was delayed by 30 minutes and was asked some probing questions and two pat-downs. I realized I presented a non-standard passenger picture and did not mind the extra scrutiny.
      I did mind on my next flight that they wanted to take my 8 yr old son into another room for “additional” inspection telling my wife that she could not go with him. She flat out refused, repeating again and again, HE IS MY SON! 
      There truly is no reason for our rights to be infringed particularly when things have become so PC that a single 25 yr old man traveling with no luggage, sporting a full beard,speaking with a middle-eastern accent, passes through normal security and the grandmother in the wheel chair has to remove her Depends to show she’s not an underwear bomber!

      • bafrank Esther Mae Egan “Achtung! You must learn to be controled!!  Hiel OBozo, Clown-In-Chief! Ve vill make you obey!”

      • bafrank Esther Mae Egan I am proud of your wife for taking a stand.  We need to protect our children as much and as often as possible.  What bothers me the most about these TSA is they use the same hand with the same glove on everyone.  Not even doctors or nurses are suppose to do that.  With so much disease in the world, our little ones would become subject to any number of diseases with that hand groping their bodies.  besides what is wrong with profiling.  If someone has a hood on, wears a burka or looks suspicious then do to them what they did to you.  Just because we do not want to offend a Muslim.  They don’t care if they offend us or hurt us.  It seems most of those out to hurt us are Muslim so tag them.  I know there are some that do not want strife but if they are reading the Koran then they realize that it is their duty to bring pain and suffering to the infidels.

  8. Even with TSA pre check and US global entry, I try to use international flights out of MEX and NON US carriers!
    ret expat MD

  9. Why do so many make grandpa out as the pedophiles? It seems since every child has 2 that by odds alone there will be more of them. Perhaps the image of the old greying bent over somewhat decripted man scares up these images I am a grandpa and I know many more and if you mess our kids expect to be brutalized by a cane or walker with no regard for our own safty. The fact is don’t cpare me to a TSA agent.

  10. Just when I think that the “in your face” arrogance and corruption of this administration can’t get any worse, even in this age of Obama’s “What’s the Constitution got to do with me?” this is Chicago-style government on blatant display!  As far as our federal government is concerned, true patriots have become extinct!

    • nwrkjoel This country has lost its priviledged travel.  The only ones blind are the passengers who wilfully lay aside the very real danger of air travel today.  There are really bad people out there whose only purpose in life is to destroy everything you call good.  America is under judgement.  I was reading a government website today that reminded me of the latest supreme court decision overriding G-d’s law of marriage and replacing it with two men having annal sex.  I saw the photos of the babies during abortions…one of them gripped the finger of the abortionist with his own tiny fingers.  And now the country is facing race riots in every city with threats of violence ongoing until personal safety will require traveling in large groups.  G-d has been ordered out of our schools, offices, public squares and private lands.  His law is trampled on, ridiculed, and despised.  Read Matthew 24, Luke 21, Mark 13.  We are living in Luke 21 right now.

  11. TSA, NSA,  IRS, DHS and what ever you call them are the most outrageous Agencies of the Government. The think they are god and act accordingly and we Americans are at their mercy. thank you Obama you did a great Job in changing America into a Communist Country.

    • EllenBernal  the tsa was a g w bush invention, the nsa was ike,theirs was hoover,and the dhs was ronalds doing. how soon we make up oboma at falt for every republican mistake that bites our butt.

      • opakoch EllenBernal Actually it was a John Mica invention, House Republican from Florida!  You know, a main tourist destination?!

      • opakoch EllenBernal maybe so pakoch but this marixs president made them even more in our face be sides this marixs has a agenda an its for  total control an the  end is us at obamas heel. I know you just love this marixs  but you can not help it. you drink the cool aid

    • EllenBernal Keep in mind that absolutely NONE of these government agencies are authorized by the Constitution. NONE!

  12. Just think what they will be able to accomplish when the take away our Gun Rights, or greatly reduce them. Then who will challenge their Tyranny, Oppression, and trashing of the Constitution?  Do we wait to fight back till we No longer Can fight back?

  13. I will not take a plane anywhere for any reason.  I will not be irradiated nor will I allow a stranger to touch me in places heretofore only touched by my husband.  If somebody needs me there in a hurry it isn’t going to happen.

    • BlueViolets   I wouldn’t be surprised if TSA agents aren’t eventually set up at all state hwy borders too. This over reach of our Govt is the same as the Gestapo of Hitler. you will be searched, you vehicle will be searched, etc. They are already starting to search / xray vehicles in parking lots at some airports.. When do we say ENOUGH Already?

      • wdcraftr1 BlueViolets yes, they are treating the parked autos at airports as they would a an abandoned backpack.  Seriously, the border should be a snap for them by now!

    • BlueViolets I’m the same way and I used to work for an airline. They keep up the fiction that the terrorists went through the passenger entry with their box cutters. They didn’t.  The box cutters were placed on board the airplane before ANY passengers boarded by ground crew ans secreted behind plastic panels where the terrorists retrieved them.
      The other reason I won’t fly anymore is because aircraft maintenance is now performed more and more by mechanics that don’t even speak the language the manuals are written in. All that’s required is that someone who can speak English sign the paperwork, not perform the work. A leaky slow boat to China is a preferred mode of transportation for me.

      • GrumpyOldMan BlueViolets When they first started with all this security garbage I said it is the cleaning crews and maintenance crews that should be getting very very careful scrutiny.  It would be easier for them to plant things than for the average passenger to carry on things.  Unless they are going to start profiling then the whole passenger checking business is just a waste of time and money.

        • BlueViolets Yep. And the planes coming into Miami from South America were packed with drugs and the ground crews were making fabulous money handling them.  For awhile you could get a contact high just driving past Miami International on 36th St or Le June.

      • tiredofbums BlueViolets That’s like saying getting groped by the TSA is the same has have hot sex with your mate.  Sorry but it’s not quite the same.  Ultra violet sun light is not the same as an x-ray.  If it were you could stand in the sun with a film and do  your own chest x-rays for the doctor.

  14. Within days after 911, I clearly remember hearing Rush Limbaugh predicting exactly what the TSA has turned into. Everyone was clamoring for better airline safety and the Democrats only wanted unionized, federal security. The majority of Americans didn’t care who did it, as long as somebody did it, and soon! France had just privatized their airport security a few years earlier because of the low opinion their citizens had for them. Ironic, isn’t it!

    • provemewrong Predictable since Ben Franklin once said (paraphrasing) “Those who would give up a little liberty for a little safety deserve neither.”  There weren’t even automobiles when he said that!

  15. And for this further insult we can than John Mica, Republican Congressman of Florida, who came up with crappy idea in the first place. Living in St. Johns county Florida, I was very happy to get rid of him and let Orlando have him. He enjoys building Federal monuments with tax money, and doing little of anything of benefit to either his constituents or the rest of the nation.  It would be good if the people of Orlando were to put him on unemployment. There was a rumor that Pelosi used to be able to buy his vote in exchange for a new toupee.

  16. So many people think Obama can’t do wrong. Some even said he has done some good things. I want Obama out of office and the country and take his friends also.

    • RussFowler : I am sure many people are with you sir, and I agree with your comment. DUMBO is the worst we have next to Carter. He knows how to talk but to DO he is full of crap!!  I have to say I HATE him and all the S–T HEADS WITH HIM!!

  17. I gave up flying years ago. I refuse to even enter an airport terminal to wait for friends. I tell them I’ll be waiting outside. I don’t trust myself not to give the TSA the finger and risk being arrested, when I’d just rather lay into them. Frankly, my blood boiled when I watched people being groped and patted down. And the irony is that the TSA has not detected or caught a single terrorist. And as some people here have already noted, the TSA is an exercise in getting Americans accustomed to being treated like cattle, or wards of the state.

    • EdwardCline You’re correct about their level of effectiveness.  But hey, they saved a lot of old grannies from committing suicide with their nail clippers!!!

  18. Going through the TSA line really galls me. I travel for my job, which I love, so it’s a necessary evil*. My situation may be unique, but I don’t think so.
    I am, like many of you, I assume, a veteran. I fought in four wars, served about 30 years, and was wounded three times (fortunately never seriously). I fought terrorists first-hand. 
    My country doesn’t trust me to ride on an airplane until someone x-rays me first and takes away my darned toothpaste**.
    I’m not angry with TSA employees that x-ray me. They are required to do their job and I expect them to do it. It’s the POLICY that gets my goat.
    *Slavery was called a “necessary evil” back in the 1800s. What TSA does is nearly as inhuman, IMHO.
    **I’d like some TSA dude to tell me how many planes have been seized, or attempts made, using toothpaste.

  19. I refuse to travel by air and surrender my constitutional rights to the TSA. I have served my country in the military for 6 years and as an honorably discharged service member my American loyalty is without question. The only reason for this groping and illegal searches is because government wants to be politically correct by not preventing foreigners and Muslims or other likely terrorists from flying on commercial flights. I will not ever fly again as long as these sham practices are in effect.

    • nofreebies4u
      These are some of the reasons I quit flying anywhere in the
      US.Get in your car and drive. See some
      of America. Get a GPS and get off the freeways, drive the state highways and see some history, some scenery, have some
      good meals and sometimes save a few dollars. You might enjoy the trip more than the
      destination. Try old Route 66 if going toward California or Chicago.Great things to see and do along the way with
      no hassles.Try listening to a book on
      CD while traveling.If you get stuck in
      any traffic – just exit the freeway in any direction and let the GPS find you a
      new route. Works Great!I look forward
      to getting in the car and starting a new trip.

      • wwskinn3 nofreebies4u Great minds think alike. I’ve done exactly that but in addition to a high end Garmin Nuvi 3590 I also use a Valentine 1 detector since I now fly low so to speak. Route 66 is cool and lots of fun, Chicago’s traffic is rotten but there is a lot to see there and the food is great, film festivals with autograph signings in West Hollywood are fantastic. When you really want to have a great time spend some time in the Western states like Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming and Idaho where you escape the traffic jams and get to see where the pioneers travelled. Those parts of the country are awesome and you can leave the groping and hassles of the airport sheep and cattle herding far behind. The scenery is absolutely fabulous and you can take it all in at your own speed. Bring an IPOD as you can’t bring enough CD’s to last on a longer trip. Don’t blink or you’ll miss me as I pass by you in the fast lane. Ha ha.

  20. I won’t fly anywhere any more. The maintenance on air crafts has gotten real bad. I do not like my wife being felt up and worse they do it front everyone. I have seen more than one husband look at the floor in shame because his wife is getting groped. With bombs in shoes and underwear it only a matter of time before the next terrorist doe’s make it though security. I will drive.

  21. Americans have only themselves to blame for the security procedures necessitated by the diversity which they have allowed divide the country philosophically and religiously.  Liberals either hate the law or believe themselves to be a law unto themselves.  The consequences of their progressive denigration of the absoluteness of law has brought about a situation which is regrettable even to them but which they think they can counteract with more laws.  It is tragically comical.  Our forefathers believed in liberty, but they obviously did not foresee the abuses of it which secular humanism has carried out and which liberal immigration policies of tolerance for people of all religious backgrounds and beliefs have allowed.   Considering the cause-and-effect relationships which have bought us to the current state of intrusive government surveillance and security procedures, one can only wish that they had prescribed a protection of life with a rational circumscription of liberty.   Or are the security procedures and intrusive surveillance by government the rational circumscription of liberty that is sought?

    • JBEACH You must know Yeshua (Jesus).  I was told by my boss at work one day that our company does not recognize one religion over another, all of them are the same.  Once you forget who made you great, your days of simple pleasure and expected rights and privileges are gone. Welcome to America, founded by believers in the only living G-d of the Bible, but now groveling at the feet of the terrorist god allah who will not stop until there is no trace of anything jewish remaining in America, starting with the Jewish G-d of the Bible.   allah hu akhbar

      • shosh7154 JBEACH   Yes, I believe in Jesus and I also believe that liberty, true liberty, is a Christian concept that others have essentially perverted to mean the right of self expression that is unrestrained by religious precepts, especially Christian, or Judeo-Christian.  America is a mess and it is due to the abuse of liberty by those who don’t truly know what it is.

        • JBEACH shosh7154 Can’t you people manage to have any conversation at all without bringing religion into it?  No wonder it’s now allowed in schools or put on display in public anymore.  You’re over zealous preaching that no one but you can have their own beliefs may have very well been responsible for the removal of everything having anything to do with religion.  And that is definitely not a good result.

        • GrumpyOldMan JBEACH shosh7154  As I recall, it was the Muslims that were the cause and effect relationship that brought about all the security procedures and intrusive surveillance in recent years.  Other than Nativity scenes in public places and a furor over the Ten Commandments, I don’t recall hearing of any serious terrorist activity on the part of Christians in the U.S. recently.

        • shosh7154 JBEACH  Islam and Christianity are divided over what is evil or what evil is.  To that extent, we are incompatible.  It is foolish to think that we can be a house divided, serving two different gods and have mutual security.  “No man can serve two masters.  Either he will love the one and hate the other or he will cling to the one and despise the other.”  Simple as that.

        • JBEACH shosh7154 What i meant was I am not sure what you are saying…are you saying that believers in Yeshua are the cause of “America is a mess” ?

        • shosh7154 JBEACH No, I am saying that America, being a divided house with so many minority differences in beliefs, means that it is difficult to represent it in the same way that it used to be represented.  We are not united in the same way that we used to be.  There is a desire to change laws which actually protected us.  There are internationalists whose goals are antithetical to the best interests of the people of the U.S.   As a nation, we have an obligation to be good people.  We don’t have an obligation to the rest of the world any more than they have an obligation to us.  Americans have a right to work just as other peoples in other countries do.  There is nothing wrong with self-sufficiency.

        • JBEACH shosh7154 What I hear you saying is that America has too many gods and has rejected the ONLY LIVING G-D WHOSE NAME IS FOREVER G-D OF ISRAEL.  It seems G-d of Israel is unpopular for many reasons in our vastly diverse culture, but the main reason is HE insists on honoring the Jews and establishing the Jewish State with the Temple soon.  This enflames most sentiments of almost every culture group except of course jews and those who love the G-d of the Jews.  The Messiah is coming back in day.   We are the people who will see Him returning in the clouds with great power …  it says EVERY EYE will see Him return… so get ready world… prepare to meet G-d face to face.  Mashiach achshav Adonai

        • JBEACH shosh7154 your wrong they know what liberty is —its thyat they want to destroy it so as to control you. with control come power–money an their forced marixs agenda

        • JBEACH shosh7154 You need to look around carefully on the ground and see if you can find the missing face cards that fell out of your deck.

        • GrumpyOldMan JBEACH shosh7154 Mr. Grumpy… Jesus will change your name and HE will give YOU LIFE ABUNDANTLY even in this body of corruption, but Jesus tellls us that eye has not seen nor ear ever heard the things that G-d has prepared for the those who love Him.

        • GrumpyOldMan JBEACH shosh7154 Mr Grumpy Old Man, JESUS will change your name.  He will give you LIFE ABUNDANTLY even in this body of corruption and the not too distant future, HE will welcome you into eternity with HIM where sin will be controlled by the King of Kings ruling the entire globe from Jerusalem…  He is coming home in our day… do you want to know how I know this ?

        • GrumpyOldMan JBEACH shosh7154   I know I am not missing the King and I guess I am not missing the Joker either.

        • shosh7154 GrumpyOldMan JBEACH   Jesus said, “No man knows the day or the hour.”   Please don’t tell me that you are going to tell me.  I’d rather trust the Lord on that one……

        • JBEACH shosh7154 There is a total disconnect with the Law of G-d coming to this country.  Anarchy and chaos will become the new normal instead of the rule of law.  Reading the 10 commandiments will give you a quick understanding of how this country is fast becoming the opposite of those laws on every level of social interaction.  Lawlessness is coming even as the lawless one is waiting in the wings to take the world stage.  Get ready world !  The King of Kings is returning to rule the world from Jerusalem IN OUR DAY.  See Matthew 24 about the Fig Tree (ISRAEL)

    • JBEACH “Abuse of liberty”????? There is abuse of a lot of things, but liberty cannot be “abused”. Only the tyrants who who author and abuse their government function abuse anything. One of those abuses is allowing our enemies free entry into the country. That’s abuse of power, not abuse of liberty.

      • GrumpyOldMan JBEACH  Liberty can be abused and is by those who use the freedom of this society to carry out acts of terrorism.   America is so divided now that it is unrepresentable.  A singleminded policy can not be formulated without offending some minority or religious minority.  I would gladly have a return to WASP rule in the country any day of the week compared to the nonsense we have had to endure for the last 4 and a half years.  It is tiresome, boring and irritating and bad for our national psyche.  it is a perversion and a travesty and an injustice.

        • JBEACH GrumpyOldMan Here in America, there is no such thing as a single minded policy. That’s why we vote. We need more national referendums. Put the ballot out there and truthfully and honestly let the people vote. Some of screw ball’s ideas are about his ego, not what’s good or right for the people.

        • tiredofbums JBEACH GrumpyOldMan While I agree that a national referendum on troublesome, divisive  issues would relieve the politicians of the burden and responsibility, it is the responsibility of government and authorities to hold the people to high standards of ethics and morality.  Government has failed at that, just as individuals do.  Agreeing to lower standards by changing laws is not a good idea.  Consider the cost.

        • JBEACH GrumpyOldMan While I agree with your sentiments, it isn’t “liberty” that is being abused. Look up the definition of liberty. 
          What is being abused is the tolerance and inherent good will of citizens extended to illegals.  And the Gang of Snakes, chief vipers Rubio and Schmucky Schumer are the most poisonous of the bunch.  And that isn’t liberty either. That’s political malfeasance.

        • tiredofbums JBEACH GrumpyOldMan That would be a “democracy”. Our founders set up a “Representative Republic”. They studied failed societies and rejected a true democracy. Cesar’s Rome was a pure democracy.  And we are not far from the same fate they suffered thanks to Liberals and Progressives.

        • JBEACH tiredofbums What person in their right mind would want to run the gauntlet required to get elected to office? Only crooks and those wanting to fleece the public are willing to run anymore.  One more thing to thank our universities, mass media, and political parties for. Universities are the top of the pyramid. From there come the liberal professors, journalists (using the term loosely) and brotherhood of politicians.  The “Weiner” in New York and the Groper in California.  We should be proud!  [not].

        • GrumpyOldMan JBEACH  I believe that one can interpret the Preamble to the Constitution in such a way that the oath “to preserve, defend and protect the Constitution of the United States” would bind the oath swearer to fulfill the goals set forth in the Preamble.   Unless there is a strict adherence to the fundamental principles in formulating immigration policies, it is conceivable (and already a dangerous reality) that enemies of the people and the state are allowed to enter the country.  It is absolutely necessary to discriminate in order to prevent the crimes of terrorism.  We have no obligation to extend the domestic liberties of the country to people who are sworn (secretly) to kill us.  Some of the morons in Washington need to get a citizen’s perspective on these issues.  It is that simple.   None of this pseudo-intellectual nonsense for purposes of mutual security in human collateral.  Period!

        • JBEACH You have a mooselum in the WH, what do you expect. The military swears an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Whichever one OBozo is, he IS an enemy of the Constitution. But the Pentagon, like the rest of the District of Corruption, has its head up its a$$ while at the same time sitting on its hands!  Talk about contortionists.

        • JBEACH GrumpyOldMan  
          Exactly right, we have no obligation to extend domestic liberties to our enemies – however, the left has embarked on that agenda for decades.
          What better way to subvert our rights than to make them meaningless.  What better way to protect our sovereignty than to make it meaningless.
          It does however, promote the beliefs of the left in globalism.  Globalism by definition destroys our distinctives and all that has made America the land of the free and home of the brave.
          Liberals/democrats despise the concept of “American Exceptionalism.”  Remember how Dear Leader dismissed and minimized it.  
          Pure and simple the progressive left/democrats are our most dangerous enemy.

        • Always a Marine JBEACH GrumpyOldMan As a senior citizen and a Viet Nam era veteran, I agree with you wholeheartedly.

  22. TSA is a license to steal without anybody in charge caring, bad enough they give you a feel most of the time upper inner thigh, then treat you like you are getting license plates.
    It is real bad when it comes to checking a gun through, they use to just take it out of your checked bag, they changed the system because of that happening, now the bag that has a checked gun it disappears along with the gun, problem solved

  23. I will never fly if I have the option and the next time I do I may have to rip the arms of the little prick that tries to grope me.

  24. These are some of the reasons I quit flying anywhere in the
    US.Get in your car and drive. See some
    of America. Get a GPS and get off the freeways, drive the state highways and see some history, some scenery, have some
    good meals and sometimes save a few dollars. You might enjoy the trip more than the
    destination. Try old Route 66 if going toward California or Chicago.Great things to see and do along the way with
    no hassles.Try listening to a book on
    CD while traveling.If you get stuck in
    any traffic – just exit the freeway in any direction and let the GPS find you a
    new route. Works Great!I look forward
    to getting in the car and starting a new trip.

      • tiredofbums wwskinn3 
        You really need to get out of the basement of your life and live a little.  Most everyone has a cell phone with a car charger now days.  Or, good grief, you might try walking to the nearest house or gas station.

        • wwskinn3 tiredofbums Luckily, when it happened to me, it was downhill almost all the way to the shop. That was #2 in an ’86 Toyota P/U. #1 was a Mercedes 300SD in downtown Sacramento. I had some extra water handy and was able to drive over to the shop. Both happened with NO warning.

        • wwskinn3 tiredofbums It happened to me in a brand new MG Midget sports car with only 1,500 miles on it on a trip near Atlanta. It really sucked as that brand of automobile didn’t have a single water pump in the whole USA at the time so it took 2 weeks for a dealer to get me back on the road again. Granted that is a rare event but it can and does happen to a few unlucky persons. Still it won’t stop most of us from driving on trips and having fun though.

        • Jerome from Layton wwskinn3 tiredofbums That’s what you get for buying foreign products. But it’s too late for that lesson.  Ford is the only American product still produced. Chrysler is now FIAT (Fix it again Tony) and GM has moved to China, right after OBozo turned them into junk with the help of his union thug buddies.

      • LOL  My GPS will tell you to turn when there is no road to turn on, and when you pass this imaginary road it tries to tell you  to turn around and go back. I shut the stupid voice off, I hear the same one when I check out at home depot.

      • tiredofbums wwskinn3 I had that happen to me too so I’m a member of the AAA just in case. something like that ever happens again

        • nofreebies4u tiredofbums wwskinn3 
          With all the driving we do, we have had most of the possible breakages, failures, wear outs, etc. of parts through the years.  Just had our front axles wear out on a 2006 Toyota Sienna while about 1,000 miles from home.  Water pumps, starters, gaskets, brakes, numerous tires (the best mileage we have yet to date on tires is a Uniroyal high mileage tire–well over 110,000 miles), batteries, fuel pumps, and numerous other things.
          We try to have alignment contracts, rotation and balance contracts, maintenance contracts, etc. and have needed them all and all have been truly beneficial to us. 
          AAA has saved us numerous times over the past 30 years or so of membership.  Once the response was late so they gave us a free year of membership.  This AAA membership has given us peace of mind and much help over the years.

        • cajunliberty7 nofreebies4u tiredofbums wwskinn3 I guess I am very lucky.  Traveled 15 years over 20 states with a gospel quartet in two Chrysler station wagons and not one repair.  The only time I have had a breakdown since then is up on Trail Ridge Road in Colorado and the fuel pump went out on my ’79 Duster.  I got it back home with a little mechanical tricks and a new one cost $18.  However I went to work and walked home the next day…new pump (mechanical) was bad, but at least I was only 3 miles from home!  I refuse to fly any more with the TSA Nazis!

        • nofreebies4u tiredofbums wwskinn3 I put over four hundred thousand miles on a ’79 Chevy truck. The water pump went out twice. Both times it was a slow drip and I replaced it before it failed entirely.  There is this latch that allows you to lift a thing called a hood out of the way where you can actually see the engine.  It helps to take advantage of this feature every now and again.

        • GrumpyOldMan During the 70’s I used practically live under my engine hood since I was fortunate enough to get to own a couple of real muscle cars (Chevy 396 (+ .60 over bored, L88, ZL-1 parts) and a Olds 442 (425CID added with Holley 3Bbl) Now have a 3000GT with lots of nice performance mods and I pay a top notch tech to maintain it for me since he is outstanding and fairly reasonable. I now replace the water pumps every 60k miles long before a drip ever happens to be safe since a new engine would cost $8k. 
          Usually run Y or W rated top brand tires which I replace every 15-20k miles for maximum safe performance. Uniroyal tires terrify me since I once had a blowout once at 90 mph with that brand before getting the muscle cars. Tires are cheap – my life isn’t so it is an easy decision buying performance over price.

        • nofreebies4u Those really were the days.  Now I have a ’95 Harley so I can still turn a wrench and enjoy doing it. Just swapped out the tranny earlier this month. Still running a carb, no EPA crap like they’ve got on the new Harley’s. Simple to work on fun to ride.

    • wwskinn3 I completely agree with your thoughts.  I like driving around the country.  I have one problem.  I can’t seem to find a road that takes me to the Philippines from New York.  With my wife being a Filipina and her family there, we like to visit as often as we can.  Been 5 years now since we have been there.  Still looking for that road.

        • rrm7777 grafra102 wwskinn3 
          You could always take a boat.  My late father took a ship to the Philippines to defend them in WWII and then a boat back to San Deigo along with his Seabees brethren to get fattened up before they sent them home.
          Semper Fi !

        • cajunliberty7 rrm7777 grafra102 wwskinn3  Hey, cajunliberty7 – ever try making the trip from Manila to Long Beach at 9 knots.  I did – skippered an LST.  Thinking back – the trip was endless.   I doubt if I could have conducted much business in Kazakhstan by commuting by even 20 knot ship.

        • scientist5 cajunliberty7 rrm7777 grafra102 wwskinn3  I did it on a tin-can.  A lot faster than 9 knots and I even enjoyed the trip.

        • scientist5 cajunliberty7 rrm7777 grafra102 wwskinn3 Try it from Turkey through the Med and across to Norfolk!

        • GrumpyOldMan scientist5 cajunliberty7 rrm7777 grafra102 wwskinn3 I never enjoyed a day on board a ship. I was on the Alantic Fleet Command ship in the Med during a particularly nasty storm and the waves coming over the bridge, scary and we had little ships such as the LST and other amphibs in fleet. Thankfully we never lost one. Those were the days. PS; I was not even Navy or Marines. Guess.

        • Don39 scientist5 cajunliberty7 rrm7777 grafra102 wwskinn3 I didn’t like it THAT much!  I almost had a ship (cruiser class) go out from under me in the North Atlantic in ’67 during a storm. The North Atlantic can be a real bitch when she wants to be!

      • rrm7777 wwskinn3 Drive to and fly out of Canada. Much more pleasant. Until you try to drive back into the United Socialist States of America.  Sometimes called the “Peoples Republic of America”.

  25. It isn’t so bad if you leave from a small airport.  The lines are short as the only plane on the departure sign only holds 50 people (Cheyenne is great, the plane only holds 16) and the TSA people are quite friendly.

  26. My family and I drive more than we ever have before.  We try to fly out of smaller airports.  It is at the larger hubs and entries back into the states that this sluggishly slow process seems to be relished by TSA.
    Of course, we can just be felt around the neck if we wear a traditional Muslim hijab.  We won’t get groped or slowed down in processing.

    • cajunliberty7 Be prepared to get the same treatment at border crossings (unless you hire a coyote to guide you) if you cross in your own vehicle.  If you are actually a citizen, prepare for unscrupulous treatment. It’s easier to enter foreign countries than to return to your own.  The illegals have a much easier time of it.

      • GrumpyOldMan cajunliberty7 
        My family and I have traveled by van to Guatemala before but that was more than a decade ago.  We do travel out to an orphanage a few miles south of the U.S.-Mexico border almost yearly and you are correct.  We had papers on everyone aboard the vehicle (passports, driver’s licenses, etc.) and yet they put us to the nth degree.  I would not have minded that, but we watched as non-citizens in a vehicle about to lose its fenders and a tire or two passed through on a lane next to us, much more quickly.

  27. NO AMERICAN CITIZEN should EVER work for the TSA.  This is the MOST DISGUSTING bunch of government employees in the nation, bar none. 
    I would rather be friends with a person who sucked vomit off toilets and ate their boogers, than have a TSA person in my list of acquaintances.

        • Don39 shosh7154 ThomRaasio I know some personally who are reservists who work for TSA… they have to take leave of abscense when they are called for duty and there are many ex-military or vets working for TSA

      • shosh7154 ThomRaasio Well now that’s a really scary thought.  None of the Vets I know would take on such an unpatriotic job.  Almost all of us believe in America, not the organizations destroying it. But I’m from the ‘Nam era. And the TSA I’ve seen are wusses, so I’m not buying your post.

        • GrumpyOldMan shosh7154 ThomRaasio It is the truth.  I know TSA officers personally who are vets and they tell me they know many vets working at TSA.  Do you know anyone who is actually a TSA officer so that you can authenticate your statement ?

        • shosh7154  ThomRaasio If I did happen to know anyone who worked for the TSA, we would not be friendly enough for conversation,  sharing drinks, or coexisting in the same building!

        • GrumpyOldMan shosh7154 ThomRaasio Then you will need to strike off your list military vets and military reservists.

        • GrumpyOldMan shosh7154 ThomRaasio A lot of people lack the courage of their convictions, or really just lack any convictions, you know wishy-washy!

        • Don39  shosh7154 ThomRaasio Especially most of the Gen Xer’s, almost all of the Gen Y’ers and especially if they live in the “Blue” and the “Purple” states.

        • shosh7154 ThomRaasio No, I don’t think so.  I know a couple of old WW II vets that are still around, a few more from the Korean “Conflict”, bunches of us from ‘Nam.  Not a one of them would disgrace themselves working for something like the TSA. Most of those back from the Sand Box for whatever reason don’t seem to join organizations like the VFW but they should. I doubt they would disgrace themselves either but they are a different generation.

        • shosh7154  ThomRaasio PS. Before OBozo, our combat troops weren’t required to read the enemy their Miranda Rights on the battlefield. So maybe they have been woosiefied from that.  And now they have to put up with queers too!

  28. We should do what the some European countries and Israel do.  They use uniformed military and profile those coming into airports and boarding planes.  Works very well and no one is groped.

      • GrumpyOldMan rosie46  
        Did you see the photos of Boston – Cops dressed and equipped as the Army, and the military performing the duties of civilian law enforcement?
        Posse Comitatus is a law Dear Leader doesn’t care about.

        • Always a MarineGrumpyOldManrosie46
          I believe that Posse Comitatus is a law that was reversed within the last several years, not sure if it was Bush or obama but I do believe it is no longer intact.

        • simicutman Always a Marine GrumpyOldMan rosie46  
          Well that’s bad news.  I hate to hear that.  Thanks.

        • Always a Marine  rosie46 Name me any law Dear Leader cares about.  He doesn’t even care about the one bearing his name. He only wants to enforce the parts he finds convenient at the time. He’s been that way his whole entire life.

        • simicutman Always a Marine rosie46 It is very much still intact. One of OBozo’s first acts was to violate it in either Alabama or Georgia, don’t remember which.  Like everything else, no one had the cajones to do anything more than point it out to him AFTER the fact.

  29. The TSA was suppose to be created to protect ALL OF US GOOD PEOPLE from MUSLIM TERRORISTS. Instead they covertly subjugate us to abhorrent disgust with the outrageous screenings. WHY ARE THE MUSLIMS GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER BEING ESCORTED THRU YET WE GOOD PEOPLE ARE QUESTIONED. HEY YOU IDIOTS YOU GOT IT BACKWARDS. I RESENT THE ENTIRE INVASIVE PROCEDURE. WHO THE HELL DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU ARE. The elites creating their slaves worldwide. This crap needs to stop.

    • Wiseoldlady If you are opposed to the extra scrutiny, dress up as a muslim woman.  Your disguise will get you a pass from the TSA goons. Since it’s only Muslims that engage in this activity/behavior, and TSA are foolishly not allowed to “profile”, the real perpetrators are hardly ever given a second look.

  30. It seems that equal protection under the law means that some are more equal than others. This would seem to be just such a case. If I pay and submit my papers to the authority am I so clean and void of thought that I am unable to see this as just the opportunity I would need to bring a nefarious device aboard a plane in order to create a real scary situation.  Are we so stupid as to believe that a trained TSA agent will be able to detect 100% of threats even we they aren’t looking as in the Precheck program. This program will work just fine until it doesn’t, then can we have a real conversation about freedom? Remember freedom?

    • grossyi Yeah; like exploding shoe bombs has been a huge threat.
      I have been discriminated against for years, I can’t wear my dress boots when I fly as it is nearly impossible to remove them for inspection. It would take a sexy TSA agent (female of course) to straddle my leg and pull while I place my other foot on her back side. Like that would happen.

      • BobMcCormick grossyi shoe bombs dont work because everyone now has to put his shoes through x-ray before entering the secure area

        • shosh7154 BobMcCormick grossyi Pay $85 and submit your papers and you can tap dance through security with with shoe bombs, under wear bombs and flammable liquids. You are of the special “trusted class”. As long as you’re not a little old lady in a wheelchair you should proceed through security without a sideways glance.

        • shosh7154 BobMcCormick grossyi The “shoe bomber” didn’t get on the airplane in the U.S. and where he did get on, they still don’t take off their shoes. Just another example of the absurdity of the TSA and Janet Napolitano.

        • shosh7154 BobMcCormick grossyi And isn’t it going to be fun watching while everyone has to take off their underwear and put on the conveyer? I’m sure that will be next because taking off your shoes had to have saved at least one or two dozen aircraft being blown up. Right?

  31. If we’d protect our borders we don’t need this… we don’t need surveilance… we certainly don’t need Obama databases… we might even stem the drug traffic.
    So how do you like the commie goverment unions now?

      • GrumpyOldMan NavyVet  – The only time I’ve gone to the airport since ’08 is to have lunch in the cafe …. wearing my .45, 1911, openly, in a shoulder rig ….. I get some real looks sometimes.

        • NavyVet GrumpyOldMan if you were inside any commercial airport in this country, you would be promptly arrested.

        • NavyVet GrumpyOldMan Wish I still had a 1911. I take it you are in an open carry state? I need something I can conceal carry. Which means I also can’t use a double stacked magazine. But I can switch magazines in about 3 seconds and if I’m counting I can switch and fire in about 4.  Most people won’t hang around to see if you can hit them anyway.

        • GrumpyOldMan NavyVet  – Hi, Grumps! I also carry the 1911 concealed. I just throw on my motorcycle vest …. the one with all the ‘rude’ patches and stuff, and I’m “concealed. But, I am a big bastige, 6’4” and mass-out at 265. You might consider the short-barreled version of the 1911?
          As regards “open carry” …. almost ALL of the States are open carry, with a few being “permitted open carry” … which is against the Constitution, but …….
          search opencarry dot org … very informative site, along with handgunlaw dot us …

          Be safe!

        • shosh7154 NavyVet GrumpyOldMan – hosh, clearly you know nothing of “the law” … airport carry is quite “legal” in many States. Many places where “concealed carry” is not “legal”, open carry is perfectly “legal”.
          Yes, I know this to be FACT because I’ve done it – repeatedly – and even discussed the finer points of “glock vs 1911” with one of the security officers at the local airport.
          The only place where carry is consistently “illegal” is when one passes the TSA (Gestapo) checkpoint….. then, the federals think they have jurisdiction.

        • NavyVet shosh7154 GrumpyOldMan 
          Just a note about open carry.  In my town a young man carries a Colt SAA on a drop (western style) holster.  
          His forays into town always cause the 911 switchboard to light up, people to leave restaurants, etc.  But, to the sheriff’s office credit, they just tell the callers, – he’s legal, it’s legal.
          P.S. I had to get a Remington 1911- nostalgia for former days (and effective self-defense).

        • NavyVet GrumpyOldMan 
          It is true most states are open carry, albeit a few licensed open carry.  Law enforcement in some states treat the open carry with suspicion.  This results in unwarranted searches and delays.
          If you can obtain a concealed carry permit, that is usually the best way to go.  Our CCP is easy to obtain.  So far, everyone we have recommended to get one, has been able to with relative ease.  Gun free zones are stupid and self-defeating.  That is the location where CCPs are extremely needed, proof–recent school shootings.  Hypothetically, it may be advisable for those with CCPs to carefully evaluate the no zones and then choose whether to carry..
          Semper Fi !

        • cajunliberty7 NavyVet GrumpyOldMan If you want to keep your guns and the Second Amendment – you’d better start carrying openly when-ever and where-ever. The reason people fear gun so is that they don’t see them anymore as a normal course of things .. thus, they have become “magically destructive devices that only bad people have”.
          Carry, carry open, get people used to seeing that guns are just a tool. Inform and teach the LEOs if you have to. Are your Rights and your life worth a little “inconvenience” once in a while?

        • NavyVet shosh7154 GrumpyOldMan  If you are seen by the many BDO’s, LEO’s or any plainsclothes security, you will be “stopped”.  Try coming to DFW with a weapon in your hand or visible on your person.  DFW is a category X airport (29 square miles, 5 terminals, 17 checkpoints with police carrying AR15’s, one of the largest in the country and this applies to all commercial airports in this country.

        • shosh7154 NavyVet GrumpyOldMan  – I assume you mean “Dallas/Fort Worth”?
          If that’s the case … then you REALLY don’t know anything about “the law” …. Texas, amazingly enough, is not an “open carry” State, however, it is perfectly “legal” to carry concealed in the airport as long as you do not cross the TSA barrier (as long as you do not enter a “sterile area”).
          Please – learn the laws.

        • shosh7154 NavyVet GrumpyOldMan shosh – for your information and edification:
          States that do not allow carry of firearms in airports – North Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Virginia, Florida, Oklahoma, Arkansas … and DC – even though DC is NOT a State.
          States that do not allow the “concealed carry” of firearms in airports, though open carry is generally legal – Nevada, Mississippi, Ohio.

        • NavyVet shosh7154 GrumpyOldMan 
          You are correct. Texas does NOT have open carry laws.  It startled me when I learned this a few months ago.  Usually in Second Amendment related protections, Texas leads the way, and we in Louisiana try to follow as soon as we can.  On this one issue, we are ahead.  We have open carry and easy concealed carry permits.
          Semper Fi !

  32. I detest the TSA.  It is nothing more than tyrannical gov’t.   It’s served to desensitize the invasion of our persons and property and the infringement of our rights.  
    Not too far down the road we’ll be showing our papers and submitting to unreasonable and unconstitutional searches (like they did in Boston) and not batting an eye as The Tyrants tell us “it’s for safety concerns.”

    As it relates to genuine security and safety it is nothing more than a placebo to calm the fears of the uninformed.

  33. For many years I traveled internationally – mainly to the Middle East and Central Asia.  I found that the US TSA agents were for the most part poorly trained.   It always made me furious to see them  closely checking old decrepit passengers and little children.  The Israelis have it right – skilled agents who PROFILE.  They are successful in their program and do not go through the stupid gyrations we have installed.

    • scientist5  – If anyone is going to do anything to “make the airports safer” …. they need to do what is done in Russia – DOGS! – highly trained dogs that literally have the run of the terminal … when the dogs find something, the handlers check it out.
      Other than that, there is no interruption of passenger’s lives, no invasive panty searches, no ‘TSA power trip’ or intimidation.
      The whole point of TSA and DHS is to subjugate the American People and make sure we “follow orders” and “present our papers” when it is demanded.

      • NavyVet scientist5 We are already more like 1950’s Russia than we are America, thanks to OBozo, Clown-In-Chief and damn-0-craps along with a growing bunch of Progressive Republicans. Do we have to adopt even more of their policies?

        • shosh7154 NavyVet scientist5  – First off …. if it’s a “loose wire” it is NOT “connected to a switch” …. is it!
          Secondly, the dogs are very good at sniffing EXPLOSIVES which said “loose wire” would be “connected” to in order to do some amount of damage.

        • NavyVet shosh7154 scientist5 the loose end usually is connected to the business end of something…. right ?  When I said connected to a switch, i assumed that anyone reading would realize there are two ends of the wire, one connected to the switch and the other connected to the business end of the loose wire….does this answer your concern?

        • shosh7154 NavyVet scientist5 In order to make a big boom, there has to be a little boom to set it off.  Dogs can easily detect the little boom as well as what makes up the big boom. Switches and wires really don’t enter into it.

        • GrumpyOldMan shosh7154 NavyVet scientist5 if there were no eyes, ears and boots on the ground at the airports… just dogs and their handlers… you can be sure there would be a different event timeline since 9/11 for the last 11 years at every major airport in this country.

      • NavyVet scientist5  Dogs are in use – Chicago – O’Hare, Houston – Bush for example.  The beagle in Chicago is a real drug sniffer in the baggage room.  I agree more dogs with different type of training would be a very good addition.  At least the dogs would be better trained than a lot of the TSA people.

  34. This is the despicable behavior of liberals – we make the rules but if you can pay me enough, you won’t have to deal with the rules.  How, exactly, is that supposed to keep everyone safe???  This just seems like more government tyranny!!!

  35. Guess who will convert these people to law enforcement officers coming to your house and running road blocks during martial law???????

  36. the TSA is a joke! they are one day away from mcdonalds, beauty school, or jail! several years ago i was “terrorized” by several punk agents who were young enough to be my sons. i am a frequent flyer, and i know the rules. i guess these idiots were bored, so they decided to pick me out. i was sent to secondary screening, even though i didn’t set off any alarms. i was called names, sworn at, and threatened. i only kept my cool because i was heading home, and didn’t want to miss my flight. i have NO respect for these little hitlers! they’re out of control. maybe they need to be reminded that we, the tax payers, pay their salary?

  37. Yup, it’s extortion plain, simple and stupid!!
    Why are you ‘safe’ because you pay $85….the country is full of moles!
    The Boston Bombers ring a bell? They were cleared by the FBI and CIA!

  38. I refuse to fly now instead I take a train.  If we boycot the airlines they will pressure the Goverment to get rid of the worse than useless TSA, until then they will only get worse.  The TSA could not operate without the airlines cooperation.  They get away with their abuses because we let them.  Americans have beome instead of turning the other cheek to turn around and spread the cheeks.

  39. Go back to the basics.  If they don’t have a warrant, don’t allow the search.  Of course, that means you don’t go anywhere, and in my mind that is another violation of rights of your freedom.  Time to do something.


  40. I’m another one who refuses to fly, anymore, because of the Nazi tactics used by our “elected officials” and their unconstitutional — therefore illegal — agencies. Neither do I take a train, nor ride the sardine-crammed buses of Greyhound for the same reason to get to my destinations. Instead, I drive. This allows for a FAR more enjoyable experience from the loss of tension, commotion and the ability to take a short-lived jaunt to do a  smidgeon of sight-seeing! This can all be boiled down from the concept “Screw the Feds, and screw any company who agrees with, and supports, their tactics because of corporate greed!” If necessary, I’ll ride a bicycle or use my feet to get to my destinations. If the Nazis can’t handle THAT — they’ll just have to shoot me. That IS the way the Nazis operate, isn’t it, to eliminate those who disagree or are uncooperative in public with them…? (Unfortunately — for them — as an American veteran from the Vietnam “police action” and former sniper, I guaran-damn-tee that I’m a MUCH better shot with whatever firearm I happen to have on my person at the time, and if fired upon I WILL return fire in self defense!)

  41. Have you read Matthew 24 ?
    Yeshua told us that the generation that sees ISRAEL re-established as a nation (which happened in 1948 after 2,000 years of exile) that generation (the people born in 1948) will not all die off before HE RETURNS… therefore unless you can predict the exact day and hour the last 1948’er will die, you are safe in understanding Yeshua’s meaning in “no man knows the day or the hour”)

  42. You should throw out playing cards and start reading what the prophets say about the last days.  It is eerie how well they describe current day events.. monster weather called the new normal, dead birds falling from the sky by the thousands, dead fish washing up on shorelines by the thousands, scientists implanting human cells inside animals and creating new twisted life that corrupts the human germline, as in the days of Noah when beings not completely human mated with the daughters of men producing giant offspring.  Read Matthew 24 where Yeshua tells us the general time frame He is returning and Luke 21 and Mark 13…  three witnesses reporting Yeshua’s words.  Start reading their words and watch the news… they match more and more as the days rush into the future of HIS immediate return in our day.http://www.blueletterbible.org/Bible.cfm?b=Dan&c=12&t=KJV#4 “But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, [even] to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.”    Today knowledge doubles every six months and people are running to and fro at airports as though they are being chased by invisible monsters.

      • GrumpyOldMan
         Yeshua said :
        http://www.blueletterbible.org/Bible.cfm?b=Jhn&c=14&t=KJV#6  Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
        I have the very essence and source of Life … the Father of Life HIMSELF as my very own personal L-rd and closest Person to me than anyone I know now or will ever know.
        I am happy beyond words to describe and the joy I have comes from HIM who says:http://www.blueletterbible.org/Bible.cfm?b=1Cr&c=2&t=NKJV#comm/9 But as it is written: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”
        and He says among many other beautiful words to us: http://www.blueletterbible.org/Bible.cfm?b=Isa&c=26&t=KJV#3 YOU will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on YOU: because he trusts YOU.

        • shosh7154 I guess that’s YOUR story and you’re stickin’ to it.  I really couldn’t care less. BTW, where were you ordained? I know it wasn’t where the people I know were. They are all smart enough not to try and force their beliefs on others.

        • GrumpyOldMan shosh7154 I am just a believer who wants everyone to know that there is a day on the calendar appointed for everyone.  I am no longer afraid of that appointment.  And all that I know now makes every day better and better in the greatest expectation of all eternity…meeting my G-d face to face and hearing him say to me “Welcome home.  I’ve been waiting for you.”

        • shosh7154 I’ve been so close to death so many times I don’t fear it anymore
          either.  And as the song goes “Everybody wants to go to heaven, they
          just don’t want to leave now.”  So my question I guess is, if you are so
          sure of what lies after death, why are you delaying climbing onto
          the bus? The moose-lums don’t hesitate.  And I’d be delighted to help a
          few of them begin their trip.
          I’m happy for you. I just don’t want to hear about it all the time and I don’t think it furthers the discussion here.

        • GrumpyOldMan shosh7154 Are you ready to stand before G-d ?  If you die without receiving His Son how will you enter the Kingdom of G-d?  Your sin will remain and it will prevent you from entering His Kingdom and why will you reject what G-d has so willingly given for you ? John 5:24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.  John 8:24 I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins.

        • GrumpyOldMan  I just want to take a moment to commend your stance on these matters. That’s such a large part of what the Constitution and America are all about. The freedom to choose or not as one’s own conscience guides them. I wish more would see our country through that type of lens.Thanks!

        • shosh7154 GrumpyOldMan Wonderful Post and your faith solidly in place. To speak out with so many GOD haters, you are a brave soul. I heartedly agree with you. Meeting GOD and HIS SON JESUS CHRIST is my greatest hope. The best day in my life was thE day that “I accepted JESUS CHRIST AS MY SAVIOR”.

  43. Once Obama and all his God hating,Homosexua, Muslim, Goons are gone we can then work on all the Idiots Obama put in place!

  44. JBEACHGrumpyOldMan 
    right, we have no obligation to extend domestic liberties to our
    enemies – however, the left has embarked on that agenda for decades.
    better way to subvert our rights than to make them meaningless.  What
    better way to protect our sovereignty than to make it meaningless.
    does however, promote the beliefs of the left in globalism.  Globalism
    by definition destroys our distinctives and all that has made America
    the land of the free and home of the brave.
    Liberals/democrats despise the concept of “American Exceptionalism.”  Remember how Dear Leader dismissed and minimized it.  Pure and simple the progressive left/democrats are our most dangerous enemy.

    • Always a Marine But the TSA was the invention of the Bush administration so I fail to see your point. This was a conservative administration’s device and I don’t remember too much bitching until what we saw what they’d implemented. I guess Ben Franklin was right and we’re getting what we damn well deserve for letting both sides grow this behemoth we call Government. Don’t hold just the libs feet to the fire when it was conservatives who brought us this mess

      • The real Smart Guy Always a Marine Well, not so smart guy, Bush didn’t write legislation. The author of the TSA was a Republican named John Mica, a Florida House of Representatives member and chairman of the transportation committee.  I know this because he came out of St. Johns county where I live. We finally got him shuffled off closer to “Fantasy Land” in Orlando and now have a real Representative.  Ron De Santis who actually believes in the Constitution and America.

        • GrumpyOldMan G.O.M. that’s not the point at all, Very few Presidents actually have written legislation in the last century, the toll they wield is called a Veto. Bush did not veto the bill now did he. So at the end of the debate he had a choice and it was to sign the law creating the TSA. As the old saying used to go,”The Buck Stops Here” so with the sitting President at the time is who we’re to hold accountable.

        • The real Smart Guy Yeah real dumb guy, in point of fact the number of “presidents actually have written legislation in the last century” is exactly zero. If you read Article One, Section One of the U.S. Constitution you  will know why. It’s very short. It’s only one sentence, no big words. I think even you could handle that one.

      • The real Smart Guy Always a Marine  
        So what if it was Bush?  What difference does that make today?  Bush has been gone almost 5 years now.  
        You have an assumption (unwarranted) that conservatives were okay with it.  In the context of the time (immediately after 9/11) people were open to security, but as soon as there was talk about making it a federal program many conservatives objected.  I wouldn’t lay the blame at conservatives feet for this.

        Now, as to not holding the libs feet to the fire – they’ve gone beyond what the TSA was when Dear Leader first came on to his throne.  He’s made drastic changes to it, expanded their power and the scope of their jurisdiction.  If you’re going to hold anyone’s feet to the fire, I wouldn’t be looking at W’s dogs, I’d be looking at the Tyrant who is busing trampling people’s rights today, not 5 years ago.

        • Always a Marine  I think you miss my point somewhat, Once we enabled an increase in Executive power we opened Pandora’s box. It’s always been that way with the executive branch. Also friend there were enough conservatives in the halls of Congress to allow it to occur. Give one, anyone of them more power and it sets the pace for the next Guy or Gal in that position to want to expand it. Power breeds nothing but more power. So you always go back to the source of the initial expansion, in my opinion. because had they not been granted it, the next office holder wouldn’t be able to expand it. Power breeds contempt for those without and whoever started it ultimately holds responsibility in my view.

        • The real Smart Guy Always a Marine  
          I don’t have any real arguments w/ what you said.  Both parties have been ignoring the Constitution for some time.  
          I don’t have a problem going back to the initial transgressor, but it doesn’t excuse those who follow.  Nor should it cloud our vision of what’s happening now.  That’s why I said “so what” re. Bush.  The dems would be happy to keep blaming Bush.  But the commie dems are in power and we need to keep our eyes on them.
          Historically, the dem party has been the most offensive in their assaults on the Constitution – not only don’t they believe it, but their ideology is in direct conflict with it, and they have adopted that stance as a party position.
          Socialism and liberty can’t coexist.

        • The real Smart Guy Always a Marine What Bush did was create the Department of Homeland Security, or more appropriately “INsecurity”.  And the TSA is part of that bigger dumb idea.  It wasn’t necessary to form a whole new monster department in order to get intelligence people to talk to one another. And as we’ve seen with Benghazi and other major SNAFUS of the current regime, it didn’t work anyway.  
          Bush screwed up a lot of things. This was one of biggest of them.

        • GrumpyOldMan The real Smart Guy Always a Marine  
          The 8 years of the Bush administration where republicans acted like democrats, followed by the 5 years of the Obama administration where republicans acted like spineless sycophants refusing to really stand up to The Tyrant are why, at 66, I informed every republican organization I would no longer support them (only individuals whom I feel are actually honoring their oath).

  45. Seems to me they want us to pay them $85 to collect our fingerprints. That’s as objectionable as to being poked and prodded to get on a plane. I’ll forgo that to, thanks all the same, and continue to drive.

    • TexasOlTimer You make a good point.  While I realize that there are a significant number of folks who must travel by air to conduct business, I think a two-pronged attack on the whole airline and TSA business would be in order.
      First, for those who CAN drive from point to point, let’s do it.  Take that much business away from the airlines, which takes that much “purpose” away from TSA.  Driving, especially in car-pools, is way less expensive than flying on a commercial airline – and, given the time wasted in security lines to get aboard, isn’t really much less time consuming.  I realize that the price of gas is high these days, but driving can actually be fun AND liberating, and two or more people can share in the cost.  If one’s employer pays for air travel, he/she/it should also pay for ground travel.
      For those who absolutely MUST fly to wherever they absolutely MUST go, how about using a small private charter service?  You can “rent” anything from a Piper Cub to a Lear Jet, and I seriously doubt that you’d need to stand in a TSA line to get aboard – especially of the plane lives at a small private airport.  Again, it’s that much less business to the big commercial airlines, and that much “mission” to justify TSA.  The lost revenues to the big airlines would result in lots of pressure to the government from those same airlines to dump TSA – which SHOULD be dumped given their record of poor service and terrible behavior to the flying public, to say nothing of their failure to actually catch any real terrorists.  NOTE:  Granny’s knitting needles and baby’s poopy diaper do NOT constitute terrorist explosive devices!
      I’m a frustrated former pilot.  Flying can be fun, and is certainly an efficient way to get from point A to point B over long distances.  However, the fun disappears when TSA gets involved, and long distances can be traversed by other means.  Given the required surrender of both freedom and personal dignity for use of commercial airlines at major air terminals, it’s just not worth it.
      How about an organized public protest?  “They” can’t force us to fly TWA or any other major airline, and hiring a private jet or prop job at a private airport isn’t against the law last I looked.  Driving a car or truck or SUV across state lines also isn’t illegal, and isn’t subject ot TSA checks at state borders – YET!  Likewise, taking a bus avoids TSA and gets you where you’re going in about the same time, given TSA delays at the airports.
      These federally empowered tyrants will continue to abuse the flying public for as long as we, the people, let them do it.  So let’s collectively put pressure on both the TSA and the major airlines that use their stupid, non-productive, personally offensive services.  Any good ideas for how to make this work will be appreciated.

      • ottocr TexasOlTimer I like your thinking! I drive everywhere as it is – I remember the days when flying was fun. I also remember when taking the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad was fun as well! It ran on time, had linens on the tables, silverware and respectful employees. After Amtrak took it over, it was consistently late, frequently had a problem with the food, and stopped up restrooms. I don’t take it any more either.
        We tend to give in to authority – at the airport, when a cop makes a demand, when the school board makes a policy, etc., forgetting that all of these people work for us and we pay their salaries. We’ve got to get over that mind set.

  46. Say I’m a Muslim terrorist.  I send them my – as yet unrecorded – finger prints, some photo-shopped ID and $85.  Now I just hand-carry my plastic-explosive aboard in my laptop case without a second look from the TSA (who, admittedly, do their best to keep from looking at me in the first place because I’m a Muslim.)
    I don’t object to the TSA searching grannies and babies because, if I were a terrorist willing to die for my cause, I would have no problem hiding explosives in my granny’s support hose or my baby’s diaper.  My problem is that the whole “random search” program is a joke and, as far as I know, has not caught a single would-be terrorist.  The only terrorist wannabes that have been caught have been discovered by accident, not because any TSA program “worked.”  So let’s just drop the whole stupid TSA idea, and call the Israeli security experts for some practical advice that might actually do some good.

    • FreeDame everything still goes through x-ray… the lap top case would reveal the components of a bomb in x-ray and the background checks would trace this person’s origin, but like you i believe islam is favored in this administration.  The evidence of Hillary Clinton’s closest aide who is involved directly with the Muslim Brotherhood is just one of many who are working in high level positions in the government who are connected with the Muslim Brotherhood.

  47. shosh7154-What you’ve stated in your comments are sadly true. While the judgement of God is upon us, I take hope in the knowledge that if we, as a nation, welcome God back into our country and our hearts, we will bask in His mercy and love as we did when this “In God We Trust” republic was founded. Pray for all politicians that their hearts and minds be opened to His truth!

  48. I am agreeing with your request to G-d for all leaders in this country to hear the voice of the only living G-d and to be guided by Truth following the One Who says “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” In the Name of Jesus, amein !

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