The Hot Coffee Bandit and the Second Amendment

In all the arguments concerning gun control, one thing usually doesn’t come up: anything can be used as a weapon and most criminals will commit crimes even if they don’t have access to advanced weaponry. In a recent story, a man robbed a Best Western hotel with hot coffee. Police were unable to find the assailant, who made off with about four hundred and fifty dollars and a cell phone. No wonder he got away… the police probably got held up at Starbucks interrogating the barista turned arms dealer. If you can rob a hotel with coffee, what couldn’t you use?

Many domesticated Americans will say, “Yes, but you wouldn’t have the same level of violence if there weren’t guns. Someone can’t do nearly as much damage with coffee as they can with an AK-47.” Assuming you could actually ensure that criminals couldn’t get guns, I guess you’re marginally right, Mr. Hypothetical-Gun-Control-Advocate. They wouldn’t do as much damage… by themselves and in one go anyway. But gun controls cannot make the average citizen safe from the average criminal, even if the average criminal doesn’t have a gun. Because when average citizens don’t have guns, average criminals become more daring and more numerous. If you can make an easy five hundred using nothing more than a steaming cup of joe, why not, right? Now, if you are concerned that you might get a quail shot facial, you might think twice. Well, you wouldn’t, Mr. Hypothetical-Et-Cetera. You’re a decent human being, and you wouldn’t even think of robbing a Best Western. It’s so much easier to rob your rich neighbor staring down the muzzle of a Form 1040. But I digress.

Socialists love to make the argument that a gunless society would be a less criminal one. But I don’t think this is true given our current social environment (as the Coffee Man episode illustrates). A society free of non-criminal civilian guns would absolutely necessitate a larger and more intrusive police force than we currently have to ensure public safety. And I would be extremely surprised if big-government socialists didn’t know this. In fact, I think they’re banking on it. See, guns aren’t just to protect citizens from civilian criminals; they are even more crucial for protecting citizens from tyrants.

We need to stop saying, “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” It’s catchy and all and basically true, but it leaves one of the most crucial points out of the discussion. Socialists are happy to argue about whether or not gun control works to reduce civilian crime. What they don’t want to talk about is the real problem with gun control: If you outlaw guns, only the civil government will have them. Our founding fathers understood that. Alexander Hamilton said, “If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.” What are “external controls on government”? Your guns. Period. The internal controls have already broken down. And unless you’re planning on using hot coffee to ward off tyrants, I recommend you start fighting harder for your Second Amendment rights.

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  1. Gun ownership is likely to be listed in the up coming DSM-V as a mental disorder along with conservatism itself if we dont start being a little more vocal. Read “Political Conservatism as motivation for social cognition”.

    • She not only knocked him on the head with it, but after it broke drove a part of it into his brain. I am at this moment going straight to the police station and handing over all my coffee mugs. Better play safe than sorry. What if my wife gets that idea one day?

  2. I am starting to think that the anti gun morons have something to do with all the recent madmen shootings, including this morning’s in New York.

    • Starting? Haven’t you noticed that most if not all have been actual real live leftists? They’ve pretty much been anarchists which are aligned with the Demoncrats and the leftist/socialist/progressive crowd. They HAVE NOT BEEN from the Tea Party. The only shooting you hear involving a Tea Party type have been home/self defense cases where the bad guy didn’t do his/her leg-work and find out who it actually was that he was trying to victimize.

    • @ARMYOF69: I had the same thought. It looks real suspicious. I suppose the first female will visit the scene there too, like she did in Oak Creek at the Sikh temple as a campaign ploy for the Butt in Chief.

    • We are all familiar with the movie “Manchurian Candidate”, and we have all seen, in the name of entertainment, a hypnotist on stage demonstrating the power of post-hypnotic suggestion. Now if any of you think that one of these armed shooters could not be programmed or manufactured, you are certainly living in a cloud of naievety. We are all aware of the extensive bag of tools the liberals, socialist, one-worlders have available and have used. Its an amazing coincedence that these shootings are occurring with increasing frequency as the election approaches. THINK ABOUT IT!!!

      • Jesse Ventura produced an episode titled “Sleeper Assassins” for his “Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory” on TruTV. The guy who shot John Lennon had no memory of it and was standing there reading “Catcher In The Rye” when the police arrived; Sirhan has no memory of his part in killing RFK (although more bullet holes in the wall than chambers in Sirhan’s gun means that someone in a position of trust fired the fatal shot). Not mentioned is the LIRR shooting but when Colin Ferguson was wrestled to the floor of the car he said, “What have I done?” and his face went blank. Programmed? You bet! I saw the original “Manchurian Candidate” but not the remake set during the Gulf War; my gun show friends who saw both say that the original is better.

    • ….. interesting, as I’ve had similar thought.

      Recall a few years ago, Wayne LaPierre said of Bill Clinton something to this effect …. ‘ President Clinton is fully prepared to accept a few deaths by gun criminals to further his anti-gun agenda ‘

      Not verbatim, but I think we’re on the same page.

  3. Based on the number of guns probably in the general population (as high as 300 Million), the number of killings are minimal. There have always been killings and people that ‘run amok’. If no guns are available, knives, rocks and archery equipment will take its place.

    Towns that have a well armed population are known for low criminality. THAT is what we should concentrate on.
    And government being afraid of the population is a good thing, otherwise they’d screw us over even worse than they do already. We NEED a way to balance their inclination to subvert and tyrannize us. No new info there…

    • Australia recently banned guns (citizens were paid to turn in their guns). Their violent crime and murder went up hugely (I don’t have exact #s with me). It is one more proof that unarmed citizens make good targets. If you notice, almost all mass shootings occur in “no gun” zones.

    • yes, but remember, they dont report the times a good citizen has used a legal firearm to prevent a crime, they vastly out number these events being flooded through the media today, the liberal left media is fast becoming public enemy # one.

  4. Actually as long as the police have firearms, the free people of the nation can ALSO get firearms. Amazing what a ball-bat blind-siding someone around a corner can do. Fact is, I don’t advocate attacking law enforcement officers. But, if I were a criminal and wanted a firearm, I’d just stalk the law types and get my guns/ammo from them. All things can be a weapon in the hands of a skilled operator. Even an unskilled handler can make use of a bat. Imagine what a skilled (think martial arts) type could do with a bat. Pray for this nation. It’s going South fast.

  5. I’m 64 yra old. If some 240 lb Trayvon jumps on my back and starts banging my head into the concrete, I’m gonna grab any weapon I can get hold of.

  6. political power grows out of the barrel of a gun–mao
    en . wikiquote . org/wiki/Mao_Zedong

    * Every Communist must grasp the truth: Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.
    * Chapter 5
    Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong (The Little Red Book)(1964)

    The denial of arms (RKBA) is the denial of power!! & freedom

    “…Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest….”–

    One of the core tenets of ‘liberalism’ is William Kunstler’s “The criminal class is the shock troops of the revolution.” Bad actors can’t be stirring things up if they’re locked up, or shot.
    Ming Bucibei

  7. For the “People’s Repubic of California” (Yes I said Repubic because we do not have rational adults but so called leaders with a mental disorder making laws they have no business making so it is a repubic as they are still potty training)

    We have a “Leeland Yee” who wants to ban high capacity magazines and or detachable magazines, “bullet buttons” (Only in California) in July of next year so the cops can come out to arrest you IF you fail to surrender your weapon to “Authorities” whatever that means, and apparently without compensation.

    So now the “Gubbament” can compel you to surrender a weapon that you paid for and tell you that you do as “WE SAY” or else suffer the consequences of going to prison. This is the typical knee jerk action of a false flag government operation in the tragic shooting in Aurora Colorado. DO a search for numbers of “Shooting” in Colorado, and you got a bunch. IT AIN’T the Guns: Wake UP. THIS IS ABOUT CONTROL….MORE Government Control. Cars per capita are the cause of more deaths than guns but you don’t see legislation banning cars….California legislators should be awarded the “Darwin Award” for being the most moronic legislators that ever existed.

      • There is NO AWARD…Only a Lunatic or those in Mental Institutions would continue to vote for them, or the other possibility is VOTER FRAUD and the ability to “Outspend” other candidates. Nothing would surprise me here in this State.

  8. good article, it opens up an area of conversation otherwise not being discussed, first of which, which came first the criminal or the gun ? even in nature larger creatures take from lesser creatures, is that then a crime ? is the lesser creature not entitled to devise ways of protecting itself and property, science would argue poisonous creatures may have developed as a result, and since intelligence is our strongest asset, castle walls, knives, spears, arrows and gun powder followed. They can ban nukes, chemical and biological warfare, but the firearm is what keeps the very structure of civilization strong, by protecting its citizenry not only safe from each other, but more importantly from the corruption of government that history has shown us too many times that if left unchecked and controlled can lead to far worse effects let alone inhuman than any nuke constructed.

  9. What about the female tennis judge that killed her husband with a coffee mug. The whole good control issue is mostly bogus is only there for the bad government be allowed to do whatever they wish to do without any worry that the serfs and peasants can do anything about it. Look at reality people have been killed with everything from baseball bats to hammers to screwdrivers to potted plants and any number of things in between are we going to wrap everyone in plastic wrap and cotton. This is a world of reality you either make it level long life or you don’t the choice is yours. But you should have the means to protect yourself.

  10. Research the increased crime rate since Australia and Great Britain became “civilized” and outlawed private ownership of firearms. Gun control is only for people control, they can not defend against a totalitarian take over. We will only be free as long as we have our guns. Join the NRA or any of the other organizations looking out for our freedoms.

  11. A totally armed society would be a far safer and more polite society. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand that criminals would rather not face an armed victim when unarmed victims are so readily available. That simple logic obviously would stand true in every state, city, and county. Evidently anti-gun people are suffering from a list of reasons..they are basically chicken-sh!t, extremely naive, just plain stupid, sadly misinformed, or all the above, plus…they have never been robbed, raped, knifed,or beaten by a criminal with a arms-length rap sheet full of charges AND felony convictions, but is still free to find YOU as a new victim, thanks to liberal courts exercising their tolerant and weak logic, and lack of heart for victims, as well as plea-bargaining and early releases. Law-abiding gun owners are facing a volley of back-door anti-gun legislation from a corrupt and tyrannical ( as well as an illegal, law-breaking) Obama-and-thugs, and the forever-hopeful anti-America, phony, worthless and expensive UN that is slobbering all over themselves with Hillary and Obama being their long-awaited allies to propell total gun-control in our USA. No hot coffee here for tyrants, or criminals…just hot lead by Corbon.

    • The brainwashed thought-processes of our liberal-progressive Left neighbors is so corrupted, by the end of this decade, the Marxist media will convince stupid elected officials that to FEEL safe, they must take away not only our arms, but our legs, too!.

    • Yes; I’ve been badly beaten twice by well-armed cops. If I’d been armed, I wouldn’t have thought twice about putting down the jack-booted thugs. Young black women are the most likely victims, of both criminals and police; we should immediately offer them free guns, and, if they wish, training.

  12. All of you people with the rocks, bricks, and bats had better think again. They won’t do you much good when Obama contrives a riot, declares martial law, and his personal army comes walking down the street. And from I’m reading about the Black Panthers and their plans for the RNC Convention in Tampa, that may happen sooner than you think.

    • Oh, I don’t know about that, auhunter– the Jews held the best of the Nazi army at bay in the Warsaw Ghetto for something like 35 days with just rocks, Molotov cocktails and homemade weapons. I’m thinking we could do the same if necessary.

  13. The question all of America should be throwing to anti 2-A Reps + Senators ….

    ……………………….. “ What is it you plan to do that is so bad you
    feel you must disarm the public to do it ? “

  14. In Chicago more people were killed this year with bricks and knives than AK47’s.
    If you don’t have a gun for self defense, what will you use? Harsh language and dirty looks?
    two million verifiable incidents of self defense last year.Most without firing a shot.
    Do the anti gunners want to be responsible for two million deaths Wise up people and proove all statements by the media for yourself. Chicago, Detroit, Washington dc, all have gun control and the highest murder rates in the nation. Google kennasaw Georgia and see what they did for crime. Guns were a common thing in this country. They were brought to school,Church,county fairs, dances,and so on.The reason The second amendment.
    Look at the first words, A well regulated militia, most people don’t know what this means.
    The word regulated does not mean government control, it means to drill and practice shooting and working as a unit. Militia means the people as a group gathered together to protect the community. Get a git a dictionary from before the 1900’s a real book not on the web, these have all been changed to be politically correct. Does the covernment want to circumvent the constitution? See how the difinition of words have changed. We have the same thing for our amendments. Ask a group of people where we get our rights , most will say the bill of rights. Now where do you think they get that idea. Government funded schools?
    Now I have gone and gotten windy again,I am passionate about saving the freedom for my Grand children.
    God bless America.

    • Yeah, you can read old dictionaries and documents or you can just use your brain and a little common sense. You’ll probably come up with the same conclusion.

  15. Crime has existed long before guns were ever invented will be to pocure a gun since they already made up their mind to do it.. But the author has a point… The REAL reason for the left to ban guns is, so that they may seize power over the People… America was never invaded by the Chinese and the Russians, because of all the guns here in America… Nukes and guns MAY be portrayed as “evil”, but NOT so EVIL as the desires of those who wish to do away with guns.. Keep your powder dry, and May God bless you!

    • I mean, Crime has existed before guns were ever invented… There first goal to be a criminal will be to procure a gun since they already made up their mind to do it…

  16. The
    brainwashed thought-processes of our liberal-progressive Left neighbors
    is so corrupted, by the end of this decade, the Marxist media will
    convince stupid elected officials that to FEEL safe, they must take away
    not only our arms, but our legs, too!.

  17. You can start fighting harder this week. Thought they were done with the U.N. Small Arms Treaty? Wrong… Hillary Clinton will be in NY this week where they will be holding a meeting to IMPLEMENT a Small Arms Control “Programme”. This does not have to be voted on by Congress and can be implemented much like Obama’s executive orders have been– you make the agreement then simply declare it to be the law. Obviously, our current Congress won’t object– they haven’t on the other 900 executive orders dictated by Obama, so why would they now? The meeting is to run from Aug. 27th thru Sept. 10th, I believe. Probably the best we can do is to raise hell with our representatives and senators. I’m sure the treaty was backed off in July as a head-fake so everyone would think the problem was gone. Then, when the political conventions were tying up the news media (what’s left of it) and parents were busy getting their kids back in school, Hillary and her cronies could shove this agreement through without much attention being drawn to it. That’s the kind of snakes we’re dealing with– they think they know what’s better for us than we do. I say they don’t.

  18. You forgot assalt rabbits and .
    The question is, why did this person just not step back a couple of feet so the coffee
    wouldn’t hit her. Oh, she was wearing white and didn’t want it to muss her dress.
    Why didn’t she use a stappler or a bottle of white-out or some rubber bands to stop this pesky perp?

    • Believe it or not, there are a great many businesses that have a policy of not allowing thier employees to do anything at al when confronted with a robbery. Its ot too hard to find stories of people getting fired for preventing robberies. One of the most well known of these businesses is 7-11. Isn’t a wonder they get robbed all the time?

  19. I think the best way to approach this is to think of the number of +/- deaths that gun laws produce.

    If, say, a totally wide open use of personal weapons — pistols, rifles, bazookas, flamethrowers; I want to make the most extreme possible case — may lead to about 1000 extra deaths per year, then that law gets a +1000. If a law leads to 1000 fewer deaths, then it gets a -1000. After all these years, there must be data which supports one score or another. Then we can have a real discussion.

    But I don’t care if turning us loose with the weapon of our choice; a +1,000,000 doesn’t matter when the second amendment is threatened.

    I also don’t care that all those rifles and pistols, and bazookas, and so on, wouldn’t make the US Armed Forces even giggle — well, we need to keep the belief alive. I know I resent every penny of the military budget, since it may be used to oppress our people.

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