Rumsfeld: “Trained Ape” Better Diplomat than Obama

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld delivered a scathing review of the Obama administration’s diplomatic debacles in Afghanistan. I’m sure many people will call him a racist, but his remarks were not ad hominem. For the most part, they constrained themselves to facts. Rumsfeld is obviously frustrated with the current international situation, but I think that is also based on the facts—and completely warranted.

Here is a choice excerpt from his interview with Greta Van Susteren:

Our relationship with Karzai and with Afghanistan was absolutely first-rate in the Bush administration. It has gone down hill like a toboggan ever since the Obama administration came in. . . . A trained ape can get a status of forces agreement. It does not take a genius. And we have so mismanaged that relationship.

And the deteriorating situation with Afghanistan has not just been Obama’s fault, according to Rumsfeld:

The United States government . . . they have trashed Karzai publicly over and over and over. Holbrook, the Special Envoy did. Vice President Biden did. Secretary Hillary Clinton has. The President has been unpleasant to him. . . . Instead of having the US deal with him privately through private diplomacy, [they] came out repeatedly, publically, in an abusive unpleasant manner.

Part of this is bad diplomacy of course. But part of it is that the Obama administration is incapable of seeing the international handwriting on the wall. The Editorial Board of The Washington Post, which has traditionally supported Obama on most issues, summarized Obama’s foreign policy in one word: fantasy. Obama doesn’t realize that the international situation is changing. America can no longer get its way with its junior “allies” by bullying. And Obama cannot rely on the empty promises and threats of feckless international confederacies either. The UN is especially ineffective in accomplishing its policy objectives.

And unfortunately, Obama and his cronies, for all their talk of international peace and diplomacy, have never had to negotiate from a position of growing weakness. They always thought other countries did America’s bidding because Obama’s diplomacy was so nuanced and persuasive. Not so. It turns out they got their way because people feared America’s military and economic power. That’s becoming less and less the case over time.

Karzai is probably just one of many minor players that will be switching allegiances as America’s real power declines and American diplomacy continues to bungle about in the incapable hands of ignorant self-absorbed idiots.

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    • telling lies again bob, well why should we be surprised it the only thing liberals can do… Do not rewrite history to make liberal b.s. try and look good. Rumsfeld was not a war criminal was never even charged with it. Lied? Bill Clinton lied about his sexual relationship with an intern while in office, Obama lies with just about every word that comes out his mouth. So do you want to give details on Rumsfeld’s lie? Oh and make sure you have details to prove it was a lie he told on purpose…. like when Bill claimed he did not have sexually relationship with the intern, when he knew full well she sucked him off… (that is a clear lie). Being mistaken or wrong on information is just wrong not a lie. So, please enlighten us on his lie.

      • Rumsfeld KNOWLY lied us into a war that cost us the blood of some of our finest + trillions of dollars (not to mention the death’s of countless Iraqis)

        • I asked for what lie and proof it is a lie. You have fail. You just put down your thoughts. War always cost blood on every ones part so no lie there… democrats had the majority of the house at time of vote they voted to go. Obama action have cost us much more money… so do not worry about our debt.

          One last try other you are just wasting time. What lie, give exact details. I gave you an example of a lie with Bill Clinton, it had enough details to example the lie and why it was a lie. Your turn… or stop telling your lies.

          • It is useless to ask these boobs to tell the truth or tell where they get their junk talk from. That’s all they can do is spout useless junk and never answer a question just rant like crazy idiots. Time will tell just how well WE THE PEOPLE like all this going on now. Conservatives need to step up and get rid of these clowns. Vote this crap out !!! I am so sick of all this crap and the Pres. never helps with anything just goes on his trips and starts something else to fail.

        • Again, the liberal troll circumvents an actual, factual answer! No go away little boy before I tire of being nice,, your mommy is calling you!

        • So Rumsfeld lied you say! I guess you’d have to have selective memory to make that claim. Maybe you should look up just who approved of going into war with Iraq before you bluster on. My guess is that the LA in your moniker indicates that you come from that bastion of truth and common sense known as California. How’s that liberal agenda working out for ya over there? You really need to start paying attention to facts and stop playing with yourself during nap time. As if this bonehead currently polluting the oval office hasn’t cost us Trillions in dollars and the blood of some of our finest.

          • I just hope LaBobe stays in LA.. Too many Californians have emigrated to our great state of Texas to breathe the air of freedom. Unfortunately, they bring their perverted ideas with him and pollute anything they touch. I now refer to Austin as “San Francisco, East.” If only we can keep them corralled there we will be safe.

          • I lived 46 out of 59 years in California and I saw the state be changed by liberals who moved there. California is just another state that got infected with liberals. Now liberals are moving on to other States like locusts.

          • Sorry to hear that… I did not know California was ever a free state. Well the northern half was rumored to be free.

          • Austin is the ONLY city in Texas worth visiting & home to the United States Formula 1 grand prix & the best race track in north America!

          • Shows how limited your knowledge of this country. I’ve only been to Texas twice, but it was great… Did not go to Austin I was in San Antonio what a pretty place. It was in April so not hot yet. But all the business (restaurants and tourist shops) right on the side walk as you stroll the river. Shade coming from the 19th century style building and trees. Craw fish, birds sing, Street music being played, wonderful smells in the air, walking right through major place in history, friendly people, river boat ride, and so much more. If you do not consider that city as worth while you are nuts…

          • It is sad to see what the democraps was able to destroy one of the most profetable state who was use to be feed most of the country and back in the 60-s $158B surplus since the democraps take it over $160B negative
            Everybody is moving out Silicon valley is just about empty because the high taxes.But it is still a few conservatives live there

          • Suffering from a similar situation up here in Maine. I moved from Massachusetts to get away from the liberal morons that inhabit that state only to find that in order to do so I needed to move up near the Canadian border because Southern Maine has absorbed the same liberal left wing mindset that is destroying Mass. It’s why even I refer to Massachusetts people as Massholes. We even hold golf tournaments named after them.

          • Sad to hear. During my working career, I covered Southern Maine during the 80’s and early 90’s – Kittery, Freeport, etc. Also spent some wonderful vacations in the early 70’s in the Rangely Lake area. Beuatiful country. I probably wouldn’t recognize it today.

        • Show us the lie bob. Or are you lying. US, German, French, British and Israeli intelligence all pointed to WMD. Did they lie too. Hey Bob, I got a lie for you. Within hours of the attack on Benghazi Obama and his administration knew it was a terrorist attack. He called it such in the second debate with Romney. He even said that he called it such in the Rose Garden the next day even though he did not and the B Candy Crawley backed him up on it and later apologized for her lie. Anyway, Obama and his administration went on for weeks calling it the result of a video and not an organized terrorist attack. That bob was a lie based on good intelligence. What Bush and Rumsfeld provided was the truth based on worldwide bad intelligence. Can your tiny mind see the difference?

          • Even the GOP are running away from this so called Benghazi scandal. There’s NOTHING there!!! As for Rumsfeld, he had Iraq in his sights long before 9/11. 9/11 just happened to be a convenient excuse to make it happened. He lied, exaggerated & withheld intel to make his case for war (which he had no plan for the peace)

          • More lies, eh bob? Substantiate your accusations. I posted Susan Rice’s lies. Do the same or forever be called out as a liar yourself. And the left says there’s nothing to Benghazi because they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Inadequate protection prior to the attack and an organized immediately afterwards which puts Watergate to shame. So much for the most transparent administration ever as promised by Obama. What a load of %$#* that was!

          • You’re right. Bill Clinton’s own CIA Director said they were there (even before Bush was elected).

          • We know they had them because we the USA provided some of them… The disease center in GA will give out disease such as small pox and others, so another countries Doctors can study and learn from them. They are to report back to the USA in great detail on test run, result and the proper destruction of the disease. They did not. It only takes a small suite case to have enough to kill hundreds of millions…. Good luck finding that in a desert. As far as exploding things I do not know. I do have a high ranking office friend in the military that sent me photos (lost on old PC that was infected) of WMD’s that were located (stored) in a Mosque… but they were minor ones like hand grenades, hand held ground to air missiles, and such… but a ton of it. They were all items on the list of things not to be after the early 90’s issue…

        • Who killed the most, Saddam Hussein or us? HELLO, answer please!! Who gives a rats ass they are all worthless Muslims!! You know, those peace loving pigs that are taking over the world!

          • Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11.
            We invaded a country that was of zero threat to us.
            Like Russia and the Ukraine.
            Rummy and Bush have PERMANENTLY destroyed any ‘higher ground’
            we ever had. And that goes for torture too.
            WAKE UP for pity sake.

          • No war with a Muslim country is a bad thing. Should have dropped several A-Bombs on everyone of them. Now we have an un-trained Ape who’s red lines are nothing but wet noodles. At least Bush had class and was loved by our military. Our military has been torn apart by this worthless idiot. Not only is he an Idiot he is a total Moron. The rest of the world is laughing at this fool. Just listen to what ABC’s Jonathan Carl asked him today about his appeal in the world. Asked if Romney had it right about the Russians and he deflected the question. Back to Iraq and Afghanistan we should have turned the sand into glass. We turn tail and run because we have a black cancer and a coward with zero set of balls in our White House!!

          • The rest of the world laughs at us
            because we think NOTHING of a classroom of
            massacred first graders.

      • so true Paul. These libaturds blame someone else for all their Pres. failures. They are the ones that suck and nothing but jokes.

      • It’s in Saul Alinsky’s book, repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth, especially with the support of a compliant and liberal press. Bob (the trained ape he is) is just repeating the lie over and over.

  1. The New York jews are finding Obama to be uncooperative so they send their mouthpiece Dumsfeld to crap about it.

        • I never realized that the presidential Obama family was on welfare until Moochelle and her children started collecting from the taxpayers.

          • If not mistaken Obama’s mother in law is living at the White House as well off the tax payers dime for room and board. Of course you’ll never hear about it in the news.

          • Excuse me FriendofThom, but you are sadly mistaken…they do not buy their own groceries out of their own pocket, the tax payers pay for their food, their entertainment, their vacations, their aides and advisers, their mother in laws room and board and vacations, their travel, etc. You name it and we tax payers pay for it.

          • And you believe all web sites? The liberal media prints lots of things that make you think the O’s pay their own way,, Yes, all presidens have perks, but never has any president spent more money on their family’s freebies than Ovomit.

          • It isn’t just a matter of what webs sites say.. It is the fact that no Republican in Congress accuses Obama of breaking the law regarding the First Family paying personal expenses.. food, lodging, golfing fees, etc.. Are all the Repubs gutless, nutless cowards?

          • Of course the Rep’s (or Den’s) don’t care what the “family” spends on themselves at our expense, because they all have perks that are not reported, and they (most of them) are gutless, nutless cowards because they only care about NOT losing their own perks. Howevev, back to the groceries, do you really think the Ovomits pay fo the groceries that they need to feed all their “Reserved” dinners they host in the White House? No way….

          • Official functions are the key words,,,,,everything is “official functions” that they do in the White House, especially the concerts, secret meetings, etc.

          • Great… by the way I’m selling a toll bridge in Brooklyn NY. I’m getting tired of having to count all the money that comes in from it. Are you interested in buying it?

          • You’re the gullible sap if you think House Republicans are letting the Obamas get away with stealing millions in taxpayer money.

          • If any Repub complains he/she is immediately and vociferously attacked as being “racist”! If we had a truly unbiased MSM, Odumbo would have never been elected to any office outside of Chicago.

          • If they are already attacked as being racist, what’s stopping them from going after Obama for all his wrongdoing?

          • He might not have made it into Chicago with his Alinsky “community organization,” rather, only into the homo bath houses and bars.

          • That would be against the law.. stealing.. How come I never hear any Republican in Congress make this claim?

          • The Rep’s don’t make any claims against any of the corruption, thefts, that any of the Administration does because they are all afraid of losing their jobs and all their freebies. We are stuck with corruption in the Senate, Dem’s and Rep’s, and the house and almost all of the administration. I can’t you can see what is happening to this country because of most of them on both sides.

          • Right on! Could not have expressed it better myself. The Republicans will remain silent and continue to be a Party of DO NOTHINGS as long as we allow this ineptness and corruption to continue. We must demand better!!

          • Is that why the obama’s are constantly on vacation?
            So that they don’t have to buy groceries?
            Cheap bastards!

          • Obviously someone picks up the groceries for them or they are delivered.. She doesn’t go to the grocery story herself.

          • They can have nothing to do with the ordering process, someone will always find a way around it. Now, of course they would tell the cook/chief what they like and the rest is taken care of. Many of the President talk about how strange it is leaving office… because they have to carry a wallet and pay for things once again. I do not think most citizens have a problem picking up the daily grocery tab for the first family. the problem with this current one is that they are going ridiculous with the perk. One of the meals reported was at $450,000 per plate, yes per plate. I had to look that up twice because of the dollar amount. It was because of the one rarity of the animal then two the cooking process. That is the kind of crap that get people upset. If they spent $400 per head per night (which is still a crazy amount of money), I think most people would think them waste full but not get to up tight. The first family should in theory lead by example or try to be that model family for the nation (either party). They are very far from this and it makes many sick.
            Another example of waste, most first ladies had between 1 and 3 secretaries. And probably fairly needed in responding to letter, help planning their day (many traveled to give talks and such). So, no real problem having help, but why should we be paying for 21 secretaries for Michelle? I do not hear her name being song from all over about any work, let alone great work that she is doing (and she does not have to do a thing). However, if she has 21 secretaries, she better be literally changing the world… hopefully to the better. But she is not. Again they do not have enough money in their pockets to be paying 21 people an average of $75,000 each per year. They are wasteful people that think they different then other humans.

          • WHAT?! You beleive there was a dinner at the White House that cost $450,000 per plate? FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSANDS DOLLAR PER PLATE?? HAHAHA! You believe that? If you do, it raises the question: Were you born stupid, or did you suffer a brain injury? Numerous non-partisan fact checkers have said that Michelle Obama has more or less the same number of assistance as Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton. But, believe what you want.

          • $450,000 per plate is probably an exaggeration, but the fact is that these elitist pigs don’t eat any beef other than Kobe Beef imported from Japan, which goes for anywhere from $160 to $240 per pound. They act more like the King an Queen than President and First Lady.

          • Yeah, quite an exaggeration.. it was the cost of the whole dinner. .. and Kobe beef is not imported from Japan.. it is illegal.

          • They are on welfare too.
            His entire family in Kenya and Moochelle’s family is probably also on US taxpayer funded welfare.

          • Don’t forget his Auntie and his Uncle here in the states! Remember they were illegals for a long time. Aunt lived in Mass. his uncle’s residence I can’t recall.. So we have been used unmercifully by them.

          • How, hell her and her “arranged” partner live like the billionaires that they continually rail at and pit against the poor on your dime and mine and the rest of the country – welfare! Do you think they’d even have a chance to live a quarter of the lifestyle if they were not in government especially on a community organizer’s salary! She is the “Queen of Welfare” as she says – let them eat cake!

          • The President’s previous job was not community organizaer.. it was U.S. Senator. Deranged much?

          • I was referring to his nongovernmental job, useful idiot that you and his supporters are! We” see how cocky you are when he takes the country down and you mentally disordered liberals will also feel the effects! Heh , heh, obviously it is you that is the deranged one and you are about to find out soon as your “Dick-taker-N-Thief” drags us into WWIII!

          • Oh, non-governmental job.. that was teaching law. Obama isn’t about to get us into WW 3.

      • T his article was about international diplomacy and the comments so far have been about the President and First Lady being moochers and on welfare…..What a pathetic bunch of people. Every President and Frist Lady have these same perks. Did you attack Laura Bush for not buying groceries?? BTW Bush took more vacation days BY FAR. (look it up. Almost a yr of his 8 were vacation days) Could it be because the Obamas’ are African American you just can’t stand seeing them treated as every other President and First Lady have? but none of this crap pertains to the article. Rumsfeld, of all people, should stay silent. He was totally wrong in his analysis of Iraq from beginning to end (when Bush fired him) They dropped the ball in Afghanistan to invade Iraq. All he could tell us is what we know might be not what is really known, but unknowns were also something to be known or some such crazy statement while both countries became a huge mess.

        • Bush may have taken more vacation days, but he spent most of them at his Texas Ranch, or at Camp David, which is a short helicopter journey from the White House. The Obama’s take a vacation nearly once a month, and they go to exotic destinations and recklessly spend millions of taxpayer dollars for their private gratification. The amount of vacation is not the issue, it’s the COST to the taxpayer, and I’d be willing to bet Obama’s vacation costs have far exceeded Bush’s and he’s still got three years to go on wasting our money.

          • once a month??? Sadly you are totally misinformed. Where do you get your “information”. If you know how to do a search on line PLEASE tell us what monthly vacations they have taken.
            Chopping wood out at the ranch is hardly doing the people’s business.

    • Don’t insult untrained apes. They would make better diplomats than the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


    • The next American war is in the bible and explained in a book available on the net called “the Judgment of Babylon”- the fall of America. Very well worth a read.

    • Thank you for respecting Rumsfeld, a very honorable man and thank you for perhaps educating those uninformed tabloid readers the truth about the casualties in Afghanistan under this President. 2300 American lives in 5 yrs. versus 461 in 8yrs under Bush!!
      Thanks again.

      • Dont think he was a dummy. He was a member of the organization that the Dulles brothers secretively transferred from their various HQ locations in Germany to the SE United States, 1945-1952, via Operation Paper Clip. Considering the over 10,000 falsified family identities and passports issued to NAZI without computerization, the falsified birth certificates were no problem at all. Nor, the falsified entries into school and university records. The falsifiers forgot that others had the same computer skills, resulting in detection of the computer-generated birth certificates for the alias, Obama. Thus, we see the NWO puppetry scurrying around the internet, using hirelings to populate themes with support for the NWO front puppet, alias, Obama. All seem to be drawing from the same central computer with the canned information that “ellen”, “LA Bob” and numerous others repeatedly display. They are obvious. They display the artificial “newsprint” as well as the NWO tabloids.

    • The NAZI, Donald Rumsfeld worked day and night ?
      If so, he was adding to his personal wealth. Take the over 15 million he
      scarfed with his Tamiflu investments, for example. I havent found the total he received from Searle for his ramrodding FDA approval for the mild, neurological poison, aspartame. Any other night work he did was assisting the NAZI Bush family to sell weaponry to leaders whom Bush would later mis-use the US military to topple. Topple the leadership of a nation, reclaim the weaponry, resell it, while stealing the wealth of the country being overthrown. This system, used internationally by the CIA since 1950, led to the Obama-Holder, Fast and Furious in Mexico. This system caused the fiasco at the CIA headquarters in Benghazi, Libya, for which Hitlery Clinton was patsy.

  3. The Bush neo-cons have been finally speaking out against Barry. That suggests to me that the plutocratic European elites realize that even with electronic voting fraud they went too far on ordering the Barry and the Democrats to accelerate the destruction of the USA. They can’t risk a 3rd party, or Libertarian Republicans gaining control. Now the Republicans have to set themselves up as the saviors for 2016. Maybe we’ll get a good 6 years of deceleration on the destruction agenda along with the formation of the police nanny state. Then the Republicans will re-Bush themselves, and the Democrats will be set up as the saviors again. In other words the same old shell game that’s been going on for over 100 years. The short term memory dumbed down populace falls for it every time.

    • If they had ANY intelligence they would have just disappeared.
      DO we REALLY need a loser like Wolfowitz on FOX discussing Obamacare. OBAMACARE?
      What next? Sinful desserts?

  4. I have always like Donald Rumfeld. He’s a good man. At least he has the kahoonies to tell it like it is. Obama is an abomination.

      • But Dick has a better idea for taking lawyers hunting and letting them point the birds !! Next time he’ll need some 00 buck in his shotgun, though !!

          • But still a good idea in general !! After all, what career did our most of our politicians pursue in their past lifes if not “legal” ?? And just who is in charge of our nation today ??? Granted, there are some good ones but I personally don’t trust the legal eagles in general !! Do you ???? BTW, I am a conservative thru and thru !!

          • I prefer sending them on a “fact finding mission” to someplace nice….

            Pick your favorite HATE AMERICA hell hole ran by radical mawzslums and drop them off out in the countryside with no means of defense.

            See how many come back with a whole new outlook on gun control…

          • Or you could use Massachusetts, or California, or DC for that matter. They hate US as much as any foreign country does.

          • what you say is true, but the problem is, those places LOVE liberals.

            On the other hand, packeystan mawxslums hate anything they haven’t trashed.

            Toss in a couple of spoiled white guys with ‘better than thou’ attitudes and the locals begin to smile and ask for more.

            We have plenty to share.

          • I like the way you think although I think instead of “a couple of spoiled white guys with better than thou attitudes” it should apply equally to all liberals regardless of skin color.

          • My apologies Mathis1658.

            I had not even considered a difference in skin color.

            Any black we drop off would be instant slaves…

            Or dinner. I hear the mawzslums consider blacks to be “long pig”.

            Imagine the look on hairy reids face when he discovers that “pompous, blowhard jackass doesn’t work there.

          • I wonder how much nutrition would actually be in a liberal should he/she be converted to “long pig”.

            By the time the crap and other in-edibles were removed I think it would be an empty husk.

          • If it was possible to live on hot air then liberals would be an endless source of nutrition!

    • Rumsfeld was CEO of Searle, handpicked Hull to head the FDA when he became part of Reagan’s transition team, and got aspartame ok’d to be put out in the market. I would not call someone who did that, knowing the health dangers of aspartame, a good man.

      • The question is, did he know AT THE TIME it was approved and released? Too many attorneys sue years later. With hindsight I’m guessing many decisions would be made differently. As for Iraq, it’s been proven that the Bush administration was given “intelligence” from our own agencies as well of many allies that WMDs were being stored in Iraq and were being given to terrorist groups. With hindsight, perhaps some of the decisions he made would have been different. I doubt Gen. Custer would have made the decisions he made at the Little Big Horn. HINDSIGHT!!

          • What makes you think I’m a far, leftwing, radical extremist? Because I’m anti-aspatame, GMOs, BPA and other biotech atrocities forced onto us by the UN’s Codex Alimentarius and Agenda 21? You may have no problem with feeding your children frankenfood, but some of us do!

          • I have respect for anyone who services our country or with someone who does. They have a much broader understanding of what it takes to defend, honor and protect this great country. God Bless you and yours..

          • I just read my post and laughed at my inane errors, but obviously you got the message. I respect the one that serves and defends us as well as the supportive mate.

          • OMG! i just noticed it too! lmao! i must have missed that error the 1st time! hahahahahahaha! ah dont feel bad, i was shaving my friends head one time & the person who was watching, had that look like he wanted his done too. i asked him, ”do you want me to do you too”? i cracked up laughing after realizing how i said it! lol

          • I’m thinking you should change you name to HUFFPO since you seem to be parroting the drivel found in their posts. PLEASE, do your own research! Get the FACTS! Then, provide some useful insights to the discussion!

        • You seem to be a disinformation agent.
          Rumsfeld became CEO of Searle AFTER the FDA banned aspartame. I doubt you’ll read the link and research further afterwards because dis-info cointel pro puppets never do.

          And of course GW et al knew there were WNDs in Iraq – the US sold them to it.
          As reported by the UK Daily Mail that can be found other places:
          US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld helped Saddam Hussein build up his arsenal of deadly chemical and biological weapons, it was revealed last night.
          As an envoy from President Reagan 19 years ago, he had a secret meeting with the Iraqi dictator and arranged enormous military assistance for his war with Iran.
          The CIA had already warned that Iraq was using chemical weapons almost daily. But Mr Rumsfeld, at the time a successful executive in the pharmaceutical industry, still made it possible for Saddam to buy supplies from American firms.
          They included viruses such as anthrax and bubonic plague, according to the Washington Post.
          The extraordinary details have come to light because thousands of State Department documents dealing with the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war have just been declassified and released under the Freedom of Information Act.
          At the very least, it is highly embarrassing for 70-year-old Mr Rumsfeld, who is the most powerful and vocal of all the hawks surrounding President Bush.
          Read more:
          But of course, you’ll come back as you’ve done before, with your eyes shut and fingers in your ear disparaging the truth and blathering inanities. Refute all you like but the truth doesn’t change.

        • You have been using aspartam your “whole life” and you are healthy ? If you are over 50, You will soon receive a wake-up call. The life style in, “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease,” by Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD, corrects the problems, slowly. Bypass surgery neither corrects the problems nor lengthens life. It makes surgeons richer. That´s all.

          • im 36. im still healthy. as long as i keep it my lifestyle up, ive got nothing to worry about. you sound just like the loons who thought vaccines were harmful. jim carry was wrong!

      • Rumsfeld is also responsible for the expensive but worthless, tamiflu. The Cochrane institute consluded that the risks of tamiflu exceed ana benefit. A LA times author sued the manufacturer of tamiflu for fraud and won. for the facts, goto and type in tamiflu.

        Anyone who thinks Donald Rumsfeld is a good man simply is not aware of the years of destrucion he has done to the health of Americans, and the health industry. Aspartame was refused approval for five years. When Rumsfeld entered the Reagan cabinet, he fired the senior researcher of the FDA, installed a greenhorn doctor, who approved aspartame within days. Aspartame has been associated with the world-wide epidemic of fibromyalgia and numerous other chronic illnesses.

        • Why thank you drbhelthi! Seems there are a number of disinformation/cointel pro stooges populating this forum and trying to sway the fractured minds of those so diseased by aspartame, GMOs, and other biochemicals that they can no longer think for themselves. CIA operative ‘elizabeth greeley’, who knows what that person’s real name is, refuses to investigate for him/herself and just complains about the source I offered when I wrote that if you don’t like that source search for another one because there are thousands. Seems like you and I are the rare few who won’t be conned and know that the Repubs and democRATS are just two sides of the same coi, that just because there’s an ‘R’ after the name it doesn’t make that person an angel. My goodness! I bet they’d cheer Lindsey Graham or McNDAACain if they had said the same! Only someone so truly twisted wouldn’t know that BO is an evil puppet. He never had the aptitude to be president and Rummy stating the obvious doesn’t make Rummy a good man.

          • Night work Rumsfeld might have done was semi-secret for whatever hidden purpose. He assisted the NAZI Bush family to sell weaponry to leaders whom Bush would later mis-use the US military to topple. Topple the leadership of a nation, reclaim the weaponry, resell it, while stealing the wealth of the country being overthrown. This system, used internationally by the CIA since 1950, led to the Obama-Holder, “Fast and Furious” treasonous activity in
            Mexico. This system caused the fiasco at the CIA headquarters in Benghazi, Libya, for which Hitlery Clinton was patsy.

            George Jr. passed the Patriot Act, established Homeland Security, and appointed the MOSSAD officer, Michael Chertoff as secretary. Subordinate unconstitutional agencies of Homeland Security were also established by the Bush entourage. Without the preparation by the NAZI family Bush, and the israeli-owned MSM, Obama and muslim crew would not be in office, and could not have incited the current racial strife led by the few sewer rats that are known to all Americans and who shame Black Americans. The Assault and Battery technique that a few misguided Black youth have adapted to their behavior,
            for which they are rarely punished ? All traced back to the deceit of the George H. W. Bush entourage. They put up a good front and are very convincing to the average American. Some of whom are so naive as to continue to believe that airliners flew into the Twin Towers. Observers reported that the aircraft had no airliner markings, and no passenger windows. So, what happened to the 400 or so
            passengers in the airliners that neither flew into the Twin Towers nor crashed anywhere ?

            George H. W. Bush and puppetry know: e.g. the CIA, the MOSSAD and other NAZI types such as Rumsfeld. Many of whom assisted with the planning.

      • His sponsorship of aspartame and tamiflu has led to neurological illness in millions of humans around the world, and thousands of unnecessary deaths. Internationally known neurologist and neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock, has termed aspartame a neurological toxin. The world-wide epidemic of fibromyalgia increased rapidly in the late 1990s, but was not labled at that time. Fibromyalgia has more recently been associated with chronic intake of aspartame. Aspartame is also associated with overweight, especially with women who drink aspartame-sweetened, diet drinks thinking it prevents overweight. That aspartame, under four names, remains on the consumer market, demonstrates the control politicians have on the consumer food market.

  5. Why even trained? I’ve personally seen feral/wild specimens of rhesus macaque and entellus langur which exceed 0bama in diplomatic skills!

          • You are probably correct on that one.
            Hillary has already demonstrated her incomptence by not accomplishing one good result as secretary of state.
            Her famous Benghazi statement alone makes her unsuitable for president.
            She has blood on her hands.

          • The blood is not limited to her hands. How far back can it be traced? What about her crooked oil deal for Rockefeller 30 years ago, for which he more or less promised her the US Presidency ?

        • And yet he has been able to outwit Republicans to win two elections and get historic healthcare reform passed. What does that say about Republicans? They have turds for brains?

          • He did not outwit anybody. He outlied and outcheated everybody.How many people will die because of his “historic healthcare”?
            Most people could not have done worse if they tried.

          • If Obama won due to voter fraud, he outwitted Repubs in doing it in a way that Repubs could not catch and challenge the results of the election in the court of a Republican federal judge.

          • You must be a liberal since you admire fraud and cheating that much.
            It is only a matter of time before you will have the rewarding personal experience of Obama’s scams.
            I hope you still like them that much when you are his victim!

          • Obamacare was the Republican’s plan in the 90’s and the one that Romney implemented in MA. I would have preferred a public option, but the President stuck with the for profit insurance industry and the conservative Heritage Foundations plan.

          • Obamacare and Socialized Healthcare are two different things.
            Obamacare is a total disaster, the law itself and its implementation.
            The genius of Obama and his liberals in action.

          • All Obamacare does is make sure insurance companies follow certain rules like having to insure people with pre exisitng conditions, allowing kids to stay on family policies until 26 yrs old, no more annual or lifetime caps, subsidize premiums to people that can’t afford full price, mandate that all are covered….In return the insurance companies get tons more people as customers, but don’t make as much from each one. We still have a private delivery system, but insurers can’t screw people like they were doing. Repubs liked this plan when they came up with it, but when Obama went with THEIR idea and they hate him all they did was attack it and lie about what it really is.

          • You must be one of those people who never learn. Obama has lied, lied and lied some more and you still believe him.
            You cannot insure the 30 million uninsured people more and do that at a total lower cost than not insuring them. Sofar I have been screwed more by Obama(care) that I have been by the insurance companies.
            Obama certainly did not implement Obamacare in accordance with the republican plans.
            Of course he didn’t. Obama always knows best. Republican inputs for the ACA were not accepted/allowed and not a single republican voted for that Obama failure.
            It is sad when your biggest accomplishment is also your biggest failure!

          • Then please tell me what is the difference between the Heritage Foundations plan/ Romney Massachusetts plan AND Obamacare. Try to be factual. I know it is hard if you get your info from talk radio and Fox, but it is time people know they are being manipulated to vote against their own best interest and support the corporate status quo.

          • My response was to your wishful description of Obamacare.
            I am confident that you can look up a comparison of the three, which might contain a bit of accuracy.
            I do not recommend either of the three.
            Obamacare is not a health insurance policy or program.

          • I know all 3 and Romney’s plan is essentially the one written by the Republican think tank Heritage Foundation. I ronically, the Right pushed for individual responsibility (mandate)when this was written to oppose Hilarycare.. When Obama chooses the same plan (keep the for profit insurers in the middle, but make some rules they have to follow) the R’s went crazy and attacked THEIR OWN SIDES PLAN. He should have offered a public option or Medicare for all ( but keep the private for profit delivery system we have in tact) which is what all people over 65 enjoy. It amazes me that just because talk radio, Fox and other corporate lobbyists have demonized this plan millions of Americans who have NOT looked into the actual facts will go along with their lies and propaganda.

          • It is the coalition of Rep + Dem traitors in the USCongress that support the NWO, of which the alias, Barack H. Obama, is the current, front puppet. Both elections were won by hook and crook. States with foto I:D. elected Romney. No I.D. states elected Obama. Falsely-programmed voting machines and other anomalies have been discovered. Widely.
            No one has feces for brains. Supporters of the NWO-Obama have been suckered into thinking that if they support the NWO movement, they will be granted a stake in the outcome. That´s the technique used by Bush with Sadaam Hussein and all similar suck-ups. It works with many wannabe dictator types. For a while.

    • Don’t just limit it to “diplomatic skills”. Doubt he’s even got good “bathhouse skills” either. Certainly has no domestic ones!

  6. O’socialist has slapped ever allie we have around the world and sucked up to
    our enemies by kissing their hand an bowing to them in public. He has made
    more enemies than friends for our nation and supported Terrorist over Americans
    Prime example of that is Benghazi where the terrorist killed 4 Americans.

  7. [they] came out repeatedly, publicly in an abusive unpleasant manner.

    In other words, this administration considers itself the big bully on the playground.

    I wonder what they will think when the next administration begins charging some of these people with Treason and goes for the death penalty.

    • I wonder… do you think that Clinton will have as much pull with the lying obfuscating, cheating press as obummer did? Do you think she can get as many 100% voter districts as obummer? Do you think she can rally the liars and cheats and dimwitted idiots of America to vote for her as obummer did? I fear that there will be another poorly managed election with enough cheating to get the witch elected and then nobody goes to jail or to the gallows for treason. I wish it could be that a real Statesman gets elected, but I wonder what cheating bastards like clinton/obummer and friends can do to steal it this time.

      • I don’t think the media has the power now that they wielded in the past.

        And I doubt the voters will not be keeping a close eye on who votes.

        • We have to demand our representatives to get a National Guard out around the voting boots to keep the black panthers out and bring back the paper ballot NO ELECTRONIC voting so we can keep out soros hand out of the counting.

          • That would be a very big burden on the National Guard.

            Trying to cover all the polling places in America on the same day?

            Probably be better to split up the voting.

            Conservatives vote on Tuesday and liberals vote on Thursday.

            That will cut the workload a bunch.

          • How about the Conservatives vote on the first Tuesday of the week and the libs vote on the second Tuesday of the same week. I don’t feel they are smart enough to know the difference.

          • Thursday works just as well. Election day is Tuesday.

            When they arrives and see the sign that says “Polls Closed” and in tiny letter beneath “you lost”…

            We probably should set up cameras so we can watch the tirades against the smart people in America.

          • Yes, but there is only one Tuesday in each week. They can’t show up on the second Tuesday of the same week.

          • Even liberals would see that one.

            2 different days to cut back on the crowds and friction between the stupid and Conservatives they can understand and believe in.

          • Could be but this is SOOO important to save our country we just can’t afford to loose election because of fraud be the Masters of fraud!

          • from the federal judge in the Kansas case:

            In ruling for the states, the federal court held that “Congress has not
            preempted state laws requiring proof of citizenship through the National
            Voter Registration Act,” and states have the power to require proof
            because the “Constitution gives each state exclusive authority to
            determine the qualifications of voters for state and federal elections.”


            Read the whole thing, especially the “Immediately” portion that requires ALL federal voter registration forms must comply NOW, not after the next election.

    • But first the tens of thousands maimed and wounded, Iraq vets and their families.
      And certainly the families of those who came home in a box. Doncha think? Do you think?

  8. “Trained ape”??? The irony is just toooooo good! Let us exchange one for another and see if things improve. 🙂

  9. Even a ape has more culture and intelligence than Obama. Unfortunately Obama is doing this on purpose. It IS the “transformation” he has always craved for America. He wants America to envy a country like Argentina with abject poverty and NO STANCE in the world on anything. He wants America to GO DOWN – morally, militarily, financially, healthcare wise, education and erase God from our history and our culture. THAT has ALWAYS been his goal. Yes, Obama, YOU are TRANSPARENT.

  10. Rumsfeld is a man of honor. He has never been known to mince his words. He, unlike the obamanistas understand true diplomacy from the place of Strength and HONOR. It is going to take decades to even repair the mess the Obama Regime has created around the world. The Obama Regime: A clear group of incompetent IDIOTS and dillusional, far, leftwing, radical, extremist pukes.

    • Tell it to the families of the 5,000 dead American troops in Iraq.
      Dead FOR OIL.which Iraq is SELLING TO CHINA!
      DO you people do any reading aside from right wing media?

      • Amen, Charles! The right wing has, alas, resorted to these divisive outlets of venom spewing cabals of rhetoric aka Koch Koolaid (along with ALEC, The Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, etc.) to prop up what was once a noble ideology based in conservatism…

          • I’m going to sound cold and calculating, but frankly the lives that I care about are our AMERICAN SOLDIERS. We have been playing diplomatic wars games for too long now. Just to name a few Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq and of course Afghanistan. Had we played the same hand in WWII we would be speaking German now!!

          • “the lives that I care about are our AMERICAN SOLDIERS.”
            That’s the kind of ignorant attitude that puts American at risk abroad. That includes our embassies.

          • and President Obama has the respect of many NATO members? and I just heard that Saudi Arabia has summoned him, yup I did say summoned. I could have said asked him to meet with the Prince ASAP, before returning to states but I preferred summoned. Wasn’t President Obama’s education paid for by the Saudis??

          • If you heard that Saudi Arabia has “summoned” Obama, you heard it from some rightwing nut afflicted with Obama Derangement Syndrome.

          • Not really, it the kind of attitude that makes non-allied countries afraid to harm any US citizen, at all. Regan had this type of attitude and if you remember after he won the office but had not taken office Iran had some 20 US hostages. Jimmy Carter was playing your cat and mouse game with them and could not get them free. Once Iran found out Regan was going to be President they could not turn over the hostages quick enough to Carter. They did not want to face Regan as he made it very clear they will regret the day…. Just the mere thought of that attitude towards our enemy made it clear. If you are going to play games with the US be prepared to be hurt badly. It works great. Even Teddy Roosevelt had this attitude, Speak softly but carry a big stick. When we have “soft” in a weak way, no soft like Teddy was talking about, presidents in offices is when we are at risk.

            P.S. woonsocket, if you want to know who the war lovers are remember it is the congress not the president that declares war. So, go back through the records and see which party was in charge of congress when the US declared war on anyone…. Your in for a big surprise. I’ll give you a hit, the Republican did it only two times. One of which was the Civil war. In that case you might argue the democrats also declared war, but they were under the confederate flag at that time.

          • I guess Bill Clinton must have had that attitude because we were attacked many times when he was president.

        • You haven’t a clue, not a clue as to what you are talking about.

          Next you’ll be claiming Saddam was responsible for 9/11.

          • Those of us whose parents had children with working brains know who was responsible for 9/11. It wasn’t washington, it wasn’t Saddam, it wasn’t Putin, it was Bin Laden and his band of towel heads riding on their fanatical religious brooms. Saddam made the mistake of riling up the democrats who whooped and hollered about his WMDs until everybody took them seriously. Clinton had the biggest drum and was joined by Kennedy and all the rest of the mental midgets. Bush was not smart enough to see their plan and drowned in it.

          • You don’t know what you’re talking about.
            Bush ii wanted to finish his daddy’s war an dthe oil thing.
            Saddam was to Bush – a family enemy who swore to kill his father.
            Your whole dems pushed the WMD is total lunacy. Just lunacy.
            Bush told all the info agencies to give him (INVENT) the info he wanted.

          • Charles! Everyone who laps up this tripe and that of the other inverse reality medial outlets like “Godfather of Politics,” “Personal Liberty,” “Freedom Outpost,” “Fox News,” etc., knows that the sun rises in the west, the earth is flat, north is south, and the sun orbits around the earth. What have you been reading and listening to?

          • trying to feed you the truth is like trying to teach a pig to sing. all it does is waste my time and pisses off the pig.

          • It is saddening to see a Believer, a patriot such as you dispense such ill-researched information.
            Osama bin Laden was a hireling of George H. W. Bush, and served faithfully as a decoy until he died or renal failure, 19 Dec 2001. Bush Sr. was engaged in a weapons deal with the bin Laden family in D.C. as 9-11 was being pulled off. Bush arranged for a jet fighter to escort the bin Laden family airliner out of US airspace the next day, 12 Sep 2001, violating the FAA emergency grounding of all aircraft flights. Micki, I wish very much that you would acquire the important, information about the George H. W. Bush family that you are not acquainted with.

          • And I am sure that you also believe we never landed people on the moon and that George Soros was a good guy.When will you start telling us what you know to be facts about area 51 and about the aliens in Ohio. In other words, unless you get even close to the truth like how GB senior wanted us to be a part of the new world order, then quit wasting your time and ours.

          • Thanks for the response, axmicki.
            I will waste no more effort with you, will not interrupt your narcissistic stupidity, and ignore your “Christian” claim.
            I must inform you that you do not make decisions for me. Neither do you represent “last resistance.” You represent only your narcissistic, uninformed, dogmatic blog-pukes.

      • Thanks for the reminder Charli. Our Imperial communist Oqueen has managed not only to lose Afghanistan, you can add Iraq, Libya, Crimea, Egypt, Syria and soon, Easter Europe while gutting our military!

        • Gutting our military? Is that a joke? We spend more on military then the next 15 countries COMBINED (most of which are our allies) As for the rest of you idiotic comment you need to come out of your GOP bubble & breath in a dose of reality

      • Obama and killed twice as many soldiers ,after he had taken office . That’s just a fact check Obama’s body counts of American Soldiers verses Bush’s body counts of dead and wounded . The only difference is code pink war protestors are never out there like when Bush was President . Besides who gives a F—– about those Muslim Bast——. We could kill a million and I would still sleep good at night .

      • Hey dumb ass, I am a member of the families of troops who actually served in Iraq. While idiots like you played with your XBOX or yourselves. You show you are a moron by the stupid ASSumptions you make. You are one of those idiot robots that walk around claiming “Blood for oil” because one of your radical, leftwing, blow holes said so. You are also one of those pieces of human excrement who claimed our troops were creating GOOOOOOOLOGUES, because the idiot John F’ng Kerry said so. Oh and you are one of the Leftist idiots who claimed Al Quaeda was not and is not in Iraq. Only problem is THEY ARE and WERE! READ AND STUDY (that is how you actually learn, moron) America based her decisions on what the world wide intelligence agencies had documented. I know the TRUTH for you left wing fks is hard to hear and digest, get use to it. I understand you Obamanistas wouldn’t know the truth or care for it if it tap danced across your idiot faces. Now as far as which media I listen to: I don’t listen to the leftist PMSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, NPR or the rat nest called PBS. I rarely if ever, listen to FOX. I damn sure don’t read or partake of your leftwing crap collecting, Rolling Stone or NYT or Austin Statesman or any other left wing dribble. You leftist pukes like to make accusations, but when called on it………………………You are a brain dead, left wing, piece of human excrement, a treasonist bastard who should pack up your crap and move to some banana republic like CUBA. When you educate your dumb self and at least get one fact correct, by all means come back. Other then that you have nothing worth reading.

        • All the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi not Iraqis
          But the Bushs have been in bed with the Saudi’s for FOUR DECADES,
          The war was ALL ABOUT OIL
          And planned WAY before 9/11/
          Stop displaying your ignorance. Texas is right where you belong.

          • You are showing your self a complete IDIOT. Who were the terrorists who struck Benghazi, who were the Terrorists who struck the W Trade Center the first time in the early 90’s? Let me guess “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?” Here is a hint moron>>>ISLAMO-FASCISTS
            Oh, I am more then proud to live in Texas. Here, we still are FREE PEOPLE. TEXAS has a BUDGET SURPLUS unlike the majority of far, left wing radical run (into the ground) states. Texas doesn’t have STATE INCOME TAXES. TEXAS>Businesses and JOBS are booming. Can you say that about the RAT NEST you live in? No! But you are so smart, my arse. You keep listening to your leftwing dribble and propaganda. I wil base my life on FREEDOM, THE AMERICAN DREAM and FACTS. YOu live your life out as a spineless, feckless, mindless Obamanista.

          • George H. W. Bush had a contract with the Saudi, bin Laden family, and Osama was his faithful decoy until his death from renal failure, Dec 19, 2001, after two years on dialysis.
            Bush Sr. was doing an arms deal with the bin Laden family in DC as 9-11 was being pulled off. He had the Saudi airliner escorted out of US airspace the following day, 12 Sep, by a US jet fighter, in violation of the FAA emergency grounding of all flights. The Saudi troop of +-17 young men were decoys, who were not affiliated with 9-11, didnt even know that they were serving as decoys – at the time.
            The 2 vans of men, who were celebrating on the outskirts of NYC as the Twin Towers crumbled, were arrested by NY police. They were israelis(MOSSAD). They were taken to police station and booked. The police received phone calls in which they were instructed to release the israeli men, and destroy the records of arrest.
            Anyone who is remotely acquainted with the defense systems that protect the Pentagon and the White House is well aware that all the defenses had to have been turned off, and the order must come from the US President..
            A Tomahawk made the 9´ hole in the Pentagon, and was fired from a USS ship in the Chesapeake bay.

            Anyone who can follow the money trail from and to the WTC, will learn that the Twin Towers had been condemned due to asbestos contamination and had to be “cleaned” or torn down. They were “torn down.” At the cost of 3,000 innocent lives plus 400 on airliners that neither crashed into buildings – nor anywhere. The aircraft that flew into the Twin Towers had neither airliner markings nor windows for passengers. They were cargo aircraft turned into drones. Also, the one had a tube of napalm attached to the lower right fuselage which created the fireworks. If you want some more facts, google, George H. W. Bush, pedophile.

    • Obies screw-ups maybe irreparable and I believe that is his intention. Nobody could screw things up this much without doing it intentionally. Democrats=Fools=Socialists

    • The mess created by the NAZI Bush entourage set the stage for the alias, Obama, the alien muslim. Without 9-11, the Patriot Act and the rest of the unconstitutional agencies and their activities, established by the false war on terror, there could be no alien muslim in the POTUS slot.
      Did Texas authority ever find out who sacrificially murdered and skinned the other 17 family members of George Jr.´s druggie family, Summer, 1984, in Brownsville ? George Jr. disappeared for the 3 days. Upon un-disappearing, he “couldn´t remember” the three days. The investigators were investigating George Jr.´s relationship with the 17 other, sacrificially murdered and skinned family members, when George Sr. stepped in and stopped the investigation. Have you ever googled the phrase, George H. W. Bush, pedophile ?

  11. Mr. Rumsfeld, obama is orchestrating the death of The United States of America! You and the rest of us Americans are his greatest desires to be gone! I know that you already know this fact with clarity ,but I want America to know as well! It is not about training, it is a about a lying fake fraud president, and his cronies stripping America bare of her inter workings! Once that is done they feel that we will submit to their cronyism and a communist dictatorship! Dictator vladimir putin and many other communist are all part of the plan here, which is on going at this very moment! Bad propaganda is being spilled on America, and other free nations that participate in Democracy! Mr. Rumsfeld, you and all of America keep your dukes up for the fight of your life to keep America with her freedoms!


    Be always sure you are right- then go head.

    Signed, Davy Crockett

    • Hey Donny how’d that “Lean, Mean, Fightin’ Machine”
      work for ya in Iraq?
      Now Donni is going to predict next year’s skirt length.

  12. Not to worry. The Wash DC GOP Politburo is setting up Jeb Bush to be the 2016 candidate for POTUS. The Kennedy, Bush, & Clinton family were preordained to rule America. Out of the 315 Million Americans there is no one else qualified.

      • False on what. He never ran or even help run any business…. Not even a lemon aid stand as a kid (they did not do that in the country he was raised in… remember he did not live here till sometime in high school. He was never a manager of any people. He was an unused law teachers aid at the University of Chicago. Then a community planner (which no one has been able to tell me what that job does). Then he ran for the Senate. Exploit a weak event (could have been consider scandalizes) which cased his opponent to drop out and the replacement opponent never had enough time to campaign. Once in congress he did nothing…. He just co-signed things other people worked on, then worked on two Biography type books and started to run for president…. So, please tell me how you think anything from that makes him competent? You can not make any argument for the business side as he has ZERO experience there.

  13. Americans’ short memories is astounding. Let’s not forget, Rumsfeld wasn’t much better. In fact, he may have even been worse. But what do expect from him or Obama or any other of today’s leaders being that, in Article 6, the framers banned Christian tests and thereby Biblical qualifications for civil leaders. It thus became inevitable that America (federal and state alike) would be run by a bunch of nincompoops, scoundrels, war mongers, and outright criminals.

    For more, see online Chapter 9 “Article 6: The Supreme Law of the Land” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective.” Click on my name, then our website. Go to our Online Books page, click on the top entry, and scroll down to Chapter 9.

  14. Don’t forget the liberal, Obama adoring, main stream news media and book writers who demonized Donald Rumsfeld for daring to tell it like it was…and now like it is.

  15. At least Donald gave Obama the courtesy of comparison with a trained ape.
    I’m more concerned with the jihadist cunning we’ve seen all too much of.

  16. My my. These losers make speeches under the fantasy
    they have a record to speak of.
    Does he think Iraq was a century ago.
    He needs a diaper changing,
    It was Laura Bush that finally got him fired.

      • She knew the war was going very badly
        and George had a warped sense of “loyalty”.
        Hey, enough is enough.

        • There was a documentary on Dick Cheney. It showed how much power he wanted to take away from Bush. Bush knew it and he wasn’t amused. Since then, Bush had a cold relationship with his VP.

          Some of the comments on this site are right off the cliff. This one guy said that Oabma didn’t get Bin Laden. The Navey Seals did everything on their own and just called The President while they were in Pakistan. Some folks here are purposely being ignorant or they never took a course on The Constitution. Have they ever heard the title, “Commander-in-Chief.” Unbelievable stupidity.

  17. Funny, Minkoff, if it weren’t so damned infuriatingly disingenuous! Wasn’t it Rummy that helped thrust us into the Iraq war invasion? Aren’t we seething with righteous indignation and teeth gnashing anger about Putin’s invasion into Ukrainian Crimea? The hypocrisy of the war mongers knows no bounds…

  18. Really that’s what I thought we had in the former W.H. since 2008, A trained ape. Or better know as Soros trained chimp.

  19. By all means let people criticize Obama or any sitting president.
    Rumsfeld is just one who has lost that privilege

    • Time to Impeach the Fraud, Phony, Liar, Criminal, Traitor and let us not forget…the Benghazi Killer.

      • Now that hit all the talking points, impeach The President yourself. Republicans in Congress wouldn’t dare do it. It will create a backlash within the party and Democrats will win both houses.

          • Charles Almon below knew what happened. When Hillary was questioned we found out that the GOP cut funding for security at embassies around the world. Daryll Issa, the GOP inquisitor, promised Republicans scandals. He wasted millions and he’s come up with 0000000000000000000000000000.

  20. It certainly is nice to hear the truth from a real man as opposed to those girly-men that are the “Re-PUNK-licans!

  21. “Our relationship with Karzai and with Afghanistan was absolutely first-rate in the Bush administration.” Should we be proud to have a first-rate relationship with a corrupt political leader?

  22. At least an ape would not destroy his country or cause hate within his community. Still waiting to see obama’s REAL birth certificate, hidden college transcripts and would like to know why he has a dead man’s ssn. Most apes can prove where they are born…not this fraud in our White House.

  23. Time to Impeach the Fraud, Phony, Liar, Criminal, Traitor and let us not forget…the Benghazi Killer. This Marxist is clearly the Enemy of We The People.

    • How ironic, Roscoe. The wars that Rummy, Bush and Cheney got us into made Americans hated abroad. You ARE aware that a reputation like that puts embassies in foreign countries at risk. So stop that crap about Benghazi. Rumsfeld should be on trial for war crimes.

  24. Yea I agree – But Obama sounds so good. Look at it this way. The United States has the only truly proven Nit Wit leading any nation. That should be worth one attaboy.

          • awe we have a denier in the house…. Need no facts here, just call the rightwing nut moron and that will do. Grow up and learn something about you false God. He is not rich enough to be paying for the things he and his family have been doing…. Yes, I know before he was President he made a ridiculous amount of money off his two books. However, Obama even with that he can not afford to be taking his family out for dinners that cost 2 million dollars several times a month and other ridiculous things… Like Michelle staying on a Hawaii (extended days after the rest of the family left) at a additional cost of some $75,000 to $90,000 per day to the tax payers (dollar amount maybe a little off but it’s in the range, did not fell like looking it up for the exact amount).

          • And you think you have facts? Can you back them up? What is the source? Obama earned millions from the sale of his book, and is making $400,000 a year as President. You think Obama has “dinners that cost 2 million dollars several times a month” ?? HAHAHA.. What’s the source, you gullible sap?

  25. Here is the way i think things may go down. The russians will establish a base in cuba and/or nicaragua and other latin american countries, hopefully not panama. Obama will let them do this. He will draw red lines and run out of crayons.
    The russians will have tactical nukes. Some russian commander will have local control and fire one or more. goodbye key west soon followed by a response by congress (not obama).

    further, Obama’s budget is removing tomahawk and hellfire missile supplies. what next remove bullets from soldier’s rifles?

    we need to get this guy out of office, he is a clear and present danger to the US.

    • You’re full of BS.. But, please, scream like a hyena for the impeachment of Obama and Biden if Repubs win control of the Senate.

      • Actually i am hoping that some “democrats” (not liberals) may have a graced moment of reason, look around and realize they have to get rid of this guy and support an impeachment vote. perhaps this is only wishful thinking. Consider this a call for reason.

        You may not understand this because you seem to believe the obama’s buy their own groceries while they are in the white house?

        I must say that i agree with you on one or two of the thousand or so comments you have posted. the comment about the Iraq military bases being left open for plunder i agree with, further Iraq soldiers after surrender being sent home with their personal weapons and banned from government work was bad too.

        so keep on flaming and somebody perhaps another liberal might like you, someday, someyear.

  26. If you consider Donald Rumsfeld a racist then you can consider me one also. Although I must admit, SOBama has convinced me that I am not a racist,
    I despise the white & the black sides of him equally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • And you’re a rightwing nut for whom the 957 days until Obama leaves office and Hillary moves in will be verrry long ones.

      • Both Dog Eater and President Jarrett are untrained, as the past 5 years have shown.
        If you attribute that to their color, you must be the racist.

          • I’m not President Jarrett, Barry or a democrat, so it’s not up to the GOP or me to fix it. They alone created DeathCare…it’s your baby, embrace the suck. Nice strawman though.

          • Complaining without a solution makes for an empty comment when it’s done over and over again. It’s easy to complain. Thank you for giving all the credit for the ACA to Obama and the Democrats. Keep doing it, please. Over 5 million are insured. They need to be reminded who helped them getting the health care that they want.

            Medicare had problems in its roll out and Republicans helped. BTW, why do Republicans love socialist Medicare so much???? How about you?

          • Comments that are off topic tend to get those kind of answers. Although, with one breath you tout BarryCare as successful and with the other you ask for solutions. Typical confused liberal troll.

          • I am on topic. The righties on this site complain, complain complain. Attacking Obama isn’t sufficient. Unfortunately, the extreme right in Congress don’t like interviews and have no solutions. They’ve been promising their own health care plan for 2 years and we get nada.

            If you’re saying that The President is untrained, then tell us what a trained President would do.

  27. Astute observation – his wife and mother are making a fool of themselves in China and he’s being
    compared with an ape – imagine that!

      • Oh really, have you taken a national survey to see exactly, to the man, where Republicans stand on black Americans?
        And, the Chinese who intensely dislike Michelle Obama, her mother and girls because they are emblematic of the Ugly American(s), are they Republican, too?
        Take your jaundiced Democratic opinion and ………..Republicans, at least, don’t jerk black people around.

        • You’re picking on them because they’re black and we’re sick of your prejudice. The President and his family are good people. The First Lady is admired by the majority of Americans. Even Mike Huckabee sided with Michele about obesity in America. The hatred towards her is illogical, cruel and speaks volumes about the hatred on the far right.

          • You are so typical – the article alluded to the prez’s intellect as being lower than an ape, I echo, paraphrase the statement and that makes me a racist? You have a very broad concept of what real racists are like; before you go shooting off your mouth picking out people to call racist, do some homework. Ever heard of Mychal Massie, a black columnist – The Rant – dislikes the Obamas and everything they represent; he’s hardly the only black person who bears them antipathy – does that make black people racist?
            Your ignorance is overwhelming.

          • You can’t fool millions of Americans. All you need is to read the comments on this page to know how racist Republicans are. How many Republicans have come out and denounced the racial remarks from their peers? Did you miss those signs at GOP rallies? Did you see the parodies of Obama being a monkey?

            If you’re not a racist, you’re hanging out with the wrong crowd.

          • no, it’s because dey be iggerrant and deeny de trooff!!! and Thom sez he doesn’t know you.

          • compared to you, I’m not racist at all. Nor ignorant, nor presumptuous, arrogant, or full of myself. You’re about to pop!!
            Have fun with your petty little personal attacks, Democrat!

      • Selective racism conveniently applied to cover for miserable failed domestic and foreign policies. Racism is an EVIL event and when used indiscriminately (like here) reflects more on the accuser than any event, cheapening an actual racist event occurring in the future. Just another boy crying wolf.

  28. WOW !
    I am offended !
    What a racist statement !
    How dare he compare a trained ape to a community organizer !

  29. Message to the far right. Please demand that all Republicans in Congress go before the cameras and say what you are saying here. It will give Democrats a landslide in Congress. The majority of Americans are disgusted by your behavior.

      • You’re the one who is confused. Republicans will say anything extreme to win a primary. Then they moderate their positions when they campaign.
        Sheldon Adelson is interviewing presidential hopefuls in the GOP. Adelson won’t give money to the crazies on the far right. He wasted millions on 2012 losers and now he’s demanding his money’s worth. Scott Walker is anxious to please rich donors. Adelson is fed up with the crazies on the extreme right.

        “Scott Walker to speak at Vegas event hosted by billionaire Sheldon Adelson”

        Read more from Journal Sentinel:

        Follow us: @JournalSentinel on Twitter

    • They seems to have missed the fact the GOP has turned on Cruz and the Tea Party
      ESPECIALLY after Cruz showboating shutdown stunt.
      Sad Bachmann won’t be running fir re-election, she the perfect face and (lack of) brain of today’s GOP.

      • Who would have guessed that the Senators would hate someone more than John McCain. Cruz is radioactive except in Texas. If he wants the nomination in 2 yrs. I’ll watch the debates and get the popcorn. Could you do me a favor? Ask some folks on this site why they like “socialized” Medicare. I can’t get a straight answer. When the extreme right gets cornered with their own hypocrisy their reaction is to get angry and call people names.

    • Most of the bloggers here have nothing to add to a discussion, serious or otherwise.
      They think Limbaugh is a wit. Rush thinks women take a BC pill every time they want sex, like it’s Viagra.
      Feminazi? Is he aware that men, who want equal rights for women are feminists too?
      And the dolts eat it up.
      Average age 70.

      • Average age of 70 means they’re dying off and being replaced with more tolerant young Americans.
        Conservative voters “feed at the trough” of Medicare while treating socialism as a dirty word. The internet tin foil hat award for March, 2014, goes to last resistance.

    • He didn’t give the order, he merely gave seals the go ahead when when they already had Bin Laden trapped. He could hardly have denied them; that would have created an uproar.

      • Who the hell told you that? Who? Tell me who. That’s a big fat lie. The seals don’t prance around the globe on their own and check in with a President. The military has what is called a chain of command. The President in the Commander-in-Chief.

        Obama said that he was going to search for Bin Laden. Bush didn’t care. Didn’t you see the photo of Obama, Clinton and others watching the event LIVE????

    • It was a symbolic gesture hurting us in the long run. He was better for his intelligence value before Jack Anderson told the world we were listening into EVERY conversation he had and EVERY plan he made.

      The bad decision to kill him was compounded when the amateurs in this administration went boasting EVERYWHERE that we got him and how we did it – destroying methods and tactics. It would have been better to say NOTHING. Everyone who needed to know he was dead already knew. His supporters knew, our allies knew, so who did they have to tell that mattered. The rumors of how it was done would have had a significant impact on potential future operations. Instead EVERYONE knows exactly what happened down to the minute and what our capabilities are. It would have been better to let them wonder and make their own stories up. “The six midgets and hunchback came on camels spewing fire from their eyes bewitching us. They were gone in an instant and everyone was dead.” “They were all 10 feet tall and strode over the wall. The scooped up UBL and carried him away in the palm of their hand”. “They grins came with hundreds of dogs and fed UBL to their dogs”

  30. Rummy has a purdy big yap for an utter failure.
    Participates in a lied into war, Sends too few troops to boot.
    What an azzcanoe.
    That he has admirers is just Twilight Zone material.

    • What was the lie told to get us into war?

      Remember a lie is something KNOWING untrue told to gain an action to your advantage! Se how you answer how it was a lie AT THE TIME IT WAS SPOKEN.

      • That Saddam was developing nukes.
        Really. What a silly question. Bush’s entire inner circle knew that was a lie.
        Including Rumsfeld.

    • The President is smarter than the whole bunch of them. Thank goodness he’s in The White House because Americans are fed up with wars and Republicans. The contenders for GOP in 2016 are all incompetent. Rand Paul is an embarrassment. Chris Christie could get impeached. Teddy Cruz is a whacko bird. Does anyone really want to vote for a politician who wanted a govt. shutdown? Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld should have been investigated for war crimes.

      Republicans have 0000000000000000000.

    • If Romney or McCain were in the WH we would be at war with Iran, Pakistan, Syria and any other country
      they could with which they could enrich their war contractor cronies,
      Rand Paul called the Hurricane Sandy victims moochers who were taking money that shouuld go to the
      The GOP is made of mentally disturbed war mongers.
      Bad enough in good times but when the country is falling apart on every front jobs, the economy, an ancient infrastructure,
      coal and oil in our rivers and drinking water, it’s just obscene,
      And the rubes eat it up for the SOLE PURPOSE of attacking the BLACK PRESIDENT.

  31. That’s an insult to Apes. They’re much smarter than the Goon in the WH. Hillary was….exactly what was she?? The throwback from the sixties did nothing but travel around the world in her Neru pantsuit and act like she was somebody. Just like the current long faced joker who took her place. The anti-war crowd has taken over our government, next we’ll see jane fonda running for office.

  32. Just like the failed policy with the Ukraine. The IMF and the EU was trying to get its hooks into the Ukraine’s economic policies, while Putin was trying to get a free trade agreement between Eastern Europe that would permit them free exports of goods needed across these nations. The IMF is trying to lend the Ukraine billions of dollars which come with detailed restrictions making the Ukraine a slave to EU whims in their economic decisions. Putin is trying to prevent this and give the Ukraine the freedom to be free of the EU’s and the IMF’s control.

  33. We will find ourselves in another war, whether major or minor, before these people’s term is out. Projecting an image of weakness combined with arrogance defines our foreign policy, and is a course set to disaster.

    • Are you calling diplomacy and consensus “weak?” That’s what Americans want. They do NOT want armed conflicts. They’re sick of it except for the extreme right that’s always throwing nut shells from the peanut gallery.

      “McCain: Rumsfeld Was One of the Worst””We are paying a very heavy price for the mismanagement _ that’s the
      kindest word I can give you _ of Donald Rumsfeld, of this war,”

      • that is the problem when you “lead from behind”, the World has no leader. If you do not know where you are going how will you know when you get there? Not having a policy and waiting for other to decide you policy and arrive at a consensus is not strength. You would not take it from your kids (jump off the bridge, etc.) and you sure should expect better from OUR President.

        The times when the US gets into war are when others perceive us to be weak. War in Kuwait was caused by a slight misstatement indicating Kuwait was not important to us.

        War in WWII was a result of not stopping the enemies when they were first trying their aggression. The great powers KNEW Hitler was violating the treaty ending WWII in the kinds and numbers of ships he was building, kinds and numbers of aircraft he was building, and the same for land forces. We made it clear that we would not help and the enemies of peace saw an open door to their evil.

        Evil has not gone away, its uniform may be different, but it is still with us and looking to explore every chance to advance. China in the China Sea against Japan and Philippines. Russia in the Baltics (NATO Members) and Europe when the turn off their gas and oil supply flowing through the Ukraine.

        Russia building strategic bases in South America (Venezuela, Brazil, etc.). China working deals in Africa and South America for raw materials, produce, etc. It is a dangerous World made more so by policies that nobody can count on so miscalculation leading to war is increased.

        In this case with this administration our allies do not trust us and our enemies do not fear us. This is a recipe for war.

        • If you’re such a genius then run for office on a mandate of war. See how that goes over. Americans want diplomacy. This isn’t the 1930’s. Check the calendar.

  34. “as America’s real power declines and American diplomacy continues to bungle about in the incapable hands of ignorant self-absorbed idiots.”

    Did anyone catch Bush dancing on an aircraft carrier with a “Mission Accomplished” sign in the background.
    “Shock and Aw,” was it? The people of Iraq were going to cheer us coming in. Wasn’t that what Rummy predicted?
    “Iraqis cheer Rumsfeld departure, look for changes in U.S. approach”

    “Iraqis on Thursday cheered the resignation of U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, blaming him for policy failures and scandals they say helped spawn the daily sectarian carnage wracking their nation.”

    • Mission Accomplished – is a celebration typically had when Naval vessels return from the war zone. There was nothing unusual about that.

      Iraqi people did cheer us going into their country – FACT

      Iraqi people took most of the burden as many more were killed than US soldiers

      Iraqi people WANTED democracy – look at the color purple they embraced

      Iraqi people WANTED to fight for themselves … standing in the pools of blood and body parts of people waiting in line like themselves to become soldiers and police

      WE abandon them like we abandoned the people of Vietnam. WE have won every military engagement of note but could not win the domestic political battle.

      Right now the people in Iraq and Afghanistan are deciding who to support. The US is leaving and has made themselves a farce throughout the world. Many/most are changing sides realizing they will probably be killed when the fanatics come to power but HOPING their families will be spared.

      Hope that the progressives feel good about themselves with the blood of millions on their hands after we left Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

      • You’re out of step with the vast majority of Americans and you contradict yourself within the same comment. That “domestic political battle battle” was the voice of the American people. Tell Republicans to go to the media and declare their own war against Russia and their ratings will sink even lower. Americans remember the lies from Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld and they spoke with their votes in 2008 and 2012. Republicans prefer to listen to billionaires and war profiteers.

  35. How dare you make a statement like that. That is a definite slap in the face to the ape. How dare you be so rude and discourteous.

  36. When I look at him and Meeshall, the BEASTY ONE, I think maybe my brother-in-law may be right. He claims we came from apes. Take a good look at them both. I wouldn’t hold that against them if they had half a BRAIN. Oh, yes, Assbama is cunning and slippery, but so is a SNAKE. He is a low-life PUNK.

      • Actually, I finished high school and have four years of college. I am an electrical contractor and have been since 1968. I am sixty eight years old and have 18 grandchildren, one great and seven children, one of which passed away in 2012. I have made millions of dollars, which means nothing. Money does not make the person. I saved five people lives. I am not a RACIST and I take offense to being called one. That’s for your BOY, Assbama to call people. There are no RACISTS. It’s just a word that people, not just blacks use when they have nothing or no one else to blame. So, I do NOT like the Little PUNK from Chicago. I think he should be JAILED, TRIED, CONVICTED and EXECUTED. PERIOD. He is, after all, EVIL. AND, pretty STUPID, TOO. Bully??????? I really don’t think so. I DESPISE bullies. Especially the KNOCK-OUT bullies.

        • You still don’t sound educated. You sound like someone who has so much low self-esteem that you have to lash out with an ignorant crowd.

          • Let’s make this our last correspondence. Not that I have to have the last word, but this is useless to both of us. Think what you will. I really don’t care. Actually, I have self-esteem and I am an AMERICAN who is tired of the crap from both sides of the political floor. We have now and have had very bad leaders for a long time. Doesn’t matter whether they are Demos. or Republican. I am neither. But, I will say that the Demos. are for the most part, a bunch of PARASITES. Good luck to you, Spark

          • Thank you. I don’t like to pick on people’s looks. I’m not the most handsome man in the world either but Meeshall? Come on. As far as the Magic NEGRO/white boy is concerned he should never have survived his youth. In my neighborhood, he would have disappeared. The person, if he is, should be arrested, tried, convicted and EXECUTED. PERIOD. THERE I’VE said it again.

  37. Well we have two apes in the WhiteHouse, not trained and not house broken; not too sure about the two chimps and gorilla grandma either

  38. Don Rumsfeld shouldn’t be making racist comments like that about Mooochele.. (wink)
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  39. Somebody better get some back-bone in this country–real quick! Because we sure don’t have anyone that has one now! And Russia is about to call in a marker!

    • What do you mean by “call in a marker?” What activity would go along with “back-bone?” Who’s “somebody?”

      • Marker? The whole world heard Obambe’s ‘open mike’ to Russia! Some-body is any body who moves to impeach and with back-bone is somebody who doesn’t travel around the world and bows to our enemies! Get it?

  40. LMAO! This would actually be funny if it were not so sad. Barack HUSSEIN Obama is the single biggest f&ckup in US history. Everything this “man” has touched has turned into complete sh&t. The Middle-East, Iran, Healthcare, jobs, the entire economy, immigration, the US Constitution…need I go on?

    • Obama’s worst screwup pales in comparison to those of Bush, Chaney, and Rumsfeld.. aka Rummy the Dummy.. They allowed Iraqi ammo dumps to be looted for months for the munitions used to kill or wound thousands of American soldiers.

      • I don’t have time to track it down now, but this story was fully discredited. If this were true, you would have found it in The New York Slimes, and the rest of the lame stream media!

        • So I take it you didn’t read the story from U.S. News and World Report I linked to. It quotes David Kay, who headed the WMD search team right after the invasion, as saying “Tens of thousands of tons of ammunition were being looted, and that is what is fueling the insurgency.”

  41. Actually considering the Communist backgrounds of Obama, Jarrett and Axlerod, they probably think any communist state is a sister state and what’s to worry? Islamic socialism, no problem! We’re all together on this in the end.

  42. It’s hard to believe Rumsfeld has the nerve to criticize Obama, when this moron was most directly responsible for allowing Iraqi ammo dumps to be looted for months for the munitions used to kill or wound thousands of American soldiers.

  43. The obammi administration is the most lucrative “organized crime syndicate” ever known to man! Him and the MOOCH will be one of the worlds richest pairs after they leave Washington and begin to get their “kickbacks” from the billions and billions of dollars he has funneled “to his cronies !

  44. Good cop, bad cop bullshit. Rumsfield is one of the biggest liars and murderers on the planet. He helped kick start the War on Terror by fabricating evidence against Saddam Hussein and he facilitated installing Karzai, who was/is a CIA puppet. Not only did Rumsfield help get the heroin production going again in Afghanistan for the Bush Crime Family et al, he was also instrumental in poisoning millions of Americans with aspartame – and the list of his crimes go on and on.

  45. What about the 1 TRILL? They’re both on the Same Team. The Names are Changed to Protect the Guilty…

  46. Might be the only time I have ever agreed with you Rumsfeld. a trained ape could be told to sit down and shut up.. Obama just keeps running off at the mouth like he knows something!

  47. The whole Obama Family and entourage is a complete embarrassment to the United States. Even the Chinese and the Hotel where Michelle and her Mother and the Girls are staying, fed up with the demands and the disrespect and classlessness they have shown since arriving in China. The Girls have been wearing the shortest of skirts , showing the Chinese , they have no class whatsoever , here we have the First Family making remarks that they haven’t been treated well at all . We the American people are also stuck with the Bill at $8700 a night , plus , plus ,plus all the fiends they have brought with them , who do they think they are impressing anyway. Then Michelle have to tell the Chinese how her and her family were discriminated against in the US , not explaining to them it happened over 60 years ago , however they are looking for the Sympathy, from whom anyway. I wonder how the girls really feel about their Parents , all the Criticism that the Obama’s have received , especially their Father , lying to the American People about his Health Care Bill. I wonder if the Girls friends , are being friends in the literal way , or because they are Obama’s and their Dad is President. Its mind boggling to hear how they are still bringing up what happened back in the 60’s , as if they think the Chinese are stupid like the children in this country especially in Chicago. I am totally upset at the military for allowing this traitor Obama tear up the military, get rid of the Generals who wont follow his rules or his dictates. We have Generals Like Patreous , who his his head in the sand and allowed the FBI to make up stories about his extra marital affairs. THis army general was held in the Highestrespect in Congress and the people , than the affair , I say it was all fabricated by Obama. Just an easy way to get rid of a Popular General , has anybody heard any more questions about him and his autobiographer who supposedly had an affair also. She had a Husband and family two little children , his whole career in the army gone because of fabricated lies by Obama , plus he was the one that had the keys to Benghazi , he knew what went down , but gave it all up because Obama Blackmailed him.

  48. Republican men are man-boys who say things
    they think the cool guys will like, and maybe pick them for the team.

  49. From what I’ve witnessed there is not much difference between the two in both intelligence and looks. Though I would give the ape a slight edge on the intelligence chart.

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