Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, Calls for Olympic Uniform-Burning

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, apparently in all seriousness, is calling for the 2012 U.S. Olympic team uniforms to be put in a pile and burned. The reason: they’re made in China. The 2008 U.S. uniforms were also manufactured in China, but since the Olympics were in Beijing that year, that seemed like a noble act of international solidarity rather than a national disgrace.

It does raise the question of where we draw the line. It’s no secret that most American manufactured goods are made in China, but most Americans are unaware of just how deeply our economy, even our money, depends on China. China owns nearly a trillion dollars of U.S. debt, and much of China’s national savings (in trillions) is in U.S. dollars. If China were to call in our debts or liquidate its holdings in dollars (which it has threatened to do), it could precipitate a hyper-inflation of the U.S. dollar and a likely collapse of the American economy.

Why doesn’t China do this? One reason: they depend on us to buy their cheap goods. In 2005, Wal-Mart by itself was the sixth largest buyer of Chinese goods (just behind Germany). China depends on the American consumer to continue generating wealth (wealth that it then lends back to America so we can continue to spend more than we can afford). But a time is coming, and perhaps already has come, when American credit will fold. Already, China is attempting to capture the Japanese and especially the African markets. If it can transfer enough of its exports to countries other than the United States, there is no doubt it will have no reason to prop up the American dollar or the American economy anymore.

It is unfortunate that such a trivial thing as sports should bring our national attention to just how far we have fallen from our once strong and self-subsistent days. In the year 1945, the United States by itself produced more tonnage of steel than all the other world powers, Axis and Allied, combined. Now, in contrast, a whopping 86 percent of the American workforce is employed in service jobs.

Harry Reid can complain about the Olympic team uniforms, but this is merely a superficial symptom of a much deeper problem. And we’ll have to get more than riled up to fix it. Irresponsible labor unions, frivolous lawsuits, burdensome business taxes, crony capitalism, and a general departure from hard work and thrifty living have created this problem. And a boycott on China isn’t the answer. They are providing what we want for cheaper than we’re willing to make it ourselves.  The solution isn’t burning uniforms. That legislation was probably written up on a computer made in China. That’s like Al Gore championing the environment while touring the country in his fuel-hogging jet. Or the abolitionist on his soapbox wearing a Southern cotton suit (that one is a bit obscure, I admit). The point is, until we’re willing to make short-term sacrifices for long-term gains (like our forefathers were), uniform-burning’s no better than flag-burning or bra-burning or whatever. It’s just a desperate outward sign of frustration that belies an unwillingness to work steadily for real change. I guess we better learn how to say “Buy American” in Chinese.

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  1. All we’d have to do is call in China’s debt to the USA since WW2; it’s still bigger than the debt Obama and Klinton (not the rest of the US citizens) owe anyone on mainland China. I think we should send mainland China Reid, both Klintons, Pelosi, Obama, and the entire anti gun lobby in place of money, and then embargo mainland China until all the Communists suicide and make way for Taiwan’s government to return to Beijing.

    • So sorry – that neg “vote” resulted from a (very) sensitive i-phone screen. I very much agree with you! Thank-you for expressing it, but you left out one other person – MRS obama (no capitalization on purpose)! =^)

  2. Harry Reid has two brains. One is lost and the other one is hunting it. I suppose he wont want to burn the bridges in california and the east coast that the bureaucrats hired the Chinese to build. Oh no. He couldn’t do that. After all, they were democrat bureaucrats and they might not donate to his campaign.

    • It’s so cute when a liberal like Reid tries to come off as patriotic. It’s hypocritical to the Nth degree but so cute.

  3. What a hypocrite !! Our money is borrowed from China, and our “surplus” EVERYTHING is being shipped to China as fast as we can ship. Even when it isn’t a surplus. This is driving OUR prices sky high and Reid is fussiing over a few hundred uniforms? SHAME ON HIM !!!!

  4. President Obama decided to do one of his public addresses against the backdrop of an American farm, but the ceremony couldn’t get started because of all the flies buzzing around his head. Obama demanded to know why the flies wouldn’t leave, so the farmer explained to him, “Well, those are called circle flies. They always circle around the back end of horses.” Obama angrily replied, “Hey, are you saying that I’m a horse’s behind?” The farmer answered, “No Sir, Mister President. I would never call someone a horse’s behind. It’s hard to fool them flies though.”

  5. President Obama decided to do one of his public addresses against the backdrop of an American farm, but the ceremony couldn’t get started because of all the flies buzzing around his head. Obama demanded to know why the flies wouldn’t leave, so the farmer explained to him, “Well, those are called circle flies. They always circle around the back end of horses.” Obama angrily replied, “Hey, are you saying that I’m a horse’s behind?” The farmer answered, “No Sir, Mister President. I would never call someone a horse’s behind. It’s hard to fool them flies though.”

  6. Working people frequently ask retired people what they do to make their days interesting. Well, for example, the other day I went downtown and into a shop. I was only there for about 5 minutes, and when I came out, there was a cop writing out a parking ticket. I said to him, ‘Come on, man, how about giving a retired person a break’? He ignored me and continued writing the ticket. I called him a ‘Nazi.’ He glared at me and wrote another ticket for having worn tires. So I called him a ‘doughnut eating Gestapo.’ He finished the second ticket and put it on the windshield with the first. Then he wrote a third ticket. This went on for about 20 minutes. The more I abused him the more tickets he wrote. Personally, I didn’t care. I came downtown on the bus, and the car that he was putting the tickets on had a bumper sticker that said, ‘I ♥ Obama.’ I try to have a little fun each day now that I’m retired. It’s important to my health.
    Semper Fi.Raymond

  7. Working people frequently ask retired people what they do to make their days interesting. Well, for example, the other day I went downtown and into a shop. I was only there for about 5 minutes, and when I came out, there was a cop writing out a parking ticket. I said to him, ‘Come on, man, how about giving a retired person a break’? He ignored me and continued writing the ticket. I called him a ‘Nazi.’ He glared at me and wrote another ticket for having worn tires. So I called him a ‘doughnut eating Gestapo.’ He finished the second ticket and put it on the windshield with the first. Then he wrote a third ticket. This went on for about 20 minutes. The more I abused him the more tickets he wrote. Personally, I didn’t care. I came downtown on the bus, and the car that he was putting the tickets on had a bumper sticker that said, ‘I ♥ Obama.’ I try to have a little fun each day now that I’m retired. It’s important to my health.
    Semper Fi.Raymond

      • You’re inspired by Raymond’s plaigarism and you’re going to commit it too? OMGorsh. And what makes you think Raymond has ever done anything for anybody but himself? For all we know he downloaded that picture of a Marine from google and is impersonating a vet on these rightwing blogs. Just sayin.’

        • Lighten up a bit. It was an obviously shared joke, which most of us get. It’s not plaigarism to share jokes is it? Whether or not Raymond is even a real marine may be a different issue, but his points usually ring true, regardless.

          • I’ve been reading comments from Raymond for ages on other sites as well and he comes across as one I would not question his service. My husband was a career Marine for 26 years. A Marine wife knows. The Marine corps has as their motto: Semper Fidelis, or Semper Fi. MIne is: “Cogito, ergo armatus sum,” meaning “I think, therefore I am armed.”

        • Another lying liberal. Are you ready to pay all those nice middle class taxes the liar in chief said he would never do to the middle class? Keep on protecting him., even the liberal fact checking people are up in arms because his lies are so transparent.

          • Which “Middle Class” taxes are you referring to John? Can you be specific? I certainly doubt it.

          • Oh Ben! You know taxes are not called taxes anymore! They are called penalties. Go see the movie 2016:Obama’s America. It might wake you up.

          • exactly what I expected….chiding and attempts at bullying, but no facts. It was a simple question….what are the middle class taxes you are talking about?

          • Just check out the PPACA (Obamacare for those of you who do not keep up with the liar in chief’s policies) It is SO FULL OF TAXES, there won’t be a middle class to pay them. What the H3!! do you think will happen when the 14.9% of black unemployment and the 8.2% of other unemployment and/or underemployment continues to the point of this country being bankrupt? We are not immune to being another Greece! What all these takers fail to see is when America goes down, we ALL GO DOWN! There won’t BE ANY CHECK IN THE MAIL!!! The NO-SO-FREE healthcare bill must be repealed and the free market must be allowed to prevail or we can kiss the Late Great U.S.A. goodbye. TORT reform must be enacted. Insurance purchases must be allowed across state lines, it is imperative, JUST LIKE CAR INSURANCE. DUH! What could be simpler that that? And getting back to Reid and HIS obstructionist antics in the senate, he has not allowed a budget to be BROUGHT TO THE FLOOR in over 1200 days!! Under his and Obama’s watch we have lost our triple A credit rating as a country. Reid’s pompous gimmick of saying the Olympic uniforms should be burned is just so much liberal theatre for the media to tout, in order to divert the attention away from the sorriest administration in my life time and that is from the president on down to the lowliest of democrats and, boy!, there are a lot of them.

          • Excuse me, but did you not read about the TAXES that the MIDDLE class will be paying for those who are uninsured & end up on the government’s insurance? Who do you think is going to pay for them to get the insurance? The MIDDLE working class.

          • ben franklin- I am just waiting to see paul revere post some liberal propaganda-of course I mean a fake-the real deal is a hero-liberals are cowards and Obama A$$kissers

        • Who cares that Raymond hijacked the story, it is a good one. It probably isn’t true anyway as most of these kind of stories are, regardless, I loved it.

          • The joke has been around a while, he’s just sharing. He loves to share a good laugh, especially if it’s an Obama joke. Maybe this one will give a few people ideas? :>)

        • Sunset Parker… where do you live? in a cave? That joke has been around the internet many times. You libs have no sense of humor and have to immedialty attack. You are accusing him of impersonating a vet and the re-use of a joke most have seen? You even make a personal atack that he probably had never done anything for anybody but himself. That is something we should be saying about REID! Reid is a controlling crooked selfserving politician. Get a life and stop trolling sites to make your stupid point and say something worthwhile like…
          “we need to get rid of our President who is a lying, arrogant, elitist socialist who is taking the country down”! Now that is important!

          • Calm down, it’s what liberals do. Cows eat grass, birds shit, and liberals go off the deep end.

          • It just another ocommunist supportor who probably go the ticket that
            Raymod was refering to. If not maybe she should. USAF/TSgt/Ret

          • You accuse Reid of being controlling and crooked, but I don’t hear any factual evidence of that….I do see factual evidence of the entire Republican Party being controlling and self-serving which doesn’t seem to bother you a bit. All you have to do is look at someone like Darrell Issa who won’t even allow Democratic created bills to be discussed and whines like a little girl when the Dems refuse to take up his biased, unsupported bills when they get to the Senate. The only way this Country can properly run is when both Parties cooperate…..I don’t believe there is a Republican that knows what the word means much less wants be a part of it.

          • He blocks every piece of legislation that doesn’t come from his own crowd. He’s an evil SOB

          • Reid has been very self-serving all these years he has been in Washington. He has a son there who is a Lobbyist, another son who is a lawyer. He put that one in charge of a big land deal that Congress passed. He is for anything that puts a buck in his pocket. You cannot deny that – just google his name and see all the stuff that comes up.

          • and that is somehow different from the majority of our Representatives? Take a look at Dick Cheney and how he enriched himself and his cronies after becoming vice-president…..but you must be OK with that because he’s on your side. What I do know is that there are more people in the Democratic Party that stand up for me as middle class wage earner. There are many on the Republican side that would just as soon see me stripped of my living wage just to enrich Corporations that are already doing just fine.

          • No, you are wrong. We have MORE people UNEMPLOYED since this Democrat President was elected, than since back in the early ’80s. And, prices have doubled, even tripled in some cases, on food, gas, & utilities. Plus, MY wages went DOWN as soon as he started messing with the tax cut that Bush had enacted. The ONLY people who are better off now than when Obama took office are the welfare deadbeats, & the rich fat cat cronies of Congress & the Senate. Nancy Pelosi is making KILLING off of off shore drilling, which AMERICAN corps are NOT allowed to do, but China can take all they want. You need to read up on some of the shenanigans going on in the Democratic government before you start pointing fingers. And, it was LEGALLY proved that Cheney didn’t benefit by ONE penny off that company, because as soon as he was chosen as the running mate, he severed ALL ties with that company.

          • Coorporations are people and their retirement accounts you sorry hiding piece of trash, Moms and pops who actually earn and invest by their talents and labor, not from stolen money redistributed by the federal government, federal slaves, sociocommunist trash! Why no profile trash, a new hired Obamabot/ You an GW the one and same or just twins? Two imposters hiding behind anonymity! You better stay there. We can sniff out a liberal troll and p[lant a mile away. Like all liberals that have to hide in the dark, they never look directly at the light or make a direct response. TOO stupid!

          • Dick Cheney is a far better person. He is a patriot. H. Reid cannot even touch the class Dick Cheney has. What liberal stands up for the middle class? That is a big joke. They say they do, they claim they do, they cry they do, but what a liberal does is says one thing, and does the opposite that is the BIG difference. PS: Not everyone you address is a Republican, not at all. There are a lot of people out here who are concerned about the direction our country is going, and under this group it is going completely and totally into communism. Do not doubt that. Read 1984 and you will see your future.

          • I am middle class, or I was. When are they going to start standing up for me? Because of the Dems my health care costs have risen dramatically since the passage of O’care. Thought they said it would go down. My taxes went up quite a bit, and I promise you I don’t make $250k. My husband and I don’t even clear 100k. Yep, they are standing up for me really well. I wish they would stop helping me now when I still have a remote chance of being able to retire before I am 70. 🙁

          • So far, he has managed to table at least most of the legislation that the Republican controlled House has proposed.

          • How about this for a fact on reid he continually states to the people of nevada where he is from that he has done so much for the state 75 % of what he claims to have done was other peoples work that he claims as his own after he jumpped on the band wagon he always says that he is independant like nevada its more like he is independent from nevada

          • Okay, show me some proof? And, by the way, this is a conservative site, so you’re not gonna get any sympathy on here! And, don’t be blaming the Republicans for that idiot Reid. HE’S the one that keeps blocking bills from being voted on, INCLUDING the President’s budget bills. So WHO’S the one doing the damage?? Republicans have done a LOT more for this country than the Democrats will EVER do, for the good of America, that is. And, DEMOCRATS are the ones that got OBAMACARE passed, which is going to destroy what healthcare we do have, plus is also one of the biggest TAX HIKES in decades.

          • Another scumbag using the name of an honorable American forefather! These lefist trolls have no respect for decency, oh that right that goes with immorality and amorality!

          • Most of these career politicians have padded their pockets at our expense. They stay in congress for decades and get better health coverage than they want us to have, a much better retirement income than we get on Social Security. You can bet your life that Reid and Pelosi (“we have to pass it before we read it”) won’t be under Obamacare because they have a deluxe government insurance plan. We’re the peons and they’re the royalty, at least the way they act. TERM LIMITS PLEASE. It used to be that state governments appointed senators and Representatives to serve in the US Congress and that was limited to SIX years, then they’d return home and allow someone else to serve. No cushy pension, health insurance, special perks. Serve and go home. Today’s politicians don’t know what it means to be a public servant.

          • Oh brother! Anyone taking up for H. Reid has got to be seriously in deep denial. Prove what you have to say just don’t throw out blanket statements as fact. I want to see PROOF. I want links. And how do you cooperate with the enemy? You sir, are the enemy of the Constitution. Why would anyone want to side with you?

          • Now we have thomas jefferson !!!for a clone you are nothing like him-he was a great president and is a giant compared to our traitor Barack -our worst illegal alien/ illegal president

          • Let’s put “Fast and furious” on the Republican foot and see how quickly heads roll. You talk fairness while practicing a double standard. As for evidence you see evidence you want to see, nothing more. You like the country and the direction it’s raking, Great!…Vote for Obama, it will take four more years for people like you to wake up. When he decrees that the homeless be billeted in your house then what? Too extreme? Perhaps, but that’s what the Russians thought. Read a little before you share your socialistic opinions, try “Atlas Shrugged” for openers. You talk about both parties co operating, you mean Republicans agreeing with Democrats on all counts don’t you? Anything less than total agreement is, for Democrats, a sign of not co operating.

          • Not very enlightened, considering “his” post was so far off topic and was in fact a blatant lie. For all you know her husband may have been a marine who was killed while on Embassy Detail… So think and take your foot out of your mouth…

        • Sunset,
          First: That picture happens to be one taken just prior to graduation from Marine Corps boot camp. They are not easily accessed by the non-military.
          Second: Plagiarism, you might try a “spell and grammar” checker, usually refers to breaching of a copyrighted paper or article. This story has been around forever, in one form or another, and has lost its original source. Raymond frequently quotes the Bible, would you also infer plagiarism in that regard?
          I can’t speak for Raymond, either before or after his honorable service in defending his country. You, on the other hand, have no right, or cause, to besmirch his reputation or service. At least Raymond has the “stones” to have served.
          What is your excuse, did you serve, or are you one of those “freeloaders” who benefited from his service without making your own contribution or sacrifice?
          Feel free to attack me, just don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.

          • The up/down responses have no bearing on how good, bad, accurate or inane a post is MSgt. The fact is that probably 90% of the posts on this site are put here by right wing nutbags who really have no idea what they are talking about. The fact that a gentleman served his Country honorably doesn’t translate directly into being believable on any subject other than their military service. Raymond posts over and over again at many conservative extremist sites and generally has nothing new to say about anything. He has no idea what is going on anywhere but in his own little mind and I feel sorry for him and anyone who would follow him. I’d appreciate a little dialog, but you folks have no interest in anything but foisting your own beliefs and morals on the entire Country. Sure doesn’t sound American to me.

          • Since Raymond is retired he can do what he wants. Seems to me that since you know so much about Raymond’s habits, you must be on here a lot as well. Why are you even on here if you aren’t interested in what anybody has to say? Oh wait, typical liberal, you’re only interested if they are saying something YOU agree with. How would you know whether or not Raymond has any idea about what is going on? I wouldn’t feel sorry for Raymond, I’d feel sorry for myself if I was you for having such a tiny narrow mind. Exactly what beliefs and morals are we right wing nutbags foisting on the entire country? We are foisting anything on anybody right now because Obama is doing all the foisting and the majority of Americans don’t like it. He didn’t ask if we wanted Obamacare and even pushed it through Congress in secrecy. Really…you’re going to have to vote for Romney this next election to prove you’re still not as stupid as you were when you voted for Obama!!!!

          • Karlly, I too see Raymond all over, and like I said the pic is in the public domain so his avatar proves nothing. So in that respect Georgie is correct. However the rest of his stance is like that of a three year old boy learning to pee like a “big boy”,,, all over the place and off target.

          • Neither does some liberal scumbag using the name of the father of our country, a conservative of the Constitutional Republic that would consider you just as much an enemy as I do!

          • I guess you believe everyone who is conservative is a “right Wing extremist”, but I doubt you’d admit that you’re a left wing nut job. You people who have sold out to the liberals in the country love to throw out labels like right wing or extremists or racists or bigots or hate-mongers when it comes to conservatives and Christians, yet your side shows your hatred and extremism by your hateful posts on here and other sites. Like Obama you want to discredit, demonize and destroy while our nation is going down the tubes. Our economy will be shot by 2014 or before if we don’t get some common sense. Did you liberals not take economics and accounting in high school and college to learn you don’t spend more than you earn?

          • where did I post something hateful Carl? Like Obama, I want to see our Representatives get to work on repairing our economy, rather than focus the effort on making sure a sitting President doesn’t get a second term. The economy is where it is because of the actions of every President from Reagan to Bush the second and the policies of the past 40 years need to change, period. Just for the record Carl, have two college degrees, one in Business Management and the other in Economics so I believe I know how both work…..

          • Want me to help you dig your grave George? I have four degrees so I’m a better man than you… STUFF IT you horses ass! The economy tanked after Clinton took office and the Democrat strongholds started to grow. Look up any economic cycle charts if you are so smart and know economics… Look at the historic employment cycles overlayed on a timeline depicting presidential and congressional power bases ( that means whe which was conservative and which was liberal, just so you understand). Your degrees are obviously wasted or from a liberal school because you definetly do not know what the sam hell you are talking about on this one.
            ( throws a spade full of soil on your coffin)

          • Four degrees and regulated to posting on the internet….
            Profanity: The means by which a person displays their lack of knowledge regarding the Englich language.
            Name calling:: childish playground antics

          • Carl, face facts, there ARE right wing nut jobs… If YOU cant accept that fact you are part of a bigger problem. Just because someone wont bow down and kiss ass does not make them a libtard, it makes them someone who demands facts and proof… in short one of the people who REFUSED to become an Obamazite. I am SICK and TIRED of so called Conservatives acting like Rabid Liberals when they dont agree, and worse, when they refuse to educate themselves. THAT is the true definition of a liberal, BLIND and INDOCTRINATED… and YOU put yourself int that fold, no one else!

          • @George Washington, if you aren’t getting the dialog you appreciate here, perhaps the HuffPo site would be more interested and your beliefs and morals would also agree.

          • bashing Obama is little to say?We have so much to talk about-the birth certificate from Kenya with all the right stuff-yes-that is real-how about it?

          • George,

            First: The responses indicate concurrance or rejection of comments by the viewers; has nothing to do with the validity or intent of the comment.

            Second: Raymond does post on several sites where he is generally well received. That would fall under his right to exercise free speech and freedom of, or from, religion as guaranteed by the First Amendment. The viewers are expressing their view of those comments, as is their right. You have exercised that right by besmirching his intelligence, political beliefs and general world view, as is your “right”.

            Third: You stated “but you folks have no interest in anything but foisting your own beliefs and morals on the entire Country. Sure doesn’t sound American to me.”. Do you believe that suppressing peoples rights to express their beliefs would be “more American” and more in keeping with the First Amendment?

            Fourth: You may exercise your right to join in (the right to assemble), or opt out of participating here at any time. Nobody is “twisting your arm” to compel you to be here, it is entirely your choice.


          • I love to dialog with someone who apparently has all the answers. You obviously find no fault with the anointed one, so why don’t you just get in the food stamp line before someone else takes your place. And, may I ask, whose morals and beliefs are you trying to foist on the country? Some people are just blind dumb and stupid, who foisted the Health care fiasco on the public, that overwhelmingly didn’t want it, is that your idea of dialog. If you don’t agree with liberals you are not co operating that’s the way liberal operate, their way or no way, it’s called co operating by
            liberal standards. And always, always blame someone else when things don’t go as advertised or should I say lied about. You should really take the time to analyze the situation before you shoot your mouth off. If Obama gets four more years it will serve you right.

          • I would love to carry a dialog, but the problem seems to be that with liberals if you don’t agree then you get mocked and belittled for being “brainwashed” or “uninformed”. As for foisting beliefs or morals on the country it would seem that liberal nut jobs are winning that war when we see in the news how spoiled kids how took out massive college loans now feel that we the public should pick up their tab. Forget that nonsense, no one made them borrow the money. And I bet if you check their possessions you won’t find a single made in the U. S. A. label. And before you try to tell me you can’t get through college without loans, I did it 35 years ago. I am a 56 year old female and my dad and I had a tree cutting business. I worked my way through and earned a B. S. My 23 year old niece just finished college and did it by working 3 jobs.

          • OH NO! YOU WENT THERE!!! You said WORK!!! I went Back TWICE With loans, once without for all four of my degrees, and the last three were while raising a family while my Wife was returning as well. It isnt about taking out loans, its about REAL degrees that you can use in life, not some made up master degree in the Vagina Monologues

          • Point taken. Fortunately my dad was a very practical man and at least some of it rubbed off on me. My degree was instrumental to every job I have ever had. I have worked my current job for 30 + years. A comprehensive B. S. in geology with a minor on sociology. A very weird combo but a very useful one. I guess you could say I got it right the first time. I am toying around with the idea of going back when I retire and getting a degree in secondary ed and teaching as a second career.

          • AMEN! Lately the “conservative movement” has been poisoned by liberal ideologies and wannabe conservatives who are nothing more than pissed off liberals, who have become disillusioned by their “heros” and think that alone makes them a conservative. I could claim to be a heavily decorated interstellar war vet and Chancellor of the Intergalactic Order of the Silver Orb, but that doesnt make it true. it would make me full of shit. People need to STOP taking postings on the web at face value. and use the keyboard and VERIFY what they are told. It took me three clicks and nothing more to find that Raymond’s Link was in reference to the manual on civillian resettlement due to having their homes destroyed, and not what he claimed. But how many of the “believers” took the time to look?

          • Twerps are Twerps and usually liberwails or whiney Damnedocraps. No sense in wasting time replying to that sort of noncompoop like Some Serta Parker who is likely a useless welfare lay about.

          • MSgt:

            Nice job, you certainly haven’t lost any vim or vigor in retirement and that’s great. Sunset Parker, that pretty much says it all! Don’t expect any confrontation however.

          • I say PROVE he served or shut up and let him speak for himself. Boot grad pics are dime a dozen and posted all over the web. As I Stated that same Pic is attached to dozens of accounts on Facebook… so either your buddy has dozens of false accounts or he is the subject of a massive internet conspiracy you insipid jackass, But just maybe a “Cigar is JUST a Cigar” and he is a poser…

          • Way to go Retired _MSgt_Marano_Az! I could not have said it better. Thanks to you AND to Raymond both for your service to our country.

        • I’m not supporting Sunset here but he/she – never know with some folks, has a point – none of us know nothing about the other. That said, you shouldn’t go off unless you do know something. But if a person supports Obama, and I don’t know if he/she does, then they must be comfortable with slander and lies. Now, for some of us it is possible to know the “ring of truth” especially if you haven’t gone around since birth with your head up your butt and Raymond tells a nice story, nothing out of the realm of the plausible. Myself, for fun I keep bumper stickers handy in my car that say NOBAMA, NOPE, etc. and attach them to cars with Obama stickers. The juiciest hunting grounds are in liberal bastions like the People’s Republic of Cambridge – Mass. where a few girls still sport hair on their legs and cars are likely to have a dozen or more bumper stickers expressing every liberal left progressive whatever. I try to imagine them noticing one day and having a meltdown wondering how long it’s been there. Fun is where you find it.

          • I’m telling you, it’s worth every penny I spend on it. Besides, the money goes to Patriot Depot and the Tea Party so it’s not only fun but useful!

          • It’s also enlightens others to write “INFLATION IS A HIDDEN TAX” in red ink on all bills. Might make others think!!

          • What a wonderful idea. just paste them over the 2012 Obama stickers. I’m having a hard time finding any around here though. the “Jewish” man that lives down the street has removed all the old Obama/Biden stickers already.

          • How polite of you Robert……take the high road if you don’t know anything about a person, but anyone who supports Obama is apparently and ignorant son of bitch who just hasn’t figured out what is really going on. If it makes you feel better to attack someone that way so be it, but a real man or woman who tell someone directly what he/she thinks of them, and not hide behind your own lack of understanding.

        • …and how do we know you are really Sunset Parker?? Personally I like what Raymond “passes on!” and others do as well, but I don’t like what you pass on, but it’s your opinion.

          • Click on the moron’s avatar. But I warn you, have barf bag handy. This buttercup screams of left liberal progressive, or to use the shorter reference for that – idiot.

        • Dude, it’s a joke. Chill. It’s called entertainment. you should know about entertainment, all your liberal buddies in Hollywood are expert jokesters posing as political hackers.

        • I too am inspired by Raymond.It is obvious he is what he says.I have known many marines personally and there is just something about them that sings patriot.Now if someone says you may be impersonating a conservative I may believe them, just sayin’

        • How horrible of you!! I think you’re a liberal trying to disguise yourself as a conservative so you can post denigrating things on a rightwing blog!

        • SUNSET Raymond has been writing for quite a while to try to eduacate the left about what is going on in the country he loves. I love his sense of humor and find it refreshing when I see what the 0 is doing to this country. Raymond has idenified himself in past blogs if you would care to research it you can verify his service. (BY THE WAY 0 NEVER SERVED)
          I question why you would compare Raymond with the guy in the oval office who has yet to idenify himself. I have known enough military personel to see Ray is the real deal – most of likely with his quickness he was the point man, What were you? How much does 0 pay you to be his troll? Good luck to you I think you will need it when you meet your maker.

        • Go pierce the last couple of inches “left” on your face you liberal American hating Obamanite, stop letting everyone here know what a skeez you’ve become!!!

        • Sunset?you must ride off into the sunset on an ostrich -it is obvious that you have been sunning yourself too long -your brain is scrambled-you evidently are jealous of my friend because he is the real deal-so get your corn flakes out and cry a river into a bowl because you can no longer afford milk

        • OMG do you really think Raymond wants us to think he wrote all the jokes he posts? Get a brain, it’s just like someone forwarding a joke to you via email. Obviously when you forward a joke, you are not implying that YOU made it up!

      • Harry Reid should be put in a pile and burned, not the uniforms. Just like crooked thieves everywhere.–Yell about something insignificant to take attention away from rally important things–like his “purchased” campaign contributions. The only one more obvious than him is Obama. Harry just uses our money to bribe and pay back his financial supporters and he cannot stand seeing any tax money going to China when it should be going to his friends. He is too stupid to even know the money for the uniforms comes from Olympic supporters, not from tax dollars. Boy is our government broken and I for one, am dam tired of their incompetence. And anyone who thinks their party is better should get their head examined. Both of them are equally at fault, but the demoncrats take center stage now because they are in power.

        • Well this is one time ole Harry and I “might” agree on something. I think if they hunted real hard they could find a company somewhere in the U.S. that could make those uniforms. After all, we need the jobs here., and not shipped out to China.

          • Down here in Greenville, SC area there’s a factory turning out high quality sports wear and such, but maybe the US government loves China more since we Carolinians aren’t fond of Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Boxer, Maxine Waters, etc. Besides, the Democrats lie about Romney outsourcing jobs when many companies have relocated overseas under different administrations over the past 3 decades. Seems Kennedy and Clinton were championing that idea and it has gone on since.

          • If you want someone to look at that company in Greenville for the sports clothes, you would need to contact Ralf Loren. That is the US company they contracted with to make the uniforms. If they meet their standards and the price is right, I’m sure they will use them. What they should do next time is put in the contract they must be manufactured in the US or the contract is void. That will probably double the price and we will just have to hope that will not make the Chinese start calling in our debt. Don’t forget, present and past politicians have sold us to China.

          • The question that should be asked of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi is why is China building bridges in California? Why do foriegners controll the toll roads in America? Why are we selling motels and 711″s to Indians and pakistanis? The congress and senate had to let this happen. Now we need to know why??? Hippocrits!!

          • Yea Donald, you got the question right. But it will not matter to them. Obama falsely yells about Romney’s outsourcing, which appears to have happened long after he had any active roll at Bain, but Obama and the DNC had no trouble taking money from Bain managing directors.
            “Take Joshua Bekenstein. Bekenstein has been a managing director of Bain
            Capital since 1986. In 2008, he signed Barack Obama a $4,600 check. In
            2004, he gave a $50,000 donation to the Democratic National Committee.
            That’s outsourcing money, plain and simple. And Obama was happy to take
            r how about Stephen Pagliuca? Last year, he cut a $35,800 check to
            Barack Obama’s Victory Fund. Then he cut another $30,800 check to the
            DNC. And another $30,800 check to the DCCC. Jonathan Lavine and Mark
            Nunnelly have both maxed out to Obama already, as well as to the DNC.
            Lavin was a bundler for Obama, and raised over $100,000 for him. Michael
            Krupka gave Obama $4,600 in 2008. Big O and company have no trouble taking money from outsourcing companies, but they can yell about it if they think it will help them politically. Sick frigging government we have.

          • REMEMBER !
            It was Obama that forced the Chrysler Fiat merger ( how is that for outsourcing?) before he would sign off on a corporate bail out. And the GM/China connection on the Volt… Obama is the GREAT Outsourcer and never even WORKED for a corporation as an adult.

          • Don’t forget Obama’s appointed Job Czar, the head of GE, who is sending tons of GE jobs overseas!

          • The real problem is too few people will know this through the media. Why aren’t the super Pacs of the GOP using this ammo in in ad? Is their weapon jammed?
            Harry doesn’t give a twit where those uniforms are made. As another poster pointed out the hypocrite is more than happy to have China build bridges in CA, as one example.Senile Harry just made that idiotic remark to garner support from already irate Americans. Granted, I don’t like the idea of made in China, or the look of our athletes appearing as if they were just let out of prep school. All I would suggest is can those goofy berets and don’t bother wearing a hat this time. Give them to an orphanage. Harry and Co. has already burned through enough of our money.

          • lay off the Indians! Something you need to learn about them in specific, is ingraned in their culture. The dont send money home, they bring the family here, they dont reside with green cards, they become citizens. The one that owns the business is the one getting the tax breaks, but the rest of the family pays income tax… They also help support the community through charity, and their culture teaches them that it is not charity if their name is connected to it, so it goes unsung by intent. If only a quarter of the other nationalites had the same ideology.

          • @Scott Schoemann: Sorry, but that has not been my experience with Indians! The Indians, along with the Asians are the most tight-fisted people I have ever known! The only people they might help out is their own kind. The rest they just take and take from.

          • Just tell Harry Reed to remove every foreign-made item from his home, car, office and himself and you’ll find a naked, homeless man with a near empty office and a car that does not have the parts needed to run.

          • @ Donald York: You are so right! I no longer stay at the smaller hotels like Ramada because most are now owned by Indians and pakistanis. These people are filthy. In March of 2001, I took my boys to Universal Studios in CA and the room we were given stunk sooo bad that I had to keep the door to our room open for a few owers. We checked out early the next morning and went to the Hilton. I no longer travel to the state of CA because the state is over-run by middle-easterns and illegals.

          • You are correct. Prez Clinton made China a “most favored nation” for trade. Thanks a lot, Bill !

          • umm anyone ever TALK to an Olympian? They take money out of their own pockets for uniforms as well… They seek out personal sponsors to cover their own costs to go to the games. It isnt “the olympic committee” footing the bill through the donations they receive…

          • *Well we have companies here in Texas that could make those, but boy they won’t let Texans do anything because we have gone Republican for 30 years, and Texas is a right to work state. In other words we don’t cater to union bosses.*

          • i was in israel one summer and a man threw his suitcase through a plate glass window. the ticket seller asked me, “are all texas people like that?” i said, “only when you mess with them”.

          • *Well Obummer is supposed to be in San Antonio sometime this week. I hope they boo him completely out of the place.*

          • I bet the raw materials come from overseas…
            In the 70’s at the hieight of the Barbara Mandrell buy American, I was working with my Dad whose a textile painter. In every plant you would see bales of cotton from anywhere but the US.
            I guess buy American dioesn’t include factories.

          • This is awful news! I am now 68 and I have loved cotton fabrics
            all my life. I have sewn my own clothing and made quilts from
            gorgeous cotton fabrics imported from America and India, and
            also from fabrics made in Europe from imported American cotton.
            Although most Olympic uniforms must be sturdy, they also must
            be comfortable. Cotton, even heavyweight cotton is better than
            cheap Polyester junk from China. If there is one country which
            America could help in the textile industry, then it’s India!
            India’s cotton industry is much older than that from America,
            and this Free-Western associate country can use every help from
            America to keep their cotton production growing!
            Cotton growers wake up! Contact your good friends in India
            and work together!

          • Ummmm, where did Obie get his campaign bus? It wasn’t from Indiana where that bus could and should have been built….Double standards any one????

          • *Well he sure doesn’t want anything made here in Texas. We are a “right to work” state, and as such we don’t cater to the union bosses.*

          • Grow up! how many jobs do you think it will take to make a few measly uniforms. I’m sure when you shop, you look for the most expensive of whatever it is you are buying, as long as it;s made in America, hypocrite.

          • *I look for “made in America,” but it’s sort of hard to find any clothes that are made in America anymore.*

          • I try to find “Made in the U. S. A. ” and if I find it I buy it, price be damned. The problem is finding it. So don’t judge me by your actions.

          • But, Harry Reid’s uniform wouldn’t burn, because he, as a high priest in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormom), wears the holy priesthood garments that some Dam-o-crats call “magic underwear” to protect him. Why do you think he hasn’t been taken out by now? Oh, that’s right we dare not mention the unmentionables.

          • complain about outsourcing this is one example and like maryflaur i kind of agree with Harry Reid why should olympic aupporters pay out good money to china for us uniforms!

          • And, did you see what was charged for just the blazers? Over US$600.00 per blazer. I am very sure we could easily beat that price here. Mind you , I would not be surprised if 80% of that went into a US politicians’ pocket. And, that’s probably why it was done in China. Closed books, we have no access to, and therefore no proof.

          • *Well, we have companies right here in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas that could make those for less than that. But since Texas is a “right to work” state, and doesn’t cater to union bosses, I doubt if we would even be considered for such a contract. I heard that Odumbo is supposed to be in San Antonio sometime this week. I hope they boo him right out of the place. *

          • another classic example of obama’s outsourcing. Seeing how he was the leader of the US Olympic Committee … remember it was only him that could make the presentation and close the deal to bring the Olympics to his home land of Chicago… let’s lay the blame where it belongs… at obama and the dems feet.

          • If we could have them made in a right to work state, maybe. But when union labor is involved, the price is too high. Look at a map sometime of the US. All the blue, union states are in serious trouble. While all the red, right to work states are doind much better. Hmmmm, I wonder why?

          • *Well, Odumbo is supposed to be in San Antonio sometime this week. I hope they boo him completely out of the place.*

        • Kingfish15, burning Harry Reid would leave a permanent odor that would pervade the entire country. Just put the dessiicated corpse back in his sarcophagus and nail the lid shut.

        • IF Harry Reid wants to complain, perhaps he should have checked out what the uniform Contract entailed, how the Contract for making the uniforms was decided, as well as how it was that China was picked – was it indeed because it was the lowest bidder? Or was it awarded to China as part of a payback for an Obama buddy. Obama wants to complain about “out-sourcing” except when he’s the biggest out-sourcer. How many American jobs COULD HAVE BEEN had the uniforms been made in the USA?!?

        • Stop bring stupid and stop voting in the same people everytwo years run for office.You sound like a smart guy

        • Another asswipe who never followed the threads all the way and read thw quoted source which is about resettling indigent persons who’s homes were destroyed by warfare…
          THIS LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, is a perfect example of WHY politicians like REID and Pleosi get reelected… Morons dont read the facts just they jype and lies…

      • Sunset,
        You still haven’t learned to spell “plagiarism” yet? Use that “spell and grammar” checker, you’ll find it in Word for Windows.

      • Harry Reid & his minions rounded up the dregs from all the flop houses in Vegas and they voted for the dead. An entire state can’t be that stupid.

    • That is not humor!. You are demeaning the man who respresents the citizen in respect to obeying the law. His job is tough enough today and you don’t need to add to the downside of it. Too many people think law is for others, or in the case of immigration- just ignore it. Laws are to make us go in the right direction and allow the whole of us to live in unity. Very disappointed in you Raymond.
      I believe it was yourself that wrote articles about muslims and I loved what you wrote and respect you for your thoughts and wisdom in that area. Very informative!

      • I surely must have missed something – Gertie are you talking about the Socialist Democrat Harry Reid “representing the citizen in respect to obeying the law”??? Where is his “obeying the law” and respecting the citizens when he is the one responsible for ObamaCare, for not bringing the international gun runner and accessory to murder Eric Holder, and perhaps even his boss, to justice. The senile old man is way past his time and along with all his other socialist friends needs to be sent home – however you want to send him.

    • I work with a guy who after the first year had taken off the ‘I ♥ Obama’ stickers from his vehicle and slinks up the back stairwell in the building we work in so we don’t run into each other. I doubt the change he expected is the change he received. I did thank him for having a third child as we need to pay off the debt that his vote has created; however, I haven’t asked him how he’ll be voting in November. He may have been duped once, but I don’t think he’s stupid. . . .he should have known better when the 2008 t-shirts that were ordered didn’t fit. . . .he was disappointed and I told him that was his omen. Truth is stranger than fiction. Thank you for serving and enjoy reading your posts!

    • I love it. I would have done the same if given the opportunity. Some POS lefty keyed my truck because of my “Impeach Obama” bumper sticker. Approx 115 days left before we vote these POS’s out of office. Semper Fi Marine

      • I just bought a new truck & that’s why I
        refuse to put any stickers on it. Obama
        supporters are evil people.

        • They are. A ways back I was behind a car that had an Obama 2008 sticker and one that said “Co-Exist”. They were going really slow almost stopping at times as we approached a green light. Now, this is all true… I didn’t tail gate, honk or anything… I just don’t get wound up over drivers anymore. But I could see we were going to get the red light and to me, so what…didn’t care…the light turns yellow and just before it goes red the driver punches it and flips me the bird as he/she goes through. What!!!!! Well, now I was mad, I wasn’t before but just then as I watched this turd zoom off, I got mad, really effing mad. I also got stalled at several more lights and fell way behind the effer. However, I have skills and intuition and despite the little malls, the lefts and the rights along the roadway I reasoned where this person was most likely going – a mall with more to offer like eateries, clothing stores, etc. and followed on to there. Ooh yeah, I found that car with the Obama and Co-Exist stickers almost right away. I parked well out of sight, walked back to it and circled with a sharp can opener; Co-Exist this!
          I accept it was beneath me but maybe before they do that again they will think. That day they pissed off for no good reason a perfectly good ex-soldier. Hats off to you Raymond, Sunset can go piss himself.

          • Committing a felony because someone flipped you off? That’s pretty egregious for someone who doesn’t, “get wound up over drivers anymore”. You just have to remember that there are assholes on both sides Robert and apparently you are one of them.

        • That’s the kind of comment, Raymond, that makes anything you say believable and does nothing for your image as a Marine. I may not believe what you have to say, but I would never even imply, much less tell you or anyone else I disagree with that they are Evil……

          • It is what it is……….

            By the way, I don’t like you using my Lords name
            as your screen name. You have zero credibility
            with me.

          • It’s a lie and it’s wrong….you hide behind your uniform to spout “facts” that are nothing but Right Wing drivel with no basis in fact whatsoever. There are not a whole lot of truly evil people in this world and to call an entire group evil is ridiculous.

            PS it must really piss you off that there are probably thousands of illegal aliens in the US named Jesus!

      • Some idiot 5 foot guy wanted to fight my 6 foot 4 husband in the grocery store parking lot!!! He said Obama does have a birth certificate, it is just private!! My sticker says’ God and Obama have 1 thing in common, no birth certificate.” I’ve had high 5’s and 1 finger to that one!!

    • Raymond, I love your articles I follow you on some other sites. My dad was a Marine and yes Marines don’t lie. My dad never lied to me about anything I know of and when I joined the Army he told to make sure I knew what I was doing. Maybe he wanted me to be a Marine.

        • Semper Fi Raymond We Marines are a breed of our own and all Marines walk with Honor.At seventy one years of age I still love the Corpse and salute any man who served,plus our brothers in arms.the and airforce.Each and every man who served.deserves respect and has earned the right to discount the liberal socialist, communist, nazi.idiots who also post on this website.The liberal idiots have this right as we fought the battles for the rights of all whether they deserve it or not.May God Bless you my Brother.

    • like that. I wonder what he/s going to do with all them tickets. my guess He/ll send them to obama. and say see what you don/t you made my day . must be fun to retired nice person. keep up the good work.

    • PLUS – remember the movie ‘Casino’? The State Senator taking the comps and hookers was based on old Harry – that’s right – Senator and married – Harry Reid…True story!!

    • That’s a nice story, Raymond. I’m glad you’re enjoying your retirement years.

      I also try to keep busy now that I’m not working. I especially enjoy slapping “I [HEART] Obama” bumper stickers on cars in my heavily Republican district.

    • Raymond thank you for your service and wish I was as lucky as you, I just want to bust these idiots in the head and send them to a Muslim/Communist country of their choice. As far as Harry Reid being upset and wanting to burn these Uniforms why isn’t he as upset at the Illegal Kenyan Born Sunni Muslim (went to an Indonesian Sunni Muslim School) Communist (father and Step father both Sunni Muslim Communists) and Mother and Grand mother both Communists and America Haters. I will supply Harry Moron Reid the gasoline and Lighter to fire his Illegal President and then we will have the first Black President. Obaminations Mother was White for you Moron Black voters, I realize that you all are a little slow on this as it took Morgan Freeman 3 1/2 years to figure it out, how about that 13 over the National Average for unemployment for blacks ,how is that for your Change from your Black Saviour.

    • God bless you, Raymond, Semper Fi indeed. I see your photo and am in prayer for you. We have a long family line of Marines, and that is the source of my prayer for you and the service you rendered to our Country. Well done good and faithful servant.

    • Hey, that is pretty good, Raymond. Who’s the poor guy who owns the car? Thanks for your service to our country! God bless you and your family.

    • Raymond, that little piece was priceless! It made my day, I’m still smiling! Semper Fidelis and thank you for your service to this great country.

    • Thanks,Raymond,you “ALWAYS” brighten” my day.Keep em coming !! 7/1 Air Cavalry ,Vietnam 70/71,call sign,”APACHE6 !!

  8. Well I am surprised!!! This is the very FIRST thing that I can agree with Reid with!!! You got to get one right before you can start on number 2!!!

    • And all the complaining apparently worked. On the news last night, Ralph Lauren announced the 2106 and all subsequent uniforms he works on will be in America.

      Frankly, as a matter of national pride, I quite agree with this whole thing. What I found refreshing was that Congress- BOTH major parties, are now taking a stand to actually call the whole outsourcing thing to question. We now need to reduce/rewrite the regulations, taxes and union over-influence that has done so much to drive our production overseas. Perhaps something positive on a bigger scale will come of this.

      As a final bravo- hats off to Hickey-Freeman, the men’s clothier, who offered to replace all the uniforms for FREE with quality items made in Tennessee.

  9. Well I am surprised!!! This is the very FIRST thing that I can agree with Reid with!!! You got to get one right before you can start on number 2!!!

  10. With unemployment at an all time high, millions of people on welfare Etc! Does Mr Reid have a better battle to wage?????

  11. With unemployment at an all time high, millions of people on welfare Etc! Does Mr Reid have a better battle to wage?????

  12. Harry Reid has his moments, like all of us. You can’t fault his feelings about American jobs and clothing industry. It’s just that not all of us can or want to ‘buy American’ including Ralph Lauren. It’s not a big deal for Olympics fans like me.

  13. Harry Reid has his moments, like all of us. You can’t fault his feelings about American jobs and clothing industry. It’s just that not all of us can or want to ‘buy American’ including Ralph Lauren. It’s not a big deal for Olympics fans like me.

  14. Harry Reid is just as guilty of ‘ecnomic treason’ as Albright, Clintons and all of the other sellouts. Harry is all upset concerning the olympic uniforms – but will sell our souls and future as regarding Obamacare – what a farce he is!!!!! POX on him.

    • The end of Harry Reid is in sight, I doubt he’ll be reelected. How he made it this far is beyond me. But then again in his last election some Republicans like the Mayors of Reno and Las Vegas and a prominent State Senator wouldn’t back his opponent Sharron Angle and practically helped reelect him.

  15. Harry Reid is just as guilty of ‘ecnomic treason’ as Albright, Clintons and all of the other sellouts. Harry is all upset concerning the olympic uniforms – but will sell our souls and future as regarding Obamacare – what a farce he is!!!!! POX on him.

  16. Harryless reid is sofa king wee todd did! And the worst obstructionist this country has ever had the displeasure of having in our gubmint.

  17. Harryless reid is sofa king wee todd did! And the worst obstructionist this country has ever had the displeasure of having in our gubmint.

  18. H.a.r.r.y R.e.i.d your democrat senate have been in charge and have been since 1996. You are in charge of everything! There is nothing you would want more than a c.o.m.m.u.n.i.s.t uniform!

  19. H.a.r.r.y R.e.i.d your democrat senate have been in charge and have been since 1996. You are in charge of everything! There is nothing you would want more than a c.o.m.m.u.n.i.s.t uniform!

  20. Suddenly, Harry is outraged!! I have been outraged for a long time with Democrat antics. The main thing I will remember Harry Reid for is his outrage that ‘his Cowboy Poetry Festival’ might lose funding from the government. Harry could afford to fund that festival all by himself, out of his own pocket – why should we as taxpayers fund it for him? And now he is outraged that China is making the uniforms for the Olympic team??? China makes almost everything anymore. The outsourcing to China has been caused by the costs involved in creating anything in America because of the government – its policies, its tax structure, government intervention. If Harry would assist getting government out of the way, maybe this outrage wouldn’t be needed. Harry, I am, and will continue to be, outraged with you and the Democrats for what you have done to this country.

    • You are so right. If only Harry would get outraged enough to do the job he was elected to do. There are a thousand other things that Harry should be outraged over; the uniforms are small potatoes compared to Mr. Reid.

    • Don’t forget unions – unions that demand big pay for jobs are as big a reason as any for industry leaving the USA. On top of that, these unions support the democrats so I do not buy “union label” products.

        • Yes – many union workers in manufacturing make over six figures (when benefits are added in) for doing work that a six year-old could do. It is time to outlaw the scourge we call unionism.

    • There probably aren’t any companies left in the U.S. that make uniforms. Maybe Obama can find you one, Reid, unless he is too busy playing golf. Total A##.

    • Maybe when Harry’s son doesn’t have the voting machine contract in NV he will honestly get voted out of office.

  21. And who is to blame for this…..Our Federal Government, Big Corporations and the American people for letting the Government and Big Business get away with this.

    We have basically given Our Republic away to a foreign nation.

    Just how cheap will we go?

  22. Excuse me. I think Harry Reid is a big hypocrite here! Why demand that
    they burn Olympic uniforms when he is doing worse than that!

  23. Does Reid plan on buying the replacement uniforms? Or making it more favorable for manufacturers to operate in the US?

  24. I hate harry reid and all that he stands for, but those uniforms do look a bit too chinese to me. Don’t they look a bit like commie mao’s uniform?

  25. Reid is a waste of space….He “fixed” the election in Nevada to keep in office or he would be working at Walmart now as an official greeter.

  26. Harry Reid is one of the reasons China and other Asian countries are in the process of doing so much of our manufactoring. Reid and others of his ilk allowed American manufacturers to move their operations to countries where labor was a lot cheaper, no unions, and materials also were cheaper. Now he has the nerve to complain?

  27. Harry Reid is the one thing that is preventing the PEOPLE from impeaching Obama, He won’t even let the Senate vote before sending it back to the HOUSE. He is a deterent like we have never seen before protecting a dyed-in-the-wool Marxist and Reid muts be or has lost his mind or maybe he is a Marxist as well.

  28. This guy is just getting back some of the results of his own legislation and policies, driving american companies overseas outsourcing jobs, he has helped put more EPA regulations on manufacturing and business in this country !

  29. The economy is so bad under Obama that I got a pre-declined credit card in the mail.

    I ordered a burger at McDonald’s, and the kid behind the counter asked, “Can you afford fries with that?”

    CEO’s are now playing miniature golf.

    If the bank returns your check marked “Insufficient Funds,” you have to call them and ask if they mean you or them.

    Hot Wheels and Matchbox stocks are trading higher than GM.

    McDonald’s is selling the 1/4 ‘ouncer’.

    Parents in Beverly Hills and Malibu are firing their nannies and learning their children’s names.

    A truckload of Americans was caught sneaking into Mexico .

    Hillary took her stockbroker hunting.

    Motel Six won’t leave the light on anymore.

    The Mafia is laying off judges.

    BP Oil laid off 25 Congressmen.

    Congress says they are looking into the Bernard Madoff scandal. Oh Great!! The guy who made $50 Billion disappear is being investigated by the people who made $1.5 Trillion disappear!

    And, finally…

    I was so depressed last night thinking about the economy, wars, jobs, my savings, Social Security, retirement funds, and our bleak future, that I called the Suicide Lifeline and was connected to a call center in Pakistan. When I told them I was suicidal, they got all excited, and asked if I could drive a truck..

  30. it does suck, our uniforms r from rice world……ralph has more style than that usually, ol harry ,he needs to go out on the swing in the back yards and make his plans…..and take pull me back nancy w/him……a thelma and louise sequel

  31. Dirty harry reid is a real moron. This idiot thought he was stealing when he directed stimulus money to Nevada for solar projects, after all the initial criticisim about 4 mil. per job no water for the projects etc. it was discovered that what harry the hero did was a transfer of stimulus monies to european investors who were able to set up U.S. corporations. Bottom line, this loser is too stupid to steal, useless to obummer’s team, can’t even keep the money in the country. Now this lowlife lawyer they call “pinky” is going to get tough with the “chinks” as this jack mormon calls them. What a joke. Go back to arguing with Arizona for a tax break on the land you bought before you announced the bridge. Bust out chump. Enforce the law. God Bless Sheriff Joe.

  32. Harry Reid is just another political opportunist creep. Trying to sound tough on China, just like the Campaigner in Chief, because of the upcoming election. What an asshole.

  33. Here is the “Ultimate Outsourcer-in-Chief”:

    Your taxes, your money and your lively hood have been “Re-Distributed”
    by the way of Obama-Cronyism. Here is the list of failed and bankrupt
    green energy companies that have also donated to the Barack Obama
    re-election campaign. ( Cut & Paste )

    List Of Failed Green Energy Jobs – By Obama

    Solar Trust of America: FAIL
    Bright Source: FAIL
    Solyndra: FAIL – ($535 Million)
    LSP Energy: (Light Squared) FAIL
    Energy Conversion Devices: FAIL
    Abound Solar: FAIL
    SunPower: FAIL
    Beacon Power: FAIL
    Ecotality: FAIL
    A123 Solar: FAIL
    UniSolar: FAIL
    Azure Dynamics: FAIL
    Evergreen Solar: FAIL – ($5.3 Million)
    Ener1: FAIL .
    Geothermal Power ($98.5 million)
    Embraer of Brazil ($1
    Siga Technology Inc ($433 million)
    Granite Reliable Wind Generation ($168.9 million)
    Tonopah Solar Company – Crescent Dunes ($737 million)
    CH2M Hill ( $2 Billion)
    Spectra Watt ($500,000) bankrupted
    Mountain Plaza ($424,000) bankrupted

    • There’s a one billion fourhundred thousand( $1,000,400,000) solar mess called Salarno being built in Gila Bend ,Arizona plus another 20 government, state or city construction sites in the state that are all manned by union workers! Guess whose taxes are financing it all?

  34. J J said it for the rest of us. A good thinker you are, J J. You should take up residence in Nevada and take Reid’s seat.

  35. Harry Reid must be the #2 most self-centered person in this country. He also is well past his expiration date! Please, Harry go home! You have done more to ruin this country than any of your predecessors or our current POTUS. God save us from the destruction by these men!

  36. Harry Reid burn a uniform? Do you think he would also burn a Quran? Well someday this evil man will burn himself.

  37. Harry you racist bastard.LOL Why are you turning aginst your good friends in china. I can’t believe you are soi mean to all the poor people of china. Now its clear you don’t give a damn about anyone but harry. we know you don,t care about americans but now china. SHAME ON YOU

  38. Now that’s the first proposal that Harry has made during his entire lifetime career that I could get behind. Now, if he’ll just put the outfit on before he burns it, I’ll move to Nevada and register to vote for him.

  39. Who said “history repeats itself”? I don’t know but I do know that just
    as the Nazi Germans marched the goosestep in unison destroying
    everything that got in their way, the republinos are marching the vote
    in unison destroying everything that gets in their way. Just as the
    Germans followed one mind the republinos follow one mind. I urge
    caution and that we fight to avoid America becoming just another example
    of “history repeating itself”.

  40. It is funny how this man has no guts to step up to the plate for huge matters but has such a fit about something that is so trivial compared to others matters at the fore front of this country. He can’t step up to the Plate for more important matters, He needs to crawl back into the hole he lives in.

  41. Hello Patriots,, RECALL Harry Reid, WHY , For being in office 25 years, not one time did Harry Reid COMPLAIN about all of the MANUFACTURING JOBS LEAVEING THE COUNTRY OVER THE LAST 30 YEARS. ,,,, but he is worried about the uniforms !!!
    W.B.Smith, Reform party, Tea Party

    • The only way the people have of getting Harry out of there is to vote in a new Senate. I just hope there are enough of us out there that have our eyes open to what is going on. However, there are the drones who can’t or won’t see what’s happening.

  42. Big deal we want to burn Chinese uniforms, but the real problem is we have a man in the white house who was born in Kenya, and manufactured in Russia where he went to college, before Reid get to carried away he may burn something that will get him in trouble.

  43. B Movie character actor REID

    They have no problem taking Chinese money to keep this Statist Nation afloat?
    But no Uniforms is where they draw the line?

    Try and buy American made goods in the USA


  44. For once, I totally agree with Harry Reid. Our athletes wearing Chinese-made uniforms is an insult to all Americans.

  45. Harry, you are a waste of time and space…the epitome of our tax dollars at work (or not work, as in your case)….will you give it up? Just admit you’re a total failure and go home.

  46. Harry Reid’s dramatic call for “burning olympic uniforms” denies the lawmaker complicity in allowing the situation to deteriorate to this point.
    Legislatures have been fiddling while our manufacturing base has been stolen from under the nose of the U.S.A.
    I suggest that Reid and others ,who think and act like him ,visit some of our tourist areas and see American flags that were made in countries other than the U.S.A, also check out our college apparel wear ,for where it was made.

  47. Four
    more years of Oblamer and this country will be in the second great
    depression ,to create jobs you get off the backs of the job creators
    with all your taxes and regulations, tax the rich and they take their
    companies to friendlier business environments like China ! Reply

  48. Maybe Harry should look into his briefs and find out where they were made. Guess the Senate has nothing much to do these day but block the House bills.

  49. How about a Harry Reid burning? There’s 30+ jobs bills collecting dust in the Senate because this piece of garbage won’t let them come up for a vote……and this is what he’s worried about? Stay away from the Olympics!, it’s one of the few things the federal government hasn’t screwed up.

  50. Evidently Harry Reid will go to any lengths whatever to avoid doing his job and bringing House bills to a Senate vote.

  51. I have a better idea.
    Instead of complaining about the ubiforms why doesn’t he stop our communist president from destroying what’s left of our country.

  52. There are some principles that should never be compromised. Selling out the American people to the Chinese is unforgivable.

  53. I am not one who has much love for Harry Reid as a Senator. I seldom ever agree with his actions. Today, however, I find myself in agreement with him. It is a sad commentary on our Olympic Committee to see our athletes clothed in uniforms made outside the US. This is an American Team, NOT a Chinese-American Team. We, in America have become addicted to Chinese goods. If the government would get rid of most of its ill conceived restrictions and regulations, and allow businesses to operate on a profitable platform, maybe our goods could have their rightful place on our store shelves. If the Unions would stick to worker safety and work place conditions, then companies could put in a lower wage with a profit sharing program that would benefit all employees. It is the line employees that make the goods and can determine the profitability of those items by greater production and less scrap. The higher ups may make the decisions but the worker is the one who does the work. Let the worker get the bonus, not the “big wigs” only. Unfortunately, the Unions have stifled this concept by demanding higher wages, not based on production.

  54. What about all the General Motors cars built in China?
    And now bragging how many people are back to work at GM…!
    Mostly Chinese workers…
    Harry Reid was part of the group that sent those to China.
    What a hypocritical bastard.
    And please don’t sign anything that would make Brown think we want him in office.

  55. Uniona are by definition criminal enterprises bent on destroying the industries in which they “work” . As every year since ever there are urgent calls for more money for our schools and for police and firefighters. After 45 years of the teachers’ unions’ dictatorship we have now 3 generations of illiterate nincompoops voting for that Marxist Muslim from Kenya Obama and for the eco-commies of the Democrat Party. These are simple and incontrovertible rules for all unions:
    1) Given time every union will fall into the hands of either the Mafia (less dangerous since these can be bribed) or the communists;
    2) The unions will then destroy the industry in which they “work”: see steel, automobile, textile, electronics, apparel, appliances, plumbing supplies, lighting, kitchenware, shoes, furniture, shipbuilding, tractors, construction equipment, etc. Some of these enterprises can save themselves for a time by outsourcing abroad, but government services cannot be thus saved;
    3) Government employees unions are by definition criminal conspiracies against the people, and should therefore be routinely prosecuted under the RICO Act laws. Teachers unions have brought our education from the first place in the world to the level of Zimbabwe. They “negotiate” for their salaries and perks with school boards consisting mainly of former leaders of teachers unions. As for other government employees unions see examples of Postal Service and Amtrak, thoroughly bankrupt, and in dire need for more taxpayers’ money, year after year, just like our teachers. Finally, let me mention policemen and firefighters unions perennially sucking the public teat until various city bankruptcies may one day put the end to their criminal abuses.

  56. the problem as i see it is no one is controlling the original contract with ralph lauren. no one is watching and they have the contract until 2020 or something like that? and what was the cost or the contract worth? big name to have on the uniforms. is that necessary? whose job is it to watch over the olypics contractural obligations. little late now to start looking at it as usual. don’t read the fine print like obamacare then complain after it is done.

  57. I would rather have the Chinese have jobs making uniforms or whatever in China, than to have them come to the U.S. and do the same jobs. Buy from China or wherever so those people have jobs at home.

  58. Oh my gosh!! With all the serious fiscal problems our country is facing, THIS is what Reid chooses to speak out about?? Really??

  59. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are too old for their postions, I am 77 older than both and not too old. It is unfortunate some people grow old faster than others this too obvious are a we bit batty. Anger is present in both of them, hope they are not drinkers.

  60. Please don’t forget Walmart. I won’t buy a thing there, and we AMERICANS should boycott the place.Please let’s take back America, starting from the so called top, and put him on the bottom! Amen!.

  61. That’s soooo much BS from Harry “spend & tax” Reid. He’s pretending to be mad about those Chinese uniforms. Harry, you and the Dumocrates under Clinton are the ones that pushed NAFTA and made it easy for US companies to flee overseas to China and everywhere else to get away from all the Dumocrate regulations & taxes. So the buck stops on the Dumocrates heads.

  62. Although I agree with the non-use of these uniforms, I Don’t believe Reid…its a political move during an election year for obama, since they’re so desperate. If it was any other year, Reid could care less.

  63. Trying to take credit for this, a little late and in a “copycat” fashion. The U.S. should demand payment from them for their “past due” payments incurred during previous wars!

  64. The very first free trade with Communist China destroyed the American garment making industry which was mostly centered in the Carolinas. Beware of Chinese cost or below cost marketing which is nothing more than economic warfare against the US

  65. Should I applaud, Harry??
    You would do far better if you would let the 14 bills to develop jobs that you are preventing to be voted on, come to the floor.
    Also, WHERE IS THE BUDGET THAT YOU ARE HOLDING UP?? You are killing our country.

  66. George Bush had the military uniforms made in China!!!
    Where was the outrage then????
    O I forgot it’s okay for conservative to be hypocrites!!

  67. harry is mad his depends must be riding up on him , he should sober nancy up tell her lipstick was put on in china

  68. Not only are they made in China, but they’re NOT attractive. Who wants to wear a French looking beret (not to offend our Army Green Berets – I’m a 21 yr veteran)? Looks okay for a European team, but not for us!

  69. Why don’t you burn that trillion dollars in stimulus you sent overseas to employ foreign workers too. In fact it was likely tax dollars that employed the garment factories to then sell their work back to us. Tell me Washington, are you really smarter than a fifth grader?

  70. Oh, I’m sure that patriotic Harry Reid is outraged by the foreign made olympic uniforms ! . . . You can bet your bippy if there’s anything in it for Harry, he’s all for it. . . He most likely has some “made in U.S.A.” labels waiting in the wings to switch out with the foreign labels, for a nominal fee of course ! . . . When in close proximity of a liberal, keep one hand on your wallet and the other over your booty ! . . Earplugs are optional !

  71. Diversion. In a good economy, this could be a subject. In this economy, it is bottom of the list plus nothing new. I’m doubtful we even have factories left. They went to China decades ago. Thank u Congress for the wonderful global economy and tariff situations.

  72. This is an impressively clueless analysis of the trade deficit with China, and I congratulate (I guess) Mr. Minkoff for having the courage to write about a topic he clearly doesn’t understand. How do you write about Chinese exports to the US without even referencing the “free trade” agreements rammed through by big business and a Congress corrupted same? How much American manufacturing capacity did the RINO Mitt Romney ship off to China for a pretty buck when he was at Bain? We don’t know because he has kept his personal finances a deep deep secret? How can it be the fault of America’s unions when it is they – not the Republicans certainly – that have always opposed these trade agreements and pushed BUY Ameriocan campaigns. Fewer than 7 percent of private sector workers are in unions anyway. They’re too small to be responsible for manufacturing’s abandonment of the US. They’re the victims of it. And whats this slur about American work habits. Study after study has found that American workers work more hours and are more productive than any others. Until conservatives stop scapegoating their neighbors and confront the real sources of America’s decline — the rise of this new, endlessly corrupt and utterly unpatriotic Wall Street plutocracy the country will continue its steady slide down the tubes. Occupy Wall Street gets it. Why doesn’t Michael Minsky and the Tea Party?

  73. Why is Reid mad at China??? China just made the goods that Ralph Lauren ordered… so if anyone should be blamed.. or critizied it is Ralph Lauren…. bet he is a democrat…. now isn’t that typical hypocrisy!!!!!

  74. China has been the biggest manufacturer of goods to be sold in America for years, American companys chose to have there plants over there because the labor is cheaper
    thankyou to the labor unions. This has been going on for a long time, and now during
    an election year Harry Reid seems to be so upset about it…However he is not upset
    that he has supported affordable healthcare which will take eight hundred or so billion
    dollars out of the economy and put extreme burdens on the backs of the working
    tax payers, seems ironic that he would be upset by a few uniforms made in China
    when you cannot walk into a store and find many items that are not made in China.

  75. I was purchasing some warm weather clothing at Sports Authority ! Heading to Peru to hike the Inca Trail up to Machu Picchu – half way through scanning each piece at the register , I told the clerk to STOP !! I can’t buy these !!! She asked why !! I said look at the tags !!! This garbage is made in Viet Nam !! She said , so ? I proceeded to explain I am , and two of my brothers are Viet Nam combat veterans ! We lost friends over there ! She couldn’t understand what that had to do with not purchasing these items !!
    First time ever I agree with Reid ! What a slap in the face to Americans !! I have a large fire pit – bring me the uniforms ! I’ll pay to ship them here !! Burn baby burn !!!
    At least try to buy American made products or do without !!!
    Jim – Ken – Oscar !! All paratroopers ! 173rd & 82nd Airborne ( SF also )

  76. Reid… the pot calling the kettle black. Reid and his merry band of idiots actually pointing fingers at the USOC which is a privately funded organization for making a financial decision to have the uniforms made the most cost effectively. Imagine that! Reid should look in the mirror and point his own finger at himself and the rest of Congress for chasing business out of the country for the past 30 years. All the regulations and taxes have caused this. So Harry…. go burn your house down…because you created this mess. The American people need to clean the mess up. Vote in Fiscally responsible representatives who will bring back American jobs. Americans…. we all need to tighten our belts, buy American when possible and support local commerce! It will take time but it can be done… it is called sacrifice. Sadly…’s younger generations don’t know the meaning of the word.

  77. Yep, you can put a whole lot of the blame on the unions, as well as the manufactures , because they caved to the unions and passed the cost on to the consumer. Don’t think so? Answer this, are there any unions in China?

  78. Could we include Reid in that burning? Just kidding. Is there any way to get a psychological evaluation of our leaders by an independent group? Now I am not kidding.

  79. I wonder when is the last time that Harry Reid or other politicians have actually bought something off the rack like most of the population of this country. I would make my clothes but most fabric is imported.And this has been going on for years. In what country have they lived?

  80. didn’t Obama take stimulus money for ‘family planning services’ then shut down a condom factory in the USA by ordering all the condoms from China? Stimulus money went to buy sheet rock made in another country then all those houses that were built with it had to be demolished because they were unsafe to live in? Romney is right – Obama has been the ‘Outsourcer in Chief!’ – At least the Olympics aren’t using our Tax Dollars!

  81. Annoying China and causing her to look elsewhere for markets is one thing; China has never been a friend to the United States BUT making your closest neighbour, Canada, look for new markets because of American politics is quite another. Obama’s refusal to go ahead with the north/south pipeline that would make the U.S. independent of dictatorship oil has nothing to do with liking or not liking the U.S. It’s a decision based on the political insecurity in dealing with the U.S. and the need to keep the Canadian economy as the healthiest in the world.

  82. Hey Harry, be real, you and Princess Pelosi are responsible for sooo much outsourcing, it’s rediculous. How about resigning?

  83. Hairy Reed is at again, seems like this little sour puss just cannot use decent logic to keep his foot out of his large mouth. Hairy wants o burn all the Olympic uniforms and have them remade here in the states, screw free trade, the unions deserve our biz. The unions are one of the reasons there are very few clothing manufactures still in the country, it wasn’t just that other countries undercut the cost, it was poorly constructed trade deals and a lack of union incentive to compete. Hairy is talking protectionism, this means higher cost for consumers and very likely monopolies and price fixing like in his good old days.
    The Olympic committee used private monies, there is no government funding here, not that Hairy wouldn’t like that, it gives him and his cronies a chance to pocket more of your taxes and make everything cost more, yep Ol’ Hairy is a snakes butthole that won’t leave skidmarks,and he will steal anything you leave laying around…..

  84. why don’t the smart ass stop all the junk coming from China.I DO NOT buy any thing made in China.After reading About the Walmart and China connection,there will be less trips to WAlly World.And stop manufactories from going to China.
    You that are elected to take care of us and our country are sure doin a PISSY-ASS job.

  85. you come home and your child is standing in your living room with a pile of brand new clothes on the floor…gas can in hand, lighter at the ready.

    he’s not wanting to burn the clothes because they were produced using slave labor, or that they’re infested with bed bugs or where made using known carcinogens, or even that they’re poorly made and won’t last…

    nope, there is nothing wrong with the clothes

    …this child wants to burn the clothes because heshe just doesn’t like where they’re made. and he/she wants to turn around and buy new ones…on credit.

    now, remind yourself…YOU paid for this great pile of clothes the first time around…with money YOU don’t have…on credit.

    regardless of whether or not you love this child…what should should you do…besides get more involved in what you’re little brat is up to…

  86. While we’re burning those uniforms, why not throw Harry and Nancy on it to keep it going, since they’re nothing but a couple of bottom-feeding phonies themselves!

  87. Before being burned all progs in the Senate, House, White House and staffs, anyone supportive of the prog agenda shall be required to wear one chinese made Olympic uniform when reporting to the bonfire assembly area. Might as well kill two birds with one stone…LOL. Ridding America of a group of anarchists/traitors and their agenda.

  88. Hey Harry, we will burn those uniforms as soon as the Senate passes a budget and votes on the repeal of you rediculous Obamacare Tax.

  89. Our politicians have sold our nation down the river for generations now to the point of creating loop holes in all regulations for corporations via NAFTA, which also instituted the largest and fastest outsourcing of jobs and business than any other situation or program in United States history, so why should we expect the people representing the nation itself to wear anything BUT communist slave-labor clothing?

  90. I’m afraid it is too late to get rid of the silly-looking foreign-made Olympics uniforms, with the opening ceremonies impending. Did the committee and the athletes not get a “modeling session” where they got to approve the look earlier when something should be done.. Our athletes deserve to look American, not like a wannabee American tourist on a yacht in the Greek isles or France. The blazers look hot and they resemble Mr. Howell from Gilligan’s Island. Caps don’t look as much like berets as they do some foreign army unit in full-dress ready to parade. The girls’ outfit looks like some English private girls’ school on a school outing to a museum. Why our athletes would buy into wearing berets mystifies me. I can’t think of a single male I know who would enjoy that look and actually purchase and wear one of those things. Can we at least get rid of the hats before the opening?? And let’s be careful who we select to design the athletic wear for the next big event, because this misses the mark completely. I want to say that I recall our athletes walking the track in very upscale jogging suits and possibly even ball caps, or maybe that was at the closing? Does anyone remember? They looked American. U.S.A., U.S.A.
    It kind of looks as if other posters are addressing some other topic; I’m writing about the uniforms for Olympians being made in China and looking un-American in style.

  91. Oh my! The insincere ragings of an insincere man! I don’t recall Harry protesting while ohter American jobs were being herded overseas to China – I don’t recall reading about Harry protesting the fact that GE is closing down plants to relocate to CHINA … WHERE is the ‘outrage’ on that one? Harry is just another LIbtard puke trying to ‘make nice’ during the political season! I don’t believe anything coming out of these liberals mouths – especially when what we’re hearing NOW is the total opposite of what they’ve been spewing for the last 3 ½ years!

  92. I have a better idea. Let’s send Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and, to be inclusive, Nancy Pelosi to China and let’s burn them there!!! Their out-of-control spending is causing this country to borrow money from China; our biggest creditor. As a result of this, China has an extraordinary influence our our country’s economic future. It is imperative that we get out from under this influence.

  93. I could live with that suggestion, so long as they throw Harry on top…

    Chicago Mafia + communism = “Democrat”

  94. We need to be calling for Reid’s removal from Senate, unless he wants to spend his time creating and passing a budget for the American people, which he has failed to do for 3 plus years. He is in contempt of not performing his duties for the American people. Ridiculous him wasting his time on this uniform stuff. If he would spend time preserving jobs in the US, we wouldn’t need to ship clothing to be manufactured overseas. Let’s get back to basics, first things first, 2nd things not at all. First things should be is his state should vote Reid out of office.

  95. Scary I agree with Dumb Nuts Reid , we should burn them with Reid in the middle !
    Most things should be made in America , Like President ?

  96. That’s American Captialism at it’s finest.Sell out your own country to make a buck.That is why Communist China economy was booming and America’s went in the dumbs.Most of our industry move to china for cheap labor and big profits with little human right’s regulations.Are any kind of air or water regulation’s. Or labor right’s.

  97. What needs to happen, is no more of this stupid-stunt reaction, and pass some law that all purchases made for the gov’t of the USA must be made from a Made in the USA company…the Olympics are an international competition. It is my understanding that the US teams are not supported by the gov’t in any way, shape or form. If they can save a buck and have the extra money go toward training, then so be it. I still think teams representing the USA should logically wear uniforms made in the USA, but my opinion isn’t important. This just seems like a political stunt designed to ingratiate Reid to the masses. Problem is most people with think it’s real and great, and not get it for what it really is. Designed to be more fluff. Can’t wait for the time when our reps actually do something good for the country and it’s citizens.

  98. Raymond! Holy cat fish!! I’ve never, ever seen anything close to that except
    for an all volunteer drum/percussion team that performed in England in the
    “Tattoo,” annual program. Most of it was bagpipe & drum corps. Totally
    awesome. Further, I don’t believe you’d post as you do if it were not the
    truth. You wouldn’t have so many folks agreeing with you! 🙂 Thanks again
    for the insight into a spectacular Marine performance!!

  99. Perhaps the only time or one of the few times I agree with this Liberal. I think the designer of these uniform who allowed these uniforms t to be made in China should be fired and banned from ever making uniforms for our athletes. He ought to have known better. He showed poor judgement.

  100. So, now that we’ve spent the money – do you really think China gives whoop if you burn them? Who’s going to make them in the US – or will they be made in Britain where labor and cloth is more expensive. IF the Socialist Democrat Harry Reid had been truly interested – they would have been manufactured in the US to start with. Way to go Harry – how much more of OUR money do you want to waste?

  101. Double standard as usual for Harry, complain because the Olympic Team is wearing China made clothing while defending the guy that gave the auto companies aid when niether the Unios or upper management of those companies were willing to sacrifice anything

  102. Since when did Reid and the Democrats care about patriotism and American jobs? Give me a break. This reeks of election-year gimmickry.

  103. This just struck me funny…Harryass Reid wanting to burn uniforms made in China by a company that is probably either OWNED, CO-OWNED or INVESTED IN by Madamn La Pelosi’s husband who keeps her in fancy panties by dealing with China. Irony? Political cannibalism or downright betrayal within the Commie/Socialist ranks???

  104. I’m floored that Reid got something right. Is he okay? Does he need to see a doctor?

    More important, this should outrage EVERY American, liberal or conservative or in-between. To be sold out to another country and at their whim as to whether they could bull the plug on our economy or not — especially a country where freedom is highly limited and humanitarian abuses dwarf every problem in this country — that’s deplorable.

    We are a sold out country. It’s really high treason that ALL our government officials let it get to the place that our economic health is dependent on the whims of a communist totalitarian nation. What a travesty. The Founding Fathers are turning over in their graves.

    We need a completely new government — not system, just replace all the people with non-politicians, with statesmen and stateswomen who serve the public interest because the love America more than money.

    All our officials, Romney and Obama and all their cronies, are all sold out to the Almighty dollar. Money is more important than individual liberty and freedom.

    Where are the patriots and statesmen? I’d go serve in a heartbeat, but I don’t have the money or wherewithal to beat these greedy politicians.

    We are doomed unless something drastic happens. As much as I don’t like Ron Paul personally, we need something as drastic as a Ron Paul to happen to this country.

    Dear God, help us!

  105. Click on Sunset’s avatar – the one that looks like it was ripped from some old 60’s anti-war site and read some of this poor soul’s threads – guess what… yup you guessed it. Just imagine any liberal left progressive stance and he/she’s there. Someone below responded to Sunset “you live in a cave?”. It appears Sunset does indeed live in a cave. It’s a big cave where liberal progressives hide from reality and sniff Obama zombie dust. Outside that cave are the things they fear like us, responsibility, solid objects – they prefer the nebulous and malleable – logic, reason, truth – unless it’s a “truth” they made up or heard in the leftstream media. It’s a scary, scary, world. No wonder they love Obama. Uh huh, and Jim Jone’s followers loved ol’ reverend Jim too – there’s just no tellin’.
    As for Hairy Reid that prck has nothing to say. I know a nice stretch of wall that is perfect for him. He can stand in front of it… you fill in the rest.

  106. Not everybody gets to help ruin a country and get paid for it the rest of their life!! This man is insane–look at his eyes! He doesn’t mind sending jobs to China so what the H+++ is he talking about?

  107. What’s the matter with Harry Reid? Did he forget whose side he usually on? The other Deomocrats will think he’s gone senile!

  108. I demand that the Democraps in the senate be put in a pile and burned. Think of the rope and bullets we would save.

  109. MR
    OBAMA SIR! Will you kindly explain to the American people about the
    excecutive order that you signed on the farm and agricultural industry
    in our country? About how you can walk in to any farm in this country
    and confiscate their crops, equipment, and property…if you feel the
    need! Will you explain the UN Arms treaty you are about to sign…which
    will give the United Nations control over who
    can buy, sell or own guns in this country? And please explain to them
    about the grandfather clause with the obamacare…and how even if you
    like your healthcare plan…if your employer makes any changes in order
    to save money…or to make insurance better…they will lose the right
    to provide their employees with insurance? Speak up SIR…America is not
    hearing you! Trust me sir…we are not stupid! We see the writing on
    the wall! Your deceit…your desperation…your contempt for freedom is
    now being realized Sir. And in November…The American people will right
    a new page in history! The darkest days in America will come to a close
    on election day…and you will ride a train, or a plane, or a bus back
    to Chicago…if they will have you? At that time you will know that this
    great country will not be overtaken by the likes of you and your greedy
    self serving, powermonger, worship me kind of politic’s! We are a free
    nation Sir! God granted us that…our forefathers fought and died for
    that…And by God we will continue living like that in the future! Your
    dream for you and your idiotic policy’s will die on election day! You
    Sir are in a world that true American people are not behind…YOU HAVE
    FAILED US! Your belief that Black Americans, Latinos, and poor people
    want you to own them has blown up in your face! What every true human
    being in this country wants is the right to choose how they live their
    live’s…without your approval! We decide as intelligent people how we
    live our lives and how we take care of our families! The Lord Jesus
    Christ…who died on the cross to save us…gave us that right Sir! And
    you will not take that away from us! This began as…has been…and
    always will be the GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH! And if you think you are
    the man to take us down SiR…you are sadly mistaken! Yes Mr OBAMA…I
    am but one man…but I am sure that most people are feeling what I feel!
    So enjoy your stay in my White house now Sir…because…I promise you

  110. Actually, there seems to be some dementia problems with Mr. Harry Reid. Bizarre comments like this indicates that he needs to hang up his hat and start focussing on his retirement. These incidents seem to be increasing. For someone who contributes to incrasing debt financed by China, he neds to watch his diarrhea of the mouth.

  111. Thats harry again burn the uniforms, But its ok to spend the stimules money in forieign countries. ONLY IN AMERICA Harry is crazy

  112. reid is grandstanding. He doesn’t mean a word. He and the fraud is selling our country out to muslims, mexicans, and any other anti American groups and he cares about where the Olympic uniforms are made? folk don’t buy it. He just refused to have a vote on the appeal of the worse abortion ever created in DC and he is worried about this issue?

  113. Ir is must another “Smoke and Mirror” diversion by the democrats, communist and harry.
    If they can divert attention away from the real problem they hope to stay in power. The
    problem is credit is to easy to acquire and as we are seeing daily people are either filing
    bankruptcy or defaulting on loans. Because of the expansion of debt by credit and our
    “Got to have it now” mentality perpetuated by the banking industry we have put our selves in
    peril of financial ruin around the world and especially here at home. There was a time
    when you could get credit or put an item on lay away at a store, when you paid off your tab
    you got the item. Worked very well for everyone and there were few who defaulted on
    their credit. If you has done business with a company or store for a long time and proven
    you were trustworthy you got store credit. Then here comes Visa, Citibank and other
    credit care companies who saw a chance to make million in interest and penalties if you did
    not pay off you debt in a specific time. They gave limits that would take years to pay off
    if you ever pay them off. Most debt were set for 5 year pay offs if you did not add new
    debt and paid the minimum. Rotsa ruck with that charlie, the own you till the grave and
    beyond in some cases now days. If you do not pay off the debt then it in many cases
    falls upon your survivors or family members.

  114. I have no love of ‘MADE IN CHINA’ goods and always try to buy American products. It does gall me though, to agree with anything that moron Reid has to say, or anyone else in this silly administration of clowns..

  115. Yes,let’s. Burn those uniforms, but for Gods sake lets not drill here for oil. Let’s keep giving our money to the middle east for that!

  116. This commie pinko creep has it all wrong and is a disgrace in the senate leadership. Who cares about burning uniforms when there is so much more important work to get done, like repealing Obamacare. What a dolt!

  117. Harry Ried is simply trying to transfer blame away from Obama’s policies and his failed administration onto something /someone (China) we can all easily decide to hate, as they are ‘external’ to us. His tactic is a diversion.

    If we consumers had to rely on American manufacturing for basic things we need or want, especially union-made products, our purchasing expenses would skyrocket.

    If you hate the thought of supporting China — our nation’s largest fiscal underwriter — then make the personal decision to not buy any Chinese-made goods. But if you want variety, quality, and good prices, you WILL have to deal with foreign-made goods.

  118. I’m sorry but i have to disagree. The mere thought of our Olympic Team having to wear uniforms made in China sickens me. I’d just as soon irritate the Chinese and burn them. They aren’t going to get too excited about it as the US still buys an abundance of things from them and they don’t want to jeapardize that. They need our money so they can loan it back to us at a nice rate of interest. I do not trade at Wal-Mart anymore and I try to buy made in the USA whenever possible. I think everybody should.

  119. I don’t think the made in China tag is as bad as the design by ralph lauren (which stinks) and the ralph lauren logo in place of the USA Team logo. The beret and cut of the jacket look more French than American and what is wrong with a cowboy hat. At least that is something that can be associated with the USA. I wouldn’t buy any part of the outfit as a souvenir because none of it says USA Team and it is too da** expensive.

  120. I stand behind Harry the Rat in this call though I demand that he be tied to a stake in the middle of the pile before we light it. Also, I think we need to include Pelousy Galore to get the proper stench in the air that would befit this occasion.

  121. What an A-Hole Harry Reid is……he finds nothing wrong with with China buying ourTreasury bonds, Nothing wrong with GM building Buicks in China, nothing wrong with Starbucks opening 400 stores in China. and the most disgusting thing of all, China is making parts for out some of our military contracts…Makes you puke..!

  122. Lookl!!!! America is flat ass broke!!!!! There is no gold in Fort knox. The money they are printing is air money. There is nothing backing it up BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING TO BACK IT UP. Its worthless. If China calls in their debt right now we could not pay it. They can do all the job promising they want while they strut like barnyard kings, it aint gonna help because they cannot get of this run away train. Look to be using the yuan real soon. The all mighty dollar is going the way of the Titantic because my friends that’s what our politicians are pushing for; the death of American currency. China’s buying up all the gold in the world so their yuan will be the number one currency. They are also buyng up lots of American land. How did this happen, and why?

  123. I wish China WOULD call in it’s debt. This Federal Govt is so corrupt and incompetent that only a collapse and complete do-over will fix the mess they have made of things for the long term. Turn off all the spigots of wasted taxdollars. Maybe it will teach the terminally stupid and govt deadbeat dependents to stop voting for the same inept crooks over and over again. We need a do-over.

  124. Poor Harry. This guy is so old he can barely hang on to a podium without falling over when he wants to babble. I don’t know where his burst of energy came from to burn olympic uniforms, and show some patriotism, but I would really prefer he save his bursts of energy to come up with a budget. Its a cry’n shame he is trying to copy the chimp in the wh by showing so little patriotism.

  125. Harry Reid should be promoted to the Speaker of the House for a day for making at least one statement that America could be proud of. He might be a screwball and a far left leaning Liberal Mormon but on this one My hat is off to the him. Even though we share the same religion, which by the way is typically far right hardcore Conservative, I can’t applaud Harry enough on this one issue.

    However we should follow up immediately with everything else we wear and burn it then move on to cars, computers TVs even food. Yes that’s right yesterday while Grocery Shopping I picked up a package of vegetables and just happened to notice a Chin symbol and when I turned over the package of veggies, sure enough right there on the back, “Produced and packaged by gibberish China.” Needless to say, I left the package right there on the shelf. I looked at my wife and said, **** even our food is coming from China now.

  126. burning the clothes does not fix the problem, the payment was already made-and now tax payers will probably have to pay 2 x for something taht should never had happen.

    what you need is common sense in govt, organizations and all levels! is that so hard to ask?
    Ignorant fools who run these organizations don’t have a brain but keep their jobs-juts like govt they promote the ignorant. Like the person who talked about Burning!

  127. It is an unbelievably painful experience to find myself in agreement with Sen. Harry Reid. But I agree with those who support a re-make by Americans of the official clothing for our athletes in the Olympics opening ceremonies. The task, itself, is evidently not a problem, as I understand that there are various suppliers here in America who say that they can do the job. And while I realize that re-outfitting our Olympics athletes with MADE-IN-THE-USA uniforms will probably not have an overwhelming impact on our trade-imbalances with China, nor will it likely solve our U.S. unemployment problem (which is actually solving itself these days, with most of our former workforce now transitioning to welfare subsistence and food-stamps..), there is still a symbolic element nonetheless.

  128. Okay! Burn the China-made Olympic uniforms. And while you’re at it, have ALL the Congresspersons burn ALL their own foreign-made clothing. If you’re going to support American businesses, start at the top and lead by example.

  129. I received a letter from the Olympic Commitee asking for a donation. I complyed. I received as thanks, aside from many more letters asking for donations, some self-addressed stickers not enough glue to paste them to an envelope. On the sheet of stickers were the words: Made in China.
    Now I wonder, where is Reid’s and his Democratic fellows party mantra in their concern for those “downtrodden” when he would sooner burn a pile of clothes than to give them to those who have none? What of the environmental concequences? Doesn’t the EPA have anything to say about Reid’s statement? Gee Whizz! The far reaching outcome on global warming, melting ice caps, the extinction of polar bears, oh my!

  130. Beware of liberal trolls using names of patriots ! They are not registered users, and are likely all the same piece of trash! George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklins names have been used here by this ot these eneimies of the Republic, liberal trash to spout lies in the name of our forefathers! That is how sick these psychopathological extremist are!

  131. Old Harry just NOW says he is mad because these uniforms are made in China and not America? I DO agree that we should make these uniforms, and a lot of other goods in America if The Democrats would go along with “right to work” states to make American goods without the union label, maybe we could compete with China and other nations.

  132. Harry needs to just sit down and shut his mouth because all he does is cause trouble when he speaks. Then he needs to let the Repeal vote go forward. He doesn’t listen to his average people, NONE of them/us want that “cotton picking,” piece of crap. Yes the system needs to be fixed, but you don’t scrap it and start all over. Any normal person would fix the problem one piece at a time. So now is the time to get rid of Reid, Pelosi, Obama and the rest of the over paid, sleepy, people taking up a piece of space and doing nothing but lining their pockets with our money. No body should be there over two terms PERIOD!

  133. Reid, Obama, Pelosi, Rangle.Boxer and Maxine Waters and all the rest of these liberal morons should be put in prison for what they have done to America. They could start making the uniforms for the Olympics and America. This would teach then what a real American worker does for a living instead of the BS that comes out of Washington. Patriotic my behind, Harry Reid!!!!!

  134. ” If it can transfer enough of its exports to countries other than the United States, there is no doubt it will have no reason to prop up the American dollar or the American economy anymore.”

    Not going to happen. Even if they ever get that greater share of Japan, Korea (where I live), Europe, etc., the US will still be a major chunk. When you have 1.3 billion people to worry about, you don’t go and deliberately tank a major market for your products.

    Americans should read more global political and economic news. The truth is that much of East Asia is tiring of China’s bullying and more and more are seeking out goods elsewhere. And if the dollar ever were to tank, hey would rush to buy the US’s newly cheap exports.

  135. Is Dingy Harry aware that Ralph Lauren gives big bucks to the Democrat Party? LOL Go ahead, Harry, burn those uniforms, then ask Lauren for another major contribution to your party, and see what he has to say.

  136. I agree with Harry Reid and the uniform’s should be burned but this coming from him is somewhat of a surprise since he is as anti American as Obama and as dangerous or almost as is Pelosi

  137. Harry Reid and the rest of the decrepid old professional politicians — be they Democrats or Republicans — who have managed to stay in office for three, four, five and six terms are the very ones who have spent our nation ino bankruptcy. Where was Harry when the Chinese were allowed to ship goods into our country with no reciprocity? Now he voices outrage because. the Chinese manufactured our Olympic uniforms. How pathetic.

  138. As if he’s never worn anything made out of this Country before, give me a break. Who the hell’s he tryin to impress? Sure as hell isn’t me. I can think of immigrants that worked in our local shirt factories and they didn’t mind wearing American clothes. Sounds as if Mr. Reid may be “just a tad” predjustice, ya think? But then again I guess all of those stuff shirted Dumocrats in Office feel that way,

  139. Harry is trying to act like he really cares. He does not. He wants everyone to focus on things such as uniforms for the Olympics and not the tyranny going on in this country. While I feel they truly should have made the uniforms in America (absolutely!), he should contact his buddy and big supporter of obama who gives him a ton of money for his campaigns because he is the one behind all of that. When this came out someone could have made the uniforms quickly to get them to our wonderful athletes in this country! What I would do now is just get our American ingenuity going here and get our athletes outfitted in American outfits. But no that would be too hard for Harry to think of. He is to busy trying to fog the issue. And you know what while I am on this subject, that is wasteful burning clothes. Give them to GoodWill or to someone in need. Oh I forgot, Harry loves to use other people’s money no matter! Typical of this group of people who are trying to undermine our Constitution and the American people, and our beloved country. Watch out Harry!!! Remember the Boston tea party all those years ago. Our relatives and friends came from those very people who left England because they were tired of government taxing us to death. Well, Harry guess what!!! Get ready. The patriots are coming. God bless America land that I love! PS: For those wanting to pounce on this, I am not a member of the tea party, but I hold their ideas as absolutely needed! They have this country totally in their heart and soul.

  140. Harry Reid has an ulterior motive behind this. I trust him as much as I trust obama, and that in way down in the minus column

  141. I guess mr reid forgot that the USA bought computer chips for our defense units from China. Is he going to burn them as well? I understand that our security may have been compromised with these chips. I would hope that he spends his time on bringing all the House passed bills to a vote and to pass an overdue budget as well. The olympic uniforms are none of his business. He has a plate full now if he would just do what he should do.

  142. Harry Reid should be the last person on earth to say a word about made in China. he has spent his entire political life shredding the Constitution, selling out to the NWO, OPEC, Bunny huggers, and any other Bed-wetting commie pinko group that would vote for his progressive liberal treasonous rhetoricial level the playing field crap.

  143. Really? Harry Reid has a problem buying from China? He is a Communist himself, now all of a sudden he is against buying from them ? It’s like ten years too late to finally wake up to that one. Harry should clean his closet up before he starts slinging mud.

  144. What happened to Harry’s one world order? Does that not include buying from others. Can’t we all just get along. One world government you know . I guess Harry does not know how to play well with others. After selling our country to China , and snubbing the American people he should just be quiet . We are tired of his mouth.

  145. The only thing Harry “Sourpuss” Reid actually cares about is his post as Senate leader. If he wants to burn those uniforms he can foot the bill along with his girlfriend Pelosi. both of them will never know or understand what hits them when they meet their maker. Their greed is their demise.

  146. Harry Reid should be doing something about the budget that he’s been blocking for 3 years. Remember the budget, Harry? Yes.The one mandated by law that you’ve been sitting on. Does that make you a criminal, Harry?

  147. I think he’s right ! But then I heard that Chinese uniform makers suggested that we burn Hary Reid instead, I’m still thinking about it.

  148. Remember it’s an election year, and Harry is playing Joe patriotic, but does nothing in the Senate to help this country. China is a trading country and has been a communist country, that represses it people behind closed doors. In public, they have taken US wealth and
    have shown that they too can ride in high end cars and start shipping all the bicycles to
    USA. Where’s Harry when it comes to getting out of the way. I’ll tell you where he is.
    backing the textile unions for votes. Those same unions that have cheapen American made clothing in quality, but have made them very expensive in price because of union rules. Where was Harry when the truth needs to come to light. He hiding in the dark like a snake. The Chinese finance minster receives a call from Tim Gethner every Monday morning asking the Chinese to take more debt. Someday he will call and the communist
    will ask for the keys to the front door. Can you imagine how much the Chinese know about the natural resources, lumber, mineral rights and oil rights that exist in the natural U.S. government controlled lands. Tim Geithner has been offering them as co- lateral to
    extend our debt. Harry get out the way, retire.

  149. Superficial actions seem to be the left’s specialty.

    Burning the Olympic Uniforms for simply being made in China would do nothing to prevent the replacement uniforms from being made in China, or Bangladesh, or Egypt, or take your pick of foreign nation.

    True reforms, such as lowering our corporate tax rates, decreasing the size of our government, balancing the budget (to free up capital for lending to businesses) are meaningful reforms that might do something.

    Strangely, the reforms that might result in something positive are the very things that Reid and all Liberals oppose.

  150. But it was ok when Dirty Harry got 100s of millions for supposed shovel ready jobs for freeways and especially the bus ways and bus stations through Las Vegas and accessible sidewalk crossings that were supposed to employ American CITIZENS – 7 out of 10 workers were illegal aliens, false and stolen IDs, no verification process nor did they care and plently of citizens would have been overjoyed to have had those jobs AT HALF THE WAGES DIRTY HARRY made sure was paid illegal workers.

  151. Sure wish Harry Reid would get fired up about pulling Obamacare out by it’s roots like he does with the U.S. Olympic uniforms. Then this nation would be back on the right track.

  152. The American people forget that China made million of cheap stuffs to sell to the US, but the early of this year or late last year, China bought $ 268 million or billions for US air planes (Boeing). The picture of Odumbo smiles and claimed that he made the sale. Come on..millions of $1 products from China for only one left wing of Boeing, have to be over $ 20 millions of $1 products in exchange of 1 Boeing…America is already win..why still complaining,, Next time, China might want to buy Air Bus from Europe to help American buy only Americans…

  153. According to an AP article, Reid, Pelosi, and three other Democrats were outraged to find that our Olympic uniforms were made in a foreign country.
    It doesn’t bother them that their president was, too!

  154. Well, guess ‘ol Harry’s dementia is as advanced as first thought—best idea he’s come up with in years!
    How stupid is the Olympic organizer that didn’t check out where the uni’s were made! May just be the consequence of our failed education system—someone given high responsibility & yet isn’t smart enough to figure out a simple task!

  155. Harry Reid has no conception of costs “burn them, we have lots of taxes from the fools we represent”. These people in congress should all be fired without pensions or health care since they have fouled up America while enriching themselves and Harry Reid leads the crumby bunch.

  156. Great article and right spot on. We have to de-regulate the USA and Drop Excessive Taxation and allow our manufacturers to operate in the USA and make a profit, and end our foreign entanglements with the UN, NATO, and other International Organizations that is Aimed At Destroying the USA. And, we have to get Rid Of The Harry Reid’s, Nancy Pelosi’s, Barack Obama’s and other Democrats and Republicans who have more Loyalty To Themselves and Their Personal Power and Wealth, and replace them with True American Patriots who love the USA and Our Constitution more than they Love Power and Wealth.

  157. I can’t believe that I would actually agree with that old toad, but for once I do, up to a point. Even tho the uniforms and Olympic money comes from private sources and not taxpayers, (other countries do fund their Olympians with gov’t money), I think it is a giant insult to have uniforms made in any other country. Period. And that includes the years they were made by Canada!! We are going to an international event to show our pride and ability and to represent the USA! We have fine seamstresses here, all over this country. Why in the name of he!! would we want to show up with uniforms made someplace else? It screams that we can’t even dress ourselves. And we are supposed to be a world leader?? The Olympic committee should be drowned in letters of protest. And every company or individual who contributed $ should be protesting. This is not only an insult to us, but also to our fine textile workers who are jobless, clothing manufacturers here (the few left), and the althetes themselves being stuck with foreign made crap. There is plenty of time for new uniforms to be made here in thise country by talented hard working Americans. And by God I bet you could find volunteers who’d even take it on just so we could hold our heads up high when our Athletes walk in to that opening ceremony! What a freaking insult!!

  158. Absolutely ridiculous. The athletes will be wearing Nike uniforms in their events made in Viet Nam. The only shoe manufacturer currently making shoes in the USA is New Balance. The Trans Pacific Agreement will put them out of business in one year. You will be able to count on hand (at most) the number of athletes outfitted in New Balance shoes.

  159. Good article, good points. Plus, since our money was used to pay for those uniforms, burning them is like burning our money. We’ll have to then buy more uniforms to replace them and spend more money on the new ones because they are made by overpaid union dolts!

  160. Honest to God true story. My daughter just enlisted in the US Army at the vero beach fl recruitment office. they had boxes of water bottles that have the current army slogan on them which they give away. on the box under the us army watter bottle printing was printed made in China

  161. findly something I can agree with Reed. What is the matter with us? We have lost our country, better wake up before it’s competly gone.

  162. Reallllllllly? The same people making it impossible to manufacture even simple goods like clothing and outsourcing our jobs to foreign nations is complaining about athletic uniforms made in china !???! What a crock! And I wonder where that American flag was manufactured. By the way, they look like Europeans in those berets, but anything that separates us from our heritage is fine by the control freaks known as the govt!

  163. I wrote to Ralph Lauren/Polo and told them how I felt about our uniforms being made off-shore and they replied “they are designed in the US”, like that is suppose to make it OK. I think the organization that decided and selected the China made goods should be fired or told what not to do next time, if they haven’t figured it out yet. Next, we need to start in November by electing a new government and decrease our dependency on China. “IF” China ever recalled their loan, it would lead to a war between our two countries.
    Raymond, you are kind of funny but you are using old stuff that has been on the internet for years. Come up with some new stuff and stick to the subject at hand.

  164. I’m sure we won’t hear a peep from Harry when china buys Hawker Beechcraft and starts manufacturing our aircraft , military and commercial. Or, now that the most anti-American administration in memory has given the green light for china to acquire natural gas rights, or purchase American banks, Harry should be able to sleep well at night! OUTRAGEOUS! Stop this gang of thieves!

  165. Harry Reid is justifiably angry about the olympic uniforms being made in China.
    Now, for a real big fire let’s throw in the uniforms of the Nevada casino workers and all the colleges in the state.
    The global economy has sucked away the American manufacturing industry due to lower wages paid in other countries thereby reducing costs of manufacturers.
    Now that the impact outsourcing has on the American workforce is coming to the attention of many people, we may perhaps get some attention from legislators like Harry Reid that goes
    beyond asking for a bonfire.

    • Pricing apparently was not an issue. The blazers alone were at over US$ 600.00 a piece. Someone made a FORTUNE in this deal, and it was not AMERICA.

  166. Our local criminal Harry Reid depends on his union thugs to fill the voting machines with phony votes, as he did the last time 4 years ago. So let us burn those Olympic uniforms that were produced at $5/hour and replace them with union-made ones at $35/hour (with $5 of which will go to Reid’s re-election).

  167. Harry Reid is the biggest joke in the Democratic party. I hope they vote his sorry ass out in the next election, whenever that is.

  168. The problem being that U.S. owes Communist China so much money that now Obama is making sure Communist China gets repaid. (frenchy Uniforms) I think Utah is getting their fair share of Communist China within their borders. It’s Pay Back Time. Like it or not, this is how our president is doing it with Communist China!

  169. What does Harry Reid think about giving Brazil $147 Million each and every year because to avoid an international court he and his cronies gave that as a concession to Brazil when it claimed that our monetary support of our cotton farmers damaged Brazil farmers. I think we should have burned the court document from Brazil but evidently Harry Reid thought it was best to give away taxpayer money to a foreign country rather than fight to keep them out of our country’s business. Why aren’t we suing Brazil for their price supports of orange juice which hurts our grove owners? Of that’s because it’s just us that would be affected and he shows he believes that we all have too much money and the government needs to just take it from us, nowhere else.

  170. Dingy, Dirty, Harry Reid is a fool! If he is so worried about the olympic uniforms, why is he not concerned about all of the U. S. flags? Yes, Old Glory has been being made in China for years, not to mention all of the military boots they make for our soldiers. This old goat should be placed in an assisted living facility.

  171. Now, isn’t that just like our government to design the uniforms, put out the bid, pay for the manufacturing and then look at where it came from?? Ready, fire, aim!!! Sure, let’s burn them all and spend some more money on Olympic Uniforms!!!

  172. what a sanctimonious old swine Reid is, by shouting empty words about burn the uniforms, when he is part and parcel of the major problems we have the in the country today. Too little too late Reid – shut your piehole and crawl back under your rock. The rot has set in and thats that. As long as Americans want to spend their money on cheap stuff from China – so long will this country not have factories and jobs. Need I say that Walmart is also part of the cancer. WAKE UP AMERICA

  173. i would say harry should be worrying about other things more so then this. like jobs,gas prices, and maybe even a buget.

  174. It should be against the law for a foreign country (China) to make American flags, uniforms, or anything else that stands for America. Do we make Chinese flags, their uniforms, the songs, etc? Do you think any other country would allow us to do the same? No they wouldn’t! It’s a disgrace for sure. That would be like China creating our Constitution….Heaven forbid!!!

  175. How about the computer chips in our military weapons made in China. Also some of our army uniforms are made in China. Seems to me that HR should take care of his job and vote on some of the bills passed by the House beforse he critisises the Olympics which is not a goverment organization. And also how about the outsourcing the feds do with electric cars made overseas. GE makes light bulbs in China after the incandecent light bulbs are banned in the USA.

  176. What is more troubling than the “Made in China” label, is the 4 inch
    POLO logo prominently displayed on the jackets of these uniforms.
    Nothing about these uniforms suggests that these athletes represent the
    United States of America. They aren’t even red, white and blue (with
    the possible exception of a little red in the tie/scarf, if you look for
    it). Are we too ashamed of the United States to display a large USA or
    flag on the pocket? Even the Olympic rings would be better than a huge
    POLO add for Ralph Lauren. Or is that the point? Maybe these athletes
    are representing the nation of Lauren and not the United States.

    And then Harry Reid — he of the NO BUDGET will pass my Senate. “Burn
    them and start all over.” Spoken like a true Democrat with no concern
    about the costs of such an act. Too bad he can’t see the wisdom of “burn them and start over” applied to the 2700+ pages of Obamacare.

  177. Made in China aside, I have seen ONE photo of the uniforms, where a group of guys and gals are standing and wearing berets. Those uniforms are UGLY. And the berets, even uglier. Makes our athletes look like a bunch of grade schoolers in the school yard.

  178. He should look in his closet and he will find that most if not all of his clothes are not made in the U.S. He should not be such a hypocrite>

  179. Americans call for a Harry Reid tar and feathering – the man is a disgrace to our Constitution, refusing to pass a budget so the $$$ calls go to Bozo – Harry Reid, slime extreme – Demorats are despicable.

  180. Harry Reid is a do nothing POS. He’s as American as German Chocolate Cake. These uniforms have been outsourced for many Olympics. Why is he so angry now? This is political pandering by a pro.

    He is also blocking the Obamacare vote in the senate. He is a cancer on our society. He should be removed from office ASAP.

    This isn’t the first Olympic games where the uniforms were made out of the USA. Harry the weasel and nancy the running-back were both in congress in 2004. Not a peep from these phonies. This is a smoke screen for a failed president and congress.

  181. Please join me. I am calling for Harry and the other Democrats to be put in a pile and burned.
    Hey Harry, you Jerk! This is the results of the Service Economy you said would be so great back in the nineties. Everything is made in China now, no American jobs.
    Of course there are two things we make here. Chinese Food and Debt!

  182. For once, I totally agree with Reid on something. I also want to burn the bastards who placed this order. This is a total disgrace to this country–just like the statue of MLK that was carved in China by a bozo who did statues of Mao. That abomination should be blow to pieces along with asshole who commissioned it. Where is your outrage on this, Black America???

  183. How quaint, first on your list after China is labor unions… Well let me tell you a secret, our PROBLEM IS the HARRY REIDS of the world! We USED to have a national law on the books forbiding the purchase of ANY foreign goods for US Government consumption with the sole exception being if no domestic product was available. Had this law STILL been on the books instead of being removed by the Democrats, our Economy would have been bolstered by the past 11 years of war efforts. Now we import our military uniforms,and most of our supplies. The Problem we face is ignorant self serving politicians and the stupid people who elect and re=elect them time and again. A perfect cause and call for term limits… and IQ tests prior to votor registration.
    As for China liquidating our debt? WRONG. it will not lead to hyper-inflation. That’s a bankers excuse. Whoever would pick up the debt wouldnt gat any more back than China would have if they held it, and Our Nation’s leaders could easily tell the outside concerns the debt is null and void. As for CORPORATE debt? too bad… LIQUIDATE. It would RETURN OUR Economy to a production level economy rather than the service based economy which has been strangling our people since the Democrats started screwing with corporate taxes, jacking them up to the highest level anywhere on the face of the planet. It all comes full circle to the tax and spend ideology of the ignorant and the democrat. AND IT HAS GOT TO STOP NOW!

  184. How about burning those campaign buses, Obama is touring in. You know the ones built in Canada. Guess he couldn’t trust the UAW to do it right???

  185. Dingy Harry should burn all of his suit, shirts, ties, pants and underwear that were not made in America. Of course that would leave him naked. That’ll make you toss your breakfast!

  186. Reid has to the most contradicting person in congress. He loves giving our jobs to China, and he makes a remark like this. The man is out of his mind. Of course the uniforms should be burnt after they take a crap in them.

  187. For anyone who read the article it is obvious that the matter is more complicted than a few uniforms. If everyone burned all their garments made in China there would probably be some arrests for indecent exposure. I wish that I could offer a solution to this one. I do regret the decline of our own textile industry along with so much else in our economy.

  188. And to think Mr. Reid,helped to award a contract for a solar energy farm to his billionaire buddy; Wang Yusuo,from China. Yep, check it out,it was built near Searchlight, Nevada, ( Mr. Reid’s home town ).And his son, Rory,is in some shady way, employed through those interests .And why didn’t Solyndra,get the contract ? Talk about speaking out two sides of their mouth ?

  189. Harry Reid is one of those that sent our jobs overseas, who the hell is he to be miffed? We are the ones suffering the un employment, underemployment and loss of wages and benefits. If Reid had any real pride in this country, the only thing we would be getting from China is silk and rice.

  190. I live in Lawrence County, Tenn. We have a company here named CJ Industries. They make cheerleader uniforms for almost every national college, and they also do many high school cheerleader outfits and jackets. They also made the uniforms for the movie Bring it On. Now, if they can do that, why do we need to outsource our Olympic uniforms to a communistic, atheistic nation? I’m a Christian conservative, and I absolutely believe we need to kick China out of the equation. One of the reasons we aren’t a soverign nation anymore is because we buy all of our manufacturing goods from China. We buy our oil from countries who hate us and then use our money to kill us. Tell China where to shove it, dare them to do something about it, and take back our country.

  191. I wish I had that opportunity, I’d get the cop so mad, the car would have been towed away, GOOD one Raymond!

  192. Harry Reid is a Hypocrite, I bet he has more clothes and things in his house that are MADE IN CHINA, than the whole Olympic Village put together!

  193. Some more phony Patriotism from The Slimeball Harry Reid.

    Raymond, Raymond, Raymond, Raymond….we love Ya… Semper Fi

    • I’d like to see dumpster in Lake Placid, with the Olympic uniforms in it, and 1,000 gallons of lighter fluid. I also hope that Harry Reid throws the lighted match into the dumpster.

  194. harry reid,
    ralph lauren designed attire for a previous olympics with no bruhaha. Burn them.!! sounds like typical democratic party waste. recycle dear.
    Who cares what they wear. Please go back to work and concentrate on what this country really needs. jobs and a new administration.

    • What this country REALLY needs is a renewed sense of PRIDE ! . . . We are the symbol of freedom to the world, the success story of the world ! . . . We keep diminishing ourselves in the world’s eyes, and worse yet in our own eyes ! . . . Why not put a olympic team on the field that are American through and through, inside and out ! . . . I first tried to play it down in my OWN mind, but then soon realized it is one more little “chipping away” of what is America, i.e. PRIDE ! . . . Do you also buy American flags made in China ? . . . I don’t and never will even if I have to make my own ! . . . . Yeah, we need jobs alright, and if more companies had more PRIDE in things made in America, along with American consumers having more PRIDE in things made in America, MAYBE WE’D HAVE MORE AMERICAN JOBS IN AMERICA !

  195. Ya Right Reid…No Chinese Uniforms…but Build the hell out of American Bridges and Subways. I would rather see the Chinese Get the Sewing Jobs and leave the Construction Material Making and Bridge Building go to Unemployed American Works…but No You in Senate haven’t said a thing about the SanFrancisco – Oakland Bay Bridge being Build by CHINESE Workers!! Materials Being Shipped to America from China…using American Tax Dollars to Screw Americans!!! Yes, Mr. Reid your attempt to misdirect isn’t going to work!!! Tell you friend Nancy Thanks for Protecting Americans Workers!! Yes Major of New York Thanks for Protecting American Workers there in New York, and Thanks Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton for Protecting the Black Workers of America in Both Harlem Bridge Project and Oakland Bay Bridge Project…were all the Blacks can watch the Chinese Workers doing a Job they would be better suited to achieve!! We Must Send Our So Claimed Representatives a strong Message…That ANY American Tax Dollars Being Spent on Materials For American Construction Projects like Bridges, Subways must be Made In America…regardless of the so called saving or difference in bids…they should be a no bid projects!!! Your Using American Tax (TAX) Dollars (DOLLARS).

  196. Interesting. Perhaps Harry should put our currency in a pile and burn it all since its backed by Chinese debt. He can start with his own “pile” first.

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