Tea Party Candidate Joshua Black Calls for Obama’s Execution

The Secret Service showed up at the house of Joshua Black, a Republican candidate for the Florida House, after this inflammatory tweet:

“I’m past impeachment [for President Obama]. It’s time to arrest and hang him high.”

Not smart, Joshua Black. Not smart at all. If Joshua Black had not been, well, black, this would have been so much worse. Hang him high? Like lynch him, maybe? When are Tea Party candidates, already famous for pediphagia, going to stop saying such obviously misconstruable things?

Anyway, Republican mainstreamers face-palmed and told Black to shut up. Which he did not, of course. His main point was that Obama droned some people without a trial (which amounts to murder) and that he was calling for the execution, among others, of some guy named Eric Snowden. Maybe he meant Edward Snowden? But did Obama ever call for his execution? Not that anyone knows of.

After the expected media outrage, Black responded to his critics with elaboration, but no apology. His point was that Obama, as a traitor, should be legally executed for treason. He hashtagged Benedict Arnold as an apparent historical support for his opinion. Arnold was not executed for treason, however. Arnold fled to England (a country that was at that time not terribly happy with the U. S., for obvious reasons) which gave him asylum. He died there of gout at the ripe age of 60. Maybe a little like Snowden and Russia. Anyway…

Not content to make just Tea Party Republicans look bad, Black then channeled his inner street-preacher (a former profession) and started getting King James on Obama—“the measure ye mete, it shall be meted to you again.”

Bottom line: All of this may be true in some sense. It might even be permissible in some context. But it certainly isn’t profitable. If 99% of what you say is spot on, it won’t matter much if the remaining 1% is crazy whackitude. It’s not a Free Speech issue. You’re welcome to say whatever stupid, unhelpful things you want to say whenever they pop into your mind. But don’t expect for people to take you seriously if you don’t weigh the costs first.

And on the other side of the coin, I’m very pleased that Joshua Black at least says what he means and means what he says. If only we could find a candidate that combined passionate conviction with good sense.

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    • He was stating Mr. Black’s actions were not smart, nothing about if Mr. Black was actually smart. Maybe someday you will learn the difference then you might be able to call yourself smart, and stop making stupid and foolish comments.

      • According to IQ tests, I’m pretty smart, but I would never win an election because I say too many things that people don’t want to hear, even if they are true.

  1. This is a valiant man who speaks what many of us throughout the land have said and many have thought! May the Lord bless him.

    • At this point, 13 thumbs up and no thumbs down? Are you people out of your friggin’ minds? I don’t care what you think, the Tea Party will never win an election with this kind of talk, and you if don’t win elections, you can’t accomplish a damned thing. You are free to think it, but where elections are involved, you’d better shut the f*** up about it.

        • That’s the reality. The press lets Democrats get away with this stuff, but not us. Deal with it. I want to win control of the Senate this year, and the White House in 2016, with Tea Party-supported candidate who lean libertarian like me (and the Koch brothers). But it can’t be done without attracting votes from the middle of the political spectrum where most of the voters are.

          Two things will let the Democrats stay in power:

          1. Republicans who sit out the election (like last time) because they don’t get a nominee as conservative as they are.

          2. Tea Party candidates who give the impression that they are off-the wall, over-the-top crackpots (like the one who said she was into witchcraft?) who make people not take us seriously.

          • She (Christine O’Donnell) never said she was a witch! That was the leftmedia who promulgated that lie! Which unfortunately makes it as good as the truth for most people, apparently including you!

          • There you go … if I, a guy who follows current events pretty closely, didn’t catch the fact this was a liberal lie, now many folks who don’t follow the news much also bought it. We can’t feed the left wing media any ammunition like Black’s comment to give them any credibility.

            Of course, if a liberal said she was into witchcraft, her poll numbers would probably rise…

      • Mr. Black’s comments have nothing to do with the election or the Tea
        Party candidates the RNC won’t support. They have everything to do with the tyrant who’s destroying this country and abusing executive powers. Beezlebarry has his pen and phone ready to do more harm to the country. If he’s not removed from office soon, elections will not be necessary.

        • Ya think? Wait and watch how much hay the press makes out of this. I agree that Obama, and more importantly his followers, need to be removed from power, but coming across like a bunch of nut cases isn’t the way to do it. The American People will never elect a party that associates itself with people like this.

          And keep in mind that eliminating Obama only eliminates one person. The millions who support his ideology will still be there, emboldened by the loss of their martyr. Obama is replaceable.

          • “The American People will never elect a party that associates itself with people like this ” Apparently they have, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, etc. .

          • @jay star,
            You took the words right out of my ‘head’ because i was thinking the same think on ctaj’s comment!!

          • Point taken. Let me rephrase that. The American People will never elect Republicans who associate themselves with people like that. Liberals will elect anyone who will give them free stuff. But people who would otherwise vote for Republicans will sit out the election rather than vote for a wacko Tea Party Republican. We’ve run a few up the flagpole and nobody saluted.

        • Pick your own pigeon hole to put me in. I’m mostly libertarian, but think the LP and Ron Paul have their head where the sun don’t shine regarding the Islamic Jihad. I’m pro-life, pro gun rights, fiscally conservative, pro pot legallization (but don’t use it), and favor a strong military. I think all welfare programs become hammocks. I’m pretty much freedom of choice on everything except abortion because that kills innocent people. And I’m for freedom FROM religion, but wouldn’t want to impede on anyone’s ability to believe whatever they want. And I think what’s killing our economy is way too much over-regulation, from the EPA, Dodd-Frank, Obamacare, and countless other over-reaching controls over what people can do. I wouldn’t vote for a Democrat if my life depended on it, but I have plenty of beefs with some conservatives, too, particularly the religious right who would like to give us collectivism from the right, which ain’t any better than collectivism from the left.

          Every election I’ve ever voted in over 67 years involved picking the lesser of evils. If it matters, I was a Military Intelligence Analyst in Vietnam and was awarded a Bronze Star.

          • I think I agree with 99 percent of what you said. You probably know a lot more than I do. My 165 I.Q. military brother (now deceased) awarded the Bronze Star because of Vietnam…well, I guess agree with ALL you said…ha…I didn’t think about exemption from Obamacare for illegals out of the bill…brilliant. Thanks for your service and intelligence.

          • Sorry about your brother. His 165 IQ beats me by about 20 points. His Bronze Star was probably more “earned” than mine was … it was pretty rare to get one without being in direct combat.

          • Military Intelligence? In Viet Nam? What a joke. I was there in 67-68 in the USMC and Intelligence, (or should I say Ignorance) cost us a lot of KIA and WIA because it was wrong about 80% of the time. Who in the Hell gave you a Bronze Star, Uncle HO? I just love hearing the war exploits of ass holes that never came out of their bunker. I think people like you should go the Viet Nam Wall and take a good close look at the names there and ask for their forgiveness for all your bullshit intelligence. Liberal Assholes like you are always patting themselves on the back and taking credit for what others have done. Now, you’re just a foolish old Liberal with very little intelligence. You have learned very little since Viet Nam.

          • Nah, I got it after I pulled some odd looking paperbacks out a dead NVA’s backpack. I thought they looked like some kind of code books and might be important, so I put them on a chopper and sent them to HQ in Saigon. A few days later I got a call from some general who congratulated me for discovering the most important document find of the war … the North Vietnamese radio codes. That’s what got me the Bronze Star. The poor grunt who actually sent in the back pack didn’t get squat.

            I was Chief of Captured Documents Analysis and Interrogation of POWs for the 4th Infantry Division. About 95% of my time was spent sorting thru the mail, diaries, notebooks,and poetry of dead North Vietnamese … we didn’t take many prisoners for me to talk to. The folks up the chain of command seemed to be impressed with my work, but they didn’t know any Vietnamese, so they didn’t know if my translations were accurate or not. Hell, I don’t even know. But it was an interesting way to kill a year. That was 9/68-9/69, so it probably wasn’t me who screwed you up.

          • Never met many marines that didn’t have their heads messed up. (Most Army infantry got messed up, too, so don’t take that too personally.) But my wife’s cousin is a pretty level headed guy, a retired Marine Colonel whose unit was the first into Kuwait City. Had to kid him a bit about that. “Back in Vietnam,” I said, “the other side shot back.”

        • “Got any ideas about how to divest ourselves of the 53 million people who voted for him?”

          …WHEN TSHTF… you know who the enemy is in your area…

          …GOAL #1 HAS to be gaining control of the Senate while holding on to the House ~ GOAL #2 is to gain a super majority in the House… the ONLY way to do that, is to vote Republican on election day… the time for PURITY has long passed…

      • And yet, if we were to dare to say this, we would be called racist, selfish, stupid, not caring, and more. Many of my acquaintances think he’s the greatest President ever. But, I found out they do not listen to all the news stations, read all the right news letters, and block out anything that even dares smack of wrong doing. He’s a saint, a much abused president (esp. by the Tea Party…they really hate us).

        • …SOCIALISTS, liberals, useful idiots, and Islamists are the enemy… the moment someone accepts or supports socialism or islam as a preferred government, they cease being an American…

          …SOCIALISM and ISLAM are the avowed enemies of America… we’ve been fighting them since our Beginning… remember THAT when TSHTF…

    • Kind of like global warming. According to the left wing nuts, we were supposed to be extinct by now, including Al Gore’s seaside mansion. Oops, didn’t happen so let’s call it “climate change” now.
      It’s OK if they lie and get caught at it, they get protected. At least Mr. Black told his truth. He may be a little “out there” with his comments, but he didn’t lie And the dems have been doing this (lying and just being preposterous), and getting away with it for years. And, they lie about things that hurt us and our Republic. Ever hear “You like your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance, period.”? Oh yeah, that’s our own president, winner of the “lie of the year”. And they give Mr. Black a hard time? If we lied like Obama we’d all be in jail.

      • Exactly! This kind of fratricide by people on our side is destructive and only aids the enemy.The response to Mr. Blacks remarks should have been no response at all. Instead the GOP goes all out to destroy the man presumably in some vain attempt to elicit similar behavior from the left! Wake up! it will never happen, the left will never play fair.

        • Frack, Amen. Now if we can just get some Repubs that have kahunas to start acting like we are talking. Tea Party certainly helped in 2010. We need more and more. Spineless politicians need to be a thing of the past – a museum relic. Personally, I’m quite tired of trying to be polite
          and “getting along”. Time to say how things are and get the American public used to the truth again. Most people are so “dumbed down” they have no idea, or interest, in how this country works. It takes effort to preserve freedom, not freebies. Once people learn this, politicians who give things away for votes should be voted out, no matter what party they are from. Otherwise, our only option will be a nation of our own and everyone else can burn in the hellhole they allowed to happen. Now you can see why our Founders didn’t like political parties. Seems they were some really smart guys who really knew men and governments.

          • …INSIST that your LOCAL Tea Party PUBLICLY endorses candidates for the primaries… it’s our only chance to get the right kind of candidates… otherwise, all we’re gonna get is what the GOPe plops down in front of us…

          • Let me just add that there is nothing worth voting for that the GOP would plop down in front of us at the moment. While I don’t go as far as Joshua Black, I support getting this “jerk president” out of office and tried in a court of law along with many liberal Dems and even some liberal Repubs.

      • There’s a solution to that problem. A few conservatives have recently bought newspapers. We need more of ’em to buy up all the newspapers and TV media. Maybe someone should form a hedge fund or a mutual fund for the purpose of doing that, and every conservative could buy shares in it.

        BTW, the Koch Brothers who provided a lot of funding to the Tea Party? They’re tied for #6 on the Forbes list of Richest People in the World with $34 billion each. Between them, they’re worth more than #1, Carlos Slim, and are worth about 3.5 times as much as George Soros. And they aren’t bashful about spending money on Tea Party/libertarian causes. Things are looking up.

      • The American citizenry has no idea of what the POTUS parasite, illegal alien has called for in the case of Edward Snowden. Nor,
        for many other evil actions that have already taken place and many that are planned but not enacted. “Manyones” among Obama minions and undercover operatives are aware of the evil planned, and genuine Americans among the manyones, such as Edward Snowden, are coming on-line with the revelations. http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/blog/?p=15278

    • I’m a democrat–only because my parents were FDR democrats and were in the union. I say we should declare war on Islam and then charge B.O. for aiding and abetting the enemy, and then do away with him and other muslims in the government.

      • Just because your parents were Democrats, doesn’t mean that you have to be, That said, I like the things you said and the way you would take care of Obadass. My parents were Demos too, I’m and Independent

        • I became a Conservative when I registered to vote at the age of 21. But all they do is endorse Republican candidates. I don’t think the Republic Party is the party of Lincoln like it use to be. It is the party of the rich who want free trade that is sending all our jobs to Red China and Mexico. I like the Republican Party for its stand against abortion and for its stand for a strong defense. But I will not become a Republican for the reason I mentioned above.


    • I used to be Democrat a long time ago. Then I was Republican until about a year ago or so. NOW, I am just a man with common-sense and know that ALL of these bastards have no care for us. WE THE PEOPLE have to REMOVE all of them and bring this country back to what it was. Tough job though. WHY? because younger people and all the PARASITES that come here have no idea how it USED to be. Yes, I am against the influx of takers and criminals who come here to take from those of us who have worked hard for what we have. Now, Assbama Insein Obastard, the EVIL, MUSLIM PUNK and TYRANT wants to give these low-life, white trash, Blacks or NEGROS and Mexican PARASITES what we have so they will feel good about themselves. SCREW you ASSBAMA. You and your BEASTY wife Meeshall should leave OUR country. NOW. PERIOD. My name is Spark and I DESPISE the PUNK.

    • I could take a wild guess since someone has been supplying weapons to al queda in Syria and wants to bring a whole bunch of folks here from a country that is on the terrorist list and therefore no one from that country is allowed to immigrate here. So let’s see I wonder how many things like this we don’t know about? And they would justify a charge of aiding and abetting or treason.

    • Could it be they are afraid they will get caught and are trying to avoid severe punishment? Should they loose control of the senate they have set it up so whoever is in the majority can push through most anything they want. Just may regret changing the rules to suit themselves at the present.

  2. This is not the tea party as you indicated “again”. How dare you when tea party folks NEVER say anything nasty and are polite to very nearly all while the kill em where they stand liberal media does promote killing people who have done nothing more than speak their minds. I am so sick of the sliming of the tea party period. Slime those promoting the murders of folks like Sarah Palin why don’t you. The people doing that are the brethren of the folks who write supposed news articles like this one!

    • I’m WITH YOU, PMM !! THIS Nation has bellied up as far as I’m concerned – Tea Party? IF there were NO “PARTIES” … just MAYBE, more serious work would be accomplished with getting the best PERSON FOR THE JOB IN THE OVAL OFFICE!!!

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if this guy got a big check to make those comments, either from the Democrats, or from the RINOs. Both want to see the Tea Party go down in flames, and it’s this kind of fire that will do it.

  3. What is wrong with stating the truth. Why should on person receive special treatment when violating serious laws just because you have the title of president. Laws are laws to be followed by everybody. We are not allowed to pick and choose the laws we want to follow. If you commit tyranny charges then you must face the penalty. Obama knows this, so why give any excuses. He should be charged and then have a jury decide if he is guilty or not. That is how our constitution works. If you don’t like the sentence, then you should have thought of that before you committed the crime. When the lord said truth will win out in the end, I don’t see why these stupid idiots even challenge or commit illegal activity, when they know the outcome. When you get caught and convicted don’t cry like a baby. You were warned ahead of time. Sorry you made the wrong choice, but now serve your time, or face death. .

    • What’s wrong with stating the truth is that it turns off people you need to vote for you. Besides, the last thing this country needs is to turn Obama into a martyr. Every town in America would have a street, a school, and a post office with his name on it.

      • If we had more politicians with the intestinal fortitude to enforce the constitution – and we knew what they stood for BEFORE the election – not just false promises and bald faced lies, this country would be a WHOLE lot better off. Unfortunately, the GOP has a yellow streak running up its back along with the philosophy of “go along to get along”. Thats why we are suffering the way we are today. Ninety-two million AMERICANS out of work (but lets make sure we get an amnesty bill passed, John Boehner)! Millions upon millions of AMERICANS losing their health insurance (but lets make sure we demonize Ted Cruz and Mike Lee because they stand up for the American people against the tyranny that IS Obamacare). As you all know, we could go on forever with the problems we face under the kingship of Barry Soetoro. I believe he is guilty of treason on many other fronts than just Al-Awaki. Lets get some real answers on Benghazi, shall we. I believe he needs to be tried for his crimes against the American people and if the death penalty is warranted upon his conviction, then so be it!

        • When’s the last time any president was convicted of treason? It’s never happen. Hell, Lincoln violated the Constitution multiple ways and got away with it, and now he’s considered by many one of our greatest presidents! I agree with you on the objective. But talking about killing your political adversaries is not the way to achieve it. That kind of talk gets us nowhere.

          • Is it not the remedy called for by the constitution? A goodly number of states under Lincoln’s tyranny seceded and we had to endure a long and painful civil war because of it. Must we the people engage in a civil war again to get our country back? Or do we arrest Obama, Reid, Pelosi, et al., until we remove the cancer from our republic? I’d prefer the former. No executions until convicted, but lets put a stop to the destruction of our nation. Perhaps then, the next tyrant will think twice before inflicting the kind of destruction on this nation and committing the crimes against the people as Barry and his cohorts have.

  4. “When are Tea Party candidates, already famous for pediphagia, going to stop saying such obviously misconstruable things?”
    When is Michael Minkoff going to stop writing nonsense about the Tea Party?
    Give us examples of Tea Party pediphagia. Since there are so many famous candidates committing it, you should be able to rattle off a dozen or so. But I’ll settle for just five examples.
    Maybe it is Michael Minkoff committing pediphagia in this article.

  5. That was a dumb thing to say! No one should ever threaten another persons life, period, especially the head of the regime. Hopefully Obama will have his day in court, and soon.
    That said, is it okay for liberal news people like ed schultz and others to threaten conservative Americans? No, but they do it anyway and nothing is said.
    Conservatives beware of candidates such as this man Joshua Black.

  6. Some people may not like it but when a leader has gone to far to long the plug needs to be pulled and obviously the judicial channel is not the route. Mercenaries not a fine job and charge a decent rate.

  7. He needs to be investigated…I think it is a set up design to totally marginalize and destroy the tea. We have the fake tea partiers running for elections against Republicans to split the ticket. I bet if you dig deep down, this guy is a registered democrat and is being financed by Democrats.

  8. Black did not make the statement; he agreed with someone who tweeted the statement. Not real smart, but not quite the same.

  9. Way to make yourself unelectable and to give Tea Party a bad name. And it doesn’t matter if you agree with him, or not. Polititian needs to be a diplomat, you can achive your goal without sound like an idiot. You want to bring attention to Obama’s numerous violations of constitution, you don’t call for his execution.

    • Precisely, this has been done before and will be done again. There may be many stooges around to give the progressive propagandists a leg up…

  10. When Nixon did wrong, he was forced out of office upon threat of imprachment. When Democrat Bill Clinton was actually impeached for perjury, he received censure and a partisan pep rally. Justice is supposed to be blind and serve the people equally, but it apparently just isn’t so from the historical record. With regard to treason, they used to hang people for that crime in this country. I feel the Benghazi issue amounted to treason and for that there should be a military tribunal to hold both Obama and Hillary accountable for their criminal negligence of an ambassador and 3 of our troops in the matter. Will it ever happen? Only if and when our other 2 branches of government ever rediscover their collective spinal column and determine to do their jobs in the matter on behalf of the American people…I don’t like getting blue in the f ace so I’m not holding my breath. Once Obama is finally out of office and therefore no longer a serious potential threat to anyone, surely someone will make a fortune writing a best selling book about it. I love the T.E.A. Party and my hope is to see us run their candidate Ted Cruz for President in 2016!

    • While I agree with your sentiments, and am a “Taxed Excessively Already” person interested in restoring the limitations on Fed and State governments as mandated by the US Constitution, I am not a member of ANY political entity or PARTY called “The TEA Party”. That is a fiction invented by Newt (the traitor) Gingrich and other repulsive-in-name-oligarchs (RINOs) established to destroy The Campaign for Liberty that Ron Paul began nearly a decade ago. It is time to take back the US Senate – how? By the state Legislatures recalling them and chastening them to do what the STATES want them to do. Feinstein and Boxer are NOT my senators, and I will NEVER honor their pusillanimous mugs with the “title of nobility” to which the latter thinks it is due.

  11. If he is tried for treason and found guilty – I simply say, he should be punished in accordance with US Law. Leave it at that.

  12. The man speaks the truth. Obama should be tried and hanged for treason. If he was a white man and gave weapons and money to al qaeda, he would have been by now. Obama gets a pass because the democrat party is really the communist party USA.

  13. I believe His comments were taken out of context.. I can see the frustration and feel betrayal of our government .People say thing that imply the opposite of what they believe and stand for when over whelm with emotion . 1st comes impeachment then the trial for treason . Then comes jail time or execution.. Prescribed by law ….

  14. Zero is just the Front Man.

    Obama’s behind the scenes Handlers, and the tens of millions of Americans who vote to steal from their fellow Americans (this extends beyond the usual Free S h i t Army into academia and any number of government jobs), are the REAL problem.

  15. In addition to Benedict Arnold’s death being of old age, in Britain, he also died in disgrace and even the British were disgusted with him!
    A case of history I hope comes full circle.

  16. I don’t bite. This person has nothing to do with the Tea Party and all he is looking for is bad
    publicity for the Republican Party and its conservative branch.
    Communists and Extreme Socialists are Masters of disguise.

  17. Actually he was agreeing with a post. But as a Politician he should know that there has to be an arrest, a trail, and then a sentencing. Personally I would rather see him rot in prison for life.

  18. If you are going to be in the business of politics you need to learn that there are some things that just shouldn’t be said when the media is around. Mr. Black needs to learn that lesson. As much as I agree with him, Mr. Black should never have said this unless he was 100% sure that his entire audience agreed with him. We need to win elections, not pissing contests.

    • “If you are going to be in the business of politics you need to learn that there are some things that just shouldn’t be said when the media is around”.

      UNLESS or course, you are a Communist using the “Democrat” label.

      In that case, you have a free pass to utter whatever disgusting, lying propaganda you wish.

      This is especially the case if you enjoy further protection as a “person of color” minority.

      For reference, see the hideous double standard applied to a SINGLE comment from one, Todd Akin.

      • All true JohnGalt. But these are the handicaps under which our side is forced to play the game of politics. We do not play on a level playing field. We deal with a field that is dictated by the media. It’s not “fair” but then who ever promised life would be “fair”? Comments like those of Mr. Black hurt our cause rather than helping it when made in front of the wrong audience. I would prefer we tamed the rhetoric a bit and won elections than fed red meat to the dogs. It’s not what you say when running for office that counts. What counts is what you DO AFTER being elected. And comments like those of Mr. Black insure that he will never get a chance to DO anything because he won’t get elected. I want our side to win the fight, not the rhetoric war.

  19. I can imagine that thousands of people feel this way. When the president so violently affects our private lives, (ie. gun control, abortion, illegals, gun running, etc.) then he can hardly be surprised when we get to the point where we no longer will roll over and accept his mandates. The blasphemy Obama has committed needs to be addressed, perhaps this man wants it done violently. It only reflects how angry and frightened, and in truth, all of us are about our country’s future. If the secret service (president) don’t like it, maybe they should reassess the meaning of their lives.

  20. This could be another invention of THE SOCIALIST DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF AMERICA to distract the attention from the likes of Andrew Cuomo and the tyrannical oriented speeches of Barak Obama.
    Like the infamous You Tube video attacking the Muslims, to hide Benghazzi

  21. We should start by executing Buch, Chainy, Rummy, and the rest for getting us into two wars, one of which was for oil and as a way to use up out weapons so companies could bake more. THE DIRECTLY KILL HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF AMERICAN AND IRAQIS.

  22. Remember RINOs are democrats so they don’t care if the republicans split our vote they win. Elitists running the country without any problems from us peons. Can you say communism!

  23. Hanging would be too good for obozo. He confesses to be muslim. What do muslims do to execute? they be-head….That would please me!!

  24. I cannot agree with killing President Obama The Inept One. There are other ways to stop him, one is to vote out Harry Reid , Nancy Polisi an there buddies this would really stop them especialy if there was a VETO PROOF Congress

  25. Joshua Black does not speak for the rest of the Tea Partiers. He went too far! We want Obama out..no doubt about it…but this is insane! This is why the left is protraying the Tea Party as rascist, evil, terrorists. We know we aren’t what they say, we are for Liberty, Peace, uniting as Americans, Equality, but this gives Obama and the rest of the Progressives ammunition to use against us. Joshua should not be considered as Tea Party…he has an extreme view…which fits more with the left.

    • We’re way too willing, and too quick, to apologize. Don’t be so damned defensive. The progs love to pretend that they have the high ground.

  26. Hopefully, if people learn nothing else from JB, they will learn that that 1% of whack can ruin 99% of right when you are talking to people where truth matters. So for liberals who live by lies, they can tell as much whack as they want. Their followers are not following truth anyway. But if you want people to follow you because you speak the truth, choose your words carefully.

  27. I agree with him %100 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Obama should be put in front of a firing squad and I’d be more than happy to be the one pulling the trigger !

  28. He finally sad what so many others have been saying under their breath. May GOD always be with him as I am certain he will!!!

  29. Wow, right wingers aren’t just mean-spirited, they’re freaking barbaric. And then you all end with, “May the Lord bless him”? So pathetically sad! I have a good reason to run, not walk away, from Tea Party nuts! And to think I always wanted a 3rd party, sure as hell not this.

      • Just as disgraceful if there were. And I would never sanction it, ever!! I did not vote for GW, but didn’t dislike him. If you’re looking for hypocrisy, look on this site. It’s all over.

  30. Some of you folks are taking this a little bit too far! I admit, I don’t like Obie either, but saying things like hanging him, or executing him, or ending his life in ANY WAY, are just going TOO far.
    Regardless of his lack of civility, I believe that most of us are very civil. So please, start acting like it in your posts. Some of you are sounding like you are heathens when you talk about ending the life of the man, and it’s just not right. I realize that he has done many things that have been terrible for this country, and he probably will continue to do so. But lets not make ourselves as bad as he is by threatening his life, PLEASE!

  31. President Obama has been trying to help the Muslim Brotherhood as much as he can with our money and weapons. They are an enemy of the United States and a terrorist organization. That is treasonous. If found guilty he should receive the death penalty. I would applaud.

  32. You evidentally aren’t Tea Party. I’m not apologizing in any way or form. Tea Party is peaceful. We are the only party “for the People.” We want our country back! We never call for killing someone. Now life-time imprisonment would make sense! He can be charged with treason for what he has done and is doing.

    • I always thought that the penalty for treason was hanging. Why should we pay to keep a traitor alive for years and years in a cushy jail cell?

    • Most tea party people are peaceful, I’ve never seen any that weren’t to be honest. But frustration is growing so you’ll see it coming out more as time passes and the man keeps getting a pass. All we’re seeing is adoration from celebrities, the media and apparently politicians on both sides of the isle and NO accountability

  33. Well, I’m certainly agreeable that BHO should be removed from office, and the Senate should see to his punishment, but I think this man went about this the wrong way. You are innocent until proven guilty.

    • You are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, But if no one ever makes an accusation, no one would ever be arrested. Barry needs to be arrested and tried. Lets let the chips fall where they will after that.

  34. A very stupid thing to say I agree, everything in me wants to like and believe Obama, but at the same time, I am not a fool. This guys has plans for America and they are not in our best interests

    • Who cares how the tea party is portrayed. All he has is a piddling 37% approval rating to cover his you-know! We outnumber them! The only way it could be the other way around is if they were buried in the same graveyard with the other dictators!

  35. Years ago our forefathers and mothers had a clearer sense of right and wrong than today’s generation which too many don’t seem to have a moral compass to speak of. They would have at the very least put him in prison for knowingly letting people die and doing nothing about it. Probably prison then firing squad. Heck in France they guillotined people like the Obama’s

  36. The congress is setting a terrible precedent by not impeaching Obama. His list of lawless activities makes Richard Nixon look like a saint. Punishment? I would just be happy with removing him from office and avoiding more damage. However, it would be nice touch if he were to be tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail. You have to admit that doing that would definitely liven up C-Span and send a strong message to his successor.

  37. A foreign invader, subversive, can NOT be tried and hung for treason, only shot by firing squad. This guy has produced a totally fraudulent birth certificate, laughingly so, and he is not an American.

  38. And there’s why I can’t get my daughter interested in the conservative camp. ‘& another is off the list. He and Christie can get together and play…oh I dunno…maybe bridge. Where do these guys come from? The New Orleans Saints?

    • You mean the Super Bowl Champion Saints who are heroes to the people of their city which they refused to abandon after their own government abandoned them? Shame on you.

      • Nah, instead the Saints who decided that the way to the Super Bowl was to place an injury bounty on the heads of opposing players. Reasoning, as Mr. Black must be, that removing an obstacle in anyway possible, is a viable solution to achieving their goal.

  39. I like the Tea Party but if you people keep talking like this we’ll just be marginalized and ignored. This guy sounds like a plant.

  40. Its one thing to wish it, it’s another to call for it. If something like that happened I’d feel bad for the kids losing their dad but I’d feel if any remorse for his demise.

  41. There is nothing illegal about what he said. That’s standard procedure for traitors. Why aren’t the brain dead liberals calling him racist.

  42. Liberals say inflammatory things like that, not conservatives. Conservatives respect life. Even lying presidential reprobates.

    • That proves my point that all the people on this site making death threats and engaging in hate speech are not true Conservatives, but plants from some subversive organization – possibly the NSA to spot potential revolutionaries and trace their computers. Don’t encourage or agree with them!

  43. There’s always a handful of looney-bends in every party. But we can’t let them muffle our true message. Our Country is in trouble and we have to focus on Saving our Country and keeping people like Joshua out of our Party. He is not of like minds. His actions will only stir up trouble and our True Messages to people will be lost. That is what the left would certainly like to happen. Obama Is the King of harbouring hate. He expects everyone to follow him like slaves and help him deliver his evil throughout this Country.

  44. Guys, you can never threaten the President of the United States no matter how right you are. It is a crime and cannot be tolerated under any circumstance; otherwise, our Constitution means nothing. The current occupant of the White House has proven himself to be unworthy of this high office, of that there is little doubt. We must persevere and allow the “wheel of Justice” to grid him down and cast him out.

  45. Discretion being the better part of valor, comes to mind! Or maybe he was a mole and now is saying things he knows will get people angry at the Tea Party? I can just imagine the backlash on this one!

    • Why should thinking people backlash against the Tea Party? He is not the Tea Party … and in your heart … as a flippant remark … do you disagree with Joshua?

  46. Get real.
    Joshua Black did not call for an execution … he stated a view point of what he thinks is just.

    As an educated person, if he was given the authority to do as he deemed fit … I know he would have a legal trial where evidence could be weighed and a verdict rendered. In such a trial, he believes (and we should know) the POTUS was be fount guilty of treason and then such a punishment would be just.

    Who would state the POTUS is not guilty of the crimes of illegal support to enemies, … Benghazi, invading Libya, lying to citizens, attempting to over-throw constitutional amendments, yielding USA sovereignty to the UN, Fast and Furious … you know dozen of items.

    • Another one who would have shot Reagan for selling weapons to Iran and making a deal with the Mullahs to keep the hostages until he was elected, and selling drugs to benefit the terrorists in Nicaragua…

  47. I think the $7billion donation to Iran by Obama, deserves more attention than a guy who just can’t take it anymore wouldn’t you say.

  48. Good! No more apologies. I’m years past debating communists. No more getting verbally, and by the IRS, trampled on. I’m ready to go to war. Its time to fight for freedom and stop walking on egg shells.

    • How is your name pronounced? I want to make sure I pronounce it right. I too have been a victim of the IRS and I honor your sentiments. Taxation is theft, and government is organized crime.

  49. You might get away with saying stupid stuff if your a Democrat , You say something like that as a Republican or Tea Party Member . The Liberals want to hang you high . If any thing Happens to Obama , I will throw a block party . Get drunk as hell.

    • When you say “If any thing Happens to Obama,” you sound as if you are making a death threat. If that is what you mean, go ahead and make it. Don’t pussyfoot. Have some b*lls. Like the people in Dallas who published a “Wanted For Treason” ad about Kennedy in the paper on the day he was shot. Now, that’s kojonies!

  50. This is an example of a Leftwing saboteur. This is dirty tricks at its highest. This man should be banned from using the words TEA PARTY. Of course Obama should be arrested for fraud and treason. This rhetoric is not a deductive argument. I could careless if he speaks his mind but being smart is more important.

    • “I could careless”? Do you mean “I could care less”? If you could care less, that means you care. I think what you meant to say is “I couldn’t care less,” meaning you don’t care at all. Right? But I agree that the Tea Party is full of these Leftwing saboteurs who deliberately say outrageous and hateful things in order to discredit us right-thinking Christians who are only trying to find righteous politicians to vote for and who are not in politics for the money and the women. The same goes for the people on this site who are constantly preaching religious and racial hatred and saying they want to hang or shoot people. They’re in the employ of some Left Wing central propaganda bureau that is out to undermine our Democratic (or Republican) process and discredit Christian Conservatives.

      • Yep, I couldn’t care less what this guy says or not it does not effect my life. I suspect there are Leftwing saboteurs “who deliberately say outrageous and hateful things”…. Racial hatred has no place in my world.

    • The Tea Party should be banned from using the words “tea party” to describe themselves. The economic policies they endorse are in stark contrast to those that threw the original Tea Party protest. At that time, the taxes they were against, were designed to give the East India Trading Co. a monopoly on the tea market in the colonies. Now the “Tea Party” lobbies to give corporate entities more power through tax exemptions. What a load of BS!

  51. After all of what obama has done to this country and many of its citizens, I seem to favor Mr. Black. How many Americans will obama kill or have killed before he has to answer? How much damage to America does obama get away with? Besides all of that, there has to be intent shown and Mr. Black has shown no intent. He has exercised his freedom of Speech, which in this country, still, is a right.

  52. The fact that Mr Black happens to be a man of color doesn’t make his statement any more appropriate than had it been said by anyone else. Whatever his feelings are with regard to Obama, this is someone with whom I’d like to distance myself. This is not what the Tea Party is about and that point should be driven home to Mr Black if it’s our support he wants. As a matter of fact, his loose lips stance is completely lost on me.

    • And the color of someone’s skin really has nothing to do with what they say. This is a thinking human being who has watched what is going on in the country, and watched this man give aid and comfort to our enemies (as many of us have), so treason is not out of order and a firing squad directly there after. What the man said is not one bit out of the way.

  53. OK, I admit it, I had to look up pediphagia and guess what? No definition in dictionary or in encyclopedia so if you would be so kind; either give me a definition or spell out in clear language what you meant to say. Thank you.

    HEAD SHOT, 1911A1 45 CAL ACP>>>>>>>>>>>> PERIOD

    • Death threats are perfectly acceptable on this site, along with racist comments and incitement to religious hatred. Just be sure you don’t tweet them around if you plan to run for public office to get in on the gravy.

  55. Since when is telling it like it is; or calling a spade a spade; anything but GOOD SENSE; RINO Farts are far from getting the point across. Maybe just shipping the Mongrel, Marxist, Muslim MFer back to Keya with all he stole; would be best for all concerned.

  56. I thought his statement was great and straight to the point!
    And by the way, I think every time we end a comment , leave with, F-U NSA ?

  57. He is doing pretty much what Ted Nugent did in Vegas today, which was to say what nobody had the gonads to say ? In fact he was stating a case that could well be legitimate ? But how could it be tested ? It needed to be said for reasons above and beyond some of the posts on this thread. Haven’t you noticed how fed up people are and where this is all going ? It is simple civil disobedience to a renegade regime and usurper of the laws. An illegal president and regime that we are NOT obligated to put up with by our own constitution.We will see worse things happen, as we should. It is all coming unglued and that is at it should be as well, given the overall circumstances. The GOP sucks ! They have no answers or backbone, so here we are ? T Party is our only hope to save the country and return to the constitutional processes We now live in a lawless third word dictatorship pretty much ? I am not a bit happy about at all as you may have noticed if you read any of my site. But all in reason, logic and facts. No hyperbole. But yeh, I am well past pissed off and have been for a long while watching all the madness unfold.

  58. Minkoff, this man is simply saying what many of us think. Obama is a traitor, a liar, a murderer and should be tried and executed for his crimes. In another era, he would be. But go ahead and continue your placating of centrists and liberals who have already sold out this nation, and the candidates who are going for their votes, like Rand Paul and Marco Rubio. If the Tea Party supports such men, they are lost anyways in the fog of political thinking where righteousness is but a chip to throw in to gain votes and love for country must be tempered to placate those who hate us.

  59. At a minimum, Barack Obama belongs in prison for subversion, treason, circumventing the Constitution, and for Fraud. With Obama’s background, he wouldn’t even have been able to pass a basic FBI background check to be allowed to join the military. But here he is now as the Commander in Chief. This is a sick joke on the stupid fools who elected him.

  60. Let’s offer to hang Obama and let him flee like Benedict Arnold did. Kenya would probably have open arms for the commie. At least Arnold was a Patriot and a fighter FOR the US before he turned.

    • What if we gave Obammi a pair of forceps and had him terminate a baby that’s been in there a few months? Think he’d have a different view? Oh, trust me, he would…he hasn’t had to ever swallow his own medicine.

  61. Joshua, Joshua,preaching to street people & making a sensible Political point to the citizens, are two very different things. Maybe you should take some time off from your campaign to figure out the difference. At this point you sound like a Democrat, posing as a Republican to make the Republicans look bad.

  62. So, Al Franken talked on late night TV about how to kill Dick Chaney and it flew under the radar. Any mention of the fake in chief and the Secret Service is out in force. This was a tongue in cheek comment about what should happen to traitors who betray the oath to uphold our Constitution. I know, he could have said it a little differently-the lame stream press will go wild over this. But we all know that the current resident in the WH has shredded the Constitution and should be held accountable for his actions. This guy just had the cahonies to say what many have already thought.

  63. Passion is a powerful emotion.the righteous ones to take down this government will have to be focused and determined in their goal.maybe a military coup is in order.Obama doesn’t like them and they don’t like him either.I will stand with our military.choose your words cautiously my friends.

  64. Treason has severe punishment attached. If a person commits a Crime against this Nation they are a TRAITOR and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! At the moment we have multiple candidates for this investigation. I hope they are found guilty & punished.

  65. Mr. Black sounds like a great patriot to me. We need to protect people like him! He’s right, that we are surrounded by traitors at the moment.

  66. I expect that the nefarious powers that be,.. are still in the process of changing our Constitution & ‘Fundamentally Transforming America’ into a Dictatorship..
    At the moment they’re probably working on trying to make prosecution for treason disappear. I say start proceedings now before these traitors in charge insulate themselves while they continue to install treasonous Socialism into America.

  67. By the way, we TRADITIONAL Constitutional Americans ARE the TEA party. Taxation without representation is going on ALL OVER AGAIN!… Not to mention that this admin is SHREDDING our Constitution. . Prosecute now!

  68. There have been a lot of people found dead in the last 6 years, both civilians & military, that peak my curiosity. …… I believe Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini & Castro had the same issue………… Maybe we should stay vigilant while investigating these deaths……….

  69. In America, traditionally… if you break the law you are prosecued………but what if the Courts and High Courts are “stacked” with people who don’t agree with our Constitutional laws?!………..Maybe we should keep an eye on “Court stacking”

  70. Don’t think I’d call for his execution, but if he got hit by a bolt of lighting while on one of his many golf outings I would not shed a tear!!!!

  71. Someone has seriously gone off the rails here but then, if I wanted the Tea Party to look bad I’d pretend to be one and act like the lunatic the liberals all characterise us as. Last time I looked I’m no looney and while I want Obama out I’m reticent to even impeach him. Why? I think black Americans, who’ve endured a lot over the years, have been duped badly by white liberals with this clown and I’d like to see his era go quietly into the night. Black folk love the guy because they think he’s all they got.

    What’s wrong here? They have TVs, they can read, have they not seen the long list of notable black Americans like Deneen Borelli, Ben carson, etc. who can represent their interests better than con men like Obama, Sharpton, and the rest of that gang? And they are a gang, they operate like a gang, they beat up and “Uncle Tom” anyone who runs off the plantation.

    Even though white liberals have murdered them socially and economically we conservatives must help educate them, show them the light and let them know there’s room for them with us.

  72. Naw, don’t execute him. A life sentence at hard labor would be better, something he’s not used to. He might accomplish something good for the first time.


  74. He is right since Obammy has committed TREASON and acts of TERRORISM. It is what the Constitution mandates. I know Obammy does not let the constitution get in his way so it should be and is proper that the Constitution be his end.

  75. Good for Joshua. I think Assbama Insein Obastard, the Muslim tyrant, lying PUNK should be, arrested, tried, convicted and EXECUTED by whatever means. Hanging, firing squad, lethal injection, stoning whatever. He is EVIL and this world is no place for the PRICK. Spark

  76. Is subversion of the Constitution a capital offense? If it is, how many politicians and judges are guilty along with Obama? The only answer is the replacement of this current centralized government by The People.

  77. News Flash ! We The People have a fraud an usurper sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service registration card to prove he is a legal sitting US President .

    We The People demand that the US Congress honor their oath to the US Constitution and remove this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama from office under Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution .

    The fraud and usurper barack hussein obama can not be impeached because he is not a legal sitting US President . The removal of this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama from office must come under US Constitutional law Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution .

    US Constitutional law must be enforced if We The People are to remain a free and Constitutional Republic.

  78. It’s a felony to threaten the life of a President & this teabagging dipshit should be fined & spend the next 5 years in prison!

    • I bet you don’t’ have a clue which homosexual TV news anchor first used the term teabagging, teabagger, etc. for member of the Tea Party. Some hints for you: He apologized later on another network and came out as a practicing homosexual. He also talked about his relationship in his youth with Michael Jackson – one of the gloved ones boys.
      One of the many weird things about you obscene, foulmouthed Liberal Loons is you use words with no idea about how they came into being. All of that makes you look real stupid, even idiotic, but you got that done right away with your avatar and made up, childish user name.

  79. What is the problem, if we could have had Hitler killed, we would have, if we could have had Mussolini killed, we would have , so whats the big deal about calling for trial and execution of this TRAITOR? Obammi has done far more actual harm to the /united States than the AXIS POWERS ever did im WW2 !

  80. Thank you Nancy for your comment on mine. I try to be less aggressive but WE are at a bad time in OUR country’s history. In my mind, the new comers don’t matter as far as the ones who come here to TAKE. WE are tired of giving. WE have given too much. Not just to them but to the people who are supposed to be representing us. I would rather represent myself. How about you? Assbama Hinsein Obastard is, a MUSLIM, LYING, TYRANT and PUNK. That’s it, PERIOD. I will be glad when he is OVER. Let’s not let the MURDEROUS Hillary Cliton be elected either. Spark


  82. Obama is the greatest threat since WWII to the US, citizens, visitors and the world. If the USA is to be kept as a Federal Republic of free people based on democratic principles and capitalism we must use ASAP any and all legal means available to us to remove him and his henchmen and women in his Marxist-Islamic regime from power and punish all of them appropriately.

  83. Is this guy truly a tea party member or a plant meant to make the tea party look bad?

    Obama can only be removed from office either through impeachment, resignation, or perhaps some court finally waking up and declaring him to not be a native born citizen. Or by God. But not by someone playing God.

  84. “Maybe he meant Edward Snowden? But did Obama ever call for his execution? Not that anyone knows of.”
    “Not that anyone knows of ” ??? Has the alias, Barack H. Obama, ever revealed to the American citizenry, anything evil that he had called for, prior to the fact?

    The information revealed by Snowden demonstrated hundreds if not thousands of evil, destructive actions taken that “manyones” knew about. The manyones were Bush-Obama minions, or undercover operatives, not the American citizenry.

    The American citizenry has no idea of what the POTUS parasite, illegal alien has called for in the case of Edward Snowden. Nor, for many other evil actions that have already taken place and many that are planned but not enacted. The “manyones” are aware of the evil planned, and genuine Americans among the manyones, such as Edward Snowden, are coming on-line with the revelations. http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/blog/?p=15278

  85. Black has a First Amendment right to express his feelings. He might have hurt some others’ feelings in the process. Too bad, Obama, a lot of people share these views.

    Me? I’m just like Joe Biden. I just get up very morning to chek the news to see if the sonofabitch is still alive. My dancin’ shoes are ready….

  86. It doesn’t matter what color of skin the man has… that was a gross incompetent thing to say.. I agree the ILLEGAL-ALIEN should be arrested for 1) being in this country illegally, 2) for defrauding the American people and government, 3) for the destruction of this country 4) for giving arms to our neighboring enemies (and I smoke pot mind you). 5) For the assasination of Andrew Breitbart — but I am glad to say that God will handle that one in the end.. You don’t kill someone out doing God’s work without God getting the “last “laugh” so to say.. 6) conspiracy to murder innocent Americans with the NDAA..
    the list goes on an on, but Hang him, no.. No, The rope costs more than a bullet… But first, WE THE PEOPLE need to show we are still civilized,, and try him in MILITARY COURT FOR AN ALL OUT ACT OF WAR that this particular KENYAN BORN ILLEGAL-ALIEN has done..

    WE THE PEOPLE need to show the world our fortitude.. People are waking up to what Lucifer’s son is doing to our country , and those people that have yet to see the light, are in bed with Lucifer..

    There is still time for those that haven’t seen the light yet, as God has not sent his son Jesus Christ yet to come gather us from the hell on earth we have (humanity) let happen to this world. I pray you will find salvation and get a relationship with Christ. I know, for Christ literally saved my life on a few occasions.
    May God bless you and keep you in his protection when we get God’s country back.. and then we move on to his chosen people and help them in their struggle to keep Israel exactly where it is..

  87. I thought America use to execute Enemies of the State by hanging them or lining them up against a brick wall and have them executed by a firing squad. Now Americans vote Marxist into office. Sad.

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