Russell Simmons Thinks Obamacare Has Already “Saved Millions of Lives”

I don’t know why celebrities even talk about politics. In fact, I don’t know why they elect to speak about anything without a script or a teleprompter. So you’re famous… That doesn’t mean your opinion on anything at all matters. “But… but… I played a political strategist in that one TV series pilot, so…” The latest gaffe comes from hip-hop producer and owner of Def Jam records, Russell Simmons. His comments make it clear that he’s not fit for much other than hip-hop, if low-frequency boom-blaps about bit-slapping, big pimping, weed, excess, and violence can be considered a legitimate profession. I guess we can argue about that later.

For now, Russell Simmons has chosen to entertain us in other ways—with his idiocy. Well, okay, fine, a different kind of idiocy. (Man, you people are such sticklers. “What do you mean, you people?”) According to Simmons, Obamacare “is a damn good piece of legislation that has already saved hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of lives.”

Just savor that for a moment. According to very high estimates, only about 500,000 people even checked their eligibility through the Obamacare apparatus, and the vast majority of those people were being directed to the Medicaid program. Medicaid existed before Obamacare. So, we spent millions, if not billions, and will spend trillions of dollars so that people can find out about their eligibility for existing federal and state health programs that are themselves not solvent in the long term.

I would venture to say that Obamacare has not saved a dozen lives, truth be told. But, that’s not even the point. Russell Simmons, and everyone else dedicated to the cult of Obama, just can’t see anything for what it is. It’s mind-boggling how closed these people are to even slivers and glimpses of the way things actually are.

Simmons’ comments against “Republicans” were equally simple-minded. I almost feel sorry for him:

Whatever President Obama stands for, they [Republicans] stand for the opposite. Even if it goes against every principle they have advocated for in the past, they would rather destroy our country, than see President Obama pass policy that is good for ALL Americans.

Yeah. Clearly, it’s the Republicans who “would rather destroy our country” than veer from their suicidal political dogmatism. Wait. What?

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  1. Intelligent enough to fool people into buying his crap; full-blown idiocy in peddling lies to fend off opposition to the liar-in-chief.

  2. Russell Simmons is one of many people that would support the democrat party if they ran on summarily executing people that support democrats.

  3. Two great books that everyone should read:
    The Naked Communist by Cleon Skaussen
    Masters of Deceit by J. Edgar Hoover.
    No, Hoover was not a cross dresser. This was a nasty rumor put out there by communists to destroy a credible person. That’s what they do. The biggest trait a communist has is lying. That’s all they do. You cannot trust or believe a communist because they are always deceitful.

  4. So tired of these blacks and their attitudes. Cannot wait till we get a real American and a leader that wants all of us to get ahead instead of the monkey fuck we have now that just wants human garbage to get ahead so his anti-Christian, socialist, stupid ass can stay in power. I have flushed shits down the toilet that are better than the scum obama

  5. What an idiot! Most of those people directed to check Medicaid probably already knew they could get it, at least for their children. Medicaid was changed years ago to where no one over 18 was eligible for it. I’ve gotten that message before from other sites that I could qualify for Medicaid, only to be told from the Medicaid site that I am NOT eligible. I hate to say this but most of the people who support Obama are totally stupid.

    • I don’t hate to say it so why should you? They were told they were going to get FREE health care. There is nothing but a total FOOL, a lifetime welfare recipient or a college student that has lived off parents all their life and never had to work for anything that is stupid enough to believe you get anything of value for FREE. It’s just so disheartening. Every other nation that has lived under socialism/communism is trying as hard as they can to get away from it to FREEDOM. Most other countries that have national health care are trying to change from it because too many people are dying while on waiting lists. WE, on the other hand, are chomping at the bit trying to get our government to legally and slowly kill us and MAKE US PAY THEM TO DO IT!!!

    • Our favorite homo troll, mrBlobbie is back from either a trist by the dumpster behind his favorite gay bar or he took a 6 hour course (“this is your PC”) at the local community college for graphics. Take the poll above and encourage others to do the same.(check out other troll

  6. This guy has to be Assn idiot to say this. They could not get that many on the site to even sign up. To say that many were heeled or saved. What a joke. There folks are real pieces of work.

  7. I don’t even know who Russell Simmons is but I can tell that he is just another lying, liberal idiot!!!!! Liberals don’t seem to understand what the reality is even when it is smacking them in the fact!!! Saved millions – really, Russell – millions!!! If I die soon it will be because of Obamacare and the stress that Democrats and Obamacare have put on me!!! How many deaths can you attribute to Obamacare????????

  8. Hes an idiot like a fox. “Hey das dat Simmons dude on dat CD, Im unna buy his jambs with my wic money, caus he likes da massiya”

    Ocare probably killed more people of heart attacks when they saw what their new monthly bill will be, than it will ever save.

  9. Quick modification…

    ‘Obamacare “is a damn good piece of legislation that has already saved hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of…”‘ people from those ‘junk’ insurance policies that we didn’t want them to have.

  10. He’s baaak from a “trolling” sojorn in W hollywood after someone came and unstuck him from his feces that had him cemented to his chair. I guess his TROLLING expedition was dry unless he paid….LOL

    VOTING IS NOW OPEN BELOW…..(just click on image to enlarge in new window)

  11. Heck. Since he’s talking out his butt, he should have said 10’s or 100’s of millions. Ridiculous comments and their spokespersons should not be given the headline.

  12. Doctors are the third leading cause of death – yeah, really! Google that phrase. Bet with obamercare the docs will soar to number one.

  13. Ha,hahahahahah—these celebrities did not get rich because they had a high I.Q.–one may think they are dumb but then they open their mouth and remove all doubt.

  14. Just shows how stupid Simmons is. Obamacare has exposed millions of Americans to loss of their healthcare. Doesn’t seem like it has saved anyone but may cause many to lose their savings in order to save their lives if they become ill/

  15. You are entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts….prove your statement – that Obamacare has already “saved millions of lives”!! Can you name even half a million who have been saved by Obamacare?? How about naming how many Americans have lost jobs or hours or health insurance because of Obamacare – that might be easier!!

  16. Another embarrassment!!! Just like Obama and Oprah. They are the perfect examples of just because you have lots of money, doesn’t mean it carries common sense. All they see is Obama being Black. They have not a clue to the evil schemes being laid before them.

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