San Fran Wants to Let Homosexuals Donate Blood

For the time being, federal regulations prohibit male homosexuals from donating blood because of their increased risk of HIV/AIDS infection. Now, San Francisco Supervisor Scott Weiner has introduced a resolution to change that:

Weiner told KTVU in San Francisco that the city has to make a statement to the FDA that times and technology are changing. He charged, “It’s discriminatory, it has no basis in public health. All donated blood is heavily tested, and it’s depriving our country of a lot of blood that could be donated to help save peoples’ lives.”

It should come as no surprise that Scott Weiner himself is a homosexual who has been working tirelessly to promote homosexual causes. He and his like-minded friends act like this restriction is based entirely in an outdated and close-minded homophobia. But it’s not. Weiner’s cause is based largely in wishful thinking, and it could be very dangerous for public health. It’s not worth it.

Let’s look at some facts: male homosexuals account for about 4 percent of the American population (if you’re being generous), but they account for the majority of new HIV infections, according to the CDC:

Although MSM represent about 4% of the male population in the United States, in 2010, MSM accounted for 78% of new HIV infections among males and 63% of all new infections. MSM accounted for 52% of all people living with HIV infection in 2009, the most recent year these data are available.

So, I can’t imagine their small numbers would make a huge dent in the donor blood pool, but this tiny percent of donors could contaminate the blood supply very readily. For a tiny possible gain, you risk a huge potential loss. The math just doesn’t favor lifting the ban. Those who think that the screening will be able to remove infected blood from the supply are misguided, ignorant, malicious, or blinded to reality for the sake of a cause.

Because there’s one other fact that Weiner would like badly to overlook: even with all the high technology available for testing blood, HIV/AIDS can still get through. The latest instance was in 2008—hardly ancient history. And guess what? It was blood from a heterosexually married man who also had sex with men on the side. He had been giving blood for years, but had never told the blood center about his secret life. Had he been truthful, his HIV-infected blood never would have been put into circulation. It passed through the screening process because the HIV infection levels were too low to be detected at the time of donation. It would not have passed the risk factor questionnaire if he had told the truth.

Since he was a previous donor with no disclosed risk factors, he was allowed to give blood for a few years before his blood finally tested positive for HIV/AIDS. But by that time, some of his infected blood had gotten into the system and had infected a man who had a transfusion for a kidney transplant. The CDC ran an investigation and tracked the blood back to the lying, double-lifed bisexual, who at first refused to be interviewed:

Initially, the donor declined repeated contacts by MDHSS to be interviewed. In April 2009, he agreed to a brief interview with MDHSS, and an OraQuick rapid HIV test (OraSure Technologies, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) was performed. This test was reactive and confirmed by a positive Western blot at MDHSS. During his interview, the donor reported he was married but had sex with both men and women outside of his marriage, including just before his June 2008 donation. He indicated that the sex often was anonymous and occurred while he was intoxicated.

So, to reiterate, all the tests they run on blood cannot detect HIV/AIDS in every case. According to the CDC:

A lookback investigation determined that this donor had last donated in June 2008, at which time he incorrectly reported no HIV risk factors and his donation tested negative for the presence of HIV. One of the two recipients of blood components from this donation, a patient undergoing kidney transplantation, was found to be HIV infected, and an investigation determined that the patient’s infection was acquired from the donor’s blood products. Even though such transmissions are rare, health-care providers should consider the possibility of transfusion-transmitted HIV in HIV-infected transfusion recipients with no other risk factors.

So, it is possible, even with all the modern screening in place, for HIV/AIDS to be transmitted in transfused blood even when it doesn’t show up on a test. And in this case, and who knows how many countless others, the blood would not even have been collected if the donor had been truthful in his pre-donation questionnaire.

Homosexuals will point to the near non-existence of transfusion-related HIV infections as a reason why “the times have changed” and the ban is no longer necessary. Such logic is deeply, tragically flawed. The easiest and wisest policy to ensure the safety of those who need transfusions would be to keep the ban in place. The CDC recognizes this. By their own admission, the ban on male homosexual donors has been one of the major factors in reducing transfusion-related HIV infection:

Since then [1982], the risk for transfusion-transmitted HIV infection has been almost eliminated by the use of questionnaires to exclude donors at higher risk for HIV infection and the use of highly sensitive laboratory screening tests to identify infected blood donations.

It is in part because of the ban that HIV infection in transfusion patients has been nearly eliminated. It makes no sense to lift the ban on the grounds that it has worked so well.

Intravenous drug users and male homosexuals are excluded from giving blood because they are at an extraordinarily high risk for HIV infection. This isn’t a discrimination in violation of human rights. It has nothing to do with a person’s nature—it has to do with risky behavior. There is solid scientific reason to disallow male homosexuals from giving blood. It’s not homophobic. It’s just good sense.

I sometimes wonder if homosexuals realize the extent to which they are at odds with reality. They desperately want to force the rest of us to accept their behavior as normal and healthy, but it’s clear that their behavior doesn’t deserve such an endorsement. I’m not being mean or resorting to stereotypes. It’s just reality. Homosexual behavior is self-destructive, destructive to society, against the normal course of nature, and almost always connected to psychological disorders and emotional trauma. No matter what you want to believe, that’s just the way it is. And normalizing the behavior won’t make it safer. It will just make it more dangerous for the rest of us. And if anything is a violation of human rights, that is.

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  1. DON”T get sick in San Fran or injured!!!!! Better yet boycott the city anyway. Human error and lying on questionairs is going to bring on another round of AIDS> What freaking morons. But hey? Can we give Pelosi one of the bags?

    • Please, do not transport it outside of SF because most of CA are good people who oppose the super small minority of these perverts. Centuries have proven they are sick not only physically but mentally and yet they continue to whine and want us to cover their medical bills. Enough is enough. We have choices; you have chosen a miserable death. Please do not pass it on.

  2. In 1985, when HIV was relatively unknown, it did get into the blood supply. That caused the transmission of HIV to virtually all of the hemophiliacs in California.

    • Not just CA, across the country! And they continue working in professions where they expose unknowing people every single day as well.

    • That would be my guess, seeing as how a significant portion of the spread has over the decades been done by people who KNOW or very strongly suspect they are infected, and don’t tell others with whom they have contact! BTW CDC finally admitted a few months ago that HIV trasmits just like hepatitis, which means ALL bodily fluids, yet they haven’bothered changing the public prevention messages in the more than 5 months since that showed up as an afterthought on one of their regular pages last winter, anothe suggestion the PTB want it spreading!

      • And even sadder is women and men passing the disease to their spouses or partners. Again, we now know babies cannot have the diseased cured either. They need to be sterilized both men and women.

        • Not just sterilized, known cases really need to be quarantined. They’re a threat to everyone around them, everywhere they go. And there’s really no effective way you can defend yourself against an infected person whose lies are protected, so that person’s feelings don’t get hurt, by shunning and ostracism, which IS what the rest of us NEED to do, in order to avoid contamination! For moat of those, sadly, it’s all about their own wants and they could care less how many they infect!

  3. As long as the blood is tested for AIDS, I don’t see a problem with it. Blood is the same, unless the person has a disease of some sort. (Kind of the same as when they wouldn’t let blacks give blood to whites.)

    • according to the author, it was tested, and levels too low to note, but still infected;
      did you miss the whole section about the kidney transplant, donor blood, and investigation…..
      it is tainted and unsafe. no question

    • You should re-read the article Sharon. It states,”it is possible, even with all of the modern screening in place, for HIV/AIDS to be transmitted in transfused blood even when it does not show up on a test.” Therefore, it is best to keep the ban on both homosexuals/trans/bi’s and needled up junkies forever. Keep the blood supply clean!

    • Didn’t you read, where it said that tainted blood with aids was possible to get through all the screenings?

      Do try, and keep up.
      The risk is just not worth it.

    • WOULD YOU really use any blood coming from Gays , even if it was tested ? I find that hard to believe… NO THANKS !

    • No, it’s not at all the same as not letting blacks give blood to whites. Because there is no scientific basis for denying that.

    • Apparently, you didn’t read the whole article. There is an example in there of blood that was donated in 2008 and tested negative. The tests are not 100% reliable.

    • Are you really THAT stupid. They have a TERMINAL disease. Did you read the article. It stated that testing is NOT 100%. Go buy a revolver and teach yourself how to play russian roulette.

  4. Any medical person, and the person who donated the blood, should be sued if you get the infection and it can be tracked to the transfusion. All blood should be coded and labeled with the donor’s name and address.

      • I remember when they came out with that news. Did they first say he had AIDS and was cured, when what he had was HIV?

        • Neither is curable but as I stated can lie dormant and then spring out. The cell is taken over by the disease and cannot be removed. It can then lead on to AIDS. These idiots have also been wanting to get the bathhouses open again so they can spread it even more.

          • I’m waiting for the “BIG ONE”and Calf.breaks off and sinks into the ocean. If you live there, buy some cheap desert in NV and you’ll have ocean front land worth Millions.

    • Actually most of them have. They are so arrogant that they think they are the master race. Just like the Nazi’s were! HA HA

    • The Judicial System has been broken every since Lyndon Baines Johnson! They killed Kennedy before he could get us back to Constitutional Law instead of the Flimflam laws that these crooked Judges and Lawyers make up when they want more of our money! BUT we send to Washington, anyway They make A$$holes into heroes and Criminal Invaders into citizens! Semper Fi.

  5. Hey i think it is great let them give blood but keep all the blood in san fran and that will solve the problem, they will kill each other.

    • The perverted fools are doing that already as they share their AIDS with each other, as well as any other fool that wants to play the pervert with them. In my book AIDS is YHVH promise of a better society for tomorrow. Shalom!

  6. Yeah, give me some of that AIDS! AIDS is a curse from heaven to get rid of immoral people; i.e, all you fa%%gots.

  7. Oh Great! then they can kill and disease all the “Men and Women”, and their will be no men and women left and no children will be born and then the LGBT’s won’t have any children to pass on their alternate sodomy lifestyle to. So sad!!!!

  8. I would not touch any blood product that might have even been close to a potential HIV carrier muchless AIDS not would I accept it in my blood system. Call it homophobia or whatever you want but it is my decision and I want to be ‘ignorant’ that too is my decision.

    • Sometimes you don’t have the ability to make the decision, John, such as when you are in a coma following an auto accident. Allowing Homosexuals, and needle pushers to give blood is playing Russian Roulette, IMHO.

      This is like allowing people that are not vaccinated for Polio to enter your country.

      • Thousands do every day, now they are bringing bubonic plague across the southern border along with jihad a$$holes! CLOSE THE DAMN BORDER! Semper Fi.

      • Letting people not vaccinated in isn’t the same, because they’re the ones unprotected, but not a threat to you. The ones infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, are a threat to all of us. They’re CARRYING and infectious with an incurable, very costly to treat terminal disease, AND they’re permitted by law to infect you by being in contact with you, without warning you of the danger to you and everyone you subsequently contact!

    • It’s not just their blood that’s dangerous! All bodily fluids, which includes seninal/vaginal, but ALSO sweat, tears, saliva, urine, and even feces!

  9. So long as those in San Francisco keep their HIV tainted blood in San Francisco, should not be a problem at all!!!!!!!

  10. oh hell no they should not as who they will infect with their AIDS virus and where the blood will end up. If they donate the blood should have their name on it and if they give the AIDS to any one should be charged with murder and put to death immediately and no court haring automatic death

  11. NO THANKS, we are doing just fine without contaminated blood… who in the world thought this was a good idea… Donate it to Washington to all the politicians that think that Gay life is so great, pass all kinds of bills for these people… Keep it for yourselves, you will need it for AIDS !

  12. I sure would want to get a guarantee from the City of San Francisico that the blood is not tainted. There should be a provision that any blood given in San Francisco has to stay in San Francisco.

    • A lawyer would write the Guarantee, and it would say that you get a new bag if the one they gave you was found to be tainted, and that is the limit of their liability. Guarantees, and warranty’s are written by Lawyers paid for by the provider of the product. I learned this a very long time ago.

    • You don’t think those Liberals would lie do you? WELL, better think again! Anybody that would RISK anybody’s life on an assumption needs shot in the head, and NOT PUT IN OFFICE! Semper Fi.

  13. When I saw the headline, I wasn’t really sure what the big deal was. But the article is very well researched, with numbers and an anecdote in support of not lifting the ban. After reading it, I agree that lifting this ban would be a very bad idea. Not mentioned in the article is that you are also banned from giving blood if you have gotten a tattoo within the last year. But that too relies on the truthfulness of the donor.

    It’s rather sad though that the author couldn’t resist ruining an otherwise well-written article with that giant load of bullshit in the last paragraph. So much for using this article to try to convince anyone on the left or in the middle of what the proper course of action is, as that last paragraph lays bare the bias of the author discredits the rest of the article. But I’ve come to realize that the authors on this site have no interest in changing anyone’s mind. All they seem to care about is preaching to the choir and getting their pats on the back in return.

  14. Hey you ignorant fool – I am straight, and received 4 pints of contaminated blood after having a hysterectomy…Carry on with your mad mad plans and see what happens. Enough said.

  15. AND the surprise about this is?????? SIMPLE ANSWER…Let them donate to the lib nuts in S F…Why not in NYC TOO???

  16. Time to incrementally destroy another facet of our society. I predict 10 years from now queers will be allowed to donate blood thanks to the benevolent Federal regime. There will also be a law saying blood banks, and hospitals won’t be held liable if anyone gets HIV from their tainted blood. 20 years from now HIV will be a pandemic as the government moves in to quarantine people in FEMA camps. Although the gays will be allowed to roam free on their mission to spread disease, and destruction.

  17. Hey as long as the blood stays in San Francisco, nobody in the world would care. If there is any chance of it going outside of California, then no.

  18. We have fags and dykes who have taken over a city, San Francisco, and muslims who have taken over a city, Deerborn. Keeps getting closer and closer to the time we are going to have to take back America. We could start with a traitorous president.

  19. I’m all for allowing them to donate. Let them donate all of it all in one sitting. Just isolate, store it in a separate location and make sure it stays there until after the expiration. Then put it in one of those hazardous waste sites.

  20. This is just plain stupid, unless the need is there. Tests require humans to run the tests. Humans make mistakes. Is the test fool-proof?

  21. Only use the blood for people with aids in SF and bring in the good blood for those without Aids. They can have all they want if only used for HIV aids people.

  22. I have had two blood transfusions over the years due to high internal blood loss. The first one was before even the hepatitis ‘B’ test was in effect and thankfully I am not infected. But what and who is to say that a new disease spread by homosexuals come to light and a test for it has not yet become available. How many people will as today be infected: wives, children and total strangers?

    Are those who are not homosexual to be threatened with what is basically a homosexual disease spread by bi-sexuals as well as homosexuals who jump into
    bed whimsically with strangers? I SAY NO! Let them give blood and mark the
    bottle with a big red ‘H’ for homosexual and allow distribution only to hospitals in San Francisco. Let them bear the brunt of the behavior they are so famous for tolerating.

  23. It is one thing to endanger your own life with risky sex.
    It is another thing to endanger innocent people.
    It is like the difference between playing Russian roulette and shooting someone else.

  24. They can donate for denizens of the swamp too, whic will greatly assist with another serious problem! But NOWHERE ELSE!

  25. And… this my friends is exactly why if you are scheduled for an operation, you have your family members and close friends donate blood for you.
    As far as for me, I don’t care to have infected blood, I’ve got enough problems with my health already. What ever happen to AIDs ? You never hear about it in the news anymore. It sure hasn’t gone away has it? If the gays want to give each other blood then it should be marked with a ” bio hazard ” sticker and labeled in large red letters ” for gays only “…. period.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  26. These unhappy ( but called gay) folks have had it in for normal folks from the beginning. Recruiting children, spreading diseases, supporting the drug cartels; voting for militant America hating Communists; doesn’t matter to them as long as they “feel” they are making other folks just as F-ouled up as they are.

  27. DO NOT LISTEN TO LIBERALS like sodomites.

    This is an attempt to make it look like they are NORMAL. THEY ARE NOT! They carry the highest rate of HIV and sexual diseases.

    And sodomites tend to be promiscuous increasing the chances they carry hepatitis, VD, gonorrhea, etc.

    They will poison the blood supply because like all liberals they wish DEATH on you but not before inflicting human misery and suffering. They hate YOU!

    Liberals have 3 characteristics.

    They do not like you.
    They wish to inflict human misery and suffering on you.
    They want DEATH upon you.

    What a greater way than to infect the blood supply by allowing sodomite blood into it.

  28. Anyone who “thinks” there is a NATURAL Right from God to sodomize others is totally insane. It removes REASON from Law (and Justice, a virtue, from our so-called “Justice” system.

    It is unconstitutional to promote Vice in law ALWAYS, which makes an unjustice system. It is also unconstitutional to remove “Right Reason” from a law. Sodomizing others is irrational, besides being degrading and a vile use of the human body.

    Homosexuality is forcing Neo-paganism or Luciferean religions on people—and promoting evil vile behaviors which should still be a felony.

    The Worship of the goat-god (Hollywood/Freemasonry’s Luciferean religion) always uses sodomy because it mocks God’s Design of the human body and it mocks Reason/Truth and it equates the sex organ to excrement–which is an insult to Life and Reason. AND they always use the little boys like the Hollywood producers did with the Corey boys.

    So it is not surprising. Soon, it will be the resurrection of pederasty because all homosexual cultures prefer the boys to play the “woman” because homosexuality is emasculating when playing catcher. That is why all homosexual cultures like the Afganis and Saudis prefer the little boys for sexual recreation—meaningless, vile sex.

    • Excellent prognosis of sodomites!. I have been trying to say that too but you said it better than I did.

      I knew it was some kind of mockery of God.
      I knew it was Satanic.
      I knew obsession by Arabs showed how evil Islam was and IS a form of control so that the sickness can keep spreading in their backward culture and why Moslems want to die. Islam is a form of Satanic worship just as sodomy is. No wonder the two go hand in hand.

      But you opened it up for me to understand better its true nature. Hopefully more people can get your direct message.

      • Actually, I studied history a lot and was shocked at all the pederastic cultures throughout history….(Made me sick, since I have four boys and understand child psychology).

        Wallid Shoebat (who was a muslim) was explaining how Saudis really prefer boys for sex—and my son was in Afghanistan and mentioned the ugly male relationships which also included harems of boys. The adult males make passes at all our male troops–it is really creepy.

        Then I read Fr. Oko’s report on Homoheresy which explains how this warped way to look at males—distorts all normal relationships….etc (free online).

        THEN, I heard this rabbi explaining the Satanists or Lucifereans, or Demonologists. He was explaining that sodomy was in this Ancient Rite of Worship of Ba’al. He explained the significance of excrement to the Life-giving organ which actually mocks not only Reason—but God’s Design of the human body.

        It is that glee that they get from equating the most powerful and intimate act in human life, to excrement.

        It is truly an abomination and is why all ethical cultures condemn the acts and never promote such vile, learned behaviors to children, like Jerry Brown does. I would have killed people like Jerry Brown if they put such vile ideas in my young child’s mind. It warps how they see others and themselves and destroys Logic. And idiot parents allow their kids to have their innocence destroyed, along with Virtue.

        • Yes, a lot of people don’t realize the man/boy ass-ociaton rampant in Afghanistan. I have only seen it reported ONCE on the internet and that is all of the years this war has been going on.

          Another thing is people don’t realize how STINK these people smell. My brother said friends of his in the Army come back and tell how the people STINK over there.

          The don’t take a bath for some strange reason. This has also been kept quiet by our complaint devil worshiping MSM!

  29. Population control. We will get HIV and we wont get treatment. They will put us, like they did in Cuba, behind wires and left to die. That way, they can get rid of most of the US population. Illegals will get the best treatments.

  30. This doesn’t surprise me at all. They are wanting to spread the HIV virus to EVERYONE. These people are brain dead. Just as our so-called president is.

  31. Just demonstrates once again that liberalism is a brain disease, it sucks out all common sense and reason. It’s the west coast virus.

  32. NO SUCH THING as the home of the free anymore! These Liberals will put EVERYONE at risk to get their way! Semper Fi.

  33. I’ll go one further, require all “Gay” donors to ID as gay and collect their donations in rainbow bags. These could only be used by self ID gays, and once id’d as gay they would have to use rainbow bags for their transfusions. Maybe just to avoid cross contamination they should have separate blood banks?

  34. Gee, with just a little of informing themselves, they would know the HIV virus NEVER goes away, can lie dormant for a time, but then spring into life. So, blood from homos or lesbos, no way, Jose! If they want to share with other homos and lesbos, go for it, but not for me. Science is out there, you idiots in SF. Glad you are an 1 1/2 from me. I don’t understand how a whole city can be so dumb, ill-informed, willing to pay for the crimes illegals commit, litter the streets with bums, filth, litter, and truly a desperate city but then liberals never are logical, just brain dead!

  35. Let them donate a blood transfusion to their president, AssFUCKINGbama the little PUNK-ASS-BITCH of the world. He should be HUNG. Of course, we would arrest, try, convict and then HANG the PRICK. He is EVIL. No balls, a woman. PERIOD. Oh yeh, after WE hang the BITCH, she can keep the rope.

  36. Now thats an intelligent one, lets help to spread Aids and maybe we can catch up with Africa. Then our nation can be overrun with an epidemic like some third world nations.

  37. This is a TERRIBLE idea as some diseases do not readily show up in blood tests. Figures the idea comes from Pelosi’s San Fran.

  38. Perfect as long as they don’t export any of the blood out of California, we’ll soon be rid of the lot of them.

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