Satanists Unveil Design for Oklahoma Baphomet Statue

A group of Satanists have unveiled a design for a statue of Baphomet that they hope will soon sit outside the capitol in Oklahoma City. A Ten Commandments monument was placed at the capitol in 2012, and soon after, Satanists wanted their own monument as a token of the equality of all religions. As they themselves have said, they don’t think their monument will be approved, but they hope their rejection will highlight what they think is a religious double-standard.

The design sketch depicts a seated Baphomet with a pentagram over his head, with two smiling children approaching, presumably to sit on his lap. Satanists say Baphomet’s lap can be used as a space to sit and reflect on things. I guess it could also be an Anti-Christmas fixture—all the naughty boys and girls can go sit on the lap of Satan Claws to request special curses on their enemies.

This is not entirely a joke by the way. Apparently Satanists really do want an ancient goat-headed hermaphroditic false god they honor as the symbolic linchpin of their metaphorical framework to sit in all its stupid hideousness outside the capitol of Oklahoma. But forgive me for not taking this seriously.

Aside from being the center of a controversy that eventually dismantled the Knights Templar, what has Baphomet ever done in the world? Even according to Satanists, he is no more real than a talking tortoise from Aesop’s Fables. This is not equality of religion. Because no Satanist in this small group actually worships a being named Baphomet. So it’s not a religion. If it were, we also need to allow ComicCon fanatics to put up a monument of Superman or the Green Lantern. In the name of equality of religion. These too stand in for “immortal principles.”

And even if Satanism were actually a religion, and not just a philosophical framework, there is no stipulation that every religion be represented at a state capitol. Freedom of religion is not equality of all religions, and a state has the freedom, unlike Congress, to favor a particular religion if it feels like doing so.

So I imagine when the majority of Oklahoma citizens adopt Satanism, they will erect their comical statue of Baphomet outside the capitol. That is, if the state hasn’t entirely collapsed into blood-soaked, orgiastic, anarchical dysfunction before they get around to it.

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  1. If this display is allowed, complete it by gathering up some fresh horse biscuits to set on it, and let the flies take care of the rest.

    • yes indeed, send it to one of the liberal enclaves. There they can have it amongst their own communities and worship it along with their other gods.

  2. You people of Oklahoma should take to the streets. If not, this kind of stuff will make it’s way further into our society.

  3. This is absurd. The reason most capitals or courts have a copy of the 10 commandments is the historical significance of the first codefied rule of law as given by God to Moses and the recognize the historical ties between those laws and ours. God gave man laws to free him from tryanny and to make all people equal, America’s laws are meant to further that. Where on earth is there an example of Satanism being used to help anyone?

  4. Such displays should be nipped in the bud before we have to contend with all the perverts wanting even worse displays to show people how warped and out of touch
    their beliefs are. This nation was founded on Judaic Christian principles, not upon satanism, Islam, Buddhism, agnostics, atheism or any other isms.

      • Freedom for all, justice for the innocent, equal human rights, the list goes on. All of these are the same things taught in the Bible. So, therefore our laws have the basics of Judaic Christian principles. We aren’t syaing it is straight from the Bible, just the same fundementals.

          • In modern times, the word “slavery” means only one thing: the ownership of one human being by another. In the biblical world, there were two types of slavery; one was this permanent, outright ownership (of foreign captives, for example). But the type of “slavery” to which most biblical law applies is really a type of indentured servitude, whereby an Israelite is for a time a “slave” to another Israelite, usually because he has become impoverished and has no other option.

            An Israelite him- or herself could choose permanent slavery after a period of indentured servitude, though this was discouraged. An Israelite, in biblical law, is guaranteed certain rights both while a slave and upon manumission.

            While rabbinic tradition harmonizes the differences between the various biblical laws on slavery, the author of this article views them independently, in conversation with each other, demonstrating biblical Israel’s ongoing struggle with the plight of the poor. The following article is excerpted with permission from Conservative Judaism, volume 51, no. 3, Spring 1999.


          • When god orders the Jews to kill every person in a town except for virgin girls that they can “keep for themselves” (as sex slaves) is that a type of “indentured servitude”?

          • no but that was the destroying off ungodly people by God’s command. and since we are not Jewish we don’t follow those old laws I don’t see any Jewish people today following them either

          • think of it this way God has His chosen people the Jews and that’s the way it was. then Jesus came and told the Jews this is the way it’s going to be now

          • Yes He is. God in flesh, His son. One in the same. The Father, Son, and The Holy Spirit. The Trinity. Jesus came down, to tell the world that no one comes to the Father, except through me. So, when the Jews didn’t listen, they condemned themselves. Think of it like when God destroyed the earth with the flood, then a new world started after. Same concept. This is how it was, this is how it is now.

          • I think of it this way…If Jesus Christ was in fact God, and if he came into this world to suffer for us as Christians tell us he did, then the only real suffering he could have endured would have been to live. His existence on earth was a state of exile or banishment from Heaven, the most perfect place, and the
            only way back to the paradise that was his home was to die. Everything in this strange system of Christianity is the reverse of what it pretends to be.

          • You “think.” LOL at you. There is no evidence in any post you have ever made that you think. You emote, imagine and act like a squawking parrot repeating things you have heard from those who have misled you.
            Nothing in your post above is right.

          • Jesus is God and was with God from the beginning, also the Holy Spirit as part of the Holy Trinity. It is sad to see you never understand anything and leap to unwarranted conclusions, based on false assumptions, lies you tell yourself first, and show no ability to learn at all. You come across as so arrogant and ignorant, misled, you fail at the 1st Law of Learning – Readiness to Learn.

          • You show in your posts you are way behind the times, do not get at all the meanings of the Bible, what it is about or its purposes, and you are quite confused. Islam took over the traits and behaviors you described under Mohammad well after Jesus came with new words and His saving Good News Gospel message made possible by His crucifixion, defeat of death by resurrection, then rising into Heaven to prepare a place for those who believe on Him.
            Your future and place is not so good.

          • If Jesus Christ was in fact God, and if he came into this
            world to suffer for us as Christians tell us he did, then the only real suffering he could have endured would have been to live. His existence on earth was a state of exile or banishment from Heaven, the most perfect place, and the
            only way back to the paradise that was his home was to die. Everything in this strange system of Christianity is the reverse of what it pretends to be.
            The sacrifice of Jesus was no sacrifice at all, for a number
            of reasons. First, according to the New Testament, Jesus Christ was God Himself. What possible inconvenience could death represent for an immortal god? None whatsoever. God would have an infinite capacity for enduring physical pain. He would also have the foreknowledge that he would soon be back in heaven, his original country. Therefore, his sacrifice is no sacrifice at all.It’s all a sham.

          • As I said, “You show in your posts you do not get at all
            the meanings of the Bible, what it is about or its purposes, and you are
            quite confused. Your future and place is not so good.”
            You are so obviously not a theologian. Your “logic” is scrambled and your argumentation is nonsense.

      • You don’t know your head from your low end anatomy. You are a liberal/socialist/muslim/communist/anti-American and Obama lover of himself. Get a real life and don’t quit your day job, provided you are not a welfare cheat and a leech.

      • We know you are and did. We can tell from your posts. You do not have to confess that you are and did, but it is kind of you to do so in case someone like you misses it.

  5. The Author of the Ten Commandments is the same Creator, mentioned in the Preamble to The Constitution; that same Creator, who gave us our unalienable Rights. Therefore, the Commandments, which are the foundation of our laws to not steal, to tell the truth, and to not commit murder, are all espoused by our laws, and appropriately remembered, when entering a court house or legislative assembly, wherein those principles are upheld.

    Satan is known as the Father of Lies and his language is lying. To have the founder of lying, murder, and stealing, stand at a courthouse, where telling a lie in court is a criminal offense, is the epitome of the absurd; as is every argument made to defend such idiocy and inappropriate contradiction, insulting to the setting where they wish to display it.

    But what else can we expect from those who have no appreciation for what made this country great, while in love with that which will be its undoing?

    • There is no mention of a “creator” in the Constitution, nor are there any “inalienable rights” mentioned. Our laws come from English common law.

      • As I said, Fred, the Creator is mentioned in the Preamble to The Constitution. Not in the body of the Constitution. If you take the time to read it, you will see that the word Creator is capitalized. It is followed by giving such Creator authorship for bestowing upon us, certain unalienable rights.
        Read it, if the facts of a matter are relevant to you. You might enjoy the enlightenment.

    • If Satan is known as the Father of Lies and his language is lying, shouldn’t this hideous statue be more appropriate in front of the White House?

    • Do you not know the history of Rome and Greece. They worshipped many gods(statues) with severe disconnects to humanity. It encouraged the disrespect of their fellow man – the Coliseum battles and horrid slavery. It was the demise of their nations. Satanism is not love of anything. It is empty and vicious.
      We were founded on the principals of Christianity – the Ten Commandments setting loving standards towards all. Yes, we’ve made our mistakes and are still working on doing better, but if you look at other nations we are or were far ahead of most if not all. Why do you think there are so many immigrants and criminals coming here?
      If the majority want our nation to remain as it is there is no reason we have to bend to the wishes of a few who want to demoralize it.

      • I do know the history of Rome & Greece. You don’t know the history of our country! The men responsible for building the foundation of the United States were men of The Enlightenment, not men of Christianity. They were Deists who did not believe the bible was true. They were Freethinkers who relied on their reason, not their faith.

        • John Adams wrote Jefferson in 1813: “Philosophy, which is the result of reason, is the first, the original revelation of the Creator to his creature, man. When this revelation is clear and certain, by intuition or necessary inductions, no subsequent revelation, supported by prophecies or miracles, can supersede it. Philosophy is not only the love of wisdom, but the science of the universe and its cause. There is, there was, and there will be but one master of philosophy in the universe.”5 In 1815, Adams wrote of the previous 65 years of his life: “For this whole period I have searched after truth by every means and by every opportunity in my power, and with a sincerity and impartiality, for which I can appeal to God, my adored Maker. My religion is founded on the love of God and my neighbor; on the hope of pardon for my offences, upon contrition; upon the duty as well as the necessity of supporting with patience the inevitable evils of life; in the duty of doing no wrong, but all the good I can, to the creation, of which I am but an infinitesimal part.”6

          There was, even then, a sense of Americans as God’s chosen people. Historian Walter A. McDougall wrote that “Americans…exercised self-restraint because many believed their Union an ‘ark of salvation’ watched over by a God both universal and tribal. Already, in the eighteenth century, evangelicals imagined America the agency for the Second Coming and Millennium (or vice versa). But Methodists, Old Light Calvinists, Deists, and Unitarians likewise believed God smiled on America. Even Anglicans, Catholics, and Jews were free to worship in their ways so long as their conformed or subordinated their creeds to America’s calling.”14 The leading Founders generally sought to balance reason and religion in their personal and political lives.

          Scholar Michael Novak wrote: “The vast majority of American founders and the whole ratifying people

          thought and acted in the conviction that the American theory of rights is religious as well as reasonable.”

          • “As I understand the Christian religion, it was, and is, a revelation. But how has it happened that millions of fables, tales, legends, have been blended with both Jewish and Christian revelation that have made them the most bloody religion that ever existed” John Adams

            The divinity of Jesus is made a convenient cover for absurdity. Nowhere in the Gospels do we find a precept for Creeds, Confessions, Oaths, Doctrines, and whole cartloads of other foolish trumpery that we find in Christianity.” John Adams

            Thirteen governments [of the original states] thus founded on the natural authority of the people alone, without a pretence of miracle or mystery, and which are destined to spread over the northern part of that whole quarter of the globe, are a great point gained in favor of the rights of mankind.” John Adams

            “This would be the best of all possible worlds, if there were no religion in it.” John Adams

          • Religions invariably end up dividing people into camps. I avoid all organized religions. I do find useful tenets in some that do resonate within me, those I use

        • Such a lie. They were Calvinists/Puritans/Pilgrims/Quakers. Only a few Deists were in the group of mostly profound Christians with at least 12 being clergymen. (Only 3 Deists and they spent their formative years reading the Bible so had the same ethical system.) They all believed in the same God—the One who Designed the World –because the Newtonian Revolution proved the intricate perfect, remarkable Design of the Universe. Natural Law Theory—and Natural Moral Laws–were adopted by the Deists. It was the same Ethical System of the Christians—-believing in One God, the Designer of the Universe.

          Rome—as Cicero wrote–defied the “Justice System” by lobbyists who destroyed Rule of Law and created man-made up laws (Rule of Man/Nero/Caligula (all sodomites) which threw out Justice because it threw out
          Truth and Reason (Natural Laws) for all sorts of pagan, irrational, vice such as sodomizing and castrating boys and marrying homosexual “lovers” (Nero) and insane rulers who threw out Reason—and destroyed children because the parents were so decadent they used the children in orgies or sacrificed them to their goat-gods.

          • I hate to break the news to you but the Calvinists/Puritans/Pilgrims/Quakers had NOTHING to do with writing our constitution.

          • LOL—your ignorance is astounding and Marxist revisionism simply evil and a denial of Natural Laws (which I would expect from a brainwashed, warped sodomist who can’t use Reason).

            Only the Christian Worldview—could have produced the US Constitution of “Individual Rights from God”.

          • Creating law straight from the Bible and using the same basic fundementals are two different things. Obviously you don’t know the difference between the two. Which is why we can call the founders Freethinkers, and John Adams quote is correct. But that still means the laws have the same principles as the Bible.

          • You goobers really like that Treaty and have no idea of what Adams was really doing in the context of what he wrote.
            Be assured the USA was founded based on Judeo-Christian principles, still exists as such and will be so until it no longer exists should that occur.

        • Proof of TROLL when someone makes an asinine statement like the above. Even someone who is indoctrinated with Marxist REVISIONIST history isn’t THAT stupid to make such a statement.

    • The USA “Justice” System is based on Natural Law Theory and Christian Ethics–it is why the 10 Commandments are on the Supreme Court Building. There is no “Right from Satan” in our Founding documents—just Natural Rights from God.

      Promoting Satanic Rites is promoting Vice, which is unconstitutional since our “Justice” (Virtue) system is based on the Judeo-Christian God and Reason (Natural Law). Sodomy is a vile Vice…and the goat-god worshippers are sodomites and child-sacrificers–they actually kill children. There has to be “Right Reason according to Natural Law” in our “Just” Laws to make them Constitutional. There is no right to sodomize or promote “Satan”–cuz like I say, in the USA our Rights come from God —until our Constitution is destroyed and we are no longer the USA. Our God condemned the evil Satan.

    • What is “FUNNY” is the sad lonely little scumbag liberal homo TROLL, Blobbie has sooo many religions. Church of climate alarmology, gay-ology, evololutionology, athieolgy, $hitstainology and on and on…..

  6. Personally..I see no problem with any religion erecting a symbol/icon/standard of their faith. Freedom of Religion applies to everuone, not just the “Big Three” of Christianity, Judeaism and Islam. There are Hindu, Buddists, Neo-Pagans, Shinto, Zoroastrians (like myself),Ba-Hai’ and others that live here in the US and we have the exact same rights to exercise our beliefs. I may not believe the way others do, and vis-a-vis..but this Nation was built on Religious Freedoms..

  7. This is funny! In order to believe in Satan, you must accept God. You cannot have one without the other. Do they not get that?

  8. The really stupid part of all this is that the group that wants this statue built is from New York, not Oklahoma. If you want to build it, build it where you live, you’ve got a socialist Mayor and he would probably pray at an altar to satan so build it your backyard. Why would you want to build it in Oklahoma, ohh yeah, you just want to piss off a bunch of Christians. Good luck on that one.

  9. Any question about the war on Christianity now?
    Get a politician to back it and place it on the next ballot… vote on it.

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