School Objects to Pictures of Guns … in Gun-Free Zone Signs

Sometimes the soft-headed absurdity of the effete left leaves me wondering how so many people came to appear so much like parodies of themselves. Apparently administrators at a school in Chicago are up in “arms” about gun-free zone signs they are being asked to post on their property. They are angry because the signs contain pictures of guns.

Comments from the principal of this school concerning the signs basically beggar belief. They must be read in a timorous and shaking voice that cracks from stress occasionally and sounds constantly on the verge of tears:

It is bothersome to have to post a sticker of a gun that says, “Hey, folks, leave your guns at home.” . . . I think the general public will be alarmed by it and wonder if people have been allowed to bring guns to school in the past. . . . You can’t look at this and not think about Sandy Hook.

I don’t think I’ve read social commentary this blistering outside the Onion. In fact, I think the Onion would have a hard time topping this story. The only difference is that this isn’t satire apparently. It’s real. These people really exist. They are in charge of our schools. They are filling the minds of future generations with this same degree of mindless fear.

The new gun-free zone signs must go up in Chicago because of a gun-carry law change that has recently gone into effect in Illinois. Illinois was the last of fifty states that prohibited all concealed-carrying of firearms. A federal judge struck that law down (correctly) as unconstitutional. So now, schools in Illinois have to put up these signs so that potential legal carriers of guns know that schools are still off-limits.

I imagine that, as in every other state, a loosening of gun laws in Illinois will mean an increase of saftey. But don’t tell anyone at this Chicago school that. Even mentioning the word gun could send them into a neurotic tailspin of fear. “He said ‘gun.’ It’s disturbing. It makes me wonder if he has a gun on him. You can’t hear a word like gun without remembering Sandy Hook.” Give me a break.

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          • Teachers have guns? Oh, I guess you think teachers should have guns to use. Is that what you mean? I wouldn’t mind being able to carry my Ruger but it’s not going to happen where I am.
            Cops don’t just write citations where I am, though.

        • John T thinks pointing a finger at them and shouting “bang” will do the trick. Not in that cesspool it won’t.

          • No, it sounds like he thinks we should all have guns. I don’t think everybody ought to but making it easier would be good.

  1. Considering the condition of public schools system, they should put a human brain on that sign – the most unwelcome thing in public schools.

    • No not the brain, GOD or HIS SON JESUS CHRIST is the most unwelcome thing in public schools. The brain ranks second as undesirable.

    • I must ask, when was the last time a picture of a gun harmed anyone? Only someone who is mentally off would be scared or offended by a picture of a gun. Now if there was a picture of dead kids with the reality of the blood and gore displayed, then I could see them having some reasonable objections. Everyday, it becomes more obvious that liberalism is indeed a mental disorder.

      That said, the idea that posting a sign will somehow deter someone intent on criminal activity from bringing a gun onto school property is absurd. I can’t say who is more insane. Is it the school administrators or the local government?

  2. In the event that Americans find themselves at odds with their government, the Declaration of Independence tells us:

    “… That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness.”

    The 2nd Amendment as; “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    • I find it interesting that the anti-2nd people don’t seem to grasp that ‘ Free State ‘ refers to the country and the people, NOT the government.

      • They (the anti-2nd idiots) don’t seem to grasp anything anymore; they’ve been drinking King Obama’s Kool-Aide for too long.

      • Very true and if your afraid that the truth of being wrong will put you on the spot then you don’t want to grasp it publicly and that is their big problem. I just wish more people would realize the free state. Most of them are pushing the communist agenda or else they would defend our rights and freedoms.

  3. This is about “programming” the minds of our kids, emasculation of the boys continues as girls are taught to hate the evil white, oppressive males and learn they have a “Right” (from God, no-less) to kill their own genetic offspring. Read this for understanding how the programming is being accomplished—why our children are so devoid of REASON—and grow up to actually believe the insanity of Marxists:

    This is embedded in all public school curricula that has thrown out the Classical Education of the McGuffey Readers. Without Classics, kids will “feel”, not “Know”.

      • Read it already : / It also describes how they have used the pseudo-science “psychology” to label and drug and control people. They even have used psychologists to get “rid” of certain trouble-makers and make it, so there are NO questions asked. Now, they do it the Breitbart way, but they have a hand in APA to promote drugging kids and destroying sanity (letting little boys determine they are in girl’s body–all gender Marxist insanity and allowing parental abuse) and flipping “Good and Evil”.

        No surprise there— Lenin was a great friend of Pavlov for a time, and they knew how to get control of the minds of children. It is why Lenin stated–give me your children for four years and I will own the future.

        This “brainwashing” has been going on for 100 years….it is with the DOEducation in USA with Jimmy Carter, that the Federal government took big leap in control of curricula/psychological testing—- and with the control of media MSM–they got to every single child in the world……except a few homeschooled and private school kids.


      • (Don’t get me started!!!) The oppressive government is mandating all these vaccinations for going to school (crony-capitalism)—they have literally tripled the number of toxic vaccinations that “HEALTHY” kids get even at YOUNGER ages and babies are not able to efficiently eliminate the toxins in these vaccines much less have a system designed to get triple vaccines in one day. It is bizarre. NO KIDS were on drugs in the fifties that anyone even heard about. Autism was unheard of in the 70s and early 80s!!!!! -It was so RARE! They explosion which is same time as triple vaccines at younger ages.

        Now millions of boys are drugged—because they are bored in their feminization factories for “group think” and kumbaya brainwashing of pure emasculation. Germanization of our schools and medicine—-drug everyone!!!!!!! Look how many pills ADULTS are on—-it is a crime. My grandparents had NO DRUGS and they lived into their late 80s!!!!! Soma!!!!! Zombies….they want slaves for the State.

  4. .
    its bad enough they are in the public schools – I get around that by sending my kids to private schools.
    the real disturbing thing about these people is that they breed …

  5. They should check out who the killers really are. According to history, it is the Democrats who have done the most damage with a gun.

      • Democrats also fought freeing the slaves and opposed amendments that gave them the right to vote, etc. But today’s NAACP guppies are too uneducated to know stuff like that.

        • No, I’ve had this argument with someof the idiots. Their argument now is that the demorats of that day were so pizzed that they beame repubs of today. (What idiots) IF they ONLY knew and would do their reserarch, repubs is the ONLY party truly for ALL of the people. The demoratic Party is for only a few of the people and thats ONLY so that they ccan be elected.

          • Pure propaganda to make it look like they care about anything other than vote buying. They “worry” about things like gays that make up 4%, min. wage earners that make up 3%, and even the Obamacaid scam that affects maybe 14% including illegal’s (although it does rip us all off), more unemployment for 1 million, etc., etc. Why? Because Obama and his lap dogs at every level are not capable of dealing with the problems they have caused for the Majority of us. Therefore, Democrats now need to be removed for as many years as it takes us to correct their problems and debt. 2014, the year the clean up begins.

      • Also keep in mind it was the Republicans who freed the slaves. And, it was the Democrats who made them second class citizens, without voting rights, forced into segregated societies, and lynched without due process, The Democrats and Dixiecrats have kept the South backwards and dumb with their hatred of the blacks.

        Robert Hayes Halfpenny

      • and the Jim Crow Laws, etc, etc.

        Far too many have forgotten or perhaps never knew that it was Lincoln, a Republican President that Freed the Slaves! The Democrats did everything they could to prevent the Black Peoples the Freedoms of this Nation. It was not until the mid 1960’s when there was no alternative left for the Politicians, that they had to come up with something new, and I give you ‘The Great Society’. Yet the newly freed Blacks were most commonly supporters of the Democrats, at least the majority of them that were going and voting. Today’s modern ghetto’s with the drive-by’s, gangs, and crime and drug infested neighborhoods are the result of the destruction of the Black Family, which the Democrats achieved by using the Welfare Rules to ensure no Father figure’s would be present in these homes of single mothers. Like the old saying goes, they “can’t see the forest for the trees”. With the ‘forest’ being the ghetto and the trees the liquor store on every corner, crime and gang ruled neighborhoods that today’s Blacks have essentially put themselves into by their odd habit of voting for their former oppressors, whom still seek to oppress then today, but in a more subtle way.

        • While you make this post, I also want to bring up an important fact in which most people never think of in the argument in Slavery. Blacks always argue or rant that the US kept them in slavery or opressed for over 400 years. The US didnt really beco0me a coun try or in compelete control until the early 1800’s. Yes, we sign the Decl;aration ndence in 1776, but we were still fighting the Brits for the US until the end of thew War of 1812. That was the final straw and finally the US had broken the English crown. If you use 1776, it took us about 8- years to end slavery, which is quick in itself, but if you look at reallity and what I brought up, it really only took us about 50 years to end slavery which is about normal to turn a people around, especially the small number of people that really owned slaves. England was the true holder of slaves, not the US. Just think about what I’ve written.

    • You should see what they did with burning crosses until some armed citizens shot up several of them and sent them to their eternal “reward.”

    • At least the Blues Brothers were on “a mission for God.” Unlike the imbiciles running the Chicago school system.

  6. And we wonder why we are losing ground to the rest of the world in education. Keep posting those gun free zone signs, they’re nothing more than open invitations to criminals and crazies to enter the schools with guns.

    • Can’t you just see it: “Are you carrying a gun? Please enter; there are many empty-headed ‘educators’ within these walls that need to have their heads filled with lead”.

    • They should be called criminal enterprise zone signs, or criminal safe zones (as in safe for criminals but in government speak so it sounds like it is safe for the average citizen),.

    • We are lsoing ground b/c the schools are dumbing ALL students b/c they’ve found they cannot bring up the grades of the black students. They’ve tried everything. That is also why Obama is not worried about the lack of jobs. He wants ALL people to experience what he thinks Blacks experience everyday. He would rather see everyone suffer rather then see the truth that the people he thinks he is helping, truly do not want to work, never have, never will.

  7. I think the “gun-free zone” signs should have a warning at the bottom that say “violators will be shot”.

  8. While they are fretting over and nashing teeth over a sign, free condoms,online porn,teacher and student sex,and God knows what else (use your imagination) is virtually going on without a second thought.

    • Sad but true. That is what happens when you don’t believe in objective reality and instead subscribe to the lie that all beliefs are equal. They are not.

  9. Can be get anymore ignorant and juvenile? So sad that these people are allowed around children. That should be banned.

  10. Would the kids know what a gun looks like. some pictures and demonstrations by police on what to do when a person invades the school with a gun seems appropriate. Suspect this would not work with the school administration.

    If gun owners are the dumb non reading brutes that they are made out to be would they understand a sign saying no guns allowed.

    All indications are that gun free zones are magnets for violent behaviour involving guns. the criminal knows there is no defense against him.

    You can curse the night or light a candle.

  11. I get so sick of people that do not have a thought of their own, just follow what others are saying and doing like a bunch o cattle. That is what a large portion of The USA consist of today. We must see what others are saying before making up our minds. Millions are so simple, that if they saw a child sitting in the middle of the road, they would have to get the opinion of others before they decided to make a move to get the child out of the road. A gun is no more dangerous than a knife or an ax., It simply cannot move on it’s own. it will lie on the desk or the night stand until it turns to dust if nobody picks it up. This gun scare is total insanity.

  12. So how to they expect to get the message across? Will they ban the word “gun” also? Incidentally such signs are an open invitation to criminals and psychos who want to find a place where people are vulnerable. Look at Virginia Tech and Newtown!

  13. Typical liberal action. Stop dealing with the issue and start dealing with what is causing the issue……Mainly, taking God out of every aspect of our lives and filling the kids heads with liberal mush….

  14. I have become desensitized to the nausea that washes over me when I read the stupidity of the educators of our children. They have become as commonplace as the references to sex on prime time tv. The shock has worn off, now I’m just disgusted.

  15. Well, one cannot argue with idiots. It does explain how we got where we are and how and why we have the current administration and congress voted into office.

  16. so, when are parents and the public at large going to revolt, and demand state-wide vouchers, to by-pass the insanity in the government schools ?

  17. So how would they warn criminals to stay away with their illigally obtained fire arms? We all understand the meaning of a sign with a red circle with a red slash.

  18. No…no…no! The solution is obvious, do NOT post the signs and let the school be a NON Gun Free Zone. Then this simpering moron won’t have to worry about looking at those big bad tools of self defense! In addition it becomes safer as legal carriers of the tools of self defense will have equally free access to the school as criminal carriers and thereby will provide a level of defense not seen before!

  19. Oh my God…I laughed for 10 minutes at this headline…
    Then you realize these idiots are serious, and it’s mindboggling. How can you have successful students come out of institutions run by complete dumb@sses?
    And then, there is the utter hypocrisy of liberal Hollywood. Robocop will be one of the most violent films ever, featuring: Guns and lots of them. Liberals are walking zombies; brainwashed fools.

  20. As Marv below said: “They vote, breed and walk among us.” I simply can’t believe how stupid the the 47% has become and continually elect and re-elect progressives, liberals, radicals, Democrats and obamacrats into political offices. Will America ever get back on a good footing again?

  21. I thought the picture of the gun was because many in our school system cannot read. I am coming also to the conclusing that “Gun Free Zones” only apply to law abiding citizens, students, those who are helpless, but not to criminals or mentally ill.

  22. Pictures of Libs running and teaching in schools makes me want to puke. These wacko and sometimes perverted Libs are the biggest cause of home schooling and Charter Schools.

  23. They are incapable of being satisfied. Their paranoia may actually be a genetic defect. Every liberal I’ve ever met impressed me as suffering from some form of mental illness. The most obvious outward indicator is their belief that someone owes them something, or they are somehow entitled to something unearned.
    To bad We the People can’t conduct THE grand experiment. We cut the country in half, liberals on one side, conservatives on the other and see which side prospers and which one ends up on big social toilet filled with paranoia, despair, sociopaths, drug freaks, and misfits!

  24. These people need to have their names published so that parents can keep their children away from their failed schools and these miserably inept school teachers, principles and adminstrators

  25. Why not change it to “gum”-free zones? We know what you’re saying, but you’re not offended by a cartoon. Dare we think of “dumb”-free zones?

  26. I am without words as I try to wrap my mind around this absolute garbage. Hey, let’s put a sign up everywhere that “you nutcase liberal murderers” are welcome. I have a better idea. Leave the dumbazz stickers off where guns aren’t allowed and put them where they are. Maybe then you can get a few dirtbags off the streets. I always give liberals a chance to prove they aren’t total morons but I am done. They are turning this country upside down and backwards. I never thought the guns would ever have to really come out but screw them.


  28. Love the title “School Objects”. Since when has an inanimate structure every voice anything? It is the Brainless Petty Bureaucrats that Object.

  29. Man that picture would have done it….it would have stopped Sandy Hook, Columbine, the Va Tech massacres not to mention the University of Texas assault by Whitmam in the 60’s. Ignorant people wallowing in their own self enhanced fecal matter.

  30. Chicago must be full of really stupid people to put up with all this draconian law there. Either that or their too scared. I’ll bet the gang bangers and the mobsters just love all you passive victims.

  31. Let obma, Bloomberg (and the the MAIG), the Bradys, the rest of the anti-gun crowd and those using BS mental laws and supporting stupidity to disarm veterans get their way and watch how many of the non-government morons supporting this will be almost immediately looking for someone who lawfully owns guns and ammunition to bail their fat out of the fire when criminals and tyranny comes to take away all our rights, rob us blind, enslave us to the government and then use and abuse us, our families, children, grand children and worse only to then do away with each of us at their leisure. If I am still around by then to see this happen, when these morons who help cause this situation turn to those they have so gleefully helped disarm and force their will upon to help, I will simply look them in their eyes, smile and say no while I watch them grovel before their masters and wonder why they have lost everything, are enslaved and will die without even the remaining right to protest. Welcome to the United Fascist Islamic States of Amerika under the Democrats, RINOs, nester faux Republicans and leadership, Obama’s White House and regime and the Islamic scum of the Muslim Brotherhood / sisterhood, HAMAS, the PLO and their ilk aided, abetted and supported by Obama and his regime.

  32. Gun free zones in schools? It is more like common sense-free zones. Guns used to be allowed in schools, along with sling shots, pea shooters and other such toys. Never see a pea shooter anymore, sling shots are not common as they used to be, and heaven help any poor child with a CAP gun. All it does is make noise, but, oh, that is dangerous (according to the liberal)!

  33. None of these people should be trusted to be around America’s children. Why entrust your children to progressive ideologues who don’t believe in America?

  34. Images can be so dangerous (like you can get a paper cut). A picture is worth a thousand offenses to a liberal. The kids should start carrying pictures of a: Bible, traditional family, rabid dog, knife, George Bush or Rush Limbaugh. Wait for it, wait for it, pictures and other methods of freedom of expression will be banned to protect the feelings of progressive pinheads.

  35. Liberalsim IS a parody of itself. There’s no way the tenants of the liberal left can be justified, under its own rules. Their claim to openness, when they can’t allow criticism of their own statements and behavior, shows just how narrow and closed they are. I’ve attempted to discuss the issues with avowed “liberals,” and run smack into their closing door. I finally gave up. They must be left alone in their room-full of mirrors, I guess. Too bad their isn’t a rule against fools and crazies voting.

  36. These Leftwing nutjobs are getting crazier and crazier by the day. It is sad that they really will be allowed to teach our children instead of being locked up in an ainsane asylum. Thje ONLY people that need to be stopped from every owning a weapon are Liberals/demorats. Every mass shooting we’ve had has been by a leftwing loon. The majority of crime and gun deaths are caused by liberals criminals, which are also the majority of criminals. Folks, we need to have congress draft a bill that would give Liberals/demorats everything west of Texas to them and everything east of Texas will be conservative/ republican/Tea party. IF that every happened, we wouldnt need the tea partyu app anymore, real conservatism would come back, GUARTANTEED. Sad part is china would own the western US within 10 years. Let them take care of those sorry azz people, i’m sick of it. I have no problem helping the truly needed, the disabled, the elderly and those down on their luck tempoirarily, but NOT as a lifestyle.

  37. The more they do and say the dumber they look! Is it any wonder why our schools are becoming such a miserable failure with idiots like these running things? Time to flush the “turds” from the educational system sewer and start over.

  38. Those signs are ridiculous. They only serve two purposes 1) to remind CCW carriers that they should take their business elsewhere (or in the case of a school – leave their gun in the car); 2) inform bad guys that they’ve found a place with lots of soft targets.

    I plan to make up some small window decals containing the verbiage “SELF DEFENSE PROHIBITED” that I will unobtrusively adhere under any of those signs I come across in stores/restaurants. I think others who agree with me should do the same thing. Until noticed and removed by a store owner, many people will see the verbiage and likely realize exactly what the signs mean.

  39. What did I tell you, the extremist idiots can’t even leave a pic of a weapon around,they think if their ilk see one,become informed how it might save some lives,they may actually figure out that like the pic,a weapon is harmless without a finger on its trigger.

  40. Take a hike Political correct Chicago school staff. A bunch of mentally challenged sub-human mongrel teachers. A Mutt !

  41. In school these days, students are “possessing” if the point their finger, eat the corner off a pop tart, or even have a t-shirt that has a military logo on it. The real “criminals” is the shooter of bubbles and the thrower of an imaginary grenade. What the sign should really say is NO THINKING allowed on school grounds.

  42. People this stupid DO exist; and worse, they are educating (rather, indoctrinating) your kids. You wouldn’t let a quack perform surgery on your kids; you wouldn’t invite a thief into your home, but we let morons instruct our kids for 8hrs or more 5 days a week. It’s nothing but dressed up child abuse…and sometimes not even ‘dressed up’. Stop the insanity: home school…and then lobby your legislatures and ask for a refund of your property taxes and demand better from your squandered tax dollars.

  43. Can’t ya just smell the creeping in of communism…Everywhere!!! common core commies!!!

    In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million
    dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated…

  44. Perhaps an Illinois Self Defense, Second Amendment Defense, rights group should stand outside these Aunt Pitti Patty institutions for the “Ethically and Intellectually Challenged Chicago School Administrators and So Called Teachers” and sing “People Who Own Guns are the Luckiest People In the World” and my other favorite “On a Clear Day You Can See the Firearms Store”.
    Talk about the aplexsy 😉

  45. We have educators that have absolutely no sense and cops who break the law without punishment. What kind of kids are coming out of our schools. Say what you will, our schools are in serious trouble.

  46. I would love to see a school FULL of students ALL wear a t-shirt with the picture of a gun on it and wear it to school and dare the school to do anything about it. Refuse to take them off and refuse to leave the school. I would love to see students refuse to sit and be taught to like the muslims. I would love to see students get the courage to refuse to listen to their teachers political affiliation. What ever happened to teaching math, science, history, reading ,writing, etc, etc? It is the fault of the parents for not securing the firearms in their home. When there were children in my home, my firearms were not where the children could get at them, And if they did, they could not find the ammunition. It was kept out of their reach or hidden where they could not find it. Plus why is it that schools all across America have not been secured? How is it that anyone can just walk right in? Our money is more secure than our schools. The government should provide guards. They have them, why not our kids? Obama’s kids are more safe than Fort Knox.

  47. It’s way beyond the time all this nonsense has to stop. How bout educators revert to their primary duty of education and quit with the stupidity they keep on supporting. A picture of a gun or a pop tart shaped to look like a gun has harmed no one. These school district policies they enforce do more harm to a child than having a real gun in the classroom.

  48. Don’t you just marvel at the intelligence of the teachers and administrators in our school systems? I have seen lots of morons that are more intelligent.

  49. He Who CONTROLS EDUCATION controls the WORLD and the CULTURE in it.

    Zero tolerance on guns in public schools is being done is to create a generation of future voters who consider guns evil and would be more inclined to amend and remove the 2d Amendment.

  50. Every time I see a “Gun-free Zone” sign, I think of Sandy Hook also. Had all the teachers and administrators at that school not been told to “leave their guns home” it may have ended with only 1 death, that of the shooter! Maybe he would appreciate a new sign; “Intelligence-Free zone”

  51. Gun pictures bother the liberals in charge of the schools but teaching homosexuality to little kids is perfectly fine with them. Sick bunch of weirdos!

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