“Trick” Candidate Websites Dupe Low-Information Voters

Democrats are outraged with the National Republican Congressional Committee for creating “trick” websites that are fooling Democrat-leaning low-information voters into financially supporting Republicans. The NRCC has set up a number of sites that look like pro-Democrat fundraising sites, except for one crucial word.

For instance, a website for Florida Democrat Alex Sink has a smiling picture of her with the words: “Alex Sink Congress: Make a contribution today to help defeat Alex Sink and candidates like her.” Not support, mind you. Defeat. That one word apparently escaped the notice of many Democratic supporters who have unwittingly given money to Republicans—money that will go to defeat their actual candidate of choice.

According to some “experts,”

the websites ((The NRCC has also set up nearly identical candidate websites for Democrat hopefuls Amanda Renteria (CA), Martha Robertson (NY), Ann Kirkpatrick (AZ), Kyrsten Sinema (AZ), and John Tierney (MA).)) appear to violate a Federal Election Commission regulation prohibiting political committees and parties from using a candidate’s name in special projects. . . . The only exception is when the site makes it unambiguously clear it is opposed to the candidate.

I don’t know how the websites are ambiguous. They have almost no text in them at all. They make it “unambiguously clear” (to anyone who can read) that they are raising funds “to help defeat” the candidate in question. This isn’t buried in fine print. Smaller print maybe. But we’re talking about websites with about fifty words of copy in them.

Seriously. I think this is pretty hilarious. It may be a low move on the NRCC’s part, but I can hardly bring myself to hold it against them. There is no information whatsoever on these sites about the substance of what these candidates stand for. The only thing donors are looking at apparently is a face and a name. For most of them, that’s enough information to go on. Which means they deserve whatever they get.

For years, conservatives have claimed that low-information voters were the main voting base for the Democrats. If you needed any more proof, here it is. ((And, just for the record, I don’t think the Republican voters in aggregate are any better informed. I think the whole voter base in general is largely uneducated about the nature and purpose of civil government and the actual positions of the candidates for local and national positions. We are all being manipulated into giving a veneer of legitimacy to an out-of-control leviathan that long ago jettisoned the very rule of law upon which its charter of government is founded.))

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  1. The Democraps are outraged that the Republicans are stooping down to their level of deceit.. They should know that two can play those dirty little games.. Hell they have been doing to for years.. see how you like the pay back !

    • Funny thing is the Republican are not really pulling any dirty tricks. I say, Help defeat. Its not republican fault if most liberals are lower educated and low informed voters. The website says exactly what it intends to do with all donations. If the reverse was pulled by democrats I would be upset that their are that many idiots verse the being upset at the party who put out such a website.

  2. The Democons are crying foul when the Republicans have followed the law…. It is that the Democons never follow the law and are guilty of voter fraud that when someone comes up with a GREAT idea, like this one, the Democons rant and rave because they didn’t think of it first…
    Where was the brilliant Karl Rove when this was thought up???? He was too busy crying because his donations have dropped of 98% since he has been bemoaning the Tea Party…. Karl; get on your hands and knees and beg forgiveness…. and I personally hope you aren’t forgiven….
    So please keep donating to the Tea Parties directly so we can win this November and get rid of Harry Reid and then impeach and indite the Kenyan and his criminal buddies, like Valery Jarrett, and send them to prison for a very long time….

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